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Why I wrote - CanYouTrustThem? This is why! & - I’m NOT alone dealing with These directors/salesmen of Miles Grady & Nicholas Holmes.

FREE of charge! was actually written by myself for myself to obtain justice after my so-called friends who I employed as a favour went on to steel a fortune from me , over 7 years (£7,000,000 in total) “Griffin finance”, “Harrington Brooks”, “The debt people” and so on, over a seven-year period. I just didn’t have the energy to spend years of stress in civil courts suing these types of people - Life is too short & due to how long our legal system takes, another reason why I wrote this site. The whole process is a waste of time and recourses when you know at the end of the day the likelihood of getting your money back is near zero – just as I found out – hidden or spent, either way it’s not coming back easy...

Miles Grady & Nicholas Holmes  went on to use the stolen money to set up a company called PayMatters, ( under dissolved) once I found out this I launched CanYouTrustThem.Com, then as excepted hundreds of complaints followed. Obviously, I knew how dishonest these men were/are.  So, they would of certainly have ripped off others. BUT, there was no way of locating these people as no one could be heard as one person alone. They just don’t have the power to rank in a Google search. Grady & Holmes hide complaints against them by simply blogging hundreds of senseless posts about themselves, anything at all  This is called blog washing as you can see by clicking these links) to push complaints down and off the first search pages of Google so no one ever sees them. Days after this site was launched PayMatters had to change their name, or pay millions in refunds and damages or which would have put them out of business.

After years of trading on PayMatters, the last thig any honest company would do is change their name, yet they did just that overnight to you only lose rank if you have a bad history of a bad user experience today… (see No 1...) , costing millions in lost business… and the obvious changes of everything, even paperwork is costly. What Grady & Holmes don't understand is buying the domain name gets you penalised on a Google

Google are taking back full control of a search. With between 500 – 800 updates every year Google have got very clever, as you would expect. All the SEO optimizing can actually lose your ranking as you will see if you google “Umbrella” Prior to that PayMatters (redirected to Umbrella now another Google penalty on the horizon) was 1st after paying adverting for years, which is proof enough changing your name and brand which losses your very valuable Google rank is the very last thing you would do unless you have something to hide?  Now they are struggling to stay on page 4 which gets less than 0.5 % of clicks. Compared to 33% at 1st, a HUGE loss in value to the companies worth and profit!

Nicholas Holmes & Miles David Grady both claimed they were the co-founder of "Harrington Books “  “GOOGLE listingOFFICIAL COMPANY CHECK SEARCH RESULTS -  HARRINGTON BROOKS Free business information company HARRINGTON-BROOKS- for HARRINGTON BROOKS (ACCOUNTANTS) LIMITED including Companies house registration, overview of business activities.

This is one of many companies I was the sole founder of before Grady approached me for a job as a sales director, which I foolishly gave him. Miles Grady & partner Nick Holmes then set about lying to the banks, business associates/partners and clients alike- Using Linked-in as their main tool, (a business connection site) to achieved credibility and credit using my companies, in reality they worked for a phone company (as a sales Rep) and Grady who was working for the co-op insurance...

Here is the actual links to their pages, then the truth on the only official companies house register compiled by the government which you can’t manipulate or simply make up as so many websites do. Click on the links to see for yourself Simply scroll down to where it clearly states previous name was “Griffin Finance” My name is “Ian Griffin”!  Also, note the date change of the company name at the bottom of the page/link. I stupidly did this for Grady and Holmes as they said “Can we change the name so we don’t look like another one of your assistants...” Looking back now, this was the start of a very carefully thought out premeditated theft from a trusting friend who did nothing but give and help & trust them.

I won’t go on and on about every lie and fraud these two men who have carefully & fraudulently orcastrated over & over throughout their business lives. This page alone is proof of that & is desperately needed to protect the innocent against people like Miles David Grady, Sahara Grady and Nicholas Holmes... To avoid them in the outset before having to go through the process of claiming your lost money back.

So, you can see why I wrote and why the site has been so successful without ever advertising. I must admit when writing this site, I did not think for a second over 30,000,000 people would join me in over 40 countries for the very same reasons.

CYTT has settling millions which would have been lost if it was not for this FREE service. Grady and Holmes are also listed many of the biggest USA complaint site in the world!

I am personally funding this site myself without ever selling advertising or selling Data which is another huge problem within Paymatters / Umbrella company, their entire data base of client details is/was for sale for sale £27/28,000 which I have been offered several times!

The truth always comes out in the end as you can see on this page alone. I’m sure you can now understand why I am so focused on bringing Holmes & Grady to justice. I have also been informed the pair have posted fake client reviews about CanYouTrustThem.Com, again, the only reason for posting a bad review is if you are one of the of companies or umbrella who have been listed and effected by this site. (a very good sign the site works well...)
Thank you for taking the time to read why I wrote

They can run but they can’t hide anymore, don’t let them get away with it!

I hope you get your justice too.

Very important:
The more details you include about the company… in your complaint the faster you will get ranked and settled!

Latest settlements CanYouTrustThem really does work - examples of recent settlements below...

deborah woodland : hi after posting a complaint on here creditmaze brokers who took £69.72 from my account has now payed back £42.22 of my money so thank god for this site

jak1: Pure Leverage have now refunded my money.
Thank you. Please remove my complaint.


Peter Butler: Mr Bowden has now settled what he owes us and requested that we remove the article from the website or he will proceed with legal proceedings against us!
Thank you for helping us and can you please remove our complaint.

Many thanks
Peter Butler

liam roberts: i didnt know am shock anary 3 day ago internet GB £26.74!!!!!!thank you

Kapil Saini: thank you. eveyrhting sorted

Beat Wehrle: dear canyoutrustthem team
Thanks for your service. I got a investment of 50,000 $ back within 3 days after positing the investment company on your site. the CEO called me personally and assured payment asap. I was already fighting with them for more then 2 years.... thats a lot of service for no money.... thank you again Beat Wehrle Switzerland

Gregg Noades: My thanks to this website for the platform it provides to raise and publicise issues with major providers etc. My complaint with BT has now been resolved. Thank you.

gerard squire: one debt solution have now settled my claim just one week after posting my complaint, many thanks to this website.

Danny Clement: This complaint has now been resolved, goods were received in excellent order,although in excess of 6 weeks after they were supposed to be delivered

Beat Wehrle: Thank you team canyoutrusthem. Only 3 days after my claim appeard on google the CEO of the company called me and we reached a settlement. After 2 years of 100 of unresponded mails and calls, your site dit it in 3 days. Great job. Thank you again.

Kim Stainton: After posting my complaint here, I am happy to report that today I have recived the two A3 photo canvases!

I only wish I had done it sooner!

Thank you Thank you for helping me in completing my complain. I told owner of how you help in insurance policy he is very delighted to hear that. thanks once again

BRIAN NADIN: Both my claims have been refunded TO bank now thanks to you meny thanks from BRIAN

Andrea: After a stressfull day on Monday today have refunded my money with no trouble at all. Not so sure about Myloans though they said they will but could take upto 30days!!! Watch this space

g murray: After posting on here & another phone call to lifestyle claims on friday 20th July,there was a cheque for all money owed to me the thru my mail box.My advice to people using managment companies,is not to pay upfront fees,the fact that they had nearly £3000 of my money sitting in their bank account for over 12 months...Just a quick message to Lifestyle Claims,thank you for my money,but can I have the interest while in your bank,as you pestered me to use a credit card to pay you in the first place & ive being paying F**king interest on that for the past F**king 12 months,so thanks for all the undue stress you caused me.I can now settle my late fathers funeral bill.

a.lovesey: repaid the money removed from my bank after i filled out a canncelation form

Nigel O'Reilly: After posting on here
Within 2 hours I received a e-mail stating my order is now dispatched
Next day a signed parcel was at my door
Unbelievable or coincidence ?
The quality of the goods are good and cant fault the stitching,although i will not be placing any further orders, due to lack of customer communication, a quick e-mail or phone call would have been suffice.
Thank you

Jo Midgley: Thank you for your help, I received my refund back from yourbizwebsites after I emailed them again stating I had reported them. I also received my refund from Rapid Profit Pro as the money was taken through PayPal and I made a complaint to them who investigated and got my money back.

sha: Further to my recent comment/complaint re; posting on your site i was sent an email stating my funds would be returned back into my account within the next 30days!!...It has been 2wks now and i have emailed them once again demanding the refund of my Jobseekers Allowance benefit stating how i have gone a wk without funding 4 food,laundry,travel & towards my bed & board!!..Still no refund!.Its sickening of what this company & many other companies are capable of doing and of what lengths they will and how extreme they may get!!..Any help id much appreciate. Many thanks .

laura: after posting my complaint on your web site i recieved a refund from loans for you isle of white, so thank you.

Lynda Freedland ( Having appealed to you again yesterday I have recieved an e-mail this morning from Revita/ revitalize telling me that a refund has been paid into my bank. It is not showing as yet but I am optimistic and will keep you posted .

Fiona: After posting my message on your site I contacted Hair wholesales.Com to advice them of my actions. I immediately received an email from Pablo apologising for the lack of communication on their part. I am happy to say Pablo refunded my money in full on the 02/03/12. I strongly believe this site played a big part and would encourage other individuals to use it if they are owed money by any company. Thanks again!!

Alan Duncanson: I managed to negotiate a partial refund of £60.00 from Essence of Aragan. Their website (Terms & Conditions) has a UK 0800 number for refunds. Also the automated US number 001-1-866-881-1391 (from the UK) gave me a refund/cancellation reference number and the negotiated refund was re-credited to my bank account 2 days later.
Panic over!!

Irene: I don't know if my claim/settlement was anything to do with your help but I recieved a full refund yesterday 31/01/2012 after posting my complaint on 27/01/2012, the company has cancelled all my details but I got the bank to issue a new bank card to be on the safe side so hopefully they will not try again to obtain money while blatentely breaching the contract on their side. Am happy the refund came through so quickly, thanks.

beverley cooper: Your site is a brilliant way of resolving complaints and receiving ones money back.I recently emailed 2 brokers and powerloans/powermoney to tell them that I had reported them. 2 days later I received a email from powerloans to ask me to contact them however i declined because it has cost me a fortune in the past,so I asked them instead to contact me.So I am still awaiting a refund from POWERLOANS.I have just looked into my online bank details only to find MYLOANS.CO.UK has refunded 61.00 back to my account.So only one more company to go.Thankyou for enabeling me to put them to name on your site.

mekala kannan: My money was refunded by the hotel today !

v.disgruntled: After purchasing an H20 steam mop from Paradise Living via crash-price tv on 25th October. I contacted several companies to help - don't know who eventually sorted it as I hassled Paradise Living every day and bombarded them with emails requesting a refund. Netbanx were very helpful and contacted the company for me. Eventually received a damaged product on Dec 9th - which I refused - contacted my own bank who charged back my money. Received full credit in account on Dec 14th.
Thanks to all who assisted.

David Copley: Well!!!...What do you know...Today I received an email giving me a Tracking Number for my Watch..Yes and the Tracking Number is for real..I have checked it out and the Item is on its way from GUANGZHOU China...Please accept my grateful thanks you for your help..I will continue to spread the word "Just where do you go for HELP".- - of course..Regards.David Copley

Mangrove: I have no clue if this website helped with having my money refunded from Power Loans. But it did make me aware of the collective problem and inspire me to act. Thank you and good luck to all.

Alain Nadal: Thank you for helping me recived my money in my account.The retailer has refunded my money .No further action will be taken.
I would like to remove the complaint i have made.
Below is the address of the retailer that i have bought the Gearbox ,manual 5 speed ,peugeot 307,1600cc

Peuget citroen Breakers
Greenbridge Mill
Station Road
BB12 8EF

Linda : Anyone that is owed money from Networkhgv go to your bank for help, I did and got the full amount back of £1,597 within a week, we thought we had lost this money but thanks to our bank they claimed it back from Networkhgv

C Penney: This issue has been resolved by my credit card issuer.

STEVE ALAN CAWLEY: Just to let you know my complaint has been resolved,so thank you very much for all your help.I would also like to take this opportunity to let everybody know (specifically all airbrush artists "World wide") that Steve and Airbrush Megastore in Adelaide, Australia are completely genuine,honest and respectable suppliers of Airbrush equipment.

Since my report on a mini paint mixer that I purchased, I have communicated with Steve at Airbrush Megastore and now I regret that I didn't contact him back sooner. I will also admit that I acted a little hastily in the beginning and should of calmed down.

I would like to apologise to Steve at Airbrush Megastore for my hasty report, as I now realise that he would of resolved the situation earlier if I had contacted him soon after my complaint to talk it through more thoroughly and calmly.

Steve has since, sent me a replacement mini paint mixer, and very kindly sent me an IWATA airbrush with some dvd's. thank you Steve.

When I first found the Airbrush Megastore website I was very impressed with the Airbrush equipment and paint they supply, they sell accessories that I couldn't find in the Uk.

They sell top brand items at affordable prices and postage costs are low too.

I am happy to be able to buy from them again,and would recommend Airbrush Megastore to anyone. thank you for reading this report. Steve Cawley

Alison Strachan: Have just received £69.75 back into my account from Power Loans, dont know if it was anything to do with this site but thanks anyway

elaine: received a phone call from unsecuredloancompany offered half my money back still not happy but better than nothing

Candy Geiser: Back on 07/27/11 I wrote my claim Steal your money about an make money at home add I saw on Facebook. The company was nethostfee. After informing them by e-mail that I had written about my claim on your site, & that I was going to be getting a new card issued to make sure they could not take any more money. I got an e-mail back that I would be refunded. It took a little over a week, but I got my full $29.95 back. I still had a new card & number issued to be on the safe side. Thank you so much.

Bob Charters: I have had satisfaction from Jeep my vehicle has now been reapired under warranty. I have no further claim against Jeep USA Jeep UK and Jeap Ashford Orbital Kent

elaine: i have received a refund from premium personal finance not sure if contacting thames valley police regarding this fraud had anything to do with it

Robin Wilson: This is to inform you that my complaint has been settled through my bank.

Thank you.

Dee: Not sure whether it was down to you but thank you anyway - I wrote to the people behind ACTLOANS demanding money back and telling them I had posted a complaint on this website. the money was put back into my account yesterday.

Susan Fort: Co-incidence? I don't think so - on the same day I contacted this website to post my complaint, SofabedsWorld kindly confirmed that they have refunded as requested. Prior to this they were insisting this would take 10 working days.
Great website - Many thanks!

MRS SUSAN STAFFORD: Thank-you for your help, the money as now been retured,x

rob christopher: i have just received a telephone call from the unsecured loan company and they have offered me half the money back because of the work they say they carried out on my behalf, so i have decided to accept thier offer.

Mike Kane: Hi, thanks i got most of my money back from E Credit and Merlin money

gary dilkes: i have just received my money back from eze loans i wrote then gave them time did not resolve so threatened with financial ombudsman received chq two days later

Juliet Hopwood: Thank you so much for helping me . After listing my claim in March i had given up hope of ever getting my money back . Today 4 months later i hve recieved my money back from EZELOANS . Not even my own bank would help me . Many thanks

sohoryan: I just received an email from this site asking me if my claim had been settled, so I am putting an update here. I have not given up hope of getting compensation.Follow my progress here

The White Horse, Great Baddow, Chelmsford.: (Ember Inns)The White Horse Horse at Great Baddow, Chelmsford, have very kindly resolved my complaint of "poor food & cold surroundings" as of my complaint on 20 Dec 2010 as posted on your website, thank you. Within days of my website complaint, I received a phone call from the Manageress "Liz" sincerly apologising for our "bad experience" & she invited us back for a free meal to resolve our complaint. We have only just returned to take up her offer (Fri 24 June 2011) & she helped personally to serve us herself & was very, very, helpful & polite. There was no charge at all to us for the food, which was 4 main courses & 4 deserts, & all cooked & served to a very good standard. Thank you Liz for your very kind gesture.

Penny: After giving Trimdown a good tongue-lashing by phone and email, and saying I would take it further if they did not refund they money they scammed from me, the £121 appeared in my account within a week (they had said it could take up to 30 days). So, I'm not sure if Can You Trust Them helped resolve the claim BUT it certainly gave me the confidence to pursue it when I saw how many people had fallen for the same "scam" I did with the Acai Berries. I encourage everyone tricked by them to do what I did.

So, thank you to CYTT for giving me a push to do it!

Geoff Bowen: Money finally refunded into my bank on 21st June 2011.
Not sure whether that was due to CanYouTrustThem or not, but coincidentally, after a month or so of inactivity, on the same day that BatteryTrader(Silverburn) advised me by e-mail that they were going to refund my money, I later received an e-mail from CanYouTrustThem asking if the claim had been settled !!!!
If it was down to CanYouTrustThem then a big thank you and well done.

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