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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd comment
30100Red Bull [London]
Total claims:1
Red Bull - No Accountability for faulty product »2014-02-0506/02/20140
I was given an iPad 2 Harper case for christmas, It originally fitted the IPad well but has become loose over a 4 week period.

Product details - (

I emailed the Red Bull collection team to ask how I could get a replacement iPad Case, to which I was told there was nothing they could do and that I might want to consider buying a new case from there website.

Email conversation listed bellow -

My e-mail

"Dear Redbull,

I was given the Demin (blue coloured) Harper case for christmas by a family member.

Over the last 4 weeks it has gone from fitting the ipad snugly to a looser fit (Ipad can fall out)

I was wondering if/how I could get the case replaced?

Thank you"

Reply e-mail

Dear -------,

thank you for your message sent.

Unfortunately we can do nothing in this case.

Maybe you can buy a new Demin in our Online Shop.

For any further questions do not hesitate to contact uns again.

Best regards

Nadine -------

Your Red Bull Collection Service Team

Red Bull Collection Shop
T: 0 0800 / 55 22 22 23

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30099castle finance
Total claims:1
fee charge »03/02/201406/02/20140
i asked castle finance to for a loan, they asked me about my card details, instead of giving me a loan they charged me for an "administration fee" of £78,

Ionel Valcu

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30098My loan08442880441
Total claims:1
Refund my money »29 jan 201405/02/20140
I was apply for the loan but my application was not approved and that time free of service they told me but they took from my ac 68.99 pound so I need my money back.i don't need loan at the moment.thank you

more details » [Westcliffe on Sea, Essex]
Total claims:22
take money from my account with out my knowlage »13.12.1304/02/20140
Romans Kreilis
this company take my money from my account for nothig im find in google loanpal phone nr
to call this mistic company
but no one answer me
im looking to get my money back
becose im not looking for a loan!!!!
thak you for help

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30096UK Business Funding Centre [London]
Total claims:2
03-02-2014 »24-01-201404/02/20140
Dear Sir/Madam
I email before two days ago regarding UKBFC. One ladies name Halen
ring me on friday 24th jan 2014. She ask me i release some grant for you but there is a administration fee for that if you pay now i will release grant today. I gave her my debit card number she deduct £189 from my account again i get one email for second instalment about £189. Sir i do dot want any service i do not havr any money please help me for refund. She only email me some company's address in which u can apply for loan. Can you advice me
how can i get my money back please


Hamir Ranavaya

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Total claims:1
membership fee »2yrs ago02/02/20140
hi wanted to earn some extra cash as id just been laid off work was unsure at first if i should make a claim think i was embarrassed really for the job i was going to do and the fact basically id been ripped off i had to pay 250 to this company to be supposedly put on there books with a web page id be viewed on with a picture of me when the money left my bank i went straight onto site to check my page the pict of me was very blurred i told the company i wanted to use a diff pict what i sent them but was told they wanted more money which i didnt hv however they promised me id have plenty of work as i was attractive but my phone never rang and i tried sending them emails getting nothing back was livid that they basically had ripped me off i understand thats its a few yrs ago so havent that much information reguarding this matter if you could help would be most grateful

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30094 Helen Hegarty [London]
Total claims:1
I want my money back »24-01-201402/02/20140

Dear Sir
I am looking for grant or loan for my business. I found in google UKBFC.I write my email on enquiry form. One ladies name Halen Hagarty fron UKBFC ring me.She explain me i will release some grant tomorrow but there is administration fee for that if pay now i will release some grant for you.I gave my debit card number she deduct £189 from my account and sent me email about different companies address no more information I do not understand why she doing like that. Again tomorrow i get another email for next payment will be £189 and you will use our website one year. Please help me sort out of this problem. I am struggling for money IF you could help me for my refund


Hamir Ranavaya

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30093Loan pal [London]
Total claims:9
They accessed my bank account and took out funds that i did not authorize this company to do. »10/1/14 and then 13/1/1402/02/20140
This company has accessed my bank account 1st time was the 10/1/14 and then on the 13/1/14 and removed ?89.50 and took my unemployment and support allowance money which has left me in a really bad predicament. But was has upset me more is i have not and did not authorize them to access my account and remove any funds what so ever and i have emailed lots of times and got no reply what so ever from them i have also tried calling and you are constantly held in a Que that never gets answered, so a week and a half ago i wrote them a letter explaining my circumstance and still i have heard nothing.So my next step is contacting my lawyer and getting him to sort this out as, as far as i am concerned my bank account has been fraudulently accessed and funds removed without my knowledge and i want them returned back into my account in full asap.

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Total claims:12
Extortionate fees for a company who is supposed to help you get out of debt »4/10/1329/01/20140
This company harassed my husband (as he was looking online for some sort of debt management plan) until he gave in and signed up with them. To my knowledge about ?30 of our debt has been paid to creditors but Harrington Brooks (AKA Fresh Start)have scammed us out of about ?235 in fees, took payments off my debit card even though they specifically told me it would be one payment of ?40 and even set up a direct debit on my account AFTER I cancelled it. They also put my husband on to an extremely pushy individual who wanted him to switch our gas and electric company to which he handed the phone to me as they would not take no for an answer. Well I told the guy in no uncertain terms that I DID NOT WANT TO CHANGE even though he tried hard sell tactics. Two days later I got a letter from my gas/electric company saying they were sorry I was leaving them!!! Now my company was due to pay me a credit of ?50 on my prepayment meter (something to do with OFGEM regulations) which I never got because this guy switched us to EDF energy (who also had extortionate rates). I had to set up a new account to go back with my old supplier and so I will now have to reapply for my Warm Home Discount Scheme which I was due to get and I also lost out on my ?50 credit. This farce of a company has taken money off me at an expensive time of year and set up a CCA on my debit card WITHOUT MY CONSENT so I was extremely depressed over the Christmas period. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE GO WITH THIS COMPANY. THEY PRAY ON THE FINANCIALLY VULNERABLE USING LESS THAN SAVOURY TACTICS.

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Total claims:2
MONEY »24.01.201329/01/20140

more details »
Total claims:9
Merrywoodloans steals money from bank account. »17/Jan/201427/01/20140
My name is Stavroula Giakgou,
I am posting this claim because I would like to say that Merrywoodloans company stealing money.
I have never applied for a loan to them.I do not know how they find my card details but they have stolen from my account £69.95.
I called them three times so far. They have been rude to me and they hang up on me twice.The first time thet said that the money will be refunded within 7 working days and when I called them again to ask them, they said rudely that they need 30 working days instead of 7 and they hanged up on me again.
Merrywoolans are thiefs!!!!!!!!!!!
They are stealing money!!!!!!!

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30089better bathrooms [wigan]
Total claims:2
Damaged goods supplied »11 January 201427/01/20140
I placed an order with Better Bathrooms for goods totalling over £1000 on December 17th 2013. With the exception of 1item the goods arrived on Friday 20th December. They turned up at 6.30pm. It was pitch black and all the goods were packed on a pallet and wrapped up in commercial cling film so although I was told I had 20 minutes to inspect the goods there was no way that was sufficient time to get everything off the pallet and unpacked and checked. On top of which I had been in hospital on 3rd December for a Hernia repair operation and had been told by the surgeon not to lift any heavy objects. When the delivery driver handed me the paperwork for the delivery of the goods I wrote that I was accepting delivery of the goods as Unchecked.
The pallet stayed in my garage where the driver had deposited it on the 20th until December 28th when I decided to remove the cling film and inspect the smaller lighter goods for any damage. The heavier items I inspected with the assistance of my wife. The items we inspected we found to be acceptable.
As the plumber who was to install the new equipment was not booked to come and commence work until 9th January I decided to leave the bath on the pallet as it was delivered. He duly arrived on the 9th and took the bath off the pallet and into the bathroom. The bath is an L shaped shower bath manufactured from fibreglass. We agreed where the filler tap was to be situated then he proceeded by removing the packaging from the long side of the bath attaching the brackets provided and drilling the holes for the bath filler. After offering the bath up to the wall and adjusting it and screwing the brackets to the wall he removed the packaging from the short edges of the bath only to discover that the bath was damaged under the cardboard. The damage consisted of a crack in the top coat of the bath. He immediately stopped work and informed my wife what he had found as I had popped out. My wife immediately contacted Better Bathrooms and they spoke to the plumber and said that they required photos of the damage. By now I was back home and so both the plumber and I took photos of the damage and sent them over to the email address we were given. Their reply was that their Technical Team would look at the photos and would make a decision. They came back saying that it was a scratch and that it was not a manufacturing fault and they were therefore not prepared to replace the goods. When I read this I rang the company and stated that it was NOT a scratch but a crack so the Technical Team were asked to look at the photos again. Their next reply was ''as the bath had been installed they were not prepared to replace the bath free of charge as all the packaging should have been removed before installation takes place''
This left me with no alternative but to purchase another bath from them as a bath had to be in place before the tiler came to tile out the room starting on 14th Jan. This was done and I went for advice from my local CAB and have written a letter to Better Bathrooms to say that I feel they have supplied me with goods that are ''not fit for purpose'' and asked for a refund of the purchase price of the second bath. Their reply is that under their T&C the bath should have been fully inspected before installation started.
I believe that I and the plumber have done everything reasonable to protect the goods and that under the "sale of goods act'' I am entitled to reimbursement for the faulty goods and that they should not and cannot hide behind their T&C as they encroach on my rights under the sale of goods act.

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30088kiddie kingdom
Total claims:1
no refund »1 /01/201424/01/20140
Hi I bought a graco cleo 2 in 1 pram after 3 months the wheel just came out when I contacted the kiddie kingdom customer service they said they will send a replacement but today I reieved small pin witch does not belong to the buggy and they told me that is all what they can do .my pram still under warranty and they are just ignoring me what I could do help please.

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30087BBC Digital (Berwicks) [Maroochydore]
Total claims:1
Photocopier Lease Contract »18/12/1322/01/20140
Stock standard photocopier lease rip-off tactics. Signed a 5 year lease with boxes left blank only to have them filled in by Berwicks later - in a different colour ink. Exorbitant monthly prices compared to the competition.

Told verbally that our high monthly prices are a result of rolling over previous contracts. Yet recommendations from them quote "This new agreement will annul the current one"

Regular quarterly price increases (contract fine print), despite verbals stating the overall costs in the industry have fallen.

Pay-out quotes are to the maximum.

Berwicks have put forward two offers, that, when crunched through the numbers end up with longer terms / higher Net Present Value.

Want contract annulled or settle on a reasonable payout figure based on real loss.

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30086Www Mwsf Co Uk MoneyWA [Cheadle, Cheshire]
Total claims:1
Www Mwsf Co Uk MoneyWA »17/1/201421/01/20140
I was searching on line for loans however did not sign up to anything and did not end up taking a loan out as most of the companies refused me, the ones that didn't had an extra admin charge which I didn't want to pay so I decided not to take any loan out, I have just checked my bank account today and Mwsf Co Uk Moneywa Cheshire have taken £39.87, I have read up on the internet about them and can see many people have had the same now I would like a full refund...

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30085xtra cleanse plus [xtra cleanse plus]
Total claims:1
rip off »december 201321/01/20140
I went on the internet for something to help with weight loss,
cane accross xtra cleanse plus who were advertising raspberry ketone, for ������£4.95 a special offer which i ordered and recived,NO WHERE did they tell me that two weeks latter they would be takeing,������£89 from my credit card ,and for WHAT "NOTHING" thats what.
I have rang them and they will not refund the money.


more details » [kent]
Total claims:2
loan »18/01/1420/01/20140
indian guy with english name.. tracked down the domain name and its from holland ... best-uk-loans have a warning on there saying they have been frauded with there name ... i got a call from a loan company saying we hv been accepted for 15thousand pound loan but need to go to local onestop shop and get ukash voucher for ?300 because we have bad credit history anmd that will be our 1st payment we followed there instructions and gave them the code over the phone and they said our loan will be in the bank within 40mins if not it will be in morning.. so we waited till the morning and then they rang back saying with our credit history they need another payment to help the wire transfer happen quicker and it will be refunded with the loan my partner gave them anuther ?188 ukash number n they said ur loan wont be long going through... they wont answer there phone when we use our mobile but answer quickly when you use another number so must be screening numbers .. THERE IS AN ADDRESS BUT ITS AMIGO LOANS and when av tracked down the domain off the internet address they told me its from holland

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30083pryority money club [leeds]
Total claims:1
refund »17/ 01/201418/01/20140
I MR ANDREW PARSONS was looking on the internet for a personal loan and ended up on the web site pryoratiy money club i didnt realis it was a broker untill my girl freind had a call from our utillaty supplyer to say are phone bill hadent been piad she then called the bank to fined out why and thats when we were told ���£68 had gone to the broker we are know broke are self and left with an un paide phone bill we would apprsiate geting yhis back asap

my girl friend allso had money taken the same way from here card by finance fasilaty for ���£80 if you could sort tha one as well

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30081Deep Blue NRG Group [Deep Blue NRG Group ]
Total claims:1
Is Deep Blue NRG Group a scam? »01/18/201418/01/20142
DeepBlueNRG: What it does and what it can do

DeepBlueNRG provides a highly specialized and very important role in modern business and economy. Energy, being one of the primary requirements of domestic and industrial activities, demands the highest form of technological and managerial expertise for it to be harnessed and developed to its full potential at the most economical means.

The ordinary family utilizes energy haphazardly in general, unless the individuals that comprise it are knowledgeable or conscious of the nuances of how it is produced, distributed and consumed, as well as how it could be conserved and sustained for future use. It takes wide experience and comprehensive knowledge to offer such services as DeepBlueNRG does.
Specifically, DeepBlueNRG provides “advisory, analytical, and project management services related to the development, testing, commercialization and deployment of energy efficient technologies and applications”. Quite a mouthful. And sounds truly impressive. What it means is not so clear, however, at first glance.

One needs to browse the company’s entire website in order to appreciate what it has to offer in more specific terms. Take, for instance, “energy optimization”. We know this refers to efficient use of energy. Whatever the form of energy concerned, DeepBlueNRG can help its clients achieve that objective. It is a need and goal every individual and company would obviously benefit from.

Another service is “product and process improvements”. Selecting alternative sources of energy is an area not often resorted to by traditional enterprises. But with the ongoing search for energy-efficient methods in an economically volatile environment, this option has opened up many possibilities and great opportunities for individuals and companies. The manufacturing sector, in particular, will stand to benefit from the new technologies and innovations available for improving not just product quality but also the process of production through the use of other sources of energy or merely optimization of present energy sources.

Now that we got to know a bit more about DeepBlueNRG, we can begin to look more in detail at what the company offers to its clients.

Read More:

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30080Vertigo Site Solutions [Middlesbrough]
Total claims:2
SEO »24/09/0916/01/20140
This company approached me with the promise of 1st page ranking on google for a year. After paying the full amount they asked to gain access to the back of my website, which was a template and did not support html coding. I instructed VSS of this and asked for a refund, to which they refused as they said the coding had been done for this job. I then asked for the coding to be supplied to me, to which they also refused. I cannot afford to go after them through a small claims court and they have held my money and the coding with no way of getting this.
what to do?

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