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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd comment
30037Paymatters [PayMatters Barons Court, Manchester Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 1BQ]
Total claims:22
PayMaters, PayBlaggers! »10/12/201310/12/20130
I have been watching the Paymatters/Miles Grady story unfold.

So, he cheats on his wife most weeks

Robbed his boss/friend who set him up in the first place when he had nothing.

Claimed he was the founder of the company that employed him 1/2 years after it was set up.

Nicked a few million in VAT from the poor while managing Harrington Brooks.

Now gives advice he knows nothing about.

Dissolved/dropped a zillion companies

Well if he got away with a few million in VAT he can't be that stupid so maybe he will get away with it?

The PayMatters Sky-scraper in a village was a bit of a F up.

All in all NOT the best of people to trust with your company.

Not to forget 3600 % interest Loans, for the vulnerable & poor to really finish them off.

And he pays no tax with his swiss house and bank account scam.

Can't imagine Miles Grady getting a knighthood.

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30036Paymatters [PayMatters Barons Court, Manchester Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 1BQ]
Total claims:22
PayMatters Total Blaggers! »10/12/201310/12/20130
I understand it is difficult to set up a new business without the credibility of a big name like KPMG and the likes. But come on, taking a picture of a random office block sky-scraper to trick people in to thinking your a big gun when your really in a converted house in a village. PayMatters really goy caught with their pants down there.

I have been looking for an umbrella service an can't get my head around how many people these guys ( Miles Grady and Nick Holmes) have upset or ripped off??

Just to give your del a giggle:
Look at their offices on their web site then Google Map their registered address PayMatters, Barons Court, Manchester Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK91BQ.

Its just comical, what do their staff think about it? Are they all con men??
The web is a mine field of fraudsters who will do anything to get your cash!

I Googled images of Miles Grady, Jesus what law hasn't this guy broke???

Very funny unless your a client of PayMatters. is a giggle too.

It just all makes you think what these guys would do to get your money. I personally think just the office pictures alone are enough to be shut down and charged for misleading...

That's the trouble with this country , if we banned people like Miles Grady and the likes we would not be in such a mess with al these shady companies like 3000 percent interest loans, sell your gold for nothing, claim for an injury that never happened...

Con men the lot of them!

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30035Miles Grady [Timperley]
Total claims:46
PayMatters »01/12/201310/12/20130
All you need to know:

Or Google Miles Grady images.

You will find PayMatters and Miles Grady have senselessly blogged about themselves to push down the real reviews on the google ranking system.Google is a little behind the door when it comes to working out this old trick of self written reviews.

Yahoo is one step ahead here and does work it all out nicely as you can see for your self with a quick search.

If the company in question hides their real address or worse lies about where they actually work from you know all their claims could be manufactured too.

Once a lier always a lier springs to mind.

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30034Paymatters [PayMatters Barons Court, Manchester Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 1BQ]
Total claims:22
PayMatters reviews average rating 2/5 »09/12/201310/12/20130
If you took away Miles Grady's own self written reviews you would find it would be more like 0 out of 5.

PayMatters has the same directors as Harrington Brooks debt management company, yes your dealing with one of the worst companies/directors on the net according to the many reviews.

History has a habit of catching up to you.

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30033oldham best value moves [prestwich]
Total claims:1
damaged goods »25/09/201308/12/20130
when i first contacted nigel he give me estimate of £120 to move contents i asked if he could move shed and contents or should i get somebody else no prob he would move it it wouldnt be alot more ill tell you when we arrive 25 september nigel and son ben arrived looked at the shed yeh we can move it things started of quite well until father and son started arguing and son was going leaving dad alone he did arrive back but mood he was in didnt help my appliances anyway first trip he arrived at new home van fully loaded and dropped the bombshell he couldnt do it for first price it would have to be £300 i had to agree he had got my goods and the other half was still at old address second trip i was still at old house he literally dumped everything and went mum who suffers memory loss give him £20 tip the damage he caused and he just fobs me off

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30032Paymatters [PayMatters Barons Court, Manchester Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 1BQ]
Total claims:22
Miles Grady from Paymatters telling a client they are compliant! »08/12/201308/12/20130
I have just found a picture/image of one of the PayMatters directors telling a client they are fully compliant.

Miles Grady or nick Holes I am not sure it could be either.

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30031Paymatters [PayMatters Barons Court, Manchester Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 1BQ]
Total claims:22
PayMatters rating out of 5 is on average 1/2 »08/12/201308/12/20130

Who would go with a company with so much baggage and so little experience ?

I have Googled and Yahoo'ed (if that a word) and I must say putting Miles Grady in the Yahoo search engine is pretty shocking to say the least.

Google tends jammed with Miles Grady's self written blogs about himself. This is obviously an attempt to push down the bad reviews if you ask me.

PayMatters and Harrington Brooks are even worse.(if that was possible)

Like I said use Yahoo it will save you hours which ever company you are researching.

Great tip from

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30030Paymatters [PayMatters Barons Court, Manchester Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 1BQ]
Total claims:22
PayMatters compliance in doubt??? »08/12/201308/12/20130
PayMatters offering impossible promises put their compliance in grave doubt ?

If you are considering operating outside of IR35, have you had your contract reviewed to be absolutely certain that you do in fact fall outside IR35?

The penalties for non-compliance can be extremely severe. An IR35 battle has recently cost a contractor £99,000 for falsely operating outside IR35. Jon Bessell, whose client was the AA, lost his appeal because Special Commissioner Charles Hellier ruled that he had become “integrated” into his client’s firm

Mr Bessell in business on his own account? He concluded that [Mr Bessell] worked on parts of a project that were allocated to him - within the AA's teams which are integrated into the AA business. [The SC] is therefore of the opinion that Mr Bessell was a ‘professional employee’.”

John Bessell appealed his case and the long awaited judgment was passed in September.

Outside IR35

In order to work outside IR35, you need to be able to prove that you are working independently. Unless you have provable autonomy within the role i.e. the client has no real control over the duties you are performing, you are unlikely to fall outside IR35.

A contract can be written to fall outside IR35 but if it doesn’t accurately reflect your working practices, it really isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. For example, if a substitution clause has been included in the contract, but, in reality, you don’t know anyone that you could send in your place, the clause in the contract would have no impact on your IR35 status. HMRC would actually review your working environment and practices so a contract with conflicting terms wouldn’t even be taken into consideration in an IR35 case!

If it is ruled that you have been falsely operating outside of IR35, you would be forced to pay back all the previously underpaid tax, a penalty of similar value and interest for the time you have held onto the additional funds.

The investigation window is 5 years and HMRC can look into your accounts at any point within this timeframe. The moral of the story is: only operate outside IR35 if you are absolutely certain of your IR35 status.

An Umbrella Company removes the burden of IR35. By operating as an employee of an Umbrella Company, the IR35 rules do not apply to you! This means you can work as a contractor without the worry of any additional tax bills and penalties.

If you are unsure of your IR35 status, Contractor Umbrellas are not all compliant despite all umbrella companies claims.

It really is a matters of luck or should we say bad luck if you umbrella company get investigated and they are found out to be non compliant. If all the gossip is even half true PayMatters in wilmslow are in for huge fines.

If a company offers ridiculous 90% take home packages they are not compliant, it's just not possible.

A possible 7% benefit is all you can legally save. Less if their fees are higher than the benchmark...

I am reporting PayMatters to HMRC for their claims and adverts of impossible promises.

All umbrellas are the same. PayMatters must have special powers or they cheating!

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30029Paymatters [PayMatters Barons Court, Manchester Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 1BQ]
Total claims:22
PayMatters complaints!!! »08/12/201308/12/20130

Have you EVER seen more complaints about one company/person is your life???

Miles Grady is totally trashed on the net.

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30028SG loans
Total claims:1
Scam »29/11/201307/12/20130
I did not take out a loan with this company but they still took a fee of £89.99 which was part of my rent money. I have tried to contact so called customer services but it flagged up as a scam alert ! I am very angry and upset about this as I have had to close my bank account to stop any further money being taken by them as has happened to others !

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30027Right Financial [Poole]
Total claims:30
Taken money out my account and no loan! »29/11/1307/12/20130
I applied for a loan with right financial on the 29th November, I was desperate. I received an email your-finance (right financial) stating there would be a 99.95 fee but that would be paid AFTER I received the loan. I then received a phone call saying it would only be a 69.95 fee. I agreed, they said it wouldn't be taken out until the loan was transferred into my account. Well the 69.95 was taken that day, had no loan and they wouldn't answer their phones. Well after clearing my account out so no further money would be taken I got a nice shock when my card was declined at a restaurant even though I sold my car that day and KNEW I had the money. Well right financial decided to take 99.95 out my account. Again, NO LOAN. So yeah, thanks, right around Christmas too. Really needed that!

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30026Choice freedom platinum
Total claims:8
misleading information »7/12/201306/12/20130
I signed up to this, believing that I was getting a credit card, however after signing up and paying the 29.99 i realised that it was only an online card which was used at an online site, the items are of poor quality and there is no selection of items. I am so angry that a company could trick me like this especially a few weeks before christmas. I am extremely upset and am now 29.99 out of pocket for nothing.

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30025we aprove limited
Total claims:2
Unauthorized »27/11/201306/12/20130
I have never been been on there website so wondering why money has been taken for a service they haven't provided ,I called them and when I gave them my name postcode ect they didn't even know who I was which I thought was strange as the. Know my bank details I have contacted them for a refund but was told they would have to txt me the address why I don't know ,needless to say after 3 phone calls I still can't get the address have posted a letter to an address on the website but still nothing ,I have contacted the ombudsmen they said the company should contact me in a couple of days to discuss refund ,but that was a week ago still no response

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30024Fastway Couriers [North East]
Total claims:5
Abused by Courier »6/12/201306/12/20130

I was just brought to tears by one of their couriers!!

I asked the courier yesterday if he could deliver my mail today before 8:30, or if it would be better just to get it delivered to work. He assured me that he could deliver it to my home before 8:30. I then called him at 8:45 this morning to ask if he was still coming. He said he would not get to my home until 9:30. This was disappointing to me, as if he was unable to deliver the parcel before 8:30, he should have said so yesterday so I could have just had it delivered to work, and I would not have been late to work for nothing. I tried to explain this to him, but he cut me off mid-sentence and started screaming at me that it was not his fault, that he is not at my "beck and call", and that it is my fault because I live in a security building which he cannot enter in order to leave a calling card. I tried to calm him down so I could just ask if he could take it to my work instead, but he continued to yell at me until I was in tears. I'm expecting more mail from this company, but now I'm afraid about getting it delivered!

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30023Loan pal [London]
Total claims:9
thieves »02/12/1305/12/20130
on the above mentioned date, i received a call from one of loanpal's sales team called Connor. He called to inform me that I had successfully been approved for a £1000 loan with the company. After he had run through the details i.e. how much the monthly repayments were and over what length of time, i then gave him the details which were required to progress to the 3rd and finally step of the application, to which, upon completion, the funds would be released into my account. After doing so, Connor then told me that within 5-10 minutes i would receive an email containing a link to the website and a username and password that i would need to enter in order to complete the last step. 30 minutes later i had not received said email and while paying some bills i noticed that £85.50 had been taken from my account.
This was not mentioned on 1 single occasion during the phonecall and is not something i agreed to as i did not finalise the agreement as i was not able to log into the website and finish doing so. Since this happened i have been unable to contact them, despite numerous attempts using the telephone number provided. i would really appreciate some help in reclaiming my money back from these thieves

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30022Peach Leisure Ltd [burton on trent]
Total claims:1
wedding reception/dinner deposit »06/02/201305/12/20130
hello I booked a wedding reception at the craythorne golf club owned by peach leisure ltd for july 6th 2013 back at the start of 2012 and paid 3 deposits being 2x £250 and 1x £300 for this service the remainder was due to be paid 1 month prior to the reception date in the local paper dated 06/02/2013 I read that the venue that we had booked had gone it to liquidation I have tried numerous times by email and phone to get this deposit back with nothing forth coming from them not even as much as a reply back

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30021Loan pal [London]
Total claims:9
thieves »28 dickens court04/12/20130
After applying for a loan I was contacted by this company. After a 10 minute phone call, a loan of £1000 was agreed. I was told that I would receive an email with a username and password. All I had to do was click the link in the email, enter the information and the final step would be completed and the funds would be released. After the call, I received no email but £85.50 was taken from my account (which was not mentioned once during the call). Since the phone call I have received no email and despite numerous attempts, I have been unable to make contact with them. Please help

more details » ccl 645407/1 [london]
Total claims:2
Fee taken from my account without consent »03/12/201304/12/20130
This company has taken £39.99 from my debit card without my knowledge or consent. They have failed to provide the service they advertised, and they did not mention a fee in any of their literature, including their t&c document.

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Total claims:28
Damaged tv »06061303/12/20130
My house was broken into and a lot of electrical goods were taken my insurance company paid out quickly and gave me a voucher to replace them at currys total amount spent £1.788.71 as the police said replacing things in the house quickly might mean burglars returning again so as I was going to move I took the things to the new house and never checked them until four weeks later when I moved to new house the tv had a cracked screen I never fully unpacked this and returned it to the shop they will not replace or return my money because this is longer then there returns policy I have telephoned and written to head office over several months I did eventually get a phone call saying no too bad out of our returns policy and will not do anything about it you can see this has been dropped from a great height not some thing I have done shop staff all agreed with this but said it was out of there hands

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Total claims:4
Loan service »28/10/201302/12/20130
I can not remember contacting them for anything but i do remembered that i filled out some loan appilication forms online but did not agreed to them taking out any penny from my bank.
Just this morning i found out thatloanpal took out the sum of £89.95 from my account without any instruction beside,ihave not use their services.I have written to them requesting cancellation of my membership and demand total refund of my money but up till now nothing has been done.
Please I will most delighted if you can help claim my money back from them.
Thank you

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