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Total claims:3
refund »04 07 201308/07/20130
I applied for a loan of �£1500 they said they had found lenders that was willing to lend me the money but never heard anything more I never gave them permission to take any money from my husbands bank account but on Thursday the 4 of July they took �£79.00 I have tried to phone them on the phone number provided but can not get through

more details » [Beijing]
Total claims:1
I had heard great reviews about the Insanity Workout and thought I'd give it a go. I looked it up on google and purchased it on what appeared to be the original website along with a faster delivery service. Not so fortunate for me the DVDS never arrived and upon further investigation of this suspicious email I had received I realised I had been seriously scammed. I will certainly not be trusting any companies easily again and will be sure to warn everyone. Here are the two emails to watch out for, although by the time you get them it would probably be to late:
The system e-mail,Please do not reply

Your transaction was successful.
Dear ,
Thank you for purchasing on site " " and choosing lineRxaup SDN as the payment service.
The charge will shown on your credit card statement under the name of lineRxaup SDN.

1.Order details:
Credit card : ****************
Merchant Order No. : DW_400021742
Order No. : 13726875736847
Payment Date&Time : 07/01/2013 14:06:13 GMT
Amount : 88.27 USD

2.Seller info:
Seller Site
Seller contact way :15959414999

If you have any concern regarding this transaction, please kindly contact SELLER according to seller contact way.
☆. Due to floating exchange rate, tiny disparity of order value may exist.

☆. Please note that your bank may apply a small charge for handling this transaction.

☆.Please do not dispute this charge, if you are unsatisfied with the product/ service which you have purchased, or you have any problems,please contact us at
And we will get back to you with an amicable solution ASAP.

Payment Customers support email:
Call center +86-13710197631
Skype: csreason

email 2:
Dear Ms. Miehe,

We wish to welcome you to Insanity Workout.

You are now registered with our store and have account privileges: With
your account, you can now take part in the various services we have to offer
you. Some of these many services include:

Order History - View the details of orders you have completed with us.

Permanent Cart - Any products added to your online cart remain there until
you remove them, or check them out.

Address Book - We can deliver your products to an address other than yours!
This is perfect to send birthday gifts direct to the birthday-person

Products Reviews - Share your opinions on our products with other customers.

For help with any of our online services, please email the store-owner:


Cheap Insanity
Store Owner

This email address was given to us by you or by one of our customers. If you
did not signup for an account, or feel that you have received this email in
error, please send an email to

This email is sent in accordance with the US CAN-SPAM Law in effect
01/01/2004. Removal requests can be sent to this address and will be honored
and respected.

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29613First Choice Parking [Unknown]
Total claims:1
Not Secure Parking, not professional. »July 201207/07/20130
Please be aware, before you choose this company to book long term parking at Gatwick Airport, that it isn't very professional and it absolutely NOT secure parking. They picked the car from Gatwick North and for £30 were also supposed to fully valet the car. On picking up my car 3 weeks later the car was still dirty. The car is stored in an empty trading estate unit with no security on site. Two sheets of corrugated metal serve as the doors to the compound with a 3 foot brick wall surrounding the premises.

I would not have know this but my car had a flat tyre so they couldn't deliver the car to me so they came to collect me. On changing the tyre and examining it there was a 2 inch rip on the inside wall, which they did not accept responsibility for. There was also a yellowish mud on the underside of the car and on all four tyres which seems to suspect the car was moved and maybe stored in a field.

I refused to pay the £30 valet cost and was threatened by one of the staff and they were told not to let me leave unless I paid up. On calling the police they said all I can do was to pay the fee and leave and then make a complaint to the company. I rang the "so called" head office which was a mobile and got no help whatsoever. Of course its my word against them, but if you are going to leave your car at least put the postcode in your satnav and view the premises, then you can decide for yourself if you trust to leave your car there! 45 Gatwick RD, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 9RB.

In total the cost of parking there was a lot more after a new tyre and wheel alignment!

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Total claims:1
Entertainment Venue SCAM-LMG/THE WAREHOUSE CLUB BIRMINGHAM SCAM! AVOID!!! »7 Feb 201307/07/20131
To Watchdog & RipoffBritain,

This illegal scam company operates from Custard Factory, Birmingham and charges deposits from individuals/companies anyone wishing to book the venue for their event or private party. The deposit terms state 'will be refunded if the event is cancelled within 48 hours' in real life, the owner has no such plans to do so and pockets all deposits. The money is then used to fund other events and is pocketed privately.

On this occasion the venue was booked for 2 children's charity events/fundraisers where all profits were going to both charities (50% each) we had to cancel the event due to low ticket sales and hoping the understanding venue manager will refund us as per promise/contractual terms. Unfortunately 4 months on, he changed his mind and decided he won't refund after all. We have had to explain to UNICEF UK and Cash For Kids charity in Birmingham, why we are not able to donate the deposit money back to them and take the shame. We are the official ambassadors for UNICEF UK and ran 2 major fundraising events for them including Birmingham Fashion Week where we donated 50% of the event ticket sales to Childrens Emergency Fund that help children around the world with water, food and education.

We are still in the process of getting the money back from the Fashion Week pre-event at the Warehouse Club Birmingham operated by LMG MANAGEMENT, in order to donate our promised £1500 that was paid for a deposit in order to hold the event.

Due to non refund from the scam venue - LMG, we have been unable to do so now for 4 months. Our official charity is aware of the complications LMG is currently causing and they have been understanding in this situation and we have agreed to refund them as soon as LMG court case has finished and we know the outcome. Both parties have agreed to send this story to press and we have 3 local newspapers including Unicef's London support that are interested in running the full story as soon as the court hearing has finished. Currently we are awaiting for the hearing date in County Court in Birmingham. We have also budgeted to take this further once the hearing is over, as we feel the £2400 isn't enough based on the damage this company has caused us and our charity.

Venue owner is still running the illegal business and charging companies deposits that he hasn't refunded once they have cancelled the event. This venue operates on these peoples deposits and pockets the money from all cancelled events. They must be stopped and named & shamed. The owner is a previous failure who has been in trouble with the police, previous business has gone bust as well as covered up illegal happenings in previous venues in the Midlands he has managed. This man is a scam and needs to be stopped before more people lose their money. He is very persistive with asking for deposits before anything can be confirmed and claims it must be paid ASAP or the venue won't be available on your required date. We have tested it since our event and the same scam still operates as he is constantly asking for deposit to be paid into his account.

We are claiming for the original deposit paid £1500 including court charges £70 plus interest per day based on Late Payment Fee Act 1998 base of England rate 8.5% totalling £2400

I look forward to your kind reply

Alison Rackham
Fundraising Manager, UNICEF UK
Birmingham International Fashion Week

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29610Specialist Forklift Training [London]
Total claims:1
Rip Off »18/04/01306/07/20130
I am a father of 3 children, I paid Specialist Forklift Training £550.00 for a counterbalance forklift training and a job after the training. My Terry Smith of Specialist forklift training told me that they work with the Department of Work and Pensions to train and get people back to work. He also told me that DHL is one of their partners and would send me to the closest branch to my home address provided that I pay the money and pass my course.
I paid the money (£550.00) on 18/03/2013 and passed my course on 15/04/2013. Since then not even a phone call from them let alone a job. I called them, sent my CV to them but to no avail.
Please help me get my money back and STOP these people from preying upon vulnerable adults desperately in need of a job to sustain their families.
Thank you.

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29609smile finance
Total claims:6
Refund »5/7/201306/07/20130
Smile finance took £ 26.34 out of my account on 5th July 2013, I have not taken out a loan or do i need a loan. By taking this money you have caused me to go overdrawn which has resulted in bank charges.

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29608smile finance
Total claims:6
scammed with fees »04/07/1305/07/20130
i signed up online to a payday loan company gave my details to money warehouse and they took an admin fee of £26.34 out of my account i am on benefits and this pays for my shopping for a full week please i would like my money back in my account asap as im not happy and didnt authorize this transaction

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29607myloan [mcclesfield]
Total claims:27
money unauthorised »03/07/201304/07/20130
I have had a withdrawral taken from my accout from a company labelled my loan and its taken my childrens benefits and I havnt had no loan

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Total claims:6
Fraud »08/01/1304/07/20130
I did not subscribe to pay £40 per 30 days yet this company has taken money from my bank account after I had paid £1 for a soft toy. They claim that I subscribed to VIP account as I did not cancel subscription. I have emailed them and they refuse to refund me the money.

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29605EBS Marketing [Manchester]
Total claims:6
Total rip off »02/07/201303/07/20131
I paid this amount of money for so called guaranteed business. I may as well of flushed it down the toilet as they took my cash and did nothing

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29604loan options [bridgend]
Total claims:36
TAKEN MONEY FROM BANK ACCOUNT »03/07/201303/07/20130

more details »
Total claims:2
Scam..... Fraudulent company »20/05/201102/07/20130
My son was saving for a gaming pc and had a little extra money from his birthday he was a little short so we wanted to sell his laptop to help out towards him getting what he wanted.
We looked online and thought the best thing to do would be to send it off to this company, they offered us £214. They was professional to start with and sent Dhl out to pick it up and off it went, I then realised there is a Facebook page and bad reviews on trust pilot and tried my hardest to stop the laptop been delivered but dhl would not do this.
I received an email the next day RE QUOTING me £12.... Yes £12 they said that it was not working not turning on and that a cover on the back was Unclipped this was very usual as the night before I sent it to them, I reinstalled the windows disk and everything was working fine. I then had to pay £34 to have it sent back to me and i had 7 days to do so or they sent a check and the laptop belonged to them. I asked them if I could arrange my own courier as I didn't want to give them my card details and they refused. I did receive my laptop back, however there where screws missing all over probably about 7/8 and a part missing, so overall I have poured over £500 down the drain. my laptop was in full working order when I sent it and now I have a broken laptop with missing parts and a very upset son.

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Total claims:1
Item not ordered »1st July 201302/07/20130
On 14th June this year I ordered a free sample of this product and paid the £1.99 p/p. The sample arrived promptly.
However, today I looked on my bank statement and saw they had now debited me a further £84.00 on the 1st July.
When I ordered the sample I gave no indication of wishing to order more and I couldn't have even if I wanted to as none of their phone numbers are obtainable. I received no invoice or receipt with my sample, just a plain calling card with a list of various numbers all over the world. The only other number is on the bottle itself, again no address or contactable e-mail.
Could you please advise me?

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Total claims:13
money from my account »28/05/1302/07/20130
these people have taken money from my account i have never heard of them

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29597sge loans [leeds]
Total claims:75
Unauthorised payment »23/05/02/07/20130
I applied for a payday loan online I put my bank details in 1 payday loan website(silly...I know) and a few days later my bank was overdrawn,so I rang my bank where they informed me that £79.99 had been debited by Sge loans whom I'd never heard of,so I rang them and the woman said I have to email the company for a refund,which I did and they emailed me back to confirm that will get a full refund by cheque within 28 days.....28+ days later I rang back and spoke to an "advisor" whom was not helpful in any way who said I will get a cheque for the amount owed to me but he doesn't know when?! Now a week later still no cheque I have tried numerous times to get through to them on the phone joy...and also emailed Sge loans with no reply.Where do I go from here???!

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29596sge loans [leeds]
Total claims:75
Unauthorised payment »23/05/201302/07/20130

more details »

Total claims:13
unauthorised debit »28th June 201302/07/20130
appears that smile have debited my card for a service i did not ask for or use,they are a loan provider,but seem to debit your card even though you don't use their service.
Emailed them and no reply, no refund either, worried that this is the start of more debits, my bank is powerless, how can this be?.

more details »

Total claims:12
refund wanted »28/06/201301/07/20130
i put 40 pound in my bank to clear a bill, then i was told not enough funds to pay i went the bank to find smile finance has been in and taken ���£26.34 bank will nt refund ive tryed to complain to them on their site and it wont let me this is fraud , i dont know of them and have never agreed to this payment ,

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29593Loandirectuk [East Sussex]
Total claims:3
Loan »17.07.201301/07/20130
I have Apply for a Loan but i haven't been approved..and money have been taken of my bank twice can i apply for a full refund and stop taken my money of my bank thank you

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29591Plan B Online Backup [Plan B Online Backup through Freshdesk, Inc. ]
Total claims:1
Scam »April 201301/07/20130
Registered through Plan B for automated backup. I found they were a representative of Livedrive Backup (UK). I joined last year I think it was. Anyway in April 2013 I found Livedrive was not backing up, this was after a system update. I contacted Livedrive, but they would not do anything, so I Contacted Plan B. Since that time, nothing has been done.
Hope others can be aware of the possible scam. I have informed both Livedrive and Plan B that I want to unsubscribe and to make sure All my files are deleted. There are over 300Gb of files. Many of them personal. I found that I could not access the files to delete. I even tried to restore files, but was told that the file folders were empty. No files.
Kind regards
Greg Burgess

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