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Why I wrote CanYouTrustThem.Com ???

Ian Griffin
I trusted these men and paid Millions For it. Don’t let it happen to you. Do Your research properly and don’t trust anyone!
Miles Grady   Nick Holmes


Current Directors Nicholas Holmes & Miles David Grady Neither are qualified TAX lawyers. All their

15 year experience is in debt management /

Collection NOT Umbrella services.

Ian Griffin:
(Griffin Finance Ltd &
Harrington Brooks owner / founder
  Miles Grady:
PayMatters & Harrington Brooks 
  Nick Holmes:
PayMatters & Harrington Brooks

My name is Ian Griffin,  I founded a company called "Griffin Finance Ltd" which I later changed to "Harrington Brooks Accountants Ltd". (Check Companies house register for full up to date details and previous names)


I had put everything I had into this business, from coming up with the concept to all my savings and time. As the business proved to be a success I went on and employed my two neighbors and friends, Nick Holmes and Miles Grady to run the sales and book-keeping for the company.


I thought if I had to trust anyone it was better to trust two friends than two strangers. To cut a very, very long story short, my first problem came when I had to make Mr. Holmes and Mr. Grady equal partners in the company as they had threatened to leave once we were in a position where I could not manage the company on my own, as they knew…


Doing this I had given them control of my company with 66.6...% of the voting rites together. I even had to guarantee them both £50,000 per year (which was nearly double their current salaries) and a company car out of my own pocket incase the company failed in the future. 


Ten years later Nick & Miles approached me and asked me, and I quote "Would you like to cash in your shares as myself (Nick) and Miles just want to keep Harrington Brooks SMALL, we DON’T want to expand any more as you do, we want to keep Harrington as a SMALL family business. I'm sure you can make more money with the cash elsewhere?" Based on everything THEY reported my shares were worth just over £1,200,000. (The actual figures revealed that they were worth 5-7 times that)


I then took advice from a friend and accountant who knew Miles and Nick - he told me "Be careful Ian, it's all a bit sudden after all this time.... make sure they sign an embarrassment clause.


This is a contract to say that if the directors, Nick Holmes or Miles Grady were refinancing or selling the company at the time or within a reasonable length of time, in the future, without my knowledge, I would be able to claim back the difference as it breaches their responsibilities to their shareholders. This act is also corporate fraud and can carry a prison sentence, but the contract makes it much easier and quicker to reclaim the money as opposed to suing and criminal proceedings, which would take years. 


Business law is very clear here, the directors must inform the major shareholders of any such activities as they happen or if they know they will in the future (fiduciary duties). The law protects shareholders from dishonest directors (with insider knowledge) buying out shareholders whilst constructing a better deal for themselves without the company owner’s knowledge or even knowing there is a higher value deal on the table in the future. I called Nick Holmes at the time and said to him "Nick, will you just sign this simple document so I know there is nothing going on now or in the near future that I don't know about? " Nick Holmes would not sign it, in fact he made me feel so guilty for asking and not trusting them I withdrew the contract. He even swore on his child's life. I felt ashamed of myself for asking. Later that week I accepted their offer. 


The next thing I knew Harrington Brooks was all over the Manchester newspapers. Part of Harrington Brooks had been sold for around £15,000,000 according to the press releases. You don't have to be the Chancellor to work out what happened.


An honest person might say Miles and Nick constructed this deal before they approached me to sell my shares. Never mind the supposed entire reason for the buyout was for Nick and Miles to keep the company SMALL and NOT to expand or sell as I was the one who was always pressuring them to bring in venture capital investment in to grow the business..." which is exactly what they did when they got my shares! 


"On his child's life..." was the nail in the coffin for me. It was all about TRUST; looking back I was such a stupid fool. I don't remember a single shareholders meeting I was invited to, despite all the huge changes made within my own company. Directors changed (Nick's own brother) subsidiary companies set up, websites and domains moved, bought and changed. The list was endless and all of this I found out after the sale of my own company. How is this legal? It's NOT! 


They didn’t even want t me to come in to my own office after a while. Saying it undermined them and looked as if they worked for me due to I was relatively well know for other companies in the Cheshire area…


This Company was my life, the feeling of betrayal, loss, loss of trust and self-esteem lead to me having dis-facilitating depression and eventually a nervous breakdown.


I was unable to face the stress of a legal challenge at the time. Neither Nick nor Miles would take my calls after I found out about the sale. My family contacted Mr. Holmes to ask "How could you do such a thing when Ian had trusted you so much and gave you the chance in the first place? " Nick Holmes replied, "Get off the phone you silly old cow and don't get involved, tell Ian to fight his own battles" NICE! 


I have allowed Nicholas Holmes & Miles Grady to take credit for my business skills for years without saying a word. I right now see all over the place both Nick Holmes & Miles Grady state they founded my company, twitter, Facebook and even their new business PayMatters. You can clearly see on company’s house that was NOT the case.



As you can see Miles Grady was a director of my debt companies for pretty much his entire working life, so how can he possibly have 20 years expert TAX training/experience to give others extremely intricate TAX advice???

He was in direct sale/Tele sales Not TAX advisory or related services. You have to be a specific TAX trained lawyer to stay ahead of the very intricate legislation or you can be convicted of the new “TAX none compliance” laws.


They must of forgot companies house displays these details to the general public. Anyway, letting someone take credit for your work is one thing, defrauding you for millions is a very different world.


A few years later I regained my health and wrote solely to Name & Shame Nick Holmes & Miles Grady. To my surprise the site immediately attracted 1000's of people every day using it for their own personal experiences too. I didn't write this site to make a living or profit, it is totally free to use.


I have never sold any data or made any profits from it in any way from this company. The only revenue generated is from a Google advertising banner to finance the up-keep of the website. is now currently dealing with 10's of millions in disputes and getting amazing settlements every day! 


Within a few days of posting my story last week on the 21/4/2013 Nick Holmes and Miles Grady emailed me, threatening me with legal action bragging that they now have a company Called PayMatters Ltd, Barons court, Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK which is worth £45,000,000 per year and they are now losing business because of my complaint.  It just goes to show in the age of the Internet, no matter how big they are or how many lawyers they have, a single person, armed with the truth and a laptop can now stand their ground against what was a lost cause. 


This brought another mystery to light, I Goggled Paymatters Ltd - it advertises that tax experts founded it. Miles Grady worked at the ICS Insurance then debt management for as long as I have known him and was certainly NOT a secret Tax Lawyer. Nick Holmes previously worked as a salesman for a mobile phone company prior to the debt management. So, not sure where all their Tax expertise came from??? 


Insider information whistle blower from Ian Griffin (The company founder) 

Harrington Brooks Accountants % All Clear Finance… Ltd (debt management), under the control of Nick Holmes & Miles Grady, was deregulated for VAT over 10 years ago. As a result, the company received an enormous back payment of 17.5 percent of all their clients’ payments, which, to this day, has never been given back to the clients of Harrington Brooks or associated companies. Even worse, despite being deregulated for VAT, Harrington Brookes continued to charge an equivalent a fee of a VAT charge - giving the appearance that there was never VAT included in the payment. All those companies that dealt with Harrington Brooks will see on subsequent invoices that VAT was included and they were deregulated. (not charge VAT inclusive or plus VAT)

To apply for all your VAT back-payments and reduce your future payments,


Go to and fill in the 20 second class action VAT reclaim. You could be owed thousands!


No clients ever found out that Harrington Brooks/All Clear Finance did not have to pay VAT. 


If you were a client of Miles Grady or Nick Holmes or any of their associated debt management companies (All Clear Finance) - I would demand a partial refund on all payments – somewhere between 17.5 & 20 percent (depending on when you joined the program me). Not to mention a reduction of all your future payments! 


Nick Holmes and Miles Grady pocketed millions, which should have gone back to their clients. Charging people, already in debt, around 20 percent more is just shocking and wrong! This payment and future savings on their debt repayment program could really change their lives. It is sheer greed without a care in the world for those who are struggling and losing their homes on a daily basis.


I now know why Harrington Brooks was valued so highly. The VAT deregulation enabled Nick Holmes and Miles Grady to add 20 percent to their client’s payments – which went straight into the company profits!


If you know anything about company valuations, you simply take the companies annual profits and factor (times) them by the industry rate (which varies between 4 – 8 times profit). This makes an enormous difference to any company’s valuation if you add an extra 20 percent without any extra costs…


What Nick Holmes and Miles Grady did really does show their true character. Harrington Brooks was doing very well without keeping the VAT and certainly did not need or deserve it. The people in debt, paying this extra charge, should have got every penny back - at least morally if not legally. Moreover, they are still paying it to this day!


The citizen’s advice bureau now offers the exact same service and they do not charge the extra 20 percent on top of all your monthly payments.


For legal reasons I can't disclose all the details until my legal challenge is concluded. 


As I mentioned earlier, Nick Holmes and Miles David Grady now operate a company called Paymatters. This company gives tax advice, neither of these two characters are tax lawyers or have TAX any experience I know of.



To Miles & Nick:  I am a very fair person, as you know. If either of you read this which I am sure you will as I have just e-mailed you the link. Take a polygraph if you have nothing to hide. Answer these three questions under polygraph. If you are telling the truth I will drop and remove my complaint. (Good luck with that one!) 

"Did you purchase my shares while knowing there was a more lucrative deal on the table for the company in the future?" 


"Did you make any major changes to the company without informing me or holding a shareholders meeting?" 


"Did you manipulate the companies profits report to greatly reduce the value of my shares?" (By around 500 percent :() 


Registered UK Polygraphs examinations are over 98 percent accurate.

Take the test and clear your names. I will accept results either way. Don't take the test and see your name in lights for the rest of your lives or until you settle my claim. I will never go away!!!  


There is one thing more powerful than any company or lawyer, public opinion! I await you response, which I will be posting here. I have 100 more sites just like this one ready to go live. I just want you to tell the truth and let justice be done. You should be totally ashamed of yourselves! Well, you know what they say about the truth coming out? It's out and it's staying out!!!


I am pretty sure you don’t want the clients of Paymatters (Your £45,000,000 company) knowing all about you’re alleged past and VAT theft!


UPDATE 16/05/2013: It has now been 4 week's since I challenged Nick Holmes and Miles Grady to clear their name by taking a simple Polygraph test. Neither of them is not prepared to take the test. I do have a nasty letter threatening me and my personal life, which is not really what I was asking for, but it does show a very clear picture of Nick Holmes and Miles Grady’s character. 


Ask yourself this question;


If Miles Grady and Nicholas Holmes could do this to a friend and business partner of over twenty years, who did absolutely nothing but help them get everything they have today.


What could they do to a stranger for money?


I am just about to make live in the public interest.


Never lose sight of the FACTs:


1.    Nicholas Holmes and Miles David Grady got an enormous VAT deregulation back payment, receiving all their clients VAT payments back. They Kept them for them self.


2.    Nicholas Holmes and Miles David Grady then started charging the same amount in fee’s to hide the VAT deregulation payment for good. They never informed their clients of the savings to their debt payments/cost.


3.    Nicholas Holmes and Miles Grady bought Ian Griffin’s own company of him for 1,200,000 (after 8 years) then sold part of it within months for £15,000,000.


4.    Paymatters, Nicholas Holmes and Miles Grady now operate a TAX advice company, Nether of them are TAX lawyers. Or to my knowledge have any TAX experience as long as I have known them in over 20 years!


Also, I find it shameful that you both take credit on your various social and business sites (including your latest & your first business venture, Paymatters) that you founded my company. If you did, why was it first called Griffin Finance well before you got involved as??? I find it even more dishonest that you claim to have 20 years Tax expertise when you worked for me for practically your entire business life in debt management / direct sales.


Miles Grady & Nicholas Holmes advertise on their CV:

Harrington Brooks (Accountants) Limited was registered on 03 Jul 1998 with its registered office in Cheshire. The business has a status listed as "Live “and it currently has 2 directors. Mr. Miles David Grady, Mr. Nicholas Holmes, founded it. The business currently employs 200-249 people. Harrington Brooks formally Griffin finance (Accountants) Limited has 3 subsidiaries.





Name & Registered Office:






M33 6AG

Company No. 03592213





In a nut shell, The FACTS:

Ian Griffin (Myself) founded and financed the company (Griffin Finance/Harrington Brooks) in1998 then 8 years later Miles Grady and Nicholas Holmes approached me and bought my shares for £1,200,000 then sold them immediately for 500 percent more (after swearing on there children’s life they wanted to keep the business small and not to expand. Their entire reason for the purchace!


They have never taken my calls since.


“On my child’s life, we just want to keep Harrington small as a family business and we can’t sign an embracement clause as it is an insult Ian that you don’t trust us”


I will never forget those words. I still can’t believe Nicholas Holmes swore on his child’s life to get my shares.


All can be checked live on company’s house today!

Search under Harrington Brooks accountants then view previous names and directors.


A hate to think what’s next for Paymatters Tax advice without the experience) investors and clients?



If you take from the poor, cheat on your wife and steel you’re your friend, you’re a bad person, PERIOD!


You could take the polygraph (at my cost) and I will retract my claim.


We both know you could not pass hence you will not take one as I offered. You just can’t hide the truth, it always comes out in the end.





Ian Griffin

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