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Company: EDF Energy

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Claim title: EDFenergy Dupe me and backdated my bill

[11/12/2011] A H: EDF Energy sent me similar letter threatening action, when I am already on a formal pre payment plan with them and have duly paid my agreed £70.00 per month. They also said in their letter they had made frequent attempts to contact me, which is utterly untrue, as I've never received letters or phone calls from them previously saying I owed them said amount of money for said unpaid bill. They are disgraceful and I am going to change energy suppliers, because why put up with such dreadful and disrespectful so called 'Customer Service'

[28/02/2013] NolongerwithEDF: Came home from work today to find door lock wrecked and two EDF reps waiting outside my property in cars. One waved a warrant at me shouting he had the right to force entry to my home and accused me of having refused to let EDF carry out a gas safety inspection 7 times. Apparently they had posted me a court order telling me this action would be taken....I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT ANY OF THIS!!!!! Luckily for me they were unable to pick the lock and had spent an hour trying to drill through which resulted in them breaking 2 drill bits. When I turned up they were waiting for a locksmith to help them out. I called the police to assist me as at this point I could not get into my own home and like I said, I knew nothing about the situation that was unfolding. The police agreed that this was bad practice and encouraged me to complain to EDF. I cancelled my Direct Debit and switched energy suppliers. I have complained and am awaiting a response. ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL,DISGUSTING,BULLYING,INTIMIDATING BEHAVIOUR.

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