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Claim title: 100002075

[15/01/2010] sandra: hi jessica, no at the moment i still wait. the problem is after i make a disput with pay pal they send me some boots and my mother in law have take the parcel.
as i have open the parcel these boots a fakeboots. have tried to send them back, but there is no address only a postbox and so there is no chance to send them back. pay pal is still on it, because i have not canceled the disput and i hope i will hear soon from them ( pay pal have send them yesterday another mail)
i will post any news here.
best of luck to us

[21/12/2009] Stewart Mackay: Any success getting your money back?

[21/12/2009] sandra: i have ordered a pair of boots as well from that site. on the site my order is still in process - since 9/12/09 and he not answer any emails and you cant get anybody on the phone.
also i have made a claim to get my money back over paypal, hope they can sort out for me.

[09/01/2010] jessica watkins : hi sandra, any look on getting your money back only i am awaiting from pay pal

[19/01/2010] Aimee Smith: I too have just been conned. They arrived within 7 days but are clearly fake, not sure why I used this site- was trying to save money- What an expensive mistake- I will only be useing the official site in future. I will be cancelling my debit card also just in case of any fraud, I would advise anyone who has used this site to do the same. If it comes from China it has to be fake!!!!

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Claim title: Fraud???

[07/01/2010] jessica: hi there, i have done exactly the same, i am having to go through pay pal to get my money back, i was wondering have you heard any thing yet. jess

[21/01/2010] Angela: Hi there - I have had exactly the same thing. The boots are definately fake and are not even sheepskin.
Paypal states that if several people open a dispute they will investigate and try to retrieve the money. I suggest everyone opens a dispute with Paypal.

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Claim title: No Boots for Xmas

[21/12/2009] sandra: yes im in the same boat, have ordered some boots 9/12/09 and nothing till then no reply to mails and phoneline is only ringing. have made a claim with pay pal and seen they have send him already a message and now the send me a message
'hello friend

how are you ?
According to the delivery company's operation procedure, the delivery day depend on your address.
your tracking number is Ee...............'

how sad is that, that a costumer support send you a message starting with hello friend

but this tracknumber is not a right one and when something will arrive i will not take it.

the end of the story is , never ever again i will bye without checking the company.
have bourght my boots now from a shop and hope i will get my money back from that fraud.

gl for you as well and i hope you will find something else for your girlfriend for christmas.

merry xmas

[15/01/2010] Julia: i oredered 2 pairs of UGG from ( 5 jan 2010) i was pay with paypal .. after few days i canceled payment becouse doesnt recive any information about shipping and they doesnt anwer on my messaes by email . 13 jan 2010 i get back my money ( thank you paypal) . and yesturday i recive my UGG boots from China :))))) i know its not authentic UGG , but it is very very goot quality - and FREE :)))
(sorry for grammar)

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Claim title: sold fake and tatty ugg boots

[10/01/2010] n murphy: this as got to be one of the best sites i have ever found on the internet

[10/01/2010] n murphy: i hope everyone who as been ripped off by have a successful claim against them

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Claim title: Order no 100010374

[15/01/2010] Lucy : I ordered the same boots as yourself and I received mine, however they were badly scratched and the fluff in the boots is coming out of the stiching which attaches the boot to the sole!! They are totally fake, however more to your question, you wont get your money back if the goods are delivered. If they do not get delivered you may have a chance of claiming your money back of the bank so if anyone trys to deliver the goods then please refuse them. I tried to claim back of my bank and they stated that as I had given my card details to the company and took delivery there was nothing else I could do, so I have lost £84 and gained a pair of boots that I do not need! Please please refuse delivery and take proof that you have refused them!

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Claim title: refuses to allow returns and refunds for false items

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