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Company: finance facility

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Claim title: 59.95

[24/08/2012] Jacqui: The company they mean is called TFF Loans and is part of their umbrella company run by Secret Eye limited from the same address with same company details! Robbing bastards, they use their own company to justify ripping you off for £70! How can this be legal

[25/08/2011] The Finance Facility: Hi, Did you make your application over the phone or the internet?

If you drop me an email and let me know who you are, I can check this out for you.

A loan offer with a guarantor still constitutes a valid application. We do not know if you will need a guarantor as your personal circumstances, the lender and your area you live determine this.

We have recently acquired several new lenders that don't require guarantors.

So drop me an email at customer-services@ and I will run your app through our new system to see if we can further help you.


[10/12/2012] shane ward: search my facebook page and like please The Finance Facility Have Ripped Me Off

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Claim title: FEE again

[06/02/2013] Nichola: I have had the sae experience with their disgusting behaviour! Took money £69.95 and no service provided. After being on the ohone to them i dont want any part of their service! Shockingy bad!

[25/08/2011] The Finance Facility: Hi, do you know who you spoke to via email?

I would be willing to look at your file if you let me know who you are.

We never take our fee until a lender has been found. All documentation is sent via email. If you made your application over the phone, all our staff follow a scripted guide and they tell every customer that we are a broker and we charge a fee, If you were not told that then we would offer a full refund (Calls would be monitored first).

If you made your application over the internet then it is perfectly clear on the website in three prominent parts. Our FAQ, T&C's and the Application page.

So if you would like to drop me an email at customer-services@ then I will be more than willing to check this out for you.


The Finance Facility

[10/08/2014] shane ward: i am trying to get everyone who has been robbed by these to add me on facebook as we all need to team up and destroy this company. ive made a facebook account called finance facility come on guys we all want our money back

come on guys

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Claim title: Brooker fee

[01/12/2011] The Finance Facility: Hello,

Our website states once we find a financial solution then the fee becomes applicable. Sometimes people do require a Guarantor to acquire a loan, when customers apply we don't know if this is the case. We can not force lenders to lend you money without a Guarantor as the lender wants assurance that they will get the money back. IF you are prepared to pay the loan back then you should have no problem with using a Guarantor. The Guarantor is a backup if you fail to repay the loan. We do however have many lenders that do not require a guarantor. If we can place you with one of these lenders we will do before we even consider a Guarantor loan.

We take it very seriously that you are unhappy and we would like you to call our office ASAP to discuss this.

The Finance Facility

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Claim title: Brokers Fee

[01/12/2011] The Finance Facility: Hello,

The Fact is you took out our service knowing full and well that we charge a fee once we find a lender for you. You then state that you decided to empty that account so we could not be paid for our services. This alone is a criminal matter and it is called "Obtaining goods or SERVICES by deception". Do you realise that is what you have done in this case?

The reason we took the fee 3 months later is because that is the account you wanted to pay from and the fee was owing.

Now if you would like to discuss this matter further you are more than welcome to call and ask for me personally.


The Finance Facility

[28/05/2013] annomynus: i think that brian above needs a good smack in the mouth the cocky bastard

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Claim title: refund

[07/02/2013] Charmaine: I have recently had a problem with this company. I was mislead and in when trying to make a complaint on 5 occasions your SALES team refused to allow me to speak to a manager not only this was VERY rude! I was asked for card details when asked what this was for I was told to verify I am who I say am, no less than 50p will be taken from my account and reimbursed, i rang back and asked again and it was confirmed it was to verify who I am. So I procceeded, I later reviewed your website which I wish I had done previously. People are complaining that £69.95 is take 3-5 weeks after this date !! I have in fact read you T&C's where it states 'We charge a fee of £69.95 for providing our Personal Service to you for acting as your Exclusive Personal Finance Broker, this exclusivity lasts for a period of six months from the date of your application with us. We specify the fee as part of our communications with you. To clarify this, our fee is taken once your application for a Loan has been accepted by one or more of our Lenders, this from our approved Bank of Lenders.' Not once during the COMMUNICATIONS after 3 times of asking was I told about this £69.95 charge. I was only accepted via your own company TFF a guarantor loan, which is unacceptable as I do not have a guarantoor, Same with Norton Finance who DECLINED. Therefore I have not used your service, I am within my 14 days, and I do not agree to this money being taken from my account for service which is far worse than appauling. I have contacted the office of fair trading explained the situation, every call made to your department was recorded , and not once was i told a bout this fee, I was told you have not yet breached your verbal contract but if that £69.95 is taken you will be, and I will be making a furthur complaint. I have also contacted my bank, and they said if ANY payment is taken from my account they will contacting the Fraud department. I hope you have taken note and make sure no money is debited from my account !!


[03/02/2013] Sarah : Did you get your money back? This company is a poor excuse con in a nice way

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Claim title: Refund

[16/08/2013] Kelly : further to my post i have emailed finance facility and the replies i have had back are completely disgusting i have spoken to my bank and they have told me they are not intitled to keep my money and to get on to trading standards and take them to a small claims court i have emailed finance facility telling them what i intend to do and that they have picked on the wrong one so i urge anyone who has been ripped off by this company to do the same they are disgusting and need shutting down asap

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Claim title: broker fees

[21/02/2014] samuel magee: hi,the exact same was done to me.on 19/02/ still waiting for them to get back to me as yet not heard anything ,keep hassling them and don't give up threaten with legal action.

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