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Sapphire Studios




United Kingdom






8 Eagle Court, Farringdon

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'reasonably priced' photoshoot

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28th January

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Last week, Sapphire Studios called me up telling me I had won a photoshoot, with drinks, make over and hair styling included. They even said that the photos were very "reasonably priced", which is not true at all seeing as they start from £45.
Anyway, since i had recently filled in an online survey i actually believed that i had won. But then after, i thought if i had won, why would i have to pay a deposit, of £199.96! After asking me how many people i wanted to bring they said i could bring up to four, i said id bring two people, then they said why dont you make that 3. So i stupidly said yes, and then 5 minutes later, they said you have to pay a deposit for each person. you get the deposit back even if you are the only one to show up. This started to make me wonder so I told a few friends, and they all told me to check it out online, and i did and i found all these other comments complaining about Sapphire Studios. I called them back the same day, and they did not answer, i left a message telling them to call me back, they didnt. i have left another message with them and called them a numerous amount of times, they did not answer, they called me back only once. it was at an inconvient time so i told them to leave me a number to call them back on since when they called back it was an unknown number, and the numbers from the website never seem to be asnwered. So i tried this new number, and it didnt work again. So i have now resulted in posting a complaint to warn other people, and hopefully Sapphire Studios will see this, and see how many people they are not only upsetting but basically scamming too!

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[11/02/2010] marie ryan: terrible service at saphire studios .overpriced and rubbish pics.its a scam and a con and should not be allowed

[21/02/2010] tina : I have also experienced this company. I paid 99.98 deposit and intended on taking my mum and sister along after "winning" the same offer as the previous person. My dad is extremely cautious and was trying to convince me not to go. After eventually admitting defeat my mum and i got ready to go and waited for my sister, who unfortunately was unwell. I called the studio and explained that their was a family problem and that i wouldnt make it. I asked about refund or reschedule and was given a number to call. I misplaced the number so the next day e-mailed explaining and asking for the number. This was mid jan 10. I have since e-mailed several times and tried calling with no sucess. Please do not go to this studio, no matter what promotion you may win!!

[08/03/2010] ferd: i highly recommend sapphire studios...its one of the best photographic studios in London ...i understand that it is part of their promotions to give out free tickets for the make over and photo shoot...basically you get all the services for free if your given the free tickets which would normally cost £150 each....if only you would experience their services you would never be complaining about them..most irrational people tend to be scared about giving out their card details but there has never been any case where they had complaints regarding overcharging your cards or whatever fraudulent issues...i was also like most of the girls who are concerned whether its legit or not but i did experience something i will never forget for their services were amazing and i had a blast on that day...i never had a problem with them...just before we started they already processed the refund to my card...mine was easier because i was using my loyds debit card...

i just noticed that those who are actually complaining about sapphire studios have not really experienced their services...i suggest they try the studio so they would realize that its not really a scam or something like that...

[24/03/2010] meli: so has someone recieved a refund from this people ever ???

[09/04/2010] edyta: description: VERY arrogant receptionist,VERY unprofessional hairdresser and even worse make up "artist".Horrible place to visit and the experience was stressful and very unpleasant.

I suppose Ferd is working for them because there is NO WAY that Sapphire studios are good in ANY way as they try to convince people.I "won" the session of make up, hair and photoshot.I ended up with few nice pictures that costed £400!!!-although I was prepared to spend a lot that shocked me and the whole experience left bitter-sweet taste.The service was AWFUL,the "professional" make up girl didnt talk or advice anything and basicly treated me as an object, while doing my makeup she was chatting away to her friends who didnt appear any more professional the she was.The hairdresser didnt listen to my opinion at all when I finely managed to ask her to add more volume to my hair she did it with a hair STRAIGHTENER!!I didnt want to spoil the experience for my 8 year old daughter so I just kept quiet but I would never EVER recommend this place to anyone.The last part of the whole thing was viewing and purchasing pictures-I felt pressurized and bullied into getting photos that I did not like and I guess that just pushed me over the edge as became s rude as the person who served me-I took my time and chose what liked .Im happy with the pictures but if I knew how it is goiing to be I would NEVER go there.

[13/05/2010] gt: To me they are certainly running a scam, I don't know if they're really doing anything illegal but it's certainly unethical.

They got me in on a free make over and photo session

I thought this would make a nice gift for my partner, so we went a long.

The quality of the service was nothing like they made it out to be, felt like we were on a conveyor belt/ production line and the hair make up and photographer ranged between very poor and average.

After the photo shoot we were taken into a sale room where we were subjected to extremely agressive pressure sale technique to buy the very over priced photos.

To get picture of any decent quality you're looking at paying over £100 per photo. I personally wanted to leave there and then but my partner clearly wanted some of the photos (a few of them were really good but over all the quality was far less than I'd expected), so I reluctantly purchased some at grossly over inflated price.

My partner and I are both quite strog willed and stuborn so only bought a few picture, I can imagine that many people would part with fare more money than they wanted to or could afford under such aggressive sales techniques

This experience certainly left a bitter taste in my mouth and any one will clearly get a far better service at a much more reasonable price by booking with a reputable place rather than taing up this "free offer/ prize"

[12/10/2010] Veronica: I'm left the Studio a message saying that if they don't get in contact with me by wednesday that i would ask you all to contact watchdog! please Contact watchdog, the more of us there are the better!

[17/02/2011] rachel: Hi i feel like ive been a fool to have been taken in with this free photoshoot opportunity. Like everyone else i was contacted on 21012011 to say id won a makeover for myself and guests and was delighted as thought it would be a nice birthday treat for my sister. However i was made to pay a deposit of 99.98 which was told would be refunded on attendance. Didnt think much of it until i told my sister and she found your website this got me worried and was glad id paid on my credit card. Please can you get me a full refund as do not wish to

[21/04/2011] tracey: I done the same but however was able to get them on this number so try this 02072390265 or they have a customer service line u can ring on 02030775780 i hope this helps u. I nearly lost my money too as caught unawares i gave out my bank detail and never thought i am never this stupid... But they said they have cancelled it but it not to be taken out of account till friday so hopefully my money still in my account tommorrow :(

[07/07/2011] Chloe: This is exactly what has happened to me. I feel like such a nonse! :( I've tried to call them about 20 times, each time with no answer. Left messages and they've not got back to me. I'm just glad i never gave them any money!

[04/02/2012] Mr B: this company are now trading as Orchid Studios and are still using the same rip off scam to catch young females and relieve them of their cash, and as for the customer relations dept, they are based in the comeback there for any prosecution in the UK methinks

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