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Martine Denton Livery Services




United Kingdom




NN17 3HX


88 Corby Road, Weldon, Northants

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Martin Denton of 88 Weldon Road, Corby Was given my Arab Horses to care for whilst i was out of the country, they were fine breeding stock. I arrived back to find that she had infact had them sold, Fraudulently aquiring passports for the horses in order to have them sold & removed. After speaking with local riders in the Weldon area i was told she had been whipping one of my younger horses whilst trying to load onto a horse box to transport at which point the horse reared fell from the ramp breaking a leg & then having to be destroyed. The horse was then buried on Martine & Terry Dentons land, i am discusted i have had to find this information out through others & plan to take legal steps towards recovery of my horses & fees paid to Martine Denton that amount to in excess of £34,000k. I believe this not to be the first incident/ scam she has pulled.

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[26/03/2010] Mrs F Gretton: She also advertises as a stud, but the stallion she says she owns was actually bought by someone else. She rents land all over Corby, owns a field towards Gretton, and a small holidng (if you can call it that) in Cottingham on the road to Bringhurst. Many years ago, I actually kept my horses with her and I have never seen such cruelty in my life. She breeds indiscriminately every year, has a very bad reputation in and around this area and is one to steer well clear of as if you upset her she is like a dog with a bone and will do anything she can to discredit you. Although how she feels she holds any credentials is beyond me as she always has the RSPCA watching her. Ah Sophie, this would be the horse that was buried on her land illegally in the middle of the night that you are refering too!! DEFRA would be so interested to know about this as its not far away from the river that runs through the welland valley and you are not alowed to bury livestock within so many yards of a river!
Good luck in getting your money back - but as she has scammed so many people before, I doubt you will ever see any return, let alone your horses.

[04/04/2010] mr p gretton : Well Iam one of the people how help Mrs Denton, and I would like to point out that I have never see Mrs Denton use a whip on any of her horses and i would like to point out that Miss Testa did not pay anymore than the 6 months that was stated. So Mrs F Gretton I do live in the same village so unless you have proof be very care full what you say.

[06/04/2010] p.a.m.: I have known Martine Denton since last year and I have never seen her hit any of her horses in any of the times I have been around her or her horses.

If anyone just leaves their horses and doesn't pay for their care or livery and just expects people to look after them then they must live in another world.

I own my own horses also and if I an away for a couple of days unexpectedly I PAY for them to be fed, mucked out, hayed, checked daily etc.

If someone left horses with me and didn't pay for their keep I would sell their horses to recoup money I had paid out for them. Horses are expensive animals to keep and you don't just leave them for someone else to pick up the bills. People who just leave any animal are not responsible animal lovers. Don't have an animal if you cannot care for it's everday needs. You don't just go and leave them. I would NEVER dream of leaving my pets (I have owned all my horses for over 15 years) yes they are getting on and will be with me forever. I coul;d never imagine my live without them.

People should not print people's addresses without permission and I would be very angry if someone did that to me without just cause. Martine, I hope this gets sorted for you as you don't deserve this. Chin up mate.

[08/04/2010] a witness : I have seen the inside to Miss Tester who in 4 years since the horses arrived with mrs denton has never been from the Isle of White EVER to see them she MRS TESTER abandone two pregnant mares and several other horses on Mrs Dentons Land Miss Tester has send various horse organisations and members of the public threatening letters of harrassment to which the police are investigating these matters very seriously THE RSPCA senior inspectors are dealing with MISS TESTER in respect of a criminal offence for neglect to HER OWN HORSES

[08/04/2010] A PROFESSIONAL PERSON: Miss Tester has never paid any livery monies to Mrs Denton for over 3 years inspite of Mrs Denton seekin legal advice from her solicitors. Certainly the amount of livery owed to Mrs Denton is not what Miss Tester Claims which is very over exagerated Mrs Denton does have her accountant who knows exactly what is owed It was found that Miss Tester had dumped the horses and refused to remove them even after officially be in requested to do so on many occassions by RSPCA and Police officials she took no notice so in the event of the circumstances that they had been there for 4 years and she had never been to even see them in 4 years the RSPCA took two of them and the rest were re-homed.
Miss Tester is known to send thretening letters to members of the public and the police are investigating this as it is harrassment. Miss Tester has also threatened official horse organisations who have made complaints to the police.

[08/04/2010] the gamekeeper land owner: I am a neighbour of Mrs Dentons in respect of owning land next to them and i have to say that no horses are buried anywhere on Mrs Dentons land this is a figment of the immagination that Miss Tester has written. I have personally seen letters of harrassment sent to Mrs Denton and her husband in reply to them requesting Miss Teser to remove her horses from their land I know the police tried to get Miss Tester to oblige and so have the RSPCA Miss Tester took no notice so after 4 years of never havin been to visit them and paid no livery whot so ever for 3 years and 9 months the RSPCA took controle and removed the horses at Mr and Mrs Dentons request some have been rehomed and the others still in care waiting new homes. These horses were redeemed to be in excellent conditon when taken into RSPCA care. If i had 7 horses dumped on me like that i would get the RSPCA to remove them if they had been abandoned for 4 years by the owner Miss Tester.

[08/04/2010] A Rich man: I am the majority land owner in this area and i have to say that it had been brought to my attention the case of a Miss Sophi Tester and these 7 horses I am a titled person and will state in my integrity that the RSPCA acted in the appropriate manner in the requests of Mr and Mrs Denton to have Miss Testers horses removed after 4 years of having dumped them on the Dentons who have had the expense of feeding them and much more. I feel very sorry for honest ordinary hard working people like the Denton`s who are taken advantage of by such a scoundral as Miss Tester I understand that the police have been requested by members of the public to investigate Miss Tester in association with letters of Harrassment and threats.

[08/04/2010] MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC : Tonight several people who know the Denton`s as hard working ordinary people whoes reputation has been discredited by a Miss Sophie Tester from the Isle of White by writing liable about them and things which are not correct. We have all got onto this web site to post the truth about the story of Miss Tester and her horses TO CLEAR THE NAME OF THE DENTONS and whoever Mrs F is in Gretton we find it hard to know where she got her information from and her association to Miss Tester. Titled and professional people have posted their comments on here tonight to hope that whoever reads this will know the truth behind Miss Tester and her lies.

[09/06/2011] Anon Person: I too have now had the Misfortune to be RIPPED OFF By Miss Sophie Tester who by the way runs a Sports Psychologist Business at the following address Flat 3, Suvretta House, Grange Road, Her Mobile Phone number is 07596 891501. This is definitely her. Just thought that might be useful information. This woman (Sophie Tester) is obviously mentally ill from what I can gather - My loss was less than £100.00 and I am treating this as a lesson learned as I won’t ever see any money from her.

[11/10/2011] Members of the public: Mrs Denton keeps a black and white stallion in very run down conditions in a tin shack and a field covered with weeds next to the sewerage farm on Weldon Rd Corby opposate the Steel Works main gate this is across a dual carriageway. It should be reported to the horse welfare people as it is an utter disgrace. Sometimes mares are in the field and the horse runs vulgarly with them this is in full view of a public foot path and I believe against the law to allow a stallion to show himself in such a rude way in a public place.

[11/10/2011] The Gipsey folk: We are very concerned about a poor black and white stallion owned by Mrs Denton he has kick marks and bites all over him and is left to run with mares no one seems to tend to him on a regular basis.

[12/10/2011] Mrs F Gretton: Yes it is very interesting to read about Mrs Dentons stallion we had him running all round the road at Gretton in a very vulgar manner her husband had to be summoned to come and catch him before he got into anyones mares or pet horses in the village. She rented a field and barn from which he escaped.

[31/10/2011] Mrs F Gretton: I was horrified to hear from neighbours in Gretton that Mrs Denton had been rubbing SALT into her horses eyes to stop infection caused from flyes. I also understand the RSPCA have been very recently to inspect all of her animals.

[31/10/2011] Corby residents: We are absolutely disgusted by the sight of Mrs Dentons horses and the way she keeps them on cabage patches arount rented land in the vacinity of corby surely it is time someone did something about preventing her to own any more animals.

[07/07/2012] Members of the public: We were all pleased to see that this poor stallion has been re-homed

[05/10/2012] Mrs F Gretton: This dreadful livery service is in operation again she takes your money says that your horses is being fed and cared for dumps it in a field and leaves it for a week without even attending to it it does not get cared for nore fed except grass and water if lucky then looks like a hack rack she even uses your money to pay off her debts with so the poor old horse suffers neglect. There is more than one witness with photographs to prove this. It is serious time that her antics were put to a stop. Officially.

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