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rated people


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scam job site

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i registered with rated people and got offered a 3 months free trial then was told i would be charge £47 every 3 months and also got sent text messages onto my phone aswell as emails and everytime i contacted the customer i either had no reply or the number did not exist

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[02/11/2010] jayshill: Having been a member of rated people a few times now I feel totally ripped off by them They Charge ammounts for a lead which in most cases turns out to be non excistent then its a constant battle of phone calls and e.mails to try to get your money back, Which never happens as all you are given is another lead In the current market where people are losing there homes and struggling to survive i feel Sites like Rated people My Hammer My Workman etc are exploiting people and have only there own very deep pockets in mind with out a thought that without the tradesman they would not be around.... I will never again use any site like this where a Tradesman is expected to Pay up to £25 plus vat for a customers details.....

[26/05/2011] Robbie: Yep!!!! totally agree with all of above. I own a company with seven vans on the road, the idea was to use them with fill in jobs or for slow days. Been a member twice now and total waste of my time. I spent more time on the phone complaining that quoting. The last time was yesterday, paid for 5 off small jobs in local area at 2230hrs only to be told at 1000hrs today by all potential customers that job was being done today or had been done. To top it all i was then informed that i could not have a refund but a credit which is no use when i close the account. If you want a good tradesman or company as friends, family, the people next door or as a local good tradesman they normally no other good trades. If all else fails i would get someone from "check a trade" as they are FULLY VETTED.Thats where my monies now going. Hope this helps, DON,T buy into there advertising

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