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£99.95 + £15 BANK CHARGE

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I have just recieved my bank statement for Decemeber 2010. I was absolutley horrorified to see that £99.95 been taken from my account on 27th December 2010 by E-CREDIT PLUS which to make the matters worse balance -97.95 so iam now recieving banks as never took a loan or agreed too any membership the money was taken from my account without knowlege or agreement. If I hadnt receieved my statement today 6/01/2011 I may not of been aware until over 30 day cancellation period was up (EVEN IF THERE SHOULD BEEN NOTHING TO CANCEL) I called E-Credit Plus staight way on 0808-234-2355 once had located contacted number I got automated system advising me call in bussiness hours 9am - 5pm. I will calling back prompt 9am 7/10/2011. Please see below I have copy of cancellation terms and conitions.

You may cancel your service at any time by contacting our Member Services Department. Under our Terms and Conditions, you are entitled to a refund of your membership fee if you cancel within thirty (30) days of receipt of your member packet. To effect your cancellation, and to expedite your refund, please contact E-Credit Plus member services at 0808-234-2355 rather than your bank or card issuer. If You cancel your service after the monthly debit has occurred, you will cancel any subsequent debits, however, You will not receive a refund for the current month.

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[25/09/2012] emma mcnaught: i got my bank statement today and it has a transaction on of £99.95 taken from my account from e-credit plus , i never gave this company permission to do this and i am very annoyed , i am a single parent of one child and this debit has left me without any money , i did call tjis company and they said they would call me back but im still wating after 2 weeks , they should be shot

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