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welcome loans ltd.




United Kingdom






151 west george street

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loan brokers

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4 july 2011

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i applied for a loan of 3000 pound and recieved a letter of confirmation from welcome loans confirming my application for an unsecured loan application repayable over 48 months...monthly examples showed 30000.borrowed over 48months-48 monthly payments of 91.37.I was informed that in order for them to proceed with my loan i had to sign and return the application form and return it in the pre-paid envelope with a postal order(PAYABLE TO WELCOME LOANS) for an arrangement fee of 49.95...I was informed for an update on my application or to answer any questions i could contact a team of loan advisors at I have tried and failed on several occasions and to date am still waiting for a reply from anyone.Also when you telephone the company they simply hang the telephone up and do not return your calls...In the letter I recieved from welcome loans they assured me that my loan would be processed within five working days..I am very disappointed with the way this company has treated me and i feel that there should be a law to stop companies like this who are basically stealing from people...I have also wrote to this company asking for the return of my money as they did not offer me the service they agreed to but have had no reply....I strongly advise anyone approached by this company to NOT give them any money....

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[21/08/2011] liza: i have had the same experience sent of my fee along with my appilication form and still waiting found there phone number on line and cant get through to talk to any one. sent 9 emails and no reply. it has been 2 weeks from when i sent my fee of 69 pound when they said i would have my loan within 5 working days they are a SCAM.In the letter they sent me it said i was accepeted the loan of 9.500 all i needed to do was send my 69 pound fee of which i done via postal order and i would have my loan within 5 working days( yeah right)
Ialso sent of a appication on line in a unknown name saying i was unemployed and had 200 pound a month thats it and asked for a 14000 loan within mins i got a email back saying i was approved !!!!! this just proves what a SCAM these welcome loans ltd are. I will be contacting trading standers next week. any one looking for a loan do not give your money to these SCAMERS!!!!

[14/12/2011] alexander osei kofi: i have filled the application for the loan and have send it back to you i have not heard from you. i wonder what is the state of my aplication at the moment and i m worried about it. i will be please if i will give a feedback about it.

[05/01/2012] Sarge: A fellow called Craig was communicating with me till I posted the postal order. once they received it they stopped communicating and sending out generic mails to my queries. It is been 4 months I have posted registered letters but no avail. Should we get together and bust these crooks legally?

[05/01/2012] Sarge: Mail Received from the scammers

Dear Sajit

Thanks for contacting us

On receiving one of application forms then our lender has already excepted you for your loan, all we are waiting on now is your application form and arrangement fee to be returned to us then the money will be transferred into your bank account typically within the 5 working days

I can also confirm that you do not need a guarantor

To give you piece of mind, if you are unhappy with any part of our service simply contact us and we shall make sure you are issued a refund

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions

Kind regards


[06/01/2012] Sarge: Look at the settlement section of this forum. You will see genuine companies returning the money. NOT ONE FOM WELCOME LOAN. I guess these are real crooks with bad intension from the word go.

[22/03/2012] deborah farrell: this company took money out of my account with no permission and no loan was even agreed sent several emails to this company asking to refund has automated emails sent back tried ringing goes on to answer phone then disconnects me,haven written to them asking for my money back on 2 occasions had no reply ...they are con people

[20/04/2012] sharon clarke: theyve taken 49.99 out of my account and when i tried to contact them by phone they says to go on line but the email.i send was sent back as having a technical fault i just want my money back now


From: Customer Services <>
To: sarge <>
Sent: Friday, 1 June 2012, 16:01
Subject: Re: Re Loan

Dear Sarge

Thanks for contacting us

You should be contacted by our lender after you complete the online application within 48 hours

Upon the lender contacting you they will confirm all the information you require for your loan

The processing fee of £69.95 will be debited from your account after you have been contacted by our lender

If you are unhappy with any part of our service, simply contact us and we shall issue you a refund

Kind regards


Customer Services

Welcome Loans UK

From: Sarge
Sent: Friday, June 01, 2012 3:37 PM
Subject: Re Loan

How do I get a loan? please advice the process.
thank you

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