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United Kingdom




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23rd November 2011

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Today I checked my bank account only to find £67.70 has been taken out by ref:08008085147 cbill. I contacted my bank and have put on a dispute claim, I have tried to research where this payment was taken and the 0800 reference is a phone number. I called the number and the first thing they say is if this call is about a transaction on your bank account you do not recognise please press 1 it then takes you through more options to only then abruptly say goodbye and end the call every time.

The Internet is saying its a loan Brookner company but I've it applied for nor wanted a loan. And it seems even through the Internet the company is un reachable has any one any advice if you've been through this same situation or if your In the know any advice is welcome.

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[09/12/2011] Nathan Carroll: The same has happened to me £67.70 was taken out, I rung the bank they told me to phone this number 08446883523 this is the company that debited money without my permission although I have never been signed up with them before and also you probably won't get your money that way but after three times phone your bank up say what you have done and that you have explained to them and that they didn't want to know which they never with me and then they will take it as a fraud and give you your money back. This is what I have done all day ringing this number I mentioned about my money the advisor said sorry but you are going to have tyo ring back but then i said im gonna tell my fraud department at the bank then she said no dont do it but I have got ot go now.

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