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Martin Sersen




United Kingdom




OL11 2QN


No.2 Arrow Mill, Queensway, Rochdale

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Kitchen Units - units do not go together - no refund, rude, aggresive

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Oct 2011

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All the info below has been going on since Oct 2011 - Bought kitchen, sales rep all seemed fine etc, delivered all fine,£1000 gone ! when it came to putting it together, units didn't line up, screw holes not matching, screws kept breaking, parts backs etc didn't fit, had marks/scuff, gaping holes and generally just crap ! Phoned sales rep, he came round and agreed it was crap, said call customer services - after dozens of calls, being put on hold, cut off after a 30 / 47 minute on hold !, called / chased/ hounded rep, they ended up sending surveyor round who again agreed said a refund would be sorted, (quoted Sales of goods act, etc at them all) then week later had a call from "Becky" stating that no refund as hadnt had a chance to rectify problem, my only choice was another kitchen ! By this time (late November) I had borrowed money on c'card and brought one from magnet ! Said OK and asked for another to be delivered - delivery came he wouldnt wait and let us check it the delivery driver (think he was from the co.) got the office on the phone straight away (funny that !) they said he couldnt wait ! with that he went ! Not holding my breath - will prob end up flogging kitchen as seconds on ebay to try and get some money back ! £1000 down and counting ;-( 6 weeks+ and couting - AVOID KITCHEN UNITS - KITCHEN UBER - JUST KITCHEN - SIMPLY KITCHENS and the names Martin Sersen / Vance Miller

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[25/01/2012] giselle dudley: he has moved to
Easy offices manchester
devonshire house
36 george street
m1 4ha

I was also given this number from a woman who works on reception at their previous office in rochdale, she is called ANNIE BRODIE 07973656644

[19/04/2012] Teresa -Harrowing : God what a lot of evil people in the world ,,i to got tucked up by this despicable company,,only last mth i am so sad ,,i trusted sales re/designer and now two hundred plus out of pocket ,,i am widowed and care for disabled daughter alone and realy felt safe with this mans promises ,i hope you sort yours out best wishes Teresa x

[28/07/2012] Donna Leon: A campaign is running on Facebook type in Consumer Investigators & like the page & sign the online petition. The link to the petition is posted on this page. Also another Facebook group named Vance Miller must be stopped! was running until 29/11/2012 until it was reported by employees of Vance Miller's! Therefore a new group has been created on Facebook titled Vance Miller consumer insights have your say. This is a private group & we welcome customers who have been duped by him to come along and join us in our campaign. Regards Donna Leon

PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH YOUR COMPLAINT DETAILS TO, I am a Consumer Investigator trying to establish a database of the customers with a complaint.

[10/12/2012] Jennifer Wallace: I recently stumbled upon this website and would like to mention that I had my kitchen delivered (1/12/2012) as a Christmas present from my husband. As it was a surprise, he dealt with the sales rep and deliveries team etc and hasn't had a bad word to say about them. I was present when the kitchen was delivered and I was impressed as soon as I saw the packages being unloaded from the van. The kitchen fitter was arranged for 3/12/2012, so I decided to research upon the kitchen company as I had no say in the order. Sadly I came across this site which instantly gave me a bad feeling about the kitchen I had just received. The kitchen fitter came, and had it completed in no time. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the High Gloss White doors, and quality of the worktops. My husband has kept the price quiet, but he has told me he has saved hundreds if not thousands compared to other companies which at this time of year is fantastic news. There were two handles that were slightly scuffed but these have been sent out to us and the customer service department were fine with me. None of this "aggressive" and "rude" business I have seen on here. I was on hold for some time, but from what I have heard this is a large company, what is expected? Anyway, I was almost in a position to cancel the order due to these comments and I am SO glad I didn't. I will be recommending this company to friends and family for sure.

[04/06/2014] Lesley Parkinson: Also running StilHaus Kitchens Bold Street Warrington

[09/12/2015] These people are still at it: Best Value Kitchens of Europe....... yes another alias for the kitchen cowboys. I've paid and received HALF of my kitchen and now nobody will speak to me. This is the third week of constant phone calls, being put on hold, hung up on and ignored. I've sent complaint letter to them - but as yet unsigned for. Have any of you guys got settlement ? How ???

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