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Paid £250 as i had clients booked and thought i'd make the registration fee back in the first booking.. that has failed to materialize, i am new to escorting and wanted to give it a real go to make money to fund better things, now i think i will not bother. They have stopped answering to e-mails and any questions over the phone about the legitimacy they get quite irritated.

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[08/05/2012] J:

[18/05/2012] Wilkinson: I also paid £249 after responding to an ad for escorts (non sexual) after "tasha" convinced me I would make a fortune. The first week I received calls every day but the phone always rang off before I got chance to answer then when I rang back they claimed I had a client interested and they will ring back but nothing ever materialised. I have heard nothing for 3 weeks now even though I have left several messages requesting an explanation .

[19/05/2012] : I paid £250 believing that the money would be made up in no time because 'Ellie' made working for Select Companions sound like the perfect opportunity. I received blocked calls for the first couple weeks but when I answered them, the line was silent for multiple seconds before the other end hung up. For weeks I was unsure of the company's legitimacy because 'Ellie' was constantly getting in contact with me and asking my available dates. Whenever I call, they always sound very genuine and act like they care that I'm worried about being scammed. However, I have yet to hear from a client.

[20/05/2012] J: Still no progress with SELECT COMPANIONS, they have not replied to my voicemails and e-mails, i've reported them to the Action Fraud Line which all of the rest of you should do, call 0300 123 2040, i had the same problem with calls coming through by a blocked number only to have nothing on the other line when i picked up and then having them blame me for not picking the phone up. This is all quite clearly a scam and we have to act fast before they just disappear with all our money... We will all not hear from clients as they do not actually exist, this is a SCAM AGENCY and we should all be much more careful in the future.

[21/05/2012] : J - I too reported them to Action Fraud Line. Let's hope that if all of us who have been scammed by them report it, there will be some type of benefit from strength in numbers. The more details each of you can provide AFL with, the better! Even if there's only a small chance of us receiving a refund, let's hope we can at least exploit Select Companions so no one else gets scammed in the future.

[30/06/2012] laura: i have also been done by this fake company SELECT COMPANIONS i was assured by a lady named ellie that i had clients waiting, she also said i would have had a client the same day i paid 249 to a lloyds bank. i was also new to this i have never had anything like this done to me before. i feel very angry as this money was borrowed and now i have to find the money again to repay what i borrowed what a fool i have been.

[12/07/2012] Carolyn: Any chance of getting my £250 back

[22/07/2012] adrienne montes: Hi. We do have a claim. Let us talk please.

[24/07/2012] Margaret Jenkins: i tickedon this site this morning and registered an interest,the latest girl to call is called danielle.

She really did make this sound good, but i got nervous when she mentioned towards the end of call about £249 fee so put her off until weekend. I decided to do some reasearch first,thank you all for this website.

I really hope you all get your moneyback

[03/08/2012] Steele: Danielle sold this very well. So did Lauren who confirmed bank account details. I have now filed a claim.

[08/08/2012] Miss E: HIYA, I've just been ripped of £299, I wish I'd come on here to research them before handing over my money. I just do not know what to do! I'm so upset that I've lost this money, is there anyway of getting this back at all?? Does anyone have any suggestions to help me please

[14/08/2012] K: I too have had dealings with these people, I handed over £200, lisa was my consultant and she talked me into joining up after I made enquires, I thought it would be a great way to help me out as i am unemployed and finding it hard to get work, lisa assured me there was clients there for me but needed the reg fee up front, because of my circumstances lisa suggested that i could pay so much over a few weeks through clients so i agreed to sign up then when it came down to it they moved the goal posts and said they needed the £200 but the £49 could come after my first client. I only joined them as it was a way out for me in an awful situation and being out of work. it turned out that lisa had apparently left after a/l due to family problems so sarah the manager took over, ruby was a lady i eneded up speaking too several occassion and also said she would find out what was going on, within the first couple of weeks i had 5 phone calls and like yourselves no one could hear or answer me in total if this was a ligit company i lost 2k in work. I borrowed that £200 from a friend of mine so i could start escorting, i borrowed it on my word that they would get it straight back within a week as i had all these clients ready for. i am still unemployed and still trying to get my £200 back so i can return it to the person i borrowed it from. i tried to locate their address where they worked from and sadly was unable too had i managed to find out where their head office was i would of gone there in person n got it back. please help me and advice me as to where i can get my £200 from

[17/08/2012] Sarah: Has anyone recieved any money back from reporting it?

[24/08/2012] K: Since my last post on the 13th of this month ive tried calling select number is blocked, ive emailed and it bounced back as delivery failure and ive used my profile link and nothing it seems there website has now shut down i call 101 which put me through to the police department dealing with fraud and spoken to trading standards, it seems very unlikely that i would be able to get my money back as i can not trace them. if anyone how ever has been successful please let me know so i can use the same route that you have

[11/10/2012] Imi: I am a student and I was struggling financially to carry on my study. I decided to contact this Select Companion Scam Escort seeing their details on-line. I did not have a job so thought this might help me. Lady call Tasha rang me saying she had made a profile for me and clients are ready for me but I have to pay £249 to join. I refused to pay but she kept phoning me for few days until I decided to pay by withdrawing from my credit card. It was in March this year (2012). I had not a single client and lost my £249. Please help to recover this money. Thanks

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