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Ants coming through sockets, dangerous surfaces, mozzies coming up sinks

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Holiday Village in Cala N Bosh Menorca, flew on the 27th of July and returned to Glasgow on the 3rd of August 2012. We leave tomorrow evening.

On arrival, the apartment had what appeared to be small blood "splat" marks on the walls and ceilings. Only the next morning did we realise what these were. The apartment had a problem with mosquitoes. Me and the kids were bitten in several locations whilst sleeping, in the morning they had bite marks, some raised quite far, from the mosquitoes. I spent quite a bit of time splatting the mosquitoes over the next couple of days before finding the source of most of them, the air ducts in the roof of the bathroom. I put black tape round these isolating them, but this wasn't the only infestation we have had to endure at this hotel.

Ants were seen coming out of telephone/electric sockets, over the floor, walking up and down the walls.

I reported them, apparently a team of pest controllers came round to the hotel, the problem with the ants did not stop. I woke up one night because of an irritation in my ear, I picked out an ant from my ear, we all had to sleep in the lounge, 4 people to one lounge with a sofa bed, for the rest of the holiday.

Shortly before the holiday ended, my husband was walking down to pick up an item we had left by the side of the pool, he went down the steps and his feet went from under him, the surface is extremely slippery and should be replaced as a matter of urgency. He banged down on my back and it has been sore since. I state that he was not running, jogging or moving briskly down the steps, he was slowly walking down, ending up crying in a heap at the bottom of the steps. The steps are slippery as was confirmed by one of the reps.

Whilst thee we booked and paid over 100EUR to take a trip on a "Pirate Boat". The pirate was the worst pirate I have ever seen, our kids even commented on how bad he was, only for short periods did he break into his character, most of the time just going through the formalities. As part of the pirate trip, the boat parks at a rocky area, the boat guests have to scuttle along the precarious, sharp and uneven rocks in order to get onto the beach. It is only a short matter of time before someone falls and has a serious accident on these rocks. There is no need for the "Pirate Boat" to land at this particular beach, any health and safety inspector would advise against the location for many reasons.

Although we have had a good trip overall, the above points are indicative of a pretty serious set of complaints.

We were sleeping in the same bedroom initially because of the ants and the mosquitoes, my husband slipped because you did not adequately check and remedy the problem with grippiness of footwear around the pool and surrounding areas, my hisband has hurt his back because the surface of the paving slabs are glazed, dangerous. We wasted over 100EUR on a so called pirate trip that the pirate clearly had no interest in, not to mention have to try to drag the kids across rocks to a beach with no facilities apart from a small toilet block.

We lodged a complaint asking for, apology and some compensation for the inconvenience caused mostly through bad planning and ignorance of possible future issues. I received nothing but denial, then a letter came through the door today advising that they felt they had dealt with the complaints seriously, this is not true. Please be aware I have photos of the blood splattered walls and bites on me from the infestation in the apartment.

I want some sort of compensation and a real apology, this is shocking.

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