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ABC Reborn Nursery Emma Field




United Kingdom


Chelmsford Essex



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Emma Field is a fraudster

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I had ordered custom made reborn doll from ABC reborn nursery on 17th September 2012. I paid £285 and had e-mailed the seller with specifications and also photo attchments of how i wanted the doll to be made.I payed on her website via paypal. She told me if i ordered in Septmeber i would receive the doll before Christmas. It was very difficult to get hold of her by phone. The only time i heard from her was when she asked me for more money towards making of this doll. In total i paid by December 2012 £319.50. Prior to dispatch i received a photo attachment of the doll and she said whoever came to visit her loved the doll. I couldn't decipher the details from the photo attachment. When i received the doll i was horrified! The doll was not made to my specifications. I e-mailed her asking for explanation and partial refund and till today i haven't heard from her. On top i have had to pay extra £50 to restore this doll. I bought this doll for my daughter. I searched on ebay and found her company and got in touch with 2 other customers who had bought dolls from this lady for their daughter and granddaughter and had same horrific experience as myself. They had not much response and had been fobbed off. They complained to ebay with not much luck. I got in touch with Paypal and i was told that i had 45 days from date of purchase to open any dispute but the thing is she did not complete the doll until after 3 months and during that time the 45 days had expired. There is no way anyone could have seen this coming.
This seller is a crook and a fraudster and she has no respect for anyone's feelings including a child's! I got in touch with Consumer Rights and they adviced me to write to her by post and letting her know she has breached her contract, but her address is untraceable. All i know she lives in Chelmsford Essex which is on her web and her mobile number is there as well but she dosen't respond to calls.
All i am seeking for is partial refund and an explanation. I hope other customers will come forward and put this lady out of business. Absolutely shameful for what she has done and still doing.

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[07/02/2013] Mark crew: I have had the same dealings with this woman in exactly the same way she is a crook and doesn't care about anyone's feelings hope she gets what she deserves

[08/04/2013] Hilary: ABC Reborn address is: 54 Cowdrie Avenue, Springfield, Chelmsford CM2 6GL. Good luck

[18/04/2013] Louise: I haven't had any problems with this seller but I know her address has changed as she has moved recently as I visited that address to have adjustments made on a reborn from someone else and the house was all in boxes.. I don't have new address though. I was very happy with my baby she made though x

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