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I have been searching for a small loan to get us to help us through as we've had some important bills to pay, however i did not sign up to anything that asked for a fee of any type as this would have made a bad situation even worse. I did not take any loan but after checking my bank statement smile finance has taken £26.34. I have never heard of this company let alone signed any agreement with them, I have not authorized any payment to them. I have tried to contact Smile finance to get my money back but so far had little sucsess.

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[19/03/2013] june: exactally same thing happened to me

[20/03/2013] And me: They have taken money from,my account never heard of them also a company calked moneywharehouse too! Been on,the phone to office of fair trading as they are uncontactable by phone as the numbers listed are not there numbers! complete joke.

[20/03/2013] Chris green: Same

[20/03/2013] Danielle:
I think its absoloutely disgusting how they think they can dip into bank accounts without authorisation. as soon as i find a legitimate contact number i will post it

[25/03/2013] Debra webber: Please can you tell me if you managed to get a refund back the company did the same to me on the 15th march and still I'm still waiting I have sent emails and letters for a refund with out any joy.

[25/03/2013] louise: this is the exact same thing happened to me tred emailing them but abs nothing.

[02/04/2013] Yvonne whyte: The same happened to me, went onto my online banking and found a fee of £26.37 had been taken off from smile finance, I have never even heard of this company and I certainly didn't authorise this or any other company to take a fee for finding you a loan. Also can't get in touch with them have sent emails but no replys:( . Did u manage to get your refund?.

[08/04/2013] Danielle: I got hit three times, smile finance, money wharehouse and another financial company I managed to get refund minus 5 pounds from the first company, smile finance and money wharehouse no luck - them they tell you they are a completely different company but claim that smile finance used to trade out of this address..why do they have the same phone number then? I have been on the phone to trading standards, office of fair trading etc, so they are aware, I reckon the more people that phone them and name these companies the better!!! I am still in shock why they think they have the right to take money, I don't want there services, I was looking for a loan to help at the time instead it ended up costing me over 130 pounds for absoloutely nothing in return! Money warehouse and Smile finance beware....also beware of a company trading as direct lender MR LENDER they link you straight to a site when they cannot offer direct and the fee is 69.95 even if you don't accept them and click straight off they still charge you!!!

[08/04/2013] Danielle : UPDATE....Smile finance and moneywarehouse both trade under the name EQI the number for a refund is 0800 690 6860 hope this helps...

[10/04/2013] Marc: same smile finance and money warehouse took money from my account and Ive never heard of them before. Couldnt find contact number for either so emailed them both several times but no reply. Thanks Danielle for posting phone number, I called but both smile and money warehouse employees leave at 5.30 seemingly so i have to call tommorrow. Did you get your money refunded Danielle or anyone else this applies to?

[14/04/2013] Danielle: UPDATE....No refund yet, not even a refund form sent through via email! Apparently they state they will get back to you in two working days, I have emailed three times, and will be emailing another ten times a day until I get my money back from these so called loan companies!! They must have to leave at 5.30 it must be exhausting ripping people off all day eh! The number is correct for these companies that I have stated. Keep emailing, not sure how much it costs to phone but it dosent seem to do much good when you letters and emails,if no luck another report to trading standings,etc...stealing money for a service that no one wants!!!! beyond me how they think they can get away with it! I will get my money back smile finance and moneywarehouse.

[15/04/2013] Dom: Robbing scoundrels taken £26 out of my account for nothing !! Rand the 0800 number listed and spoke to someone who is e-mailing me a refund form............lets see what turns up

[15/04/2013] Danielle: .....probably not the refund form..kinda feels like a big fob off when they say they will email one...I havent heard a positive on here from anyone who has actually seen the refund form????

[15/04/2013] Dom: Well, 1st hurdle completed, I have recieved the refund form by e-mail. Next challenge is to complete it correctly and send it back - if you want me to mail you the form pls send me a mail to Fingers crossed

[16/04/2013] Danielle: Got my refund form through today! sounding more positive, it has been over a week to send it though - light at the end of the tunnel, a possibility of getting my money back!!

[18/04/2013] tracy: i applied to another company for a loan and was transfered to smile finance as they said they could'nt help me upon being transfered i noticed all my details were still filled in i went in to another part and noticed they were a broker i navigated away from the page and checked my bank account and 26.34 had been debited from my account i rang the bank and was advised to contact this company after two days i found a number 0800 6906860who i rang the money was transfered back in to my account the same day

[04/05/2013] Lou: I have just been done by this company.. If you contact your bank they can do a visa dispute to get your money back.. I did this for Greenleaf finance and got the money back.

[18/05/2013] Greg: You must have been one of the lucky ones Lou. My bank refused to refund me on the grounds they don't get involved in finance payments!

[18/05/2013] Greg: To be honest, the whole finance broker thing is one huge scam... Smile Finance are affiliated with the following companies/websites:

Trading Name(s) (Current):
EQI Insurance
EQI Packaging
Money Warehouse
Niche Eqi Packaging

Trading Name(s) (Historic):
Blue Bear Mortgages and Insurance

So, you could actually sign up for all of them, pay all their fees and receive the exact same information from each (which is freely available online for free)!

[20/05/2013] Danielle: Definitely wanna of the lucky ones as they refused me too! Well got the refund form, filled it in sent it off first class....still no refund!!!! Think I might just give up - been one long process for something they should of neva took in first place!!! Lesson well learned!!!!!

[27/05/2013] beverly martin: smile finance took £26.34 from my account too I want it back

[28/05/2013] eddie: got the same here smile took on friday just gone £26.36 from my bank and i also have been looking for a contact number and address for them

[29/05/2013] steve: have had the same issue. a search also revealed others who have had money taken out by smile finance, along with Loansdirectuk (or loans-directuk) and loan options. has anyone else had these companies debit their accounts too?

also, there were complaints that other companies own by EQI have taken money out at the same time, particularly moneygaga and moneywarehouse.

my bank have said they cannot do anything until the money has already been taken, and even then it's just giving me the payment reference and a contact if one is attached. while I have managed to get full refunds off both loans(-)directuk and loan options, I have had trouble with smile finance, a company called priority money club, Merrywood and something called GB Discounts, none of which I gave my details to, none of whom are in my browser history, yet all of whom I apparently applied to.

[06/06/2013] Janet: Same has happened to me, but I have phoned 0800 690 6860 and this is Smile finance. She is emailing me a refund form. Watch this space!

Also had Castle Finance take £69.95 again for a loan that I have not taken !
They have responded to my email, but I await their real reply.

There is a web site or you can report it to Action fraud - look on internet for their website and you can report it as a crime.

[10/06/2013] Mikeluton: I have a phone number for Smile Finance if anyone needs it. 0844 482 2383. When call is answered just ask foe smile finance. I got thru and my problem resolved.r

[13/06/2013] linda belfield: no matter how many times I phone the number they will not answer

[01/07/2013] george simmons: Thieves, who for some reason are allowed to get away with this. When people are on rock bottom looking for a loan, you have predators like SMILE FINANCE fleecing money from bank accounts, if there is no money in your account they will continue this process for 62 days until they get it, In this day the government must take action against these rouges. Its time to ACT.. SMILE FINANCE... Your time will come... I for 1,,, will relish in this, Its just a pity no one will be held accountable for this, As JAIL sentences should be handed down,and those greasy greedy swines should ROT!!! In a CELL...

[26/07/2013] Ollie: financial ombudsman 0207 964 0752 smile finance are dirty cu**s

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