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disputed transaction

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$ 96.99

Incident Date:

Wed, 3 Apr 2013

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I am naming and shaming  LEBRON8NIKE.COM ( DAVID )

in connection with the purchase of >

Muppets x adidas Originals AR 2.0 SHOES on 22/3/13


Order Date: Friday 22 March, 2013 Order

Information - Order #115098 Qty. Products Total 1 ea.

Muppets x adidas Originals AR 2.0 Size:

- US:8.5 / UK: 7.5 / EU:42 $76.99

$76.99  Sub-Total: $25.00 EMS / DHL (Ground):

-$5.00 Discount Coupon: DIS1D5DPP : $96.99 Total:


Status History & Comments Date Order Status Comments 03/22/2013 rpapproved

Pay notice [rp transactionid: 13220319675710623D]

Payment Method Credit Card Payment


I paid for Muppets x adidas Originals AR 2.0 SHOES Size: - US:8.5 / UK: 7.5 / EU:42


The total cost of Muppets x adidas Originals AR 2.0 SHOES was $96.99


This company is In breach of contract the item was "as not described" I was sent the wrong item ,

they refuse to cover any costs of returning the wrong item back to them,

claiming i have to pay a further $40 >$60 to post item to them,

nowhere in there policy guidelines does it say i have to pay to return items if they are the wrong item,

i refuse to pay this company any more money as i have already payed $96.99 Total:

and i do NOT have the shoes i ordered and left with shoes i dont want !


i have brought this issue up with the company and asked for this issue to be resolve and they tell me that the manager

is not in the office and to wait for a reply which never came , now they have chosen to ignore me completely ,

i have been a very good customer in the past and now i'm left with shoes i don't want and will not return at my own expense ,

they have admitted the mistake and now refuse to adhere to there own policy and have the shoes returned or offer me a full refund ,

if i can be assured  that i will be paid back the cost of the extra postage i would happily send them back,

it appears now that i can`t sign into my account at

i believe they have deleted my account and are ignoring me now ,

i still have a copy of the invoice and emails,i have asked for a full refund to which they have refused ,

They continue to ignore any e mails and have turned off there own live help service 

I am in the process of filing  a visa dispute with my bank and visa/credit card company under the VISA CHARGE BACK scheme.

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