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Jupiter House, 1003 Mercury Rise, Althanm Business Park, Altham, Lancashire

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Late Delivery

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I ordered a bouquet of flowers to be sent to my daughter on her 21st birthday (26th November 2008).

They didn't arrive until the following day. They were not the flowers I had ordered.

I had no replies to my emails, and have heard nothing from them. Unfortunately, I can't find a company telephone number but I do have an address. I am going to write a letter of complaint and ask for a refund.  

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[30/12/2008] David: Just wondering how you got on. I ordered flowers on 12th december for a 16th December delivery to a friend in Japan. they didn't arrive and my account page at Iflorist says "not yet shipped". I've complained several times bt email and they never get in touch.

[05/01/2009] Cathie: My credit card has been charged for the Christmas Hamper that was supposed to be delivered on December 23rd - MANY e-mails later and I have yet to hear back from anyone. My account page identifies credit card "captured" and "not yet shipped" as well. The full charge was on my credit card on the 20th of December. Anyone heard anymore on their issue?

[07/01/2010] Linda: My Son's flowers were not delivered for his Nan's funeral on 21st December. How sick is that!
My complaint was acknowledged and I have been ignored ever since. This company is actually Colonial Gifts Limited, Telephone 01282 779198 Directors are Jeffrey David Price BB12 9AF, Steven Harris N12 0JY, Rohima Ali N12 0JY. I called yesterday to speak to Mr Price, but he was conveniently in a meeting.

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