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Media UK Ltd


Email marketing


United Kingdom


Newcastle Upon Tyne




Off Walker Road

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Non-payment for work done

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May 2009

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On completing some artwork for an email marketing campaign for Ryan Hulme (MD of MediaUKLimited) I was continually fobbed off regarding payment. I have countless emails each containing a different excuse for non-payment.

This guy is a complete shyster who never delivers what he promises. I have spoken to numerous companies and individuals who have been directly ripped off by this company and its MD and I will make as much noise as necessary to claim what is rightfully mine.


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[18/03/2010] Dave: Totally agree with this post about Ryan Hume (correct spelling) of Media UK Ltd Newcastle Upon Tyne. From my own experience when he gives his word it means nothing, talk is cheap.

[14/05/2010] Brian: This firm owes me nearly £1K for work not done. Anyone knows where he can be found? The bailiffs have found his office vacant and the phone is off.
Don't understand how Barclaycard can give him a merchants account

[19/05/2010] Dave: FAO Brian - I did have a working mobile number for Ryan Hume, but I assume switching sim cards is an easier option than facing up to your responsibility's, as it no longer works.

Apart from Media UK Ltd's domain names: + I would also be aware of Media Heads Limited as their website until a few weeks ago resided at and performing a whois lookup at clearly states that Media UK Ltd is the legal registrant of and all the other domains mentioned above. They also all show the same registrant address. Like most, he owes us money, but we will never see it as his company is currently collecting CCJ’s as though they are going out of fashion.

[20/05/2010] Jon: I dont want to defend this company or person but a few things must be said.
I used Mediauk for a email campaign with Andrea Smith and i had a huge response that my team followed up and turned into 3 sales which in today's environment i was happy about.
I did have a lot of contact with Andrea and i also spoke to Ryan who i found approachable and gave me some good marketing advice.
I asked the team about the complaints on here before the company went bust!.
The first claim was off a friend of Sean Kelly (A director of the company) for some art work, some art work that i may add was described as a low standard therefore was not going to be pay for until it was improved.
Dave i will say that as a M.D of a company who has had staff try to bad mouth my company when they had been sacked or paid off you sound like either a ex staff member or a owner of a competitor as you have his personnel mobile number i am guessing a staff member.
Brian to pay nearly £1,000 up front for a marketing promotion? you either had trust in the company to start with or one of the sales staff gave you a golden line?.
I spoke to 3 ex staff members over the last 4 weeks and i can tell you that Mediauk went bust as did all the other companies that Dave has mentioned.
One final thing that maybe you should both know, Ryan was a joint partner of this company and from what i gather Robert Turnbell was a owner took a lot of money from this company so maybe you should be chasing him? he can be found of LinkedIn under Business Link.
One final thing before Dave comes back to say that i am a ex member of the staff or some other pathetic excuse i am not but i feel that both sides of every story should be put forward.

[22/05/2010] Dave: To Jon: I dont want to defend this company or person but.................I will

Without going into specifics, losing money in a recession to Media UK Ltd was not because of my own lack of due diligence, it was simply because they made the commercial decision to tell me a series of blatant lies, this alone grants me the right of reply.

1. First off, your assumptions about me being an EX disgruntled member of staff or indeed a rival company couldn't be further from the truth. I am (unlike you) an EX disgruntled client who was ripped off. This could have been avoided if Ryan Hume and his company hadn’t blatantly LIED via email when answering my probing questions about the quality of their data. But I assume he knew at the time he was the captain of a sinking ship so thought what the heck.

2. With regards to Andrea Smith who I also dealt with, I have no issues.

3. Regarding your comment to Brian and I quote “the sales staff gave you a golden line”
Well for me that Golden Line wasn’t a verbal non traceable line of bull, it was an accountable storyboard of pure fantasy orchestrated by Mr Hume and delivered in writing, simply to close the sale.

4. Regarding “I spoke to 3 ex staff members over the last 4 weeks”
WHY, what has any of this got to do with you, you were pleased with their services, so well done you.

5. Regarding “i can tell you that Mediauk went bust as did all the other companies”
I’m afraid you are WRONG there Jon, the current status as of the 21/05/10 for both Media UK Ltd and Media Heads Limited is ACTIVE, if Companies House website is anything to go by. I honestly don’t know what to believe Jon, I was told back in March by Ryan Hume that he was now officially bankrupt, a few months on and I still can't find his name listed on the insolvency register.

6. Regarding “from what i gather Robert Turnbell was a owner took a lot of money”
WHY are you STILL not accepting any responsibility for the failure of your own company RYAN, I can only see YOU as the company director of Media UK Ltd not Mr Turnbell, so stop passing the buck.
Jon, unless you are a very good drinking buddy of Mr Hume I’m surprised you know anything about the Robert Turnbell jackanory story.

7. Posting Mr Turnbulls linkedIn profile and helping us find the right category was beyond the call of duty. I know you proclaim to be a very satisfied customer, but what was there to gain from this, I've never had dealings with this person.

8. Regarding “before Dave comes back to say that i am a ex member of the staff or some other pathetic excuse”
Jon, that’s a bit aggressive and argumentative for someone that is no more than an EX happy customer, why get so defensive as we are not talking about YOUR company are we.
You do tend to contradict yourself though, because earlier your assumption was that ex members of staff “bad mouth you” but now I’m suppose to believe the contrary. Why any ex members of staff would be saying good things about this company are beyond me, haven’t they all just lost their jobs?

9. Regarding “i feel that both sides of every story should be put forward”
Finally, we agree on something, hence the reason for my factually correct reply. Jon, seeing you know so much about Media UK and its operations; do you know who their insolvency practitioners are?

[24/05/2010] Chris: Found this thread while Googling ryan hume and I agree with first poster, ryan hume and his comapny media uk are complete shysters who've done me over big time. Whether he resurfaces with yet another throw away company time will tell but just DON'T whatever you do give him any money upfront. I've also heard from people that bought his data that he's really just a spammer selling realy cr** data so you will get in trouble if you use it, you have been warned. Maybe he will be featured on watchdog if enough people submit a complaint, I already have.

[07/07/2010] Martin: Ryan Hume has moved to Spain - not got an address for him though i am afraid.

[12/07/2010] Dave: How could you afford such an extravagant fresh new start Ryan? Just checked Media UK Ltd status: Active - Proposal to Strike off (FINALLY). But searching the Individual Insolvency Register for RYAN HUME = "We do not have any records that match your search criteria at this time" another line spun me thinks.

Ill-gotten gain rhymes with Spain.

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