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Bully tactics

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Eco seal came to give a quote for us to have new double glazed windows, i had had to go out but my husband was in with our four month old daughter. When they found out that i was not in they started to have a go at my husband saying that we are waisting their time and that i should of been there but we knew what we wanted all they had to do is measure the windows and give the quote as they had said on the phone. They got very abusive towards my husband and were trying to get him to sign something which when he wouldnt , so they rang their boss who was also very forcefull and nasty, when my husband wanted them to get out and had told them to forget it one of the sales people started to get really nasty and squared up to my husband who was holding our daughter at the time and said its a good job you have that in your arms meaning our daughter. I was really shocked when i got back and i think that its disgusting, on their leaflet it says no pushy sales but they were really aggressive, so if they knock on anybodies door to give a quote dont do it.

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[08/05/2009] John: Similar story with me. Rep knocked on the door offering a free no obligation quote. I agreed and they sent a salesman round. Salesman got aggressive when I wouldn`t sign up. He rang his boss who was very loud and aggressive on the phone and told him to sit in my home for 4 hours until I signed. Fortunately I`m bigger than the salesman and when I eventually lost patience he took the hint. Best part of it is they were TWICE the price of the next highest quote I had. DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE THROUGH YOUR DOOR.

[28/07/2009] Doris: Since these comments have been posted, the sales manager and a number of the sales reps have been sacked for using bully tatics at ecoseal limited. I have had numerous windows and doors from this company. They have always done a great job and i know friends of friends who have aslo used them after seeing the work they have done for me.

[21/10/2009] Karen: I had Ecoseal out and specifically told the caller the night before that i only wanted a no obligation quote. The salesman arrived and I immediately told him we were getting 4 quotes and were not signing up on the night. He then rang his boss and said that he felt like we had wasted his time and could we spare half an hour. We said half an hour was fine. He then measured up and sat in the kitchen writing a quote. He kept asking us if we would let him know of our other quote and we said that was our business and if his was better then we would consider. He gave us the quote and it was quite a lot more than we had previously had so we then let him know of our other quote. He then got on the phone to his boss and was saying "I think we are completely wasting our time with this one, they are more interested in the money to quality etc etc". We then said that he did not know the "quality of any other people and that we thougth his quote was too much for us to afford. We then said that maybe if he stayed we were wasting his time. I then said that I found him quite rude and agressive TBH but with that he said to me "whats up with you bunny, was your grave cold this morning when you got out". I could not believe what i was hearing and with that my husband started to show him the door. My son heard the commotion then and started to head towards the door and then the salesman pushed his way back in and started squaring up to my husband. My 13 year old daughter was hysterical and then he dropped his briefcase and said that he could have both my son and my husband. With that I got the phone and said I would dial the police. He said to call them and with that he went to his car shouting abuse and then drove off. I am now logging a complaint with both the police and trading standards for this. I cannot believe this happened and must say I am still shaking now.

[08/08/2010] Very Happy with Ecoseal Ltd: Just to say - I've just had all the windows replaced by ecoseal and I've been very happy with them and the windows. The windows - are a big improvement over my old ones and a lot more secure. Products seems pretty good.

Fitters worked hard and did a good job - and were a pleasant bunch who tidied up after themselves - so no problems there. Painless experience.

The sales staff were also very pleasant. They have just taken on a number of new staff - Laura who I saw - and they were friendly and didn't take that long. Fairly quick process, not overly long. Think the who sales process lasted under an hour and a half - and most of that was myself haggling on the price.

With any double glazing - you have to haggle on the price. Its just the indsustry practice. But to be fair with Ecoseal - their opening price was fairly reasonable, and while the price was haggled down a bit - it wasn't by stupid amounts. So no quotes of £10,000 for a 3 grand job. But haggling on the price is part of the fun!

Their are also CPA registered - so your deposit is insured while you wait for fitting - which is a good thing + they are FENSA registered.

So overall - pretty good. Yes they have cold callers and the sales people are their to make a sale - but its like that in any business.You are expected to negociate on the price - and as long as you do that - they are a good buy


[24/10/2011] geoff: just had a "no obligation quote" from these people. half an hour of frankly being told what we are ordering passed and no mention of measuring up. my partner had made plans as we were told it would be an hour max. when she asked how much longer he would be he became very irate. my partner is now a nervous wreck after creepy, very aggresisve 'sales pitch'. it was almost as if he wasn't going to leave untill we had signed up. DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE INTO YOUR HOME!!! we feel more like he was looking for things to steal. when we asked him to leave, he became agitated and called his 'boss'. he was also rude so i handed him his phone back. maybe someone should teach their sales staff being talked to like this only makes me want to eject you from my house not give you what little money i earn! to be honest we both feel violated and have checked all our windows and doors, taken his vehicle details and asked our neigbours be extra vigilant. shocking. like the BBC's 'rogue traders' was being filmed in our home.

[16/08/2012] Diane: These people were fitting new windows at our neighbours earlier on in the year and one of the sales people knocked on my door asking about bay window, i agreed to a no obligation quote apointment to be made. Unfortunately our circumstances changed and we cancelled the appointment as we were not going to have the bay window done after all. Since then I have had nothing but nuisance abusive phone calls from them, one time the sales man even said the f word to me I was disgusted and shaking after the phone call feeling harassed and bullied by these people. I have just had another pushy phone call off them! my husband has told them relentless times we are not interested and to leave us alone. Being a stay at home mum with 2 little ones i feel quite intimidated by these people and I wish they would just leave us alone! Stay well clear!!!!!!!!!!!!

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