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Pathway Hgv Training




United Kingdom






Pathway HGV Training, 13-21 Curtain Road

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court hearing

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i have contacted today TAYLOR WESSING lawyers branch in london and they are having a court hearing against pathway in january, they are looking for people who r willing to give statments in court, there is a chance for all of us to get our money back. telephone number to contact is 02073007000. please contact them and tell your story, if we all group against them we have a chance. taylor wessing have been informed about pathways by one of the companies who pathways owe money too a while back. please everyone get in touch, we will not rest until it is sorted!!!!

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[15/12/2009] Taylor Wessing: It is correct that we are looking for people to give statements about their experiences with Pathway, as our client is being sued for defamation by Pathway. Pathway's reputation is a key element to those proceedings, hence the need for the statements. However, to be clear, we cannot help you to get your money back. If you would be willing to help our client, please send an email to

[16/12/2009] chrisbrobson: managing director of Pathway is a bloke named Steve White emails are still been received by him not thr he takes any notice ihave been emailing him ever since I was ripped off in June.

[24/12/2009] 90 days to inform your bank: We have all lost money with PATHWAY SOLUTIONS. But Guys remember, whether you paid by debit card or credit card, you have 90 days to inform your bank in WRITING. You must all inform your bank or credit card in writing and you must all inform the POLICE.

[11/01/2010] Paschal: I have been trying to contact Pathway's myself to get my Class 1 training sorted out, but like the rest of you have been conned myself. Fortunately for me i had taken my class 2 but didn't want to take class 1 until i had a job doing class 2 first so i could get used to driving a lorry as 4 days training is nowhere near enough time.

[14/01/2010] Hi I've also been taken for 2500 by these crooks. I'd love to meet the people behind this and confront them face to face. I've put all my savings into what I thought was a new career and now I'm left with nothing. I can't even provide for my kids. Please let me no any information as into what's happening. Thanks.

[17/01/2010] it looks like pathway have gone into liquidation

[18/01/2010] pathway solutions ltd FRAUD: Pathway was operating in MILTON KEYNES, and disappeared from their Milton Keynes address, owing thousands of money to the public as a whole. Contact the milton Keynes trading Standards. This was in 2005. They have done the same in London. They need to be stopped.

[19/01/2010] jon : pathway have gone into liquidation check out their website, make sure you contact your credit card company. after 5 years in the business they finally gone bust, good riddance i say.

[02/02/2010] gary: i got an email from taylor wessing today 02/02/2010 say that the court case never happened as they paid the company out of court

[02/02/2010] haden: I got a different email, case never happened because taylor wessing pulled out because their clients didn't pay them..

who cares im not gonna get my money back from these !£&^& - i lost £1897

[04/02/2010] chris robson: taylor wessing case did not go to court because once pathway solicitors saw the statements made by the likes of myself and others who had been rippedc off realised they had no chance

[17/02/2010] jody lochery: Good news i have got my money back from the bank today , it took a while , i paid with debit card so i thought i would nt get anything back but then i did a charge back with some advice from this page , hope everyone gets their money back because its all your hard earned money that they took from us , power to the people

[19/02/2010] Pathway Case: The Pathway case did not happen. I was asked for evidence and I gave it...I then called to see what happened and the lawyers said the case did not happen. The lawyers agreed costs and Pathway just disappeared.

I hope everyone has got their money back. I got mine bank via the bank and a charge back. I used this site as evidence. Good luck!

[12/03/2010] duncan: I too was duped into handing over money to Pathway and due to an illness could not take the course si informed pathway and was told it was fine aslong as i had not booked any test dates give them a call when i was ready to carry on and up untill today i had no idea that the company is going into liquidation it was paid for upfont from my mums debit card back in 2008 so i dont think i stand a chance of getting my money back but i still had to pay my mum back for it ,,,,i read that they are trading under a new name and was wondering if any one knows if we can make a claim against the new company or have them looked into as if they have got away with it once im dam sure they will do it again please e-mail me if you have any information or can help

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