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1902Debenhams [Exeter]
Total claims:5
Poor & Slow Customer Service »20/04/200920/04/20091

I placed an online order with Debenhams on the 08/04/09 for £136.00. I then changed my mind and cancelled it by emailing them the next working day. I got an auto response on the same day saying someone will contact me within 2 workings. I have not heard anything from Debenhams since the 09/04/09 and then my order is delivered to my neighbour on 20/04/09.

I contacted Debenhams Customer Services and explained to the lady that I cancelled within 7 days, apparently she said to me that's not the case and I needed to do it within 1 hour. She put me on hold to try and transfer me to the courier department and when she finally returned to the call I confirmed with her the confirmation email I received when I placed my order states:

If you wish to cancel your order, you have 7 working days after you receive your goods to give us written notice of cancellation. If your cancellation is received after the items have been despatched, our Customer Services department can arrange for a courier to collect them at no additional charge to yourself. Please contact them at quoting the Order Number above, your house number and postcode.

Not very happy at all. This has been charged onto my credit card with interest. Obviously she didn't know what she was talking about, she told me to call back tomorrow and ask for the supervisor or manager.

Now I have to watse my time and arrange for a courier collection.

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741Debenhams [Exeter]
Total claims:5
Mispriced Goods »29/1/0929/01/20090

This morning I picked up a briefcase with a marked price of £19.99. Taking it to the till I asked for it to be sold to me at the marked price. The till girl went to fetch a supervisor, who then went to fetch a manager. The manager removed the label and said it was incorrectly labelled and suggested that I may have labelled it myself so as to gain a cash benefit. She then 'removed the goods from sale' as she put it.

I'm not sure that here actions were legal and the suggestion that I labelled it myself must be libelous.

It is a fact that I had not touched the briefcase but I did suspect an incorrect price.

Of significance is the attitude of the staff which was extremely rude, very offhand, not all customer interested and very brusque. They may have saved £50 but I'll never shop there again.

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1057Debenhams Retail Plc [London]
Total claims:2
returned item but no refund. »6th January 200927/02/20090

This farce has been going on since November! I ordered a dress for me to attend my husband's graduation. I saw a lovely one on Debenhams online. I ordered said dress in plenty of time.

When it arrived it was too big. I still had time to send it back and exchange it for a smaller size which I tried to do.

The next package arrived and it was a completely different dress to one that I originally ordered. I sent it back explaining it was not what I ordered, wrong style, colour, size, everything!

About 3 weeks later, another package arrived. This time a pair of shoes!!! where they got that idea, I do not know....needless to say, they got sent back.

As well as not having the dress for my husbands' graduation which has now long since passed, I am still waiting for a refund. The dress sold out way before the second mistake arrived! why they could not have told me that I have no idea. I have been to the post office with returns that many times now they know me by my first name. I have wasted my time going back and forth, time wasted on emails to them, taking photographs of receipts and proof of purchace and post office receipts all for a £30 dress!

The date I sent the shoes back to them was the 6th of January and as stated, I have heard NOTHING and received NO refund to date.

To add insult to injury, I did receive an email from them offering me a 10% discount on future purchases (excluding the usual suspects, electricals etc..) FUTURE PURCHACES!!!! I think not...

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3135Debenhams Retail Plc [London]
Total claims:2
Lack of customer service »26/03/0902/06/20090


On 26th March I ordered and paid for 2 sofas from Debenhams.  I was advised that delivery would be 8 weeks and that I would be contacted a week prior to this date to arrange this.

After 7 weeks I still had not received any information about this order and therefore contacted Debenhams via email to query this.  12 days later Debenhams responded by leaving a message stating that delivery would not be until mid-end of July, approximately 4 months after I had placed the order.  There was no explanation for the delay or an apology for the inconvenience this would cause.  I felt that this was unacceptable and again emailed to indicate how upset I was that they did not feel that either an explanation or apology was appropriate.  

Their reply on 1st June stated "When you receive your furniture and have inspected it I would suggest you contact Customer Relations in order for us to assess compensation for you.   We do, however, have a scaled rate of compensation which we must maintain in order to be fair to all our customers.  Please accept our apologies for the slight delay experienced, and be assured that every effort is being made to ensure that your order receives top priority for delivery." 

It was not compensation that I was seeking.  I merely wanted an apology and explanation.  Whilst I have, to some extent, received this, I feel it is unacceptable to describe a delay of 8 weeks, in addition to an already long order time of 8 weeks, as "slight".  Also, I do not feel that it should take 3 written complaints before an apology is forthcoming.

I would not advise anyone to order furniture from Debenhams.  I am a Debenhams account holder and used to place orders with Debenhams online on a monthly basis.  I am so disappointed with the treatment I have received that I will purchase from a different company in future wherever possible.

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2693Debenhams [Exeter]
Total claims:5
refund »15/05/200916/05/20090

I purchased a jacket from the Minuet Department in Debenhams Metro Centre Gateshead. It had no price ticket on it, when I took it to the till it came up as £70.00 so I purchased it and the assistant put the receipt in the bag. Five days later I returned the jacket as itdid not fit properly along with the receipt of purchase, I was informed that the jacket had been reduced by 50% and no refund could be made only a credit as this was company policy which could be found on the back of the receipt. I pointed out that I was not aware of this reduction and also that the jacket did not have a purchase price attached so I did not know it had been reduced. I aslo explained that I did not get a chance to read the back of the receipt as the assistant had put it into the bag on purchase, I also stated that the assistant should have made me verbaly aware of the reduction and of this Company policy before purchase and she did not.

Debenhams do not make it clear to the public with regards to the returns policy on reduced items and I have since made enquiries and I am only one of many shoppers who have been caught out by this. I have decided not to purchase any other items from this department store as most of the consessions can be found in the likes of House of Fraser who do not have this refund policy.

I would like a reply to my complaint,


Yours faithfully


Helen Alderson Russo


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11965Debenhams [Exeter]
Total claims:5
Overcharge »December 200906/04/20100
Firstly I know it's only £8 but it's my £8 and am fed up with these bigger stores taking advantage.
Just before Christmas 2009 I purchased a couple of items that was clearly marked as being in their half price sale there was stickers on both items indicating that they were £4 each instead of £8. When I took them to the till I was charged £8 each but did not realise this until I got home and decided not to go back to the store until after Christmas.
As these items were both gifts for someone the labels were removed.
When I went back to Debenhams they said that the sale didn't start until after Christmas and that I had got it wrong. I left empty handed. I then emailed them about 3 times and eventually got a reply saying that my email got lost and could I resubmit it. I did that and was then told to write to Debenhams.
I have written twice now and the best I got from them was a £10 voucher. Not bad I hear you say but I don't see why I just can't have my money back and I do not want to step foot in a Debenhams store ever again.
There is more to this story but I feel I have gone on long enough already.

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26098Debenhams [Exeter]
Total claims:5
Refusing to pay back PPI »200020/07/20120
Having tried and failed to get any PPI monies back from Debenhams store card i am at a loss to understand how they can refuse when other banks/companies are paying. I have a long term condition and never was it mentioned that i could not claim a second time for the same condition. They say i had 30days to cancel and therefore it was my fault.

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Total claims:1
Fake ugg boots »05/12/201207/12/20120
Web site claiming to sell real ugg boots at 70% cheaper. When the uggs arrived they were fake. I wear ugg boots all the time and these are nothing like the real thing, I wouldn't even pay £5 at a market for these. All uggs u should b able bend the toe back they are flexible and these soles are totally solid. The colour is completely wrong, they are too tall, the lambs wool is not lambs wool which ugg use, the ugg sign on the back are too big and sewn on wonky, and they stink of dye. I have emailed the company 3 times now and have not had an answer to any of the emails. They are using real pictures from the ugg site and they do not match the boots they send

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