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Fraud/Fake Goods »14/10/200914/10/2009132

On 09/10/2009 I stupidly made an order for 2 pairs of ugg boots from this website beleiving they sold genuine goods at discounted prices in their sale.

After I made the order I decided to do some research only to find many people have been ripped off and either been over charged or have never even recieved their goods!!!!

To add to this I was amazed that when I received an invoice from this fraud outfit, it was from an msn email adress with some CHINESE mans name on the domain which was: [] (link: and would you bekeive still no reply.

Please steer clear of this chinese fraudster and don't be fooled at the stupid prices, all you will get for your money is some seriously fake uggs that his son probably knitted in his factory and complete disappointed and stress.

Please can some one help!!!!!

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20603Network HGV [London]
Total claims:20
Fraud »08//08/201115/08/201153
My wife paid a company called Network HGV a total of £1294 for my cat C training. After passing my theory test, Network HGV sent me a letter stating that my practical tuition was to commence on the 8th August, with the practical test on the 12th August.

At about 17.25 on Friday 5th August I got a phone call from Network HGV telling me my training was cancelled because the DSA had double booked my test.

The situation currently stands as follows.

The DSA have confirmed that no driving test was ever booked in my name.
The actual driving school were never paid by Network HGV for my course and knew of the cancellation 24 hours before I did.
After contacting consumer direct, I sent a letter via recorded delivery to Network HGV asking for a refund. The letter has not been received, I suspect they refused to sign for it.

My wife and I have called Network HGV repeatedly and have been lied to on most occasions. They promise to call back and never do. I was told they had received the letter, my wife was told they had not received it.

My wife and I are at our whits end. We are very short of money and had to borrow the money to afford the course. Now we have no money, no course and no license.

I am seemingly left with either trying the small claims court, or trying to issue them with a winding up order. But at the moment I can't even afford to do this.

All I wanted to do was better myself by becoming a truck driver and getting off minimum wage. Instead all I got was defrauded out of £1294.

Everything I have posted here is true, I have the letters to proove it.

If there is anyone on this forum who can help in any shape or form, please send me a PM.

To anyone else thinking of using the above company, Caveat Emptor!

Thank you for reading this, I hope some of you can help us.


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4634JDM Hog Roast (Jason Myers) [Chester]
Total claims:6
Fraudster Claiming to be Professional Caterer »30/08/0901/09/200917

Jason Myers trading as JDM Hog Roasts

We were having a summer party and wanted to have something special for our friends so we booked with Jason Myers he seemed to offer a professional service and value for money. so we paid via paypal on his site (no longer on there) and we recieved an invoice.

I felt a little jittery during the week as I couldnt get hold of him there were no longer any payment options on his website but he did call me back and again a few days later to confirm everything was alright.

Well the day of the party came and he was a little late, I continued to phone from 1pm when he said he would be there through to 6:30pm when it became apparent that he wasnt turning up.

So I went from the idea of a nice relaxing night with hot food and no washing up to absolute panic and phoning around trying to arrange food.

I found out after the event that he is a fraudster, scamming money out of people all over the place and we happened to be one of the unlucky ones that ever phoned him in the first place.

He has not phoned me or contacted me despite my repeated efforts to do so and now I want to warn anyone and everyone so that they dont have the same experience again as if there had been any information such as this I wouldnt have been taken in by them!

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Total claims:3
fraud »Sept 201015/05/201117
We agreed to buy a property as advertised on e bay from this outfit Samax for the sum of £4784 that cost includes the property ,tax, company formation (as required under Bulgarian law ) we transferred (foolishly I know ) the money on the 07/08/2010.
Samax were very good at answering all our questions except one should we have a legal representative with us at our pre arranged meeting of 28/08/2010 at the Samax office. This question they simply ignored. With this in mind we took a Bulgarian friend with us to the meeting because he has 10 years experience in real estate & would be able to represent us as the paperwork was processed.
This is where things went wrong our representative quickly pointed out WE WHERE NOT BUYING FROM SAMAX as advertised we were buying from a company called AA CONTINTIOL which has had 3 different owner set ups in 18 months the name Mintcho Pentchev has links to both companies & is the man I would now be dealing with. Also at this meeting (Mintcho Pentchev left the meeting very quickly when awkward questions were asked) a guy called Alexandria seemed to be left to sort this out he just kept saying sign the paper work we have to go. Our representative pointed out that nowhere in the paperwork & contracts did it actually say what we were purchasing it was just a code that could have represented anything including agricultural land etc we asked Alexandria to write on the paperwork what we were purchasing house land etc this he refused to do he also did not appear to know where the house was when we asked for gps coordinates & said the guy who knew was on holiday & could not be contacted our rep advised us that the contracts were not as they should be & warned us to think carefully before signing. At this point with obvious great concerns we said we would not sign the contracts until they had been altered to say what we were purchasing and the exact location. We arranged a meeting for the following week no one from Samax attended & the so called office was locked we contacted Mr Mintcho Pentchev by phone he said we had arranged the meeting for the previous day & he had 2 people waiting all day for us this is little more than a Mintcho Pentchev fantasy.
At this point we decided that we were unable to proceed as this company did not appear to do business in an honest & straight forward way & we asked for the return of our money.
After several e mails Mintcho Pentchev offered a paltry & insulting offer of £2500 half of what we gave him I told him this was unacceptable I would sue him if he did not return the full amount minus reasonable expenses.
Since then he has resold the house on E Bay which we probably had legal title to and has told my lawyers in Sofia that I owe Him money but gives no explanation as to what I owe him money for & no explanation as to what I paid £4784 because as yet I have received nothing. We tried to serve notice to sue through a notary in Sofia he arranged a meeting & guess what our Mintcho Pentchev did not turn up (a pattern forming here) I guess in the world of Mintcho Pentchev the notary will have attended on the wrong day.
In my lawyers research into Samax they point out that from a legal point of view our relationship is with AA CONTINTIOL & not SAMAX although AA CONTINTIOL was founded by the company SAMAX .The Company SAMAX is still not re registered in the public & electronically available register as are the requirements by law thus we had difficulty to track its history & management decisions all reputable companies that are operative and carrying out sound business in Bulgaria re registered a long time ago.
This man Mintcho Pentchev has made it abundantly clear he has no intention of repaying the money so pleased be warned before you hand over money to this guy or any company he is involved with it could be your loss.
We are also in discussions with my local Member of Parliament to get his counterpart in Bulgaria to push the Bulgarian authorities to have a closer look at this guy & his company’s business practices to try and stop other people from being robbed .

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11835Martine Denton Livery Services [Weldon]
Total claims:1
Fraud »20/03/201026/03/201016

Martin Denton of 88 Weldon Road, Corby Was given my Arab Horses to care for whilst i was out of the country, they were fine breeding stock. I arrived back to find that she had infact had them sold, Fraudulently aquiring passports for the horses in order to have them sold & removed. After speaking with local riders in the Weldon area i was told she had been whipping one of my younger horses whilst trying to load onto a horse box to transport at which point the horse reared fell from the ramp breaking a leg & then having to be destroyed. The horse was then buried on Martine & Terry Dentons land, i am discusted i have had to find this information out through others & plan to take legal steps towards recovery of my horses & fees paid to Martine Denton that amount to in excess of £34,000k. I believe this not to be the first incident/ scam she has pulled.

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Total claims:342
fraud »3/4/1104/04/201113
£67.70 was taken from my account on the 3/4/11 i have not authorised this transaction i have never even heard of the company i WANT MY MONEY BACK IMMEDIATLY !!!!

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4367York Street Properties [Dallas]
Total claims:3
Numerous Fraudulent Acts »08/21/200921/08/200912

Investors, Tenants, Potential Tenants, Contractors - BEWARE - this company and it's ownership should be avoided if you value your investments, good credit and personal or business security. Here are a few reasons, please feel free to do your own research - JUST BE SURE YOU DO - Lance Puig and York Street Properties, York Street Homes, York Street Investments and the numerous LLC's this organization operates under have caused 100's thousands of dollars of loss, 100's of wasted hours and countless heartaches for good people:

1) Debts and returns on investment are not honored in a timely fashion, if at all.
2) If you're tenant don't believe if you rent a home expecting to buy it that you ever will. It's a false promise - ask existing tenants.
3) If you're an investor; don't believe you are getting a safe, reliable, well maintained investment - ask past investors.
4) If you're a contractor; don't give this company or Lance Puig any credit - he does not pay.
5) Don't believe what you read on the website(s), in blogs or on radio shows. Icons are unauthorized, statements are false & exaggerated.
6) Don't believe mortgages (in your name) will be paid or debts for services will be paid - they won't be.

Here's a few examples of fact:
a) There are numerous lien filings, small claims filings and court filings against this company and Lance Puig. The subjects are wide
ranging (non-payment, fraud, etc). He gets contractors to remodel houses, then doesn't pay them - $1 Mil of examples cab be given
b) Investors have lost their investments due to non-payment of mortgages.
c) The BBB has not been paid and the "Online Accredited Business" icon is misleading at best.
d) The numerous bank links on the website are being used without authorization.
e) The claim that Lance Puig comes from 3 generations of real estate investors is pure embellishment.
f) Lance Puig hires people in the Philippines to write comments and compliments in blogs. They are not real.
g) An leading figurehead of the company and personal advisor to Lance Puig is an federal ex-con: Middle=&LastName=BACHER&Race=U&Sex=M&Age=&x=79&y=8. This shows in everything they do, Lance Puig just hasn't been
imprisoned - yet.
h) Lance Puig/York Street Properties is not a member of the TAA or local apartment assoc. That makes all leases signed with the TAA
lease agreements invalid. According to law, the tenant has a right not to honor agreement/no legal protection for investor.
i) A majority of properties remain vacant because they're in bad, un-leasable condition. The company is broke.
j) Houses are purchased at REO prices (50%), then sold to investors for 90% with minimum remodeling to justify that price.
k) Resale, should the investor be faced with that, is impossible at 90% - not to mention the probable liens on the property.
l) The 40% profit (j, above) is used to support Lance Puig's unjustified lifestyle and foreign online labor (paid at $5/hour).

There are many cases of fraudulent and/or misleading business practices utilized by Lance Puig and York Street Properties, et al. Do you homework before doing any sort of business with this man or his companies. Better yet, why take the risk? In today's economy it's difficult enough to make your hard earned dollars and credit work for you - why add dealing with a broke, unscrupulous and unethical partner to the mix? Don't believe what you read - Lance Puig is a professional at making things look one way, when his representations don't paint the real picture. Last reports have he and his family hiding in their house to avoid process servers.

Do your homework - there's too much to list here - don't leave any stone unturned if you need to prove to yourself that investing with Lance Puig/York Street Properties is a bad move. Don't leave any stone unturned before deciding to do business of any sort with this man and his companies - and if you do; get your money in advance - get your own attorney to verify all contracts - be sure you are protected to minimize loss when the "good faith agreements" are inevitably broken.

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7022Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49
Fraud!!! »23/11/0923/11/200912

I contacted Pathways HGV Training a few months ago because I saw them advertised in The Sun. I wanted to take my HGV test and they promised me training and help with my CV and finding a job after passing my test. They sounded good and the price reasonable. I stupidly paid up front even though alarm bells were ringing because they kept pestering me for payment. After getting my provisional licence, I rang for a theory test appointment and it took ages to get through to someone who could make the appointment. I took and passed the theory today and have been trying to book my practical training, but all numbers I've got for them are unavailable. I have since read stories on here that are the same as mine and I can;t believe I have been conned out of £1500. Times are so hard and I used my saving to pay for the test. Please get in contact with me and we could get a group together and get in contact with Watchdog or Trading Standards. We need to fight to get our money back. People can't be allowed to get away this.

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25655Gumtree [London]
Total claims:7
Fraud/Internet scam involving gumtree and paypal »20th June 201220/06/201212
On 19th June 2012, I registered with gumtree because I wanted to advertise an item for sale. I received an enquiry from a man called ROBERT WASDIN. We exchanged a couple of e-mails through the website but because it wouldn�t allow me to upload some photographs, we exchanged personal e-mails and I sent the pics to his private e-mail. He then decided he wanted to purchase the item and said he would like to pay by paypal as it was a secure payment method! I gave him my paypal e-mail. He asked for my postcode as he said that he needed to arrange shipping and then he informed me that he was including the shipping payment as I was required to make this payment. I assumed this was when they came to collect the item. A short time later, I received an e-mail from paypal informing me that my account had been credited and that it included £120 to cover the cost of shipping. They then sent me further e-mails about their change of policy and that it was now the responsibility of the seller to pay the shipping cost and that once done the whole amount would be made available to my once I had provided paypal with the MTCN number. They advised that I use western union to make the payment. I immediately contacted gumtree to see if they had any knowledge of this sort of thing and whether ROBERT WASDIN was known to them�..and I didn�t receive a response. So I responded to the paypal e-mail and said that I was slightly concerned about this as I hadn�t been able to find the funds in my paypal account. They assured me that the funds wouldn�t be visible until the MTCN number had been received. After several e-mails to and from paypal I decided to go and make the payment of £109. Within minutes, I received another e-mail from ROBERT WASDIN stating that the shipping company was now requesting that the item was insured and that I needed to pay a further payment of £200 and that he had credited that to my paypal account! I immediately called paypal and spoke to them and they informed me that they had no record of this or the correspondence and that there were other fraudulent companies now operating using their logo�s! I called my bank and spoke to the fraud department. They informed me that the payment was still pending but that they weren�t able to stop it as western union were the only ones who could stop it. So I called western union and they informed me that the bank had to do this. So��I called the bank back and by this time the payment had been made � so I intend to attempt to claim this back through the bank because they could have stopped the payment! Western union have taken the details of the person I made the payment to and open a fraud account and they informed me that they will hold any future payments made to that company/name. The real bug bear for me���I went onto gumtree and edited my advertisement to include all the names and e-mail addresses for all of these people. Then gumtree contacted me and told me that my advert no longer fits their criteria so they have removed it. I have sent 4 e-mails since to gumtree who have refused to respond. So I have just e-mailed them to inform them that I intend to take them to the trading standards tomorrow. I registered my complaint with the police and the saw the e-mails and said that they were very good quality. The police have informed me that their main complaints regarding internet scam/fraud is from GUMTREE! I have also logged my complaint with the Fraud department.

So if gumtree won�t let me name and shame then maybe this site will let me.
The name of the false buyer is: ROBERT WASDIN
His e-mail is:
His address (albeit probably false) is: 44 Beechwood Avenue, Thornton Heath, Surrey, CR7 7DZ

The names of the paypal scammers are: OWEN OLAS AND RICHARD WILSON
The e-mails are: and

Contact name is: AMOS OLUSHOLA
E-mails are: and


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16022Bruce Shankin DBA Green Building Collaborative [Ewinna PA]
Total claims:1
Fraud/Bankrupt »200916/01/201111

                    CHECK OUT BRUCE SHANKIN ON MY DOCtubeMENTARY.THIS IS NOW ON WWW.YOUTUBE.COM                Bruce Shankin states to be a 'GREEN' builder. Bruce Shankin was hired to do a "GREEN' renovation. My job was completely done wrong . Bruce Shankin has no ability in the construction field. He and his collaborative of contractors  claimed they were in the business for years, when in fact they were involved in soon to be bankrupt busineses. Bruce Shankin was in depositions for missing money from his FAILED motor cycle business during a time when he was under contract to do my renovation. A lunch store called the LAUGHING COW. This was another business venture that went under. I only wish I knew about Bruce Shankin before I was victim of his con. Please beware of Bruce Shankin. Check his name on the internet and you will see he had a motorcycle business(now bankrupt) and was part of a town paper in Bucks County, PA.Bruce Shankin left this job due to unethical business practices. This was during a time when Bruce Shankin put in writing in his proposal to me that he was in the construction business. Bruce Shankin has recently filed for bankruptcy to avoid his obligations. There are many victims. Don't be one more of them. I have filed a Motion is court in NJ against Bruce Shankin and one of his shell companies(Sustainable Process and Design).  I will update on my progress to have Bruce Shankin meet his obligations. He is now using TheGreenBuildingCollaborative as a new way to market himself on the interenet. I will post pictures and documents for all to see very soon.

The pictures below is an installation of a window that Bruce Shankin and his con installed and purchased. There are 17 similar windows like this one. First, Bruce Shankin substituted the window type with a less expensive insert. I have in writting from the window manufacturer that not only is the window type not correct for my application but they were installed incorrectly. These windows are also not called for in my contract. No change order, which a violation of the consumer fraud act.(One of many in his contract). Bruce Shankin installed these windows without my knowledge than tried to cover it up. You can see from the picture that a white piece of 1/4 round wood was nailed into the window on the bottom to conceal that the window was short of the sill. There is space between the sill and window which is incorrect and sub-standard workmanship. Bruce Shankin refused to fix the problem, blamed the window company than filed bankrupcty to avoid his obligation. 


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3659Tenretni Ltd [Carmarthenshire]
Total claims:33
Fraud »03/200908/07/200910

Hello everyone,

I have the same story as you all. My husband and I bought a site from tenrentni. However my story is a bit different. I had an ebay shop as a second income as my husband has cancer and I came across this internet business. £995.00 I spoke to Dean on more than 3 ocassions advising him of the situation that my husband was going through chemo-therapy and he was unable to work so this would be a great second income. He full heartedly agreed and said he would be with us every step of the way.  It took a bit for the site to become live then it was not at all what we had expected all my friends and family were llike this is not professional?!?! Was ashamed at that point no money was being made ofter 3 months of advertising trying to get a hold of anyone was difficult and if I got upset and contacted Nerys that was the only time anyone contacted me.  It was then brought to our attention that the website created for us was substandard now this wasby Joanne the one who is meant to be teaching and training.  So she had the website changed and promised an income we advertised and advertised and I even paid someone to advertise for us NOTHING!  we were promised a site, domain name and hosting and we paid for it now nothing no site cannot use the domain name and I am told that there are issues. I contacted Paypal straight away and was advised to get anyone who have purchased a site via paypal to open a claim. Now please understand that the claim will be closed at first but Paypal needs to follow the proceedure as we only have 45-90 days from the time we buy anything to file claim. Once this is done contact paypal via email or telephone tell them what has happened when they have enough complaints which i was assured it would not take many to open an investigation not only will paypal be investigating so will ebay.   I am totally shocked that they thought they can get away with this. We have to stick together and get all our money back. Not only has he taken advantage of you guys but just shows how low he will go and take advantage of ill people too! Makes me sick to my stomach.  I now only have contact through Peter as all the computer equipment and mobile phones have been taken away by trading standards. This was told to us by one of Dean's friends who mobile number is on the ebay site to sell these websites.  She is the one who told us about what is happening. This company needs to be stopped so he cannot take advantage of anyone else.  Please follow suit and file a claim via paypal.  I have also contacted my bank and was advised to contact the police.

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Total claims:24
fraud »25.09.200913/10/200910

The following letter has been send to seven different organisations dealing with fraud in UK and Europe. Please disseminate the contacts to those who fell victim to this fraudulent scheme. 

Metropolitan Police Service

Specialist Crime Directorate

New Scotland Yard




United Kingdom


From Alisher M

12 Redmires Court

Eccles New Road


M5 4US


 08 October 2009

 Dear Sir/Madam,

  I am writing to seek full investigation of fraudulent activities of two entities that claim to be employment agencies that collect agency fees and then disappear and become hard or impossible to contact. They effectively make off with agent's fees for supposedly available work without any proof of agency work done on their or proof of availability of such work. Their websites seem to be presentable at first glance. It is only after their actions it springs to mind that it is actually fraud.

 1. One of them is Partner You who presented themselves as a legitimate company acting as agents for escort services.

 I have sent my profile which consists of a simple questionnaire on physical appearance and parameters. Then some lady calling herself Danielle called asking for my pictures. Shortly after she called me asking for payment of £385 as she had a client waiting the next day. She made four consecutive phone calls ensuring that payment was done and said shell then pass my details to the client in order to arrange a location for the meeting and that client will call me directly. However, no one contacted me and two hours before the supposed meeting someone called Pegi called from Partner You saying that the meeting had been cancelled due to client's personal circumstances. That's when my suspicion grew. When asked if this is serious the woman became very dismissive and made several unpleasant remarks saying that it is a real business and not a fraudulent scheme. No one ever called me again ever since. My calls were repetitively dismissed by the same phrase that I am placed on a supposedly priority list and I need to wait for client to contact me. This is the third week now, but I still have not heard anything from them. I emailed them demanding the full refund for breach of terms. They replied that I am tied in by terms and conditions and can't opt out on the agreement and no refunds are possible. Once again, I emailed them back saying this is illegal to exempt themselves and opt out of statutory "cooling off" period, but I have received the same type of response.

 The terms and conditions, especially those concerning cooling off period are in breach of UCTA 1977. When I pointed that out over the phone lady kept on repeating the same thing that I am tied in as I signed up online that is classed as signing a contract. When I mentioned that whatever legal technicalities there might be, it is irrelevant as they are fraudsters and any activities they conduct renders them legally void and they can't rely on any legal basis anyway. I did not get any reply.

 After my numerous correspondences they have sent out the email with my username and password, something I have been promised to be given on the first contact. I tried to see what this was all about and tried to log in and that led me straight to a tick box requiring me to agree to all terms and conditions. They clearly tried to induce me to sign an online agreement which I have not done. However, my point is that regardless them trying to hide behind legal rules and customs they are fraudsters who have no basis to rely on any legal basis.

 I asked the lady on the phone how they work and where they based. She said they are internet based company working from London.

 Now I have been conned into paying £385 and being fooled around and have no sense of justice. I must admit my unintelligent and reckless move towards this now clearly fraudulent scheme. However, in light of present economic climate people get desperate to get any type of job to support household.

 I went online and checked feedback from other people who signed up with Partner you and was shocked to find out that the suffered the same fate in the exactly the same way. So clearly, this is not just one off incident; it has a lot more serious criminal (fraudulent) implications. I have also come across a note that they are not actually based in the UK (London), but work from some place in Spain. I don't know how that person found out about it. I also have their bank details the hold with Barclays Bank.

 Website address: [Financial Intelligence Unit] (link:

SE11 5EN


United Kingdom


Assets Recovery Agency



United Kingdom


Metropolitan Police Service

Specialist Crime Directorate

New Scotland Yard




United Kingdom



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2945Diamond Pool [Shelton/Huntington]
Total claims:1fraud »4/4/0922/05/20099


I hired Diamond Pools (located at 26 Hamilton Drive, Huntington CT  06484) to install 1500 square feet of pavers around my existing pool, and John Dubyoski (owner) came with a 4 page contract without references or copies of his licenses which I requested many times.  Ignorantly, I signed the contract which had a breakdown of 3 payments...not realizing 95% of the money was due before a single paver was to be laid.  I made the first payment of $11,400. By the time the next payment was due I had neighbors knocking on my door giving me their own nightmare stories regarding Diamond Pools. They had names of others who had huge problems with Diamond Pools.  More importantly his employees were telling me they were not getting paid and when they did it was in quarters!  We were even asked by his top guy for $300.00.  Feeling held hostage or getting a terrible job we gave him the money. 

At one point,  John did rewrite his contract; "contract adjustment"  was the title of the adjustment page that we in turn signed.  This adjustment changed the payment plan to 4 payments instead of 3.  Delaying at least some of the money until some of the pavers were laid.  We wanted to delay the last payment in total but John said he would not continue so we caved and gave him more money.   A week after he cashed the check for the 3rd payment and still had not returned to the job, he changed his mind and now wanted the 4th payment before continuing.   It became obvious that he never had any intention of actually performing the work as stipulated in the contract and was attempting to lengthen the project in order to force us to fire him.  At that point he would have 95% of the money without actually doing anything.

Continually and consistently John (Diamond Pool owner) incorrectly billed us for things he did not do at all or charged us more than once for the same supplies in different bills.   In fact a retaining wall that was installed is the wrong color and we found out from his own employee that he used blocks he had from a previous job, which he was fired from.  This tells us that he never had any intention of getting the materials of the correct color.

Workmanship is lousy at best.  When a patch of pavers were laid they were on a downhill SLOPE not pitch, as he claimed.  He claims to be a professional and therefore he should have noticed this right away and made us aware without continuing.  And if the pitch to my yard was wrong it should have been brought to my attention when the job was originally proposed to allow for discussion and planning.  Isn't part of doing the job properly to level it correctly and follow the code? 

 We were told the job would take 2 weeks; 2 months later I have my property filled with his equipment, a dump truck, a 25' enclosed tool trailer and a huge bobcat abandoned by the side of my in-ground pool.   The yard looks like a war zone! Even before things went sour, he did not show up for over a week when the weather was beautiful. 

 He looked to get fired by not returning for weeks after having over $20,000 of our money.  His contract states that he is not responsible for anything, so he took no effort to protect my driveway, lawn or sprinkler system which were all severely damaged.

One of the most frustrating things is that he knows that along the way things tend change during any project.  He then uses those "change orders"  to extort more money because he knows that either you pay the ridiculous amounts for materials and labor that he is requesting or he does not do it or does not continue, again holding you and/or the forward progress hostage.  When he tried to rob us twice with these methods, we decided it had to end.   

This company should not have a license to do anything.  He has no regard for his customers, property or safety.



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7017Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49fraud »25/10/0923/11/20099

I wrang up pathways hgv training and paid the full £1800 to do my class 2 adr, pass protection and also they told me they would get me a job, this was what i was told by tom roberts who works there. i passed my theory then i got a date for the 25-30 of october to do my driving test which was in shrewsbury with AVT where i live, now on the 23/10/09 just two days before my test i got a phone call not off pathways but off Jim West the training instructor of avt in shrewsbury saying he is really sorry but i cant do any training etc because pathways have not paid him for anything, jim told me they owed him over £8000, so on monday i contacted pathway and they would not admit anything to me so instead of doin the training in shrewsbury pathways sent me to wigan where they were goin to compensate me with fuel costs of £80 but they didnt pay up. i did my training with wigan hgv and missed a days training because of all the mess, i failed on the friday so i used my pass protection which i got with the package i paid for and my retest is on the 25th of november, now would you believe it wigan hgv wrang me on friday sayin sorry we cant put you through the test because pathways yes again!! owe them over £10,000 and not paid them,so the only thing i could do was pay a further £240 of my own money to do the test, now pathways just keep putting the phone down on me or they trying to fob me off. i went down to the head office today to have it out with them and they have gone and apparently are goin into liquidation but are still ripping off people and selling packages from there website. PLEASE READ THIS PEOPLE AND DONT GET RIPPED OFF LIKE WHATS HAPPENED TO ME, THEY HAVE RUINED EVERYTHING FOR ME AND ALSO NOW I HAVE NO MONEY TO SUPPORT MY FAMILY. they have taken everything i have worked for away from me.

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12758moonlight encounters [spain]
Total claims:16Fraud / Scam Extra Details »17/06/201025/06/20109

They receive money into Spain. Mine was collected in Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain. They have a number of companies they use : Make an enquiry on any of the above websites and the procedure is exactly the same. It ends with you needing to make a transfer to a person in Spain. Watch out for : Ross O'Sullivan Katie Louise Dale Louis Brennan Kelly Brennan This is the information I have managed to source so far, I will not stop until I can give you an office address of a home address for the people we send the money to. BE WARNED, DO NOT SEND THESE PEOPLE MONEY. Post all the information you have, it might just help track them down.

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29134Miles Grady [Timperley]
Total claims:46Miles Grady Paymatters Tax Fraud! »201317/04/20139
Miles Grady is a thief and a lier! I am now having a Tax investigation even though he took a fortune in fees. I have launched a criminal investigation, my brother is in the CID. Bet he didn't bank on that like he did his fees!

Miles Grady Founder of PayMatters. Qualified Chartered Accountant. Qualified at KPMG. Also worked at CIS, Mazars and Lloyds TSB.
Macclesfield ·


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4698York Street Properties [Dallas]
Total claims:3Investment Fraud »13 January 200703/09/20098

03 September 2009

Ponzie Scam and other related allegations are underway to address the overwhelming complaints about York Street Street Properties and its owner, Lance Winston Puig. Allegations have been made by Investors, Lenders, Tenants, Rent-to-Own Occupants, and Service Providers that are being taken seriously by the Dallas public.

Victims are encouraged to contact the Texas Attorney General Investigators Office at 800-252-8011 or through their website:

----- repost









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5899Diamond Resorts [Lancaster]
Total claims:9TIMESHARE FRAUD »April 200926/10/20098

After this entry you will find the "ATTACK' by both Patrick DUFFY and ELIZABETH BRENNAN where they have said they will sue me. They still could not get my name right nor my address so the summons was sent to the wrong name and address.

However all of their nasty threats were to no avail as the Honourable Judge from HOLLAND told the lawyer representing Stephen CLOOBECK and Diamond Resorts International me KOCK that the 'TRUTH IS NEVER SLANDER" and threw out their 'case" THEY LOST.

What is more the Judge told Mr KOCK to inform his clien CLOOBECK and DRI to open a financial transactions office... that was April 2010... THEY HAVE NOT DONE SO. They have collected my m fees WITHOUT receipts via the Internet. They blocked me from entering my unit 7132 week 17 and even placed TWO THOMAS COOK HOLIDAY MAKERS IN MY UNIT so collecting my $1238.49 plus the payment from THOMAS COOK in Great Britain. Also I was told by WILLIAM PEMBERTON, even though he had seen the bank statements as well as the proofs received, he refused to allow me to check into the unit PAID for and it took him FIVE hours where he left me waiting with my daughter. CLAIMING I OWE THEM over $6000.. The one week 7206 week 33 where the 'balance' they claim is the $5 VOLUNTARY FEE WITH ACCRUED INTEREST   $5.07 SO THEY REFUSED ME TO BANK MY WEEK IN 2009 AND NOW AGAIN. All the statements as seen by the police officers showed that CLOOBECK AND DIAMOND RESORTS INTERNATIONAL HAVE RECEVIED THE MONEY.. THEY EVEN RE ADDED THE $15.58 PLUS COLLECTION FEES PLUS INTEREST... DRI CAN NOT DO MATHEMATICS... DELIBERATELY!

The Inspectorate of Taxes have the FLAMINGO BEACH BUDGET where it show from 2007 tp 2011 $32 million dollars revenues in M Fees collected for that resort not including ROYAL PALM BEACH CLUB EITHER!! BUT... that money was paid via the internet to LAS VEGAS and nothing on St Maarten..............NOTHING! SO where are the monies declared for tax purposes if there is NO ADMINISTRATION. NO MANAGER AT THE RESORT...

let us find out soon..

TODAY newspaper published an article TUESDAY 03 MAY 2011.

Type in to see the number of people joining the PROTESTORS association

Type in and search Diamond Resorts.

Type in and you will see that CLOOBECK decided to send his DESIGNER BRAND clothing to the women of Haiti rather than new uniforms for St Maarten and Hawaii.

The judge told the lawyer representing DRI and CLoobeck that I had printed the truth.   search Cloobeck was not written by me... but a reference.


They locked me out and now threaten to cancel my weeks I owned way before CLOOBECK came to st Maarten.

So now I have seen that all over the internet are COMPLAINTS>>> from the UK to the STATES toi


Diamond Resorts International here on the island of St Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles, this country was not on your list, had bought SUNTERRA FLAMINGO BEACH RESORT as well as ROYAL PALM BEACH.

The Maintenance fees went from in the $700 mark to $1008 each week.

They then added on Collection fees,Late Fees Interest each different but over $200.

A court injunction was placed but they defied that and sent out Termination of Leases Letters in April 2009.

My THIRTEEN YEAR OLD daughter was sent TWO letters by Certified Mail for the foreclosures!
Their Legal Counsel ELIZABETH BRENNAN ESQ said she would take legal action against me and denies that Diamond ever sent thos letters which were sent to THE BAHAMAS so I received them months later and the post office was not going to give them as they were sent to a minor of 13!

They claim that when they type in my address IT AUTOMATICALLY COMES UP AS THE BAHAMAS


We went to check in and were told our weeks were forclosed.

The Resort Manager a LOU told me 'Get a lawyer"

'If you want to stay we can give you the rate of $89 per night"

Having already collected twice $1008 plus twice $31.56!

They refused to contact us.

there is another court hearing here November 3 2009.

No Maintenance fees can be paid at the resort.

He has closed the sales office.

The only thing growing is the restaurant that is spreading like a cancer and most beach front units now look at the kitchen instead of  a sunset.

I also bought two weeks from an owner recently.

DIAMOND RESORTS refused to speak to me as a 'third party'

They were however happy to deduct the payments of $608, $308, $300 $400 $400 $31.56 $31.56

from the third party's credit card... mine!

When the owner called to get the transfers done she was told the weeks had been foreclosed.

This is how DIAMOND RESORTS INTERNATIONAL operates on the island of ST MAARTEN where there is no office with people to contact only mutes< EVERYTHING is done from Las Vegas.

The owner STEPHEN CLOOBECK also contributes to the Legal Counsel of a Senator under investigation as well as other political figures! With our Maintenance Fees?

Someone must investigate this man and the company
I have found that the land of the resort is under the name of 'SAINT MAARTEN TITLE LIMITED 'and the address is BONNINGTON st EDINBURGH SCOTLAND! for land on the island of St Maarten and the CORPORATE OFFICE is in LAS VEGAS USA

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21773EPM V-Money
Total claims:2Bank Fraud »01/11/201101/11/20118
This company has just taken £69.75 from my bank account using the name EPM I haveno idea who they are and under no circumstances have I authorised this payment. The website cannot be found and takes you straight to the can you trust them site. Has anyone else heard of this company or been fleeced by them?

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Total recurrring visa transaction-Fraud »15th February, 201225/02/20127
I purchased, under a trial offer, PerfectRadiance and RevitaDerm for a total amount of approx. £6.92. Unfortunately I did not read the terms and conditions of this offer thoroughly (it said if you do not want further products please cancel within the free trial period). I checked my account online last Wednesday, 22nd and found a debit transaction of £79.99 and was shocked and concerned. This is the first time I have been a victim of fraud and am extremely distressed. I have contacted my bank who have advised me to write to the company, luckily I still have the order form and therefor their address. I advise others who may unfortunately have also been victims to report this crime and get this company out of action. I sincerely hope i can get my money back.

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26575Global Wine Investments Ltd [London]
Total claims:2wine Investment Fraud »17 August 201201/09/20127
Global Wine advertised on an investment e-mailing list published by Agora, a reputable company that is sister to Money Week magazine. The brochure promised reasonable investments over time on fine wines, stating that purchases would be stored in the bonded Vinotheque warehouse in Burton on Trent. Following initial contact with a 'Senior Portfolio Advisor", Charles Cox, I invested a total of GBP 7750 in two tranches of GBP 2900 and GBP 4850. In July, I instructed Cox to sell the more expensive investment, which I was told would be completed in early August. On calling back and getting engaged phones in Aug, I was concerned and checked the Vinotheque warehouse, where no wine was stored under my name (as advertised) or under Global Wine's. On Aug 17, phones were disconnected and the website disappeared. On Aug 21, I made contact with one other and subsequently a total of 6 other investors who had lost sums varying between GBP 2000 to GBP 40 000. All 7 of us have reported Global Wine to the police. Global Wine was clearly a scam - the bank accounts had been cleared, Directors (Michael Wilson - who has a string of dodgy companies to his name - Lorna Bita, and James Edward Hamilton) resigned, and website and phones disconnected. Wilson and Cox may be working for a carbon trading company called Burlington Energy Markets. DO NOT INVEST ANY MONEY IN COMPANIES OWNED OR MANAGED BY WILSON, BITA, or HAMILTON. In addition if anyone out there has been ripped off by Global Wine please contact through this site

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28927PayMatters Barons Court, Manchester Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 1BQ [Miles Grady, PayMatters Barons Court, Manchester Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 1BQ]
Total claims:2Miles Grady Fraud Prison! »201330/03/20137
Miles Grady
Barons Court, Manchester Road,
Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 1BQ

Lets see if Paymatters is still trading when Miles Grady is sentenced for his multi -million pound fraud, as his trial date looms!

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5476Dazzlesmile Pro [Iowa]
Total claims:6I Just Want My Money Back - Credit Card Fraud »20 September 200912/10/20096

I ordered a 14 day trial on 27 August 2009 & received it on the 15 September 2009 as I live in Australia. I returned the product the same day as a return to sender, as I was broke. I was the billed the AUS$93.28 on the 20 September AFTER I emailed them on the 15th to let them know I know longer wanted to participate any further. I have called about 20 times in the past 4weeks to get my refund they told me I have to wait till they receive the product back. I then got some trays in the mail (Betterdtox) on the 2 Sept 2009 & billed AUS$57.38 which I then returned via express postage to the same address as the first & they refunded my money straight away but I was refunded AUS$55.14. They had received this item straight away & still to this day they say they haven't got the first Dazzlesmile. I have now been billed from Ezykit for AUS$9.79 again without my permission as it was cancelled on the 6 October my statement says 9 October 2009. Please help me get my money back so I can cancel my card so no more companies will rip me off.

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4792York Street Properties [Dallas]
Total claims:3York Street Properties - Fraud Investigation Continues »07 September 200910/09/20096

Mr. Lance Puig, CEO
100 Crescent Court, 7th Floor
Dallas, TX 75201

September 7, 2009

Dear Mr. Puig,

I have always advocated running an ethical business, maintaining strict compliance with all state and federal laws, paying vendors on time, and resolving customer complaints in a timely manner. Recently, however, several online postings have come to my attention which outline, in great detail, allegations of fraud, criminal misconduct, securities violations, payment scams, non-payment of construction tradesmen, unresolved customer complaints and/or ongoing civil/criminal investigations concerning York Street Properties, Inc. including:

Some of these postings:
1. Appear to be from real estate investors that I personally delivered York Street Properties Inc.’s online presentation to;
2. Allege that I am your personal advisor, partner and/or co-conspirator in your alleged fraudulent business practices; and/or
3. Could result in severe civil and/or criminal penalties if proven to be true;

Based on the seriousness and volume of these allegations, I have no choice but to resign my position at York Street Properties, Inc., effective immediately, until which time York Street Properties, Inc. is able to resolve all of the allegations against it, as I cannot and will not knowingly be associated with any organization that is alleged to be committing fraud or securities violations, or which is otherwise engaged in payment scams, non-payment of construction tradesmen and/or acts of civil/criminal misconduct.


Mike Bacher
Real Estate Investor Relations
100 Crescent Court, 7th Floor
Dallas, TX 75201

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6147Companions Massage & Dating Services [ESSEX]
Total claims:4Fraudulent Registration Fee »31/10/200903/11/20096


On 30/10/09, I came across a website advertising under the name Companions Massage and Dating, basically chaperoning clients on dates. I applied to them as I was in desperate need of money and sexual relations was not a 'must'. I filled out the registration form online and then recieved a txt that same day, informing me that my details were received and I should give them a call. I did so. Anyways to cut a long story short....         I was told that I had a booking for Saturday and all I needed to do was pay the registration fee of £295. I was dubious and skeptical, but yet I paid the money into a Barclays account, under the name GJ Promotions. I was told to expect a phonecall from the client, and never did. I was told by Companions that the client had cancelled as he was ill and would rebook. I registered on a Friday and over the weekend I decided to run a check on them and found they were a scam company. I called them to ask for my registration fee back and I've been told,'no refunds!' They need to be stopped! I'm so angry as that was literally my last bit of savings and it has only been 3 days since I made the payment. I went into my bank and I'm trying to have the payment disputed, whether I'll be successful is yet to be seen!

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1451upvc trade frames hull ltd [hull]
Total claims:1deposit fraud »04/12/200823/03/20095



Christopher Burton and Sarah Burton




UPVC Trade Frames (Hull) Limited







Dated 3 March 2009


During a recent search for a builder and conservatory supplier, I contacted ‘Trusted Local' and Anglian Windows. Shortly after two companies contacted me with a view to quote for the job.  After a couple of meetings at our home and quotes supplied, another company called ‘Trade Frames' contacted us via the telephone stating that they were aware we were looking for a conservatory supplier and at the time I assumed that they had heared about us through the ‘Trusted Local Suppliers' website.


Trade Frames gave us a good quote and we gave them the go ahead and handed Andy D, salesman from Trade Frames a cheque for £5,000 deposit for the planning fees and architect and to get things moving.  At this point we joked about being ready for Christmas but were advised that it would take around 6 weeks for the planning to go through and up to 6 weeks for the build and that work could be estimated to be done by January or early February 09.  We therefore sat back and waited. 


Our Architect, Chris Rodgers of Matrix Solutions, informed us just after Christmas that everything was in with the Council and during January we should see some planning notices outside. 


Prior to provided Trade Frames with a deposit, we had sent in a pre-planning form to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and had received a letter from Planning Officer Miss Terry Clements that although planning for a conservatory would be required, we could continue with the loft conversion with a large dormer without full planning as long as it was built complying with  a few certain conditions.  Chris Rodgers rightly advised us that rather than build one large ugly dormer across the back of the house, we should put in full planning for two smaller dormers that are more pleasing to the eye and should include this with the plans for the conservatory all under one planning application.



- 1 -


During early January I contacted Andy Drummond from Trade Frames for a progress report but to no avail.  We would ring Andy D's mobile and Trade Frames and either the phones would not be answered, or if they were answered we would told that the matter would be looked into and that we would receive a telephone call back.  Repeatedly this did not happen.  Eventually we got a glimmer of hope when Andy Drummond confirmed that a builder would be coming round to see us mid-February to start work on the stairs and roof structure etc as this can be done without full planning.  Nobody turned up to start any work at all and nobody telephoned us to explain why the builder did not arrive.


Around this time we were getting rather twitchy about the authenticity of Trade Frames and as to whether any applications etc had been submitted at all, although Chris Rodgers had explained that everything was in hand.  We were getting a bad feeling about Trade Frames and how we were being treated by the company, therefore we telephoned the East Riding of Yorkshire Council towards the end of January to check to see if any applications had been made.  The Council explained that an application had been made and this put our minds at ease.  The council requested further documents such as flood risk assessment.  We spoke to Chris Rodgers who had received a letter from the council on 4 February requesting this information and explained that he will return these documents to the council and during the end of February we subsequently received validation.


I then called Andy Drummond numerous times for Andy to book an internal start date and I then became more and more frustrated by the lack of communication and promises of ‘I will call you back'. 


On 24 February I telephoned the office of Trade Frames and spoke to a woman who said that I would have an answer by the end of the day,  I received a telephone call from a guy who claimed to be a builder called Shane who said that he was asked to come over and get started building our conservatory.  I explained that we still had no planning through for the conservatory but he replied that we don't need to worry as we can get around that by just tying into the existing building as a way of getting round needing planning permission!  I obviously refused to let this unprofessional sounding person on my property.  Upon making further attempts to contact Andy this day, I was guaranteed an answer by 10.00pm. By 10.00pm there were still no answers from Andy.  I called Andy and was told to stop calling him.  He had promised me a call by the end of the working day and he said that to him - he was still working and this was not the end of his day!  A little shocked by his attitude, I went to Trade Frames in Hull on Thursday, 26 February. 


When I arrived at Trade Frames in Hull on Thursday, 26 February I walked into an open door to be told these people have nothing to do with Trade Frames and they were ‘Meking Glass' and the other gentleman present at the time claimed to be a customer.  A man called ‘Mark' turned up explaining that


- 2 -

it was nothing to do with him - he worked for a marketing company.  Then Steven Beet turned up and claimed not to be anything to do with Trade Frames also and was just a worker.  After much arguing and me demanding my deposit money back, Steve promised a visit to my home with a builder at 11.00am on Saturday, 27 February to survey the job.  He explained that he would draw a line in the sand and all would be ok from now on in. 


My wife stayed at home all day on Saturday and at one minute to 11.00am we had a call from Steve Beet with an excuse about a failed MOT on the builders' car and that he would not be able to make it until later in the day.  It was promised that he would come round at 5.00pm on Saturday, 27 February.  Eventually at around 3.00pm he telephoned to make another excuse that he would not be coming around at 5pm but he gave a cast iron promise for Monday at 4.00pm - but again no show!


After many abusive telephone calls on my part to them, I was told

By Andy Drummond that he had left the company.


I subsequently went to the premises of Trade Frames on Tuesday, 3 March to find ‘meking glass' man and the previously mentioned ‘I'm just a customer' man in the building who again although at Trade Frames' premises had ‘no involvement!  I sat and waited for Steven Beet who turned up and spent an hour lying about who owns what company.  During the time I spent at the premises a builder turned up who was working for Trade Frames and had downed his tools until he got paid by Trade Frames. 


While I was sat in an empty office, telephone numbers of customers were on the top of a desk in open full view.  I called some of these customers while I was waiting to find a very familiar story of lies and unkept promises of start work dates and large deposits being paid to Trade Frames.  I have discovered a web of lies and deceit and I am convinced without doubt that these men are committing fraud.


From research on the world wide web, I have checked with FENSA and I am unable to find any registration details for Trade Frames, UPVC Trade Frames (Hull) Limited, Trade Frames Hull or Stormproof or even Hoetech as ever being registered with FENSA.  I have since spoken to a Trade Frame customer who were informed that Hoetech Windows have taken on Trade Frames jobs as they were liquidated on Friday, 27 February - further raising suspicion.


After contacting a couple of other unhappy customers of Trade Frames/Stormproof, non of us can understand how these 2 companies obtained our contact details in the first place or heard how we wanted conservatories building.  The on-line agency have confirmed that they do not have these companies registered with their agency There seems to be a


- 3 -

common theme of Anglian Windows quoting within 24/48 hours of receiving a call from Trade Frames.  This appears on the surface to be more than a coincidence.  It is believed that Andy Drummond was previously employed by Anglian Windows, If this is indeed the case and the source of their customers prospects, this would be a gross breach under the Data Protection Act.


Many requests for either works and/or return of my deposit money have clearly been made but this has yet to occur.  I am no longer happy with Trade Frames nor wish for any of their builders or contractors to start any of my work as I do not trust anybody associated with the company and wish for the fair return of my deposit. 


Dated 3rd day of March 2009



Christopher and Sarah Burton






























- 4 -

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Total claims:200Fraud »07.10.200921/10/20095

I found the UGG website [] (link: on google which said it was the last 3 day sale with free delivery. When I went on the website it looked geniuine and I actually thought it was the proper UGG website, aswell as my friends who have also had the same problems as me.

Me and my manager order 2 pair's of UGGS, she ordered them on her credit card and I gave her the cash that way we could both recieve them at work the same time. I had told my sister the previous night about the website and she also went on there and ordered a pair of UGG's.

Firstly it said on the website that delivery would take between 5-7 working days, my sister recieved hers on the 14th working day. When she opened the box and pulled the UGG's out we realised that they were fakes! Really bad fakes aswell, the label on the back was crocked, they didnt fit they looked nothing like what were shown on the website. So we went onto the website which was no longer coming up on google we had to go on the website via an email she had recieved. When we looked at there returns policy it said "Refunds will only be allowed if the product is returned unopened within 10 days of the purchase date" Well how could we tell if there was anything wrong with them if you cant open the box and also we didnt recieve them till 14 days after the purchase date. So we tried to send an email, everytime we tried to send the email it kept coming back saying "Error on page" so we couldnt even send the email. We then checked my sisters bank which we noticed that instead of taking out £55.00 like it said on the website, the company took £61.25 from my sisters account. There is knowhere on the website which states they take out anything extra as it was free delievry.

My mum thought it was an idea to get the email address which they emailed us with the order confirmation when we first ordered the UGG's and google it which we did, we then realised that were not the only people with this problem apparently it has happend to quite a few people.

After reading through peoples comments on here and realising that the website is a scam I decided that something should be done about this. Luckly my UGG's were delivered the next day at work which i managed to refuse delivery of the boots and my manager has informed her credit card company. Is it likely that we would get a refund through the credit card company, we have got all paperwork and i have print outs of everything from their website for proof. This company should not be ab;e to get away with this, its a con and fraud! My sister wont be able to get a refund as she paid by her debit card which she now has to cancel as people were saying that the company tried to take even more money out.

I would really appreciate some help on this as this is not acceptable and they should not be allowed to get away with this. I will be contatcing trading standards aswell.

This is a mistake I wont be making again.



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Total claims:29FRAUD »NOV 13 200924/11/20095





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7237Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49Pathway Fraud »9th Nov 200902/12/20095

Like many others I was fooled into thinking they were a reputable company as their salesman, Samuel Johnson, was an excellent actor and should deserve an Oscar. He even told me that if I paid the full amount and not installments that my son would be guaranteed a job.I paid £2600.00 to Pathway for the full works for my son who, like many others, is unemployed and this was to be a new startfor him and his family. I am a pensioner and have not any spare funds so paid for it on my credit card. My son had his medical and sent his licence off to have the provisional entitlement recorded and after it was returned we tried to contact Pathway but they seem to have disappeared. I have been in touch with RHA, Trading standards at Hackney, The receivership office and Companies House. It appears that Pathway are being looked into so it is just a matter of waiting. If anyone paid on their credit card then the money should be refunded by their bank. I have also had a further amount debited from my card to top up a T-mobile phone in the London area. Was that them aswell? I don't know. I would love to meet up with these fraudsters, face to face ,and tell them how may lives they have destroyed and see if they have any remorse.

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10640SMILEKIT 866-407-5759 SINGAPORE
Total claims:51FRAUD/REFUND »20/01/1021/01/20105

My a/c was debited for USD129.42 on 20/01/10 with this narrative : SMILEKIT 866-407-5759 SINGAPORE 74556220019. I have no recollection of purchasing from this company for such product. I have no idea who this company is.

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Total claims:1Fraud »9/04/1013/04/20105
I ordered a pair of ugg boots online i recieved no email or products and it has been over a week since i ordered the goods. I have no website address for the company.

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Total claims:9fraudulent date »10th july 201012/07/20105

i spoke to a lady called kim who had assured their was a booking fee paid by "george" who would pay me to take me to dinner -- this was a non sexual date. I had to pay the registration fee of £225 before they released the info to me. I paid it into a Halifax account S L Howell account number 00371244 sort code 11-13-17, surely the bulding societies can also do something as they are also using the account fraudulently. Well "george" never rang me once I had paid the money. I tried to ring office , it went to a answer machine which is a box number, I also tried the 0831 no which just rang and went dead. This is a complete scam, they are getting people to pay for registration but there are no jobs. There is no office we can visit and no address. THIS IS FRAUD. Also I am sure the TAXMAN doesnt know about this. All transactions are cash. Their other site is its the same people. They have to be caught and stopped now. I have also reported them to GUMTREE ----- NOW . I am also goingt o send email to Donal McIntyre to investigate.

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2221NE 1st Choice Auto [Hermon]
Total claims:1Fraud »27/02/0904/05/20094

This dealership knowingly sold me a faulty vehicle with a dealer's warranty. After returning the vehicle a week later for repairs, the dealership proceeded to use and abuse my car to the tune of 3,000 miles over the next 3 weeks while I was under the assumption my transmission was being replaced. When I returned to pick up my car, the dealership had closed down and the building was abandoned. I found my car had been completely abused, was trashed inside and out, and had not been fixed at all. The owner, Shelton Lanham, lied to me repeatedly about the situation, ripped off a number of other people as well, and is a dispicable human being who deserves to rot in a prison cell!

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3887ACAI BURN Army Post Rd Distribution [Des Moines]
Total claims:14Fraudulant use of bank account »July 26, 200928/07/20094

When I ordered this product, I recieved an email stating I had a free trial for 14 days.  The product took almost that long to even get to me.  Then the day after I received it and saw it was not what it was described, put it back in the package and sent it "return to sender" with a dated note to cancel permanently and put it in the mail.  I then received a call from the company asking me how I liked the product and I told her that I sent back the product immediately  and she told me that I would be refunded any money I had spent on the free trial.  Next thing I know, I receive another call about a week later from another person at the business and told him to not call any longer that I had cancelled.  Next thing I know I am debited $3.95 in my account by some weird company saying that they are associated with Maxacaiburn and that in the agreement I signed that I was going to pay them too and that they were my diet specialists and they refused to refund my money but would not charge me any longer.  Like that is going to happen.  Then my package returns back to me that I sent "return to sender".  So I put the entire package with all the proof of sending it back on it and take it to my UPS store who tells me that I can't send it tracked to a PO Box (another clever tactic by this company), so they said they will send regular mail, and I asked them, three employees to be my witnesses that it was sent.  Now three weeks have gone by and I am still dealing with these theives.  Then my bank account is charged $58.76 by maxacaiburn without my permission, and this is pure fraud using my card without my permission.  I had cancelled it now three times.  Yes, my bank account was charged a week after the last time I sent the package and they say they never received it, because I called to complain again.  This time the woman tells me that I need a cancellation number, yet no one ever gave me one before.  I think this is a scam and they don't give you a cancellation number until they have collected at least one huge payment.  Now the woman gives me a cancellation number, says she never recieved my package, wants a tracking number which she knows is impossible with a PO box and says it was not a free trial yet the email I was sent when I ordered, says at the very top, "free trial" when I insist on her crediting my bank account, she refused and hung up on me.  I sent my bank notification of fraud on my account.  The next day, I called Maxacaiburn and talked to Annie who would not give me her name but her employee number of 154865, she says it takes 5 to 10 days to confirm that a package was sent back and charges will be credited at that time.  The other woman said they had not received my package and this woman says that there is no way to tell when it arrives until 5 to 10 days later?  You can't believe a word they say.  I am reporting them for fraud to the Des Moines police department, the attorney generals office and anywhere else I can.  Here's another one for you...if you call the number 1-866-989-8945 you will hear "Mike" tell you about what a mistake you are making cancelling your account, which first of all means that they are expecting you to cancel!!  Then "Mike" goes on to say that if you don't want to lose wait and basically be a loser, to give to a friend to use.  What a set up, because if you don't send it back, they just keep billing you...they don't care...they are theives and they will go to any sneaky illegal length to get your money.  This is fraud! and they know it, they just hope you will count it as a bad choice and move on, but I won't...I am going to make sure they get prosecuted by law for fraud, and oh by the way, because I live in beaverton, OR and they are in Des Moines IA, that is crossing state lines!  I hope you join me in making sure no one else gets hurt by these cheaters! 

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3937Real Promotions Limited [Nottingham]
Total claims:2Fraudulent confidence business offer »17/07/0931/07/20094

"Sammy" rang me on the 17th to "sell" me and promise that I would have a guaranteed assignment booking before they would request my registration fee. I took the basic registration package: £251.85. "Sammy" gave me 2 choices of Friday evening or Saturday evening with 2 different clients. I chose Saturday and was told Juliette would contact me via my mobile phone. I was asked by both Sammy and Jessica if I wanted a private car hire to collect me and bring me back at no charge to me. I requested/accepted that offer. I was told that "Juliette" was a very high powered New York magazine editor. I paid my registration fee on Friday afternoon by bank transfer from my current account into Real Promotions Ltd's Abbey Account: Sort code 09-01-27; account number: 38274044 with reference number SAM2998. I made several calles to their premium phone number: 0871 246 4851 from both my landline as well as my mobile phone. When I was told "Juliette" cancelled twice, due to last minute work (photo shoot as her "collegues called in sick and she had to take over"), first on Saturday, then on the rescheduled Tuesday, I smelled a rat. I had specifically informed "Sammy" and also "Jessica" that I had less than no money and that my registration fee would further increase my already high overdraft and had to get the registration money back into my account plus the £600 assignment fee. I need £400.00 for emergency dental work and was suffering under intense and excruciating toothache. They both reassured me that I would have a booking immediately and put me on "high priority". Apparently, I am still on "high priority" as of today's date (31 July). By Tuesday evening, I had sent them an email terminating the contract with them as they had broken their aggreement. Indeed, I was told that we are "partners" and are dependent upon each other. I had originally requested that the registration fee be paid AFTER the £600 cash assignment fee would be paid to my by the client immediately upon meeting. Sammy refused, saying that they couldn't do that as it was company policy. Their "contract" states that I have a 7 day week's "cooling off" period. I cancelled the agreement well within that time as is evidenced by the email paper trail (see below). The fact that they totally ignored all of my communications and have fallen silent immediately, convinced me that they are not a legitimate company, but quite simply psychopaths, crooks, criminals and thieves. Can you help me regain my registration fee, premium telephone outlay and damages? I want to also see them put out of business and prosecuted legally and put behind bars where they belong. Any help and advice you can give me will help us all. I am on full state benefits and incapacity benefit as well, therefore, I have no means to pursue this matter.  Thanking you in advance, I am yours faithfully,

Stephen Bennett (see below)

This is the up-to-date"paper trail". They have not bothered to even acknowledge or reply, therefore providing evidence that they are a fraud and con.  

28/07/2009 12:45:22 GMT Standard Time: Dear Sammy and Adora Belles,   I have been listening again to the recordings of our conversations, just to be sure of the evidence.   As you know, I have terminated our agreement and requested the repayment of my registration fee of £251.85 on the 21st of July 2009. The paper trail and telephone conversations are available for proof.   To date/time, you have not acknowledged or replied to my request in any way, shape or form.   You could have honoured our contract, but you chose not to do so,.   I have given you very fair warning. I do not let sleeping dogs lie.   You know what and who you are.   Sincerely,   Stephen Bennett     In a message dated 27/07/2009 09:40:14 GMT Standard Time, Mozartsbum writes:

Dear Sammy,   I continue to request and ask you to reply to my communication. You continue to ignore my request.   You owe me a booking.   Regards, Stephen Bennett   In a message dated 25/07/2009 16:04:05 GMT Standard Time, Mozartsbum writes:
  Dear Sammy,   You have not replied to my attempts to communicate you.   Regards,   SB             In a message dated 24/07/2009 04:18:47 GMT Standard Time, Mozartsbum writes:
Dear Adora Belles,   I sent you an email (see below) and, although I have given you plenty of time to acknowledge and reply I have not had a response from you.   I suggest and advise you to do so immediately, as you have betrayed our trust, the contract and the partnership.   I do hope that you will see the ramifications of this.   Sincerely,     Stephen Bennett cc.      
Dear Sammy,   I write to try to contact you regarding our conversation on Friday morning, July 17, when you rang my landline. As you remember, we discussed the problem I have with affording the registration fee due to my cash flow problems and creditors. Those creditors have unexpectedly risen to the tune of £700 more than before I spoke with you. However, the registration fee has further put me in debt and now I am suffering greatly from it.   As you recall, you reassured me that I would regain my registration fee when a booking was made, insuring that I would be paid £600 in cash at the beginning of the assignment. You therefore provided me with 2 possibilities and I accepted the 2nd one with "Juliette" for Saturday, 18 July in the evening for a theatrical performance in the West End, London.   As a direct result of that promised and confirmed booking (Juliette had, as you informed me, was committed to the booking fee) That booking was cancelled as "Jessica" informed me when she rang my mobile Friday afternnoon around 5pm, and asked if I would be free on Monday or Tuesday to join "Juiliette". I agreed to Tuesday, today. Jessica put me on "high priority" on Friday afternoon for another booking as well. No booking was forthcoming. I waited until the lunch hour to contact adora belles to ascertain the situation. Juliette had not contacted me. Jessica promised to "chase her down and find out what the situation was and get back to (me). That communication phone call never came. No phone call to keep me abreast of the situation. I waited until 4:30 before ringing adora belles to follow up the situation. I was told that someone in bookings would ring me back right away with the information needed. I was also told that I would be put on "high priority". By 4:40, no call came in to me. As I believed 5pm to be your closing time since I was told that on Saturday, I wanted to get through before 5. I was then told that that you are manning the phones/business until 9pm. I finally received a call back from Bianca to tell me that "Juliette was called away on business this evening". I then had no choice but to inform Bianca of the situation, and your verbal agreement with me and your clear knowledge of my financial situation with regards paying the registration charges on the sole basis that I would get an immediate booking which would then enable me to cover the registration charges.   Had this happened, I would have upgraded my registration, due to the proof of success and professional reliability of everyone concerned.   In any case, Juliette, being the very high-powered New York magazine editor that is claimed, is indeed professional, as she most certainly should be, then she would have telephoned me to apologize for the first cancellation on Saturday, but most definitely she would have contacted me today to apologize for a 2nd cancellation. There is no excuse for not doing this. She has so far, had 4 days to contact me as she has had my contact details the whole time.  Indeed, if she has the power and high responsibility of being an important editor, she would not and will not ever allow the runnings of the magazine to interfere, rule and destroy her private life. A professional knows this fact of life only too well. She would most certainly have delegated responsibility and otherwise have solved the problem as is the unique specialist skills of an editor in particular She would have done these things, if not the first time she had to cancel but certainly the subsequent time. Any other conduct would necessarily be totally unprofessional and certainly bad form. She has a reputation to uphold and her position as an important editor demands that she behave professionally and sharply at that. I have been informed that she is a very tough, high-powered business person, whom you have known for over 10 years, so you know her very well. For her to let both you as well as me down is highly irregular and does not bode well for her image, let alone her reputation. This behaviour indicates and tells us much about her professional conduct and qualities. I accept that there are always the possibility of extenuating circumstances, but contigency plans are always made and well known. If this be the case, then my heart and mind goes out to her. I can only be a gentleman and offer commisuration and moral support. I wish her only the very best of everything and if I can help and be of any service of any kind, I offer it readilly immediately and without reservation of any kind.     While I do appreciate and understand the variables and unforseen circumstances, with "Juliette" cancelling/postponing twice so far, and my emergency dental treatment with the shock £400 fee, I now find myself in a desperate situation. I need to ask you for your help. As Jessica reminded me this afternoon, "we are partners". We help each other, and by so doing, the business prospers and everyone is more than happy.   I am currently on the "high priority" list for bookings. However, 2 bankstering days plus last Friday, have passed and a 3rd is guaranteed and counting, leaving me very much in the lurch and this is worsening exponentially by the minute.   Unless I receive a booking for this evening, I must make an emergency suggestion and recommendation. It is advisable and I urge you to accept, honour and implement it forthwith.  It is a very fair offer. No one must suffer as a result of it but it will help me in more ways than I can say. We are, after all, mutual partners and honour bound to help each other for the sake of everyone and the business. Please, will you Refund my £251.85 registration fee immediately, since I will have no booking this evening (it is not 6:15pm) so that I may at least recover some of the damage done to my survival situation.   We then therefore, revert to the initial agreement, which is, as you, Sammy, very kindly explained to me, that when a confirmed booking comes in for me, I will then pay the registration fee and we can go on from there.   One £600 booking will keep me a partner for the rest of the year's contract, even if I receive no further bookings for the entire year. It would still be worth it, as it covers the registration fee and more. However, you further assured me that I am exactly the kind of person you require and who is in great demand from your clients. We both more than expect that I will be earning money for us both.   Please, would you now implement this very fair offer and suggestion that will help me greatly and enable me to sort out some very serious and highly stressfull matters.  It will further cement our partnership.   Thank you ever so much for your help and in reading and considering the solution to this problem.   I thank you in advance for dealing with this matter and in contacting me immediately, to give us both peace of mind and help us both out of the situation amicably for everyone concerned.   Yours sincerely and faithfully,   Stephen Bennett       "To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle." - George Orwell (he musta had a large nose)

"A general dissolution of the principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy... While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but once they lose their virtue, they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader... If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the people, they will never be enslaved. This will be their great security:" John Adams  

"The War between the States... produced the foundation for the kind of government we have today: consolidated and absolute, based on the unrestrained will of the majority, with force, threats, and intimidation being the order of the day. Today's federal government is considerably at odds with that envisioned by the framers of the Constitution. . [The War] also laid to rest the great principle enunciated in the Declaration of independence that 'Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed'.": - Walter E. Williams (1936- ) Columnist, Professor of Economics at George Mason University

"By liberty I mean the assurance that every man shall be protected in doing what he believes is his duty against the influence of authority and majorities, custom and opinion."
-- Lord Acton [John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton] (1834-1902), First Baron Acton of Aldenham Source: The History of Freedom in Antiquity, 1877
"But to manipulate men, to propel them toward goals which you -- the social reformers -- see, but they may not, is to deny their human essence, to treat them as objects without wills of their own, and therefore to degrade them." -- Isaiah Berlin - (1909-1997) Source: Two Concepts of Liberty, 1958
"The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil Constitution, are worth defending at all hazards; and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors: they purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood, and transmitted them to us with care and diligence. It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of false and designing men." -- Samuel Adams - (1722-1803), was known as the "Father of the American Revolution."
  "If you want peace, you must prepare for war." - Avigdor Lieberman, Israel Foreign Minister

the Clapham Festival of Music and the Arts
( )
"Government is the Entertainment Division of the military-industrial complex.": Frank Zappa - (1940-1993), Musician
  "When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?": Eleanor Roosevelt

"The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion":
Thomas Paine
        "Every American knows the adage:
         'The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.'
          They just seem to interpret 'vigilance' as 'voyeurism.'"
                                         Stephen Bennett

"Democracy cannot be sustained in the absence of a stable and growing middle class. How can a nation build a middle class? The first key is to build an education system that delivers hope and real opportunity. Good public educational opportunity is the key to the economic and political progress of nations. In Pakistan $4.5 billion is spent on the military each year -- an astounding 1,400% more than on education."
Behazir Bhutto
(Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy & the West, Published by Simon & Schuster on Feb. 12, 2008)
  the William Wilberforce Award for Community Spirit and Service
[] (link:

  Dear Sammy,   I write to try to contact you regarding our conversation on Friday morning, July 17, when you rang my landline. As you remember, we discussed the problem I have with affording the registration fee due to my cash flow problems and creditors. Those creditors have unexpectedly risen to the tune of £700 more than before I spoke with you. However, the registration fee has further put me in debt and now I am suffering greatly from it.   As you recall, you reassured me that I would regain my registration fee when a booking was made, insuring that I would be paid £600 in cash at the beginning of the assignment. You therefore provided me with 2 possibilities and I accepted the 2nd one with "Juliette" for Saturday, 18 July in the evening for a theatrical performance in the West End, London.   As a direct result of that promised and confirmed booking (Juliette had, as you informed me, was committed to the booking fee) That booking was cancelled as "Jessica" informed me when she rang my mobile Friday afternnoon around 5pm, and asked if I would be free on Monday or Tuesday to join "Juiliette". I agreed to Tuesday, today. Jessica put me on "high priority" on Friday afternoon for another booking as well. No booking was forthcoming. I waited until the lunch hour to contact adora belles to ascertain the situation. Juliette had not contacted me. Jessica promised to "chase her down and find out what the situation was and get back to (me). That communication phone call never came. No phone call to keep me abreast of the situation. I waited until 4:30 before ringing adora belles to follow up the situation. I was told that someone in bookings would ring me back right away with the information needed. I was also told that I would be put on "high priority". By 4:40, no call came in to me. As I believed 5pm to be your closing time since I was told that on Saturday, I wanted to get through before 5. I was then told that that you are manning the phones/business until 9pm. I finally received a call back from Bianca to tell me that "Juliette was called away on business this evening". I then had no choice but to inform Bianca of the situation, and your verbal agreement with me and your clear knowledge of my financial situation with regards paying the registration charges on the sole basis that I would get an immediate booking which would then enable me to cover the registration charges.   Had this happened, I would have upgraded my registration, due to the proof of success and professional reliability of everyone concerned.   In any case, Juliette, being the very high-powered New York magazine editor that is claimed, is indeed professional, as she most certainly should be, then she would have telephoned me to apologize for the first cancellation on Saturday, but most definitely she would have contacted me today to apologize for a 2nd cancellation. There is no excuse for not doing this. She has so far, had 4 days to contact me as she has had my contact details the whole time.  Indeed, if she has the power and high responsibility of being an important editor, she would not and will not ever allow the runnings of the magazine to interfere, rule and destroy her private life. A professional knows this fact of life only too well. She would most certainly have delegated responsibility and otherwise have solved the problem as is the unique specialist skills of an editor in particular She would have done these things, if not the first time she had to cancel but certainly the subsequent time. Any other conduct would necessarily be totally unprofessional and certainly bad form. She has a reputation to uphold and her position as an important editor demands that she behave professionally and sharply at that. I have been informed that she is a very tough, high-powered business person, whom you have known for over 10 years, so you know her very well. For her to let both you as well as me down is highly irregular and does not bode well for her image, let alone her reputation. This behaviour indicates and tells us much about her professional conduct and qualities. I accept that there are always the possibility of extenuating circumstances, but contigency plans are always made and well known. If this be the case, then my heart and mind goes out to her. I can only be a gentleman and offer commisuration and moral support. I wish her only the very best of everything and if I can help and be of any service of any kind, I offer it readilly immediately and without reservation of any kind.     While I do appreciate and understand the variables and unforseen circumstances, with "Juliette" cancelling/postponing twice so far, and my emergency dental treatment with the shock £400 fee, I now find myself in a desperate situation. I need to ask you for your help. As Jessica reminded me this afternoon, "we are partners". We help each other, and by so doing, the business prospers and everyone is more than happy.   I am currently on the "high priority" list for bookings. However, 2 bankstering days plus last Friday, have passed and a 3rd is guaranteed and counting, leaving me very much in the lurch and this is worsening exponentially by the minute.   Unless I receive a booking for this evening, I must make an emergency suggestion and recommendation. It is advisable and I urge you to accept, honour and implement it forthwith.  It is a very fair offer. No one must suffer as a result of it but it will help me in more ways than I can say. We are, after all, mutual partners and honour bound to help each other for the sake of everyone and the business. Please, will you Refund my £251.85 registration fee immediately, since I will have no booking this evening (it is not 6:15pm) so that I may at least recover some of the damage done to my survival situation.   We then therefore, revert to the initial agreement, which is, as you, Sammy, very kindly explained to me, that when a confirmed booking comes in for me, I will then pay the registration fee and we can go on from there.   One £600 booking will keep me a partner for the rest of the year's contract, even if I receive no further bookings for the entire year. It would still be worth it, as it covers the registration fee and more. However, you further assured me that I am exactly the kind of person you require and who is in great demand from your clients. We both more than expect that I will be earning money for us both.   Please, would you now implement this very fair offer and suggestion that will help me greatly and enable me to sort out some very serious and highly stressfull matters.  It will further cement our partnership.   Thank you ever so much for your help and in reading and considering the solution to this problem.   I thank you in advance for dealing with this matter and in contacting me immediately, to give us both peace of mind and help us both out of the situation amicably for everyone concerned.   Yours sincerely and faithfully,   Stephen Bennett      

"To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle." - George Orwell (he musta had a large nose)

        "Every American knows the adage:
         'The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.'
          They just seem to interpret 'vigilance' as 'voyeurism.'"
                                         Stephen Bennett

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Total claims:200Fraud/Fake »19/9/200906/11/20094

I NEED HELP AND ADVICE!!!  To cut a long story very short I ordered 3 pairs of Ugg Boots for my 3 daughters.  The cost should have been £177.99 but £184.81 was actually taken from my card.  I had my suspicions as they took ages to arrive, excuse after excuse and decided that I would not sign for them when they arrived,  Unfortunately I was at work and my neighbour signed thus leaving me with 3 pairs of fake ugg boots!!!  As I paid on my credit card they are trying to help me with my case but I need to get a letter on headed paper from a reputable retailer confirming that they are fake.  Easier said than done!!  I have been to Uggs in Covent Garden, Shuh, Office Shoes, Debenhams, Elys everywhere!! and no one will be prepared to do this as they did not sell me the boots.  I've even offered to pay for this service but have got nowhere.  HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THE SAME PROBLEM AND COULD THEY ADVISE ME!  Spoke to trading standards office today and reported the company but could not help me any further.  Stupid man that sells these expects me to send them back and he will refund the boots but no shipping.  Does he think I'm completely insane!!!  Please help if you can.  Thanks.  Helen

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7026Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49fraud / miss sold class two »23/11/0923/11/20094

Hi guys i have had the exact same problem with them by telling me the world was my oyster and basically anything else that would help me part with my hard earned cash, i only found out today about this miserable bunch of fcuks from my driving school who warned me not to pay any other money to pathway as they are owed £15,000. i will not be letting this drop and am going to the cits advice tomorrow at 5pm to find out exactly what rights we have in claiming this money back and if not all of it as like us all it was sold to us under false pretenses. the last i heard from pathway was around three days ago asking if i wanted to take out an extra pass protection as i had failed the first one it would only cost £299 luckly i said no and that was that heard nothing else... I JUST DONT KNOW HOWTHESE PEOPLE CAN SLEEP EASY AT NIGHT KNOWING WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE THEM PAY!!! my email address is please email me your email address so i can send you the info i get tomorrow.  

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7056Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49FRAUD »23/11/200924/11/20094

I have booked my class 1 and 2 with Pathway HGV training i have spent £2597 to do this i have passed my theory which they put me through but when i went to do my practical training with them yesterday at acompany called Newcroft training services in purfleet essex.When i arrived they told me they could not give me any training because pathways owe them £25,000 so i come home to ring them and can't get hold of them. All you get is we are having a technical problem and we can't take your call please email us at [] (link:  and we shall get back to you within 24hours now i have done this and have not had anythink back i have rung london courts to find out if they have gone into administration which they haven't not as of yet but i guess they are going into. I have rung the sun to tell them and i am sending an email to watchdog too. To see if they can help i really don't no what to do now if their is anyone that has any other numbers for pathways or manage to get hold of pathways could please share the number with me please. I do have a couple of numbers but the free phone numbers have been cut off so i only have this number which is 0203 004 3320 but its not getting me anywhere. I think we need to try and get together and take this to all the newspapers and people like watchdog and rogue traders to stop things like this happening again.

Many thanks

Darren Goldstone


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7118Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49FRAUD »30/11/0930/11/20094

I can't believe I have just found this site and seen all the people like myself who have been completely ripped off by this company.  I too paid money up front to get my hgv class 2 training and was promised that they would see me through it all every step of the way.  I contacted the company once I passed my theory test which was approximately a month ago now.  I spoke to Junior Lewis who gave me a telephone number for the practical department to get my training done and my test booked.  Once I got through to them I was told there was approximately a 3 week waiting list for my area and that someone would be in touch with me.  I tried ringing back every week since that time and I too got the recorded message "your call is important to us, you will be connected to the next available adviser"  I held on for over half an hour and still wasn't connected.  I tried calling again the following day and daily for over a week.  I too then got the message "we are having technical difficulties but this will be resolved asap, please e-mail us etc etc"... I e-mailed them I still have had no response whatsoever.  I also sent a letter by special delivery, to ensure it was delivered and I still have heard nothing.  Like everyone else I now get the unobtainable signal when I try ringing.  I am so angry and upset since I was hoping this course of training was going to open up a new window for me.  All I have done is lose my money.  I am certainly happy to contact anyone that thinks it will help to get this situation noticed.  So if anyone can give me some advice please feel free to tell me!.  Where do I go from here?



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7274Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49fraud »20/10/0903/12/20094

i also have been ripped off by pathway i rang the police in peterborough and my bank now the fraud sqad from my bank are also involved and guess what the police dont seem to be bothered but the trading standards are looking at this company im pissed of as its a months wages gone and i dont think i can get it back as i paid by a debit card it took me 3 weeks to do anything about it as i was waiting for my licence to come back from dvla then thats when i couldnt get hold of them.

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10619SMILEKIT 866-407-5759 SINGAPORE
Total claims:51fraud »16/01/201020/01/20104

I ordered a 'free' sample of acai berry detox and colon cleanse from the website that seemed ligit and was even registered as being safe to use by McAfee security scan. Little did i know i was being conned, I agreed to pay posting and packaging and the items were delivered (suprisingly) but a couple of weeks later my account was debited with 2x £75.17 to a company called smilekit in singapore!!!! I am furious, how dare these people think they can just use customers details and take money from peoples account!! this is fraud!! my bank wasnt that helpful saying that i must of entered a subscription and therfore i have to deal with it myself.... ive tried to get hold of these scumbags with no joy. I hope this company gets caught and i advise people not to order anything that has 'free' in the title.

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12051Companion work [London]
Total claims:10Fraud/scam company »04/04/201013/04/20104

Hi guys, anyone know if is a scam??? I had a sniff of dodgy dealings are said I wanted there business address and registered VAT num (to make it sound official) I have been getting called all day from a guy called 'shaun' who 'reassures' me that there firm is not dodgy!! Anyone with further info can you let me know please asap....

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16010Choice White / Select White Teeth / Alpine White [FL 33912]
Total claims:10Choice White / Select White Teeth Scam /Fraud »2 December 201015/01/20114


I ordered the teeth whitening trial pack for £2.95 which i agreed on 25 Nov 2010 and i received the trial pack called "Alpine White" in good condition.


Later, i realized they have charged me 2 payment of £38.64 on 30 Nov 2010 and £42.82 on 2 Dec 2010 without my confirmation and authorization. Refer to the Term and Condition when i first ordered the trial pack, i then realized i have enrolled to the teeth whitening program.


By then, I expected i will receive the subsequent 2 whitening pack as per the stated term and condition.


On 9 Dec 2010, I called to their customer care number 020 337 18986 to check my order delivery status. The Lady (with heavy American slang) called Cole, told me i will receive my pack on 20 Dec 2010.


On 21 Dec 2010, I didn't receive the pack yet, so i called to the number again, i recognized the voice of the lady who i called on 9 Dec, but she told me she is called Alisha not Cole. She told me again, due to the peak festival season, my shipment was delayed and i would receive the packs before new year.


On 4 Jan 2011, i called to the number again, and a guy named Frank told me, i will receive my pack on 10 Jan 2011. If i still not receive my pack, they will give me refund.


On 12 Jan 2011, i tried called to 020 337 18986 and 020 337 10984, but both numbers went to dial tone, seems like they have terminated the phone line.


Apparently, they have breached the sales agreement. Legal action should be imposed to them.


Their website still operating and the contact numbers still in their term and condition page.



Select White Teeth 8515 Jackrabbit Rd Houston, TX 77043 Uk:(020 337 10984) and US:866.354.1938

Choice White ∙ Distribution Center 7600 Alico Rd. Box 1222 Fort Myers, FL 33912 Uk:(020 337 10984) and US:866.354.1938

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Total claims:17UNOFFICIAL WEBSITE/FRAUD »1/12/201004/12/20104

I ordered 2 pairs of ugg boots from what i thought was ugg australia.When i clicked on my goods i was told the total was £125.As soon as i put my DEBIT bank details through it flashed up to say £143 then it went back to the homepage.Because of this i checked my internet bank straight away and they had taken the £147.I phoned the contact number that was on there site but it was unrecognisable.There live chat didnt work.I have sent e-mails but had no reply.When you click on track order it says you can track your order through EMS.EMS ask for a tracking code but i dont even have that.
PLEASE be carefull if shopping with ugg australia,the unofficial site looks very similar to the geniune site.It makes me sick to think these people get away with stealing peoples money on a daily basis

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Total claims:21Fraudulant activity »15.03.201117/03/20114
This money has been taken from my account with out me knowing once again!! I have never heard from thi company and now i really dont know what to do as this is happening to me frequently and being this far pregnant i am really stressed. I get no explainations from any of these companies and really do not know how they have my details, Please can someone help me as a single mother of 2 under 3 and about to have my third i am finding this extreamly stressful and have nowhere to turn for advice or to get my money back. I ahve emailed them without response suprise suprise im now totally out of pocket and nearly homeless.

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22171CentrePAD EMPLOYMENT [london]
Total claims:10FRAUD,SCAM COMPANY »201123/11/20114


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1145Maplin Electronics Plc [Rotherham, S.Yorks.]
Total claims:6Sale of Goods Act, Fraudulent Sale »17/02/0904/03/20093

A15HU B Grade VHStoDVD rec. was published, online, to be ready for use. Guaranteed.Was delivered 17/02/09 with missing parts, shown online and others without  which it was unfit for purpose.

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1794WRT Group plc [Kirkham]
Total claims:2Fraud, Lies and Misrepresentation »07/08/08 to date14/04/20093


I own a very small IT business which was set up following a long and totally disabling illness. I had to give up teaching and lecturing and set up the business which is run on a very part time basis as energy levels allow. I have returned to teaching on a part time basis.

A salesman persistently called by phone. Eventually I agreed to meet him at my home.

The salesman offered advertising on a post box in our local branch of Sainsbury's.

I declined the offer due to the very high cost. I explained that I could not possibly risk such a large sum of money as advertising in our local newspapers failed to produce a single customer.

The salesman, on his way to the door,  turned round and then misrepresented and/or deliberately lied on several important details, offering a far more  attractive deal with much lower costs  including the right to cancel at any time and have a full refund on all monies paid (except for initial deposit of £157.58 for artwork etc) if no customers came forward. This is roughly what I would have spent advertising locally and thought it was a reasonably good deal. I again asked him to confirm that I could cancel if there were no customers and he again confirmed that. That lessened the risk considerably. I signed up.

No copy of the "agreement" was left with me.

Artwork arrived after several weeks. It was of extremely poor quality. I had to design my own artwork which was sent to WRT. A copy of my original design was then posted back to me for approval.

The salesman said that the advertising campaign was imminent

The post box advertising started months after the suggested time scale set out by the salesman. It commenced just before Christmas.

Not a single customer responded even during the busy Christmas period.

I wrote a letter of cancellation which I was told I was entitled to do by the salesman. My first letter was ignored. Later I had a phone call demanding money. I explained the situation and was told to email Customer Services. I emailed them a copy of my letter

Other people state that all Customer Services are interested in is prohibiting people from cancelling their contracts and threatening them with legal action. "Don't touch them with a bargepole" is how one of their customers put it.

Customer Services and Accounts at WRT Group plc sent a letter demanding the rest of the entire sum (over £500) and said that I could not cancel.

A further demand for payment later arrived  threatening legal action and the hiring of a debt recovery company.

I again wrote to Customer Services repeating the information I had already given them and outlining the problems I had experienced with WRT. I warned them that I would expose them and would contact Sainsbury's (who seem to endorse this particular company - but for how much longer if they treat their customers like this?), Watchdog and others.

As their correspondence indicates they are still insisting on payment of the full amount I will contact the managing directors of Sainsbury, Tesco and all other companies they deal with to let them know how this company treats their advertisers. I will also contact the OFT, Trading Standards, Which? Magazine am seriously considering taking legal action against these sharks. I will demand full repayment on everything plus compensation payments for harassment and the time spent on writing letters etc.

A more detailed letter arrived stating that an investigation had taken place, that the salesman denied making such claims, that the artwork was satisfactory (as I had approved my own copy), that the timescale was within reason (even by their calculations it was many months), that I am locked into a full two year contract with them and there is no facility whatsoever to cancel, despite what their salesman promised and that I owe them the full amount.

I think their attitude is indecent, dishonest, outrageous, greedy and probably illegal and will be taking legal advice in this matter.

It would appear that others have experienced similar problems to me. Just look at comments made on the Internet about this company.

I urge NOBODY to even consider dealing with these LIARS and CROOKS.


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1974City mobile direct [Kilmarnock]
Total claims:5Fraud »24/04/0924/04/20093

Dear sir/Madam,

 I am really dissapointed with the company named above as they forced me a new mobile by lieing to me that mobile phone which i have from the company did a big scam with 3g and thats why 3g have terminated the contracts with us,so we are going to provide you a new mobile but it is just a continuation of your present contract.

They sent me new mobile but as i did not take it,it was in delivery office for 6days and they called me on sixth day that if i do not pick it up,and mobile got lost than i have to pay for mobile.So,i had to pick it up and send it by special delivery and when i phoned them to obtain the returns reference number,they said you can send it back but we will think if we can or cannot cancel your contract as it is already seven days.

I did not even touch phone or any contents and they are not even paying for postal or phone charge which was due to there mistake,they said if you be our customer than we will give you 3months free line rental so i have to pay only for 15months but if not than we will not pay you single penny.

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Total claims:1fraudulent obtainig of funds from my bank account »there are various dates inc present date29/04/20093

I have had money fraudulently taken from my bank account by direct debit and by card payment the latest being today by a company in America called [] (link: Now I had never even heard of them til the money was taken off my account. Apparently they are a company puporting to be selling an anti virus software.

Now I am with Sky Broadband, which automatically screens any incomming internet services wwith firewall anti virus, plus I have firewall norton anti virus and anoher anti virus security device on my p.c. I have no need for this junk from

So I never purchased it, how they got my details is beyond me they cerainly never got them from me, I was so incensed I contacted my local Police Fraud Squad, who found what I was telling them unbelievable, it was true though.

I tried to find out who this company was, lo and behold they are American, I tried telephoning them, waste of time I have e-mailed them even today demanding a full refund no reply

I have threatened to expose them to the world market, threatened to sue them made libelous claims to try and get them to respond by attempting to sue me nothing not a blimp,

I was on a website earlier and you should see the list of complaints against this company mainly fraud and theft, so I am not alone.

This company has to be stopped and put out of business, the whole e- information structure should be warned against dealing with this company, they have to be prosecuted for their fraud and theft somehow

As for me I would like my money back I never ever signed up for anything from them yhey will  claim I did I never I assure you and I am not alone in this.

So please help spread the word to stay well clear of this lot, remember you do not have to have any dealings with them for them to nab money out yoiur bank account.

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2042New Look Escorts [Woodford]
Total claims:11Fraud »02/04/0929/04/20093

Replied to ad for new escorts with a sense of humour, sign up fee for 6 months was £399, they promised work to escort people to social events,dinners,sports events etc etc. They said they had a job for me escorting an "A" listed client for a lunch time meeting but they needed me to pay some money towards a confidentiallity agreement to show that I would keep things quiet about the meeting. I paid them £1,200 which they said I would get back at the meeting along with my fee of £1,200. Then things went quiet,I kept calling and speaking to various women who said that somebody would call me back, nobody did and after more calls and emails to them nothing happened. I have informed trading standards and the police who say it is a civil matter and I must take them to court but they do not reside at their postal address so how can I get them? I have their bank account deatils but nobody in interested in helping me to retrieve my money. I feel such an idiot but it can happen to anybody,they have a website or had a website  which must be a scam too.  PLEASE BE AWARE AS THEY ARE OUT TO TAKE YOUR MONEY FOR NO RETURN!

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Total claims:5FRAUD RIPP OFF »05/03/200912/05/20093



I received a call from candyescorts about the escorting service and earning good money. They asked me that they have a client ready for me to pay but i need to register on there website for £ 251.85 when i made payment they said they havent received it and asked me to pay second time in there account.


I made the payment twice and didnt get any appointmet so i was upset and asked money back which i paid excess. it took me 100s of calls and month to get my money back. for two month time I didnt got any service or client from them so then i complained and and asked my registration fees back again i made 100s of call email but no reply what so ever from manager or any advisor on floor.

I received another call in april last week saying that if i upgrade my profile I will get clients so then again I paid 100 pounds more for upgrading profile. and now the situation is like this that they have my 351.85 pounds since last 3 months and i havent got any service or call from thiem.

When i call them they take my number and say manager will call back but never get any call back from them. Its absolutly ripp off for 351.85 pounds for no service at all.

Its very big amount for me and dont know will I get it back or not?

They aslo tried to fool me manytime by making a crank call on my mobile and when i picked it up they will hung up on me and a minute later i will receive an email saying that i have missed a client call.But i got all proof in my mobile bill that i have attented all calls and they hung up on me.

My name of registration is Rishi and ref number is R631.

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Total claims:4fraudulent transaction »08/06/0909/06/20093

Your site came to my notice when I was trying to contact so many other complaints against them. In  my case, having thought I paid a nominal fee to register I discovered from an online balance check that my account had been debited £75.58. Having passed on the details to my bank, I contacted Saphie Number One who couldn't help, so tried the Support line number, where the operator informed me that I had not unticked certain boxes on my application. Obviously, as they were not there for me to untick. Charges are for membership, plus some services I have apparently used, know the story. He said that if I cancelled the membership I would lose out on the benefits, but to go to however, neither this site nor the helpme one are available on my computer being classed as 'malicious'.

Whatever boxes I may have left ticked, in my ignorance of them, I did not authorise this payment.

Nicholas Reader



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3731Sound Variations / Blissful Aromas UK [Clondalkin]
Total claims:7Fred Penny site / Internet Fraud & Scam »15/06/0915/07/20093

After being ripped off for over £200 on the site  Models and Modista (which is now gone) and never seeing a single penny refunded or an e-mail replied to, I have found that the same guy/address has cropped up again with 2 other sites.

So i'm just making you all aware not to purchase from these sites as they are a scam and will take all your money!!

They are:

For more info see:

Also search this site and your see that there have been many other people have been scamed!!

Beware of anyone going by the name Fred Penny or Paul Brophy with the details:

Oakwood Grove
Dublin 22

Tel: 00353 876 805 801

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Total claims:17EBAY SELLER FRAUD »8/29/200807/10/20093

I got so fed up with eBay and PayPal, having been cheated both as a buyer and as a seller, after years of paying and earning money for eBay, having been afflicted by feedback blackmail, having had false PayPal scam claims made against me, I finally, no matter how wise I had become to try and avoid such issues, decided to give eBay up as a bad joke.

My buddy is in EXACTLY the same boat; he decided to launch his own fraud free auction site to get back at eBay, [v Bid me] (link: (do NOT use the link code if it is not allowed - if links in the html arte not allowed simply put "v Bid me"); he does not charge sellers listing fees or commissions for basic / regular listings, which is nice. But me, I think I have decided to go for legal action against eBay and PayPal.

I want to share some info and advice with others, to help them I hope.

eBay security BS - eBay claim they are doing all they can to prevent fraud, but that is false. Just look at the eBay UK registration process and compare this with the eBay com process. OMG, you have to provide card details and your home phone number (which eBay checks) on the UK site but ANYONE can open a .com account with a free gmail address! Why is that? Because fraud enforcement is MUCH tighter in the UK, so eBay has to comply and take greater steps to prevent fraud. So then ask yourselves, how is it eBay dot com are doing everything they can to combat fraud?! It is a nonsense.

eBay feedback - Got a problem with a buyer or seller - too late or can not leave feedback on eBay / eBay remove your feedback? Find an eBay user warning site and leave feedback for them there; just look at what Google shows for certain eBay users names (search for the likes of "leonmad", "majabali" and "history_relics")

I hope this helps. As I said, I am going to sue eBay and PayPal. If anyone wants to chat about this, let me know.


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5799Global Wellbeing
Total claims:49Fraud/ takign money without authorisation »21st october 200923/10/20093

I cant believe it. I ordered the acai berry and life cleanse... I didnt even recieve the product and they charged me for the trial. I tried to phone and couldn't get through.. two weeks later I've gone to my account and they've taken £150.44. I'm a student, this is 3 months worth of utility bills for me. I phoned the company up and  they have no record of me on the system. After a lengthy conversation they are still denying taking this money from my account. I've been on the phone to my bank and they are trying to dispute it but dont seem very hopeful I will be able to get my money back! I dont know what to do! Cry

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17798Novarista Holdings Ltd / [Cyprus]
Total claims:8fraudulently taking money from my credit card the amounts do not match invoice or terms and conditions »30th march 201131/03/20113

Advert claimed to be a free trial using a fake news reporter. They claim to only take £2.95 postage but did not. The helped themselves to £96 and £6 without authorisation. This amount does not match any amounts outlined in the terms and conditions. False advertising and missleading information. Email invoices sent to me said they had only taken £2.95. Not replying to my emails or answering the customer service phone number so i can cancel within the 14 days period.  Sites used are


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6418money worries debt management
Total claims:26Fraud »August09/11/20093

Hi, Money worries fleeced me to, went through Yes loans at a fee & ended up with Money Worries, sounded great, they took my £250 for 3 months & paid no one, Dennis my debt mangement advisor has never been heard from since, no updates, no statements only a reference number and a huge phone bill, they were taking money from my debit card so i stopped it, stupidly thought they would ring me & i could find out what was going on, no such luck, who are these people? i have no idea how to claim back any of my money back can anybody help me?

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10364LB CyberNet Entertainment Ltd [Durham]
Total claims:29FRAUD: charge 250 EUR for nothing!!!! »23.12.200907/01/20103
The company with 1000 names like:

Trading Company Ltd.
LB CyberNet Entertainmend Ltd.

charged my creditcard with 250 EUR. I just ordered 2 free trials - which i never got. Just on i didn't order. And now they charged my account with 3 x 84,74 (expenses included). I just called Mastercard and cancelled my creditcard. They told me i have to write a statement and they try to clarify that. I can just hope to get my money back otherwise i will try to sue the company.

I don't know how this is possible, if so many people already were duped and complaint about the same case and company.

Good luck to everybody!!! I'm open for advices to get my money back.

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10145motion power ltd [Oldham]
Total claims:10Fraud »27/01/200927/12/20093
On 27th January 2009, I purchased a Kia Sorento Gearbox. I was told it would cost £600 including delivery and it was guaranteed for 1 year. When it arrived I saw that I had been charged TWO separate amounts of £600 and £150 but the £150 had not been agreed. I assumed that the £150 was a surcharge pending return of my old gearbox in exchange but after this was returned my £150 was not refunded despite phone calls and letters. Meanwhile their gearbox was noisy and faulty and had to be replaced again. I phoned and wrote asking for the full refund of my £750 but there was no response. This complaint is late being posted due to ill health but I would still like my money back.

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10075premium white [DEMOINS]
Total claims:2fraud »3/11/2009; 10/11/200923/12/20093

I registered for a free trail in October 2009. The free trial was not free. I was charged for handling fee. Dazzlesmile sent me three deliveries and was charged USD87.62 for each delivery. Dazzlesmile did not send me any invoice with the parcel, neither afterwards. Thus, I had no clue at all how much they were charging until I received my Nov. credit card statement. After a lot of trouble, I was told to phone 8669485508. They were busy all the time. I managed to talk to someone on 10th Dec. Dazzlesmile staff told me that he had cancelled my account and would sent me an address which i can return the products to. I have not received any email yet from them, never mind a return address. Surprisingly, I received another delivery from them today (23rd Dec). Frustrated, I phoned them again today. I was told Dazzlesmile changed company name to Premium White two months ago. They cancelled my account on 10th Dec, but the new delivery was sent off on 8th Dec. I asked them how come it took DHL 15 days to delivery the product. They could not provide me with any answer. The girl who answered the phone said that she will email me again the product return address. I still have not received any email yet.

Like many others (see message consumers put on webs: I was conned by Dazzlesmile. But I will fight on.

Premium White has a distributor in the UK. The company is called Colesdale Limited.

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10762SMILEKIT 866-407-5759 SINGAPORE
Total claims:51Fraud »Jan 16, 200927/01/20103

I want any and all memberships cancelled, effective imediately and my money refunded for all of the products that you have billed me for and that I have returned.

NUSKIN 866-484-6361 SINGAPORE $125.53
NUSKIN 866-484-6361 SINGAPORE $125.53
SMILEKIT 866-407-5759 SINGAPORE $125.53
PRO-BODY 866-407-5590 $125.53

I have found that you have debited my credit card (4510-xxxx-xxxx-3625), for products that I did not order or want. I find that this is fraud and that you should be ashamed of yourselves for your fraudulent behaviour.

Any more debits taken from my visa will result in Visa taking action against you.

Ingrid Achterberg

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10797SMILEKIT 866-407-5759 SINGAPORE
Total claims:51Fraud »26/01/1028/01/20103

I have been conned!!! I ordered a 'free' sample of acai berry detox and xtend+ tablets from a website that seemed to be genuine and was even registered as being safe to use by McAfee security scan. This turned out to be fraud! It was a 'free' offer where I only had to pay for posting and packaging however a couple of weeks later my account was debited with twice. One was the value of £75.67 and the other was £54.04 to a company called smilekit in singapore and a company called naturalh!!!! I am absolutely surprised that such people can take money out of my account without my permission, they hold my bank details now and that is scary, that is fraud!! I advise anybody who comes across these people, not to be fooled like i was. My bank will not refund my money as they said i must have purchased something so im left dealing with it on my own. I have tried to get a hold of these con artists but had no luck. Please help me.

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16221loan- centre net [southend on sea]
Total claims:5money frauduently taken from my bank account »12/1/201124/01/20113

this company took money from my account ive contacted them for the money back they said i had to fill in a form for refund which i did on the 17th jan adviced refund 3 to 5 days as to date no refund contacted them to day got email from a nicola stating refund will be prosessed in 7 to 10 days then i emailed back with a copy of her email stating 3 to 5 days she returned the following Nicola, Jan-24 10:24 (GMT): I can confirm that we have received your cancellation form. Your refund will be processed in the next 7-10 days. Regards Customer Services i found another persons name on saying he was tom and worked for this company and to email him with problems and he will sort them so i did and got a responce from a garath on toms email address email contained following Gareth, Jan-24 17:00 (GMT): Once we process your form it can take up to 5 working days to clear. We will process your form in the next 7 to 10 working days Kind regards Gareth this company is a total joke i want my money and i want it now scamming ripp off company dont refund they just fill you full off empty promises and no refund

all in all ive had around 20 emails back anf forward as for tom from the loan centre av you tried to contact the man who is so happy to help ha ha what a joke

[02/08/2010] Tom@loan-centre: My name is Tom and I work witin the Loan-centre customer service team.

I am more than happy to help with any account queries or problems. Please email me on tom@[] (link: index.php?go=search&adv=yes&company_name=3619#start) and I will be more than happy to look into your account and help where I can.

Hope this helps

Loan-Centre Customer Service



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Total claims:1Ortegra = Fraud, Scam, Ripoff started by Fraudster's Jay Shah & Stephen Page »Jan 201202/02/20123
Fraudster's Jay Shah & Stephen Page of Ortegra Duped our Company of almost GBP 8,000, Our Company ONS represented by Myself "Ankur Gupta" Head of Accounts & Our Director Mr. Ajay Sharma has already filed a Complained today in our Local Police Station today and will be forwarding the copy of the same to Economic Offence Wing and will also get Interpol to take action against these Fraudsters.
Their Modus Operandi is Unique, They call them as Venture Capitalist when they don't have money to even pay their pending bills, They allure entrepreneurs into their trap by projecting themselves as VC'S & Angel Investors and telling them that they really like their Idea and once the victim falls into the trap then they say that they would Invest 50% and the entrepreneur should invest 50% and when the entrepreneur pays them 50% money then they outsource the work to an offshore company like ours at a fraction of that price, but then these imposters never pay the bills to offshore companies and during the life cycle entrepreneurs also realize that these guys are imposters /fakes and have no knowledge of what they are doing but by then its too late as by then huge amount of Money is swindled by these Conmen.
After our research we found that, they have already duped several entrepreneurs latest victims being Eulogy Magazine, Peerpex, , ...there are plenty more... We are also getting in touch with these companies to create a forum to get the UK government to take action against these Frauds.
This is the last correspondence we had with these Frauds, after reading the below you will realize that to ensure no other entrepreneur , offshore company like ours get into their trap we have declined to take on their offer but instead going public with our findings...

"From: Ankur Gupta
Sent: 24 January 2012 01:59
To: 'Jay Shah'
Cc: 'Ajay Sir'; 'Stephen Page'
Subject: RE: ONS / Ortegra
Hello Mr. Shah,

                          Thanks for your reply, and I mentioned to you below, that with these emails I am not trying to negotiate a deal with you but the figure I quoted is the best we are willing to settle for and there will be no negotiations and please don't comment on the quality of work we do as we are not the company that is shutting down!!! but Instead we are growing at a phenomenal rate of 200% year on year for last 4 yrs and let me assure you this kind of growth does not happen if were a company who was doing poor development work.

Also, What I mentioned below are not threats but FACTS, and if we decide to take this route, It won't be about getting the Invoices paid but solving a much bigger purpose. As you will appreciate we will do over $3 million this year, so I am sure we can live with this loss, but we will make sure that what happened to us doesn't happen to any other company so we will let the entire world know, how your company deceived and cheated us by posting facts on all the blogs and complaint sites of the world and Ofcourse you will have all the freedom to file rebuttals and express your opinion and we will then  let the world decide. At this time Mental satisfaction is more important to us than the money we lose and I am sure by doing so It will safe guard many vendors and customers...and that to is a much bigger purpose.
I will let you decide of what you route you would want to take.

Ankur Gupta"

Details of the Fraudster's:
Jay Shah,
Chief Executive
M: +44 7595 292 684

Stephen Page
M:  +44 7812 985 121     

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23398EPM Cash finders [London]
Total claims:33EPM TOOK MONEY FRAUD! »31/01/201202/02/20123
Frstly i have never visited EMP Cash finders, nor gave them my details i did not know who they where untill today so i am outraged!


I found that £67 pounds had been removed from my account on the 31st Jan.
Ive continued to check my online statements and no recognition of the money being taken is there.. i visited my bank today to be told EMP cash finders tried to take money out of my account on 27/01/2012 but there was insufficient funds.. meaning they knew when my money had gone into my account!! The ONLY site i have entered my details into in so i have no idea how they have my bank details!!!! Maybe they have access into Wonga to get my details!!??

I will take this further, it is theft!

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16967Postnet ltd t/a cg [bournemouth]
Total claims:10internet fraud/scam »26 OCTOBER 201127/02/20113
Around ten days ago I applied for a loan. The company in question had been sending me e-mails regularly for about 10 months and then when I had a small financial crisis I asked if a loan of £5000 pounds could be sorted out.
The company were very helpful and I'm sure they themselves were reputable brokers.
I recieved several phone calls asking for more information etc and several phoned me back and said there was no problem and I could have the loan. I would have to pay the brokers a fee but not until the money was in my account.
Then this morning I got a very similar phone call at 9.55am asking if I was still wanting a loan. I said no, then the 'woman' asked if my address was.... and if my post code was...which they were then she asked if my phone was contract or payg.I told her it was with a certain company, and then she hung up.
15 minutes later I went online as it was my usual payday to check my incapacity benefit was in. It was ,but, it was £49.95 short and showed a debitcard transaction for that morning.
I rang the bank who said a transaction for £49.95 had been made that morning at 10.02 (literally minutes after their phone call). I asked fhe name of the company which of course was POSTNET Ltd. T/A CGS.
I never at any point gave her my bank details ( just confirmed my address).
Obviously I'm furious but what makes me angrier is that this company seems to take everyone for £49.95 ? and has been doing it since 1998. Why aren't they behind bars, blacklisted or have a red light flash when they try to withdraw money from any account.
AS i said I'm on incapacity benefit and honestly dont know how I'm going to get through the fortnight.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Howard..

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Total claims:21Theft / Fraud »30/04/1130/04/20113

My daughter in law recently enquired about obtaining a payday loan but she never pursued it. Today she has seen on her online banking that money has been debited from her account of £49.50 from a company called She never gave bank details, card details nothing to this company. She has never heard of loans. She has contacted the Halifax who said it's not their problem basically as she must have authorised it which she DID NOT. She is on benefits, a single parent, what is she supposed to do now, please can someone assist, thankyou, Elaine

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18826Trim down Shop CY [California]
Total claims:8Fraudlent Bank Charges »22-04-201101/05/20113
On 22-04-11 I decided to order an item online using the QVC website - a reputable company - when I had made my purchase a pop up appeared thanking me for placing my order and offering me a free sample of AcaiReduce tablets and all I needed to pay was for p&p. Mistakenly believing that this offer was based from QVC I went ahead and ordered the product. On 28-04-11 the amount of £125.22 was taken from my bank account by Trimdown ShopCY, I received the tablets the same day. This package was accompanied by a Despatch Note with no company name, no phone number or email address, simply the following address P.O. Box 13579, Linlithgow, EH49 9AH, United Kingdom, and the following line: contact information is available from the website from which the order was placed and from the e-mail confirmation of the order.

I did not order from a website nor did I receive an email confirmation. If anyone has a phone number for this company I would be very grateful.

I have contacted my bank who have advised me that as I had entered into a transaction with this company that there is nothing they can do to get my money back.

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21168Lending services Ltd [Cornwall]
Total claims:3Fraud agent »23/09/201123/09/20113
This company agent rang me on 22nd oct 2011. She introduced her company and she gave all detail abt registration to government . She introduced her name as Ashley ( Kim) her tone was Chinese . She said "your loan of 15000 ) has been approved by our company so only u need to do is you should deposit cash 440£ into the bank account no: 43829286 sort code : 203469 Barclys bank ." I deposit tht money through online banking from my account . Again I got rang from one of thr agent of them . He introduced as Harry ( Indian ) again he said tht "your credit history is very poor so u need to pay 700£ more in order to pass loan . He said to pay tht amount by u cash so I paid 300£ by ukasah voucher again I paid 300£ by western union money transfer in thr name of vijay vijay to India .again I got rang and he was telling me to pay 100£ more in order to get my loan in my account . So finally I came to realise tht they were fraud . I loose 1040£ in one hours . I v empty my account so plz anyone to help me to sortout this plz :

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21749Kitchens Uber
Total claims:31Fraudulent sale of Kitchen and theft of monies »27/10/201129/10/20113
Ordered a new kitchen from these crooks 12/10/11. Was delivered 27th in endless boxes and I was unable to check them as delvery men said they were on a tight schedule having come from Manchester. Reluctantly handed over monies as requested although we had been reassured by the "sales-person" that if anything was wrong any replacement parts would be dispatched after a call from "customer services" the day after delivery.
The kitchen is nothing like what was ordered. Half of it is missing and the rest according to our fitter is the worst quality he has ever seen.we have spent numerous hours of the phone today yesterday and Thursday trying to get hold of this company but people either hang up on us or place us on hold for 20 minutes before we get cut off.
It has taken us months to save the money for this kitchen as we are on a very tight budget. Now we have no old kitchen no new one and no money. Surely there must be a law in place to protect innocent members of the public from "people" such as this? Apparently Trading Standards know all about the company but a reluctant to tackle the thief who steals peoples money - a Martin Sersen whose name is all over what paperwork we have.

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22347my uk delivery [london]
Total claims:3Fraudulent company »30/11/201102/12/20113
My uk delivery are getting plenty of complaints all with the same story as mine. You pay for goods to be picked up and delivered, pay your money to them. They don't send anyone and then
don't refund you and never reply to your emails afterwards.
There seems like there's nothing you can do. Even though basically they've stolen your money they rely on you giving up and not being able to afford any legal process.

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27605Choice freedom platinum
Total claims:8Credit card fraud »26-12-1205/12/20123
I have been looking for a credit card that was flexable & came across Choice freedom platinum card. I was promised £750.00 credit limit. I have since found out that no one ever receives the card & now I feel duped & yes you guessed it, no card. I am a single parent trying to get money for xmas. What do I do?

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28294ABC Reborn Nursery Emma Field [Chelmsford Essex]
Total claims:2Emma Field is a fraudster »17/12/201206/02/20133
I had ordered custom made reborn doll from ABC reborn nursery on 17th September 2012. I paid £285 and had e-mailed the seller with specifications and also photo attchments of how i wanted the doll to be made.I payed on her website via paypal. She told me if i ordered in Septmeber i would receive the doll before Christmas. It was very difficult to get hold of her by phone. The only time i heard from her was when she asked me for more money towards making of this doll. In total i paid by December 2012 £319.50. Prior to dispatch i received a photo attachment of the doll and she said whoever came to visit her loved the doll. I couldn't decipher the details from the photo attachment. When i received the doll i was horrified! The doll was not made to my specifications. I e-mailed her asking for explanation and partial refund and till today i haven't heard from her. On top i have had to pay extra £50 to restore this doll. I bought this doll for my daughter. I searched on ebay and found her company and got in touch with 2 other customers who had bought dolls from this lady for their daughter and granddaughter and had same horrific experience as myself. They had not much response and had been fobbed off. They complained to ebay with not much luck. I got in touch with Paypal and i was told that i had 45 days from date of purchase to open any dispute but the thing is she did not complete the doll until after 3 months and during that time the 45 days had expired. There is no way anyone could have seen this coming.
This seller is a crook and a fraudster and she has no respect for anyone's feelings including a child's! I got in touch with Consumer Rights and they adviced me to write to her by post and letting her know she has breached her contract, but her address is untraceable. All i know she lives in Chelmsford Essex which is on her web and her mobile number is there as well but she dosen't respond to calls.
All i am seeking for is partial refund and an explanation. I hope other customers will come forward and put this lady out of business. Absolutely shameful for what she has done and still doing.

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28338mizulean/puracleanse [GALASHIELS UK]
Total claims:4fraud »11/02/201311/02/20133
I purchased 1 trial bottle of muzulean and 1 trial bottle of puracleanse,for which i thought i was paying just postal costs.
When i checked my bank i could see that £139.90 had been taken from my bank.
Tried contacting them,but unable to.
I am a dissabled person and dont have that kind of money to lose... like everyone else !
Does anyone know how these con artists can be contacted... other than the information they give you ... as it is all invalid ??
Any help would be greatly appreciated,many thanks !!

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30128Abney effect associates hue shift light source []
Total claims:1Abney effect associates hue shift light source genuine or fraud? »2/24/201424/02/20143
Abney effect associates hue shift light source genuine or fraud?

Abney is an ancient Norman name that arrived in England after the Norman Conquest of 1066. The Abney family lived in or near the settlement of Abney in Derbyshire.

Spelling variations include: Abney, Daubney, Daubeney, Daubny, Daubeny, Dabny and others.
First found in the counties of Derbyshire and Norfolk, where they had been granted lands after the Norman Conquest in 1066 A.D.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Thomas Dabney who settled in the Barbados in 1660; Thomas Abney settled in Maryland 1774; John Dabney landed in New York state in 1820.

Entry from the "History and Gazetteer of the County of Derby", 1829 by Stephen Glover.

ABNEY, (Habenai) is a small village and township seated in a deep valley, amidst high mountains, in the parish of Hope, and in the hundred of High Peak. It contained, in 1821, 23 houses, as many families, and 143 inhabitants. Twenty families are employed in agriculture, and three in trade. The township contains 1323 acres, 1 rood, 17 perches of gritstone land, which is divided between Humphrey Bowles, esq. and the Earl of Newburgh ; viz. Abney ancient enclosure, consisting of 512 a. 3 r. 11 p. is the property of Mr. Bowles ; and Abney Grange ancient enclosure, consisting of 189 a. 1 r. 35 p. is the property of the Earl of Newburgh, except about 14 a. 1 r. 35 p. belonging to Mr. Bowles. Abney common, unenclosed , is 621 a. 0 r. 35 p. and belongs to the above named nobleman and gentleman, in right of their ancient enclosures ; the annual estimated value is �£687. 10s. The tithe belongs to the dean and chapter of Lichfield. This township is under the constablery of Eyam, and is governed by a headborough.

In Habenai Swain had one carucate of land to be taxed. Land to one plough. It is waste. D.B.

At the Doomsday Survey this manor belonged to William Peverell; in the reign of Edward II. to the family of Archer; at a later period to a branch of the Bagshaw family, who sold it to the Bradshaws, in which family it remained nearly two centuries, when it passed by marriage to the Galliards of Edmonton, in Middlesex; the sister and co-heiress of the latter brought it to the late Charles Bowles, esq. of Sheen, in Surrey, and it is now the property of his son, Humphrey Bowles, esq.

Read More:

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30335UK Business Funding Centre Limited [London]
Total claims:1Miss Selling/Fraud »24/01/201526/01/20153
I spoke to a lady called Noreen from the UK Business Funding Centre -, who seemed very nice and understanding of my situation.

My father passed away 2 months ago and my siblings and myself are now in the position where we have had to take over the company and are desperately in need of funding.

I explained my families devastation over the past year, how 5 family members have sadly passed away and the most recent and biggest blow is my fathers. I explained all of this and how I was hesitant in spending money that would not benefit us at all and Noreen advised that we will get funding and that it is not a waste and convinced me of paying the £189.00.

I then received an email shortly after explaining they are taking another payment out of my bank account. This shocked me as I was never advised of this. I asked them to stop the payment and for someone to call me though email. I then got advised that this was canceled but I cannot get the first payment refunded. Not only this the business grants offered on the site are useless. To try and get through to this company through telephone is a nightmare, once calling the support line - 0800 082 3449 you are then put onto an answer machine where you are advised to leave a message and someone will get back to you in 48 hours. I then called the sales line - 0800 082 3445, which then got me through to Noreen again, I advised who I was and she put me straight through to the answer machine.

Please help me get this back it is so unjust and unfair, I still cannot believe after explaining my story to her that she did this. I was not in the right state of mind really to make a judgment like that as I know I should have read more into it, but the timing and the way she sounded compassionate just swayed my judgment.

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1214Braganza Construction [Goa]
Total claims:5Property Development Fraud »June 200708/03/20092

In June 2007 I paid a deposit on an off plan apartment in Goa in India through Churchill Innovative Solutions.  The developer was called Braganza Constructions and the development itself was called Braganza World.

I talked at length with Churchills before buying to satisfy myself that all was above board.  I was told that Ryan Braganza was a very wealthy man who had an extremely good reputation and had built successful properties in Goa already.

I Googled Ryan Braganza and all did seem to be above board. I paid £4500 deposit, and there were to be 3 more equal payments over the next 2 years until completion.

When the next payment was due in Dec 2007 and I had not heard anything i thought I had better just check with Churchills that all was ok before making the next payment. At this point Churchills said not to pay any more just yet as there had been a delay in starting the construction. I was a bit concerned but they said all was well it was just a slight delay.

I later found out that Ryan Braganza had never in fact obtained the planning permission for this development but had been taking money illegally from lots of other people as well for these non existent properties. At this point we all had an email from Braganza Constructions asking us to transfer to another development called Tropical Dreams in Goa.

I and many others said No Thankyou we want our money back.

Since then we have been battling with him to pay our money back. He mostly just ignores all our emails, but I did get one saying i could have a refund when he had been able to re-sell my non existent property!

Ryan Braganza should repay my money with interest immediately.  he is supposed to be a man of stature and good reputation in India but has clearly commited fraud in this case and has ripped off myself and many other innocent people.

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1602PAYPAL [San Jose]
Total claims:7Paypal neglegence on Ejaffa fraud »26/2/0930/03/20092

I bought a camera on the 26th February that did not arrive. I escalated the claim with Paypal but they will not refund me. eJaffa have no funds in their Paypal account.

Paypal should have shut down or frozen the seller's account when they first found out that this seller was fraudulent. They are supposed to do this when they receive multiple disputes (two or more) against the same seller. I have found evidence of fraudulent activity of ejaffa dating back to the 12th January! Why haven't Paypal acted?

Paypal should refund me in full!



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Total claims:5tom tom fraud »12/04/200929/04/20092

I have been riped off by Halfords in Alperton London. I pay £110 for a new tom tom one Europe 22 .i was told the only isue with it was that the box had been open up for a customer . the fact is that some parts were missing from inside the  box .The divise has an Old set of maps and no safety camara alerts sistem and no way to fix or download them whatsoever.takes hours to get it started and it often get stuck .the battery doesnt hold the charge for more than a day if not on use. and often just doesnt comes on at all.I  try to return it back same day i got it but HALFORDS had close early.I have tryed to return it couple times and was told it was not cover for HALFORDS garanty.I just fell i was swindle and robed for a big company and not much i can do about it.HALFORDS JUST RIP ME OFF of my money .

more details » [Bourgas]
Total claims:1Estate/land company out to defraud »January 200801/05/20092


We attempted to purchase land in Bulgaria through this Bulgarian company. As detailed below when we realised that the company was not acting appropriately we tried to obtain our deposit back. We followed all the right processes including involving a notary on a couple of occasions. It was only when we started the process of trying to retrieve our money we realised that there were numerous other cases with much bigger amounts of money which have been lost. Signed agreements have not been honoured. We also sought legal representation. It has now taken more than 12 months to get our money - there are extremely cynical an hard faced to deal with. For instance they always say the money will be sent by next friday and then they will come back with identical excuses. A full catalogue of some their scams can be accessed at [] (link: having a friend who knows this region well.

To make a long story short there were a series of delays - 'lost documents', not answering emails etc.  which are all very sadly familiar (having read subsequent stories). We eventually decided that after so many inconsistencies we would cancel the arrangement.

We were then obliged to sign another agreement (agreeing not to take further action after approx 3000 euro was returned). We were also obliged to get another notary to prevent 'money laundering'.

We duly followed every process open to us and low and behold we were then informed by their employee, Tanya Dimova that although the manager recognises we did everything that was asked of us he is 'sad to say' that he has cash flow problems due to the credit crunch with no sign that this will ever be paid.

Even though we have a formal agreement to have the deposit returned (witnessed by a notary) it looks like we have little chance of seeing this money. The excuses are identical to the ones catalogued in numerous online property forums.

We naively assumed the membership of the EU there would be similar rights and processes we could defer to should there be issues. We were obviously very wrong.

Names to look out for and be very aware of:- d stoyanov, ivan kimanov, i lozev, n nedelchev, tanya dimova, pavlina Georgieva, Polina Tzekova

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2758LaAnier aka Dr. Acai [Fairfield]
Total claims:1credit card fraud »March l, 200918/05/20092

Advertised for trial size for s/h for $6.95.  Took from account, never received NOTHING.  No correct email address, no correct phone.  Cannot cancel and was told by email that could not be answered that cancellation cannot be done, per contract, etc. etc.  Future withdrawals will be done at $43.00 a month.  Still nothing received.  Found that numerous parties have been ripped of from this company worse than myself.  I filed complaint with and so far there has been 9 additional claims against this company.  They continue to scam.  I saw this site to file a claim at the top of the page of  Somehow this company needs to be exposed.  They claim they were endorsed by CBS, as they use that as a ploy to sell the product.  There was a progran about resvertol and this company plays on that and Dr. Oz, Barbara Walters, Ophra and others.  So it seems ligitimate.  They are making a small fortune by stealing from our credit cards.

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4002Barry Folgers Inc [Hollywood]
Total claims:13Credit card fraud »July 30 200903/08/20092

I cancelled the subscription on July 20 and on July 30, they charged my credit card $87.13,

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3478New Look Escorts [Woodford]
Total claims:11Fraudulent Activity/Deception »From April 2009 to Present Day27/06/20092

Having seen an advert in the Metro newspaper for an additional job income I got in touch with a company called New Look Escorts. I spoke to an advisor who asked me a few questions to judge my personality. I told them myself and my girlfriend were interested in signing up. After my girlfriend made the initial phonecall as well they said that they would give us a discounted price of £500 to sign up and create a profile on their website for their "high net worth" clients to see. Usually you have to pay £279 each for this.

Within a week I received a phonecall from the director by the name of William who claimed that an amercian celebrity couple had seen myself and my girlfriend's profile and wanted us to attend an event with them. William said the event would be taking place in a few days time and I had to pay £1,000 towards a bond, which meant that myself and my girlfriend would not disclose any information about this couple using escorts. I paid the £1,000. I was assured that this money would be fully refundable to me on the day of the event and myself and my girlfriend would both get paid £1,200 each for this job. Unfortunately this event never took place as the couple had to go back to the USA for a reason.

The following week I received another call from William who said he had another couple lined up for an event to take place that same weekend. This time the bond in place had to be £10,000 and they needed me to pay half, so £5,000. I told William I could not afford to do that so he put me in touch with Claire from the finance team who said I could pay another £2,000. I did this. So in total £3,000 of my money went towards this bond.

Unfortunately once again the event never took place as there were rumours coming out that the couple uses escorts so they wanted the story to die down. I signed up with this company in April 2009 and have not been out on any jobs since then. I have called them up regualarly asking what is going on and I speak to various girls each time. I know that they use fake names as I spoke to a girl originally called Sophia but who goes by the name of Jasmine. I have not heard from William for about 4 weeks now eventhough he made regular contact with me at the start. A girl called Ellie who claimed to be the Booking Manager called me on the 26/6/09 to say that William had a bereavement in his family, hence the reason why no contact from him.

So in total I have put £3,500 into this SCAM. I feel angry, frustrated and annoyed for falling for this and a complete Mug!!!. Please stay clear of this company New Look Escorts as they are FRAUDSTERS!!!.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, help me to get my money back as I would be eternally grateful for this. Thank you for your help!!!

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Total claims:2Rip off - not contactable and will not refund money - Fraudulent »20/05/0922/06/20092

I made an order with and they have not sent this order or refunded my money. I believe that the site is owned by Cutebitz Limited . My order number is RC5437302.

I made payment through and am not sure if this is affiliated to this company.

Please can i have my moey back.

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Total claims:18creditcardfraud »25 March25/03/20102

This amount of money ( 434 sw kr) was taken from my bankaccount on the 25th of march by cln .

They say that I did´t read the rouls right, but there was no information about 15 day to try the produkt and then cancel if you want. That´s a lie!

I want to let people know these people are rip offs and will have no problem with drawing money from your account without your say so. Close your account for internet bussines!

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3788Lovely Liaisons [Nottingham]
Total claims:22RIPPED OFF FRAUD COMPANY »3-7-09 21/07/20092

Ive also signed up with this company & was promised a booking the following sunday. After a long length of conversations with a FRankie she assured me that they were a legite company & that i should join them as i will definately get 2 bookings a week at £400 pay for each. However when the sunday came after waiting alll weekend for the client to phone the company phoned me to say he'd been called back to london & would like to book me again but has to cancel this time.

Once i got my id no. for the website advertising, alarms bells started ringin as all the ads were the same for both guys & girls. Ive phoned them several times since & they too are tellin me that i too am high priority & once they have a bookin for me they'll be in touch. Ive tried to get incontact with Frankie whom was very conveniently available all the time b4 i paid my money but is never in now! Also previously I asked Frankie how long they have been going & she said 4 years & because she said she'd once done this work b4 & fed me alot more BS to be honest now i look back! However the web domain has only been set up since the beginning of this month & is registered to someone in Spain & the ltd company they trade under was registered in Jan this year. However after asking Sarah (the bookings manager there) all these difficult questions she seemed to have an answer for everythin like she has been faced with these questions b4. Ive reported the company to Trading Standards & have been advised to write to them giving them 14 days & also reported them to watch dog as the police in my county seem dissinterested in the matter.





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4583Estuary Van Hire [Canvey Island]
Total claims:8Fraudulent Car Hire Business »16/06/0930/08/20092

I visited the UK in June/July of this year (2009) to attend my grandmother's funeral. We had to catch a taxi to the funeral due to this company's negligence. We attended this Car Hire business and paid for a hire car to a total of £350. The car was unavailable as it was 'lost in France' and would be available tomorrow. It was to be delivered every day for two weeks and never substantiated until it was eventually 'stolen'.

When we demanded a refund, it also was promised every day for another two weeks. Until he eventualy dropped approximately £100 pounds in the letter box (no where near the total amount). Apparently he could not pay because 'his secretary had stolen all the money from the business account and fled the country'.

Still, in September, we have received no refund. We have taken the company to court and they havn't even responded to a single court notice!


If you are a victim of this business, be sure to contact the police.

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Total claims:1fraud »dec 200917/01/20102
I purchased a pair of UGG boots on line in December and received them 12th Jan 2010 They did not look very strong and could see that the seams were opening, I tried them on and the whole front of the foot came away. These boots are not fit for purpose. I have been trying to contact the Company and they are not coming back to me. I paid with Paypal and thought they must be a legitimate company as Paypal would not put their name to them. I have contacted Paypal but they say because I bought them on a web site and not through Ebay I was not covered and I need to contact the company. This is not possible as the telephone number on the site is unobtainable and cannot get any response from my emails. I feel it is up to paypal to refund my money as I paid through them. I feel very frustrated and do not know what else to do.

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4775Trading Planet LTd. [Linlithgow,]
Total claims:39Planet Trading LTd fraud »09/09/0909/09/20092

I ordered the products and I must admit I don´t read all the information, however it seems unfair that Planet Trading LTd. force me to keep paying their products. And what if I'm not satisfied after the trial period? Why not warn in a more obvious way the obligatory subscription after the test period? Why not have an email where you can communicate with them? Nor am I willing to pay any fees if they do not record the suspension of shipping of products. I do not want to receive anything from Planet Trading LTd.

Anyone have a contact email customer service Planet Trading Ltd?

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4872Trading Planet Inc
Total claims:23fraud »25th August 200915/09/20092

I ordered online what I thought was a free trial of Resvestrol tablets...I paid  £3.69 for the shipping...I received tablets..and when I checked my credit card statement discovered they had taken a further £75.66 on 25th August without my authorisation..I contacted Marks and Spencer who issued my mastercard and they are aware of this scam, but could not help as in the small print it says that t if I do not cancel in 15 days they will do this... They advised me to cancel which I have done.and if any further monies are taken out of my account they will deal with it,,This I have done and also advised The Trading Standards Dperartment who have reported this scam as fraudulent..I have sent a recorded delivery letter to  Trading Planet asking for a refund  we will see if they reply....THis company are devious and dishonest..beware and warn others   i AM SO ANNOYED WITH MYSELF FOR FALLING FOR SUCH CROOKED DEALINGS

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Total claims:4Card was fraudluently processed I am looking for an outstanding refund as agreed by Shane call centre manager on 11/08/09 »29th JULY18/09/20092


I hope you can help me on the 29th of July I received a call from Match Maker Marketing from an agent call Tom advising me for just 25 euros a month I could avail of google ad words and have 5 phrases to advertise on google adds i said are you sure all this for 25 euros he said yes so I gave him my credit card details he said he was not authorised to process them and I would get an email to confirm all details on the call which i never received. Then at about 6pm Mr Poole called me to say the service offered was 99 stg I  said that I was told it was only 25 euros a month and he said a yeah with currency conversions 99 stg is 25 euros i said that is not the case nor will it ever be the case I was not interested in the service felt i had been mislead and to destroy my credit card number. They actually processed my card for £119 stg without my permission they did not send me an email to say this had occcured nor did my " account manager" call me to say they had set me up on this service , all of which should have occured had I agreed to this service.  I received an invoice on the 5th August an not only that but I noticed I was tied into a contract with them after being told I would need to renew this month by month.

I spoke to Shane the call centre manager, I was not given any explaniation as to how this occured no apology was offered either. I received a cheque and when I deposited the cheque I was short on currency conversions. I then spoke to Shane he agreed to refund me an additional £20 stg to cover currency converstions, fees occurred on card, calls to credit card company and calls to their offices in the UK. Now several emails and phonecalls on they are refusing to honour this refund saying I need a recording of the call whereby Shane agreed to this refund or an email. Shane has not returned one call or email I know there calls are recorded they will not forward me any information I have requested recordings of the call and Shane advised me he emailed accounts to chase up this refund on my behalf Shane will not provide me with copies of this . I am so disgusted and upset the way I have been treated and the way I have not received any apology.

Below is a copy of the last email from them saying they will not advise me who they are regulated by and their exectuive escaltions dept , they will not provide me with recordings of the calls.


 Dear Anne- Marie,

The situation is that you had,

£119 taken from your card on the 27/09/2009

You then disputed the charges ,of which you had at some point agreed to an agreement
with the saleperson as you where obviously happy to give over your card details.

This however was looked into from your comments and we more than happily refunded
you on the FULL AMOUNT OF £119 on the 05/08/2009.

At this point this is the matter resolved .What you feel has been agreed with
yourself and Shane, did not happen according to Shane and you have misunderstood.
Either way if you have no proof , I will not be changing what I have already
repeated a few times.

None of the following information will be provided as we have no obligation to do so
at this point.

The account has been closed & full refunded ,their is nothing further that I can do.


Peter Dunbavin

-----Original Message-----
From: Sent: 17 September 2009 19:01
Cc: Peter Dunbavin; ; Phil Kennedy; Shane Adshead
Importance: High


Please respond !>

> You have wasted over a month of my time SHANE AUTHORISED THIS REFUND I
> I want the address of your executive escaltions department and I want
> the address and telephone number of the company that you are regulated
> by. I also want details as to who processsed my card, the person who



I sincerely hope you can help me

 have a look at [] (link: to see all complaints against this company

Yours sincerely


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Total claims:8Fraud »11.09.09-21-09.0929/09/20092

I applied to do a FREE trial from thermothin plus dietry supplement paid approx £4.50 shipping and have now had three payments taken from my bank account

Accesscleans £49.32

Wellbhealth £50.02

Thermothinplus £ 37.82

This is completely unacceptable and the bank are not prepared to help me as I undertook the free trial.

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5174candy escorts
Total claims:11fraud »200830/09/20092

i was on candy escorts but never got any money they kept asking me to update my profile to see if that would bring work in , but never did , they even rang my mobile a few times then emailed me saying i missed imprtant call  from clients , i have rang thm numberous times demanding my money back , and left my number but they never ever get back to me please help

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5414AGEDEFY [Linlithgow,]
Total claims:6FRAUD »10/10/0910/10/20092



the company ref. agedefy +39 064 523 GB

the company ref. beauty sculpt +3589424157







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5774HealthScience? [Bristol]
Total claims:45fraud »18/10/0922/10/20092

signed up for the free trial and then rather miracurousley started getting rip off charges. tried calling back the company and only number that works is +44 203 139 9104 spoke to a man named ''brent'' on the 22/10/09. we were given cancellation numbers and apparently i'm gonna get emailed with details regarding a cancellation of this ridiculous rip off and a FULL refund!!!.

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Inadequate initial medical assessment of clients

Pysychological and verbal abuse of clients by Sales consultant

Fraudulent behaviour

Racial discrimination,bullying and harassment

Illegal employment


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6143Acai Berry Detox and Life Cleanen [Hollywood,FL 33020]
Total claims:181fraudulant charges »02 november 200903/11/20092

i ordered both the acai berry and the life cleasnse tablets from help your health and paid the package and posting as they said was required! however another compant named global wellbeing have debited my account a further sum of £148.56 without any kind of notice or authorisation from myself the account holder and i was not made aware that any further monies would be charged to my account!  I think the fraudulant companies and there scams are disgusting! i am a single mother and the monies that have debited my account was the last of the money in my account to feed my children til next week i am very angry that this has happened!  please anyone do not allow this to happen to you!

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114871st4buyers 1st4auctions 1st4e_cigarettes [ESSEX]
Total claims:1COUNTERFIET SOFTWARE - FRAUD »21/11/0901/03/20102

Purchased ADOBE DREAMWEAVER CS4 from this seller Darren Dimmick on auction for £99.99 for my husbands Christmas Present, when he installed it into his computer it requested a serial number to activate it - serial number did not work, checked with ADOBE to be told is was counterfeit. Contacted the seller who said he would refund item if it was returned, returned it special delivery with a tracker number, he confirmed reciept of this item and promised a refund via paypal. HE NEVER REFUNDED. On the 5/2/2010 he sent a package recorded delivery, tracker no AG 2377 3598 6GB it was opened in the presence of West Mercia Police, it contained only bubble wrap one can only assume he sent this in order to obtain a TRACKER NUMBER which he would use as proof of refunding or replacing item. GOING TO THESE LENGTHS PROVES HIS INTENTION OF SELLING THIS ITEM IS FRAUD AND CLEARLY HAS NO INTENTION OF REFUNDING MONEY FOR COUNTERFIET SOFTWARE - RETURNED TO HIM. Has not responded to my messages asking his reasons for sending an empty package recorded delivery, and has dealt with it by blocking my phones numbers to stop me requesting my refund. BEWARE BEWARE £99.99. is a lot of money to be ripped off for in the present climate. DARREN DIMMICK CEO OF 1st4buyers 1st4auctions 1st4_ecigarettes has NO MORALS ABOUT HIS ACTIONS- I still want my money back and will continue to persue it. JUST WANT OTHERS TO BE AWARE SO THEY DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM, the seller is aware my pensioner mother contributed £50 towards this Christmas Gift. I WILL CONTINUE TO PERSUE THIS UNTIL THE MONEY IS REFUNDED TO MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT.

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7078Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49PATHWAY FRAUDSTERS »24 Nov 0924/11/20092

Please see my comments in the pathway complaint section under 'KARL'.

(I've used the email [] (link: http://index.php/?go=details&id=7026&adv=yes)

[24/11/2009] KARL: Hi there, I just read all the comments regarding pathway, I'm devastated because I wish I'd researched this 'company' more.

My wife saw their advert in the Sun & because we need more money (because we've got a baby due Apr 2010) she gave them a call. Big mistake.

The smooth talking 'Raj' on the end of the line promised her the world, then when we handed over our hard earned cash he would hardly talk to my wife and was very rude.

I had lots of phone-calls from 'Natalie' who was trying to book me a course in Jan 2010 (even though Raj promised my wife I'd get a course by Xmas). She booked my theory test (due for 4 Dec 09) but then the phone-calls completely stopped.

My wife has tried calling them but there's no answer. We're planning to go down to their head office in London and taking a police officer with us to sort this out because if I go there on my own I'm not sure I'll be able to control myself.

Sorry to bother you with my sad tale but I'm so angry with these b*stards taking £1000 from us. It looks like we've been kind of lucky compared to some who've paid +£2K.

If you have any advice it'd be appreciated.



p.s. I've emailed BBC Watchdog & Brent Trading Standards.

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7260Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49Fraud - No answer to calls »21/09/200903/12/20092
Hello Everyone - It seems I to am a victim of Pathway HGV

I paid for the works at the end of september and altho I thought the person on the phone (John or Julian) was pushy I wanted to persue other avenues as work in the construction industry has really dried out.

I have, since I paid for the course in September had a medical, applied and received back my provisional license and attended both the Hazard Perception test and Theory Test (the tests themselves were organised by pathway with no probs). I passed the tests last tuesday (24/11/09) and this is where alarm bells started ringing because no one was answering any of the numbers I had.

Im totally gutted as this money was supposed to pay of part of a car loan but I thought keeping myself in work was more important. I will do everything possible to get my money back within the law

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Total claims:42fraudulent ugg boot sales »1/12/0901/12/20092

i purchased some ugg boots from this so called uk based company, i would have thought nothing more about it untill i emailed them regarding the delivery and i got a very suspect email back. This led me into thinking there was somthing wrong can you help me? the company is called

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7178Muraqworld Plaza [Ohio]
Total claims:1Fraudulent Website »02/12/0902/12/20092
Rahman Manurah, alleged sales manager for promises to ship me an Apple i phone 3G 8GB for $200 + $40 shippin cost, paid the money as instructed by western union. Once he collected the money he emailed saying the shipment was held by the Customs & I would need to pay another $210 for tax purpose.

I asked to cancel the transaction & a refund, he/she shamelessly asked for more money.
I sent the money for one JENNEIFER HAWKIN, who collected the moeny at western union.

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Total claims:2Internet Fraud »08/12/200910/12/20092

7.36 beutyclub 8668477659 CY 14 November, 2009
30.28 vibrantbeauty 8668237411 CY 14 November, 2009
53.71 Sup*Smilebright 877-5947850 US 53.71 08 November, 2009

I signed up for a free trial of whitening toothpaste in November, the web site recommended using it in conjunction with another product which I did not sign up for as I was busy at the time. To my horror this organisation have either passed my details onto another company illegaly or they themselves are trading illegally under different names.

I am outraged to see that another company has taken a further 53.71 from my account without authorisation.

If the monies are not returned to my account immediately I will be reporting this to UK Police and also the FBI under internet crime

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Total claims:12FRAUDULENT TRANSACTION »7/12/0917/12/20092

This product was marketed as free with a delivery charge of 99p to pay. I was then charged 74.08 at a later date. The bank informed me it was a recurring payment, as defined by the terms the company had provided them.

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Total claims:16Fraud??? »4/12/200916/12/20092

Order no 100003984

A Pair of classic tall chestnut ugg boots for £79.99
too good to be true ...... yes too good to be true!
I have called in Paypal to resolve claim for full refund and hopefully this will work.

Like others I have had vague emails from supplier " soooo busy
christmas coming, please wait more times"

False tracking number for parcel force given and in general a very poor so called customer care from this company.

I believe the name of this person is Fu Xing Cai and the email address is

The tele no I have is 020 32876655 ( however lucky you if you get through!!!)

Hopefully SOMEONE will stop this character!!!!!

Email sent to watchdog. Maybe Nicky Campbell will help?

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Total claims:28FRAUD »05/12/200909/12/20092
I never even signed up for a trial with this company.
I had a problem where CLICKBANK took $144.00 out of my account a few weeks ago. I froze my account for 15 days and managed to get a refund. 2 weeks later I am charged $22.67 from ELITEPACK. I am told our details are SOLD to other companies. This is a headache. I want my money back immediatly and I am reporting this to everyone I can. I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR ANY FREE TRIAL. HOW DARE YOU USE MY CRDIT CARD NUMBERS THAT YOU PURCHASED. I have no way to contact these people, I do not even have a contact email as there was no correspondence between us! I cant call the number provided from Australia. I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS CAN HAPPEN AND THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH THIS. THIS COMPANY MUST BE MAKING A FORTUNE. SCUM SCAM BAGS!!!!

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9821smilebright [DEMOINS]
Total claims:46Fraud »December 4th16/12/20092
I placed an order for a free trial of a tooth whitening product from a company called Ultifreshwell 8669485508. I paid the shipping charge of $11.90US with my Visa card on November 15th.
On checking my statement today, I have found an additional charge of $86.93US levied by a company called Sup*Smilebright 877-5947850.
I was not advised of this companies existence, let alone authorising any payment. Obviously a scam and taking advantage of people who can least afford it.
Beware, I didn't think that the credit card companies could approve a payment without the cardholders permission. Apparently they can.

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9879SUP Smile Bright [sup smile bright]
Total claims:16fraud »07/12/0917/12/20092

Applied for a 'free' trial of toothwhitening solution. Havent received anything from them but have been charged on my credit card for the sum of £54.10

What can I do?

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Total claims:57Fat burning fraud »29/jul-8 dec 200919/12/20092

I signed up for a free trail only, for free acaiberry on a world fit website, for my sister. the website made me put in her weight details inorder to be accepted for the free trail.
and just today i discover the company has been taking small amounts out of my account via and string of differnt company names including sup*worldfir united stated, Sup*maimizeyou (which took 36 pounds at random!!), thoses two were this month,
the others are names elitepack Cyprus, web access United states, Aciaburn8669898945, Membership United states, Health member cyprus, VH Access Cyprus, and Onv/Insidertips866 Gibralter.
Each company has taken small amount of $3.24 etc but now has added up to 60 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!

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10830Pro-Body 866-407-5590 SINGAPORE
Total claims:133Credit card fraud »January 22, 201029/01/20102
Foolishly I ordered a free trial of Colon Cleanse and AcaiBerry Detox which were received around Jan. 21. On Jan 26 I phoned (the United Kingdom) to cancel the order and received a cancellation number - I was charged shipping only. Today I discovered 2 charges of $129 from Pro-Body and Smile Kit on my credit card statement. The AcaiBerry people passed my credit card number along to their associate business. I tried the phone numbers on my statement associated with each charge and the people there knew nothing of this and didn't have an account for me. I called our bank and they said they could do nothing until I had requested a cancellation or refund from the offending companies and then they could take action.

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Total claims:14fraudulent verbal contract, mirepresentation »14/10/200930/01/20102
Inadequate initial medical assessment of clients
Pysychological and verbal abuse of clients by Sales consultant
Fraudulent behaviour
Racial discrimination,bullying and harassment. I have called so many times no positive answer. written to them no reply, refund or cancel my contract.

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11703excalibur financial services [LA]
Total claims:2credit card fraud »march 10 201019/03/20102
A Kenneth Hoffman from excalibur financial services called offering to lower my credit card interest rates to 3-5 %.
He also offered a free $500 gas card upon signing......he actually stated he would put 2 gas cards into my package....a total of $1000 free gas. I stupidly signed over $2490, expecting a teleconference call with my banks to lower my rates. The call never came. I notified my banks, cancelled all my cards and was able to dispute the charged amount of $2490 because I did not sign any papers sent by this company, authorising them to charge my credit card. My banks, MBNA and the Royalbank both stated that this was not a credited company and that I had been scammed.
Excalibur called to rebook my teleconference stating that due to a storm, their power went out for 2 days and that the whole company did not have internet nor phone access. I had been calling them and emailing them once the original teleconference was a non event.

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Total claims:9Escort Agency Fraud »09/04/201012/04/20102
A similar claim has been against this organisation ( and to my surprise they are still in operation, as I keep asking my self how this is even possible?

Same story as the first, I was made to believe that after submitting my profile I got a date who had booked me which made me go ahead to pay the sum of £220 to a Natwest account belonging to an R.B WALKER. However, the date never showed up.

Please, how do I claim my money back as the only proof of payment I've got is the banks customer deposit receipt. I would like the police to be brought in on this as the account number must have an address and can be traced.

Please I'll like to hear from you so as to know my next step of action. (I despise cheating)

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12086International Companion Services
Total claims:5Fraud »21/01/201017/04/20102


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12235international companion service
Total claims:3fraud »04/05/201005/05/20102

i registered with international companion services recently and paid the sum of £395. I also spoke to stephanie who has not yet replied or answered any of my calls or emails.

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12407motion power ltd [Oldham]
Total claims:10fraud »27/4/1023/05/20102

sent wrong part,returned it and gettin runaround concerning my refund,actually fear this outfit could misuse my card details...i strongly feel that should be held equally responsible for putting motion power in touch with all the customers,this was a rip off from the start as they admitted they did not even have the part i required, and sent me a totally different part just to obtain my money,,this is downright fraud,,i even sent the parts back at my own expense..AFTER SPEAKING WITH BREAKERYARD.COM 24/5/10 THEY HAVE NOW CEASED USING MOTION POWER DUE TO MASSIVE NUMBER OF IDENTICAL COMPLAINTS,,IF YOUVE EVER GIVEN M/POWER YOUR CARD DETAILS I ADVISE YOU RING THE BANK AND BLOCK THEM FROM ACCESSING YOUR ACCOUNT AS THERE IS PROOF THEY GO IN AT LATER DATES FOR A SECOND HELPING,,THIS OUTFIT ARE ALSO KNOWN AS MPL AND INTERNATIONAL CAR SPARES,,WATCH THEM USING A NEW NAME SOON,,TRULY SHOCKING,,ITS GREAT TO LIVE IN RIP OFF BRITAIN.

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Total claims:5scam/fraud »19.6.1019/06/20102

i was trying to make some extra cash by doin companion work. i actually thought that these companies were for real but seems like non of them are. i was contacted by dateangels n spoke to few diff girls throughout the process. the main name used being Morgan. there number for reception was given out but others kept unknown. reception number 0844 880 3621 i sent them pics of myself n personnal details. i was then told dat a client was interested in a drinks n dinner date for tonight at the clients hotel, sat 19th. his name is james n he is 27, is wot i was told. n dat a car would pick me up n take me der n back. i was told would collect £500 at da start of the date. i had to pay £250 registration fees before my number could be released to the client. i did this via western union-to louis daniel brennan in spain. i waited for the call from the client but it neva came. i phoned them back n they said they would contact him. they then said he had to postpone to monday night as he had a business thing come up. i am now goin to ring them monday and see if its happening or not then? if not then it is deffinatly a scam. i will do wot i can to get my money back. if anyone knows how to do that please help me stop these lying thieves!!

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12883Syndex Industries Panama, SA
Total claims:6Teeth Whitening Product Fraud »30/06/201006/07/20102
I purchased a tooth whitening teeth product on a 10 days trial from Syndex Industries Panamas via their website (later discovered to be the same company as The product was purchased on 18 June 2010 for £6.90 and 10 days trial was supposed to end on 27 June 2010 after which I would be liable for the full payment of the product if I did not cancelled my subscription within the trial period.

Up to the 26 June 2010, the product did not arrive then, I decided to call the company, to ask them to extended my trial period as I have not received the product let alone trying it. I called the US and Canada customer service telephone number (1-866-777-8751) they had on their website, unfortunately none of the telephone numbers on their website is functioning, even their UK contact telephone (01617680100) number is not working.

On the 27 June 2010, still the product has not arrived, I called the telephone numbers again, it’s the same result, numbers cannot be connected to. So I decided to send e-mail using the e-mail I received from them to confirm my order. Guess what, it is a no reply e-mail address. Hence there was no way of contacting this company whatsoever.

At this stage, I started panicking and started checking the web to find alternative way of contacting Syndex Industries Panama. Fortunately, I came across another telephone number (001-888-869 2674) on 28 June 2010. I called them and spoke to one of their customer service advisor named Roxy Lopex. I spoke to Roxy Lopex at 6.25pm UK time for 15 minutes. I explained the circumstances that my product had not arrived and that I have been trying to contact them during my trial period since the 26 June 2010 but the contact telephone numbers (UK, US and Canada) on their website is not functioning. Therefore, I asked her to extend my trial period; she bluntly refused to help me. I asked her for the contact details (telephone numbers and e-mails) of her supervisor, she said they are not authorised to give out any contact details. I was really shocked with this statement. So I requested to be transfer to her manager, she pretended to be transferring me and kept me on hold for 45 minutes (18.40 – 19.25 UK time) and later hanged up shockingly.

Immediately I redial the number, this time I spoke to Sandy Hill. I started all over again to explain my predicament and my fear of having to pay for a product that I have not even received let alone tried. She also refused to give me the contact details of her manager/supervisor. She also said that she will transfer me to someone else who will assist with my query and she kept me on hold for another 25 minutes and later hung up. This action prove my doubt that the first time Roxy Lopex hanged up was not a mistake, it was deliberate.

On the 29 June 2010, the package eventually shows up. According to the stamp on the package, it was actually posted on the 27 June 2010, this was the same day my trial period expires.

On the pack of the teeth whitening product is the website, I checked the website for any contact details, and this took me to a similar website but with slightly different telephone number. I contacted this company; unfortunately it is the same people that I have been speaking to since 28 June 2010.

At this stage you will agree with me that I have not suffered any financial loss, but when I check my bank account on the 30 June 2010. It was a very big surprise to know that Sydex Industries Panamas has collected the sum of fifty nine pounds and 77 pence (£59.77.) an equivalent of $87.47 plus £1.25 Overseas transaction fees from my bank account. According to my bank, this payment has been applied to my account since 26 June 2010, one day before despatching and posting my product from the US.

I called them on 30 June 2010, I spoke to one David Smith asking him to refund my money because there is no way to contact them during my trial period, still they refused to refund my money and refused to give me the contact details of their customer complaint department or manager.

In the process of trying to find out more information and contact details for Syndex Industries Panama, I goggled their company name and this lead me directly to your website. I hope you will be able to help me to claim my hard earned cash, fraudulently taken from me by these fraudsters.

If you required further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards

Abdul Olagboyega
Mobile +44-07551813000

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12991Diamond Companions [Great Yarmouth]
Total claims:12Fraud »10/06/201016/07/20102

I mistakely sent £350 to a Katie Louise Dale in Malaga Spain for a photo profile as a companion with Diamond Companions. Having been duped by a lady called Tina who promised me work I had a booking which then canceled one hour prior to meeting time. 12 calls into the office on 0870 1404096 to speak to Tina not once has she been available .Now having been this patient I must except that I have been scammed and Would like the full force of the law to bring this organisation to book can you help.

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12995RISE University
Total claims:9RISE University FRAUD »June -July 201016/07/20102
I recently enrolled at an online university called RISE University. They are apparantly in UK and in USA. I paid 99 pound for enrollment and I had to pay another 2oo pounds for my materials (which is an online classroom). The website looks great and the materials are very professional. After I finished studying, I wrote the online test. When I got the results, the computer had changed some of my answers to different ones and marked them wrong. When I phoned them about it they said that the software sometimes does that and that they will correct it manually. This is however done on purpose, because on the website you can choose to redo the test for 480 pounds. I think they change your marks so you can get lower marks and pay to take the test again. They kept telling me they will fix it in 2 hours or tomorrow. This was about a month ago. They also told me to pay another 99 pounds to get my graduation pack including my certificate and my transcripts. I paid and they said I will receive in in 7 days. It is a month later and I haven't received anything. I have phoned them every single day just to get the phone put down when they here is it me calling. They told me that the university has existed for 10 years, but nowhere can I find anything about them on the internet. They also claim to be accredited by the International Accreditation Organization, but this is also not true. They also have an online chat. As soon as they see it is me chatting, they log off. The names of the two people who lied to me and stole my money is Chris Anderson from America and Ben Taylor from the UK. The website is 1-877-849-RISE (7473) 0800-635-RISE (7473) These are the two numbers given on the website. I have also emailed them probably about 20 times and had no reply. They have my bank details, and I am affraid they might steal my money. The emails I have is and At this point I just want my money back. They have lied to me and took money from me for no reason and wasted my time I could have used to study something legit. Please someone help me.

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Total claims:9fraud »june 201019/07/20102

I contacted the company adorabelles to enquire about becoming a social companion. I spoke to an advisor called LAYLA over a two week basis and was told about the different packages on offer, prices and that I was garenteed a booking every week or more if I wanted.

After considering it I thought I thought I would give it a try and went for the basic profile package which cost me £251.

I payed at the last minute on the day of my booking (a Friday) and then received a call saying that my date had had a family emergany and had to posbone till the monday. On Monday I was advised he had to cancel due to the family emergancy again. I was told I would be on priotity list and get a booking. I didn't !!! I called to speak to someone and I tried several times to get a refund. I was told I counld have one and then was told that I was tied in for 12 months non refundable membership. I was also informed on a later date that I would get a booking if I upgraded to have a photo of myself on there. No way was i paying an extra £100

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16871BV Castings
Total claims:4Fraudulent bond »2010 to 201122/02/20112
As expressed on website BV fraudulently took a membership fee plus a bond compromised from £3000 to £1500 for guaranteed work which never came to fruition over 9 months and during which I incurred a further £250. No address, will not answer phone and now have their website under permanent maintenance.
Lawyer wants to take further but I am not prepared to incur further cost. As another complainant indicated 'illegitimate business', I can prove criminal activity which the fraud squad should be aware of and the OFT. People are being swindled.

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13356cornwall collections
Total claims:48FRAUD »16/08/201016/08/20102


more details »

Total claims:20Fraud »29/06/201129/06/20112
I was called by the company tht I have been approved 5,000 pounds bt before I could get the money I need to pay 170 pounds through ukash voucher at a paypoint store which I did and I called them up to tell them but the lady said she will transfer the funds which I have not seen the fund,I have the voucher with me at the moment,the company is using a genuine company details to rip people off

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15026Ugg Australia Boots store
Total claims:6Fraud »12/04/201008/12/20102

I sent an email to the company email, through th form:
If you have any questions,please send us an email,we will reply you within 24 hours.
Our businessE-mail is:
The following is a copy of the email:
Please cancel my order. I ordered the wrong items. I also did not get an email confirmation for the order or when I registered at your site.
I got the following answer:
From: Scofield
To: Purple Frizz
Sent: Sun, December 5, 2010 7:57:46 PM
Subject: Re: Order

Hello Dear friend:

thanks for your email !

friend, pls ! we have ordered it from ugg Australia factory and I’m afraid we have sent it out already, and we can't stop the delivery.since the Christmas is coming, pls keep it as a gift !

thanks for your understand !

best regards !

I then sent the following email:
OK, would you kindly please send me a cofirmation number for my order and an email copy so I know the cost with the rate of exchange? I would also like to have the UPS tracking number?
Than you.
Deb Mendelsohn

I have not gotten an answer or anymore emails from the company. I cannot find an address or telephone number. I think this is a fake company that doesn't really send out Ugg boots.

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16321Recruitment Finder [Peterborough UK]
Total claims:1Lying fraudulent recruitment agency »ongoing29/01/20112
Absolute nightmare to deal with, After nearly 7 months in a position on an agreed rolling fixed term contract. a staff member of Mr Paul Clarke, trading as Recruitment finder informs me when challenged on a legal matter, that he was in fact lying when he agreed to a fixed term contract to get me to take the position. No matter how desperate for work you are, avoid this company like the plague.

Employers also note, you will receive nothing but problemsif you enlist the services of Recruitment Finder.

You have been warned

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17363Bray Engineering Ltd [Southhall]
Total claims:8Fraudalent »07/02/201016/03/20112
Bray Engineering Ltd have had my van since 07/02/2011 I am a self employed owner driver and my van has been my only means of income for me and my family for the last 11 years.

My van broke down a month ago, the engine needed changing so I registered myself on the internet in order to find companies who reconditioned engines, Bray Engineering Ltd approached me and were very helpful at first they even towed my van to their garage, they strongly assured me the van would be repaired with in 5 to 7 days, they gave me the quotation of £1780+vat at first then they checked the van said the cylinder head needed changing so quoted a higher price of £3855 and told me they needed to order parts so I needed to make payment, I paid them half the money then after few days they rang saying they had ordered parts got the enging ready and were ready to fit it in asked me to make the rest of the payment so that they could finish the job. Not suspecting anything I paid them and ever since I have rang them every week and they keep telling me your van will be ready in a fornight, I still have not got my van they have my money so I cannot even put in a deposit for a new van, I am in a really bad situation. PLEASE HELP.

more details »

Total claims:342fraud »13/04/201118/04/20112
i went to my bank 2 find out this company had taken £74.75 out of my account without my permission,, i did not sign up with any loan company and i cannot find email address or any phone number for them ....

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23219kitchen units [Rochdale]
Total claims:13fraud and false selling »december 201125/01/20122
Company run under the name of Martin Sersen.
Sales person came round and sold a kitchen to myself and partner. He took £100 cash and said to pay on delivery. When goods were delivered we were not given enough time to check the order. we were missing a kitchen tap, cupboard doors, the ones we were sent were broken, no draw handles and we were sent parts of another kitchen.
When you try to contact them you are put on hold and the customer service team hang up on you, i was told to 'piss off'.
They sold us products that they don't stock, they measured the kitchen incorrectly and as a result we have paid for someone to come a re-measure. This has cost us an extra £1000 on top of the £1000 we have already paid.
We have since found that they have moved to
Easy offices Manchester
Devonshire House
36 George Street
M1 4HA

I was also given this mobile number for ANNIE BRODIE who works for the company: 07973656644

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19074Scarlet Companions [Unknown]
Total claims:7fraud »06/05/201109/05/20112

In need of some extra cash, as i am a single mum with two young children i researched some non sexual escorting..Scarlet Companions seemed legitimate enough so i signed up for more information. A woman named 'Emma' called me back. She explained the fees for the service etc and asked when i was able to pay it .. The next day i got a voicemail from the bookings department saying i had a man interested in a meeting but i had to be registered first. So I paid the money with the last of my cash and waited on his call, believeing the £500 promised to me would be my reimbursement. Since i have heard nothing, so when doing some research on the internet, I found that many people have been scammed by this company. So , I am not happy unable to pay bills and in debt. This scam need to be stopped.

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19323kenneth tait [manchester]
Total claims:1FRAUD »200519/05/20112
Kenneth Tait claimed to be a private investigator in Edinburgh and also claimed to be a friend of mine who wanted to help me get through a difficult time when my marriage broke up and my Father died. I was also fighting for over a year to get my redundancy money from a previous employer who refused to pay up.
Kenneth asked me for a loan which would be invested for a period of 6 weeks and would double in value. I was about to buy my house from the council and could have bought it outright with my inheritance had I not lent him the money.
However, he never paid it back but was in regular correspondence with my lawyer admitting to owing the money to me and making constant promises to pay it back within a week or so. It never materialised.
In the meantime, Kenneth Tait, unbeknown to me, had been to visit my ex-employer and got £3,000 from her for part of my redundancy money, but I never saw this either and only found out about it from the Fraud Officer some years later.
After the initial loan, Kenneth asked me for more money and I refused at which point he became very threatening and abusive and kept phoning me at work and sending many texts threatening me. I gave my mobile to the Fraud Officer with all the texts as evidence.
I was due to give evidence against Mr Tait last week in Edinburgh Sheriff Court but he pled guilty on Tuesday 17th May 2011 and so I no longer need to give evidence. He will be sentenced on 1st June.

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19391E credit plus
Total claims:67100% Fraudsters....£99.50 GONE!!!!! »20/05/201123/05/20112
I applied for a loan online however none with a company called ecredit plus. I noticed 99.50 had been stopped out of my account and rang the bank immediately and the informed me ecredit plus have taken the money from my account. I never gave permission for this so i want their details to make a claim and report them to the financial ombudsman.

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20681Network HGV [London]
Total claims:20Fraud and refund »24th May 201122/08/20112

Network HGV took money off from my debit card via telephone when my husband mistakenly gave it to one of their brokers who shared the same name as the other company that my husband was expecting a callback that very same day. After sending them written request for refund with enclosed pack and receipt within seven days via registered mail, they have vehemently denied any knowledge of it since then even when Royal Mail confirmed that the person that I spoke to and addressed the letter to in the first place actually received, signed, and dated it himself. Fast forward, 3 weeks later, I got the very same pack with the cover letter and receipt that they claimed to have not received. Clearly, they got my letter but had no intention of giving me my money back. After several phonecalls and e-mails, I ended up having missed my loan repayments and other direct debits that needed to be cancelled. They were fully aware how desperate I was in the last three months but they have passed me over from one person to another. In fact, I have been told at one point by one of their managers that their accounts department cannot be contacted direcly and that instead of waiting for the refund, why don't I suggest to my husband to go through with their training? Ultimately, I have been told that 30% was going to be deducted from the £1500 which they said was under their non-existent terms and conditions. I wanted to dispute that and has been in contact with the trading standards people and was therefore advised to make a small claim at my local county court. They have not responded to two of the correspondeces so far and when I was going to request moneyclaimonline to execute a warrant, I later found out through this company's website that their previous trading address has now changed to a MAILBOX address! This having been confirmed by one of their employees as their office address when I rang them on 08444105878. Now, I have no choice but to hope that they will reply to the request as I'm already at a wits' end as to how to get my money back. Please if any one can help us, they have taken off food from my children's table, my husband is jobless, I'm already in debt, my credit score has been affected because I have missed my loan repayments and other direct debits, desperate and frustrated! I can supply the names of persons that I have been in contact with the said company. I hope that this experience serves as a lesson and as a warning to other potential HGV drivers who want a better career opportunity but was robbed off the little money they have. Thank you.

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25812N5 Ltd / Nigel Botterill [Solihull]
Total claims:6Peel2Save - misleading sale / possible fraudulent conduct? »16/06/12 to date30/06/20122
To document everything that I feel was misleading about Peel2Save would take far too long to type here, but this Franchise/Biz Op was sold on the basis that it was the same as used in the US for close to 10 years (this appears to be not the case), it was a massive success in Solihull where it was extensively tried and tested (it doesn't appear to have been tested thoroughly nor overly successful), national brands were advertised as being on board and just waiting for our call (they weren't) and the business model as sold DOES NOT WORK and N5 have tried to revise it time again without apparent success.

If the information given by Nigel Botterill in order to sell Peel2Save was just totally naive and over egged excitement then Nigel Botterill has clearly shown himself not to be the big business guru he makes out, as he appears to have left 100's of people in debt or seriously out of pocket, whilst having done very well from it himself, thus resulting in a massive blow to any reputation he had before hand.

If Nigel has deliberately misled 100's of people with false claims then his conduct is tantermount to a criminal fraud in my opinion.

The second very big issue with Peel2Save with a recent revision of the business model, is the introduction of an affiliate scheme whereby despite businesses, charities and consumers believing that £5 from every card sale goes to charity, only £1 does. Nigel defends this by saying that the scheme is optional and a charity is better off getting £1 than nothing at all.

I have to disagree. If a business appears on the card with an understanding that £5 from every card sold goes to charity, a charity agrees to be a beneficiary of Peel2Save on that same basis, and consumers by the cards also on that basis, then giving anything less than the marketed £5 to the good cause or charity is fraudulent.

Whilst most Peelers have chosen not to run this scheme on ethical grounds, just one area doing so and being found out can potentially damage the already dwindling reputation of Peel2Save nationally. By proposing such as scheme I believe that N5/Nigel Botterill are ultimately liable.

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21513EPM Power finance [london]
Total claims:1frauded »09.09.11-12.10.1113/10/20112
i have had money taken from my bank account two different times both 66.76 i never autherised this and it is completely discusting am so upset as my bank cant do anything !!!

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21014Loans Same Day
Total claims:2Defraud you of money but don't pay loan »1&2 September 201114/09/20112
This company call and offer a loan, asking only for the first month's instalment upfront to be paid either via credit card or UKash vouchers. I paid £110 via UKash but no loan was paid out to me. When I contacted them by phone 08435322399 to find out where my loan was, they told me my I should have paid 2 monthly instalments not one, so I bought another voucher for £100. Still no loan, so I contacted them again and was told that there was a problem with the UKash voucher and I would have to pay them again. This is when the penny dropped and I realised I'd been duped!

So beware, they'll charge you upfront for your first one or two loan repayments, but the loan will never materialise
I have reported this to Action Fraud and am now going to the police as they have absolutely no contact details. Their online, website email has been disabled.
Web address is:

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22300simon [London]
Total claims:3fraudulent company »september 201130/11/20112
this company is good at is the sister company of highway lgv ltd,and now they have a new one,called LGV for all ltd.

what they do is they offer training for large vehicles get your money and they ignore you for months until you get bored and stop asking for your money or training.they have no facilities at all,they are just scammers.

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23895E credit plus
Total claims:67Stolen money/fraud »22/02/201227/02/20122
I knew I had never applied to this company - had never even heard of them and did not know what it was they offered - had never signed anything with them and had never received anything from them - took £99.95 from my debit card details - turns out, when applying for a pay day loan from a well-known UK company, to pay off some Christmas expenses, somewhere in the small print there is also an offer for E-Credit plus - sign for your pay day loan and your'e also signing up to them!! - asked E-credit Plus for details of the company affiliated with them and the person immediately offered me my money back and a full membership for £49.95 - told her I didn't even know who her company are - couldn't give me any details about when I'd authorised them to take payment or when I'd actually signed to their specific company(cos I hadn't) - full refund of £99.95 credited back to my a/c - they are based in America and if you haven't applied directly through their website, they will immediately offer you a full refund - and so they should!!!!

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24085SIPit Scotland / SIP Construction Company [TIM ALLAN / GLASGOW]
Total claims:3Fraudulent Trading »22/09/1111/03/20122
After completing the renovation of our house we scraped together enough just money to complete a small studio for my wife to carry on her successful photography business and generate enough income to help with the bills.

Unfortunately we approached Tim Allan to complete the build. Two weeks after the initial 25% deposit and still no contact with him or anyone else I took a trip to his factory to find out what was happening.

It turns out there was no factory any more.

Next we received a letter from Ken Tait accountant and agent of Tim Allan. This letter stated that the company was no longer trading.

When I called Mr Tait he informed me, at length, that Tim's business has no assets and that there is no way to force him to liquidate it. The Companies House deadline for account filling came and went and still Tim Allan has filed no accounts to indicate that the money I gave him has been anything other than used to line his quite extensive pockets. In my opinion he is purely a thief who has seriously financially compromised my family and our plans for the future. Not only did we lose £8,000 but my wife is unable to continue with a large part of her business and so pay back the money we borrowed to complete the studio.

There is no conceivable way in my mind that Tim Allan at the time of taking my deposit had no way and no intention of completing my order. The deposit given as stated by Mr Allan was for materials which he needed to buy in from another company and as such should have been imidiately passed on to SBS the SIP manufacturer.

On finding out about Tim Allan's decision to cease trading I set up a website in the name of The SIP Construction Company Ltd. I have had several interested parties contact me through this website and it turns out there are quite a few people after Mr Allan. I took the website down after his new employer threatened me with legal action for linking their business to Mr Allan.

So far to recover the money I have spoken to the Scottish version of Trading Standards who are purely telephone operators who decide to pass on the information to Trading Standards. There is no feed back so I do not know if the message got through.  I understand that his previous company was forced into liquidation by Trading Standards but as he ignored court summons etc he comes under the heading of "Too Difficult".

I spoke to a nice police woman from the Financial Crime Unit of Lothian and Borders Police who said that definitely there was a case to answer for fraudulent trading. Unfortunately she asked her Sergent how to proceed and thirty seconds later there was no way the police could help.

Next I was in touch with Companies House and as he has not followed the rules they are unable to help because they purely hold records. The rules around plc's are not enforced by any agency.

Other victims have called HMRC to point out he has made hundreds of thousands of pounds without paying tax but they can't persue him as he has no records.

Next stop is my MSP but I'm not holding out much hope.

From what I can tell we got off lightly compared to some others as the handling of money was not his only fault. I am shocked that there is no enforcment of the law by any agency in these matters and so little protection.

If you come across this character anywhere please steer well clear he seems convincing but I could find  plenty of others who could testify that he is not.

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30332Dace Viesture [London]
Total claims:1Fraud/Scam »21/01/1526/01/20152
I had a text message from a company saying i had been charged £30.00 for 5 entries - when i phoned they said i had entered a competition which i knew nothing about. I traced it back to a woman called Dace Viesture who is refusing to give my money back despite numerous calls and emails. She claims to offer a 'no quibbles refund' for customers who are not happy with the service. Well, i'm not but can't seem to get anywhere. Anyway, beware of this Latvian woman called Dace Viesture, who appears to havew scammed quite a lot of people and i will certainly be reporting her and her companies and will not stop until she is brought to justice and closed down. Sheopertaes under Switchfire Ltd, Socman, CoMob, Safari Mobile and i have 2 phone numbers - 0203 5405938 and 02077 982800

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Total claims:5Fraudsters »28/09/0831/10/20081

My Madonna tickets were fake and I had to buy alternatives from the touts outside. Trading standards have been notified as well as watchdog who are running a special segment just on these fraudsters

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Total claims:118fraudulous charge »december 1212/01/20101

I have tryed over and over again to stop recieving this stupid, ineeficient ACAI BURN, and they don't seem to be able to register my wish not to received anymore products. I'm entittled to at least 2 refunds. Help, I want my money back!

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424Models and Modistas [Dublin]
Total claims:27Internet Fraud »05/12/0808/12/20081

I ordered a Mulberry bag for my wife for Christmas. Payment was made via Worldpay but no receipt was given. I have tried to contact  Models & Modistas over 10 times and further research shows numours customers have paid for goods but they have failed to arrive.

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799Mayfair Racing [Hull]
Total claims:1Fraud »22/12/0805/02/20091

Myself and many others have been conned by an internet operator who purported to sell info that predicted future numbers at a roulette site.He is extremely plausible.Once you receive a memory stick which they say has the relevant numbers on you hear nothing more from them.They don't answer phone or email.WE need as many victims to come forward so that official can be taken by trading standards.

more details » [Liverpool]
Total claims:1False advertisement, fraud, theft and deception »23/01/0920/02/20091

I payed for a motherboard for a computer I was building from computerwebstore (recommended by google.) After waiting nearly two weeks I had still not received it nor any explanation as to why. So I decided to drop them an email. After hearing no reply I decided to do a bit of research into the company, only to find hundreds of people who have had issues with this company. Advertising parts they don't sell and refusing to refund my payment after they said they had done so twice is the reason I have reported this joke of company to police. However the authorities can not guarantee they can get my money back, can you??

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995Carter and Carter Financial [Stockport]
Total claims:9Fraud »January 28th morning22/02/20091

Rang out of blue promised a loan and on the pretence of checking my identity took fee from card.  No paper work ever received.  Numerous phone calls resulted in lots of lies and false promises.  Trying to get fee back. David who made call has resigned.  Have now heard other bad news about their behavious.

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1054Western Union [London]
Total claims:6Fraudulent withdrawal of funds by unauthorised persons »24.02.200926/02/20091

I used Western Union to transfer the amount of @1500 as loan to a friend in a matter of urgency. I filled in her details and the location where the transaction would take place as London UK and paid the necessary fee. The agent advised that, in order for the person to withsraw the amount, she must present a valid form of photo ID, namely passport or driver's licence.

My friend advised me that the money owed to her had now reached her account and would therefore not need a loan and kindly asked me to cancel the transaction and withdraw the amount using my passport.

I managed to do this the following day to hear to my dismay the amount had been withdrawn! I immediately wanted to know who by and where the transaction tok place to be only advised that I should call 0800 7314814 and find out for myself. As soon as I entered the tracking numberm the automated machine  responded that the money which had been deposited on february 24th 2009 at 14:57 was withdrawn on febryary 24th 2009 at 11:25am!

This can only mean two things:

1. The times do not stack up = Western Union are lying and stole the money


2. The only way for a past GMT time to reccur in the future is when one travels west, meaning that the money could have been paid out in a location further west than the UK = Western Union is in breech of their contractual obligation to carry out the contract according to the terms specified in the form: pay the amount to the person named on the contract and only them, in the location specified in the contract and after all necessary security checks had been passed.

I further tried to obtain more information about the transaction and, as advised by the Western Union telephone customer service, asked the agents to provide me with a receipt of the final transaction showing the paying-out agent's details and address as well as a scanned image of the ID that was used for the transaction. The agents refused me this service and referred me back to the automated machine operated telephone line, which obviously would not be able to provide me with this information.

Therefore I wish to file a complaint and a claim against the aforementioned company and if a settlemet is not reached take further legal action.

Many thanks

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21251Precision Leads UK Ltd [Birmingham]
Total claims:2Company fraudulent activity »29th September 201129/09/20111
Asked for payment upfront for accident claaims.
Was supposed to start today - when we arrived at their offices - told they had done a bunk last week.

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Total claims:23ejaffa - fraud »27 February 200905/03/20091

I have a similar experience.  Whilst Paypal have their terms I believe in this case that they have been negligent.  Details of this situation can be traced back to mid January and November/December in the case of another website linked to the same person.  Suggest we contact Paypal on mass giving our thoughts.  I have reported this to the powers that be.  It looks like "Mr Donoghue" has done a runner as ejaffa is now closed down.  Surely one of Paypal, google (they were using a google sponsored link), SSL (they have a certificate!!!) or the technical people (Ekm Systems or in the case of the other site GX Networks) should have noticed something?????

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1162El Cid Vacation Club [Mazatlan]
Total - Good offers but no deliveries - FRAUD!!! »28.02.200905/03/20091

I have ordered last saturday a Canon EOS 50D for an incredibly good price, also the price seemed suspicious, I thought it was within range ...

I received the following message:

"Greetings from eJaffa.

You have successfully placed a new order with us for the following items:

SCS278      1    "CANON EOS 50D - body only"
Price: £571.99

We have awarded you 571 Loyalty Points which may be redeemed against a future purchase.

For your records, the details of your order are confirmed as follows:

Order Number:    [WEB23198] (link:
Payment Method:    PayPal
Delivery Method:    UK
Total:    £571.99

Mr Mario Roeder (...)"

Ok, I thought ... they got my order, so I will get my camera!


Luckily I payed with Paypal, I opened a claim against ejaffa, lets hope that I will get my money back!

So, whatever you want to buy, buy it but NOT AT EJAFFA!

Your Mario

PS.: For all those who did, the Adress, Name and Mail of the company are: Whois details for


David Donoghue


Unit 4 South Road



cm20 2ar


phone: +44.01279725798

Domain Name:


Administrative Contact:

Ian Gibson (DB00403-TR)

Ekm Systems Ltd

Unit 6 Arkwright Court

Commercial Road





phone: +44.8712307116

fax: +44.012547738

Technical Contact:

Ian Gibson (DB00403-TR)

Ekm Systems Ltd

Unit 6 Arkwright Court

Commercial Road





phone: +44.8712307116

fax: +44.012547738

Record updated on 04-Mar-2009

Record expires on 02-Sep-2009

Record created on 02-Sep-2008

Domain servers in listed order:



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7317Global Wellbeing
Total claims:49Fraud trading »27/11/200905/12/20091

When I read a small window with advertisement of diet product jumped out. It highlighted 0.99pounds sample without any obligation. It didnot mention any contract or term in the small advertisement. I paid the order using my credit card on 10/11/2009. I didnot recieve anything since then. I just forgot it because it is only 1 pounds I thought it is only a small lesson for online shopping. But today 04/12/2009, when i checked my online statement, the company called GlobalWellbeing debited 119.02 USD =74.91 pounds from my credit card account. This transaction didnot get authorisation from me. I have called the bank to block my card and will write to the bank to refund the money too. But I am not sure whether they will refund the money. The bank staff told me I am not the only victim of the company. I asked why do not stop the payment if they already know it is fraud. The staff told me they have not such a right. It is obviously bank has the responsibility to keep our card safe too. But they did not take the responsibility properly.

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7328ACAI BURN Army Post Rd Distribution [Des Moines]
Total claims:14Fraudulent Account Billing »12/01/200905/12/20091

i wanted to actually see if the product worked, so i filled for a free trial, but then cancelled the same day. didnt recieve a product,notice a charge to my debit account that wasnt supposed to be there. 3 days ago, i got a package in the mail, it was acaiburn and i was over whelmed. they still sent the package after i cancelled. so i contacted the proper authorities, and my lawyer, and i am here making a claim for all to see, if i am not reimbursed very soon, i will become the most aggravating person that they will pay me to go away.

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1643UK Pensions in Spain
Total claims:1Anothr New Scam from a Serial Fraudster »April 200901/04/20091

Experts in Spain ( and its new sister company is a new business venture by convicted serial fraudster Simon Harris and his wife Jenny.

Simon and Jenny live in the village of Guatiza on the island of Lanzarote. They came to Lanzarote after Simon was released from jail in Liverpool where he served time for fraud. He created the Quill Will franchises in the UK and as well as a will society to give credibilty to it. Thousands of people lost a great deal of money, many their entire life savings.

When it all started to get nasty, as most scams eventually do, the Harris's fled to Lanzarote where they soon saw an large expat market for their scams. They started with their signature will scam before moving onto property tax scams which earnt them a lot of money.

Lanzarote is a small island and eventually word got around which resulted in the close of their business there in March 2009 though things where going badly for around the previous 18 months where they had become the talk of the island and where they had become the main topic on the forum of the islands leading English language publications (

Suprisingly they are still living on the island where they have conned hundreds of people out of thousands of pounds/euros. Unable to carry out any further business on the island the Harris's have now turned their attention to the Spanish mainland where their victims will be the UK Expat Community as well as UK citizens looking at purchasing a second home.

Anybody that may be considering using the services of Experts in Spain or UK Pensions in Spain will hopefully have the good sense to search the internet where they will hopefully come across this and other websites which will save them a lot of money, pain and stress.

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1759easy step loans [stockport]
Total claims:3FRAUD »01/04/0910/04/20091

This company fraudulently took money out of my account. I have since researched on the web and there are numerous complaint about this fraudulent activity.They also go by the name of easy step loans .I have notified my bank and they are investigating. WE NEED TO BRING THIS PEOPLE TO BOOK AND GET THEM LOCKED UP.

so if you have been a victim of their criminal activity take action via you bank police watchdog etc

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22889Enhance Financial Services [Cheshire]
Total claims:45fraud »6/1/1207/01/20121
Enhance finance services - THE WORST COMPANY EVER - RIP OFF BRITAIN - i went to my bank on 6/1/12 - only to be shocked and horrified that £69.99 has vanished ??? so i went itno the branch and asked them where this money had got as i was not expecting any direct debits or payments to leave my account. when i asked thm who had taken the payment - yep ENHANCE FINANCE SERVICES - WHO UP UNTILL THIS POINT - I HAVE NEVER HERD OF?? apparently whilst looking for a pay day loan they had taken my details from another website and charge me some fee - but for what - a service i didnt want, need or ask for??? FRAUD ive been subject to fraud - i infomed my bank nationwide - who had already had plenty of complaints about this company and agreed to start visa purchase dispute against them - i have also contacted the POLICE, WATCHDOG, DON'T GET DONE GET DOM, THE FINANCIAL OMBUDSMEN, CONSUMER DIRECT AND ANY OTHER COMPANY WHO I THOUGHT COULD HELP ME - this company are a joke - ive already sent various emails and tried to phone them more times than i care to remeber and its only day 3???? god help me - they have left me in a terrible situation - having to lend money that i can't afford from family and friends.

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1961lloyds tsb
Total claims:12fraudulante payments from me debit card »14th&21st and 27th of april24/04/20091

for three weeks now ive had a company  called bribri marketing llc who ive never heard of take about 30 pounds a week form my debit card and my bank isnt really that botherd! im on jsa and also have my missus and our 1 year old son to feed but everytime we get payed it gets taken so we dont have any money let to live on! 

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2156Mulick, James DDS [Agoura Hills]
Total claims:1Fraud, HIPPA violation »200902/05/20091

Mulick was hired and prepaid to put braces on our child.  Refused to put races on our child, refused to refund money.  Publicly disclosed our sons disability.

Mulick claimed our son's hygene made it impossible for braces to be installed.  Replacement dentist installed braces without issue.

Claimed we as parents were incompetant in our son's supervision.  Refused to understand the difficulties related to our son's disability in regards to hygene, even after consistant explanations.  It is well understood among dentists and health professionals that children with our son's disability have hygene issues, regardless of constant supervision.

Berated our son and exasperated his condition by ignoring the inherent difficulties his disability caused.

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2273Best Buy [Minneapolis]
Total claims:2Refuses to give fraud charge back »05/04/09-05/05/0905/05/20091

I went to a local post office in town to do a transaction there, and my card was denied. I knew I had the money on my prepaid visa, so I wondered what was going on. I went home and contacted my visa account holder, and they acknowledged that it appeared to them to be a fraudulent charge. I then was instructed by my visa account representative to contact Best Buy. I did, I got an initial run-a-round from them and then finally after talking to about the fourth represenatative, I got ahold of someone who said they were going to handle the case and return the money to my account and that it would happen that day of May 4, 2009. Knowing that big companies can move at a snail's pace, I waited until the next day to check that the charge had been credited back to my account. It had not. I simply called back Best Buy to get the information that the charge was even in the process of being credited back.

That was when it was becoming obvious to me that Best Buy had no intiention of giving the money back even though their representative acknowledged that it was indeed a fraudulent charge. The first representative tried some double talk of, "So, what was it that YOU purchased?" I replied, "I DID NOT purchase anything. I am calling to follow-up on a fraudulent charge claim." She just hung up. I was shocked. I called back, got their "call center" (My sister-in-law used to be one of those call center people. I did not believe the horror stories that she told me about Best Buy and their so-called "customer service"), this person forwarded me to's "customer service" where I only got a busy signal.

I'm hot now, but still under some modicum of self-control at this point, so I engage the "customer service rep" with "My next step is to sue" type of talk, becareful to let her know it was not personal as far as she was concerned. She hung up. That made it personal. Best Buy is a notorious bad company that no one should do business with at all (especiall big ticket items like electronics and appliances according to my sister-in-law). They think that they are untouchable as a large corporation and think that they can treat customers any kind of way and keep us coming back begging for more. Let's show them that we are first human beings, then we are customers. If Best Buy is only concerned about it's bottom line and says, "We do not care about customer service," then it is up to us consumers to show them that without US CUSTOMERS they are nothing. If they do not sell anything, they will have to change, or go out of business. I demand my money back and that Best But change its ways, so that this does not happen to another soul on this planet, or I will dog their company in evey mass media venue I can personally log onto, write to, talk to, or even get a half-interested reporter to just listen to me gripe for a few seconds; until their bad business practice reputation is known all over the world!

If they refuse to listen to us customers then we can show them who has the real power and not buy a thing from them ever again. Best Buy apparently does not care about how bad the economy is, or the fact that their mega-million dollar corporation does not care to back up its own policies (which are mere shams), just to take $460.00 out of my hand to put in their coffers (probably to give their top executives HUGE BONUSES). My wife and six children have to do without their needs met, because as a 100% service-connected disabled veteran, I only get paid once a month.

Best Buy is a notorious rip off (I've heard way too many people tell storeis about them to let this go). Everyone who has had money not returned to them, a product not fixed or replaced, been given the avoidance run-a-round by Best Buy, needs to band together as a grassroots effort to pull this company down and hold their executives accountable like the rest of the hot-shot big-wig, bonus hungry, greedy, selfish executives have.

I also checked with the Better Business Bureau to see if any other complaints have been filed against them. Heck, they are not even register with the BBB! Why? I believe it is because they have had no intention of being a better business in the first place. They sure have some hits on, though. That alone should cause great alarm to any would be customers of Best Buy.

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16121evolution business associates [Redgrave Suffolk]
Total claims:9Phone fraud!!!!!!!!!/Credit card fraud/SCAM »20/10/1019/01/20111
I was contacted by these people (EVOLUTION BUSINESS ASSOCIATES/VSS CONSULTANCY)who claimed that they could get my car loan written off due to some legal discrepancy. I was very sceptical but the lady???? was very convincing and assured me I would be in safe hands even giving me the company registration number and telling me to go to the Ministry of Justice website and verify that everything was above board. I checked it out and everything was as she had said, so I took their services and paid £581.63 by credit card. They said it would take a minimum of 12 weeks to finalise everything and that if I was unsuccessful all the monies paid would be refunded. I have been trying to contact them by phone for a few weeks now and the number is no longer in service. Their website is apparently 'under construction' so I can't reach them by e-mail. My credit card company will not help until I can say definately that they are no longer trading but the Ministry of Justice says they are!!!!!!! Meanwhile my credit card balance is ever increasing. Can anyone help?

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Total claims:52fraud »10/04/200908/05/20091

this bank has taken the sum above out of my account without my knowlege . they stated that they only needed my details to check out that i was who i said i was . this is not a bank but a scheme to get your money

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2581IgMogul [Phoenix]
Total claims:1Fraudulent business practices »Feb.27, 200912/05/20091

They called me up and wanted me to blog for them to make extra money. I said that I didn't like to write then they said that I could make extra money doing this and that they would train me. I said that maybe one day I would like to have my own web site because I had been buying domain names but as of yet I haven't one. Then I was re-directed to another person, JD that gave me a tour of IgoMogul and took me to domain sales and convenience me to allow him to build me a website to give exposure of my domain in order to sell it. I sent in the form that he had email me and they charged my credit card three different times. I had to contact Discover to dispute them. They falsified information and now I am being charged for two of the three amounts. When talking to them over the phone, they were pushy and demanding. I have tried to cancel their services even withdrawing my domain name and parking it. They still refuse to try to settle anything with me. I'm treated like the criminal here. I didn't like what they did, canceled any services in writing sending it certified to them and still they refuse to work anything out. I received this nasty email from the manager. I hope that you can feel the way I felt after reading it, this is the way I was treated on the phone as well. I had written to him via email, How could you call yourself a Christian and do people the way you do giving several scriptures. 



I see you are still twisting scriputers around. You must be a very confused person. Once you see that all that paperwork you signed obligates you I think you will understand you are still a client! You think you can dispute charges that you agreed to and signed a contract for....I dont think so. We have already spoken to your credit card company and they are going to close these disputes and YOU LOOSE! Its obvious you have probably done this before with other companies. I will pray for you! Trust me I will! Diane I can tell your not a very educated person and probably a "trailer park" type person....thats ok cause in god eyes you are special! But please stop with the stupidity and understand your not going to get away with doing a chargeback on We have run into clients like you before and you will soon see that we prepare for your kind!


God Bless,


Jacob DiMartino
General Manager
[] (link:
602-494-2054 Direct
877-205-1720 Toll Free
480-718-7831 Fax

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Total claims:45Account Fraud »5/26/0926/05/20091

Bought something for $5.95 a few weeks ago and now they charged my credit card $79.95 twice without my awareness or consent of the fees

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Total claims:6fraud »26/05/0926/05/20091

Dear Sir,

Having been refused a refund of said money, I would like to tell you that this item, (DFTA17CA) is still on sale at Argos, ( Cat No 532/160)
This offer clearly states on the box, "1 months free Setanta Sports, INCLUDING connection".
At best this is sloppy on yours and Argos's part, and at worst fruadulent,
This email has also been forwarded to a firm calld, who deal with consumer complaints.
I found that your operatives statement that you could not find the recording of my phone call interesting yet expected

I expect a full refund of said £14.99

P Platt

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2899Yes Loans
Total claims:112Fraud »1st March 200921/05/20091

This company's licence expired in June 2008 and yet they took £69.50 off me on the 1st of March 2009, to provide me with a loan which they are not licenced to do.  I am chasing my money back and nobody acknowledges your formal request for action.  They are no better than muggers

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2930Arena Flowers [London]
Total claims:1Fraudulently take money - no flowers! »06/05/200922/05/20091

Ordered flowers and free chocolates online for delivery to South Africa for a family funeral.

No deliver took place, but company happily took full payment (through PayPal I must add!!) and sent a text stating delivery had indeed taken place.

Rubbish! When demanded a refund, they were all in agreement and even offered to send a free bunch of flowers to the recipient as an apology.

Still waiting for both refund and free flowers - they couldn't deliver a thing if they tried.

Now fighting this through PayPal, just as useless and the bank. Don't touch them with a bargepole. Site is [] (link:


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3101ALL UK Tickets [London]
Total claims:2Fraud - fake site »01/05/200931/05/20091

I purchased 2 tickets to the FA cup final - Everton Vs Chelsea at £1,250. Firstly I was over charged when the bill went through twice, but even worse the tickets NEVER TURNED UP. Despite numerous calls and emails. Their website is not down, phone line not working and no reply to emails so the only conclusion is that they are a fake website and i have been totally ripped off - either that or they have gone bust. DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE as you will not receive tickets or a refund.... :(

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3180Performance Plus Marine
Total claims:2Marine Engine Fraud »Aug.200803/06/20091

I have submitter the same claim to twice already and still do not see this claim posted. I have also called your attention  to this matter and you have not even responded. [] (link:

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3192ADobe Systems Europe Ltd [Uxbridge]
Total claims:1SCAM, FRAUD, DECEPTION »Janu, SWINDLEary / June 200804/06/20091

04/06/09  DELL & ADOBE     COLLABORATE, collusively, in mutually beneficial FRAUD against the public!

‘ADOBE Photoshop ELEMENTS 6' has,'Non Activated  S /Number but, deceptively, maliciously, fraudulently  states: -

" Use this media to install or reinstall this software." On the disc.

This software is ‘Bundled' as an, deceptive,  inducement to purchase,, from DELL!

Also, ADOBE! Benefits frm the sale knowingly, maliciously, deceiving with a 'Non Activated' Serial number. given

These   malicious, SC AM / SWINDLE / COUNTERFEIT premeditated stratagems, upon me, have inflicted-

Work, Stress, Pain, Waste of time and energy, lack and disturbance of sleep, i.e. damage to my Health and well-being. Additionally, hours / days/ months of abuse against my computer, attempting  to do the impossible, etc.

Recompense, Compensation expected!

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3219BT Customer Street [Lancaster]
Total claims:11Mis-Sold Product/Fraud »28 April 200907/06/20091

I signed up six weeks ago for what I was told was search engine optimisation and web design that would put me on the first page of Google for my area (Manchester) for ten search key phrases. This I was told would happen four weeks later. And now six weeks later I am only appearing for two out of the ten search key words.


I have made several complaints but each time get fobbed of with well rehearsed excuses. They prey on small businesses and sole traders promising to bring them lots of work via high visability on search engines. They do not tell you that there is no cooling off period, nor that you are `legally signed up' by mere virtue of their phone call to you.


I estimate that as a result of the £500-00 I paid them and lost business due to lack of visability on search engines I am out of pocket to the tune of £2000,00 in only six weeks. Their web design is so basic that you could use a free build facility and design one like it yourself. They also unilaterally changed the design of my website recently without consulting me making it look even less attractive


I feel that this company by offering a service that they know in advance they are unable, or incapable of providing are commiting fraud and need investigation by the Office of Fair Trading.

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3289Collex Uk Ltd. [liverpool]
Total claims:4fraudsters »12-06-0912/06/20091

We were contacted on the 11th June 09 asking if we would be interested in their debt collection facility.  We arranged an appointment for today at 1pm and was told a gentleman called Roy would be coming to see us.

Unfortunately Roy couldn't make it and a Mr. J Bennett arrived in his place.

the meeting went well and we were told that even though the debt was aquired through a company going into receivership in 2006, we would still be able to get the money owed to us.

he was on the phone to his office a couple of times asking his staff to do various searches. He took down all the details and made notes from information we gave him then informed us it was going to cost £750 + VAT before they took it any further.

Alarm bells started ringing, my husband came upstairs to check out the company online while i carried on chatting to Mr. Bennett.  When i came into our little office for the cheque book my husband was looking up the company name on Yell....nothing....

I found them listed as a new company formed in Aug 2008 with no accounts available.  At this point i went back to Mr. Bennett and informed him that my husband was unwilling to part with any money until he had assured himself that the company was ok.  he was very polite, said no problem, heres my card, please call the office at any time and we'll take it from there. He said his goodbyes and left.

Then out of curiosity and to satisfy myself i googled collex and found this site. We called Simon and the police in Sheffield giving them all the info we could, even down to the make, model and registration of the "reps" car.

Please anyone, Liverpool or Sheffield, if you have recently paid them, cancel the cheques ASAP, we were lucky. My husband is developing a 6th sense.

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3280mobiles 4 free llanelli
Total claims:6fraudulent »january 200911/06/20091

was contacted in october 2008 and offered a mobile phone contract off of mobiles 4 free and declined as already had a mobile contract but they claimed they would pay off my existing contract until i could cancel my vodafone contract so i took it out. I had to ring them only after a couple of days as i was not allowed to transfer my vodafone number as i still had 5 months remaining on it which they did not meke me aware of, so i rang them complaining and they refunded me my 1st months line rental,  i have since then only received 2 payments off of them which i had to ring and chance them for each month one time costing  £25 on top of my contract to sort out. since then i have not received any money from them like they promised and when rang told they had changed their terms and conditions and that i no longer qualified for the offer first offered to me. another phone call after refusing to pay my line rental to 3 i was told that they had not offered to pay off my contract but £100 cashback which apparently i have received £95 of already which i have not. never heard this amount mention to me before. Each phone call i made to them i found the staff abrupt impolite and rude, and they assured me that under no circumstance would they be cancelling my contract or refunding me any money.

 i wrote to them 3 times, 2 of which i was told that they were just thrown in the bin as they werre pointless and they would not be replied to as it was a waste of their time .

so all in all they have done me out of

*£105 line rental not paid

*£30 for signing my mum up to 3 ( didnt enter details correctly so could not claim this).

*30 for my mum for joining 3 (alsdo not received due them not entering details correctly)

and this still is not sorted in June 6 months after starting to cancel my contract now i have baliff letters coming through as 3 have said they can do nothing it has to be mobiles 4 free that sorts it and when they dont return letters or phone call i think its really bad customer service on both paarts  Network 3 and Mobiles 4 free. I have never been treated so badly in my whole life.


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3293Tenretni Ltd [Carmarthenshire]
Total claims:33Fraud,Deception,Theft »January 200812/06/20091

Having purchased 4 sites of Tenretni,i was stupidly persuaded to become a franchisee and promised i would make lots of money.How naive was I.I finally realise that i have been duped by these conmen and will do all in my power to bring them down.Nick Bynoth please post your email address so i can contact you.I may have info you can use.I havent made any money from being a franchisee or my sites.

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3355redford financial group [south carolina]
Total claims:27fraud »6/18/200918/06/20091

I too was a victim,even with all the smarts and education,I still sent almost 1500 dollars to this so called Redford Finanacial Group.I was also told that I would get a refund in 30 days.Whoever these people may be,they need to be stopped today.I have children of my own that I have to support,and with this scamm going on I have now been put into a financial hole.What do I do now?Where do I turn now?I wish I had look more into it before sending my money off.Now all I can do is pray this cycle ends.

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3463Collex Uk Ltd. [liverpool]
Total claims:4fraudsters »25/06/0926/06/20091


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3626mobiles 4 free llanelli
Total claims:6Poor Customer Service, Fraud »March/April 200906/07/20091

I recieved a call from this company trying to come across as if they were o2, i quickly made sure they new i was not stupid and asked them if they are o2, the response i got was not a straight forward 'no' it was ''i am calling regards to your o2 contract'' after a few minutes of quizzing them i got to find out they were trying to switch me over to 3g. I carried on listening to what they were offering and it was a little bit cheaper than what i'm paying now. he also said if i was to switch over with him i would get a free bluetooth headset, and 3 months free, PLUS they will buy me out of my o2 contract and i will have free access to the internet. he also said that they would not take any money out of my account until i have signed and dated a mandate and sent it back to them and he only needs my bank details to get the account set-up quicker for when i return the mandate, which i then found to be untrue. he promised me free insurance with the phone, which i later found out to be only for 1 month, and a bluetooth headset which i still have not recieved! when i recieved the phone, i called them and asked them about my mandate i had to sign and send back and also my bluetooth headset. he told me sometimes the mandate does not get sent out, i really think this is a total lie and there is no mandate that gets sent out with the phone, and they have to pre order the headset to get it sent out to me so i may have to wait a few weeks (its now been 3 months). when i recieved my first bill, hello and behold my o2 bill came with it, now i was really concerned because the last thing i want to be doing is paying two bills! i called again to speak to customer services, i was told i will recieve a call back in 48 hours, which never happened i called again a number of times until i asked to speak to a manager, he told me i would need to send in my o2 or 3g bill so they can credit me back the money into my account, again this was not explained or was in the terms and conditions when i agreed the 'contract' i told them i want to cancel it and i know i have a 14 day cancelation period to which they replied they couldnt as i have already used the phone! this was just the start of the nightmare, since then i have had countless arguments with there staff who have the worst attidude i have ever heard from any other company i have ever dealt with! i have been promised call backs at least 5 times which has never happened, ive been insulted by thier staff, and have only recieved one payment into my account and i have now recieved 4 bills from themselves not to mention the bills from o2. it is an absolute nightmare and i will never deal with this company or 3g mobile ever again because of it! PLEASE HELP!

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3699Royal Holiday
Total claims:1Playa del Sol FRAUD »January 200810/07/20091


To whom it may concern:

I welcome this opportunity to address what has been a horrendous experience in connection with the unrestrained use of false and deceptive sales practices on the part of GRUPO PLAYA DEL SOL (PDSG). On January 20th 2008, I purchased a timeshare at PDSG for $35900 USD, only after lengthy negotiations with PDSG Sales Representative Erick Hompe, and Verification Agent Javier Reyes, who each affirmed that the total purchase price would covered by the sale of my current Timeshares and additional bonus weeks.

At the time of purchase, I made it very clear that I was DEBT-FREE, only a few years from retirement and could not afford nearly $36000 USD in debt. However, I was assured by the PDSG sales representative that, Robert Jones; Director of Royal Vacations would arrange the sale of my timeshares from Rancho Banderas and Villas del Palmar, as well as the rental of 8 "Playa Del Sol Grand" weeks for a total of $12000 USD ($1500 each).

Before March 2008, I paid off the account balance in full by transferring the debt to my own credit card (When I figured out that I would pay an extra $16796 - or more than 66% in finance charges - for 84 equal monthly installments of $499.13 on a balance of $25130).

To make matters worse, PDSG has achieved this trough an insidious use of deceit, outright lies and other forms of dishonesty. In short I am seeking my complete refund. Since September 2008 I´ve spoken with Edgar Peniche, he was trying to help me with this matter. On October 22th 2008 I received a partial transfer in the amount of $25130.

I understood that PDSG was going to continue working on this matter in connection with issuing a refund balance in the amount of $11465 (This was the down payment I made the day of purchase). After time with no answers, I sent them a PROFECO´S complaint, when Playa Del Sol knew about it, they moved  out Edgar  and said wire transfer won´t be completed as discussed, since the Legal Department effectively takes me out of the case upon PROFECO´S complaint.

Since August 2008, nobody from Playa del Sol has ever responded to me, my e-mails, and my phone calls. I will not debate the specifics of my case in this public complaint, several points are being reviewed, even now it is difficult to realize how completely I was mislead by PDSG on practically all levels.

The PDSG has refused to my request of the full refund; their last offer is to refund $2500 USD on what I expected to be a payment of $11465 USD. The reason of their claim is that they were going to reimburse 100% (they were in fact, stalling me for months) but because I contacted PROFECO, Playa del Sol has to pay legal fees to protect their scam.

I advise to anyone who reads this letter, to take maximum precautions when traveling international the following:


  • 1. Avoid as much as possible to go to Puerto Vallarta and mostly attend a Timeshare presentation.

  • 2. Avoid going to Mexico since now I know that PROFECO cannot defend us, American citizens, of the deceitful sales practices that companies such as Playa del sol. This is, because of the "administrative nature" of this office.


I went online and was amazed at the volume of complaints against PDSG on so many websites, including requests to join class action suits. These claims alone, say a lot of this company.

If you have been victim of a timeshare fraud in Mexico and would like to join forces or are and expert on web design and would be interested in creating a discussion forum, please contact me immediately.


D Akhan.


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Total claims:42FRAUD!! »27/11/200901/12/20091
I placed my order with on 27/11/2009 i asked where they were shipped from after my order (big mistake!) i emailed them to try and cancel my order when i was told australia but have still not had a reply and now the website does not exist!!!!!!!!!! i just do not know what to do now it is so much money to lose!?

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3893New Look Escorts [Woodford]
Total claims:11Fraud »April 200928/07/20091

In April 2009 I saw an advert in my local newspaper (Jersey Evening Post) by New Look Escorts, who were looking for new escorts in the channel islands. I emailed them for more information and the next day I received a call from 'Anne'. She told me that they were looking for escorts for high-end clients and glamorised the job by telling me I would be taken to dinners/balls/events and would earn a large amount of money. I was only asked a few questions about myself, which I thought was odd, but Anne was so enthusiastic and convincing that I ended up agreeing to sign up to a three month contract, which cost me £279. I received many phone calls from Anne until I had deposited the fee, and then everything went quiet. Over the next few weeks I continuously tried to contact the agency and ended up speaking to 'Julia', who told me that a celebrity was interested in my profile. I then received a call from 'Kirsty' in the Public Eye department, who said that a half english/half spanish famous actor wanted to meet me for drinks in London. However, I was asked to pay £2,000 towards a confidentiality bond to ensure that I wouldn't talk to the press, but I was assured that the money would be refunded to me within 24 hours, when I signed a confidentiality agreement at a solicitors firm in Jersey. I said that I could not afford to pay this much money, and they eventually agreed to let me contribute £800. I was continuously called by both Julia and Kirsty until I deposited the money, and then yet again, everything went quiet. Everytime I called the agency, Julia, Kirsty and Anne were in meetings or they had gone home. The meeting at the solicitors office the following day never happened. A few days later I received a call from someone else at Public Eye to say that someone from the agency had leaked to the press and we had to wait a few weeks until the media attention had died down. Over the next few weeks, I called the agency many times to find out what was going on - each time I spoke to someone different (Anne, Julia, Selina, Sandy and many more), I was told conflicting stories, no one ever called me back, and they were rude to me on a number of occasions. It has now been almost three months and despite signing up to try and save money, I am now in more debt than I've ever been before. I am behind on bill and rent payments, I have incurred several large bank charges for not paying the £800 back, I have spent a small fortune on phone calls and my health in starting to suffer from the stress. I now want to claim back my membership fee (£279) the bond fee (£800), bank charges and phone call costs. Please help me to get my money back, my debts are spiralling out of control because of these con artists! I would urge anyone to stay well away from New Look Escorts, they are out to steal from innocent and naive people, they are nothing but fraudsters.

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3909expressberry [gosport]
Total claims:15Fraud/Scam »5/19/0929/07/20091

As like anyone looking for something that works for energy, or weight loss.  My mom signed up with Expressberry for a trial offer, costing her $3.95.  She received the trial and on 5/19/09 her bank account was debited the $3.95, one charge for $1.95 and another for $2.00.  After she got her bank statement she noticed she was charged $87.13 on 6/3/09.  And soon after, another bank statement comes and she is charged another $3.95, on top of an additional charge of $83.18.  After research on top of research online, many complaints have been posted of how big of a scam this is and when talking to a customer service representative, they've been told of how they won't be able to refund their money.  I stayed on hold for over 30 minutes trying to talk to someone and never received an answer.

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12109aka Companion Work [Manchester]
Total claims:1Scam/Major Fraud »april 201020/04/20101
I joined this agency in the hope of getting companion work but no work was given or offered when you call the agency the same lady anmswers under different names and when you do talk to someone they have every excuse under the sun as to why the is no work.
Having looked into it it is an elaborate scam and I have been to the police who are taking it very seriously indeed.

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Total claims:1fraud »07/26/0905/08/20091

Beware of and!  I attempted to order a watch on which is a mirror website for and when I hit the submit button the page went blank and stayed that way. So, I attempted to order 2 more times, still same thing.  So I contacted the company the next day and told them and they said there was no record of any orders (all by email... they don't answer there phones. EVER!) So, I went to exact watches website and the order went right through. Then, within just 2 days I receive emails congradulating me on 4 seperate orders and my bank account is getting tapped for 2 already and 2 more pending. So, I tried to call the company and emailed them daily regarding getting the duplicate orders cancelled and refunded. ALL emails are ignored. 9 sent already, thouroughly explaining my situation and asking for a reply, for which none ever comes.  Watches have not arrived. No phones EVER answered, No emails ever responded to.  Quite frankly the worst customer service on earth and a scam I am sure. Do NOT do business with them! Chances are you will be hurt.  M.S. from Connecticut.

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4101FWM Laboratories [Florida]
Total claims:20Dublicated Fraud transaction »05/08/0909/08/20091

I went to website & I got these two capsules bottles as free sample & paid the delivery only I recieved them after 3 weeks. then after that I was charged on my statement a doublicated payments of £72.57+£1 overseas transaction fee so the total was about £150. I was charged without giving them permisionat all. they are rippers

I'll complain about it & everyone must be carefull about that offer its a scam they use it to trick people.


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4119viv3lab Ltd [west lothian]
Total claims:144Refund/fraudulent activity »23/07/0911/08/20091

As like many others signed up for free trial at £3.95 pp which i accept. Not directed to read terms and conditions so now understand the 1st payment of £74.69 was in fact for the products i understand were on the basis of 30 day free trial total costing £3.95. On 08/08/09 called to cancel confimed account cancelled and on checking my credit card statement 08/08/09 no further payments taken. On checking 09/08/09 further payment generated 05/08 due 10/08 for £73.30 OBVIOULSY THIS WAS REQUESTED AFTER I CANCELLED MY ACCOUNT. I have contacted my credit card Company with the hope they can stop any further payments being taken. I have dealth with many Companies over the internet and never been subjected to such fraudulent activity.  

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4207Trading Planet Ltd [west lothian] [West Lothian]
Total claims:141fraud »Aug 12,200914/08/20091

This is just an update to hopefully help others.  I realised the day after a ordered a free trial from this company that it was a scam.  I managed to get through by phone today by calling 011-44-2031399027--I called from Canada so if you are Canadian too this is the number to call.  In their ad they did not include the 011 before the number--I got this from the operator.  This may be why you are not getting through.I spoke with a guy named Ryan and told him my card was canceled and that I had read tons of complaints from unhappy customers.  I also told him that those who had them analyzed found that the capsules had mostly caffeine in them.  There are medical conditions that can be negatively affected by caffeine which would explain why some people felt bad taking them.  I told Ryan I did not want my free trial--he said it was already shipped and I told him-"I don't care and I don't want them--I will be sending them back.  I tried to cancel well before 48hrs of ordering them and I know my rights as a consumer--I can legally break this kind of contract in less then 48hrs.  The pills are mostly caffeine and I don't want them!!"  Then I told Ryan he was going to give me two cancellation numbers--one number for each product.  He told me to get a pen and paper ready and I informed him that I had both before even calling him.  He never argued with me  or gave me any flack the way they do some people.  I spoke to him as an informed consumer so he had no choice but to give me what I demanded.  My advice to all is to be very firm in your demands as I was.  Remember these guys are scam artists--you don't have to be polite to them.  Good luck to all.  I personally will never let a free trial suck me in--I'm normally not so gullible but I did see a number to call and cancel and knew I had 15days to cancel--I didn't let him tell me I had to actually try the pills before canceling--me telling him about the caffeine content probably stopped him--he knew by my words and tone that I was serious and knew what I was talking about. Challenging me would have just been grief for him.

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4231acaiburn [sherwood park]
Total claims:49acaiburn fraud »22 July 200915/08/20091

Ordered A what i understood to be a free trial of acaiburn but instead got charged several times from companies i have never heard of.

Here where the charges

FOCUSCLEANSE 3618088234 , 118.63 USD 84.83

NUTRITIONALSUPP 888-433-4416 , 58.71 USD 42.28

Very annoyed that someone can do this so easily and the fact that these companies seem to have been scamming people for quite a while

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4295natureberry [hollywood]
Total claims:23fraudulant claim from bank »09/08/200919/08/20091

i applied for the free trial acai berry and paid the shiping fee then on the 9th of august i tried to withdraw money from my bank account to my dismay the money i thought i had in my account was nit avaliable  it has taken untill today to find where my money has gone i have been into my bank and they have said there is nothing they can do about the missing money even though i never authorised this transaction with briging up 2 children on my own this is the last thing i neede to happen.

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4326Barry Folgers Inc [Hollywood]
Total claims:13acai berry detox fraudulent charge »july 21,august 1520/08/20091

i clecked on an internet offer for the Acai bery blast for a fre trial with a 99 cent shipping charge to my credit card. Once i supplied my cc infor for SHIPPING charges only i swa that the product was 82.91 after fifteen days and my card would be charged, I realized immediately that this was a bogus scam so i called IMMEDIATELY within 3 mins of clicking on the order 800-225-1375 and spoke to someone who said not to worry my card was charged only 99 cents, and just send the product back when i recieved it, as i know calls are recorded I EMPHATICALLY stated I am cancelling this order now and did not want the product and that my crd was not to be charged at all i was told this would not happen.

a few days later I recieved  a call from someone congratulating me on placing and order and being entered to win a trip to cancun...i told that person i was not enrolled or did not place an order it was cancelled immediately and to update thier records.

yesterday the berry blast pills arrived in my mailbox and 1.00, 1.25 and 82.91 was charged to my credit card sending it over my credit limit.


I called the bogus customer service number 866-949 0139 and of course no joy there as the bastards do not answer and stick u in a holding loop for hour

I understand their disclaimer says cancel within 15 days and not be charged but i cancelled within 3 MINUTES!!!

I am sure these jerks have no intention fo refunding me so i will cancel my credit card and report them

here is the transcript of my online chat with them

Chat InformationYou are now chatting with '(CA-113) Joanne'

(CA-113) Joanne: Hello, how may I assist you today?

virginia grant: not good i am very upset with your company

(CA-113) Joanne: I'd be happy to assist you with your concern, but please allow me to pull up your record first.  Please stay with me on livechat while I pull up your record.

virginia grant: i saw an offer online for acai for a free trial, when i clicked on it and saw i would be charged i cancelled immediately you charged my credit card and sent me a botle of the pills evn though i cancelled right away

(CA-113) Joanne: I'd be happy to assist you with your concern, but please allow me to pull up your record first.  Please stay with me on livechat while I pull up your record.

(CA-113) Joanne: May I have the last 4-digits of your credit card please so I can verify that the account I have pulled up is correct?

virginia grant: 1324 0r 6363 not sure which one i used

(CA-113) Joanne: I have successfully pulled up your account for Elite Acai Blast

(CA-113) Joanne: And that account is still active.

virginia grant: = that is fraud and i will file a complaint with the authorities and consumer reporting unless it is cancelled and my account refunded immediately

(CA-113) Joanne: May I know the reason you wish to cancel your account?

virginia grant: I din ot want this product and when i discovered it was a rip off i cancelled within three mins of your free offer

virginia grant: i will file a complaint with authorities and consumer reports unlless it is closed immediately!!

(CA-113) Joanne: Please wait a moment while I cancel your account.

virginia grant: your charges to my credit card were fraudulent and sent me over my credit limit i am not happy

virginia grant: pls reverse the charge immediately, also your phone system is totally bogus no one answers...

(CA-113) Joanne: I have successfully canceled your account.  Your cancellation number is  1806164

(CA-113) Joanne: Now that your account is canceled you will not receive any additional shipments of our product and there will be no further charges to your account.

(CA-113) Joanne: Is there anything else that I can assist you with?

virginia grant: yes what was the total charge to my credit card

(CA-113) Joanne: You were billed for $2.00, $1.95,$82.31

virginia grant: that is fraudulent i am going to report your company please reverse those charges were not wuthorized to charge me 82.31 I AM SERIOUS this is very wrong

(CA-113) Joanne: It's clearly stated on our terms and conditions that if your account remains active after the 15 day free trial period starting on the date of order, you will be billed for the full amount of the product.  The product is a monthly supply for as long as your account remains active. Since your account was not canceled you were billed for the month supply I can assure you that your account is canceled, since your account is now canceled you will not be billed any further.

(CA-113) Joanne: Is there anything else that I can assist you with?

virginia grant: look joanne

virginia grant: in your terms you said a free charge for 15 days I cancelled within three mins and was told no charges

virginia grant: how on earth can you charge me for it when i cancelled three mins after ordering?!!1

virginia grant: and was told it was not charged only the shipping...that is fraud and lying...check you records

(CA-113) Joanne: You may return one bottle for a refund.  Just kindly return the bottle with your RMA # clearly marked on the outside of the package to:

(CA-113) Joanne: Returns Department

(CA-113) Joanne: 3007 Greene St

(CA-113) Joanne: Hollywood, Fl. 33020

(CA-113) Joanne: Your RMA # is  1806164-10062682

(CA-113) Joanne: As soon as we receive the bottle, you will be notified that your refund is in process.  After that, please allow 5 days for the refund to be credited back to your account.

(CA-113) Joanne: It is highly recommended that you keep the receipt and or the tracking # of the returned package.

(CA-113) Joanne: Is there anything else that I can assist you with?

virginia grant: I want refund IMMEDIATELY I cancelled this product 3 mins after ordering as i figured it was a scam, I will sue your company if i do not get refunded immediately i will send your n=bogus product back I recieved it yesterday

(CA-113) Joanne: You may return one bottle for a refund. Your RMA # is

virginia grant: you were not authorized to charge my card 82.41

virginia grant: are you a robot? do you understand that i cancelled immediately and therefore no charge should have been made to my card? it is illegal? despite what your terms were i am within the legal limitations of your terms

(CA-113) Joanne: Note Live Chat Support is limited to just basic information, mainly used for cancel, delivery questions and product questions. To further assist you with your concern you will need to call our office.I do apologize and am sorry for the inconvenience

virginia grant: what number do i call joanne the number you have on your product does not go through to anyone!

(CA-113) Joanne: 800-225-1375

(CA-113) Joanne: Is there anything else that I can assist you with?

virginia grant: i am definitely filing a complaint you can put that in your records you fraudlently charged my card

virginia grant: thanks!

(CA-113) Joanne: Thank you for visiting, I hope you have a great day!

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4375Nutrinationalsupp [sherwood park]
Total claims:5fraud »08/11/09 and 08/20/0921/08/20091

On July 20,2009 I agreed to pay $4.95 (shipping) for TRIAL of acai product. I thought that AFTER this trial I'll make my choice  and give the company a call. I DIDN'T  LIKE thia supplement and decided not to call them and not to place an order. But all of a sudden I found out that my credit card had been charged twice WITHOUT ANY AUTHORIZATION!!!!! When I called the company (it was already NUTRINATIONALSUPP, who  charged my card, not ACAIBURN!) they kept silence, then said that they could not cancel these deliveries which are done AUTOMATICALLY! I called my bank, they'll do their best, but they cannot (?) stop charges. How can I get my money back and forget about this awful bandits?

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4411Trading Planet Ltd [west lothian] [West Lothian]
Total claims:141fraud »24/08/200924/08/20091

recieved a free trial of acai berry and life cleanse gave them my credit details for postage and handeling now they have taken out $300.00 australian money from my account without my permission it was said that this is a trial not a scam could you please help as that money was my bill money and i have 5 children to feed i need to cancel this product but cannot find an email address or phone number to ring for these details.

more details »

4429viv3lab Ltd [west lothian]
Total claims:144Fraudulent businesses »1/08/0924/08/20091

This company is trading under several different names; viv3 labs, focus cleanse, the Trading Planet, ultraherbal, vitality cleanse to name a few. They are barefaced and bold about their advertising. Can nothing be done to stop them? They are robbing vulnerable people left right and centre and it seems to me that they are getting away with it.  Can they not be tracked down and closed down and I would say, deservedly imprisoned?

more details » [McNeil]
Total claims:4onlinebookbuyers fraud »08/17/09 13:26:1707/09/20091

This website was posted on ABC7 news in july as some sites to go to for book selling i wish they would post them as a site that rips people off also, anyways,I sent 30 books to this company 08/19/09 and they said i would receive payment upon receipt in my paypal account i have received nothing. I emailed my emailed came back returned as failure and the website is now on a placeholder by dreamcast. This is frustrating this was a new business i started for my children. Any help would be appreciated.

Packing Slip
Order Number:13694
Order Date: 2009-08-17 13:26:17
From: miguel silva
2309 vanderbilt lane
redondo beach, ca 90278
Author Title Qty Unit Price Amount
0898600111 1 4.99 4.99
0486245330 1 4.99 4.99
0810921642 1 4.99 4.99
0262111217 1 4.99 4.99
1557044317 1 4.99 4.99
3822840335 1 4.99 4.99
0811702251 1 4.99 4.99
0394715969 1 4.99 4.99
0883971135 1 4.99 4.99
0810912554 1 4.99 4.99
0896594521 1 4.99 4.99
0935112162 1 4.99 4.99
1873968078 1 4.99 4.99
0964134713 1 4.99 4.99
079245350 1 4.99 4.99
0681028904 1 4.99 4.99
0895771837 1 4.99 4.99
060030003 1 4.99 4.99
0804429847 1 4.99 4.99
8782823273 1 4.99 4.99
7189648789 1 4.99 4.99
1561384283 1 4.99 4.99
03935696164 1 4.99 4.99
0739462644 1 4.99 4.99
0743276375 1 4.99 4.99
9781401917968 1 4.99 4.99
0449214923 1 4.99 4.99
0739464396 1 4.99 4.99
0306804433 1 4.99 4.99
0072229918 1 4.99 4.99
Sub Total: $149.70
Total: $149.70



Creation Date........ 2006-01-20
Registration Date.... 2006-01-20 Domain
Expiry Date.......... 2010-01-20
Organisation Name.... Brian Williams
Organisation Address. 808 St. William Ave.
Organisation Address.
Organisation Address. Round Rock
Organisation Address. 78681
Organisation Address. TX
Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

Admin Name........... Brian Williams
Admin Address........ 808 St. William Ave.
Admin Address........
Admin Address........ Round Rock
Admin Address........ 78681
Admin Address........ TX
Admin Address........ UNITED STATES
Admin Email..........
Admin Phone.......... +1.5122556723
Admin Fax............

Tech Name............ YahooDomains TechContact
Tech Address......... 701 First Ave.
Tech Address.........
Tech Address......... Sunnyvale
Tech Address......... 94089
Tech Address......... CA
Tech Address......... UNITED STATES
Tech Email...........
Tech Phone........... +1.6198813096
Tech Fax.............
Name Server..........
Name Server..........
Name Server..........


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4864wellbhealth [ Co Durham]
Total claims:63fraud »09-10-0915/09/20091

They charged me and I don't want there products anymore.

more details »

6210World Club Fitness [New York]
Total claims:4FRAUDULENT MEMBERSHIP FEES »11/4/0904/11/20091

I was one of those poor fools who was drawn into the ACAI Berry and was surprised to see that I had received a 60 day supply verses a 14 day supply (which is advertised as a FREE TRIAL but you really pay shipping and handling charges). Upon receipt of my 60 day supply, I immediately contacted the vendor to tell them that I wished to cancel my ACAI Berry - return the unused portion and not be charged additional charges. After several attempts to get my money back I WAS REFUNDED.  Now - one week later I am being charged $24.82 for some membership that you are apparently automatically enrolled when you purchase the ACAI Berry Product. This membership is to some World Club Fitness program that I know NOTHING about but according to the rude supervisor (KEN) and equally unprofessional customer service rep (CHATRINA) - we agree to said membership when we obtain our FREE 14 day trial.  This is deceitful and I NEVER agreed to whatever pop-up disclaimer that these advertisers claim appears.  I want my money refunded and I want Congress, Law Makers, Better Business Bureau to go after these SCAM artists and put in regulations that makes it UNLAWFUL to connect one product to another - especially when the consumer is not aware!!!  Now these SCAM artists have my credit card information that I DID NOT SHARE to them - I shared it with WellBHealth - not World Club Fitness!!!

more details »

Total claims:3creditcardfraud »2010031220/03/20101
This amount of money ( 1014 sw kr) was taken from my bankaccount on the 12th of march by cln . i want my money back i hope this will help

more details »

5482wellbhealth [ Co Durham]
Total claims:63fraud »10/050200913/10/20091

I plan on spending every waking moment reporting and prossacuting this company to the full extent of the law

more details »

5523Global Wellbeing
Total claims:49Fraud »12th October 200914/10/20091

I knew I had money in my account to pay off my phone bill and was astonished to find that my direct debit had been declined due to lack of funds.

I went to my bank and got a statement printed and on the 12th October 2009 some company called Global Wellbeing had taken money out of my account without my consent or knowledge.


I am unable to find any details for any such company on the internet and whilst $56.50 isnt a lot to most people it is when you are only receiving one income and have a young child to look after.


more details »

Total claims:6Fraudulent use of card details »August 200914/10/20091

I bought over the internet what looked like good products from a good company, I thought i was protected as it said protected by Billsafe,it now appears that after my initial authorisation for under £3.00 for postage (the tablets were free trial) the company is now trying to take large amounts of money and have shared my number with others, and they are trying to take money.


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5548Beauty Sculpt [Lothian]
Total claims:69fraud »2/10/0914/10/20091

more details »

Total claims:4credit card fraud »11/10/200915/10/20091

I ordered a 'free' trial of Acai berry capsules from a company oin America and also a 'free' trial of Resveratrol capsules from another company. They both took p&p from my account which was fine. I received both products.

I have now had 3 transactions taken from my account by 3 companies i've never heard of.

4/10/09 $90.88 improvehealth

11/10/09 $96.89 Beautycliub

11/10/09 $131.62 Dermasolution

I have cancelled my cc but am in a state of shock. Who are these people and how can this keep happening? I have never received any further products from them.


more details »

5563betterdtox [sherwood park]
Total claims:25fraud »14 oct 200915/10/20091

I ordered a 'free' sample of "Acaiberry" and paid the postage by debit card.when i checked my bank statement this morning, I find that three unauthorised payments have been taken from my account under the name of "betterdtox", totalling £8.99.  I have complained to my bank and they changed my details! how ever i#how can i cliam my money back.


more details »

Total claims:21Fraud »October 3, 200915/10/20091

My Visa credit card has been charged with € 82.60 on October 3, 2009 by Derma Solutions. I not only do not know this firm but neither have I received any product from them.

I am afraid I have been ripped off by EC-BILSAFECO.COM (as shown in my statement) aka LB Cassiopeia Media to whom I had asked for a free sample of Life Cleanse and for which product my Visa was charged with € 1,55 on August 29, 2009 for shipping expenses. (my biggest mistake ever was to facilitate my Visa number)

After having read a previous complaint and knowing that to contact them is absolutely useless I have directed my instructions to my Bank in order to ask VISA for a refund.

So, to whoever may be tempted to ask for a free sample be very careful not to be as naive as I was.

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6015global wellbeing +3618088234
Total claims:50Fraud site »19-10-200930/10/20091

From this site i have ordered free sample accai berry supplements for fat loss. In there site they have mentioned that pay rs.198 indian money for only shipping cost and the supplementary is totally free. For shipment they asked for credit card for transaction. On that time they have debit only 198 rs only but after 10 days from global wellbeing they have dropped Rs.5500 indian money from my credit card account. And sending the bill. Really i have very much shocked due to this fraud company. Please dont caught like this fraud sites and dont loose yours money like me. I dont know how can i get my money back. Please help me to do....

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6048acaiburn [sherwood park]
Total claims:49Fraudulant use of credit card »September 2931/10/20091

Ordered A what i understood to be a free trial of acaiburn but instead got charged several times from companies i have never heard of.

Here where the charges

improvehelath cyp8668077356. $79.28 Canadian

vibrantbeauty cyp8668237411  $79.28 Canadian

Very annoyed that someone can do this so easily and the fact that these companies seem to have been scamming people for quite a while


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6056Global Health Solutions [Los Angeles]
Total claims:6fraudulent advertising »31/10/0931/10/20091

Again like many others I fell for an ad which said a woman in my town had successfully lost weight using this product.  At best thewoman in the photo was a model, at worst an employee or family member, and almost certainly nothing at all to do with the place I live.  Free trial has turned out to be a very expensive mistake. £130 so far.

I feel this company should be top of the pile of worst offenders - most people are complaining about smaller subsidiaries like acaiburn, or thermo-thin.  They are the goldfish.  Global health solution is the piranha or the great white shark in all this.  How do I know because I'vebeen talking to the fraud department in my bank, the only solution seems to be closing my account and opening another one.



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6121Global Wellbeing
Total claims:49FRAUD »1ST NOVEMBER 200903/11/20091



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6300HealthScience? [Bristol]
Total claims:45Fraudulent Withdrawals »July 0905/11/20091

Yet another pack of tablets received after I wrote and asked for my payments to be refunded and for no more packs to be sent.  Today the invoice is from Trading Planet Ltd. previously from viv3 labs, HealthScience? Payments have been taken out of my account by the following: ezykit, elitepack, CTT, Myfitbalancer, Health Focus, Vibrant Beauty, Health Member,Wellbhealth,Nutritionalsupp, VH Access.

 I suggest that everyone (in the UK) submits a claim to the 'Small Claims Court Online'.  It is easy to do, you can claim back your costs and add interest at 8%.

more details »

Total claims:9Fraud »16th October 200906/11/20091

Amount of £75.29  was debited to my credit card without my permission on the 20th October 2009. I have never heard of this company and have never asked for or received anything from them. I can only assume that this is in some way connected to the Acai berry and lifecleanse scam by Maxcleanse USA. I am a 61 year old lady who lives alone on a limited income. I cannot afford to lose any of my precious income for any reason and particularly for nothing.

My only knowledge of this company is the reference on my credit card bill and I assume their telephone number

Their reference: 0084513

? Telephone number +38 616 004 9


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6473colon cleanse and detox [Lothian]
Total claims:5Charge my card without premission, Fraud »09/11/200910/11/20091

I ordered a free trial of colon cleanse and acaiberry and resveratrol extract on the 20 october weeks later on the 09/11/2009 they charged me 244.98 for something thats suppose to be free i only recieved the "free trial" on the 06/11/2009 so how do i have time to cancel with them this is fraud....

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6700well b health
Total claims:28fraud »11/09/0915/11/20091

I ordered a trial sample of a tooth whitening product on a web site.  The only amount authorized was $1,95.  For this I was to receive a traial sample of the product by November 16.  There was no further information regarding additional charges or additional expectations.

I received an overdraft notice from my bank on November 14.  Indicating that there were two charges to my account one for $1.95 and another charge following that for $48.92.  This additional charge put this account into an overdraft.  A check for my mortgage payment was returned.  As a result of fraudulent use of my account Well B Health is liable for my payment to the mortgage company. the overdraft charge and the fraudlent charge to my account.


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6731Trading Planet Ltd - VIV3 Ltd [Bristol]
Total claims:32Scam and fraud »26/09,30/09,19/1016/11/20091

I clicked on a free acai berry sample in the internet on the 19th Aug and the package came, It cost me $5.90 USD under the name NATUREBERY, which at first I thought it was FREE. But I'm alright with it since I really did ordered the free sample online and they sent it to my address in Australia.

And went back to Malaysia for holidays on the 28th Aug and until now I'm still not back in Australia. Then when I was away, my housemate in Australia called me up about these packages of Acai Berry pills that has been sent to Australia and asked me whether I know anything about it. The packages were under the company of Health Science but weird thing was when I called my bank, they couldn't find any transaction under Health Science but they found Face Factor, which gotten me even more confuse cause I have never heard of that company either. Then later I tried to find some info online and found out that both companies are linked and they scam people!

According to my credit card statement, on the 26th Sept the company under the name CTT SINGAPORE, and also on the 30th Sept and 19th October, under the name FACE FACTOR, charged me $119 USD for every 3 transactions! And honestly why would I want to order anything and to be sent to Australia when Im not even around. I hope everyone can read this and be warned! AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK FROM THEM! HELP!

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6796mobiles 4 free llanelli
Total claims:6Redemption plan fraud »June 2009 to present17/11/20091

I was cold called by this company back in June offering me a contract with 3, I explained that I still had 6 months of my O2 contract left. The told me that they would set me up on their redemption plan and I would be reimbursed for my O2 contract on either a monthly basis or I could wait the full six months and send all my bills off to them. I started by sending them off monthly, no replies, I sent them recorded, no replies, I rung them, I was told yes we have them, we will be paying some of the money into your bank on the 28th September, nothing!! I tried phoning them again only to be told 'this company no longer exsists. 3 wont help at all and not only that I cant even get a signal with 3. I have been in touch with Otello and consumer direct, Otello are trying to get my contract cancelled due to lack of signal, but consumer direct have said that they cant really do anything yet as I have to send all my bills to the administrator ( who I cannot find anywhere). So Im left with two mobile phone contracts and an empty bank account. What can I do? 

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68797 coloahealth [Hollywood]
Total claims:4Total Fraud »15th November19/11/20091

Did not think when I signed to get a sample, first cost $13.50 I now have further costs per week. This is complete fraud, they use betterdtox as another name. Have contacted my bank and they will attempt to settle thnis at the end of the month. I was advised to cancel but how and where.

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6917dongfu technology [shenzhen]
Total claims:1fraud »12/11/0920/11/20091

I looked on [] (link: I ordered $820.00 AUD worth of product's and paid via Western Union. after he recieved the payment i sent him e-mails asking when will my order arrive. All my e-mails came back to me stating that the address was invalid. I tryed sending e-mails throught the company's help line but i had no response. Yes i got ripped off. the name i transfered the money to is- Yanmin Huang from Shenzhen china. The web-site is still in opperation how can i get it shut down?

more details »

Total claims:5fraud/scam »23 october 0920/11/20091

Trading planet ltd

I ordered a FREE TRIAL of acai berry detox along with a FREE TRIAL colon cleanse. I agreed to pay for the shipment of £3.95 per item, after 10 days I recieved another supply of both items with an invoice for £82.95 PER ITEM. I rang the company up and was told that I signed up to monthly prescription and because I had not cancelled within a certain time my credit card would be charged, after another 2 weeks even though I had a cancellation number varifing that I had cancelled, I NOT ONLY HAVE BEEN CHARGED ONCE FOR THE PRODUCTS BUT TWICE, I rang the company back and they just hung up on me, since then I have been to my bank and had a print off of my statement and found that this company must of passed on my details to another company and I have been charged  a further£55.15 and £54.46 for items that I have not recieved or signed up for. All the companies must be one group and they all advertise on the internet for acai berry and colon cleanse Im worried that I will not get my money re-imbersed and also who else will be charging my account for things I have not authorised. It is a massive con/scam/fraud and they need to be stopped IMEDIATELY.

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6935Trading Planet Ltd, Ordman Hse, 31 Arden Close, Bradley Stoke, Bristol, BS32 8AX
Total claims:17Fraud »24/10/200920/11/20091

This company has taken money without my permission, not even ordered!!!

more details »

6951Accessmember 8663893868 CY
Total claims:6Fraud »11-14-200921/11/20091

Signed up for a free trial and was never given a confirmation e-mail with info about how to cancel or a customer  number service to call to cancel. It was a 1 day trial, I signed up on Sat., they are closed on Sun. and I was charged on Mon. without a chance to cancel. I contacted them and was told that there was nothing I could do, it was to late. I was bound by the web contract I never saw or received a copy of. I asked for a copy of this so called web contract and was sent a blank page with no info on it. To add insult to injury, I received no service at all from this tragedy of a decision. When I called, as others have stated, they already knew I was calling to cancel before I spoke a single word???????

more details »

Total claims:29ezykit fraud »20/11/0921/11/20091

I signed up for addsense google adds was told be charge $3.25 for one of payment to get started now on my credit card bill got charged $90.06 from ezycash i did not authorise this and number to call on statement doesnt exist. what do i do have had to put a temp hold on my credit card .

more details »

6969Beauty club
Total claims:8Fraudaulent withdrawal from my credit card »11 Nov 200922/11/20091

There was an advert on the internet from beautyclub on the effective use of Dazzle white for teeth whitening. I bought the product from the company on the internet around 10TH Oct .The product was about 11Pounds.

I was shocked when i checked my credit card statement this evening,I discovered that this company has withdrawn 54 Pounds twice within a period of one week.The total withdrawn was 109Pounds. This money was wuthdrawn without any prior agreement or direct debit instruction from me. I contacted my card company,they directed me to speak with beatyclub.However,all the phone lines given by this company on the internet are not working.Please how do I claim my money back?

more details »

6971World Club Fitness [New York]
Total claims:4Fraudulent Charge »11/09/200922/11/20091

I had ordered DazzleSmile on Sept. 30, 2009 and had downloaded the terms and conditions.  Per the terms and conditions, I was charged for shipping and handling.  I cancelled within the 14-day free trial period (even though it says 30 days but then you'll get charged the monthly renewal charge of almost $90.00) and returned the unused portion via UPS at my expense.  Per their terms and conditions, DazzleSmile did not ship any more of their product nor bill me.  On Nov. 9th, a charge of $24.82 for ELITEPACK appeared on my charge card.  I called the 866-396-2729 number on November 21st and found out it was for membership in World Club Fitness.  I never heard of them before and the customer service representative said she would cancel my membership but that I had received an id and password via email when I got my DazzleSmile confirmation.  I checked my email and there was no DazzleSmile confirmation email.  Thus I had not idea that I had ever signed up for membership and, of course, this membership had nothing to do with the tooth whitening product I had ordered.  The customer service rep claimed I had to pay the current charge because it was in the terms and agreements but I checked the terms and agreement pdf I had downloaded at the time of the purchase and no where is World Club Fitness mentioned.  At no time during my so-called 40 day free trial of their service did I get an email asking me how I liked their site or why I had not yet logged in.  I have reported both DazzleSmile and World Fitness Club to BBB and contacted my credit card to dispute the World Fitness Club charge.  BBB states they have received over 450 complains against tooth whitening products sold over the internet for their billing practices and the fact you will NOT get a free trial and you may be billed for additional services.  So beware.

Use a special charge card to order online.  Never use your bank account on online sites.  Notify your charge card to dispute the charges if the vendor will not reverse the charges and cancel the card as soon as you find out there are automated monthly renewal charges for your "free trial" product to avoid more in the future.


more details »

7106Yuhong Trade [Gaundong]
Total claims:1Fraud »25/11/200925/11/20091

I paid half the claimed amount for a sample purchase of a mobile phone, once paid a tracking ID was given.

On the 25th I reviewed the tracking information and it said that a J Wong had already picked up the parcel, very little I could do since this was a false tracking ID. Do not deal with or and in general all chinese wholesalers giving low prices are probably trying to scam you since these people are after all the scum of the earth.

more details »
Total claims:1Fraudulant Debit »20th November 200930/11/20091

I gave my Mastercard details for a Trial Sample of teeth whitening which amounted to £2.95. This was through on the 4 November 2009.

I've since received my Statement from Mastercard and find that on the 20 November 2009 the company has debited my account with £148.27. I did not authorise this. I can't get anybody on the phone to speak to and their answer message says that they don't give refunds.

more details »

7142Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49Pathway Hgv FRAUD »01.12.0901/12/20091

We have come to the hard realisation that we too have been ripped of by Pathway to the tune of £1800. We found this website and read these stories about 2 months too late. We did a lot of research into the field before commiting our money as this is a huge amount of money to us. We did not simply give our money to the first organisation that we stumbbled across. Even the competition could not fault Pathway nore had any horror stories to tell. We are now in debt with a £1800 bank loan that we have already started paying back, and have nothing to show for it. Anyway a salesman called Sid who always came across as a smooth and slimy operator, and rather annoying trying to be our best friend from the very beginging, took our money as quick as you like once we had made the decision to go with Pathway. He garenteed that he would have my husband working before Christmas and also garenteed him 3 months work with a big department store at the end of his training. He said " as long as you don't smash the truck up you will be taken on permenantly" The reason he could garentee this was "because Pathway do all the training for these stores such as John Lewis, Tesco" etc etc. So my husband booked and paid for his own medical (£49) and then got Pathway to book his theory and hazard perception tests (eventually). That was the last we ever heard from them. Now all the numbers we used to contact the company on are no longer recognised. We have left numerous messages over the past few days before the numbers became unrecognised and also emailed but we have recieved no response. We are ordinary hard working people with 2 very small children and another due on 01.01.10. This was supposed to give us a better future - where the heck do we go from here??? Pathway have STOLEN £1800 from our family which is simply disgusting. We will fight this all the way even though realistically we know that we are very unlikely to ever see a penny of our money ever again. We are angry beyond belief and this makes me sick to my stomach. Pathway are CRIMINALS and they must not be allowed to get away with this.


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Total claims:2Fraud »12/07/1010/01/20101

Was on the weather channel site, saw an ad with a story. bought into it. authorized a 1.97 charge. rec'd call wanting me to do a monthly service. infatacally stated no. next month 2 charges for $86.93 each within a week of each other. seems to me they saw the one charge go thru and hit the account again. had to close the account.

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10394Author House [Bloomington Indiana]
Total claims:4Stealing Royalities and Defrauding IRS »3rd Quarter - (July-Sept. 2009)08/01/20101
Stealing from First Time Authors through Tax Fraud Scam by Author House

Due to IRS Tax Fraud, as an American citizen, I, like so many other First Time Authors under contract with Author House will not be able to pay our Royalties Taxes for 2009 due to a sophisticated Tax Fraud Scam by Author House of Stealing First Time Author Royalties. My book, “An Awakening Spiritual Journey into Dirty Politics after Election 2008 has been in the “bestselling” category since July 2009 through online booksellers:, Barnes and, , and Author House has refused to pay me $0 in book royalties for my earnings from these booksellers.

The local library in my locale has had an ongoing waiting list since July 2009 for the book by readers. Currently there are at least five customers waiting for this book. Even if only one million copies as “best selling” in the 3rd Quarter (July-September 2009) Author House has stolen approximately $9.5 millions from me as a first time author, and over $2 Million from IRS! Many authors are engaging in lawsuits.

Author House has become the next Bernie Madoff , who bilked billions from his clients and defrauded IRS, and finally sitting in prison for the rest of his life! I am fighting with other First Time Authors what rightfully belong to us in restoring our financial dignity.
First Time Author, Emmie Ross –

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Total claims:118supplement fraud »05/11/0908/01/20101
the Sup*Maxforce has debited my credit card for the above amount on 4 occasions after I have tried on a number of accasions to cancel the trial period for colon cleanse and acai burn. They have persisted on sending products after I have tried to return and cancel any subscription, they only have a no reply email and a telephone service that you can not speak with a customer service officer, they also say visit there website, however they do not give you the address and when you try and find the address a million pop up claiming the same acai slim and colon cleanse. I have wasted so much time and effort trying to contact this company.

could you please contact me by my email address to discuss.

I will also notify the department of fair trading in Australia and the FDA

more details »

10335Trading Planet Ltd, Ordman Hse, 31 Arden Close, Bradley Stoke, Bristol, BS32 8AX
Total claims:17Trading planet fraud »04/01/201006/01/20101

brought acai berry tablets off this site as a sample lot and they keep sending me them without my permission an charging me 75 quid a time this is the 3rd time now!!

more details » [Houston]
Total claims:17scam rip off fraud »11/200911/12/20091
Free trial offer of a few bucks, received product but the charges have not stopped to my account. Have canceled with 3 different companys now all for this one free trial of teeth whitening product.
PREMIERWHITENING, DAZZLESMILE, SUP"WORLDFIT", and who knows what else will come of this HUGE mistake.Suppose to receive credit on the trial shippment that I sent back and have return receipts that they received the returns. BBB needs to step in before 100's more people get scammed.SUPWPRLDFIT refused to credit me back. Very costly mistake people need to be aware of. These scammers have made lots of money off innoscent people already.

more details »

9661PremiumWhite [Aurora, Co.]
Total claims:10Fraudulent Charges »12/3/0911/12/20091

I thought I was purchasing a trial sample for teeth whitening gel for $1.95. That was the amount that they said that they were charging my account. On 12/11 I received my credit card bill and they had ALSO charged me `$86.93. When I contacted the company, they said that they needed to receive the product back by 12/12 - the NEXT day in order to have my money refunded. My credit card company refused to work with me.

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10256smilebright [DEMOINS]
Total claims:46Smilebright fraud »07/12/0903/01/20101

I signed up for a free trial of smilebright and was asked for visa details to pay for shipping only, as a result I have been charged:
07 Dec 2009 SUP*SMILEBRIGHT 877-5947850 OH £55.23
86.93 USD @ 1.5739634260
15 Dec 2009 SUP*SMILEBRIGHT 877-5947850 OH £55.46
86.93 USD @ 1.56743599
17 Dec 2009 SUP*WHITETEETH 866-9893774 OH £30.77
48.23 USD @ 1.5674358140
26 Dec 2009 SUP*WORLDFIT 866-4075590 OH £15.58
24.13 USD @ 1.5487804880
Totalling £157.04

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10247Also Colon Cleanse - Same Co. [Hollywood]
Total claims:1Fraud »January 1, 201002/01/20101

I was charged 2x for this product. I was told I didn't cancel in time. Customer Service was very rude and told me they charged me the 2nd time because they said I was still a customer even though I had canceled. They told me when I get the product - for the second time to call them and I can get a RMA number and get my money back. I didn't order it!!!!! I didn't want it the first time, I can't take this product, don't want it, I want to send it back but they refuse to take it back even though I told them they did not list what was in the product that I can't take for medical reasons. I WANT MY MONEY BACK AND WANT THEM TO STOP CHARGING ME. This company charges under different names - the Better Business Bureu needs to be involved. I will contact them. If you have ordered a sample be sure to watch you bank statement for charges from a company you never heard of - it is them. THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAM ARTISTS - THIS COMPANY IS A TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!

more details »

Total claims:4Fraud »9th november 200931/12/20091

I ordered the free trial for dazzle white and cancelled it a few weeks after then realised I was still get charged for it, a total of £130 came out of my bank account, the thing is that they sent me an email confirming my cancellation, yet im still being charged!!!!! i want full compensation and want them to leave me alone!!! i now know never to trust any company like this ever again!!!!

more details »

Total claims:33fraud charged »11 dec 200913/12/20091
the website that i would be charged only the postage costs and then one month later i check my balance and £76.57 is out of my account it is totally disgudting and irresponsible that people or so called companies would exploit people even a student lyk me

26 Oct 2009 POS 4875 23OCT09 , GETSTRONGER , +442030510825 GB , USD 6.55, RATE 1.6416, CHARGE 1.25, ERTF 0.11 - 5.35 £848.06
26 Oct 2009 POS 4875 23OCT09 , BETTERDTOX , 8663322707 CY , USD 14.90, RATE 1.6409, CHARGE 1.25, ERTF 0.25 - 10.58 £837.48
11 Dec 2009 POS 4875 08DEC09 , SUP*EXCLUSIVEBERRY, 408-9079139 US , USD 119.02, RATE 1.6237, CHARGE 1.25, ERTF 2.02 - 76.57 £108.13

more details »
Total claims:2Fraud »26/12/0926/12/20091

I purchased this item to but was then warned by a friend that it's a fake web site, as she also brought some ghds and never revived them but they took her money. Now I don't know what to do. I've been scammed!!

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Total claims:118More Fraud!!! »12/14/200925/12/20091
I have already submitted my first claim, but this charge was added to my account only a few days after the first one. With the two claims it totaled over $100. That was 100 dollars I did not authorize this company to charge and was very angry to discover that this had happened. It ruined my holiday and severely put a dent in my Christmas Shopping!

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Total claims:118Fraud! »12/11/200925/12/20091
I have two claims for this company, this is the largest of the two and the second shall follow. I applied for the trial offer from this company for both the acai berry product and the colon cleanse product. Yet I never authorized for the company to charge my credit card for this outlandish amount. When I tried to cancel they claimed to have no account for me, until I threatened to press charges for this outrageous act. To which they immediately assured me they canceled the 'account' but were unable to refund my money! And within days another account was charged for the other.

more details »

Total claims:118acaiberry fraud »14-12-0916/12/20091

Once again this month I have had money taken from my account please could you help I am at my wits end

more details »

9640smilebright [DEMOINS]
Total claims:46FRAUD »November 200911/12/20091
I purchased a teeth whitening trial for $11.93 after checking an advert on Yahoo. I have just checked my bank account and found they have taken £54.10 out of my account. Help what can i do?

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Total claims:8fraud »20/11/09 - 18/12/0923/12/20091
was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem, purchased ugg boots from, was charged the asking price, no problem there and although delivery took a few weeks, i got the boots, that i paid for on 20/11/09
now on the 17th&18th/12/09 money started to get taken from my bank account, 1 small payment & 4 large paymets, adding upto £625.05 now as i only use paypal & amazon, which i have never had a problem with, then i use which i find out are a chinese company, i start getting money taken from my bank account, the payments went to a company called - intersafe glabal which i have never heard of before, ive contacted my branch and the fraud team and its now in there hands, so please be very wary about buying from this company.

more details »

Total claims:118Complete Fraud »dec 4, 200911/12/20091
I've ordered a free sample from Acai berry which is supposed to be for 14 dollar. After one month I saw 94.08 withdrawal from the VISA and called the bank and they told me that this is a pre-authorized payment from a company called MaxForce. The bank connected me to the customer service of the company and surprisingly it was Acai berry !!! they completely refused to refund the money telling me that it is in the thier terms and conditions. I tried to brown the internet for their terms and conditions but failed to rretrieve any thing. it is a complete fraud. We all should stand together to face this type of internet fraud.

more details »

Total claims:57Another fraud »Dec 10, 200911/12/20091
After I have hardly accepted the complete fraud from acai berry (or maxforce), I noticed again a 26.31 withdrawal from my account. called the bank and now the company name is Super world fit. The customer service told me the same cancellation policy that comes with the Acai berry products and they will not refund the money .. and this time I got extremely angry ... as usual they gave me a cancellation confirmation number. I don't know if any further money is to be withdrawn from my VISA, but I'm going to cancel the whole VISA account. Fraud fraud fraud ... a clear message to the people all over the world should be published to prevent further fraud.

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10054The Trade Price Group [RUGELEY]
Total claims:20Hottub Frauds »22.12.200922/12/20091

Salesman called Stuart called today arrived in a black 09 reg'd range rover. Wore a pink shirt and tie. Shirt was creased and marked. He informed me he was in P company of the Parachute Regiment, came out of there and was at Stirling Liney is(SAS!) Hereford. We had asked about Kissimmee spa, and he advised a Manhattan spa. Xmas offer included a lockable cover, parasol, steps and bar seating and radio with pop-up speakers for the unbelievable price of 4500.00! Based on the theory if it says too good to be true it probably is. I asked him who his MD was and he said Simon Foster who lives in Milford. Stuart lives in Sutton and had an ex called Kate. When he had gone, phoned the bank and stopped the cheque. Looked up Simon on the internet and linked him to the spas...lo and behold my intuition was right...loads of bad press. Rang Stuart up who was on his way to Basingstoke, where all the snow was...said cancel the order as there was too much bad press. His reply was they were only blogs. Enough evidence in these to make me cancel my payment and order.

more details »

Total claims:9Fraud »16th November22/12/20091
Paid pathways £1730 on 16 Nov by credit card but told them the next day to cancel the transaction and they said they couldn't. I told them I would report them to the dispute team at my credit card company and they said to go ahead. They then said once I received all the documents that I could return them for a full refund. They said the course for taking a class 1 was £1099 and a guarantee protection pass would cost £299. Not only did they debit our card for £1132 they also took the £299 twice. I noticed this when I checked my credit card online and also there were other transactions on the card for a limosine company in London for £450, 2 transactions in Birmingham, Ibis Hotel and PAC 3000 Ltd and also in Cheshire, all of which were showing on our credit card. Documents arrived, I sent them back the same day registered and found out the following week that they had been signed for by some foreigner. It was a Samuel Johnson who took my credit card details over the phone but the next day when my wife phoned them, she asked to speak to him and was told by a Syd that Samuel was in hospital. (how convenient) more like out spending on our credit card. At the moment, the credit card company have frozen our account and obviously our cards have been destroyed and we are still waiting to hear the outcome if any while the fraud team and the dispute team investigate.

more details »

9547Farend Services [aurora, co]
Total claims:2fraudulent charge »12/8/200909/12/20091

I was never enrolled in "club world fitness," yet I recieved a charge on my card.

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9828Health Focus +31207947958 Irl [Linlithgow, West Lothian]
Total claims:6Fraud - Unauthorised debit of monies from my Mastercard. »Nov and Dec 0916/12/20091
In Nov 2009 I ordered a FREE TRIAL of Acai berries and detox pills over the internet. I gave the company my credit card details, only to pay for cost of shipping these pills to me, a one-off payment of £0.97 and £0.97.

A few days later my pills arrived.

No other current or pending transactions were mentioned on the Invoice/Receipt, because none had been entered into or agreed upon by me. I only agreed the £0.97 x 2 shipping costs for my pills.

Since then this company has taken, WITHOUT MY PERMISSION £74.56 from my card twice in November 2009 and £75.50 twice in Dec 2009. I have never asked for any 'other' products or services from this company. What they are doing is Theft / Fraud. Call it what you like, these transaction were NOT AUTHORISED.

My cardit card company, at my request have cancelled my card and are also looking into the matter. I have had no success in my attempts to contact this company.

My own contact info is:

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9819Just Think Media [Bedford]
Total claims:2Has fraudently taken money from account »08/012/200916/12/20091

Answered a free survey for diet pills, stupidly and apparently gave card details. Pills delivered weeks after survey, suddenly discover bank account raided and fraud investigation set in progress. This company needs to be shut down and quickly, they are making a fortune by ripping people off. Not to mention the inconvenience of having your bank account frozen, especially at this time of the year. I am sick to death of being ripped of by fly by night merchants that sell saccherin, that's what the tablets are.

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9459Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49FRAUD »12-11-0908/12/20091
I have registered my partner with this company and paid for a 5 Day Category C (Class 2) course. I booked this through Sid Turner.

He just needed the 5 day training course as he already has his provisional licence and has passed his theory test and hazard perception.

I have paid for the FULL amount of £1099 but have not received a receipt for it yet. I have one for the deposit i have paid for £850 but not for the full amount. I have been assured that i will receive one in the post and on email by 3 different people including a manager, but nothing yet.

I was then informed we were just waiting for dates from the DSA i have now been in touch with the DSA who had checked the company details and do not have them on record. Spoke to RHA too and they had told me that they were no longer trading with them due to unpaid invoices.

I just want my money back

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9837smilebright [DEMOINS]
Total claims:46Fraudulent Charges »12/16/200916/12/20091
I signed up for a trail that had no mention of being automatically enrolled in a monthly subscription. When I received the trial product it contained a letter that stated that I was enrolled in the program. I immediately called customer service to cancel and got two different cancellation numbers and a return address. Unfortunately, I shipped the product without tracking. After seeing a second charge, I called them again and they said that my account has not been cancelled. This time I got a cancellation number, an order number, and a return address in Aurora, CO, followed up by an email. Note the email is from PremiumWhite and the charge is from SUP*SMILEBRIGHT 877-5947850 OH.

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Total claims:118wrong payment ( fraud ) »15-12-200916/12/20091
I actually thought that I was dealing with a reputable company turns out that they are Fraudsters , actual goods sent for were FREE But shipping costs of £11.00p were asked for which from the USA is reasonable . But on no occassion did I grant a payment of £55.16p to be made ( $86.93 cents ), I will also be contacting the American CIA & FBI Offices to make a formal complaint regarding this scam .

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Total claims:118fraudulantly took money from bank account »08/12/0909/12/20091
i purchased a free trial of diet pills off internet paying only for shipment therefore supplying bank details since then i have not received any correspondence but bank has been debited £53.97 which i did not autherise bank have informed me it is in the small print or on a link page explaining that you have so long to cancel i have not received anything else yet funds have been taken i want this money returned and no more taken or i will be going to a lawyer and i will put article in paper to warn others i have written to gmtv about this also and if do not hear back will take further all attempts to reach company have failed the telephone is disconnected and emails ignored your help would be gratefully received i would rather have given money to charity than these conmen

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Total claims:28fraud »16/10/0922/12/20091


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10008smilebright [DEMOINS]
Total claims:46money taken fraudulently »12/04/09 and 12/08/0921/12/20091

I applied for a free trial of dazzlesmile teeth whitener and 173. 86 US Dollars has been taken from my credit card . I want my money back .

more details »

9926smilebright [DEMOINS]
Total claims:46fraud »2009/12/1418/12/20091

This company stole £55.14 from my Bank account when I clicked on a free trial
US 86.93
XR 1.57653
CD 3347 55.14
24Nov09 DEB vibrantbeauty
CY 48.92
XR 1.60131
CD 3347 30.55
24Nov09 DEB healthsmile
CY 11.90
XR 1.60162
CD 3347 7.43
of which was suposed to be about £2 sterling for postage.
I want my money back immediately or legal action will prevail

more details »

Total claims:25FRAUD COMPANY »8 DEC19/12/20091

This company promised that they will only charge me for shipping which was £2, now they are charging me £55 every week, i have no idea what is going on, I have tried contacting the company however they do not bother picking up or replying, Iam really fed up with this because the bank is not able to help me either, this company is passing my personal details to other companies and now other companies are charging me I REALLY NEED HELP WITH THIS!!!

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Total claims:14fraudulent verbal contract, dubious medical personel »June 200913/01/20101

I made a call to inquire about their products and end up agreeing to test some of their products during a year. I did offer them my credit card details and then I have reeived a nasal spray which didn't work at all and I called them to stop the payments which was refused and I was told to try another product, some pills which were proven to be as inefficient. At this stage I contacted my credit card company which didn't help me at all andmean while I have lost the job at the time which made me in imposibility of payment. I managed to convince somebody at AMI that I can't pay any more money and they stopped taking my money until december 2009 when all started again. And now I am going tsue them.

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10550Dazzlesmile Pro [Iowa]
Total claims:6fraud »nov,dec,jan16/01/20101

signed up for free tial offer and have been charged over 50 for the last 3 months

more details »

Total claims:24fraudlent scam »Tuesday 12th jan 201025/01/20101

Added: [19/01/2010]
Pseudo: Amanda-Jayne
Comment: I rang up Partneryou Tuesday 12th jan 2010.because they sounded idea for making a little extra money to take my special needs kids away.. It was a non sexual escort agency which was idea for me.. I emailed them and then i got phone call a few hours later from a lady calling herself Rihanan,she asked me to email pics of over which i did and she then contacted back and said i was ideal for the older clients...she took all my details. Later that day she rang me back and said they had a cancelation for the next evening and was i free..i said yes i was and with that she rang me back then next afternoon with details of the gentleman etc I still have the sort cod and account number that i paid money into and i also have emailed and spoken to another guy that also lost a lot of money.

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Total claims:118Fraud »12/06/200927/01/20101

I signed up for a free sample of acai burn on and paid for the shipping. I did not agree to buy anything more of the product,but less a month later I was charged and a sent another bottle with the charge of $86.93, then 10 days later charged another $86.93 but not sent the product. I want this charge taken off and a credit to my account immediately. I am sending the bottle back and I am calling the claims department as well.

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11023SMILEKIT 866-407-5759 SINGAPORE
Total claims:51FRAUD / REFUND »27 JAN 201004/02/20101



SMILEKIT 866-407-5759 SINGAPORE FOR $134.37


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11025SMILEKIT 866-407-5759 SINGAPORE
Total claims:51Fraud »03 Feb 201004/02/20101

I applied for a free trial of e smokes & have recieved nothing. Then I checked my credit card and there was a deduction made on the 03/02/2010 Smilekit - 866-407-5759 Singapore 119.02 USD 4.05 AUD total deducted was $139.20 AUD.

more details »

11089ACAI BURN Army Post Rd Distribution [Des Moines]
Total claims:14This is a fraud »200907/02/20101

I bought the free offer story,hook line and sinker. I got jipped. I am now hoping the company adds the credit to my crdit card. I can't believe this is what our world has come to. This company should be ashamed.I sent the latest shipment back within the allowed time, I am waiting to be refunded almost $100 for this crapola.

more details »

Total claims:7Fraud »february 201017/03/20101

I was attracted to the 14day free trial,but changed my mind.I returned the product(3 bottles of acai berry supplements) because i could not afford this.I also sent an email,letting them know that i was cancelling my order.I received an email from the company,thanking me for cancelling my order.On the 10th of March,the sum of £59.85 was taken from my account,worst thing is,i have nothing to show for my money.I know that KARMA will be the result, for people who pull these scams,but i need my money back.Thank You

more details »
Total claims:1fraud »march 1017/03/20101

This amount of money was taken from my bank account,,has anyone heard this name before.Could they be associated with,anyway both of these scammers withdrew monies from my bank account on March 10,totalling £116.43.Can anybody help.

more details »

11708fantasy introductions
Total claims:16Fantasy Introductions are a Fraud Agency »24th Feb 201019/03/20101

They led me to believe that they were a legal company! I saw it as an opportunity to make some money to pay off some debts, The lady's name was Sandra she was so sweet and nice and said I wouldn't have any trouble getting any work, They lined me up with a "Client" who never rang! When I called to the next day to ask what had ahppened they said that my "client" kept getting my voicemail... My phone was never off!, They said they would find work for me for later in the week! I'm still waiting 3 weeks on! I have called them emailed them but nothing! It makes me sick that they took £399 off me for their own selfish again.

more details »

11710Delightfull Companions
Total claims:11Delightful Companions are a Fraud Agency »03rd March 201019/03/20101

I saw Escorting as a pay of aying off some of my debts, and I fell for their talk and lies and parted with £350 in the hope and understanding I would earn good money to ay my debts off, They lined me up with a "Client" except the "client" never called when i called the agency the next day to ask what had happened they said that my "Client" got held up in a meeting, and that they would find me work ASAP, That was 2 weeks ago I'm still waiting, I have called and emailed them but surprise surprise noone replies to me. It makes me sick that they take money off innocent people for their own selfish gain.

more details »
Total claims:21fraud »11/03/201022/03/20101

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11960Buyer\'s Paradise via UBID.COM [MO]
Total claims:1OVERPRICED FRAUD »4/6/201006/04/20101
This "company" is indeed a TOTAL ripoff. They get their products, which are drop shipped via WWW.BUYNSUPPLY.COM and sell most of their junk through UBID.COM. I am going to use civiltree to file a lawsuit in small claims against UBID if they do not fully refund my purchase...

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11978nn iecps technology ltshenzhen [London]
Total claims:2credit card fraud »16/03/201006/04/20101

looked at my statement and do not know company who this was paid to so no online actions taken by me on that date.

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12291Teamleadcorporates [AS Rao Nagar,ECIL X Roads]
Total claims:1cheating,fraud »24-04-201013/05/20101
Teamleadcorporates is an embedded systems company located near to radhika theatre,AS Rao Nagar,ECIL X Roads,AS Rao Nagar,ECIL X Roads

are the cheaters and frauds ,they given academic projects to us i.e

B.Tech projects .but they did not given proper code and related hardware.still they collected lot of money from our college students.code is not working properly.Given code is complete different from the project titles ....I think that is a fraud company even they cannot handle academic projects properly How Can they handle Company projects

.............So aware of Teamleadcorporates

more details »

12432highway [LONDON]
Total claims:1fraud »200925/05/20101

can somebody help me to recover my money? if i get my money, half of the money i will give it to charity for child cancer.

more details »

12360moonlight encounters [spain]
Total claims:16fraud »15/05/201018/05/20101

Like a previous claim this company tricked me into being able to join a "no sex" companion agency. Promising lots of work with UK and Foreign clients. Called me numerous times to see if money had transferred. When money had transferred they called a number of times to say I had clients but later called to say I missed the client, or the client had cancelled. They have taken money from me on false pretences. I want the money back and they need to be prosecuted for fraud!

more details » [POssibly London]
Total claims:11fraud »21/04/201027/05/20101
On the 21st April 2010 I saw an advert in the South Wales Echo for social companions, the company name was Virgin escorts UK. I sent them an email to enquire about this as I have been struggling financially for a long time and thought it was a good way to earn some extra cash.
The next day I had a phone call and message left as I was in work. I called them back and spoke to someone about this he was a male called John. He told me all about the job, I asked if there was any sex involved and he said no that is another side of the business. He asked some questions about my appearance such as height, dress size, hair and eye colour etc………… and also my interests such as going to the theatre and dining out. John asked me to send some photo’s to see if I was suitable, I did this that evening.
The next day I called them to see if they had the photos and everything was ok? I was told yes and that they would distribute my details over the next couple of days and the weekend to see what sort of response they get.
First thing Monday morning I had a phone call from Annette Turner telling me that I had 8 different guys looking at my details and that I would have to become a member so that I could get started. She said I would have to pay £350 to become a member and this would cover the cost for my Marketing and Advertising. Annette convinced me that I would get this money back plus more on my first job as the bank holiday was coming up and I could earn £360 an hour and it was time and a half for the bank holiday weekend. This sounded great and I got very excited at the thought of all that money!!!!!!
I said I would have to speak with my bank to see if I could do a bill payment straight into their account bank details she gave me were HSBC Bank The name on the account is DJW Ltd Sort code: 40-46-10 and account number 81485423
They were unable to take a card payment over the phone, I questioned this and was told that the card company charges them so much that they don’t use them……………….!!!!
I sent the payment for £350 through my bank and rang Annette to say this had been done. I was then sent an email with my login details for the website, this was for me to see and update my profile, which was very basic.
On the Wednesday 28th April 2010 Annette called me and said she had some really good and exciting news. There were 4 European guys coming over and wanted escorts for the Monday May 3rd 2010. She had 3 already and wanted me to be the fourth. We were going to a 5 star hotel in Cardiff to be wine and dined and get paid for it just by being their companion. A car would come and pick me up from my house and then drop me home again. I was very excited about this as she had previously told me that these guys pay £1,200 a time. Then came the bombshell-Annette said because these guys are European and pay that much more I would have to be upgraded to the European website which would cost £1,000!!!! I said I am unable to do this; I don’t have that sort of money. She has obviously had experience in this sort of thing and said all the right things to convince me that I would get this money back on this job on Monday. She even said that she was tempted to do the job herself!!!!!!
Eventually I gave in and said I would try and do this that afternoon juggling money out of my Credit card account and bank taking me overdrawn but thinking all the time that I would have it back and more very soon. I took some time off work to go over the bank to do this however could not withdraw enough, she had agreed that I could pay £550 and the rest would be taken out of the money I had on the Monday from the European guy!!!
I rang Annette to tell her I could not do this that day and would do it first thing on Thursday 29th April 2010. I withdrew £200 from my credit card on the Wednesday, and £200 on the Thursday and another £150 from my bank account. I was in Penarth so I went to the HSBC Bank there and handed all this money over the counter to be paid into DJW Ltd’s Bank Account. (I have since found out that this company was dissolved on 22/09/2009).
I rang Annette soon after to say that I have paid the money and it should be there straight away. Annette wasn’t available so I spoke with another girl, she said when Annette was available she would ring me back. I didn’t get a call for a few hours so I called her, she still wasn’t available so I left a message for her to call me back. I did eventually get a call and she gave me a new membership number for the European site. She said the girls from bookings would be in touch to confirm the arrangements for Monday. I was really excited and went into Cardiff with my friend shopping for a nice smart outfit for the occasion.
On the Friday the next day I didn’t here from them so I rang to see what was happening. I spoke with Annette and she said she will go and see the girls in bookings and get back to me. She did call me back but it wasn’t good news. She told me that Pedro had to postpone Monday as his Mother had suffered a stroke and was in Hospital. I was very disappointed!! Yet again she was very convincing and talked as if she knew this guy and that his mother had come over from Italy for a holiday with him!!!!!
The only thing she said she could do was to put me on the cancellation list for the weekend and it would be very short notice if something did come up. Nothing did come up and I was £900 out of pocket!!!!
A couple of days later I rang Annette she asked how I was and I had to tell her that my nephew had died on the Monday on his motorbike and I wasn’t up to taking bookings at the moment. She said she would make a note of this for me to ring them when I was feeling better. I did this on Monday the 17th May 2010 and spoke to another girl who said she would update my details and make my available to get some work asap. That evening I tried to get on the website but it said that my membership had expired and to contact a customer representative. I rang the next day and told them this, they said to wait about an hour and then it should be ok. It was that evening. I haven’t had any contact from these people since, other than me ringing them to see if anyone wants me to accompany them at all. They said that a few people are interested and once we get confirmation and details they will call me!!!!! It is getting close to the Bank Holiday again and no contact.
This morning 27th May I went on to Google and put DJW Ltd escorting in the search box and the first thing to come up was their name and SCAM!!! I was a bit taken back, but wasn’t surprised as I had thought about this since I paid all that money, I know I should have researched them before and I feel such a stupid fool ……………….!!!!! There are loads of people on this site writing about their experiences, they even have different company names. They are also still advertising for people on job websites.

These people need to be Stopped they are targeting vulnerable people male and female who are struggling financially and then they just go and make matters 100 times worse!!!!!
Where has my money gone? Please can you try and get this back for me, and prosecute these people and put them out of business?

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Total claims:9fraud »2008-201001/06/20101

i paid pathway lgv £999 to do my hgv ,i did my theory test etc, i rang them to do my test i could not get hold of them & i emailed them nothing they just vanished ,there is another company doing the same called easy as hgv might be them under a new name ,i just want my money back & go to another proper company i am so angry.

more details » [POssibly London]
Total claims:11Fraud »April 201006/06/20101
Saw add in paper for companions for a company called Virgin Escorts UK. Was told I had to pay 350.00 up front for my profile and advertisement. After 3 days i had a call from Oliva Davis from Virgin Escorts to say that she would like me to be a VIP escort for one of her clients. The rate of pay was more but i had to pay a holding fee of 2,000 which i did. She had made a booking for me on the Sat eve which was cancelled. After many telephone calls and never speaking directly to Oliva again I have been told the the client will make another booking. I have not heard from the company after many telephone chasing them.

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Total claims:20fraud/scam »5/12/201021/01/20111
I purchased an ipod nano for my daughters xmas present.£72.59 was immediately taken from my bank account on 5/12/2010,it is now 21/1/2011.There has been no contact whatsoever+needless to say no ipod.I foolishly trusted this site as it looked like an official apple site.please can you help+warn others about this ?scam site.
regards ann lynch

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12898The Credit People
Total claims:18Fraud »08.07.1008/07/20101
Nearly 2 weeks ago i applied for a small loan to cover costs that were excess to my home insurance policy for flood damage from a broken toilet. The sum i enquired about was £500 which i wanted to repay over 6 months but was informed the minimum would be a year. I agreed to this and then went on to give my details however before starting this process i asked if a credit check was required. The person i spoke with said no but i re asked the question informing him that i had seperated from my husband who walked away leaving me to pay all the joint debts and morgage repayments. This meant a very difficult financial time for me which i am now getting on top of but it lead to an IVA and debt managment program so i was quite clear that any credit check would fail. In addition i stated that knowing this it was important that there was not credit check at any point in the process because when it failed it would make my credit rating even worse so the representative was given quite clear information about my situation and what i needed. He informed me that it was not a problem and that people with much worse issues get loans but he would need to take further details to check if i was able to get the loan i needed. I therefore proceeded to give all my details including bank and salary. Following this he did a search and then after a short time informed me that i was able to have a loan which would be £45 per month over a year and that if i paid it off sooner it was ok as i would only have a penelaty fee of 1 months interest which would not be much. I asked what happened next and he said if i was ok with that i needed to pay a fee which i did and then confirm my information which would arrive in the post and need to be signed and returned. I asked when the money would be released and i was told it would be about 2-3 days from returning my confirmation documents.

I received and returned the documents on 30th June and then heard nothing until today when i got a letter asking me to call a number which charged £1.50 per minute. The person who took my call wanted all my details again and when i asked why explaining the above he basically told me i had been misinformed and that he would look for a loan but there were no gaurantees of getting one or what the interest would be so he seemed baffled by the fact that i had already been told of my repayments as they would look for a company to provide my loan. As they took over 15 minutes at my expense on the phone they told me it was policy to call me back to complete all the details i needed which they did. When i asked the lady who rang me back about the "no credit check" loan she told me that any company she dealt with would do a credit check and that i would not get loan as i had an IVA and would fail my credit check. I told her that i had already been informed that no credit check was meant to be carried out but she said that there would always be a check.
I am now the £39 fee down + £22.50 in telephone costs. This seems to be a scam that i just did not see through being in a vulnerable poition and the company have asked me to send a written letter of complaint but from searching the internet i have read that this company does not use the address on correspondance letter so am not confident of reply

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12944Syndex Panama [Panama]
Total claims:1Syndex Fraud »12th July 201013/07/20101
My story is very similar to the other people who have been the victims of Syndex Industry. I ordered a free trial muscle builder (Musclemax) and called the number half an hour later to cancel. The number is the same number used for many scams and is a dud number. How am I suppose to cancel my free subscription within 10 days if there is NO means at all of contacting them and now they are going to take $85.00 from my bank account every month for something I do not want and I am well within my 10 day trial period and still have 10 days to cancel.
I am very concerned about this now as other people have already lost their money due to this and I would like the matter dealt with before it gets to that stage.

What do I do? What can I do? Who do I speak to (bank/police)??

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13095candy escorts
Total claims:11fraud »16.07.201026/07/20101

Hi, i emailed Candy Escorts and they contacted me offering me at least two appointments a week. They found me a client and i had to pay 250.00 pounds to register and the same afternoon my 'client' was cancelled and the same the next day and they havent contacted me since, actually i emailed them in 22.07.2010 asking to be taken off their website and wanted a refund and they called the next day saying it wasnt possible. I would very much appreciate some help. Many thanks.

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23598 WWW.YOUR-MONEY.TV [Middlesex]
Total claims:29fraud »07/02/201210/02/20121
took £67.70 out of my bank when i have not asked for a loan and dont even know how they got my bank details. that money was my rent money and im a single mum on benefits so want this money back or i will be going to the police

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23554CITY FINANCIAL [Manchester]
Total claims:36Scam/Fraud »06/02/201208/02/20121
I applied for a loan on the internet and was contacted by an employer of city financial who promised me they would be able to help me out but due to my poor credit rating i would have to make my first months payment upfront. In order to do this i needed to purchase a ukash voucher and someone would ring me back. This i did and i was contacted and told that the money would be in my account by the next morning and that someone would ring me back. The next morning the money hadn't arrived and on contacting the company i was told they would look into it. 2 days later still no money and they were still looking into it. 4 days later i was contact again and was passed to their account manager who tols me that the money was ready to be transfered but i needed to purchase a further ukash voucher for £200 which was to cover taxation but i was assured that this would be refunded at the same time the money would be transfered to my bank. I purchased a further voucher and was contacted again to say that the money should be in my account in 20 mins but as it was a friday it may take til the morning but someone from the company would contact me by 9am the next morning. Surprise no money and no follow up contact. They have since contacted me to say that the reason the money isn't in my account is because i need to purchase a further ukash voucher for £200 for a credit cheque. I told them that they i was unable to find the cash and that i would like a full refund and quess what i am still waiting for someone to ring me back.

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13754MPH Engineering Ltd / The Engine Centre [Southall Middlesex]
Total claims:3Reconditioned Engine Fraud »20.09.1020/09/20101

We are the latest to be ripped off by these people. they are disgusting human beings who have threatened me and my parnter. Tehy have our Audi A4 Quattro and £3.5k of our money. They need to be stopped. Police will not help at all apart from take complaints about the threatening calls. If you want your car back be there this Friday by 11am.

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13775Cromwell Collections
Total claims:3fraudelent money taken from my account »21st September 201021/09/20101
The above payment was teken from my account today by the baove comapny. I have had no direct correspondence with the named comapany and I feel it is unfair of the Loan Company to give all my details out to companies and allow them to take an initial payment even tho I have had no loan of either of this company. I am a single parent and so because of these funds being taken from my account I now have no gas, electric or food to feed my kids other than the scarce bits I have in the cupboards. This will not in any way feed my four children all week.

I telephoned the Loan Centre today but have been told that I have to email an email address and await for a reply before anything can be done. However, I have been told that OI will not be getting a full refund.

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13784Nutrimax Labs Inc. [Maling Adress.Hollywood Blvd, Suite 321]
Total claims:9DIETMAX and ANCIENT HEALTH FRAUD! »Sept 201022/09/20101

I signed up online for a free 10 day trial for weight loss. I never received anything via mail within that 10 days and when I tried to call in to the company I kept getting transferred around and cut off. I tried and tried to keep calling but the office was closed or, as I said, I would get cut off.

I didn't get the free trial and I never wanted the membership in either and they will not refund my charged.

If I don't get refunded within 30 days I will take legal action. My bank tells me that they are actually under investigation by the Florida Attorney General so they are obviously dodgy!!

Picking on innocent people who can't afford it!!

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13916Diamond Companions [Great Yarmouth]
Total claims:12fraud »28 sept 201030/09/20101
My name is Sharon and i have fallen for the trap that is Diamond Companions, they told me by paying £250 i would be on the books for a companion around England and that i would earn £500 per booking which was going to be great for me as i could then come off the benefits i claimed and hopefully start enjoying life a little more. After sending the money through Western Union on Tuesday 28th September 2010 i recieved a call from a women called Tina who apparently worked there, she said she had recieved the money and thank you, also that the male companion who had booked for my company for the night would be in touch with me the day after ( wednesday) to sort out transport and destination ect. I never recieved a phonecall from him and when my daughter tried ringing the agencey there was just a message that came on saying sorry we have been able to connect your call. I then did some research and learned that there are other people in the same boat as me who have been scammmed by diamond companions. They need to be brought to justice and made to realise that they cant just go around doing this to people and taking their money.

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14289Profit Vault
Total claims:15fraudulent bank transaction »10/14/201025/10/20101
2 transactions were made from my bank account from this number. The Profit Vault. I don't know what they were for so I called. When I finally got through to customer service and told them the reason for my call, the representative said she couldn't help & could I call back in 3 or 4 hours! I called back immediately and a different rep gave me a different number to call. I got through to a service rep after being on hold for 20 minutes and finally got the answers I needed. I had been enrolled without my knowledge in the max save program? She said it was automatic when I ordered something online. When I asked what it was that I bought that enrolled me in there program she said there was no way she could find out that information. She did cancel my account with them and assured me I would no longer be charged any membership fee's, but I am out the amount they already got.

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21986 EPM YOUR-MONEY.TV [worksop]
Total claims:121FRAUD »NOV 201111/11/20111

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23450epm your-your money [worksop]
Total claims:1fraud »31 january 201204/02/20121
This company took ������£67 out of my account yet i had never had any dealings with them.My oppion is are selling off your details to other companys if you are not sucsessful with them! This way they can still make money ot of you.I have the Birmingham office details of epm your and i disguised myself as a journalist so i could get them to ring me back.When they rang me back they wanted further information like, who supplies my gas and electric and do i have an overdraft facility on my account.I wasnt rude to the bitch but i quickly took hold of the conversation and told her to return the money.Ive changed my bank details now but am just waiting for the money to go strait through which will be 7th january then i can class it as fraud! In the meantime im going to hound and make them pray they never sold my details on in the first place.Please do not apply online for any of thease loans that r advertised on tv.If your not sucsessful with them then they will have no use for you and sell on your details.
If anyone wants to chat because its happened to you then please feel free to buzz me and if i can help in any way i promise i will try.Im quaranteed to get my money back and i have the best team of fraud Investigatators on to them. I was the lucky one but i know there are some people who have been less lucky. Tel:07853963693

more details » [Malaga]
Total claims:1Fraudsters Caught »03/11/201004/11/20101
Operation Troy Suffolk Trading Standards
By suffolktradingstandards
Operation Troy is a lengthy international investigation by Suffolk Trading Standards and supported by Suffolk Constabulary. In regards to two advance fee frauds that have netted an estimated £6 million and 15,000 victims have already been identified.
One of the frauds is an employment scam involving escort agencies, which offers the chance of high earnings. The victims are told they are no fees until the first job and that there are clients waiting.
A few days later, they are asked for registration fees between £219-£350 but the victim never hears from the company again.
The other fraud involves a debt elimination company cold calling people and promising to clear their debt. Individuals pay £400-£500 for the service but receive nothing in return.
Below is a list of the companies involved; if you have had any dealing with any of these companies and would like to raise a complaint please complete this questionnaire at Suffolk Trading Standards

Escort Agencies
Beautiful Adults
Candy Escorts
Companion Fever
Companion Work
European Escorts
Evening Encounters
Graceful Partners
Lovely Liasons
Model Couples
Partner You
Holding Hands
Diamond Companions
Date Angels
Delightful Companions

Suffolk homes raided in £6m internet scam inquiry

By Colin Adwent, crime correspondent
Wednesday, 3 November, 2010
13:22 PM
EARLY morning raids, led by Suffolk Trading Standards, took place around the country today in a bid to destroy an alleged £6million internet scam with more than 15,000 victims.
Part of the alleged fraud includes persuading people to pay hundreds of pounds to become escorts, while other victims have been conned into believing they can get out of paying back their debts through loopholes.
A total of around 60 trading standards officers, police and financial investigators swooped at four addresses in Suffolk and six more elsewhere in the country.
Three people are currently being questioned after being arrested on suspicion of money laundering offences.
Four residential properties in Claydon, Westerfield, Redgrave and Lowestoft were targeted by officers.
A woman from the Claydon address was one of those arrested.
Other homes and an office block were also raided in Buckinghamshire, West Sussex, Devon, Cheshire and Wakefield.
Two other suspects in Wakefield and Devon were also taken into custody.
Computers and paperwork have been seized as part of the operation which was codenamed Troy.
The investigation, which has been going on for more than a year, centres around 16 businesses which operate through websites.
Reg Ruffles, Suffolk’s assistant county trading standards officer, said: “This has been a complex and lengthy investigation in to advanced fee frauds.
“We think we are looking at about 15,000 victims and in the region of £6million has been made from the alleged frauds.
“We have taken the decision to take action today in order to stop more people being duped.
“We want anyone who feels they may have been a victim of these businesses to contact us through either the Suffolk County Council website or look up Suffolk Trading Standards on Facebook where there is a link to make a complaint.”

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14451No Worries Loans Ltd [leeds]
Total claims:20Fraud »29/10/201004/11/20101

I am a young girl. I have a child. I was in desperate need of quick cash so i fell for giving my bank details to these people. They took money out of my account and they did nothing! THEY SCAMMED ME AND IT MIGHT NOT SEEM ALOT OF MONEY TO THEM BUT IT IS TO ME :(

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Total claims:2fraud »12/5/1105/12/20111
Bootsfornew is a mirror image of Ugg of Australia...The site looks very legit. However after you make your purchase with your credit card.....You will receive a email from UGG @ a gmail address at that point they will give you a order number I will copy my email from company for you to see...UGG Australia

Nov 28 (7 days ago)
from UGG Australia

Your order number 10770 at Ugg Australia has been updated.

Order status: Payment received

I clicked on contact asked about ship date...notice response

response came from lily yuan

We will arrange the shipping for you within 48 hours when we receive your money,once we sent them to you we will email you the tracking NO.You can track your item by using it.

Usually you will need 3-7 business days to get your items ,but now is our hot selling season,sometimes it maybe delay,hope you can understand.

Best wishes


Great I am now the proud owner of counterfeit Uggs for my Daughter for Christmas... I called Ugg. I called bank...To report be very careful....

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14848Sapphire Studios [London]
Total claims:38Scam, fraud company »05/10/201030/11/20101
Hi my name is Lucie,
and as I can see I am one of those naive people who trustwhen they win something that they actually won. Well, not anymore after the experience with Sapphore Studios. I have won a photoshoot agreed to pay deposit for me and my friend as I have not seen anything bad in the fact they wanted to security that I will really come. They were supposed to send me an email explaining what will happen on the day that email has never arrived. My friend and I went on the 5th of october to the Sapphire studios and thought we would be pampered. We were ushered into a huge room which was being repaired and looked dirty and very unprofessional but we wanted to make the best of it. After 15 minutes total spend on hair and makeup for both of us I was quite dissapointed because I was pormised consultations but nothing like that happened. I had to go and ask what will come next as no one really paid any attention to us after half an hour spent with a rude photographer we were quickly ushered to another room were the sale lady was awaiting. She did a great job in saling the photos and me and my friend decided to buy 10 each, she said she will give us all the photos for free anyway becuase she could bother less then to pick only the ten and that she will include two free prints. Little did we know that she included all those into the contract that I have signed because I have not had the chance to check it to see what was actually written on it. Stupid now I know but I thought there was no harm as the price of 83£ was on the paper. The total amount coming to 1000£ paid across a year. Of course we went back to cancel the contract after we've realized what happened but she told us she can't. I am not so skilled in arguments and so we left. Now it looks like they will get awya with another fraud. I am going to post them on Watchdog too.

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17961no pain pro foodstores
Total claims:8fraudulent and misleading »March 20th,201104/04/20111

I saw a free trial for acai berries, they were 'absolutely free' barring the $4 (or so) shipping cost, and an identical payment was required for another product..."$8!!Bargain" I thought to myself, until I noticed £276 (roughly, I can't remember the English conversion) was tied up in my UK bank account, upon further investigation it turns out that it's this company (of whom I can find no information) and another company named "youth nutrition" each taking $199.95. I've researched 'Youth Nutrition' and they seem to be fraudulent but I am left clueless as to how to rectify this issue and get my money back. No products have arrived, not that I'd want them if this is the cost!
There's nothing my bank can do as I did give out my details, but I only did that thinking it was a tiny price, had I known how much they'd charge (or rip me off by) I never would have even thought about it. So now I'm in a big financial mess and have no idea how to get myself out of it.

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14911candy escorts
Total claims:11FRAUDULENT SCAMMERS »30/11/1002/12/20101

In need of some extra cash, i researched some non sexual escorting..Candy Escorts seemed legitimate enough so i signed up for more information. A woman named 'Lesley' called me back. She explained the fees for the service etc and asked when i was able to pay it .. The next day i got a voicemail from the bookings department saying i had a man interested in a meeting but i had to be registered first. So I paid the money with the last of my cash and waited on his call, believeing the £500 promised to me would be my reimbersement. A few hours later 'Lesley' called me back saying he has to cancel as he was in meetings all evening but i would be put on a high priority list. Since i have heard nothing, so when doing some research on the internet, I found that many people have been scammed by this company. So , I am not a happy bunny, unable to pay bills and in debt. This scam need to be stopped.

more details » [singapore]
Total claims:20Fake/Fraud »02.12.1007/12/20101

I have ordered Ipod Nano 5th Generation on 02.12.10 for a Christmas present and was worried I had not received an email confirming my order. When you access the site it looks like an official apple shop site.(obviously not having read the other comments). I checked my credit card account and the transaction went through 02.12.10. Having checked out I came across all the other reports of fake/fraud goods I have now contacted my credit card company asking them to cancel this transaction and hoping for a refund to my account. I will update with outcome.

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15016VIP Allure [Leigh-on-Sea]
Total claims:2Offering Employment Fraud »03/12/201007/12/20101

I was looking for work and this company claimed to offer services for supplying temporary staff to help fill events. I registered for £180 to be placed on a job the following day. I was informed that all jobs would be paid cash in hand on the day. The registration fee was supposed to be valid for one year so that I would be put forward for other events when they took place. The phone numbers stopped working and they never emailed me back again.

George Daltrey is supposed to be the owner of this and MANY other fraudulent companies but, of course, I only found out about this after being screwed over.

Needless to say, we are absolutely broke now and just before Christmas. I hope George Daltrey gets found so that proper legal action can be taken against him. I want him to suffer in the same way that he has made ours and many other families suffer. An evil man.

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Total claims:38Ugg boots fraud »03 december 201009/12/20101

I ordered a pair of ugg boots from this company only to find out they are a fraud site and i will not recieve the boots, they take money from your account and do not send you the goods then sell your details onto someone else to clear your bank account.

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Total claims:17FRAUD »09.12.201010/12/20101

I ordered 2 pairs of ugg boots from what i thought was ugg australia.When i clicked on my goods i was told the total was £114.As soon as i put my DEBIT bank details through it flashed up to say £129.83 then it went back to the homepage.Because of this i checked my internet bank straight away and they had taken the £129.83.I phoned the contact number that was on there site but it was unrecognisable.There live chat didnt work.I have sent e-mails but had no reply.When you click on track order it says you can track your order through EMS.EMS ask for a tracking code but i dont even have that.

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Total claims:10FRAUD »07/12/1015/12/20101
Stupidly I was taken in by this scam. At my age I should have realised you don't get ought for nought!!!! I could not believe it that within three days on two seperate occasions they took more money from my account, I only found out when I tried to draw some money out & there was not enough. Gutted is too light a word to use this was my hard earned money and I'm only just getting back on my feet after being made redundant: Also there were no Ts&Cs as they claim. Don't be taken in like me.

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Total claims:1Ugg Boot Fraud »12/11/201016/12/20101

I ordered a pair of Ugg boots for $89. After I entered my order, a confirmation page came up with a password for my "account". When I clicked to go to the account, the page disappeared. I was charged a total of $118.69. I never received an email confirmation as the site said I would. I also have not received any shipping information even though the site says all orders are shipped within 2 to 3 days. The site appears to be an American company when in fact it is in Shanghai, China. I now realize it is a fraud as I have read other posts from people in my same situation. Additionally now my granddaughter will not receive a nice Christmas present as I had saved money to buy her something nice and thought I had found a decent deal. This site needs to be shut down.

more details » [FUJIAN]
Total claims:4FRAUD »07/12/1017/12/20101

I order this uggs from the website which i thought was a good website but its now been 2 weeks and it is still saying it is in beijing, what is that about.

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Total claims:27ipod nano fraud! »10th December 201020/12/20101

I ordered an iPod nano 5th charcoal-16GB for £79.00 from on Friday 10th December 2010.

On 11th December they emailed me saying my payment had failed so I re-ordered the ipod and received an email from them on 12th December saying my payment had been successful. I also received an email from, who handled the paynent, saying it had gone through and would show up on my statement as payment to http://Snearer Co.Ltd.

I thought this looked suspicious so I tried to go to but the page could not be found. When I Googled them all I found was people on websites warning against making payments through them as goods were either fake or not received at all. Next I Googled and that's where I found this site (and others) listing all the other people that had been caught out by them.

On 15th December I received an email from saying they are now using the domain name (almost the same but with an "s" removed)

I've tried to email them several times but they have not answered any of my emails. As yet I have received nothing and when I log in through either of the websites my account status says pending (order being processed), but I'm not hopeful of receiving anything other than a fake if I receive anything at all!

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15511Postnet Ltd
Total claims:11fraud »21/12/1022/12/20101

i went to my bank on the above date to withdraw some cash but it stated that i didn't have the funds in my account when provided with a mini statement it said the above company had taken the amount of £49.95 out of my account. how they got my account details i don't know and they certainly weren't give permission to take the money out of my account.

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23372Agios Dometio [West Lothian]
Total claims:9Fraudulent Web Advertising »November 2011 - Jan 201202/02/20121
In mid-November 2011 my wife signed up online for a free trial sample of an anti-aging serum from this company. She agreed to pay £5.95 postage and packing. I have today discovered that I have been billed 3 times (£74.95 in November 2011, December 2011 and January 2012) on my credit card for supplies which we did not want. My wife has a second card linked to my account.

Thinking it was the free sample my wife has tried the serum delivered first (without any obvious benefit). The other two flasks which arrived unsolicited subsequently are unopened.

How can I stop the delivery and charging on future supplies?

more details » [County Durham]
Total claims:3FRAUD »05.01.1106/01/20111

I ordered some Acai Berries and only paid the postage of £2.95. This was a free trial with no mention of any further order. 2 weeks later (05.01.11) when checking my bank account I noticed that a payment of £75 had been taken and I didn't know what for. On checking further into what the payment was I discovered that it was from the same company who had taken £2.95 postage fee. I did not authorise this payment and have certainly not received any more products from them. THIS IS FRAUD!!

The name to remember is [] (link:

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15819girlsuggshop [beijing]
Total claims:1fraud »12/12/1007/01/20111

My Husband and order ugg boot for christmas for my doughter on 12/12/10 ref 7493808PB0D76KLAF on capital one my doughter come home from school waitting for her chritmas gift,i have to tell her and break her heart we charged knowing we cant offored thi is terreble for us i wish they get cut,the should be ashamem I thought this people was honoble and respectable know I dont think the same i wish the president stop our company moving to china and benjim and keep them here so we have more job and better united state.
web site:girlsuggshop
Order Number: 14998

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15876Shenzhen - The Golden Coast C
Total claims:2fraud »16 december09/01/20111
I order a pair of uggs for my friend, the website seemed pretty genuine. I usually use a different website, but this website promoted 'FREE SHIPPING' so i ordered with them, being told id receive a comfirmation e-mail, i never received one, Nor did i received the UGGS. The money has been taken out of my account and worst of all i cant remember the name of the website, sounds stupid i know, but i do so much online shopping i didnt think anything of it.

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Total claims:1fraud »10.1.1112/01/20111
I visted this website to order a pair of bailey button ugg boots at the time the site was called it now appears to have a different name to it within 2 days? i typed in all my credit card details an at the end it said my order will be processed an i would recieve a tracking number an confirmation. 2 days later i have still not recieved this email, i am a regualr shopper online an when i did not recieve the confirmation email, i knew there was something wrong.. i tryed to go back onto the site but it appears the site is no longer avaliable an has changed its name. i tryed to email them but the email for some reason would not sent (ie fake address)i just want my money back!!

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Total claims:2fraudulent company »03/12/201026/01/20111
bought uggs from what i assumed was a british company at the beginning off dec 2010, was told they would arrive mid dec, then end off dec, then beginning off january, then mid jan. when i finally told them 'enough, refund please, or i would be reporting them', within a couple off hours they then told me they had been delivered and signed for. Not to me they hadn't), i told them that and this must be a con as they would have the signature, which they would,t supply. when i finally got a tracking number and even further searching for the supposed courier service '' i found the had been sent from xiamen, returned to seller by customs, posted again on 16/12/2010, Droitwich on 10 jan delivered 15 jan. ( has now said she will post another pair. lol

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23724 EPM YOUR-MONEY.TV [worksop]
Total claims:121fraud »15/02/201216/02/20121
you have taken £67.00 out of my account for no reason !!!

more details » [Shenzhen]
Total claims:1North Face Fraudulent Purchases »22/01/201105/02/20111
I purchased a North Face Mens Nuptse Down Jacket Size Medium on the website I paid with my credit card for the amount of $95.99. I received an order number 1631, and an e-mail was sent to me from with a tracking number. When I entered the tracking number on the shipping link, it did not exist. I sent an e-mail to Benny asking where my parcel is, and why the tracking number is invalid, but did't get any reply. I also sent a mail to North Face US, which is the offical site for The North Face Clothing items, and informed them of the situation. They informed me that they did not know this specific website. It has been 21 days since I ordered + paid for my jacket, and I still haven't received it yet. I tried to log onto the website today, but it does not exist anymore. Can you please inform me how I can claim back the amount of $95.99.

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16763mycatalog [Houston]
Total claims:2Thieves and Fraudsters »11/2/201117/02/20111
I cancelled my subscription for this company 22/12/10 too late I think!!! They now have my card details and this company Mycatalog in Pheonix have taken money off my account on 11/2/11. For what??? who are they. They are definately linked to these thieves who sell products they dont send and offer free trials as a way to dupe people into their Terms and conditions that sign them up to further payments for their product. Something must be done to stop these people. I have had to cancel my card to stop them so they will get no more money out of me. My bank have given me a visa dispute form to help them get my money back. Good luck with that!! Dont hope much really but you never know. If you paid by credit card you can at least claim back from the bank under their guarantee scheme. At least in UK you can. I responded through their advert on a reputable website.

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16830Post Net Ltd Bournemouth [Bournemouth]
Total claims:30£49.95 FRAUDULENTLY WITHDRAWN FROM MY ACCOUNT »17/02/201121/02/20111

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21942 EPM YOUR-MONEY.TV [worksop]
Total claims:121Fraud »09/11/201109/11/20111
I have recently had £67.70 taken from my account on two ocassions, so £135.40 altogether and I did not authorise it, I have looked up the company and have found that several people have had the same problem recently, they are apparently a loans company, and I have applied to a couple of loans companies recently but have not received a loan from any of them so there was no reason for any money to be taken from my account and they definitely were not authorised. I have contacted my bank and they say that I may not get the money back but they will send me a new bank card and details and a form for me to fill out so that they can decide what to do next, the money taken from my account was the last I had and I now have no money.

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23150 EPM YOUR-MONEY.TV [worksop]
Total claims:121FRAUDULENT DEBIT CARD TRANSACTION »18.01.1121/01/20121
I have had no business dealings with EPM Cashfinders and yet they have got my e-mail address, bank a/c & sort code. They deducted £67.50 from my bank a/c on the 18.01.12 WITHOUT my authorisation or knowledge. Barclays Fraud Team contacted me via letter and have had to put a safeguard on my account.

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23216 EPM YOUR-MONEY.TV [worksop]
Total claims:121fraud »19/01/201225/01/20121
i enquired about a loan, but didnt agree for any funds to be taken out of my account then i looked at a bank statement and 100 pound had be taken from someone called moneyfinder

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17996Novarista Holdings Ltd / [Cyprus]
Total claims:8internet fraud »5.04.201105/04/20111
I agreed to a free 30 day teeth whitening trail and i agreed to pay £2.98 shipping. I was instantly charged £129.70 and i could not get in contact to distrbute this amount that was taken out of my bank account. The telephone number is not valid and their is no email adress i also did not recieve a confirmation email for my payment. I have had no emails fromn the company. I will not let this company continue to do this and will do evrtything in my power to stop this happening again.

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Total have been reported for Fraud »07/04/201107/04/20111
Comment: This happened to me today, i was charged £75 for a membership fee i cancelled two weeks ago. I received an email back conifrming my membership had been deleted, and that was 14 days ago. I have some very good news for you, I compiled a fraud report against, you will happy to know that they are now under criminal investigation... I have reported them to The Financial Services Authority, The Office of Fair Trading, and The Dept. of Fraud Investigation with The Metropoloitan Police. Some very important information: They have a non existant virtual office address at: 88 Wood Street 10th - 15th Floor London EC2V 7RS United Kingdom Main tel: +44 (0) 20 8528 1000 Main fax: +44 (0) 20 8528 1001 This used to be a Regus Virtual Office address, where they would receive their mail, if you call Regus on the number above, the Regus Reception Desk, will tell you that they have ceased trading at this address. Which is very interesting if you have received an email stating that, you need to make refund requests in writing to the address above... Not only this, but I also found out that they have no credit trading license number, or registered creditor license with the FSA or the OFT, which means they are trading illicitly, and thats fraud.. They are now under criminal investigation.. My advice is block your current debit card, because thats the only way they can attack your account. Inform your bank that you would to apply for the charge back scheme, in order to reclaim your funds. If you need further advice and help, here are some very good contacts: Being robbed is not fun! and i hope they put these guys behind bars for a long time! They have all been very supportive

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Total claims:6Acai berry pills fraud »04/04/201107/04/20111
An ad popped up on my facebook page about these incredible new pills called Acai berry that were extrememly effective in helping you lose weight. It had lots of medical jargon and reports from people who had tried it and were thrilled with the results so seemed like a reliable ad. Even more exciting was the fact they were offering free trials with you only having to pay postage and packing of £2.95. I ordered the pills and got them about 3 days later. I checked my bank account balance only to find that they had debited £128.33 from my account. Unfortunately I had also ordered the colon cleanse pills from the same ad, which have come from a company called sharkilage, offering the same and have also been debited £128.33 for these. I tried to get in touch with them by email and support centres but they are all inactive. I'm furious with myself, I'm out of pocket £256 with no idea how to get my money back.

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Total claims:342fraud »10/04/1110/04/20111

I didnt know what was coming out of my account so i waited for about 9 or 10 days for it to clear and found out it was but i have never used them before, i really need my money back

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Total claims:17FRAUD DEBIT CARD TRANSACTION »07/04/201112/04/20111

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18595Class and whisper
Total claims:10Professional Fraudsters! »Feb/March 201120/04/20111
I saw in an add in Loot Recruit for an advert advertising Social work by a so called agency going by the name of Class and Whipser so I made enquires as I was actively seeking work as I have been out of work for a while.
Initially I spoke with an Agent called Joy she explained to me about the company and how beneficial it would be for me to join the agency as she said that she said that the agency would find me work. She asked for what she described as the acencies requirements which was a recent photo of myself and a description of myself she also said that she was going to conduct a series of questions that she would like me to answer as accuratley as I could. She then explained that she was going to create a profile for me as a test how effective my profile would be before accepting me as a registered member within a 48 hours I received a call from Joy stating that my profile was liked by the rest of her team and that it had attracted various business clients and she said that she would like to offer me the work and confirm with the business clients that I was available to start work and said that she would like to register me with the agency so I accepted but she said inorder for me to be registered and to accept the work that she had offered me I would need to pay a registration fee of either £295 for 3 months subscription or £345 for 6 months she advised 6 months as it was better value for money and that it would mean that the agency will be finding me and offering work for a further 3 months for an additional £50 but I explained that I could not afford to pay all in one go so she said I could pay in two instalments but she said that she would not be able to confirm the work until I had made a full payment and was registered so I promptly made the two payments after the first had gone through I got constant phone calls from the agency saying that there was a alot of work available for me but I had to pay the remaining payment before I could start one of the phone calls from an agent called Victoria claiming that she had Taxi arrangements for me to confirm and that the remaining payment needed to be made ASAP otherwise the work would be offered to someone so I promptly made the other payment and I did not hear from them since.
I made numerous calls to follow up the work that had been apparently offered to me and an agent said that she was going to follow up it up for me but I heard nothing at all! I also spoke with a guy he said the same thing and that Joy had to deal with it as she was my rep everytime I asked to speak with Joy she was never available!
10 days or so later I recived a call from a lady called Emma stating that she was the Manager she asked me why I was not answering my phone as apparently the agency was trying to get hold of me a few times! this was an obvious lie as I had not recieved any calls or missed calls what so ever!!!, or any messages or voicemails! I had told her this and she said that she was going to make enquires with her staff. She then told me that my profile apparently had attracted alot of interest from International clients that wanted to offer me work but she said before she could offer me this work I would need to upgrade my membership to International so that my profile will be registered on the International database. Emma said that the additional amount that I had to pay was £1000 plus buy this time I new that this agency was a complete scam I said to Emma that I could not afford to pay what she was demanding she then said that she could try and speak with the client and see if they could pay half of the upgrade but she said that I would need to make a commitment to her and make the remaining payment ASAP. I also expalined to her that I had not recieved any work what so ever from the agency and that Joy the original agent I delat with who was apparently my reprentative advised me not to upgrade straight away to International until I had built up a portfolia and until I was a bit more experienced.
Emma relied saying that Joy was new and that she had given the wrong info she said that she is the manager and she makes the decisions on whether I would be eligable to upgrade to International level or not she said that she was giving me the oppertuinity to do this now! something that normally you would have to work towards achieving based on feedback etc Now reading other horror stories I know this so called agency are a complete scam I have not paid anymore money to them, they sound very convicing! they have a convicing website they are very decieving people they advertsise in Loot Recruit, on the web on, and they advertise in local newspapers such as The Guardian. These people are a bunch of professional fraudsters and they need to be Stopped now! they prey on Vulnerable people who in a recession are struggling to find employment.

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18852colonsurge.sharkilage - knee shop
Total claims:2scam and fraud »1 4 201103/05/20111
hi i got offered this to go with some other diet tablets and they took £128.40 out instead of £2.95 p p that is twice they took this and i dont no wot to do

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19046Lifestylestop/Trimdown shop
Total claims:1Fraudulent debiting of money fom my bank acount »13/04/201108/05/20111
An advert about teeth whitening product was sent into my e-mail box. In that advert it was stated that the product itself was free and that I needed only to pay £2.98 for the delivery.

At which point I used my debit card to make a one time payment of £2.98. I was supprised to discover that a sum of £63.23 was debited on 13th April 2011 with reference Trimdown shop 8665076736 CY more than i greed to and on 4th May 2011 another sum of £62.27 was again debited.

This is fraudulent and on acceptable and I have reported to the bank who are curently investigating this. I need my mone back please.

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Total claims:1Fraudulent withdrawal of cash from my account »28.04.201111/05/20111
Like many others I surfed the internet regarding 'payday' loans. At no time did I request any company to find me a loan. Neither did I get a loan from any company. But, on 28.04.2011 I received a 'Direct Debits Unpaid' notice from my Bank, Santander, advising me that 'Post Net Ltd T/A Loanfinder' had tried to take �£29.78 from my account. This has now resulted in Santander taking their standard unauthorised overdraft fee of �£35 from my account at the end of the month. I am in receipt of Disability Living Allowance due to arthritus, asthma and depression. The arthritus is mainly in my back, and therefore limits my movement. So, I have to make arrangements for someone to supply transport to get to most places. The main branch of my bank being one of them. Therefore, I am trying to sort this mess out via the internet. This company, or any other has no right attempting or actually taking cash from my account. I have signed NO Direct Debit authorising this. I have been advised that this practice is a SCAM and fraudulent. As soon as I can get transportation to my bank, I shall use all means I can to stop this. On the same day Post Net Ltd T/A Loanfinder took �£29.78 from my neighbour's account. She has had to close her bank account, stop her Debit Card and have her benefits paid direct my Giro now. This company has caused me undue stress and I cannot sleep or eat due to the ensuing depression.

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19272Sapphire Studios [London]
Total claims:38Fraudulent behaviour by Sapphire Studios AKA RF Marketing Ltd »16/5/201116/05/20111
On behalf of my wife:

Originally my wife was approached in Maidstone town centre 27th April 2011 (kent) informing her the company was intending to launch another outlet in the local area. She was told a free make-over and photoshoot would be given to her as part of their promotion. All she had to do was provide a telephone number which she did. Since then she received ALLOT of phone calls with no messages left.
Today (16.5.11) my wife answered the call and a conversation lasting 30 mins ensued, where by a sales person told her she had won a free make-over worth £300. All my wife had to do was arrange an appointment. At the very end of the conversation the sales person finally stated a deposit of £49.99 would be required to guarantee her attendance at the arranged time. At no point did the sales person state any payment was required until the very end when she speed read the Terms and Conditions. My wife realised it was a SCAM and laughed at them at the same time put the phone down - thankfully we didn't pay anything.
My impression of Sapphire Studios AKA RF Marketing Ltd is one of a highly unprofessional, deceptive misrepresentation of the intent of the company, acting fraudulently to obtain money. I have checked on line and have found numerous complaints and reprehensible sales tactics including the targeting of vulnerable people.
I work in the legal sector and I hope this company ie Directors will be dealt with accordingly.

Be aware SAPPHIRE STUDIOUS/RF MARKETING LTD YOU HAVE BEEN REPORTED TO TRADING STANDARDS! and now ive posted the following info i hope others will do like wise =)

Please report to either Trading standards/consumer direct gov if you want to put a stop to this fraudulent behavior at:


Tell the police about a scam by reporting it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 ( )

please see comments made by others: =3070&city=&list=yes&offsetf=0

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Total claims:8Money fraudulently taken »19/05/201119/05/20111
Logged in my account this morning to see £67.70 gone to this website and the number 0844884458 next to it!
I do not know who they are, or why they took it! Bank is also very unhelpful

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19624highway hgv training
Total claims:5fraud »may 201106/06/20111
This company are there to take your money and run they will not organise any driving dates and once you pay the money thats the last you will hear from them. They are under review by the RHA because of similar claims against them. They have no training sites and any that they do mention are owned by other hgv driving schools, just call them up. Any dates that are confirmed for you must be agreed by the DSA just like your theory. This is 100% genuine, dont get caught, do your homework you dont have to take my word for it.

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Total claims:10Fraudulent/unauthorised transaction »17/6/1117/06/20111
All these transactions have been taken from my credit card account - Unauthorised. I only noticed thses today 17th June 2011. Never signed up for anything with this or any other company providing webhostings. Contacted my bank to report as fraud. They will be investigating it. They said the transaction says that it was for pc software and is in USD. I want my money back and I want to know how they can access my credit card account.


13 Jun 11 19.01


11 May 11 18.81

09 Apr 11 NETHOSTASSN CO00 OF 00 602-3434203 AZ

11 Apr 11 18.88

03 Apr 11 NETHOSTASSN CO00 OF 00 602-3434203 AZ

06 Apr 11 1.23

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19897loans 4 you london limmited [London]
Total claims:3Fraudsters »22/06/201123/06/20111
We had a call from a company asking us if we would like a loan and that beacuse my boyfreinds credit rating wasn't up to scratch that he would need to pay the first monthly payment of £90 I didn't want to pay this as i thought it was a scam the address looked legal and they even had a website and were on the company gov website this was a lie we never got the loan and found out that they are using another companiesn website and name who are registered under the company gob website the real loans 4 you rang us and said he was having lots of people saying that loans 4 you london limmited had given his website and name do not give any fees upfront LOANS 4 YOU LONDON LIMMITED

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20086Highgway Lgv [London]
Total claims:1Fraud »01/02/201108/07/20111
In February 2011 I responded to an advertisement on Gumtree entitled "become a bus or lorry driver" offering customised one-2-one training.

All I have had from them so far is access to a training website. I have tried to arrange practical training with them but all I get are excuses.

I arranged and paid for my own theory test and forwarded full details to them but every time I call I am told that they are waiting for dates.

I am starting to think that this might be a con!

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20133Loans 4 you of London or bad credit loans 4 u [Isle of wright]
Total claims:10Fraud »4/7/1111/07/20111
Does anyone know the real phone number of the genuine Loans 4 you of London as i too have nearly been scammed.why would you want to pay a fee of 49.50 for a loan that has not been aproved? Why would they say you have been pre aproved for a loan?And then be all cagey just because they dont want you to get the loan direct.This how they pull people in and this is really bad.Im waiting to hear back from you Loans 4 for u of london!!!!! scam There phone number is 02033686653 or 07528 088095 becareful!!!

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20265Finance and credit co ltd [London]
Total claims:6fraud »28/006/201122/07/20111
I was told that i have been approved for the loan .they said me it is finance and credit company ltd and made me trust them. We had long conversation with sarah(transaction department)and dominac gurung(account manager). They provide ph no 07031868871, 07031840759, 02033181405 and 02033181446 to cal for anything else. After long conversation and payment they said that they will be transfering money in just 10 minutes and calling back to conform that i am paid but it has been more than 2 and half hrs nor money has been credited in my bank account nor they have called me. So, please can you suggest what should i do further? i went to police and even too crime action department but they cannot do anything for me. Now i have no more option to go further?
so, please help me?? my mob no is 07411221240 and emai id is .you can contact at any time. thnx

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20419The Cleaning Site Ltd [Oswestry]
Total claims:1Taking Money Fraudulently »8th July 201101/08/20111
I paid Mr Karl Taylor £2000 for Cleaning Contracts on the 8th July as this was his deadline to get 50% discount,I can see why now the 8th was his deadline,,,, and on the 12th July he emailed me to say that he was sick and not to contact him either by email or phone, I emailed him on the 18th july for an update and he sent an email to say "got some sad news" Im closing the Business down due to illness. All correspondence to my solicitor as I am protected by law,apparently this is what he does to earn his living,I have spoke to numerous business people nationally from Scotland Midlands and London who have had dealings with this person and he has taken large sums of money and not delivered.His company The Cleaning Site Ltd is now in liquidation his previous Company The Border Group UK Ltd is also in liquidation.He is currently still taking orders via his website and sending emails on his blackberry wireless from his sickbed of course.Beware All Cleaning Companies of Mr Karl Taylor.

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22216 EPM YOUR-MONEY.TV [worksop]
Total claims:121EPM YOUR-MONEY.TV P Fraud »22/11/201125/11/20111
Cashed in a cheque, when it cleared EPM YOUR-MONEY.TV P stole £67.59 out of my account.

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Total claims:25FRAUD »05/10/201109/11/20111
Dear Sir/Madam
I was applying for a payday loan and it was unsuccessful so it passed me on to other lenders so i thought no I ant guna bother then i checked my bank account and 69.95 had been taken out without my permisson and also dont even know who the comany is and as per usual try to contact them on the telephone number the bank gave me and its a wrong telephone number and says to try again later and tried to ring all day and still cant get through to anyone. all I want is a refund my money please! Im single mum so dificul to live on, have no money and that last money was taking out from my account...
Miss Renata Dacyte

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20869Central loan limited. [Swindon]
Total claims:1Rip OFF, scam, Fraud »06.09.201106/09/20111
I was contacted by a company called City financial uk. Offering me help to find a loan lender on the 05.09.2011 they said my claim is accepted by a third party for an amount of £1500.00 and I have to pay 65.00 as admin fee, which I did with my card. Then on the 06.09.2011 a company called Central loan limited with the address above called from 0121 288 0405 and offered me a loan of £3000.00 for 30 month period and said that my monthly instalments will be £120.00 pound which I founded fair so I said yes to it. Then he called me back and said that as my credit history is bad and I do not have a guarantor I have to pay the first instalment of £120.00 to prove that I can afford that amount every month so he advised me that i have to do that via UKash which I did then he said he will call me back again. Then when called back he said as a loaner they have to pay the tax on this therefore they will transfer me £3380.00 on my account but I have to pay them the tax amount which is £380.00 pound and then he will transfer the money to my account within half an hour. Then I did that too still not thinking about anything bad. But then he called back and he said that my bank does not allow the transfer for that amount only for£ 3800 therefore I have to pay an extra 420 in order to process this, at that time I told him I cannot do that because I dont have more money on my account. Then he said in that case I have lost all the money I paid for them cos the papers has been processed and untill the pending amount is not payed they will freeze my application but they cannot give back the money. Therefore I checked my account and I have told him that I can pay another £250 so he said that's fine then they will transfer 3800 and then I will transfer back to them the remaining £170.00 balance so I did that and then he said give me half an hour and I will call you back and I will transfer you the money. So I said that's fine then he never called back I kept calling the same number but they kept telling me that the person I have to speak to is on a meeting. At this point now I know I have been scammed and ripped of an I am completely out of money and I dont know what to do to be honest. I need urgent help cos my bank will start charging me as the money I have paid to this people it was from my overdraft limit. Please get back to me ASAP

Looking forward to hear fro you

Regards Georgina Farkas

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20941KitchensUber [Manchester?]
Total claims:6kitchen fraud »1008201110/09/20111
I bought a kichen from this company after having a designer come round to design the kitchen only after my fitter came round i was informed the kitchen was measured wrong the fittings were faulty the units wouldnt assemble nothing was marked to fit and alot of my kitchen was missing after 7 days of calling the customer services being hung up on several times and no call backs which were poromised i was at mt wits end and called the designers mobile number she then told me this was usual for this company and it would be best if i trvelled to oldham and ask for my missing and faulty kitchn to be replaced so me and my partner did only to find a bunch of cowboys sat on there mobiles not doing ther jobs and not bothered very rude to us and sent us away with a list of unavilable things and replaced more boxes in oyr car again we booked the fitter to come out only to find more doors missing and fittings not in the boxes we paid for them our self from a diy store and then again we have travelled 3 times back to this company hand delivered 2 letters of complaints and been told to go away and if we want the missing parts to pay again we were told to go and do what we want as they dont care the staff are useless and very rude with foul language and we have had no response from the complaint letters we were told to get lost and hung up on our last call to customer services .

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21097the one stop money market
Total claims:2THIS IS FRAUD »20/09/198720/09/20111
This company have charged me £70 without my permission at all they are a absolute joke i now have no money left at all and they should be in court and i want my money back asap, i dont need to say no more it seems like a lot of people are getting ripped of by them i want my money back

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21224Bourne Leisure [Hemel Hempstead]
Total claims:6Fraud »26/09/201127/09/20111

more details »

21228loansforeveryone limited [london]
Total claims:3fraud »27/9/201127/09/20111
i had servurel call from dis company called city loans how claimed they had found some to give me a loan so i can sort my house out i ended up having to pay them about a 120 to put me throw to dis leaders which ended up to be this people from loansforeveryone they ask me for my accound details and more fies i paid the fies they wanted i should have know this poeple were not how they were claim to be by the way the asain guy get angry everytime i told him i cant pay out anymore money. i did my home work later that day and realised i am a fictim of fraud and its not nice when u got young kids to look out for the only fing i got is the number which is 03300011306 i rang them back bt the keep hanging up and i got there account numbers can any one help ple thanks

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21269sge loans [leeds]
Total claims:76Fraud »September 201130/09/20111
Searched online for a loan. Had phonecall from sge loans and a guy called Luke stating that he could get me £500 for a fee of £ 9.99. I queried the fee because I'd heard of scams before. Luke told me the price again and so I agreed to go ahead.. Days later they took 79.99 from my account. I've emailed them and spoke to a very rude man called Lewis Sunderland. They told me cancellation takes 28days and when I complained that it was fraud not cancellation he actually laughed. I have contacted the financial ombudsman and logged a complaint there.
I cannot urge people enough not to deal with this company. They are crooks.

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Total claims:4fraud »8-11-201108/11/20111
this company took money from my bank account without me authorising it but i am unable to find a contact number for them to talk to them directly

more details » [shanghai]
Total claims:2Fraudulent Sight »10/17/1124/10/20111
I was looking to order my daughter a pair of UGG boots for christmas and came across this site rather easily. Didn't even consider it was a fraud until I processed my credit card and something made me think twice about what I did. I waited to receive an email like most companies send confirming payment and shipment date. It's been a week and I went back to the website but can not locate it. I have called my credit card company to process the fraudulent claim. The posting to my credit card appeared as "costumes" for a different amount and I was charged another fee for international sales.

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21744emp power loans
Total claims:3fraude »27/10/201129/10/20111

i went to my bank account today and there was £67.50 taken from my account i had to cancel my card n put a block on it due to someone having my details and applying for a loan with emp, i am not happy its left me with no money and i need that money transferd back into my account and my bank is investagating into the fraued that as happend on my accound. if you could email me i will be happy to pass on my details that was used for this and be much appritiated if u transfered the money back into my account

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21866???- Www.Actloan.Co.Uk [???]
Total claims:36Fraud »05/11/201105/11/20111
I was looking online for a loan i never asked this company for anything somehow they got my bank details and today took out 49.95 i have tried getting in touch but cannot i hope you can help me x

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22313 EPM YOUR-MONEY.TV [worksop]
Total claims:121bank fraud »30/11/201101/12/20111
i discovered that a company operating as epm one stop market had taken £67.95 from my account after id been paid,making me reach my overdraft limit and subsequently be fined for it. i have had to cancel my bank card habe now got to wait for a new card,i have no money to access until my new card arrives.i have no record of this company sending me any details they were going to take this money and it was something i didnt authorise. unfortunately, the only soloice i can take from this fraud is that i arent the only person to fall victim to them....08447049707 is a number ive been given to contact them.

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22384Class & Whisper [London]
Total claims:17New name, same fraudsters »05/12/1105/12/20111
Class & Whisper (RCMH LTD) has changed its name to Client Connections (RCMH LTD)

Similar story to others on here, desperate for money and after much soul searching i decided to give it a try.

Alex & Lydia explained how they had work pencilled in for me already, I was like wow thats great!

£350 for 6 month registration. You'll get it back on your first job they say. I asked to pay by credit card, they explained that it wouldn't clear in time for my first job in just 3 days time.

So i did some more digging; they say they've been operating for 12 years, but when they gave me their bank details i was fortunate enough to come on here and discover just what thieves they are.

I've looked them up, as being a Ltd company should have to be registered through companies house. They are. Established on 4 March 2011.

Here's there accounts address if anyone wants to go in with bailiffs to recover money;


The 'director' of this operation is a Ms. Gillian Simmons
Month/Year of Birth: 07/1973

shockingly the registered head office is an ex local authority house in the middle of a residential area.

Amazing what 5 minutes online can give you. Make use of the info as you see fit, and dont pay these people any more money.

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22438 EPM YOUR-MONEY.TV [worksop]
Total claims:121bank fraud »28/11/201107/12/20111

more details »

Total claims:3BANK FRAUD »7/12/201108/12/20111


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22581Allsopp and Allsopp, Dubai [Dubai]
Total claims:1Defrauding of commissions »200716/12/20111
Passed over a client to Samantha Liborwich, she sold to the client, then asked the client to say that he had not brought. Thus negating the need to pay commission.

The agency Allsopp and Allsopp recognised the client came from my company but said the paperwork was not correct, so they can not pay.

My grievences are 2.
1. Not being paid for a lead that was converted into a sale.
2. The deliberate lying and deceit from Samantha and asking a client to lie on her behalf so she did not have to split the commission.

I spoke to the regulator in Dubai, they did nothing. The company did not pay. So not a very good experience with Samantha Liborwich and Allsopp and Allsopp.

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22670Britensure [Suffolk]
Total claims:17MONIES TAKEN FRAUDULENTLY »19/12/1122/12/20111
I ordered a FREE SAMPLE of Britensure and paid £4.95 P&P. I received 2 small tubes but on the 19th December £69.95 was taken out of my account without my permission. I am very distressed at this situation having been conned. Can you help?

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22856Juinor [london]
Total claims:1fraud »01/01/200905/01/20121
I registered with Pathway in 2008 was waiting to get my theory done so I could take my training I try to contact the company but their was no reply.

I saw on internet that was a lot of people out their who are victim like my self.

Please help.

Thank You

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22918So Special Enterprises [Cardiff Bay]
Total claims:20so took monies fraudulantly out of account »13/05/1108/01/20121
i placed an order for some fake bake gold self tan from with my bithday monies for my birthday after several email and telephone conversations i have received neither my fake tan or my monies back.
I cancelled the order back in june giving them one month to reimburse my monies they took they still have not done this
I can no longer log onto their account and they do not respond to either my emaills ot telephone calls

They are a vile deceitful company stealing monies off individuals and not caring.
I am a single mother of two I am on esa because of a health condition and £24.14 is a lot of momey for me to lose especially as it was a gift from my retired parents
Please if you can do anything anything at all i would be most grateful
thank you so much
jo leatherland

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22956 EPM YOUR-MONEY.TV [worksop]
Total claims:121fraud »5.1.1211/01/20121
money was taken out of my bank without me realising! Sort it! FRAUD!!!!

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23804Revitalise Health & Beauty
Total claims:17Fraudlent withdrawal of funds from my bank »31.Jan 201221/02/20121
Received my statement yesterday, and saw that 74.95 had been taken from my account by Revita La Peau Cyprus. I phoned my bank, and they told me that a previous payment of 2.97 had been taken by same company back in December. This triggered my memory and I recall an offer for anti-wrinkle serum where you got a free sameple by paying the p&p. I have tried without success to contact Revitalise Health & Beauty, on 44 808 1787320 to try and get my money back. I am a disabled pensioner, who does not claim benefits, so can ill afford this amount to be taken from me. Luckily I found your web site whilst looking for this Rodent company, and I can tell you that there are more adverts out there by the same people, just using different product names, all based at this so called Revitalize Health and Beauty. BE AWARE. Once they have your bank details, I understand that they will keep withdrawing funds, unless you CHANGE YOUR Bank Card .

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23865NutraScience Maxtrim
Total claims:6NUTRASCIENCE & PROCLEANSE - FRAUDULENT COMPANIES !!!! »February 201224/02/20121
I was directed through the online magazine "Women's Health" via an advert they had on their site to Nutrascience. I was then taken to an offer which stated that if I signed up by end of that day, I would be able to access a free trial of 2 products - Maxtrim and Pro Action Cleanse which combined were supposed to have wonderful slimming properties. There were plenty of testimonials and good references about the product.

I signed up for the free trial and was directed to a separate pop up page which instructed me to pay via credit card £2.95 per product for postage costs.

There were no terms and conditions on this page nor details that I would be actually taking out a monthly subscription for both products should I not cancel the trial within 14 days.

I received the products and started to take them but stopped after a week due to feeling very nauseous.

On the 15th day, 2 separate payments to Nutrascience and Pro Action debited my account for £75 and £35 respectively.

I then attempted to contact the numbers for both products to complain, return the trial products but was unable to reach a human being to deal with my complaint.

I have since emailed and stated that I am cancelling my subscription and that I no longer want the product and will return any products received. Also that I want a full refund.

I have also been in contact with my bank who have given me very clear advice on what procedure to take as they are fully aware of this kind of company. I am waiting to see if the refund actually comes from Nutrascience and in event they deduct from my account again, apparently as I have proof that I cancelled my subscription on email, my bank should be able to reclaim any money taken from my account through the Visa credit card laws. I am hoping this will be the case.

I will now be monitoring my account every day.

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23871 EPM YOUR-MONEY.TV [worksop]
Total claims:121Fraudulent activity »25/02/201225/02/20121
Taken without consent and I am not even aware of who they are in order to be able tp "physically" visit them!

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Total claims:4MONIES TAKEN WITHOUT CONSENT. FRAUD »27/02/201228/02/20121

more details »

23937SIPit Scotland / SIP Construction Company [TIM ALLAN / GLASGOW]
Total claims:3Defrauded by kit building maunafacturer »2/12/1101/03/20121

1.We commissioned Tim Allan, Managing Director of SIPit Scotland, to design, supply and erect a kit for our self build eco-house project on Gigha in 2010.
2.The SIP kit contract was for c.£54,000 with the SIP Construction Company.
3.We had been conducting all our business with SIPit Scotland up to contract signing. This company ceased trading in 2008 but Mr Allan was still using this name. The website still uses this trading name. His email addresses used this company name. His SIP Panel supplier (SBS) also uses this name on its website as a ‘partner company’.
4.He provided a plausible explanation when this was queried.
5.We paid 10% for design of the kit package – basically a series of engineering drawings. This allowed us to secure a Building Warrant in June 2010 and we commenced substructure works.
6.We were approached by Mr Allan at the end of January 2011 seeking the first stage payment of c.£21,000, although we were not ready. He explained that he had five customers, similarly delayed by the weather and would have a lot of pressure of work if we all wanted the kits constructed at the same time. By paying the instalment early the kit would be made up and stored for us on an adjacent site, wrapped in plastic. The kit was never made.
7.Continuing wet weather meant we did not complete the substructure ready for house kit erection until October 19th 2011.
8.We then arranged three kit deliveries and the build in two phases. We arranged accommodation for the build crew who were to accompany the first kit delivery.
9.Mr Allan visited on 2nd November to check substructure and kit delivery. He took phone photographs of the access and some very basic wall measurements
10.I was again led to believe the kit was made and stored as per the stage payment in March and ready to be transported, except for some of the fillets. We wanted the kit transported immediately but Mr Allan made an excuse that the sections would have to be arranged in construction sequence for delivery and the phased build. We discussed build details – e.g. he wanted to be able to drill into the concrete floor during erection to support walls if it got windy.
11.He then presented us with another invoice for the next stage payment of c.£16,000 which was to cover delivery and the first phase of erection.
12.Mr Allan was impossible to contact over the next few weeks and we missed an obvious good weather window. He did not reply to queries and we spoke with Lesley Murray (sales assistant) in order to leave messages.
13.We got a date for the first kit delivery and booked the crew accommodation, but had to defer this due to bad weather. Then, and without prior notice, on 4th December in the evening I received an email telling me the kit was loaded and would he delivered the next morning.
14.The total delivery was of 25% of the kit. Major omissions were the steel strapping and angled fillets that would hold the roof on. The small roundhouse could not be erected without the missing components. The kit was freshly cut
15.We received a letter on 9th December dated 2nd December stating that SIP Construction Company had ceased trading with immediate effect. Our kit was actually delivered after the company had ceased trading.
16.The Company had no assets and an application to have the company struck off the register was to be made.
17.The missing elements of the kit are approximately £32,000. We contacted Mr Allan and Mr Tait to seek clarification and when the rest of the kit could be collected. The kit does not exist. It was not made.
18.We have received no communication from Mr Allan at all, again contrary to Companies Law.
19.Companies House have dismissed complaints on procedural grounds but have not compelled Mr Allan to comply with due process for example provide notifications to creditors.
20.Companise House investigators will not tell a complainant whether they follow up a complaint or provide any feedback on the results of any investigation. They are entirely unanswerable.
21.This first company was put into compulsory liquidation by HMRC. That company had been trading whilst insolvent (information from previous business partner) . According to the rules the liquidator should have reported to Companies House that he was not a fit person to be a Director.
22.The Police claim that the deceptions involved are not criminal, despite our circumstances exactly matching the criteria for fraud under Scottish Law.
23.We have lost a substantial part of our life savings and are left with a building site and no home and no way of securing funds to replace the lost £32,000.
Further information at
Website at

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24195sarah [london]
Total claims:1fraud »feb 201217/03/20121

i paid £239 to elegance4her for escort work.
they told me that client is waiting so you must register by paying this money.
after that there is no escort work available

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Total claims:22fraudantlly taking money from my account »24/02/201219/03/20121
they said they wouldnt take the money until they matched me with a lender and they still did.

more details » (Enhance Financial Services Ltd) [Macclesfield]
Total claims:9Unauthorised debit from card - Fraudulent »31/03/201230/03/20121
Received an email from this company out of the blue on 14th March 2012 thanking for signing up to them. Immediately didnt not recognise this, so replied and contacted the company via email to inform there was some mistake.

Received no response, today noticed two debits for £69.99 on my personal debit card. Email received at ~18:45pm thanking for my application and advising that the relevant handling fee had been taken. No application made, no information provided to them - no agreement signed nor any T&C's accepted.

Immediately responded asking who had instigated this, where they had obtained my details and that this activity was fraudulent. Current waiting further feedback from them.

Will be calling the company repeatedly in attempts at investigating; however having researched the company it would appear I am not the first to have experienced this kind of fraud. This company needs to be looked into. I will be lodging a formal complain with the Office of Fair Trading as soon as possible.

Thanks and regards,
Ross Spencer

more details » [Macclesfield]
Total claims:58FRAUDSTERS »19/4/1219/04/20121
These shysters are a broker company posing as a lender to prey on desperate people.

£69.99 went missing from my account, money that I needed to live.

After spending all morning on hold I finally got through to speak to someone only to be told I had to fill in a cancellation form and my money would be refunded within 30 days. The cancellation form has never appeared and they are now not answering calls or emails.

This is shocking behaviour, something must be done about these sharks, they are basically master con merchants AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

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24729Renia Prifti
Total claims:1Karen Millen fraud »19/4/201224/04/20121
I purched a dress from this fraud chinese site, and they charged me for 110,05 euros. They then disappeared.

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26064salvage spare [Cleveland]
Total claims:3fraud website, do not give them money »18 june 201217/07/20121
i have purchased a car from website called salvage spare and i think i got done. I payed for the car 4 weeks ago and still didnt get the car. Some one told me about the website called COPART and i saw the same car getting sold the some one else ???? i have contacted them they told me it must be a different car but how can it be same model same colour and same milega also same damage ??? also asked them if it wasnt the same car where there hell is my one ??


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Total claims:6Fraud of unauthorised payment £69.50 »28/07/201228/07/20121
put my details in for a loan and then I noticed they were charging £69.50. So I decided to not go with them came off their website. Next day Nat West rung me to say there was a payment of £69.50 cominng out of my account. Email loan express to complain and that I want my money back. Yet no response

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26377seclet companion
Total claims:1fraud »1/8/201217/08/20121
i am on the brink of loosing my business when this companion role was put to me i payed �£200 and waited then told that there was no work from uk lady's but usa lady's they could get 4 or 5 booking a week so i raised the �£100 and since then that person will not talk to me nor is there any work

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26862NutraScience + Pro Health
Total claims:8Fraudulent Rip off by NutraScience Diet »14/09/1228/09/20121
NutraScience advertised supplements for free trial requiring that you pay for postages only. I subscribed only to find my account debited with a whooping additional £112.50, 14 days later. If their intention is not to defraud, why did they not write about the £112.50 as boldly as they wrote about the postage? It said free trial, not permanent subscription. I am even out of town and will not be getting back to the address they have purportedly sent the supplements for another 3months! Someone should stop these people from perpetrating this Internet fraud on the unsuspecting public! I have sent them an email and they are not replying, their phone is not going through and they o not seem to have a physical address. I am shocked to find so many similar complaints.

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26879Angel Gong [Shenzhen]
Total claims:1Fraud in purchase »28th September 201229/09/20121

My name is AMIRUL, we are looking for the WD external for starting our small businees. After getting a few email, we decide to choose Angel Gong from since the price quite cheap and everything look like good although the website is looking ok. On 28th September 2012, we make a payment to the company using moneygram to the SHUMEI PAN. They said want to provide us the DHL tracking no but until now , nothing we get from them and no email reply to us.
So i hope i can get my money back and hope anyone else careful to this person and company.

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27903Avenida’s Funeral Chapel [Goodyear, AZ]
Total claims:1Deceptive and excessive charges without adequate services (Fraud) »12/26/1231/12/20121

On December 26, 2012 we initially selected the Avenida’s Funeral Chapel to arrange memorial services for our mother. Unfortunately we had to move our dear mother because my wife said it appeared Avenida’s Funeral Chapel staff mishandled the body during pickup. In addition, after touring the Avenida’s Funeral Chapel location we discovered an odor in the Chapel and the facility did not appear respectable. Later we discovered Avenida’s Funeral Chapel overcharged us for the initial pickup from West Palm Valley Hospice and then tried to overcharge Thompson’s Funeral Chapel during the transfer handover. Avenida’s Funeral Chapel general price listing on the website indicates the cost for transportation to transfer the deceased within 25 miles of the funeral home is $225.00. The funeral counselor, Patricia Del Castillo, told us the cost was $350.00. She later informed Thompson’s Funeral Chapel that they charged $350.00 and then demanded Thompson Funeral Chapel provide them a check for this amount to transfer the body again. The Thompson Funeral Chapel Director challenged this extra amount as it was not listed on the Avenida’s Funeral Chapel website. After this website information was provided, Avenida’s Funeral Chapel reduced the cost to $225.00. Apparently, this is what Avenida’s Funeral Chapel charged to refrigerate the body overnight and release the body the Thompson’s Funeral Chapel. We think that this double charge is a rip-off as no other actions were administered to the body. In fact Avenida’s Funeral Chapel failed and did not cooperate with Thompson’s Valley West Funeral Chapel during the transfer and we had to call West Palm Valley Hospice to give permission to provide needed information to Thompson’s Funeral Chapel. Avenida’s Funeral Chapel disastrous performance and conduct was shameful and caused additional hardship and delays during our Christmas holiday morning period. If practical please address this matter and seek a reasonable refund for attempted fraud, poor service and inconvenience.

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Total claims:6fraud »07/01/201317/01/20131
these people took money out of my bank without my say so please could you help to get refund back i have had no loan from them this is fraud

more details »

28196David and Gavin Palmer [Worcestershire]
Total claims:1Fraud »12/12/201128/01/20131
In December of 2011 I bought and paid for a generator from a company called Diesel and Petrol Generators Limited Unit 26, Stockwood Business Park Stockwood Redditch Worcestershire B96 6SX David and Gavin Palmer.
Before making my purchase I checked to see that they were a honest and reliable company by approaching two of their suppliers and a company that carries out their repairs and servicing. Each assured me that they were indeed a good company.

With this in mind the delay of delivery was not of great concern, having spoken to one of the Directors I felt assured that all was in order whilst the manufacturer carried out further pre delivery inspection and test after an initial failure.

I will not burden you with the catalogue of misinformation that I have subsequently received, but to date I still have not had my generator. I have frequently complained and indeed have asked for a full refund, which was forthcoming in the form of a company cheque for the full value of £5,350.00, which subsequently was returned unpaid RTD (Refer to Drawer). I have since established that the company went into liquidation in November 2011 but immediately started trading again in December 2011 with a slightly changed name. It was with this new company that I placed my order.

To me it is quite evident that I have been defrauded of this money, this money has been stolen.

I have therefore reported this matter to the police Crime report URN 13120022012. At which time I was advised that there was nothing that the police could do. That I should contact Trading Standards.

Needles to say, I have reported the matter to Trading Standards and was advised to contact the OFT (Office of Fair Trading) who suggested CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) who recommended trying Consumer Direct. In summary each has told me this is a Civil Matter and whilst all agree that a crime has been committed and that the company are Unlawfully Trading there is nothing any of them can do to help and my only recourse to gain their help is through the courts. The solicitors I have spoken to have generally advised me not to bother, for it is unlikely that I will get my money back and the cost would be in the order of £6,000.00 and since it is a civil matter and my property exceeds the capital limit legal aid is not available.

To help in justifying this letter I do need a little more of your time to outline my own personal circumstances. I was made redundant at the age of sixty one, some four years ago, I lived on my savings for two years the time it took me to use up my savings and eventually realise that the chances of getting meaningful work at the age of sixty three was zero. So I decided to return to my roots as an indentured toolmaker and set up a small engineering workshop. I spent the next eighteen months acquiring old broken machinery finding the spares and repairing them. I prepared a business plan which secured a personal loan to purchase the generator.

I genuinely have no money, my wife and I are living hand to mouth as we struggle to repay the loan from our pension income.

So to the purpose of this letter please tell me why this is not a Police matter? Why is it not a crime? a crime that could easily be proven and a conviction secured. Why is it I can travel at thirty four miles per hour on and urban dual carriage way and be made a criminal yet these crooks can steal £5,350.00 of my precious resources and commit me to fours years of repayment and just get away with it.

Sir there does not seem to be any justice in this what so ever.

I would be grateful if you could provide an explanation and or a justification for the lack of action on the part of the Police.

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28341Haven Holidays [Allhallows]
Total claims:1Theft/Fraud »2009/201011/02/20131
In 2009 we had two weeks holiday at Havens caravan park in Allhallows Kent.Whilst there we looked at buying a holiday home.The salesman said that if we did they would refund the cost of the holiday.About £520.00.
In the end we bought 2 caravans at a cost of over £30.000 for which I paid cash.
After a year we still had not had the refund for the holiday.The facilities at the park were so bad that we decided to remove the vans elsewhere.
We found a new site and paid the relevant removal/site fees.The day of the transfer arrived and the Transport company phoned to say that Haven had refused them entry to the site.
At this time I was suffering from cancer and too ill to visit Haven,I tried to deal with them by telephone and email but they never responded.
To cut a long story short they eventually removed my caravans themselves without my permission.They disposed of them,including my own personal belongings--valued at £3,900.Too date I have heard nothing from them at all.What have they done with my money?In my opinion this is straight forward theft.

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28479ecs loans / welcome finance
Total claims:4Fraudulent fee taken from my account »18/02/201322/02/20131
Name -Lee

I was enquiring about a loan online then 4 days later a payment of £69.99 was taken from my account from a company called ECS Welcome Loans.

These a the following transactions that have been take from my account:
18/2/13 - £69.99
19/2/13 - £79.99
19/2/13 - £79.99
19/2/13 - £79.99
20/2/13 - £79.99
20/2/13 - £79.99
21/2/13 - £79.99
22/2/13 - £79.99

I have no authorised these transactions. I have no idea why they have taken them. I have tried calling them when the call is answered they claim that they are just a switch board and not the actual company. I have emailed them with no answer. My bank Lloyds tell me they can not stop the money being taken from my account so they are basically saying that they can keep taking these transactions till I have no money left. The has put me into my overdraft I have had a total of £629 taken.

I need help on how to stop this and how I can get my money refunded.

Can someone help.

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28490 Green Leaf Finance Ltd [ Green Leaf Finance Ltd]
Total claims:123fraud »25/02/201325/02/20131
i had never heard of green leaf finance till i went to my bank to see where my money had gone the bank said that £49.99 had gone out to a company named green leaf finance, i have never heard about them and never given anyone the authority to take any money from my bank. i have reported it and the police are involved, i went on the internet to search this company and found a phone number when i rang it suprise yo can leave a messeage surprise the mail box is full so you carnt leave one.
i will never make another payment on the internet to anyone i dont know how they have got my details hopefully the police catch up with them

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30355Isa Liu massage [Thornhill]
Total claims:1Careless employee by the name of Isa Liu who is a fraud. »02/21/201521/02/20151
There is an UNLICENSED masseuse who works at this location by the name of Isa Liu and is very careless of her work.

Not only is Isa Liu UNLICENSED, but she is cheating the Canada Revenue Agency by LAUNDERING HER MONEY by accepting ONLY CASH PAYMENTS from her clients.

Isa Liu is a Chinese immigrant to Canada that is about 5 feet and 2 inches high with black hair.

She is in her late 40's or early 50's.

She is, first of all, verbally abusive to all female members as I constantly see her mocking and making fun of the female members over there who are trying to lose weight. Maybe Isa is jealous of their looks, I don't know.
Isa Liu even swears carelessly for no reason, whatsoever, when I hear her go to her office.

Isa Liu is a very seductive woman as she constantly tries hitting on and sucking up to me by rubbing my shoulder and saying "Good job" with her thick Chinese accent. She is also bipolar, as most of the days I see her smiling at me and some days she is just plain rude with me and the other members.

But the most fraudulent thing Isa Liu is doing is that she would scam me by saying if I were to pay her $1000, she could get me a disability certificate and disability pay from the government.
Do not go to this GoodLife location as Isa Liu will not only use and abuse you, but could get you into trouble. So please beware when visiting this location and avoid Isa when you see her, she's working near the side entrance.

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30537Miles Grady [Timperley]
Total claims:46Miles Grady & Nick Holmes from under investigation for a £10,000,000 fraud »201629/11/20161
This does sound like some crazy story. BUT you only have to Google

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45Cencion Communications [Manchester]
Total claims:12Fraud »03/06/200606/08/20080
Stolen short code and revenue.
Not only did these bandits steel our short code they used our numbers to spam their own content.

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Total claims:20ugg boots fraud »10/1/201118/01/20110
i bought them in 10th of january via their web site as original uggs. they got paid at the same day and they told me that they will send me the tracking number 48 hours after the payment. they didnt and i started to worry. i sent them an e mail and they didnt respont. i tried to reach them via their web site but it was dissappereared from the web and i realised that something is wrong.

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Total claims:5fraudulent service »15-01-201118/01/2011