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19208Sports Direct [Derbyshire]
Total claims:10
Unfulfilled promise and I want a refund »11/05/201113/05/20111
I have a complaint regarding SportsDirect's awful internet shop and consequential lack of customer service. And it seems I am not the first either. No wonder they have no phone number, address OR actual information regarding complaints although their website falsely offers a chance to find it. I assume after so many complaints they have had to remove this from the website.

Today was the third time I have written to them via email with ZERO response. It is now day 4 after I placed my order with 24hr delivery and nothing. I had to call DHL to find out exactly when my parcel would arrive - apparently not such an urgent service after all - and they have advised me that as I was not able to receive the package (which might I add was attempted to be delivered at 9PM to my OFFICE) it is now sitting pretty in the Redhill depot.


SEEING AS I SHALL NOT BE HERE OVER THE WEEKEND WE HAVE A PROBLEM. If I had ordered the package to my home address this would be fine except seeing as I booked and paid for 24 hour delivery one would assume that one should request the item to be delivered to the office as one would be in the office the next day when one ordered the item on Tuesday and asked for 24 hour delivery.... right?

I expect a full refund of my £5.99 shipping charges, a reply to my email from a human and if possible a pair of trainers.

I will not be using their online or retail outlet shops again. Neither should you, they cannot be trusted and will rip you off

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27290Sports Direct [Derbyshire]
Total claims:10
Reusable bag scam »27 October 201207/11/20121
I am writing regarding the deceitful practices of Sports Direct when it comes to the age-old carrier bag issue.

I visited the North Street, Brighton, branch of Sports Direct with my wife on Sat 27th October and fell victim for a "second time" to what I can only call a scam on the company's part.
As I took my purchases to the counter, the member of staff said "Do you want a bag?" and it is this question that I want to complain about. All she said was "do you want a bag?" to which I replied, "yes please". Only to discover that without another word, she had scanned the reusable bag and charged me 59p for the privilege.

I told this to my wife, who was elsewhere in the shop, and she was angered by this, not least because the exact same thing had happened in this exact store 2-3 months ago, and she demanded her money back there and then.
On this occasion she demanded to speak to the manager of the store, who defended his staff...until my wife told him to actually watch his staff in action. As she stood there, this same member of staff at the counter did the same trick on 4 customers, and the manager turned and saw this happening. At this point, suitably embarrassed, he asked for her to be replaced on the till and wait for him out the back.
As this happened before, with a different member of staff, I hardly think this is an isolated incident.

Their staff are asking "do you want a bag?" when they should be asking if the customer wants a "free bag" or a "reusable bag for 59p".
The manager said that the staff should be saying "do you want a bag for life?" yet, still no reference to the charge, which is not small at 59p anyway!! Think how many customers have not noticed the 59p charge on their receipt, or not had the confidence to go and complain - their company is making a fortune out of this cowboy practice.
The manager then said that he doesn't watch his staff at the tills to make sure they say the right thing, to which my wife replied "well maybe you should!"

How can they possibly justify this activity of asking customers if they want "a bag" and then charging them 59p without even telling them? Their employees are presumably told that they have reusable bag sales targets to hit......otherwise how can they possibly explain this?

I emailed customer services on 28th October and 6 working days later, I still await a reply.

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1728Sports Direct [Derbyshire]
Total claims:10
Ignored »April08/04/20090

Ordered a rucksack from them, and it arrived some four days later. On inspection it was the wrong one (incorrect size). I emailed them, and continued to do so with no replies..! I've had to pay a carrier to return the item without ever knowing if I will ever recover my money. They force you to pay for any returns, and state you will not get this back, even when it's their fault. There is no communication whatsoever, and i would never use this company or recommend anyone else do so either.

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3430Sports Direct [Derbyshire]
Total claims:10
waste of my money and time. »16/06/0924/06/20090

i ordered two pairs of shoes and an upper and lower for cricket. i paid in full for all the 4 items but when they emailed me about the order dispatch, they only dispatched me 3 items. i contact customer service and they appologized and said, the item was out of stock and refunded for one item. on 16th of june i received the parcel. when i opened it, there were three ladies shirts and a pair of ladies trainer shoes and there were two bills, one for my order one for someone else. again i contacted customer service to compalint about this wrong dispatch, but till today i did not receive any response from them. i emailed them 4 times but still no reply. i missed my two cricket matches, because i had no clothing for cricket. the one i was using before was damaged. i play cricket for a club on saturday and sunday, and i missed these matches. playing each crcket match is very important for me. it matters my experience and repotation. i am a stubborn person, i can't borrow from someone else and the cricket club has ordered my kit but it will take time to arrive. now i am very depressed with sports direct's customer service. dont have enough money to buy from some where else as i spent my money on my party. now dont know what to do.

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4828Sports Direct [Derbyshire]
Total claims:10
faulty football boots »12-09-200912/09/20090

i bought a pair of nike 90 football boots for my son  from the GRANTHAM STORE, arrived home to find a stud was missing, i looked on the receipt for shop telephone number- wasnt there, so took them back two days later. staff member stated she had looked around in the stockroom and not found a stud so had spoken to manager who said as we had taken them home , she then just began to push them towards us, i asked to see the manager who i told ,under the sale of goods act an item/s are to be sold in a condition fit for their purpose and i objected to the inference that he had made with the 'as we had taken them from the shop'. he was extremely rude and said he wasnt prepared to do anything about them, i replied i would take this to trading standards, and was told to' do as i like' by the manager.

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15327Sports Direct [Derbyshire]
Total claims:10
cash refund »15/12/201016/12/20100

I purchased a coat for my 11 year old daughter yesterday and when i got it home it did not fit. We went back today to exchange it and there were no coats to fit her. I went and asked for a cash refund and the manager refused point blank saying only tokens were given out. There are no signs explaining no cash refunds for you to see. I explained that they had no coats to fit her and i needed to go and buy one from somewhere else and still she rudely refused. I cannot replace this £30 to go to another shop.
The shop now has my £30.00 and my daughter still has no coat.

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23164Sports Direct [Derbyshire]
Total claims:10
Biggest lying company - out to get your money! »9/1/201222/01/20120
Found a great deal for a pair of Brashers walking boots on the internet sold by Field and Trek (owned by Sports Direct)for £30. This was an amazing deal and I quickly snapped it up. The shoes arrived within 2 days but it was the wrong size (not sure if this was done deliberately as the day after I placed that order, this offer was re-priced at £55). Emailed customer services to get a Freepost address for an exchange and only got a reply after 6 working days. 6 days after I sent the shoes for the exchange of the correct sized shoes (UK7), I received an email telling me that I have been refunded for the shoes as the size requested was not available. I went to the website to check this out, low and behold, the exact model and colour of the shoes I had requested for the exchange was on sale for exactly the size I requested. So they have them on sale for £55 but not for my exchange because I only paid £30 for them.
Emailed Customer services with my complaint and the proof of the availability of the shoes from their website during the exchange period. The reply I got was, 'Sorry for the inconvenience caused but the item is not available. What a load of rubbish and lies. The exact same shoes with UK size 7 is still on sale on their website now !!
Definitely not an honest company, who resorts to unscrupulous practices to boost their earnings. I guess with so many people staying away from them, that's why they are losing money every year. Stay away from them. I'm not the first to be stung by them, so don't be the next. It's not worth the stress and hassle to deal with this company.

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20369Sports Direct [Derbyshire]
Total claims:10
kappa trainers »27/09/201129/07/20110
i orderd a pair of trainers they were deliverd in the wrong size and style ,i wrang to change them they came the next day and deliverd another pair right size wrong style .it apears they have put the wrong bar code on a full batch of shoes.i have sent them 7 emails and made 5 phone calls they allways say that they will call back but never do and they do not respond to any emails.i have tried to be patient but there lack of responce and lack of help to resolve this matter is totaly wrong for a company of there size .they have not sent a courier to collect the items i have had to take them to the post office which has took up my time over 3 hours plus the phone calls that has cost me £11.00 pounds as there customer service department is allways in a cue i have spent over 5 hours trying to get the matter resolved and got no where ther customer service person is called tanya and is a total waste of time she just fobs you off .i am disgusted with them and will never use or recomend them to anyone

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20392Sports Direct [Derbyshire]
Total claims:10
wnt exchange »22nd july31/07/20110
every month i go into sports direct and rig my kids out sumtimes i spend near on 200 pound a month for my boys and i av bin in the store today and they wnt exchange a pair of trainers i didnt want my money back i just wanted a bigger size i feel the staff were not helpful and all and i will not be goin in there again to kit me kids out i think the management skills were very poor today i know by law i can exchange without reciept but i got told its there policy not to exchange without reciept but this company as a lot of cash in the months from me not happy at all

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25639adam (aged 8) [Derbyshire]
Total claims:1
sports direct football kit »18/6/1219/06/20120
I ordered an England football kit for my son (aged 8)on the 4/6/ 12 with his Holy communion money. Paid for GERRARD to be put on shirt and for next day delivery, Jubiliee weekend , expected some delay. Nothing came

I emailed SD on the 14/6 -no response

I telephoned on the 16/6/12 told the delay was due to running out of letters!- delivery promised for Monday 18/6/12
Monday 18/6/12 I telephoned helpline , spoke to Carol ,again was informed that the order would be chased and I would be emailed. No email .

19/6/12 I telephoned today and spoke to Carol she told me she was still waiting for yodal to get back to her! I asked to speak to a supervisor none available. She Offered to send out new shirt and I turned this down I cancelled the order and have emailed giving SD 5 days to reimburse me

Meanwhile my 8yr old son is in tears and has had to watch England play, without wearing his England football kit. Sports Direct didn't have the courtesy to email to let me know, or respond to any of my emails. The service we have received is shoddy, the staff indifferent. Avoid these like the plague !!!

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28266Sports Direct [Derbyshire]
Total claims:10
delivery of goods not completed and follow up email ingnored »jan 201304/02/20130
I ordered clothes online and payment was taken, I followed the tracker with yodel, waited in no call card left online tracker said left with neighours but no address, so called at neighours no pracel, so emailed sports direct 4 times and not once have they got back to me.

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