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19366cheap kitchensReally [manchester]
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Incomplete kitchen »19.5.201121/05/20117
Kitchen designer(I don't think) came on 2oth April and asked for £100 cash (he needed petrol to get back to Manchester) would not accept a cheque. it was arranged for delivery on the 19th May. Driver pulled up in a Hire van and my kitchen fitters were told not to bother checking as anything missing would be put on the van tomorrow with the delivery of the granite.On checking we found numerous things missing and somethings that had been replaced. Kitchen quality is rubbish will not stand weight on base units, wall cupboards had to be modified to fit,some with glue on them. I phoned at least 20 times the same morning and was held on hold for over 30mins on an 0844 number. Other times was cut straight off. When I eventually got through on the 1302 number I was transfered and had no answer from them I got through and told them what my complaint was and I was put on hold again.On 20th my Husband phoned and cancelled and he was cut off. Approx 4hrs later they phoned me and asked if I would take delivery of granite on 23rd May,I cancelled it and was told I had not let them complete the order. I told her about my phone experiances and she cut me off. I too have reported them. I have also sent a formal letter of complaint to the Manchester department. My kitchen came from there Doncaster depot. The company is trading under the name of Really Cheap Kitchens BEWARE, WE HAVE LOST OUR MONEY. DO NOT DO THE SAME.

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