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Is this company even real? »17/09/201021/09/201049
I 'purchased' an ipod nano from this website on 16/09/10 and became suspicious when i did not receive an email confirmation of my order. There are no contact details whatsoever on their website apart from a 'contact us' messaging service. I have tried using this many times now and have not had a response. My credit card has been charged and i am still non-the-wiser whether i have been ripped off or not! Please please please do NOT use this company or any of it's affiliates. It comes up as WWW.IECPS.COM on your credit card statement. Other websites they run include: and they advertise on Google.

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639Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
the wost company on earth, Harrington brooks, miles grady, nick holmes »200814/01/200914


Sorry if that was a bit in your face but I was trying to grab your attention. They will take a big fat chunk of your monthly payment to line their own pockets.

Speak to the [CCCS] (link: They are a registered charity who won't ever charge you a penny.

Official DFW Nerd Club - Member no. 001 - Proud to be dealing with my debts
Debt at lightbulb moment (September 2005) - £38,705.00
Debt now (January 2009) - £6,155.87
Debt free date - October 2010 May 2010

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21243The Shampoo Shop [Maidenhead]
Total claims:32
Unable to contact company re undelivered goods - Success! »30 August 201128/09/201110
I placed this order on 30 August 2011 and my account was immediated debited. Delivery was supposed to be two to three days but three weeks later it had still not arrived. I sent numerous emails and received a few automatic replies saying that someone would come back to me. The telephone number in their terms & conditions just rings out to a fax machine or computer terminal. In the end I contacted Trading Standards who gave me a reference number and told me to write to the company by registered post (normal postage plus £0.77 to track and see signature) giving them one week to refund or deliver goods. I added that I had contacted Trading Standards and the reference number in my letter. I also contacted Sage Pay (who had taken the payment) and they asked for the reference number on my confirmation email. The goods arrived within a week of my registered letter being delivered. No explanation for delay. But a result! I would never, ever deal with this company again. (Thank you for giving people an opportunity to share complaints and highlight poor customer service ''

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17402???- Www.Actloan.Co.Uk [???]
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unknown company have deducted funds from my debit card »01/03/201118/03/20118
I applied for a couple of loans last month and noticed that on the 01/03/2011 £19.95 had been taken from my debit card, the description for this transaction was - Www.Actloan.Co.Uk 0203 0059488. I have searched google and no such company seems to exist!! I have telephoned the number to be met by an answer phome that is too full to receive any messages.

Who has taken my money?? I certainly have not received anything for this payment, neither, as with most companies, have I received a receipt or confirmation of payment.

I have no idea what to do or where to turn for help on getting a refund???


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£34.77p,What a Con Company! »14th April 201218/04/20127


Re:, Admin Fee £34.77p.

What a rip off. I’ve got a withdrawal on my account for £34.77p on the 14th April 2012. I don’t know where you have my card details from but I have never used your website and taking that sort of money out without my knowing is called fraud. I will be notifying my bank of this transaction and I hope you will do the right thing and refund the £34.77p straight away. I will give you my account details and you can refund the amount of £34.77p. I don’t want to hear any excuses about it, I’m not happy and I think its fraud. Don’t tell me it’s not your website or you’re not involved in it I don’t want to know any rubbish. Refund the money straight away and nothing else will be followed up, if you don’t I will be pursuing it with my bank and I will involve police in this issue. What makes me even angrier you havent even given me a loan or a choice of a loan and took out £34.77p, what a con!!!. Thats what you are just con merchants. You have obviosuly got my carde and account number so do the right thing and put it straight back into my account. That’s all you will need to refund back into the account. Very angry and once you have refunded me dont contact or e-mail me or even phone me again, I dont want to know a con Company!,

Very, very, angry,

Stewart Reece

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4118claimed4u/nextgenaration marketing [birmingham]
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there is no contact possible with the company I think they disappeared »24/06/200911/08/20096

they called me for credit card wipe off services and they said if they are not successful they are returning the the fee £395 back to my credit card.They took the fee £395 on 24/06/2009 from my credit card.Since then I have not heard from them I have tried the call them several times there is no answer to the phone calls and I have checked their web side that does not exist any more on the Internet.Which means they took the money and they have disappeared.

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17633perfect company [n/a]
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Perfect Company Are a Scam Company »20/3/201125/03/20115
After having a few lengthy discussions with 'Sophie Williams' and looking on the internet to see if they had any bad press i joined Perfect Company as a non sexual escort for the fee of £290. I must add i was aggressively pursued for this money which at the time i thought to be a good sign that they were on the ball business wise. A couple of days later i was contacted to say that an 'executive client', Adam a tax exile from Monaco, was interested in booking me but to go through with the date i would have to pay £3000 to cover admin fees and go on the executive listings. This wsnt mentioned at all when i joined. I couldn't believe it! They wouldn't accept a post payment after id been on the the date which is when alarm bells started to go off. I refused and the amount miraculously went down from 3000 to 1500 to 700. Again when i refused to hand over any more money until id seen a return on my investment i was told to be patient and the telephones calls dried up. All i'm asking for is a full refund but unsurprisingly they haven't granted this.

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15646Dragon Star Pro [New Delhi ]
Total claims:1
Ripped off by a clothing company »06/06/201029/12/20105
Per Oberg runs a clothing manufacturing company called DSP Group (Dragon Star Pro). Basically I paid him to manufacture a load of custom clothing for me. First it was due in July 2010 then October 2010

First excuse was :
1) I ended up in hospital after catching a virus
2) After leaving hospital I was run over by a car
3) Because the Commonwealth Games was on we were unable to manufacture the clothes

After 6 months from when I paid him for the clothes I asked for my money back to which he and his assistant Jeanette Lindgren both stated:

"You should have read our terms and conditions, if we cant manufacture the clothes we dont have to give you the money back." I informed them that was not legal to which they replied "Terms and Conditions can contradict law."

Watch out there are many manufacturers in India and abroad who are robbing the smaller clients like this and just keeping the money.

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Total claims:1 Bogus Company - Avoid! »30/03/200918/05/20094

I ordered and paid for a DVD product from their website on the 27th March 2009. They charged my card 3 days later & the site seemed professional and genuine (I saw they had a contact number listed so it gave me the peace of mind to order from them).

However, this phone number is simply a message minder which they do not return calls from. I sent countless emails to the address listed as 'support' & only received one response. They stated that their delivery was late and that the DVD would be dispatched next week. It was clear it was a generic response and they have yet to respond to any of my follow up emails as of 18th May 2009.

The MD of the company is a businessman named Dieter Grolimund based in Trimbach in Switzerland.

The other two shareholders are Andrew Cosgrove & Denis Kelly (both from UK).

I have looked into this company & the details I have are below: hosts the 3 domains this company uses -, &

The sites are probably hosted from the USA.

The company, ADS Digital GMBH, is based in Switzerland.

All 3 sites are bogus and have been actively ripping off consumers since 2003. Internet research has unfortunately revealed this.

It is the nature of the adult material that possibly encourages people to 'turn a blind eye', or 'cut their losses' as they may deem it to embarrassing to go to their credit card company etc. This I believe is the fuel keeping this rip-off company in business. They also use 'bait-advertising' on their site (hurry, sale ends in 5 hours etc - this sale is on every single day). They also list 99% of product as 'in-stock' and 'ships immediately'.

I don't particulary need or want a refund - I just want to let as many people I can know about this company.

Handelsregister Registre du commerce Registro di commercio
No. 61 Monday, 31.03.2008 126. Vintage

â–  ADS Digital GmbH in citizens gl en TG, CH-440.4.021.045 -
0, Industriestrasse 3, 8575 Bürglen TG, Limited
Liability (new registration). Statutes date:
20. 03. 2008. Purpose: Marketing, acquisition, sale, storage and distribution
of consumer goods and services
in this area, particularly in Europe and overseas. The Company
may open branches in Germany and abroad,
in other companies or to participate with
these together and acquire land, hold
and dispose. Share capital: CHF 20'000 .-. In addition to performance
further definition in accordance with the statutes. Publication:
SOGC. The notifications are made to the shareholders
writing or by e-mail. According to statement by the Founder
20.03.2008 by the Company under any ordinary
Revision and waives a limited audit.

Persons: Cosgrove, Andrew, a British citizen,
in Lisbum (UK), shareholder, with single signature, with
100 ordinary shares of CHF 100, -; Kelly, Denis, British
Nationals, in Helen's Bay (UK), shareholder, with single signature,
with 100 ordinary shares of CHF 100, -;

Dieter, from Trimbach in Mellingen, Managing Director, with
Single signature.
Diary No. 1462 of 25.03.2008
(04406278 / CH-440.4.021.045-0)

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11446UNIFORM YOUR BUSINESS [Woverhampton]
Total claims:4
AVOID this company »Feb 11 201024/02/20104

Two orders were placed with Uniform Your Business on Dec 7 & 22.  The first order I was told was lost and a replacement would be sent, I was given tracking numbers twice that belonged to someone else.The first order was received six weeks later. I was told my second order had been shipped, (again given other peoples tracking numbers several times )then told it too had been lost and a replacement would be sent, I  then found out weeks later that it was never sent. I finally received the order on Feb 11 only to get an item so badly embroidered and the lettering almost unreadable that I'd be embarrased to wear it.I immeditely contacted them(and sent photos) and I was told they would send a replacement  since they agreed it was very poorly emboidered, now more excuses as to why it hasn't been done. Over 2 months since placing an order, I'm still waiting.I've called several times enquiring about my order, I'm either put on hold for at least 15 minutes and finally have to hang up or told someone will call back but no one ever does. I haved asked to speak to the manager but told he is never in but will call back, he has never returned a call either.A certified letter to the manager was sent but no reply to it.I could go on and on about the very poor customer service I've received. This company trades in several business names. I have had to contact The Trading Standards and hopfully they can help.

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£184.99 taken by internet company - no delivery, no reply. Stolen. »7 March 201022/03/20104
On 7 March 2010 I purchased on line from an internet site called a LG mobile phone for £184.99.
I received acknowlegment they received my order and they gave me bank details that I need to use to pay so I sent the money.
Since then I have sent 4 messages to them but they do not reply and no mobile phone has arrived.
It is now three weeks later so even if it was being sent from a foreign country it would not take this long.
They are in England and I am in England and so it is impossible to take this long.
On the site it says they reply to all messages sent to them in 24 hours but I have had no reply to the message I sent on 10 March and I sent 3 messages later.
It may be possible that this company do not exist and they are just taking money based on a good looking internet site and so I am going to inform every single possible internet complaint board and will inform the police and trading standards.
I hope others do not send money to
I am glad your site sends the information to the BBC Watchdog program.
Best wishes for honest trading on the internet, Lidia.

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12051Companion work [London]
Total claims:10
Fraud/scam company »04/04/201013/04/20104

Hi guys, anyone know if is a scam??? I had a sniff of dodgy dealings are said I wanted there business address and registered VAT num (to make it sound official) I have been getting called all day from a guy called 'shaun' who 'reassures' me that there firm is not dodgy!! Anyone with further info can you let me know please asap....

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12650Apollo Windows Nottingham [Nottingham]
Total claims:1
Apollo windows avoids paying CCJ by 'dissolving' the Company »200514/06/20104

In 2005 Apollo windows (registered company name Apollo Construction (Nottingham) Ltd) replaced a large bay window at our property. Their workmanship subsequently caused structural damage to the building.
We took them to the small claims court, and finally, in Oct 2009 had a judgement made in our favour. Throughout the process Apollo failed to comply with instructions and orders from the Court. The court order demanded that Apollo must pay us £5213.06.
We have received nothing and now discover that the registered company, Apollo Construction (Nottingham)Ltd have been 'struck off and dissolved' by companies house. They do however continue to trade under the name of Apollo windows, this time using a registered company name of 'The Window Depot'. They have the same directors and operate from the same address in Nottingahm.
We understand that the directors have committed an offense by not declaring us as interested parties in the dissolution. We cannot afford to apply for a court order to have the company restored, so we can enforce the claim and it is likely there would be no assets to enforce our claim against anyway.
I don't believe we will ever get our compensation from this bunch of cowboys. I want to make their antics as public as possible however. PLEASE DON'T USE THIS COMPANY.

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Total claims:6
Fake company selling ipods »27/10/1004/11/20104

Google-iPods directed to selling iPod nano 5th generation for £59.99 8gb Blue so I order one for my mum, payment was taken a day later and order number given status of order is processing so keep checking daily still processing so look further and NO CONTACT DETAILS so contact Apple who after 8 minutes of talking to a machine finally speak to a person who confirms this is not Apple so google it again and this comes up look into it bait further and loads of people have been scammed too, as I ordered this for my mum I feel I am responsible for the money she has lost, so guess if I can't get a refund I am £59.99 out of pocket


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22171CentrePAD EMPLOYMENT [london]
Total claims:10
FRAUD,SCAM COMPANY »201123/11/20114


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29105 salvage spare finder [Cleveland]
Total claims:14
Win bidding no car no should thrown out from business »04 March 201314/04/20134
Hi I win then bidding on 4 th March 2013 and I paid on 6th march 2013 didn't received any collection note and finally they said thy will refund my money so far they did nt refund no one answer there phone,someone advise what to do with these people's.this kind of companies should be thrown out from business ..

Please think twice before buying any car from SSF.

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3461stParts4U [Chorley]
Total claims:6
incorrect item sent by company »25th september 200812/11/20083

My renault scenic car door was caved in by a'hit and run' driver. Rather than pay £300 excess got hold of 1st parts4U who said they had a door in same colour. Paid on debit card. Door came -incorrect colour and bad condition-and 1st parts4U refused to pay for door to be returned. stuck with a rather large item that was taking up half of the shed i paid to have it sent up-anything to get my money back. Delivery company then phoned and said 1st parts4U refused to accept the door as it was 'unwanted' still no refund. Legally I am entitled to my original costs plus the courier fee to return door but am reluctant to pay small claims fee if the company can still get away with not paying (friends with businesses have had problems with small claims court) This company I have now learned is known to Trading standards but are still advertising in Autotrader

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6617also known as spa serve [London]
Total claims:1
Awful company stay away! »31/3/0913/11/20093

We first ordered and paid in full for our hot tub on the 31/3/09 being told it would take on average 6-8weeks for delivery. 6months later we are still waiting however we are currently seeking legal advise and will not let this matter end.


I would recommend getting in contact with trading standard as they have been a real help. 

Watchdog, this is one for you!

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Total claims:10
Do not order by this company!! »29/09/200931/12/20093

Do NOT order by this company, they are cheaters!!
Ordered 2 pair of Shoes from them, I only got 1 pair, the second pair I never got!! They said they send 2 pairs in 1 package, which was a lie!! I only received 1 pair and paid for two pair!!!
This company is not trustable, they are cheaters!!!!

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17312Solid Oak Warehouse / M Range Globe Ltd [Ilkeston]
Total claims:1
Worst company I have ever dealt with »7/2/201115/03/20113
Ordered sideboard on 4 th Jan 2011. At no point when ordering did it advise me that the goods were not in stock. When I chased my order I was told I may receive it by end of month, but if I wanted to cancel, would not get my money back for 30 days. I said they should not have taken my money, if they did not have stock. They said they needed the money to buy stock. I also had an internet chat with the company on the same day, where the operator said that I would get my sideboard before February as they had a shipment arriving end of Jan. February arrives, no furnitire, advised it would be beginning of March, so they were going to struggle to even keep within the sated 6-8 weeks. Please note that I have bought from several different furniture companies on the web and have not had to wait for more than 2 weeks. Advised them I would go to trading standards which I did. After taking advice I wrote to them cancelling order, but telling them that I thought that waiting 30 days for a refund was unreasonable and expected my money sooner (section 75 Consumer Credit Act 1974). This was on the 7th February. It is now 15th March and no refund, also not able to get through by phone.
I have ordered another sideboard from elsewhere who were more than happy for me to pay half as a deposit. This is the shoddiest company I have ever dealt with.

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17455perfect company [n/a]
Total claims:9
Agency asking me to pay more money to register »11/03/201120/03/20113




more details » [Stockport]
Total claims:3
Home improvement »3rd August 201118/08/20113
I made an application for a loan of £3,000.00 and was told to pay £59.00 for administration fee and that I would get my loan in 3-5 days. When I did not I e-mail them direct and asked for my refund, they have not responded back. I then telephone then and got their voice mail, I left a message on Monday 15th August 2011 asking them to cancel my loan application and refund my money. I am still waiting for this to be acknowledge.

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22347my uk delivery [london]
Total claims:3
Fraudulent company »30/11/201102/12/20113
My uk delivery are getting plenty of complaints all with the same story as mine. You pay for goods to be picked up and delivered, pay your money to them. They don't send anyone and then
don't refund you and never reply to your emails afterwards.
There seems like there's nothing you can do. Even though basically they've stolen your money they rely on you giving up and not being able to afford any legal process.

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23976Kichen Base [Stockport]
Total claims:1
Kitchen company - over promise & under deliver. »3rd Dec 201204/03/20123
I am still waiting for missing parts and replacements for my kitchen following your first delivery back in 3rd Dec 2011.

Below is a summary of the missing items:
- Cabinets – I believe some of the cabinets have incorrect measurements - they do not leave enough room for my appliance.
- Have several doors and other items missing (sink,fixtures, fitting etc)

I am still owed a 3rd the kitchen promised and have tried to contact on several occasions by phone and email where the company has chosen to ignore me or have not followed through in your commitment. I have asked for a refund for the past two month and they will not honour this to me.

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Diabiolical Company! »02/200712/08/20082

Diabolical Company!

Don't have driving lessons with them!

This all started months ago.

I paid up front for a block of 10 lessons, i had two no problem and then the instructor cancelled a lesson saying his girlfriend suprised him with dinner-my lesson was at 5! he said he'd contact me to rebook-he didnt.

it took 4 texts a day for a week and the threat of taking it further for him to send me a text asking when he could book me in. I had a 3rd lesson with him and he said he'd ring me the next day to book me in for another to make up for the one i'd missed. He didnt. i sent texts everyday, tried ringing him but he didnt reply. He then sent me a text saying he had a stomach bug and wasnt teaching until he was better.

Two weeks later i ring, the woman on the phone was really concerned and a man rang me back.

He said it was unacceptable etc and he would sort it out for me-baring in mind now i am owed about £70 odd pounds for the four hours outstanding. he said he would ring me last monday-he didnt. i then sent him a text, he then replied and said he was having trouble getting in contact with the instructor in question, but he had done-that day in fact(!) and he had asked the instructor to contact me and rebook the lessons in. he didnt. he then said he was having a meeting with the instructor to find out what was going on as he had had conflicting information(!) the meeting was booked for last thursday. i havent heard anything back.

what do i do now?

i've had lessons cancelled, phone calls rebooking lessons and i have been generally messed about. the instructor informed me that he didnt finish until 10 at night and if I really wanted him to ring me at that time he would-why couldnt he text? i'd get it the next day and reply!!!

i've been patient, understanding, i havent ever messed the instructor about and all i seem to be doing is waiting for the phone to ring because its me that keeps having to chase these people-i'm the victim here!!!

any help and advice would be very much appreciated but at the end of the day i just want my money back.


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1350eClick Company Ltd [Ripponden]
Total claims:5
No Goods and No Refund »July 200816/03/20092

I ordered and paid for furniture from eClick in April 2008.  Some arrived but 3 items didn't.  The items that didn't arrive came to a total of £337.00. From April to October 2008, I chased up eClick for the furniture. In October 2008 I cancelled the order and asked for a refund.  To date I have made more than 100 calls to eClick. Whilst they agree a refund is due, they frequently promise to get a cheque sent to me but the cheque never arrives.  They have had £337 of my money for 1 year and I have spent a fortune on telephone calls to this company. I don't know what else I can do to make this company refund the money they have had from me for furniture they didn't provide.

I can leave up to 18 messages on voicemail or with a member of staff but no one ever returns my call. Mark the Customer Services Manager promised faithfully he would make sure a cheque went out.  Rachel, the individual the switchboard put me through to when I asked to speak to the Managing Director, told me that she would look into the issue and ensure the refund was paid but once more I have heard nothing. 

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1622eClick Company Ltd [Ripponden]
Total claims:5
Goods Never Received »3 March 200931/03/20092

I purchased a bunk bed on the EClick Furniture website.  I called them first to make sure they were legitimate, checked at Companies House etc and they seemed OK, so I proceeded with my purchase of a bunk bed for my son's birthday for an amount of £279.  The payment was made on 3 March.  Two weeks later, I chased them up for a delivery date and was told that it would take 14 working days.  I contacted them again via phone and they said that the bed was in stock and would contact the distribution centre to check why no delivery date had been given.  They never called me back.  I began chasing them, but their telephone system keeps saying "we are experiecing technical difficulties etc".  I have left at least 9 messages, sent 3 emails and have had no response.  It has now been 30 days so have written to them (at the office and to the Director's home addresses) as per Trading Standards advice.  I have requested a refund, but am not hopeful.  I paid via my debit card and my bank have said I am not covered.  All I want is my £279 back - I can't get my son another present as we have no money now!

I have now noticed a forum stating how bad this Company is - with entried sent through even today. with people having the same problem.  I have noticed that the scammers have kept their website running, so are still taking orders, but they have removed their phone number.  This site need shutting down.

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Estate/land company out to defraud »January 200801/05/20092


We attempted to purchase land in Bulgaria through this Bulgarian company. As detailed below when we realised that the company was not acting appropriately we tried to obtain our deposit back. We followed all the right processes including involving a notary on a couple of occasions. It was only when we started the process of trying to retrieve our money we realised that there were numerous other cases with much bigger amounts of money which have been lost. Signed agreements have not been honoured. We also sought legal representation. It has now taken more than 12 months to get our money - there are extremely cynical an hard faced to deal with. For instance they always say the money will be sent by next friday and then they will come back with identical excuses. A full catalogue of some their scams can be accessed at [] (link: having a friend who knows this region well.

To make a long story short there were a series of delays - 'lost documents', not answering emails etc.  which are all very sadly familiar (having read subsequent stories). We eventually decided that after so many inconsistencies we would cancel the arrangement.

We were then obliged to sign another agreement (agreeing not to take further action after approx 3000 euro was returned). We were also obliged to get another notary to prevent 'money laundering'.

We duly followed every process open to us and low and behold we were then informed by their employee, Tanya Dimova that although the manager recognises we did everything that was asked of us he is 'sad to say' that he has cash flow problems due to the credit crunch with no sign that this will ever be paid.

Even though we have a formal agreement to have the deposit returned (witnessed by a notary) it looks like we have little chance of seeing this money. The excuses are identical to the ones catalogued in numerous online property forums.

We naively assumed the membership of the EU there would be similar rights and processes we could defer to should there be issues. We were obviously very wrong.

Names to look out for and be very aware of:- d stoyanov, ivan kimanov, i lozev, n nedelchev, tanya dimova, pavlina Georgieva, Polina Tzekova

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Total claims:2
ICS - The company with no morals »Jan 0924/05/20092

I foolishly signed up for a course over the phone in February of last year after taking advice from an 'experienced course advisor' who assured me I could easily juggle my full-time job and another seperate course as well as the'flexible'ICS degree - he failed to tell me about the limited support time and signed me up for 6 modules at a cost of £2,500 without offering me the choice of less modules at a cheaper cost. When, inevitably I began to struggle under the workload - I contacted their support team to be told that the support was limited and if I suspended the studies I would lose that. I then asked about a transfer to something less time-consuming and was told as a 'gesture of goodwill' and a fee of £250 I could transfer. Upon phoning up to pay the 'transfer fee' I was told I would still have to pay for full fee for the original course and the transfer fee and the cost of any new course. At this point I complained - and eventually they responded that they were unwilling to do anything but are happy to take £2,500 in return for 3 folders an out of date CD rom and an abrieviated textbook. Consumer Direct reckon I should pay something to cover the admin costs but not £2,500 for a course that I am (a) no longer doing and (b) feel conned into in the first place - Trading Standards are getting no-where with them. One letter from Tony at Small Claims however ,had them cancelling the agreement  and saving me having to pay £1,300 for nothing - thanks Tony!

Click Here to read Small Claims Reply »»

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The company does not fulfill the request of the payment from my account of €6649 »05/06/200924/06/20092


FXaWorld is a comapny that offers online services to make Exchange Transactions. I have used FXaWorld to regularly transfer some money in GBP from UK to France in Euro. I have been really happy for years, good prices, and very good and efficient service. The money could be changed and then transfered in not more than 2 days and conform to the terms and conditions.

I have done 2 recent operations in June (05/06/2009 and 18/06/2009), that leave me with an open position in EURO of €6649. In the last days or weeks I have repeatedly requested the payment to my french account of the €6649 about 15 times. Althought I receive a confirmation of payment by email, the transaction has never been done. I have send dozens of emails, called them a dozen of times as well. The receptionist always says that people are busy or have gone for lunch, and say that they will call me back. I left many messages to the recptionist. Nobody never called me back. Sometimes they just hang up, or when I finally could reach the Payment Department they say that the payment is on the way... Useless to say it was not! They finally replied to an email. I got a very polite, very apologised and saying there are temporary technical issues, which I do not believe. Since I have found many forums on internet where people were complaining about the company since the last 6 months. I can not get my money back, and really need your help. Also they have been saying to people that they have got technical for months, so legally I think they should not be allowed to get the money in, if they know they can not get the money out.

Please help me! I will also go and see the police tonight to report the fraud

Thank you 


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3788Lovely Liaisons [Nottingham]
Total claims:22
RIPPED OFF FRAUD COMPANY »3-7-09 21/07/20092

Ive also signed up with this company & was promised a booking the following sunday. After a long length of conversations with a FRankie she assured me that they were a legite company & that i should join them as i will definately get 2 bookings a week at £400 pay for each. However when the sunday came after waiting alll weekend for the client to phone the company phoned me to say he'd been called back to london & would like to book me again but has to cancel this time.

Once i got my id no. for the website advertising, alarms bells started ringin as all the ads were the same for both guys & girls. Ive phoned them several times since & they too are tellin me that i too am high priority & once they have a bookin for me they'll be in touch. Ive tried to get incontact with Frankie whom was very conveniently available all the time b4 i paid my money but is never in now! Also previously I asked Frankie how long they have been going & she said 4 years & because she said she'd once done this work b4 & fed me alot more BS to be honest now i look back! However the web domain has only been set up since the beginning of this month & is registered to someone in Spain & the ltd company they trade under was registered in Jan this year. However after asking Sarah (the bookings manager there) all these difficult questions she seemed to have an answer for everythin like she has been faced with these questions b4. Ive reported the company to Trading Standards & have been advised to write to them giving them 14 days & also reported them to watch dog as the police in my county seem dissinterested in the matter.





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Total claims:42
Order of Tall Classic Black UGG Boots not acknowledged but money taken. Cannot get in touch with company. »12th November 200913/11/20092

After looking at what I thought to be a reputable UK website I ordered a pair of classic tall black UGG boots totally £79.99.  After the order I did not get a confirmation e-mail so I decided to ring and e-mail the company for some confirmation.  After numerous e-mail, calls and tears I got no response whatsoever.  I Googled the name and found this website with all the other complaints.  I am gutted!!  I do not expect to see my boots anytime soon.  Has ANYONE actually received their boots?  I would like a full refund of £79.99 and for this website to be shutdown.

more details »

6696aka global wellbeing aka help your health [bristol]
Total claims:1






more details »
Total claims:9
False company »26-03-201030/03/20102

I searched for part time jobs on Gumtree and left my contact details with this company through the website. I was then contacted by them and they infomred me that they were a Social Escorting Agency. After plenty of correspondance through email and over the telephone, they got me to agree to the Second package, which consisted of 2 photos and a brief description. However i expressed my apprehension about paying the amount of £299 to which they then informed me of a booking that had been arranged. Recultantly i paid the amount after being placed under some pressure by them, and subsequently heard nothing regarding the booking the next day. Instantly i knew i had been taken for a fool, and contacted the office. I recieved hostility over the phone when questioning the credibility of the service and was refused numerous times the companies address. If they are a legitamite company trading, then surely there has to be some way to reclaim the money as this is practically daylight robbery under false pretenses.

more details » [stockport]
Total claims:7
fee of £49.99 »28/04/201028/04/20102

has anyone been a scam with this company or can anyone tell me if they have ever recieved a loan from this company

more details »

12620Companion work [London]
Total claims:10
Bogus join up fee with company »9.6.201011/06/20102
Okay, So, I was looking for work about 3 weeks ago. And she (CJ) emailed me and than rang me asking me how soon would I like to start work. I said as soon as because I was not happy where I was working now. After more emails and phone calls she was persistent in convincing me she had work for me for being a female companion for 'guy named Jason, 36, lives in Cardiff, visiting London and to meet in Camden'.
Initially she said I can pay the join up fee after I've been on the date with Jason, but then she changed her mind and got nasty and said I had to pay all the money on the wednesday 9.6.2010, if I wanted to work on Thursday for Jason. So, I did and by thursday morning, when I was preparing for my first work date, she callously 'phones up to tell me that it has been cancelled after all the effort I went into getting the money together. Because obviously I didn't have that much money anyway and I borrowed some.
I now feel cheated and thinking how do these people sleep at night.
They tell me Friday and saturday night are there busiest nights, so how come they don't have 'companions' already booked in and when i rang to speak to the booking department, the rude receptionist told me they didn't have a number.

more details » [UK& INTERNATIONAL]
Total claims:2
SCAM COMPANY- Ambiguous Contract and no meeting of the mind »11/06/201012/06/20102
I was assured over the phone by Amy that I would not have to pay anything until I had a confirmed booking and that it would exceed the cost of my booking membership fee of £345 for international companion cause I would be paid £150 hour and the booking was for £550 which she reassured was well over the membership. In addition to the fact that she stated previously that you make back your membership in the first booking, never have to pay until a confirmed booking

I then I got a call this morning saying that the booking cancel cause of the clients mother taking ill and no cancellation fee in place in case it puts others out of pocket. Then I call them back later friday really pissed and demanding my money back because they did not live up to their end of the bargain. Then their story changes to they have lived up to their end of the bargain wish is to market me on their website only. That what i paid £345 for, so why was there a difference in fees for international clients than those in England when isn't the internet access global. Then I also had deposit the money under a different company name Advertising Angel Ltd at Barclays bank. Account : 43834395 Sort code: 20- 85- 73
I need to talk to Barclays about how a scam company can be operating using a business bank account there and what checks do they do to prevent frauding companies from operating within their bank. Bringing shame or a bad name to their bank

There was clearly no meeting of the mind on this,so the contract should have become void- then their terms and conditions is ambiguous and when they explain it in the sells pitch is very different then after they make the sale For they are no longer an agency but only a hosting website for your profile once they have collected your money and then their job is down.

I have entered into this under-false pretense.

I never signed or received any contract i just went with her explanation of the everything it was a verbal agreement which difference from their term and condition which they are trying to in-force as their contract. Because my understanding of a legal contract is there should be A) offer - b) agreement/consideration then c ) acceptance so clearly there is no agreement on what was being offer- or no meeting of the minds.

You click the term and conditions only when you requested more details or info from them but their trying to hold it against like you have already accepted / bond into a contract with them -what a bunch of criminal.
Please learn from my mistake do not give them any of your money.

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Total claims:7
Seems to be a fake company »4 december 201006/12/20102

On the 4th of December 2010 I ordered 5 pairs of Uggs on the site of what I thought was (because it looks the same!!!). It felt wrong that I did not get a orderconfirmation mail so I sent them an e-mail and I even called them. No answer and the phone numners were wrong apparently, because they cut me off. Can I get my money back? I see that they have not yet made the transaction, just booked it. Going to the police with this. Do you have any advice on what else I can do to get my money back?


more details » [unknown]
Total claims:3
fake company fake boots »14/12/201018/12/20102
I was looking for a pair of Ugg Australia boots and came upon this site that looked legitimate so found the boots I wanted and ordered them. went through the order process filled in all of my details etc. was given an order numberand waited for the bank verification screen to appear but it didnt so I became a bit suspicious.waited until the next day and sent an email to no response so tried again the next day and the address had changed to tried the link for chat with a representative that didnt work so I have checked my bank this morning and £64.40 has been taken from my account so I have gone back to the website this morning to ring the number to contact them 02032981909 and of course it is not a valid number.

more details »

18121eze loans
Total claims:11
Eze loan scam company »7th April07/04/20112
I was looking through online loans and came across eze loans, the DO NOT claim they are a broker company! I was told I had been accepted for a loan with repayments of £67.70 per month, on clicking continue I was told they could not match me with a lender so I cancelled the page.

On checking my bank today they have cleared my account and left me penniless with two ill children!

I contacted them via email and had a reply of someone called rebecca saying they have now matched me with a loan which I told her I didnt want to use that company and I wanted a refund for the unauthorised withdrawal from my account. this is illegal and fraudulant. She replied saying the £67.50 was a membership fee and "4.1 A one off joining fee of no more than £74.85 is payable in most cases after you have had an average of 14 days membership and access to the site. If you have not cancelled/terminated your membership with us, you will be automatically charged by a direct charge to the debit/credit card authorised by the member with an ongoing membership fee of £8.89 which is payable monthly until such time as you decide to cancel your membership." I replied stating I did not continue with my membership as I navigated away from the page and I have had less than 24 hours not an average of 14 days so what gives them the right to debit my account without my permission???? Stated I was my £67.70 reimbursing with immediate effect and I want all my details deleting of the database forthwith and suprise suprise I havent heard back from her. If Ii dont get a refund within 30 days I will take legal action. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!! HOW THEY SLEEP AT NIGHT I DO NOT KNOW!!!!!

more details »

18842perfect company [n/a]
Total claims:9
Perfect company »12/4/1102/05/20112
Registered myself with this company, no mention of money when they took me on. They then asked for £290 to register. This was to enable my profile and administration costs.
Within days they told me an exectutive VIP client was interested in using me and would pay £10.000. This did sound a lot, but the way they told me was going to be excellent for me. Because i was so desperate for work i thought no more of it. Then they asked for a further £2000. This according to them would upgrade me to the VIP package and the money would soon be paid to me on the initial meet. Like a mug i went for it. The client was all set to come from Australia the following week and couldn't wait to meet me. A date was set, then had to be postponed. Was going to be the next week. Surprise surprise he had to go back to Australia and would not be returning for a couple of weeks. They promised me they would find other clients for me, but am still waiting. It is now 4 weeks and no work.
I've hinted many times to them i'm having doubts, but they keep reasuring me all is above board. I want to believe them, but a lot of my money is involved.
Read on other forums they told people they set up last year and are in London. I was told they have been going for about 7 years and are based in Manchester. Which do i believe?
They tell me the money is not refundable and if i leave now, the money they have supposed to have put towards this client would be lost and they would lose out. What do i do?

more details » [Stockport]
Total claims:3
£59 »02/07/1131/07/20112
They rang me and said i qualified for a loan and to pay £59 search fee which i foolishly did.On reading their terms and conditions said i could request a refund within 14 days which i did,They wont pay a refund as they say there were some discrepencies with my application which was done over the telephone.

more details » [london]
Total claims:7
fake company. »14/8/1121/08/20112
I orderd from this site with little knowlede.I have just found out they are not originall ghd suppliers are frauds.On their website they are selling ghd for 65.00.not mentioning that there will be a extra charge of 15.00 for hadnling.on the website clearly states 65.00.when the bank charged me 80.00 i was taken by surprise.Only way you can contact them is by address or phone numbers.I have compained to my card handlers because it was debit card I am not hoping for any refunds.Well dissapointed with this company.

more details »

22300simon [London]
Total claims:3
fraudulent company »september 201130/11/20112
this company is good at is the sister company of highway lgv ltd,and now they have a new one,called LGV for all ltd.

what they do is they offer training for large vehicles get your money and they ignore you for months until you get bored and stop asking for your money or training.they have no facilities at all,they are just scammers.

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24085SIPit Scotland / SIP Construction Company [TIM ALLAN / GLASGOW]
Total claims:3
Fraudulent Trading »22/09/1111/03/20122
After completing the renovation of our house we scraped together enough just money to complete a small studio for my wife to carry on her successful photography business and generate enough income to help with the bills.

Unfortunately we approached Tim Allan to complete the build. Two weeks after the initial 25% deposit and still no contact with him or anyone else I took a trip to his factory to find out what was happening.

It turns out there was no factory any more.

Next we received a letter from Ken Tait accountant and agent of Tim Allan. This letter stated that the company was no longer trading.

When I called Mr Tait he informed me, at length, that Tim's business has no assets and that there is no way to force him to liquidate it. The Companies House deadline for account filling came and went and still Tim Allan has filed no accounts to indicate that the money I gave him has been anything other than used to line his quite extensive pockets. In my opinion he is purely a thief who has seriously financially compromised my family and our plans for the future. Not only did we lose £8,000 but my wife is unable to continue with a large part of her business and so pay back the money we borrowed to complete the studio.

There is no conceivable way in my mind that Tim Allan at the time of taking my deposit had no way and no intention of completing my order. The deposit given as stated by Mr Allan was for materials which he needed to buy in from another company and as such should have been imidiately passed on to SBS the SIP manufacturer.

On finding out about Tim Allan's decision to cease trading I set up a website in the name of The SIP Construction Company Ltd. I have had several interested parties contact me through this website and it turns out there are quite a few people after Mr Allan. I took the website down after his new employer threatened me with legal action for linking their business to Mr Allan.

So far to recover the money I have spoken to the Scottish version of Trading Standards who are purely telephone operators who decide to pass on the information to Trading Standards. There is no feed back so I do not know if the message got through.  I understand that his previous company was forced into liquidation by Trading Standards but as he ignored court summons etc he comes under the heading of "Too Difficult".

I spoke to a nice police woman from the Financial Crime Unit of Lothian and Borders Police who said that definitely there was a case to answer for fraudulent trading. Unfortunately she asked her Sergent how to proceed and thirty seconds later there was no way the police could help.

Next I was in touch with Companies House and as he has not followed the rules they are unable to help because they purely hold records. The rules around plc's are not enforced by any agency.

Other victims have called HMRC to point out he has made hundreds of thousands of pounds without paying tax but they can't persue him as he has no records.

Next stop is my MSP but I'm not holding out much hope.

From what I can tell we got off lightly compared to some others as the handling of money was not his only fault. I am shocked that there is no enforcment of the law by any agency in these matters and so little protection.

If you come across this character anywhere please steer well clear he seems convincing but I could find  plenty of others who could testify that he is not.

more details »

Total claims:1
went online and found this website called slimtoneplus. i was informed that it was a free trial, and would only have to pay £4.68, postage and packing.on the same date a company called bodycleanse took £2.95 out which i did nt authorise. then on 26 »11/09/201207/10/20122
as above , my name is sharon ingram , i am on my friends account because for some reason , i could nt gain access with my own password. i have been completely scammed by 2 companies , slimtoneplus and bodycleanse .they have taken over £100 with only £4.98 authorised my myself .i was told this was a completely free trial of dietery supplements , only to find out later that they have been taken a lot of money out of my account.i went onto the slimtone website and was told by them that they have absolutely nothing to do with slimtone plus , and that this company will continue to take £100 out of my account every month . this has left me so distraught as i am of ill health, due to 6 strokes in the past year . i would be very grateful if you would be able to help me , many thanks sharon ingram. you will be able to contact me at

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28521Interior Home Designs of Rossendale
Total claims:6
Ordered one kitchen from them and delivered with missing parts. Had to get them back to order second kitchen and pay £100.00 deposit before we got the missing parts sent out from previous order. Finally received 11months after order date. Now still waiting for deposit back from second kitchen after sending in scanned copy of cancellation form

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229First National Associates [Herts]
Total claims:16
Company breaking the terms of it's own contract. »30/08/0831/08/20081

I called First National Associates in regard to a leak in my kitchen, the plumber said the pipe work was strange but he could rectify the situation, he also completed two other jobs for me. He quoted me £517 which I paid because I believed he would provide a good service, after completion I have to admit the leak had been stopped and everything seemed OK within the flat. The following morning I had a complaint from my downstairs neighbour who stated that he no longer had water in their kitchen and only had cold water in there bathroom. I called the plumbers First National Associates who took some details and said they'd look into the case for me. Not hearing anything I called them back after one hour. I was told that the plumber did not enter the flat below and that no responsibility would be taken, I then said that the flats were conversion flats and that by cutting the old lead pipe something had gone wrong. I was then told that I would have to pay more money for someone else to come out, I said I would pay if after the job was assessed it turned out that the plumber had not caused the problem, I was told that someone would only be sent out if 1 hrs work was paid at the door I said ok, the customer service rep then said this had turned into a dispute and that he was not interested and put the phone down. I then called back and he said he said he wasn't interested and put the phone down on me. I then had to call another plumber to rectify the problem. The new plumber said first plumber cut through one of the old supply pipes to flat downstairs. I am now taking the claim for the repair to the small claims court.

Avoid First National Associates at all costs, they are rude cowboys.  

more details »
Total claims:1
Rip-off Company »25/Jan 200911/02/20091

I checked my Virgin mobile phone bill online and saw I had been charged £18 in the form of 3 texts on Jan 25 and 3 on Jan 30th, and charges £3 per text. I checked with Virgin why I had these charges and they said it was a charge from They said that they did not know anything about this, but gave me the name of I eventually managed to contact boltblue who told me the charges were made because I had signed up for membership of their site and that I would be charged £9 per week for this in the form of 3 text messages at £3 per text. I informed them that I had been into their site and downloaded a FREE ringtone, as stated, but they insisted that I had signed up for membership, which I definately did not. Despite my protestations, they absolutely refuse to reimburse me the 'stolen' £18. I was finally informed that if I dial 81194 and text STOP, this would finish my membership. I did this, warily, and, thankfully, I have not been billed further by this company. ANYONE GOING INTO THIS SITE, BE WARNED AND BEWARE!


more details »

68921st Century Staple and Nail Compay [Shoreham By Sea]
Total claims:4
21st Staple and Nail Company »January 09.21/01/20091

Ordered a Jacket and T -shirt to the value of £82.85.  Delivery of the Jacket was prompt but unsuitable.

Returned Jacket and the company still have not advised me to its receipt. It is now two weeks later.  I enquired with Royal Mail and the parcel was delivered and signed for.  I have made a few calls and they have been extremely rude and would not pass me on to a manager, owner, or supervisor.  I have a asked for a full refund.  Was told a letter of complaint would not reach anyone. 

 Regarding the T-shirt, I was not advised it was not in stock.  They can not give me a date to which they might get stock or a expected delivery date. 

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21251Precision Leads UK Ltd [Birmingham]
Total claims:2
Company fraudulent activity »29th September 201129/09/20111
Asked for payment upfront for accident claaims.
Was supposed to start today - when we arrived at their offices - told they had done a bunk last week.

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1337Quill Group [Denbigh]
Total claims:2
Company Set up Fee and Will fees »March 200616/03/20091

We purchased a villa on Sands Beach Resort, in December 2005 and on completion of the sale asked about a Spanish will.  We were put in touch with Jenny Harris of Quill Wills who prepared what we thought was a Spanish will.  In March they contacted us saying they could offer us a solution to saving tax if we set up a company.  This we did because we thought we would save on inhertitance taxes on our deaths which would benefit our family.  The whole senario turned into a nightmare after that.  We had accounts filed fraudulentaly on our behalf even though we supplied the information.  This occurred in Spain and in UK.  We then uncover the Director of this company has allegedly been convicted of fraud and served time in prison.

Its taken 2 years to unravel the mess and costs us thousands in sorting it all out.

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1466eClick Company Ltd [Ripponden]
Total claims:5
5ft Aberlour Bed »4.12.0823/03/20091

Ordered and paid for a bed on 4th December, website claimed delivery usually within 14 working days, so allowing for Christmas we expected to receive the bed sometime in January.

More than 3 months later, and after a catalogue of lies from eclick, the bed did not arrive on the day we were told it was definitely on the lorry, and they said it had been damaged.  They couldn't replace the bed straight away as they don't actually stock them, so we asked for a refund.  We were assured an electronic transfer had been effected on 16th March, but it may take 5 days to arrive in our bank.  It still hasn't arrived on 23rd March, so we informed Consumer Direct, who advised us to give 7 days notice before taking action against eclick.  We have written a letter, and now we wait...

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27722The Wedding Travel Company [Kent]
Total claims:1
The wedding travel company scam »10/11/201215/12/20121
This company is run by a Matthew Watson, who is only out for himself. He told me lie after lie about his years of experience of marriages in vegas when ive just recently found out he has none!!! He stole the idea for this company from another company where he used to work and has tried to ruin their good name as well. He is a scam artist, he tells everyone he is atol and abta bonded but he just piggy backs off his friends company so seem bigger than he is. He works from his front room in kent, i even heard kids in the background when chatting! I honestly cant believe this sham of a man nearly ruined my wedding. Be warned people he has only been running since july and claims to be an expert. He claims to be a part of thomas cook if thats the case then go book with thomas cook everyone

more details »
Total claims:8
Failure to deliver goods when paid for or before company ceased trading. »14.3.0909/04/20091

I ordered and paid for a Joseph bunk bed for my children from the eclick furniture website. I paid £245 on 14th March 2009.

After the 10 days had elapsed I tried contacting them via numerous emails and phone calls. No response at all.

I began to see "Warehouse clearance sale" on their website on 6.4.09.

Today 9.4.09 the website has been taken off as others people have also placed orders because they were unaware that the company had ceased trading.

I cannot believe that a company would continue taking money from orders when it knew that it wouldn't be able to honour them.

To me this amounts to fraud and theft.

I used a debit card and am therefore unable to claim back the money unlike if it was made by credit card.

This company has denied my children of what would have been a great gift from their grandparents.

more details »

2459Anderson Gas Company [Bergman]
Total claims:1
miapropreation of time »4-20-0908/05/20091

workers delivered tank to home and hooked it up to house 125.00 not included in claim.  They did not bury the line to the house.

Then the ran a line to my fireplace. For this they charged 665.00

more details »

2586The Kitchen Restoration Company [BIRMINGHAM]
Total claims:1
DEPOSIT »31/3/200912/05/20091


more details »

3273collex [liverpool]
Total claims:8
Collex: Sham company. Contract unfulfilled. Phone now dead. »16 04 08 to present11/06/20091

I paid Collex £293.75 to chase a debt. Claire Lynn of Paralegal (for Collex) interviewed me and took the cheque in April 08. Clare Lynne administered my written account to the debtor who responded. I then responded to this and Claire Lynne then sent a summary to the debtor asking for the debt, this was early July. I then paid court fees requested in September making total paid to £465.62. Then in the new year I learn Claire Lynne has left the company, being replaced by John Ryan who returned one call of the repeated numerous calls made to the office over the months from new year leading to the present, and that was to tell me that my file was on the top of his pile and he's getting 'round to it this afternoon. Most of the time I felt as though I was talking to the weasels who'd over taken over at Toad Hall on reception, being continually fobbed off, barely bothering to disguise cackling mates in the background when putting me on 'hold'.

The final fobbing came when phoning to discus my final letter before action, I was told that auditors had been in and I would receive return payment in full on June 1st. On June the 1st the phone was dead. Clare Lynne, John Ryan, Gemma Drummond's, Kerry Holdon, John Shields can you return my £465.62 please? 

more details » Macclesfield [Macclesfield]
Total claims:4
This Company Stole Money from My Bank Account »15th Nov 201111/02/20121
This company has taken £67.74 from my bank account, I have no idea how they got my bank details, this is Fraud and the Fraud Department at my bank will be notified. There seems to be no such company. I had two companies do this on the same day and as I don't read my typed bank statements I didn't even realise it had happened.

more details »

3706TD Financial Products Inc. [Lutz Fl/Tampa Fl]
Total claims:3
STEER CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY!!!! »7/12/0912/07/20091

I purchased a shelf corporation from this company back in October as part of a program to help establish business credit.  TD Financial Products set up the shelf corporation but did nothing beyond that.  I paid $6900 for the shelf corporation,  $500 for a website and was billed $300 monthly for what I was told were fees to maintain webhosting,  a virtual office and fax services.  I later found out the monthly charges were a consulting fee.  TDFP says they will obtain for you an 80 paydex score and three trade references.  They say they will help you acquire K$200-K$250 in business credit,  of which they get 5%.  TDFP also says they will raise your personal credit score to 720.  The contract states that if they cannot obtain for you three trade references they will refund your money.  The last I spoke with Danny Garcia,  one of the two co-owners,  he said he had obtained for me two trade references and was working on a third.  That was the last I heard anything from them.  TDFP does not answer or return my phone calls or emails.  I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  Beware of TD Financial Products and its business and personal credit consulting scams.  These include,,,  and,  which advertises nationally on the radio!  DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!

more details »

Total claims:29
Taken money without receiving product and also fradulent small amounts under other company names »23/09/200923/09/20091

I again feel for this scam I ordered a free trial from Dazzle white pro for $1.95 and received a receipt off them for $11.95.  I used the product and didn't think it made any difference so thought it wasn't a problem as this wasa trial only, then a month later I received a package with more Dazzle white in, I was confussed and rang them to say I did not order this.  They said no problem send it back then they will refund my money, which I was happy with but then when I received my statement this month they have taken 2 lots of $58.71 when I have never received the second consignment, also they have fradulently taken payments for $3.24 under a company called elite pack.  I rang my card company as I was so upset for them to inform me they have taken out another payment if $4.99 under a different company name.  They are passing this on to their fraud department to try and recover the payments.  As other people have said I don't have much money and this is alot to lose, I can't believe that people can be so cruel.  I did ring the company but they said I would not receive any refunds, I just hope this might work.  Any help would be appreciated.

more details »

5619Mobile Phone Xchange
Total claims:1
Company Does Not Pay Quoted Amount »03/10/200917/10/20091

I wanted to recycle my old phone after seeing some ads on TV. I used a comparason site to find the best quote. The best quote was from [] (link: for £20. I sent my phone off and received a cheque for £5 stating that my phone had damage to the casing. I instantly asked for the phone back as it was in perfect condition with only slight pocket scratches. They replied stating that the phone could not be returned but could be re-inspected. According to the terms of use on the website, my phone was in full working order as there is no mention of scratching. They replied stating that as the damage was 'minimal' they would offer me an extra £6. I declined this and then they offered me £15. I will not accept anything but my quoted price of £20 otherwise I feel that I should be able to get my phone sent back as I know I could get a better price elsewhere. The fact that they sent a cheque for £5 shows that they were trying to rip me off. This is unacceptable as they said it themselves that the damage was minimal and the phone was in full working order according to their terms.

more details »

Total claims:5
can't get a hold of the company to claim back money »21/09/200905/11/20091

Notice money taken out of my visa account of £50.06. Contacted my visa explained that I don't recognise this name, told by my visa that I have to contact company to cancel this payment aslo send letter of proof to my visa that I have contacted the above company before my visa will think about refunding any money to me.

more details »

Total claims:29
money taken out of my visa do not know this company »10/10/200905/11/20091

Notice money taken out of my visa account, I contacted my visa told them that I dont recognise this company. Been advised to contact company and cancel, my visa will then look into it to see if they are happy to reimburse the money back to me. Did not have address but notice you have got details so I will contact them to see if I get any response from them.

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6309wellbhealth [ Co Durham]
Total claims:63
money taken from my visa account do not recognise company »28/9/200905/11/20091


more details »
Total claims:200
not able to check my order think it is a fake company »12/11/0912/11/20091

try to enter my account with this company as to my order no036487 says my passworld is not correct i know it is since then have try to cancel but unable to

more details »

6633Pure Essentials, Inc. [Orange, CT]
Total claims:6
Ripped off by Teeth Whitening Company »13/10/200913/11/20091

I aplied for two free trial of teeth whitening from Dazzle Smile and Pure White.  I was charged for the shippling, which was fine.  I have now had 3 transactions of over £50 per transaction plus exhchange rate charges taken from my Bank.

more details »

7300ulti freshwell
Total claims:3
ulti-freshwell scam company (rip off) »2-11-200904/12/20091

basically wat happened was tht i ordered a tooth whitening pen called dazzle smile through the internet which was on offer for trial £1.95 than few days after i actually got few more charges from same company for £48 and than £74,and than 3 more transactions of £35 and £58 so i tried to call them but they werre saying tht it is toally unrefundable,,i dont know wat to do,,this is the biggest scam i hav ever come through,,i will never trust internet services!!
plzz if anyone can help me with that, m very stressed!!

more details »

9674auto cargo delivery company [London]
Total claims:3
12/12/2009 »11/12/200912/12/20091

the company doesn't deliver. they don't answer the phone also the seller. after i transfered the money they disappeared.
they were supposed to ship me a laptop. they sent me the invoice asking me to tranfere the money to their agent in london. i did so and i got nothing till now.

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Total claims:118
money stolen twice by company »14/12/2009 and 07/12/200924/12/20091

this company had took 110 pound from my bank acount. i dont know how they took it. I just know is that, i bought a ripped pill on 07 nov 2009, from acai burn company........

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Total claims:118
SUP*MAXFORCE?????? WTF??? some weird company just took 87.00!!!!! »12/13/0916/12/20091

i tried this weight loss study to try to make some money. so i sign up and they send me to this website for acaiburn on special for 1.95 and now their taking 87.00!!!!!

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Total claims:25
FRAUD COMPANY »8 DEC19/12/20091

This company promised that they will only charge me for shipping which was £2, now they are charging me £55 every week, i have no idea what is going on, I have tried contacting the company however they do not bother picking up or replying, Iam really fed up with this because the bank is not able to help me either, this company is passing my personal details to other companies and now other companies are charging me I REALLY NEED HELP WITH THIS!!!

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11151PRO BODY 866 407 5590 , 138 ROBINSON ROAD [hollywood FL]
Total claims:15
i did not purchase from this company »8/2/1009/02/20101

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11228auto cargo delivery company [London]
Total claims:3
Delivery Scam »6 Febuary 201012/02/20101
I was looking to buy a TV and found the perfect one. 210 pounds for a 50" plasma TV. it was all too good to be real, i should have checked here first.
poor email contact with the seller and from the company, all phone numbers never worked, and since payment no reply to email. nothing has been delivered and i suspect that it never will.
asked to send money through western union, i know its irrelevant now but they failed to let me know when the money was collected or i would have reacted faster. so £210 plus delivery charge of £9.90 all lost through trust.

more details »

12899creditproblemsnoproblem ltd [exeter]
Total claims:1
Creditproblemsnoproblems Ltd Scam Company »2/7/201009/07/20101

WARNING:-This company is trading under false promises.Do not trust them! "WHY!" because when you inquire for a loan the tell you over the phone you have been successful and ask for your card details to have money transferred into your account.Then they say we will send out the paper work just sign it and your loan will be in your account within 3 working days, but they fail to say they have taken £45 out of your account and when the paper work comes as agreed the loan is not what was agreed over the phone. I asked this so called company for £10,000 and it was agreed over the phone and just sign the form and it will be in your account within 3 working days? However this amount became £3000 NOT £10,000 as agreed but they still took the £45 out of my account with out permission now this is what you call a scam company.SO MR A E GOLLOP I would like you to put my money back into my account before I take legal action. I WOULD ADVISE ANY ONE DEALING WITH THIS SO CALLED COMPANY TO BE VERY CAREFUL AS THEY ARE ONLY INTERESTED IN THIS CARD OF YOURS. CREDITPROBLEMSNOPROBLEMS LTD ARE A SCAM COMPANY!!

Just to let you all know that Creditproblemsnoproblems Ltd and The Credit People are one of the same scam company!

These two so called scam companies are owned and run by a horrible nasty coward called MS A E GOLLOP

If you came across any details where she is hiding, because her address is not shown any where and no trace on the electrol roll

Please all post her details on the site so every one can hound her for their money back.

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Total claims:14
Rip Off Company whose products don't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! »16/02/201016/02/20101
I made an appointment in July 09, I was seen by a woman doctor who explained all my worries would be gone with the use of this nasal spray. I was so excited as I was in new relationship and my erectile dysfunction was really getting me down. They persuaded me to part with £1995 for a 12 month course to which they said I had full use of their support system which included advice from their doctors/nurses 24/7. I waited 4 weeks for my spray, tried it numerous occasions but nothing happened. Contacted AMI and they advised me to use again, tried again still didn't work. A month later they advised the lozenge, again took 4 weeks to arrive, tried but again no success. Everytime I tried to contact the company, they said they would call me back, never did. Very unhelpful and rude staff. Eventually 5 months later of calling and not receiving calls back I asked for a refund, they said no and that they would send me different lozenges. I am still waiting for them since December. Called again today but yet again they said they would get someone to call back!!!!!!! I am at the end of my tether!!!!

more details » [stockport]
Total claims:7
over phone debit one off processing fee »14th january 200912/03/20101

went on net on loanfinder website for a loan and stupidly agreed to pay processing fee+disclosed my bank details over the phone to pay fee+get approved 4 ma loan. iam a single parent of 2 kids and jst want a refund

more details »

Total claims:14
Waiting for refund, Fobbed off, Company now in liquidation »5th August 200918/05/20101
scammed out of £1995 pound when i believed i was only paying £199, look at my EPOS reciept to see my error and asked for an instatnmt refund, was told by sales rep that i needed to speak to customer services, which just just so happened to be closed. Phoned the next day and was told there is no cooling off period, but that they were going to look into it. Sent letter to twickenham got a call from a MIke Law who promised me a refund which i am still waiting for after a further 20 or so calls, continuously fobbing me off and saying ill be getting a phone call in a week or 2.

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23541 EPM YOUR-MONEY.TV [worksop]
Total claims:121
iv never heard of this company what so ever and the theiving scumbags have taken money out of my account »6/2/201208/02/20121
on monday the 6th of feb 2012 i went checked my bank account to find thAT a company called epm your money tv had taken 67.73 out of my account. I have never heard of this company before untill this happened then i have read nothing but complaints about this company scaming and taking money of unsuspecting people, i have to small children and dont work at thre min and really cant afford for this to be hapening, and i want my money back now. im disgusted in this iv also tried numerous phone numbers that are all dead. i want and need this money back now and want to warn other to beware of this company.

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13798 DIET MAX 8003202983 EL TECAL
Total claims:169
Invalid contact numbers from scam company »22.09.201022/09/20101

I have just purchased a trial of the above supplements from this company and all the contact numbers they have provided are unobtainable. Their free phone number is not in use, neither is the number they have listed for the UK. They have sent me a confirmation e-mail, however the forwarding e-mail address is,!!!!!!!!
I have tried ringing, e-mailing and lookig for an alternative e-mail address and nothing is listed.

Under no circumstacnes do I want my account debiting with further orders from this company, yet my bank have informed me that the transaction may still go ahead even though I have only paid for the trial.

When I checked out the companies details,I found numerourous complaints documented from other people who had the same issues.

Can anyone help me find an e-mail address or number to speak to these unscrupulous people, as this seems to be a complete scam and is ripping hundreds of people off.

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13935Delightful Companions [Great Yarmouth]
Total claims:4
Another Company »August 201001/10/20101

For eveyones information Diamond Companions website has been shut down and they are now operating as Delightful Companions.
I set up an email address and pretended to want to be a member, Delightful companions were the only people to have the address. Guess what they replies to my email as Leading Companions telling me to be aware of bogus comopanies that ask for money up front.

more details » [SHENZHEN]
Total claims:60
Scam company »2 October 201005/10/20101
I wanted to buy a ipod nano for my girlfriend, and I googled ipod nano, the appeared on the top of the result list. I entered the website. The appearence of the website ( ) is almost identical to the Apple website. I thought it is a sub-store of Apple company. Engulfed by exciting price, I bought two Ipod nano 16G and paid about 178 British Pounds.

Uptonow, I have not receive any information (confirmation kindof). And the status is still in processing.

I am very disapppinted with it.

I want my money back.

Google should felt guilty about it.

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14848Sapphire Studios [London]
Total claims:38
Scam, fraud company »05/10/201030/11/20101
Hi my name is Lucie,
and as I can see I am one of those naive people who trustwhen they win something that they actually won. Well, not anymore after the experience with Sapphore Studios. I have won a photoshoot agreed to pay deposit for me and my friend as I have not seen anything bad in the fact they wanted to security that I will really come. They were supposed to send me an email explaining what will happen on the day that email has never arrived. My friend and I went on the 5th of october to the Sapphire studios and thought we would be pampered. We were ushered into a huge room which was being repaired and looked dirty and very unprofessional but we wanted to make the best of it. After 15 minutes total spend on hair and makeup for both of us I was quite dissapointed because I was pormised consultations but nothing like that happened. I had to go and ask what will come next as no one really paid any attention to us after half an hour spent with a rude photographer we were quickly ushered to another room were the sale lady was awaiting. She did a great job in saling the photos and me and my friend decided to buy 10 each, she said she will give us all the photos for free anyway becuase she could bother less then to pick only the ten and that she will include two free prints. Little did we know that she included all those into the contract that I have signed because I have not had the chance to check it to see what was actually written on it. Stupid now I know but I thought there was no harm as the price of 83£ was on the paper. The total amount coming to 1000£ paid across a year. Of course we went back to cancel the contract after we've realized what happened but she told us she can't. I am not so skilled in arguments and so we left. Now it looks like they will get awya with another fraud. I am going to post them on Watchdog too.

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14994hitachi capital [leeds]
Total claims:3
Cowboy Company! »06/12/201006/12/20101
I am absolutely disgusted by the treatment I have received by Hitachi Capital in the past few days, not only have they threatened me with court and additional fees, they have used bully tactics in attempt to scare me and ordered me to pay the full balance immediately (Which I do not have 19 days before Christmas) and made me feel like a crook.
I have a perfect credit report, I pay all my bills every month and have not defaulted once.

I bought a sofa from DFS in September 2009 with the understanding of 'Pay nothing for 1 year', little did I know I would be ordered to pay £1333.88 or be taken to court.
One year later, I have been expecting the amount of £33 to be debited from my account, once I realised that this was not the case, I contacted Hitachi Capital, I was advised that I was being passed through to the 'correct' department.
Little did I know that I was being passed through to the litigations team.
I was ringing to find out a) why the payment did not come out of my account and b) to pay the outstanding amount to bring me back up to date with the payments.
The man I was talking to, called Mr Scott said to me 'I dont think you quite understand how serious this matter is Miss Trivett, you dont owe £66 to bring the account up to date, you HAVE to pay £1333.88 before 4.30pm today or it will be passed to a solicitor and you will be taken to court and will incur court fees.
Baffled by this as I was unaware that I was talking to the litigation team, I asked Mr Scott why the payments did not come out of my account.
He advised that it shows on their report that the direct debit was cancelled.
I contacted my bank twice and was advised that Hitachi Capital have not been in contact with HSBC and no payment mandate had been setup by Hitachi capital for them to take the money out.
I contacted Mr Scott and advised the above, he told me it was irrelevant because they have on their report that the direct debit had been cancelled.
I contacted Citizens advise and they advised to contact Trading Standards for unfair treatment.
Trading Standards advised that the onus was on Hitachi Capital to set the payment mandate up and I was to go through the complaints procedure to take the matter further.
When I contacted Hitachi to discuss this, I told them that they had not set up the payment mandate and if they had, we would not be having this conversation and the payments would of been made to date, I was then told 'DO NOT TRY AND PUT THE ONUS ON US AIMEE, THIS IS YOUR PROBLEM NOT OURS'
My father contacted Hitachi Capital on my behalf as he has more of an understanding of this situation and knows how to deal with these people and he was advised by Ifran who is apparantly the supervisor, that he can take 25% off the outstanding balance but will not remove the charges for the letters that we did not receive.

Every time I call Hitachi Capital, they tell me something different, one person told me 3 letters were sent, another said 5 and another said 7 all in the space of 3 working days.
Another adviosr was adamant that they could not clarify what bank details the direct debit was setup to take the payments out of but Mr Scott was able to give me that information, and as it turned out was the correct information.
I done everything correctly on my behalf to the point of giving the correct bank details but Hitachi Capital failed to set the payments mandate their end.

Once again, I contacted HSBC and they once again advised that there is nothing on record for the past year related to Hitachi Capital and they have not once made contact with them.
Hitachi Capital have asked for proof of this which I am waiting for from HSBC but Hitachi Capital are refusing to get the same information for me as they also bank with HSBC. They are relying on their internal system reports.

I have now been given until 6pm tomorrow to pay the outstanding balance.
We asked to put the account on hold as the account is in dispute while we wait for written proof from HSBC as requested but Hitachi Capital have refused and will proceed to take me to court if payment isnt received by 6pm tomorrow.

This is a cowboy company and from what I have read above, it is a common issue regarding this same company, they appear to not be taking the payment out of customers accounts and accusing them of not paying on time, breaching the contract thus paying additional fees and charges.

I am not prepared to pay the outstanding amount minus the 25% as it was an error on Hitachi Capitals behalf, not mine!

I feel it is unethical and unfair treatment, I obliged to pay to bring the account up to date but Hitachi Capital will not let me.
There is just no reasoning with this company!

This is the scam of the century...they can take me to court!

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Total claims:5
Worst Company In The World »05.01.201105/01/20111
I stupidly decide to go onto Loan Centre web page and go through the details.
They were ever so kind to take £45 out of my account for a finders fee for a service that I don't want to use.
The are quite happy to take the money out of my account but having liased with them for the last 3 days by email. They keep trying to tell me what a wonderful company they are and what they can offer me but they seem very unwilling to give me my money back.
The agent who emailed back was rather sarcastic in the regards that all the information was in a big orange box and I would have known exactly what I was doing.
I have called the number that a couple of people have left on the website, it begins 0844 and this specifically for the loan centre and I have left a pleasant but curt message that I expect a callback within a 24 hour period otherwise I will be taking this further.
£45 may not be a lot of money to them but it is to some of us and by that I mean me.
I have never been so hacked off and disgusted with the service of a company until I dealt with Loan Centre. I would advise all friends and family who need a loan to avoid them like the plague.
I will update if I have heard anything but I really don't have any faith what so ever and feel that I have been robbed.
If anyone from the loan centre reads this...... contact me ASAP otherwise I will be taking this to the financial ombudsman and I know that you will be the one who has to pay out for a claim.

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Total claims:2
fraudulent company »03/12/201026/01/20111
bought uggs from what i assumed was a british company at the beginning off dec 2010, was told they would arrive mid dec, then end off dec, then beginning off january, then mid jan. when i finally told them 'enough, refund please, or i would be reporting them', within a couple off hours they then told me they had been delivered and signed for. Not to me they hadn't), i told them that and this must be a con as they would have the signature, which they would,t supply. when i finally got a tracking number and even further searching for the supposed courier service '' i found the had been sent from xiamen, returned to seller by customs, posted again on 16/12/2010, Droitwich on 10 jan delivered 15 jan. ( has now said she will post another pair. lol

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16541online clock company
Total claims:2
item out ofstock »08/02/201108/02/20111
Ipurchased the clock - they aadvise out of stock.

Their terms & conditions advise when this happens I am entitled to a full refund -

There is no way to ask them for a full refund as they do not reply to e-mails and their cutomer services telehpone number advises they are unable to take calls.

Ihave contacted Sage Pay who processed the payment - they only advise they only deal with reputable companies - clearly they aren't interested.

This company are a nightmare.

Iwant my money back.

more details »

17758we approve ltd
Total claims:21
this company have taken 67.79 out of my bank account unauthorized »30/03/201230/03/20111
This company have taken money out of my bank account without my authorization. And I would like them to pay it back.

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18017Xavier & Sons Limited [Redditch]
Total claims:1
"Phoenix" of failed company »January 201106/04/20111
This appears to be a classic "Phoenix" - although the registered office is given as Royal House, Market Place, Redditch B98 8AA, the address on for the new company is the same as that for Xavier Footwear Limited, which has gone into liquidation owing tens of thousands of pounds in debts. We await details from the liquidators to find out what happened to the assets (if any) of the failed company, but it looks as though the new company, incorporated just a few weeks before Xavier Footwear Limited went bust (there's a surprise!) bought the remaining stock and assets from the old one at a knockdown price before it did.

At that time, the old company was facing at least one County Court claim for producing orthopaedic shoes that were completely unfit for purpose.

One can only conjecture about the quality of the products being produced by the new company (at least one director being the person who produced the shoes subject of the claim against the old one)... :(

more details »

19804Perfect-Company [n/a]
Total claims:1
Perfect-Company Scam »16th & 28th March 2011 16/06/20111
My Story is very similar to everyone else's. I had lost my job and needed some money to keep a roof over my head. I saw the add in the local newspaper, researched them on the internet, phoned them up & paid the basic registration fee of £295.00. After a lot of pressure from them, I paid them another £700.00 to join the 'Elite Division', which was given to me at a 'discount price' I was told there was a client interested in my details and he would pay me £8000 for being his companion on 10 occasions. Since then, they have not phoned me once, I have phoned them repeatedly and they always have some or other excuse as to why I haven't been booked for an event.

Its now 3 months later and I just want my money back.

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20215Rank Metal compnay Limited [Bedfordhire]
Total claims:1
UK based Company RANK METAL Company duped us by using bankruptcy filing »3.6.201119/07/20111
Here is how UK based Company RANK METAL Company duped us by using bankruptcy filing :

This is Daylight Robery. Rank metal and AMIT KUMAR systematically planned and took advances from

companies in India and abroad. and Then went ahead and filed bankruptcy ! Some Justice this.

Amit Kumar Narang, Rank metal Company U K Is a Fraud, Cheater, scam artist, duped money, and is a

dishonest Metal dealer.

Amit Kumar Narang and his Rank Metal Company swallowed our 23,000 USD paid to them as an advance
for delivery of Aluminium Scrap.

The advance was paid to them as 20% Advance on Contract to supply Aluminium Scrap. Amit Kumar
Narang and his company did not supply the aluminium scrap and did not refund the money paid to
them as advance.

Instead of paying our money back they filed for Bankruptcy and swallowed all our advance money.

A Contract was signed with the Rank Metal company and Our company for supply fo 64 MT Aluminum

Extrusion Scrap.

1. On 2nd June They mentioned that We need to send 20% Advance within 2 days so that

Aluminium Scarp as Contracted can be procured and shipped Immediately.

2. We sent Advance of 20 % ( USD 22806 ) by Wire Transfer TT on 2.6.2011 and It was

confirmed by them on 3.6.2011.

3 . We Have followed up several times on Phone and email for Delivery of 63 MT Aluminium Scrap as


4. They Mentioned on email dt 28 June That Material is Scheduled to be Loaded in that week.

5. We called Them several Times in Bankok, Their Office in UK as well as on his Cellphone.

So Far they have not sent us any Intimation regarding Loading or Shipment of the Material as


And Now we came to know that They filed for Bankruptcy liquidation.

And Their Lawyers (
Robert McIlroy 00 44 20 7495 2348.) now say Money can not be returned !

Publication Date: Wednesday, 6 July 2011
Notice Code: 2442
(Company Number 06474727)
Allan House, 10 John Princes Street, London W1G 0AH
Units B&C Ronald Close, Woburn Road Industrial Estate, Kempston, Bedfordshire MK42 7SH

they also had other people : Carol Putland Vijay Goel , RJP SECRETARIES LIMITED AMICORP (UK)
SECRETARIES LIMITED ALL of these people are equally responsible for this Fraud and duping money

from businesses.

We have Proof of our Contracts and Money sent to them.

We want our Money back from these scamsters.

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21364sellcars-uk ltd t/a [wokingham]
Total claims:1
no payment-company ceased trading »29/9/1106/10/20111
Sold car to online car buying company sellcars-uk ltd t/a for £3875 and car collected 29/9/11 with bacs payment to follow within 3-5 days. Telephoned company 5/10/11 to chase up payment and greeted with answerphone message stating that company had ceased trading and customers, debtors, creditors, etc would be contacted by insolvency team in due course.
According to insolvency service, insolvency register and companies house (5/10/11)no insolvency for company or any of directors. Also no paperwork pending requesting insolvency.

more details »

Total claims:45
scam company »April, May, June30/06/20121
I bought an electric toothbrush For £1 to enter a competition. I have never received the toothbrush and this company retained my debit card details and debited my bank account for £45 in April, May and June. I have contacted my bank who have put a stop to this but I want my £135 RETURNED to my bank account as I can ill afford to be ripped off by some scam company.

more details » [stockport]
Total claims:2
application on aloan i have not recieved »july 201109/09/20111
i applied online for a personal loan to consolodatemy debts as i struggled through my maternity period. i applied online and recieved a phone call telling me i had been accepted but needed to pay £69.99. i proceeded to argue with the lady that call me as why i had to pay and weatehr this loan was real and i had been excepted, i refused to pay the amount and see went to speak to her supervisor who said that i could pay £40.00 on that day and i was to log into the online service and that would give me everything i needed to continue with the process i paid for. i receieved an email throught the site to say i had been declined i asked for a refund as they had not produced the loan.

more details »

Total claims:6
Company Took money with out my authorisation or knowledge »30/09/1103/10/20111
EPM POWER-SEARCH TV from Mauritius, claimed £67.70 without my knowledge or authorisation.

I am furious that this happened and will be speaking to my bank customer service tommorow morning.

more details »

21658 [Leeds]
Total claims:1
Scam company - Took the money never got anything back from them »04/07/201124/10/20111
I have bought Food Allergy Test on 04/07/2011 for £300 and they said with 28 days you will get your results back. and now been over 3 months nothing.

I have called them no one answer the phone.
I have written letters no one replies.

Their address is just post box so you don't know where they based and how run the company.

I have done company search nothing with this name comes up.

Be aware this company will take your money and you will never get anything back.

more details » [London]
Total claims:1 DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY »27 June 201103/01/20121
Bought "Take That" tickets as a gift for my sister in October 2010. The Concert was on 27th June 2011. took my money and then avoided any form of contact. I rang them, emailed them and I even got the hairdresser who worked next door to go into there office and ask them to ring me.... Nothing. Tickets never ever arrived. I lost money on Hotel rooms that were booked for the concert. Luckily ticketuk weren't big enough to argue with Barclaycard and I got my money back for the tickets. However they never compensated me for the Hotel rooms I had to pay for or the disappointment of everyone thinking they had tickets to a sold out Concert. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY AND THEN HIDE. I have googled them and other people have had similar experiences.

more details »

22298cashone finance [london]
Total claims:4
dont fall for this company they take advantage of vulnerable people »28/11/1130/11/20111
i was in desperate need of a loan an dcame across this company called CASHONE FINANCE.
they have blatently taken 2 payments from me reassuring me its a real loan procedure.
please do not fall for this company as they are fraudsters and gurantee you they have made millions from doing this.
i hope i get a full refund and asap as i am a struggling single mother of two!!

if i could i would go to their office but i guess there is no office!!!

they cant speak english either well and they hassle you and verbally push you to go ahead with this getting a loan also they are very convincing.

more details »

23800loans for you of london monks brooks
Total claims:4
Scam loan company »17 february 201221/02/20121
i made a loan application online, i then got a call from LOANS FOR YOU advising thati had passed thrier application process and can get a loan of £1000. they advised that i had to pay an processing fee of 29.50 and the funds would be transfered to my account. they have taken the processing fee from my account and i still have not received the £1000 iapplied for. i have called the number that was provided to me 08444937606 and i just keep getting an autamated service that tells youhold because advisors are buy but i have been on hold for 1 hour and no answer.

more details »

23937SIPit Scotland / SIP Construction Company [TIM ALLAN / GLASGOW]
Total claims:3
Defrauded by kit building maunafacturer »2/12/1101/03/20121

1.We commissioned Tim Allan, Managing Director of SIPit Scotland, to design, supply and erect a kit for our self build eco-house project on Gigha in 2010.
2.The SIP kit contract was for c.£54,000 with the SIP Construction Company.
3.We had been conducting all our business with SIPit Scotland up to contract signing. This company ceased trading in 2008 but Mr Allan was still using this name. The website still uses this trading name. His email addresses used this company name. His SIP Panel supplier (SBS) also uses this name on its website as a ‘partner company’.
4.He provided a plausible explanation when this was queried.
5.We paid 10% for design of the kit package – basically a series of engineering drawings. This allowed us to secure a Building Warrant in June 2010 and we commenced substructure works.
6.We were approached by Mr Allan at the end of January 2011 seeking the first stage payment of c.£21,000, although we were not ready. He explained that he had five customers, similarly delayed by the weather and would have a lot of pressure of work if we all wanted the kits constructed at the same time. By paying the instalment early the kit would be made up and stored for us on an adjacent site, wrapped in plastic. The kit was never made.
7.Continuing wet weather meant we did not complete the substructure ready for house kit erection until October 19th 2011.
8.We then arranged three kit deliveries and the build in two phases. We arranged accommodation for the build crew who were to accompany the first kit delivery.
9.Mr Allan visited on 2nd November to check substructure and kit delivery. He took phone photographs of the access and some very basic wall measurements
10.I was again led to believe the kit was made and stored as per the stage payment in March and ready to be transported, except for some of the fillets. We wanted the kit transported immediately but Mr Allan made an excuse that the sections would have to be arranged in construction sequence for delivery and the phased build. We discussed build details – e.g. he wanted to be able to drill into the concrete floor during erection to support walls if it got windy.
11.He then presented us with another invoice for the next stage payment of c.£16,000 which was to cover delivery and the first phase of erection.
12.Mr Allan was impossible to contact over the next few weeks and we missed an obvious good weather window. He did not reply to queries and we spoke with Lesley Murray (sales assistant) in order to leave messages.
13.We got a date for the first kit delivery and booked the crew accommodation, but had to defer this due to bad weather. Then, and without prior notice, on 4th December in the evening I received an email telling me the kit was loaded and would he delivered the next morning.
14.The total delivery was of 25% of the kit. Major omissions were the steel strapping and angled fillets that would hold the roof on. The small roundhouse could not be erected without the missing components. The kit was freshly cut
15.We received a letter on 9th December dated 2nd December stating that SIP Construction Company had ceased trading with immediate effect. Our kit was actually delivered after the company had ceased trading.
16.The Company had no assets and an application to have the company struck off the register was to be made.
17.The missing elements of the kit are approximately £32,000. We contacted Mr Allan and Mr Tait to seek clarification and when the rest of the kit could be collected. The kit does not exist. It was not made.
18.We have received no communication from Mr Allan at all, again contrary to Companies Law.
19.Companies House have dismissed complaints on procedural grounds but have not compelled Mr Allan to comply with due process for example provide notifications to creditors.
20.Companise House investigators will not tell a complainant whether they follow up a complaint or provide any feedback on the results of any investigation. They are entirely unanswerable.
21.This first company was put into compulsory liquidation by HMRC. That company had been trading whilst insolvent (information from previous business partner) . According to the rules the liquidator should have reported to Companies House that he was not a fit person to be a Director.
22.The Police claim that the deceptions involved are not criminal, despite our circumstances exactly matching the criteria for fraud under Scottish Law.
23.We have lost a substantial part of our life savings and are left with a building site and no home and no way of securing funds to replace the lost £32,000.
Further information at
Website at

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23962WWW.YOUR-MONEY.TV CD [worksop]
Total claims:3
Never dealt with this company and they have my card details »01/03/201203/03/20121
Upon checking my online banking today I can see that there is an entree of WWW.YOUR-MONEY.TV CD for the sum of £59.99.

I have not given anyone my card details on the 1st of March I was working all day. I have spoken to my bank today and they have said they will sue.

I ant this refunded into my bank immediately and I want to find out exactly how they have managed to get my card details. I want to press criminal fraud charges.

I am very unhappy

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25005loans plus more
Total claims:36
fee taken, never even heard of company! »10/05/201210/05/20121
Loans Plus More took £69 out of my account this morning, I'd never even heard of the company before nevermind applied for a loan with them!

more details » [Birmingham]
Total claims:6
Dont book your driving test with this company »26th April 201221/05/20121
I Googled booking your driving test on line and this company are the first in the list to come up so I assumed they were the DSA, Paid £78 which is £62 for the test and £16 for a retest which was confirmed in an email to me. Daughter failed so rang DSA to rebook only to be told I had booked through a third party so went back on to website to book retest but found I couldnt and could not ring this company either. Emailed them as I thought I would be able to scan a copy of the fail sheet as it has an examiners number on it but despite the website saying the can book things quickly its not true as was told I had to post the original fail sheet to them. Doesnt tell you they are not afiliated to the DSA on the screen I used to book the test on, in fact the website is pretty basic. Asked for a refund and was told its company policy not to give a refund but it doesnt say this on the website either. Was also told they have pass protection and terms and conditions but again nothing on their website about this so asked them to send me the details about the refund policy, pass protection scheme and terms and conditions but have not had a reply. Person who sent emails to me was very rude and would not give me their name or the name of anyone to complain to and 26 emails later they now refuse to reply. Have now had to pay £62 for the test direct to DSA. Only a small amount lost but the company need to be more transparent as they dont say you have to return the original test sheet anywhere on their website and they dont provide any terms and conditions.

more details » (Enhance Financial Services Ltd) [Macclesfield]
Total claims:9
On checking my bank account on 22/05/12 this company has taken £69.99 from my account without my consent and leaving me overdrawn! I had used another online loan company and my details have been passed to this crooked company...They operate a scam which enables them to debit your account without your permission.

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Total claims:1

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25970embroidered image [Blackpool]
Total claims:6
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY »21 June10/07/20121
We are a large motorcycle riding club and having recently lost our local embroiders decided to give Embroidered Image a try. We asked them to provide a single patch as a tester for us. Unbeknown to them, if the patch and service would have been of good quality then they would have secured a bulk of our business.

Having ordered a patch on the 21st June 2012 there website says "Providing your logo meets our requirements, our design team will manufacture your logo for your approval within 3 days". The three days come and go and no phone call or email, so we answer just a voicemail....we leave a message for them to call us back.....nothing. It is now the 10th July and we have tried ringing them numerous times without getting someone to answer the phone and have also sent them e-mail messages either via there contact page or by our own systems and yep you guessed it NOTHING!!

Trading standards have been contacted and surprise surprise they already have a file on this company. My advice is to stay well clear of this company and go somewhere else. It's just a shame that you unfortunately only find sites like this AFTER you have been burnt!

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26106Hongkong Kinglone Elec-Tech Co Ltd [Guangzhou / Shenzhen / Hong KOng]
Total claims:1
Scammers/ Cheat company of micro sd business »may 15th 201220/07/20121
I just was scammed too by Hongkong Kinglone Elec-Tech Co., Ltd they used the plan to use brand cards and under value invoice and then they told me that goods had been caught by HK customs, i ordered 5, 000 pcs micro sd after get a sample order and check quality. They made me wait a lot of time and then said that got out the good and resend to me.
now they sent 5, 000 pcs of cards defective, fake and cheat, only 12, 5mb capacity.
They don`t want to replace the goods or refund my money, they are scammers, cheaters and thieves.
Please everyone around the world don`t make business with Hongkong Kinglone Elec-Tech Co Ltd this is a FRAUD company they are scammers...

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Total claims:12
susan penders »1/8/201202/08/20121
it is utterly discusting taking money without permission i didnt even apply i want my money put back in my account

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28589Book Your driving test online
Total claims:2
Never book with this company - Scam »28.02.1306/03/20131
This company are an absolute joke - do not book with them.

Firstly, they will only give you a retest if you fail on minors only. Which means that you will have to have failed on 16 minors, generally its fair to say if you fail with that many minors, there will be a major involved... that is of course if you ever actually get a test.

My sister booked her test through this company based on the fact that you could get the retests and this was appealing, as soon as I found out she had done this I researched the company and its rules and cancelled the booking within 7 days by email (and post) as per their T&C's.. No confirmation of cancellation ever arrived nor a refund.

I then agreed that I would pay for her test through the official website and once she had claimed her money back from the bank, she would repay me. So we booked and confirmed a test through the DSA... still with no correspondence from book your test online... a week later we get a confirmed date from book your driving test for over 200 miles away and 3 months later than asked for... another week later I receive a refund from the DSA with no email/letter advising why. I call them to talk about it and basically this scam of a company had used my sisters details to cancel her booking, then re-book it under their own name at the exact same time and date and pass it off as their own booking (presumably because we had cancelled it and advised the bank) So we had been refunded by the DSA and they had paid for our booking. This was a new low even to the helpful DSA advisor I was speaking to, who was adamant at the beginning that I had never made the booking and the third party had.

I had the DSA confirm the date, forward the email to me and put a note that no one was to make amendments but my sister to the booking.

All in all my sister lost £26.00 which we can deal with but many will never get a date or get any money back. Please do not deal with them. Always go direct through the DSA.

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28668Keith Spicer’s Tea
Total claims:4
Keith Spicer Company Cheats People »4-01-201313/03/20131
Shame on you Keith Spicer. They did fraud with me. I became concerned after the following incident: Getting ready for a trip, I put a few tablespoons of Keith Spicer’s Orange Label tea in a plastic baggie and left it on my kitchen counter to answer the door. When I returned, my kitten was frantically trying to open the bag--behavior that he only exhibits when offered fishy treats. So, what is going on? The ingredients list only tea and maltodextrin.

Not only has the Old England tea not been the usual flavour - The last 4 100 count boxes have had over half the bags just fall apart when the hot water hits them in the cup and I can't believe that I pay top dollar for your tea bags. Keith Spicer boasts of a hundred things that put their tea brands in bright light but the reality is far from it. I'll be beyond ** off if this next - & maybe my last time I buy your tea bags & they have no flavor & fall apart as well. I will not only buy a different tea but I will buy a different brand all together! I know that the only thing I'm going to hear from anyone - if anything - about this complaint is a standard e-mail: we got your complaint letter & someone will be in touch with you soon. Yeah, that's not good enough so I will copy this complaint & re-post it back here every day & sending it to your headquarters as often as possible until you all make this right! This is just the saddest thing ever, that you all think you can not only change the taste of the tea - & not for the better - but that you all think that selling me - US - crappy quality tea bags is acceptable. Neither is acceptable! I'm beyond saddened by your company's actions.

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30196Katsea Financial Solutions (QUIDFINDER.NET) [Katsea Financial Solutions (QUIDFINDER.NET)]
Total claims:1
REFUND - NO RESPONSE!!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY »10/06/201419/06/20141
I went online to request a short term loan. I was redirected to this website and at the end of submitting all my information it requested a payment of £67.88 to enable me access the loans available to me. To be honest, I thought they were a direct lender!! There was a script to say that the money would be taken from my account within the next (I think it was 40 days) and it would not be taken from my account immediately. There was also an option for this to come from my account on my next payday, which I ticked. I was shocked to discover that the company took the fee from my bank account immediately. This was completely unexpected and emptied my bank account, leaving me penniless. I phoned the company immediately and all the representative said was that I needed to request a refund via my online account and said that I should have read the terms and conditions. The next thing was although I requested a refund online, I was then asked to provide this in WRITING - TO DATE I HAVE NOT HAD ANY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FROM THIS COMPANY REGARDING MY REFUND REQUEST. A follow up email was sent again this morning. WARNING DO NOT USE. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT THESE COMPANYS. IT IS THEFT if you never consented to them taking the money from your account before an agreed date (which I clearly specified). Complete rip off and this has left me worse off than before I was looking for a loan!!!!!! NOTHING but added FINANCIAL stress. Absolute joke of a company. IF I DO NOT RECEIVE ANY RESPONSE WITHIN THE NEXT 24 HOURS I WILL BE TAKING THIS MATTER FURTHER.

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48B & Q [Warrington]
Total claims:6
Possibly the worst DIY company »200706/08/20080
Having read some of the archived comments about the B&Q service received by other customers, I was keen to add my own comments regarding the ongoing saga of my bathroom installation.

The story so far....
February 2007 - visit local B&Q store to arrange a home design consultation. Agree date for consultant to visit. 5 minutes before due to arrive, receive call from store saying consultant has phoned in sick - arrange another date for a visit. No show from the consultant, storm down to the store where I am told "oh yes, he's let someone else down today as well". Arrange another date with a different consultant. Consultant arrives!!! Happy with design, place order, fitting will be within 12 weeks (in retrospect I should have seen the warning signs at this point). Agree finance - details will follow in the post.

March - no information received in the post. Visit store to ensure finance is OK and order has been placed. Everything OK, expect a call from the Installation Centre.
Wait a couple of weeks, no call from installation centre, call 0845 number - order is OK, expect a call from the fitter for prefit survey
Delivery company want to arrange delivery - how can I without an installation date?

April - no call from fitter, phone 0845 number - don't worry fitter will be in touch. Still no call, phone installation centre - fitter has decided he doesn't want job, new fitter assigned. No news from new fitter, call installation centre - he's lost the paper work, this is resent and he will be in touch.

May - further calls to installation centre to chase up fitter. Finally have prefit survey, installation will be 24th July (16 weeks after initial order). Installation centre will be in touch to confirm delivery.

June - store want to arrange delivery, arrange suitable date

July - call to installation centre to confirm delivery, waiting on paperwork, but someone will phone me back. Follow up call to installation centre, bath hasn't been sent off for jetting and won't be back in time for installation, fitting will now be 16th October.

Having not received the promised phone call from a team leader today, to discuss extending my finance agreement (I refuse to pay before it is fitted and current agreement runs out in August) and to make a formal complaint, I called the installation centre again. No-one available to talk to me, will call back tomorrow.......

One way or another the saga will end - either I will get the service I require, or the order will be cancelled and I'll try again with another company. Never again!!

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58Cencion Communications [Manchester]
Total claims:12
Cencion - company info »200806/08/20080
See these files for information in Cencion - they are based in Manchester.
Avoid them!

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292Media Burst [Manchester]
Total claims:6
Company started in deception »200519/09/20080

This companys success is based on lies and deception and Gepoff Wilkinson (the current owner) is the most untrustworthy, disgusting human being there is.

In 2005, i came up with the idea for MedaiBurst, and spent a whole year working 12 hours a day, travelling the UK and spending huge amounts of money in order to get the company set up and ready for launch - but as soon as the day came to make the first deal - Geoff Wilkinson cut me of the deal, leaving me seriously out-of-pocket and totally used.

Whats worse, is that, at the time, Geoff was my girlfriends father and he knew that i had just been ripped off by other cheating business partners. Even under those circumstances, he used my intelligence and hard work to set up MediaBurst and then ripped it away from under me. I want his company and anyone who does business with them to know that a cold-hearted, evil, money-grabbing man is running the company

For the sake of justice, stay away from this company.


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224BMI & BMI Baby
Total claims:7

We booked return tickets 6 weeks ago on the site from Manchester to Bordeaux, 4th-8th Sep 08. We were going to drive from Edinburgh to Manchester to catch the flight but two weeks ago decided to fly. We booked the Manchester to Edinburgh flight with as well. Two days ago BMI emailed us. The flight from Bordeaux would now be leaving 4hrs55mins later than originally booked. Our Manchester to Edinburgh connecting flight would now be leaving before we arrived in Manchester. I phoned to ask for a refund for both flights. BMI said the Bordeaux flight (our first flight) was booked with a different company and as such could not refund our Manchester to Edinburgh flight (the connecting flight). Turns out the flybmi website transferred us to BMI Baby to book the Bordeaux flight (the one that was now 5 hours late). Would you believe it they are separate airlines!!!!! ‘COMPLETELY DIFFERENT' they say. Because the flybmi website redirected the flight inquiry for Bordeaux to another company entirely (BMI Baby) without my partner being aware, she had booked with two different Airlines, a fatal error with connecting flights. There was no apology no concern, just unbelievable arrogance and unwillingness to consider that they might have some responsibility for the confusion by redirecting unsuspecting customers. They offered a credit note for the delayed flight, but no refund as the flight had to be delayed by 5:00 hours (our delay 4hours 55 only 5 minutes under). How convenient for them and bad luck for us. No refund or credit for our connecting BMI flight from Manchester to Edinburgh, now unusable - £140.00 clear profit for BMI. We also have the stress/cost of arranging new flights with Easyjet, from Bordeaux to Edinburgh. Ha ha, I wonder if Easyjet might transfer us to Ryanair or other completely different Airline if they can't help. Can just hear them now,

"We do have your flights listed on our website but we don't actually fly there. How about we zoom you over to our good friends website (you probably wont even notice) that has a similar name and is linked to our website, (and if you have a customer query or complaint it can even transfer calls between the ENTIRELY DIFFERENT customer services departments). You can now go ahead and book with an entirely different Airline, and if something goes wrong, hey, sure you won't mind but we take NO RESPONSIBILITY because you were daft enough to not realize that the two Airlines are ENTIRELY DIFFERENT and when we sent you to an entirely different Airlines website you failed to read the warning that said, YOU ARE NOW BOOKING A FLIGHT WITH AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT AIRLINE AND THE CONNECTING FLIGHT THAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO BOOK WILL BE LOST IF YOUR CONNECTING FLIGHT IS DELAYED OR CANCELLED. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR HARD EARNED CASH AND WE DON'T CARE.

BMI AND BMI Baby have treated us with contempt. I expect they think that we have no voice and that they can get away with it. Well, they possibly can, but as long as I am able, I will persue this until I get some satisfactory service. Sure we are not alone. Post a reply with your experience, am interested. I hope this helps you see how idiotic BMI and BMI Baby are and highlights the appalling customer neglect we have suffered, they have stupid systems in place to get your hard earned cash, then simply tell you to get lost.  Put some pressure on them to sort out their systems and customer care and offer us a full refund and an apology.



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299Blooming Britain
Total claims:2
Blooming awful company »21 September 2008e01/10/20080

I ordered some flowers from Blooming Britain to be delivered to my sister for her birthday. I placed the order on the 21 September to be delivered on the 23 September, i received email notification of this when i placed my order. 
On the 23 September my sister did not  get the flowers I had ordered and paid for. I tried to call the number on the website but got no answer, I then emailed to find out why. I received the following email .
" Dear customer,
Thank you for your mail, sometimes recipients are not in or not around
to accept our flower order.
In this case the bouquet is usually left safe or with a neighbour, if
this is not the case after you have checked with the recipient, please
email us back.
Then we can send out your flower gift again, with our apologies they
did not arrive first time.
Thank you"

I then sent an email to say that I would like the flowers delivering the following day as I had checked several times with my sister and they had not arrived. There was no card left to say where the flowers may have been left as is usual if the recipient is out.
I also said that if they could not deliver I would appreciate a telephone call to say so and a FULL refund.  I also asked for a phone call to confirm that the flowers were to be delivered.  
I did not get either and nor did my sister get her flowers.
Later that day I called again, and spoke to a very rude lady who never once apologise for the poor service. She told me the flowers had been delivered, and basically made me feel that I was inconveniencing her with my call, I explained that I wanted a full refund which she promised i would get.  I wasn't not  convinced that she would arrange either so later that day I sent the following email, which I assume you as the manager did not get.   
"To the manager
Please can you confirm that my card has been refunded for the flowers my sister did not receive. I was told yesterday by "Liddy" after making a complaint that this would happen.
I would like confirmation that I will be refunded in full" 
Thank you       

I got no refund, and still my sister received no flowers.
Today (Monday 29 Sept ) I received an email which looked like it had been sent by a child ,   It was address as you can see to "Dear YOU customer"   
Dear you customer,
Thank you for your query. Please contact us on 0800 804 6660 between 9am and 3pm to discuss this matter further.

Thanking you

The Flower Team"
I called back and spoke to "Liddy" who went to show the type of company ther are with her "sparkling personality". I am not surprised that they took my money and not delivered the service.  
I was SO mad with her by the way she spoke to me, I have worked in customer service myself for many years and have been faced with a lot of angry customers but I have been trained on how to deal with them - you listen , then you apologise then you do your very best to rectify the situation- these are the basic rules. 
I told her I had spoken to her last week and she tutted and sighed, I told her I had asked for a Full refund for the flowers I had ordered , which I had not got , the response I got was "well you better check your bank account again" I told her I had, and there was no refund made. She asked for my sisters address which I gave and spelt out for her in case of any mistake and she replied "I can spell and I can see thank you I am not stupid". 

She continued to sigh and be sarcastic and just the most awful person I have ever dealt with, and eventually gave up and put me on to a "young" man who was lightly more patient and understanding- he apologised several times and when I asked why I had not been refunded he said "someone forgot". I asked to speak to the manager and was told the manager was out and that I could call back if I wanted. (He should have really asked the manager to call me back as I had suffered so much inconvenience). He promised to send me an email to confirm the refund would be made, and guess what .... I have had no email and STILL NO REFUND.
All I wanted from the start was a refund for the flowers. . I have never once had a genuine apology or an attempt to rectify this the situation has  simply got worse. I dont know what happened to the flowers, to be truthful I no longer care, if I had had a decent explanation, and an apology and this dealt with properly I would have been more than happy.

I have emailed them today (1 October) , adressing the complaint to the manager, but I am sure I will not get a reply.

Get these people OFF The internet they are nothing but thiefs

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319Robert Owen Marine
Total claims:1
Dont ever use this company »200620/10/20080
In 2006, i bought a brand new SeaRay 195 Sport for over £30,000 - and as i was planning on moving away from the sea within 6 months, i asked to have a 'buy-back' agreement in place. Madog Boat Sales agreed to this and promised that they would buy it back from me if i wanted them to, so long as it was within 6 months.

Sure enough, i did want to sell the boat back to them after 6 months but they broke the agreement and refused to buy it back. After legal threats, they stated that they were in financial difficulties and that they could only offer me just over £15,000 (for a boat that was worth £30k+ just 6 months prior!)

Needless to say i refused to sell it at such a ridiulous price and had to keep it. The boat had been nothing but trouble - Madog (contact Ian) falied to fix the boat once within its warranty period and when i went round there to question the management, they locked the door and would not let me in.

After taking the boat to a proper SeaRay dealer in the South of England, i found out that the boat was not brand new when i bought it and it had been fitted with the wrong prop by the previous owner which has been causing all the problems.

This company do not adhere to the warranty they give you and sell second hand boats as brand new. Steer clear.

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10472Mobile Phones - Bad Experience? Tv Company Wants You !!
Total claims:1
TV Company Wants You To Tell Your Story »Past and Present12/01/20100



Here at CanYouTrustThem, we have been approached by a prominent Tv Channel who is producing a programme on bad consumer experiences and about the fact that consumers do not complain effectively to get the desired results.

The Producer has asked me to invite people to tell their story of complaints against mobile phone and mobile broadband companies.

It may be that because of their poor service or faulty equipment, you wanted to cancel your contract but they refused and threatened you with debt collection companies and solicitors.

Some of you may even have had the letters from these debt collection companies or even knocking on your door as one of my clients had experienced.

I have already successfully sued a mobile phone/broadband company, on behalf of a client, had his contract cancelled and an amount in damages paid to him

If you would like to tell your story, and and possibly appear on the programme (expenses paid), then contact me here on my email:

Write a brief story on your bad experience and leave a contact number. I will be in touch.

These companies should not get away with it !!

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10475global visas [london]
Total claims:54






read the following post

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866the digital camera company [Kettering]
Total claims:1
camera equipment back pack »29 November 200810/02/20090

I ordered the bag on 29 Nov 2008, from the "digitalcamerashop" website, they confirmed it 30 Nov and took the payment from my bank account 2nd Dec. By the end of December I had not received it so contacted them via their contact page on the website  on 30 Dec'. They replied on 2nd Jan' 2009 saying they would chase the manufacturer (Lowepro) on Monday 5th Jan' when they're back at work. I have still not received the order or even a reply although have sent several messages using their contact page on the  digitalcamerashop website (email address unknown) and nobody ever answers the telephone 01536 510101, I have left messages on their answer phone leaving both my home and mobile numbers but to no avail. My latest move has been to send them a letter demanding a full refund under the Consumer protection (distance selling) Reg's 2000 but I doubt they will reply.

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Total claims:1
Scam Download Company »18th December 200820/12/20080

I recently joined this company to receive unlimited music and film downloads.  The software contained Trojans and all downloaded files were corrupted or a fiction.


I declared my unhappiness with the package within 12 hours of my membership and requested a full refund.


The company requested that I download more software at an extra cost, I was not prepared to do this and requested an immediate refund.


I have been recieving the same emails since with no sign of my refund.



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485Sorroco Direct Limited [Bury]
Total claims:56
found out too late the companys a scam »09/12/200822/12/20080

found out when it was too late, orderd a 32 inch tv on the 9th dec email back saying that order recieved but will have to wait 28 days for delivery, thaught nothing of it unto i tryd and tryd to get intouch with the company to find out exsactly how long it will take sent numerous emails and rang the company lots but no ansor, started researching on net about the company and found lots of forums claming that this company is a christmas scam and that no 1 can get intouch with the company and no has recieved any goods, im extreamly mad about this as this tv was a christmas prezzi for my parents and now i have no money to buy them anything elce!!! please someone help me clame my money back this has never ever happend to me b4 and i do not know how if i can claime my money back.

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683Onich Tech [London]
Total claims:3
Fake company »25 december 200821/01/20090

I ordered a digital camera Nikon D90 onthe website Onich Tech. After a confirmation mail from this company, I made an international payment of 525 € the 3rd january 09. And then, no more news, no camera and no more website.

I called the bank in London and asked my bank to ask a refund one week later. Fortunetaly, i got back the money (minus some fee) today the 21 january.

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701The White Teeth Company [Buckingham]
Total claims:1
Refund required »6/2/0822/01/20090

In February 2008 I wanted to have my teeth whitened.  I went to the White Teeth Company on recommendation from someone who hadn't actually used them.  My Therapist recommended two treatments which in fact cleaned my teeth, making them look lovely whilst in the treatment room and to maximise the look, I also had a third treatment to a total cost of £249. However despite taking all the necessary precations, the whiteness did not last beyond a couple of weeks and the therapist did a fourth and final treatment free of charge in view of this.  Whilst undertaking the fourth treatment, I pointed out to the therapist the damage to my front tooth which I believe I incurred during the earlier treatment process.  She couldn't/wouldn't confirm or deny this.  My dentist confirmed that my tooth had indeed encountered a trauma, however naturally was unable to say 100% whether it was due to this treatment as he hadn't seen the tooth immediately before.  I was completely disapointed with the results and on a friend's advice contacted the company to advise them of this.  They said that it doesn't work for everyone and sent me some Polar Gel.  The gel was to the value of £29.99 and cleaned my teeth far better than the laser process, however I could have obtained this myself and feel that I have been ripped off.  The representative I dealt with latterly was quite unhelpful and does not wish to do anything further to rectify the situation. I know that my teeth can be whitened as I had a very successful treatment over ten years ago and merely thought I was obtaining an updated process. It is now June 2011 and I have never heard back from them. My front tooth is hugely damaged and is going to have to be crowned.

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764workington bus company [workington]
Total claims:1
unknown »02/02/200902/02/20090

im really dissapointed, at the way i was spoke to when i got on the 10 past 10 bus at brierydale,salterbeck,workington.

i am disgraced at the way te operator of the bus spoke to me, im a poorly person, i passed the bus driver my 2 pound return ticket he looked at me and said the fares have gone up by 30 pence he then asked for the rest of the fare, i replied sorry i did nt know he then told me to get of the bus the whole point being there was no notices up anywhere and then getting thrown of the bus left me feeling very  humiliated and very let down on the way i was trreated, do they ave the right to humilate a  poorly person or a the right to be spoken to in that manner  n thrown of the bus it has made me think will i ever go back on the bus are they not trained to use politeness? im ashamed to say for one i dont think so and wold love an apology for some one has used there service for along time

ms a cannn

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870e2save [liverpool]
Total claims:4
dodgy mobiles and theiving company »13 december 200810/02/20090

i ordered a phone from e2save ,car phone ware house sister company , it came days late,then the day it was supposed 2 arrive, it hadnt even left the ware house.then it came anoter 4 days late.then it arrived broke.i sent it back,the same day my new 1 arrived, without a chip.i called, they said i needed 2 order 1 from 3.icalled 3, they said i need 2 go back 2 car phone warehouse,eventually 3 sent me 1. i used my phone for the 1st time 5th kept cuttin out, that was broke also,i called car phone, they said its the settings, call 3 mobile,i did they said it needs software call car phonewarehouse .i did they said take it to any of their shops ,it will take 10 mins to fix..i went to edge lane shop, yhey said they mis imformed me, only specialised shops have eingeners i went to city centre branch ,they said a few days, they wnted a 50 pound deposit for a loan phone i declined.i had no phone,i went bac a few days later, they said its gone to the manufactor i finally got it bac was using it and it began 2 go funny again,then 3 cut me off i,i explained to them, they kept cuttin me of, thery said i havnt paid the bills..i havent used it enough 2 pay bills,then i learn the car phone ware house had used my old details from a past account from 2 years ago and without consent taken money out fraudulentlyeven though they had my new banks details and the money was waiting...ive wrote a 6 pagge complaint,they offered me a refund if i can send my bill in to car phone ware house but i havnt had the bills sent out even though the 3 mobile insist they sent very fed up i dnt wan the phone , idnt wnt anything 2 do with the company,they broke the contract and violated my privacy and made fraudulent claims to 1 of my banks ,its cost me a small fortune in calls, ive incured bank charges and am very streesed please help many thanks i yusuf

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913Python Properties
Total claims:1
Python Properties -Fraudulent & deceptive company »9th February 200916/02/20090

This is a letter detailing my formal complaint for the issue regarding my previous tenancy at Flat 3 143 Marton Rd, TS1 2EA.

First I would like to begin by saying that prior to the letter I received on Friday 9th February I had no other correspondence from Python Properties since the conclusion of my contract in June 2008. The letter was threatening legal action in 7 days for an amount of £188.41 with no information as to what this sum regarded. On Monday I went into the office and the first question I asked the employee at the desk was "Is this a joke?" She rang the finance department upstairs whilst I was sat at the desk and told me that the amount was for excess usage of utilities, in other words Python were alleging that they were paying my bills even though they were arriving in my name and I was paying them every month, somehow mysteriously Python were also paying the same bills. I told her that was inaccurate as I paid all my utilities myself. She told me to put it in writing and I scribbled a very quick note detailing the situation I also asked for a copy of my contract to be attached to my letter which was done. I was told that I would get a call by the end of the week. That same day I went to the housing association where Tony rang Python on my behalf querying the situation at present and requesting that a statement of the charges be sent to me which never happened. He also asked that Jonathon the finance manager call me the following day with the name of the person I could complain to other than Python's head manager, which was the name we were given. This phone call never came so on Friday 13th November 2009 I went into the office and asked to see Jonathon, I was told that he was in a meeting and had been since 9am, it was now 11am. The employee instead of calling him which is the usual procedure went upstairs and took more than a matter of seconds to tell me that he was in a meeting, she said she would put a note on his chair and ask for him to call me. I asked her to call me when he was out of the meeting so that I could come back and she said she would. At 12pm I came back to the office and was told that he was still in a meeting. Then Sarah the office manager came over as I had asked for a copy of my contract and was querying what the words exclusive of utilities meant, just in case I was so incompetent to have misunderstood the contract I signed two years ago for a 1 bedroom property at £360 per month excluding utilities. She clarified that my contract did clearly state that bills were not included and said in such a calm, soft tone that sometimes the utility companies can take a long time getting back to Python with regards to arrears of old tenants, obviously explaining away the 8 month delay in this amount arising. As I had not spoken to Jonathon after a week I asked her to write on a piece of paper that I had come in to discuss the situation and that the court proceedings would be put on hold. She told me some story about being the office manager and not wanting to do it because of some vague reason that I don't remember. I was rather insistent and was given a headed paper from her that said that I had been in the office and was awaiting a call from Jonathon, however when I asked her to sign it she refused to do so. I left under the impression that I would be called that afternoon as I had been told by the staff. A call never came, so at 3.40pm I called the office and was put on hold for more than two minutes to be told he was in a meeting and would call on Monday, the same meeting he'd been in since 9am. I made my feelings very clear to the person on the other end of the phone, I told them that the whole situation was fraudulent, that they were running rings round me telling me that he was always in meetings. Basically treating me like an idiot. I wasn't being given a straight answer by anyone but being told I would get a call back and I made it very clear that I intended to seek legal action. This whole situation is an absolute joke, and the behaviour and reception I have received makes me know that everything is not above board, the fact that my calls were not being taken, and that calls were never made in front of me, but out of the ordinary the staff would go upstairs. Considering that I left the property in June 2008 it makes little sense why it would take until February 2009 for this to come to light, even more so the fact that I was refunded £50 in November 2008 when I was supposedly in arrears. In my opinion this seems like a fraudulent operation to obtain money through deception. It's unrealistic to expect me to keep bills 8 months after I have moved out of a property when I have other bills to deal with. I also have good authority to believe that four other people have received similar letters from Python and after writing back to them querying the charge, it was written off as a good will gesture. Today I went into the office at 11am and spoke to Stacey who as usual went upstairs only to come back and tell me he was in a meeting and had been since 9am, something I had heard before. I was told that he would call me before 2pm and I said that if he doesn't call I would come back in. He didn't call as I expected and I actually arrived back to the office at 1.40pm, again she went upstairs and emerged saying he was still in a meeting and he would call at 5pm. I'd heard that so many times that I was getting sick of it so told Stacey that I would come back at 3.30pm, bring my assignments and sit there until 5pm. She said "If you'd like to do that you can," and I reiterated that I would be doing that. At 4pm I came back to the office, she went upstairs said that he was in the building but she didn't know where he was, maybe he was in the toilet or another room. After a few minutes she went back upstairs said he was in a meeting and that hopefully he would be down before 5pm. Less than five minutes later he emerged and walked into a back office with Stacey for an indeterminate length of time, then when he came back out he introduced himself and started to give me some fancy talk about how he had been paying my utilities and that was because the people before me and the people after me had their utilities included so the system had not been updated when I moved in, he also said that it took such a long time because the audit had only recently been checked. What was confusing was why utilities would be paid to my property when my contract said otherwise, additionally the fact that my bills were in my name and were never in credit. He asked me to provide proof that I paid the bills and I said that considering the fact that they paid the bills then they should provide me the proof. He said he could photocopy the bills and give them to me by Friday. I was rather confused as to why it would take 5 days for a few bills to be copied and why he couldn't have those documentation ready for me so that he could present his "proof." I told him very clearly that my father is a solicitor and that I intended to seek legal advice because I was not happy about receiving a threatening letter, which he alleged was not the first one, however mysteriously it was lost in the post. I explained how angry I was especially since I was paying out £500 for rent and utilities every month that I was a tenant in this accommodation. Jonathan's attitude towards me was rude and unprofessional. It was though I was prejudged for being a student and not spoken to with the respect I deserve. The customer is always right and there is never any need for an employer to raise their voice and speak in such a condescending tone towards an individual as though they are illiterate and don't have the freedom to express the way they feel about situation created by Python. I asked Jonathon who was going to pay for my phone bills were I rang up utility companies and received no reply, considering the fact that he wants me to prove what is written in my contract, it would have been a good will gesture for him to suggest that I use the phone there, but that wasn't an option. I told him that I would not get any proof and that I would happily go to court because I know that I will win the case with my eyes closed. I would like to add that Python are fraudulent and dishonest because according to Jonathon the people before and after me had their utilities paid for them however when I did contact the utility companies they told me that the current tenants are not paying bills and have not been paying bills since June 2009 when I moved out. That's a rather interesting piece of information considering that Python is supposedly paying the bills. For your information I am not going to allow you to think you have control over this situation, I intend to take this matter further and that is a promise.







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Total claims:2
beware of this company »16.02.09b21/02/20090

I took out, and paid for an online insurance policy with this company for my daughter and myself.  On inspection of the policy when it arrived, i noticed that they had got my date of birth wrong. When i phoned up to explain they told me that my daughter was NOT coverd ! and tried to blame the online process for allowing the transaction  going through. My daughter was most upset as this is only the first year on the road for her, and she had effectivly been driving totaly unaware that she was not insured. I wouldent touch this company with a barge poll again.

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1381e2save [liverpool]
Total claims:4
Thiefing mobile company »6th December 200818/03/20090

I received a telesale call from a company called Halo mobiles working with T-Mobile, they offered me a contract which i agreed to, the following day i received a further telephone call stating that my application had been declined but they had a better deal with vodafone so obviously agreed to this, the following day i received a text msg from parcel force stating that the t-mobile had been dispatched, i contacted the number given to find that it was parcel force not Halo mobiles. The following day i received a call from Halo asking me to confirm that i received the T.Mobile, i informed them of what had happened and obviously i didnt want the T-Mobile contract, the lady said she would look into it and come back to me. The follwoing day i received a further call from the original man at Halo, again asking me to confirm that i had received the T-Mobile handset, i again told him what had happened, he said he would call me back. the following day another man called asking if i had received the T-Mobile handset and once again i explained the situation, he said when the phone arrives do not open the package as i will not be able to return it but he will findout what has happened, the following day i received a card threw the letter box stating that they had tried to deliver the handset could i collect from the post office, the following day i received a furher telephone call from Halo asking if i had received the handset which i informed them that i had received a card from parcel force, the man told me that i had to collect it from the post office or it would affect my credit rating, again i was told not to open the package as i wouldnt be able to return it. The following Friday i collected from the post office but as instructed didnt open the package, i did however get a invoice from e2save - i contacted e2save and explained what had happened asked that they give me instructions to return, the man said tehe returns department were busy so he would get someone to call me back but the i hadnt heard anything so i called back again and was told by the same man that the reason he hadnt called me back was because it was too late to cancel and i had over exceeded the 14 day return policy, despite the fact that i hadnt heard of them or had any contact details and i had been incommunications with Halo, i was informed on day 1 that my application had been declined so therefore there is no contract? I have paid a bill to T-Mobile despite the fact that i havent opened the mobile phone or used the sim, i have spent months calling these companies trying to get this resolved but no one is taking responsability each stating that the other is companies are in the wrong, i have now been sent a debt collection letter and am been threated with a county court judgement!! I am absolutely livid, i have called, written and even spoken to trading standards who all agree that i have been mistreated but i am continuesly been sent in circles, please name and shame these companies!!

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1518laundry company limited [North Warwickshire]
Total claims:1
Refund »17 August 200825/03/20090

I purchased a Yukka 40 litre collapsible bin in madnarin and white.  I returned it 26 August 2008 and I hold a proof of return.  I never received any refund.  I have sent emails and a person called SHERYL keeps responded and I have kept all these.  She keeps promising to send my refund minus the posatge and re-issuing percentage.  I have even rang her and asked where my refund is.  She apologies and lies once more saying the cheque is on the way.  I still haven'nt received anything.

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1635E&L Insurance Company
Total claims:1
Theft »1st January 200901/04/20090

My caravan was insured with the above company and subsequently was stolen on the 1st jan. The incident was recorder with the police and a claim made. As the caravan was stolen it was agreed with the insurace company that we could get it repaird and they would pay the fitter as it was untowable. We were then assigned a loss adjuster who has visited the site and agreed we had done everyhthing we could to prevent a theft occuring.

Since then we were sent a statement from the company stating that the caravan was stolen and not recovered, which we obviously said this was incorrect as it was recovered by the police at 4.30 on the same day!

After rec a 2nd statement which stated the caravan did not have an alarm the ins company declined to pay, however we did not sign this statement and i have a copy of this still. They are declining to pay on the grounds that the caravan did not have an alarm?

I have contacted the company and have submitted a formal complaint, and cancelled my policy with E&L. I can not believe how being an hinest person really puts you down the line of respect, maybe if i had agreed to the claim being the caravan stolen and never recovered this would of been acceptable

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11480ems company [putian,fujian]
Total claims:1
fake ugg boots and money taken without my knowledge »21st feb 201028/02/20100

I purchased two pairs of what i believed to be real ugg boots from this website "ugg boots uk .com" the boots were to my knowledge and what the website stated 100% genuine ugg boots at70% discount sale!!the total being £152.38 once id made the payment etc i checked my emails for the confirmation of order,there wasnt one!didnt think too much but kept checking over a week still no emailalso checking account for the money to of been taken,nothing a week and a haif later i noticed on my statement 163.78 had been taken from this company!! and still no boots a week later 21st feb 2010 the boots arrived immediate suspision when i saw the chinese writing on the delivary details! the ugg boots are 100% fake very poorley made and stink of glue......!!
I immediately looked on my emails to find an email saying boots were with finding email address i sent an email explaining how disgusted i was in what i had recieved and the fact they had taken £163.78 instead of the amount i had paid £152.38 and i wanted a full refund.
the next day i had a respond saying they were sorry and the uggs were real but end of line so couid notbe expected to be the best quality they wouid let me keep boots with 10% compensation and with no explanation as to why an extra £11 was taken from my account.
I replied with not acceptable i want to return boots and a full refund for being sold fake goods and the fact its fraud for taking extra money from my account.
Another reply next day saying sorry 20% compensation and i keep boots and that i was not to contact them again.
I replied i want full refund and too return boots as they were nogood to me,and i stated that i wouid take this further if they did not respond by paying me back in full.
Next day another return saying if i post boots back they will give me a full refund once boots were back there.
I replied saying i wanted there final word that they wouid repay in full and that i wouid seek legal advice if they went against the agreement to pay back in full.
I had another email saying i couid keep boots and 30% compensation was all there manager wouid allow back.
I responded with I want my money paid in full 163.78 as they had originally said in last email and that i was now prepared to take this as far as it has to go to get my money back and how i had informed a legal teams advice that it was within my rights for a full refund not to mention the fraud for taking the money.
They responded with we will repay 80% but i wouid also have to pay shipping so wouid be more like 40% after that was paid as its there company policy.
I replied with not good enough i want full refund as within my rights i was sold fake goods and fraud and that i had a very good case.
Ive had an email back today saying they will refund full amount if i post boots back or i can reconsider 30% compensation and keep boots?
I have replied saying i think its within my rights that they shouid pay the shipping as there mistake!im now worried more money will be taken and i will never see my money back.This company is a disgrace and shouid be named and shamed so good people dont keep getting sold misleading goods that are fake not too mention money they are taking.

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Total claims:1
ordered purple ghd straighterners, my login details to site are no longer registered, I have had no reply from the company to the emails I have sent (to »20/11/0902/12/20090

I ordered the straighteners 2 weeks ago I still have not heard from them and recieved no online reciept. The money was taken immediately but still no replies to my emails and cannot log on to the website. I have contacted barclaycard to try and chase them but I doubt they will be able to track down this RIP OFF company!!!!
I am a full time student and cannot afford to loose this money.
Please help me resolve this?!

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1840The Hairy Bloke Discount Furniture Company [Cardiff]
Total claims:1
Deliberate incorrect pricing »16 April 200916/04/20090

The table and chair set was labelled up as table £599 table and 6 chairs £799 this was crossed out in red and in red text our price £399.

When we tried to purchase the item we were told the price was £799 not £399 as listed. we told them this was wrong and very confusing and they said other people had mentioned that bu had not changed the price on the furniture.

We asked to see the manager but was told they werent around but may be back later if we wanted to wait.

We were forced to just leave as they would not agree they were wrong or sell the items at the price listed even though they new the price was wrong and deliberately confusing.

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1888Multitech Trading Company [Hongkong]
Total claims:1
Nintendo DS Lite »02/01/200920/04/20090

Item was bought somewhere in the month of October 2008. Returned the product under repair warranty on 08/01/2009. Sent successive emails but no reply as to whether the product has been received or not. Last communication was on 09/01/2009.

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1959Access 247 [Nationwide (Kent)]
Total claims:1
Unprofessional company »10/11/0824/04/20090

This company approached me to do some locksmith work for them. they come across as a very professional setup but once you start working for them i was soon to learn that this was not the case i would urge anyone looking for a locksmith not to use this company as they are grossley incompatent and don't pay there bills

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1992leeds car company [leeds]
Total claims:1
wrong sale miselead sell »20/04/200926/04/20090

i purchase a car from leeds car company and they advert on auto trader web site the car done only 37900 miles and now i check on hpi the millage is not correct i check the millage because of my meter is not working and i ring to leeds car company and speak with paul and he said i cant do it any thing and you have to come to leeds i live in sheffield and he is fully aware of that and  he said me on that time he is able to let me have a sheffield garage if the vat register and giving me 12 months warranty now he been very rude and telling me he not do any thing for my car and he speak wiith his boss and he said he will not do any thing he make me a laugh and very rude and behaviour like very bad with me and telling me do what i want and he is telling me i cant do it any thing the car i purcase is y645xcw

i am very stress i am full time student and live in sheffiled and paul who work in the garage not answer the phone and not let me have to any one kindly please do some thing for us thanks

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2207Bill Combs Pool and Spa Repair Company [houston texas]
Total claims:1
Dana Eckles »January, 200604/05/20090

This man contracted in January 2006 (with contract) to install an approximate 35,000 gallon inground vinyl pool.  The work began in approximate May of 2006.  He began installing the liner which included a back suction system to avoid water behind the liner and a new pump to remove any water when needed.  I paid him half of the original $3,900.00 amount in January.  He completed laying the pool and fitting it in 2 days.  He did not complete making adjustments to the pool and the pump.  I paid him on that second day.  He did not return.  He would not return my calls.  I have sent numerous letters including certified that he has not picked up. and now has this pool company with his name.  Do not use him.  He is a ripoff artist  The pool liner never fit quite right.  We have spent countless monies to get it to fit in the pool, draining it 4 times and in Hurricane Ike, it ripped because it was still pulled loose in 3 corners.  It cannot be fixed because we are told it was the wrong size for the pool.  It will actually cost us more than this $6,000.00, but it is a real shame.  Do not use Bill Combs.

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2208camping equipment company
Total claims:1
goods returned not yet received a refund »24 march 200904/05/20090

I ordered a tent from camping equipment company. They sent me a smaller cheaper tent without asking me, no offer of a refund of the difference in price. Have returned the tent to them , am still waiting 3 weeks later for my refund. Paypal not interested because you are only protected if it is an Ebay transaction. Customer service non existent. Do Not use this company. can only contact them by email. 

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Total claims:52
Is this all the same TLG company? »every day05/05/20090

I see many of the same problem/scam from TLG Loans, is this all the same company but other branches?

Its the same scam every time?

This is a massive fraud, how do they take money out of our accounts without our knolage?


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2270Online [Lancashire]
Total claims:1
This company do not refund without a fight! »13 March 200905/05/20090

Hi,  I bought some Scottish Pebbles from this company (£163 worth).  We had used this company before and were happy.  However, they are very quick to take your money but not to REFUND when things don't go to plan.  The pebbles were more like massive rocks and also lots of them were broken. We were not happy to buy a bag of dust!  Even the delivery driver saw what we wanted them for and said "you need Scottish Pebbles" which is supposedly what we had ordered.  My husband sent them back.  On the monday morning I called the company and asked for my refund.  They told me that it would happen soon.  I must have called every week for 7 weeks and was told each time that they would process it but it was pending!  In the end my hubby got irrate on the phone and they even hung up.  At last we received a refund - BUT, ONLY A PARTIAL REFUND.  They keep telling us that "we had changed our mind".  I presume I am paying an admin fee.  I only got back £128.  Why should I pay for their admin when the goods were not fit for purpose.  I am going to fight this all the way.  It has completely put me off using online companies.  I should be entitled to a full refund because I had not changed my mind. 

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2316Limedale Pub Company [Chester]
Total claims:1
unreturned bond »August 200406/05/20090

In 2004, I was introduced to the Limedale Pub Company by an agency based in Yorkshire.  It was run by one Shirley Parry, who I never actually met, and her lieutenant, one Dave Whitlow.

We decided to manage a pub for them in Warwickshire and I was instructed to travel to another of their pubs near Wolverhampton to hand over my (supposedly returnable) bond of £3000 to another chap who also went by the name of 'Dave'.  The money was to be handed over in cash - I suppose I should have smelt a rat straight away, as cheque or bankers draft would not do.

Upon moving to the Warwickshire pub, we began to realise we had been 'had'.  We were expected to purchase all stock and see to all invoices.  A locksmith was called by Limedale to change the locks as the previous couple had departed with the keys (trying to hold Limedale to ransom for the return of their bond - it didn't work unfortuneately).

Needless to say, the locksmiths invoices to Limedale returned no payment, so he took it ipon himself to travel to Nottingham, to their registered offices in the Lacemarket.  Suffice to say, he found only a mailing address but he did manage to find a link to Chester and after harrassing Limedale, eventually got his (small) payment.

Limedale disappeared abruptly in December '04 and we were lucky enough to be rescued by the pub owners subsidiary company.

It amazes me that 'Googling' Shirley Parry or Dave Whitlow does not bring up a cacophany of negativity regarding these low-life crooks.  I know that there are a host of fellow victims out there.

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2373Carter and Carter Financial [Stockport]
Total claims:9
fraud company »5/5/200907/05/20090

had a call from this so called company carter&carter on tuesday saying that they can look for a loan for me. after telling them i will not pay any fees the person said no you wont then told me he had a price for the montly payment on the £3000 loan i thought i was getting. then i was put on hold put on to someone else who i said am not making any payments to them but once again told they wouldnt take any payments after i was told they needed my card details to check that i had a uk bank account put on hold then surpise surpise ! they hanged up on me no loan agreed nothing not even a ref no tryed to call them back no luck they havent even contact me but took the £49.99 out of my account today. these people are scams my bank is looking into this because they took this payment out as soon as they got my bank details without me knowing but the thing is they did this while i was waiting on the phone thinking they where checking to see if i had a uk bank account. carter&carter are con artist who trick people into beliving they are getting them loans when all they want is your money total scammers ! all i want is my £49.99 that they took out of my account BACK ! people please beware of this company.

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2382Regal Title Company LLC [Columbia]
Total claims:1
DONT USE THIS TITLE Company!!! »4/23/200907/05/20090

The mortgage lender that processed my refinance application (Exit Mortgage, LLC) used Regal Title Company LLC to provide closing ajnd title services on my loan.  As a part of my refinance, I decided to use a portion of my equity to pay off the loan balance on my truck.  At closing I was to be issued a pay off amount via check to the lien holder of my vehicle.  About 5 days after closing I received the pay off check to be issued to the lien holder.  I presented the check to the credit union/lien holder of my vehicle. A week later I was informed that the check from the title company "bounced" due to insufficient funds. I was horrified.  This was my money!!! How does a reputable title company bounce a check on funds that were issued to them.  All they were doing was passing a check from one place to the next.  If this matter is not resolved in 3 business days, I will take legal action. 

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2415My Body Physique [Davie]
Total claims:1
Company Refuses Refund »4/20/200907/05/20090

Found offer online at PRICELIMBO.COM for free trail of Acai Berry Supplements. Recieved pills and a second bottle for which I was billed $89.31 on 11/19/2008. (Had credit card on file because I had to pay shipping for trial). Called company & complained I didn't want the second bottle. I was told to return it, record the tracking number and call back to make sure they got it. Upon confirmation of this, I would be refunded. I called on the following dates - each time recording the "REF#" and rep. I spoke with: 1/5/09, 1/9/09, 1/13/09, 3/23/09, 4/20/09 and 5/7/09.  Each and every time I was told "the system failed to put the refund through...we will do it right now".  Finally today I was told there is a "glitch" with their system and therefore they are unable to process the refund.  They refused to let me speak with a manager and would not give me the phone number of their "corporate" offices - if there even is one.  MYBODYPHYSIQUE @ 888-771-7028


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2634Met Life Insurance Company [Dayton]
Total claims:1
CHE27616 »May 8th, 200913/05/20090

My water heater burst early morning spilling water all over the basement area and into garage.  Water pipe was turned off and I went on the internet and fill out a name and telephone number on the MetLife site to have someone contact me because of the early hour.  Hours later, with no response I called again and got a live person to report my problem.  I have been a paying customer with MetLife for over 15 years for my house and car insurance.  Never mssing a payment. 

My information was taken and the gentlemen told me that a claims adjustor would be at my home within 2 days.  Then a company called me concerning the water damage.  They told me that a check for $500.00 would be collected at the time they showed up at my home.  I told them that the claim adjustor would be at my home by the next day to fit the 2 day window promised.  On the second day, met life called and a lady screamed at me saying that I was lied to and that the claim adjustor would NOT in fact show up for many days.  She wanted me to know that she was sending me a letter stating that Met Life was not responsible for any mold that would be growing in my home.  I told her that I wanted the claim adjustor to show up immediately.  Again, she told me that the claim adjustor would not be showing up any time soon. 

How can an insurance company who does not have a claim adjustor come to assest the damage of your claim expect to do business with their clients.  Why does an insurance company who has a loyal customer for over 15 years hire personnel who intimidate and scream at their customers?  IN MY OPINION, Met Life does not want to handle claims in an honest expediate manner.  They just want to take your money and pretend to give you good honest coverage.  Getting a claim adjustor should not be a hard thing to have come to your home for home owners who are insured with your company.

RUN do not WALK and change your insurance if you have Met Life!  In these hard times, another stress is NOT what you need.  Put your hard earned money with an insurance company that has available people to come and help with claims..By the way, my mother had the same problem last year..she has Hartford Insurance..they had an adjustor at her home the SAME DAY of her complaint! 


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Total claims:2
GRAND THEFT »APRIL 14,200910/05/20090

Mega Moving and Storage Co, picked up all of furniture and personal goods at my apartment at 320 Lago Circle,Apt 103,West Melbourne,Florida on 4/14/09 for delivery to my new address at 248 Sun Colony Blvd,Longs,SC 29568 2 days later on 4/16/09  for an agreed upon total fixed,flat rate, binding price of $1037.00 with $300.00 to be paid to driver via credit card upon pickup of goods and remainder of $737.00 to be paid upon delivery to SC address where I was moving to.

They processed an illegal credit charge OF $1037.00 through their hand held credit slip swiping device at pickup while I signed for only $300.00 as per contract.

They loaded my goods ,took off down Rt 95 supposedly for delivery in Longs,SC 2 days later.

Instead, they disappeared from the face of the earth for 3 weeks with all my worldy goods on their truck. I am 78  yrs old,in poor health and was forced to sleep on the floor of my apt at new address for 3 weeks with no  flatware,cups,clothing,small appliances,tv,sofa,recliner and 30 packed boxes of personal effects. repeated calls to the driver and home office of Mega were never once responded to.

I reported theft to W Melbourne,Fl police,the DOT,State Attorney General and BBB (another worthless scam outfit  which scum outfits like Mega use as a front for thie crimes). No results

3 weeks later the criminals, Isaac,Ray and Samuel resurfaced and said they were holding my goods in a wareouse in Atlanta,Ga and were ready to deliver them but they must first have an addtional $900.00 from me.

I refused and reported thier attempted extortion crime to the Police

26 days later they stilll have all the goods they stole from me.

This  is a SATANIC EVIL OUTFIT run by SATANIC EVIL MEN!. Do not do business with them


PS: You cand full details about this crime on my blog which I have created to warn other people who are about to move from one state to another:

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2585CIC*Triple Advantage(Services and Merchandise)
Total claims:1
Charging on credit card when company says free credit report »5-9-200912/05/20090

I wanted to check on my credit score so I visited CIC becuase they offered a free credit report. A week later they charged me a 14.95 dollar fee for that report.

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2663Uggbootsforall [sunshine vic]
Total claims:6
Company does not refund!!! »29/04/0914/05/20090

I bought a pair of boots from however they were unsuitable and didn't fit. Their website says that they give refunds as long as you inform them first. However after numerous mails I have heard nothing in response!!


Do not buy from them as there is no guarantee that they will ever get in touch or uphold their company policies

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2724Muhler Company, Inc. [North Charleston, SC]
Total claims:1
MUHLER CO. SERVICE FAILURES »January- May, 200917/05/20090

Company demands $292 final payment for $3584 job where they did not deliver on time and caused unplanned addtional expense on my part to have their installer (who got the $550 in added expense as payment) add to the window frame to his satisfaction to finish the job.  Also some work not done and company refuses credit for time and materials.  Poor communications and their lack of alerting me to unplanned costs led to problem.  Such poor service does not deserve full payment.  Even though I offered a good faith $100 payment to settle, they refused and are planning legal action.

more details »

19186unsecured credit [Stockport]
Total claims:2
I have been had »30/03/201112/05/20110
I paid the unsecured loan £40 to get me a loan. When i was on the phone the woman she said all i have to do is pay the £40 and i will recieve a phone call a couple of days later to get my money transfered. After a few days when i didnt hear nothing i phoned them and they said they were trying to find a lender but i was under the impression that they were the lender, thats what i was told. After all this time they still havent phoned me with a loan and they wont give me my money back. I HAVE BEEN TRULY RIPPED OFF BY THIS COMPANY. I WANT COMPENSATION FROM THIS COMPANY FOR BEING SO DEFIANT.


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2920max white teeth [Chester-Le-Street]
Total claims:19
scamcompany »05-22-200922/05/20090

unauthorized charge on my debit card for merchandise not ordered

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Total claims:17
Company Stole Money From My Bank Account »15th Nov 201111/02/20120
This company has taken £67.70 from my bank account, I have no idea how they got my bank details, this is Fraud and the Fraud Department at my bank will be notified. There seems to be no such company.

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3318Pathway Hgv Training [London]
Total claims:49
HGV Pathway HGV Training, Dont be ripped of by this inexperienced expensive company »13/06/200915/06/20090

I paid in excess of £2500 for HGV taining with a company called pathwayhgv traing after reading there website. They not only offered the training but also job placement after passing the course. I passed both my Class 1 and 2 HGV courses and after which i contacted pathways to inform them and that i was looking for work however they sent me a list of jobs that i could apply for, the only problem was that all companies required 2 years experience as i contacted them all. I agin phoned them back and informed them of this only to be told register with agencies to get your experience. I would not have paid the extortionate amount of money if i knew about this in advance, the only reason i went with the company was because of there job placement scheme offering employment and help to find that perfect job, what a lie. They a bunch of scammers, they are over priced, in experienced and offer no help whatsoever, there customer service is appalling when you get through. I feel that i have been totally ripped of they have a nice fancy website offering these services but you dont get that at the end. They are not even a hgv training compnay only an agent as i trained with a different company not pathways. Even i could set up a website offering these services from my own home. My advice do not use this company, they would not even give me a refund. I could have done my driving at other companies and registered with agencies myself rather that pay the extra for services they do not even offer.

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24867new company
Total claims:1
14 day free trial »april 201202/05/20120
a friend of mine was also "scammed" by these companies and we will continue to be, unless dear friends you read the T/C's the free trial bit is that you cancel WITHIN the 14 days but be warned this is not an easy process(if not IMPOSSIBLE) BEFORE you part with your money and I MUST stress this PLEASE phone or email the company to establish they are for real.(ALTHOUGH this is not conclusive) The two companies i delt with IFORCEMAXX and SLIMULTRAUK and any number of slim claim companies i believe are in fact one in the same. the format is the same and the little voice on the end of the line that says 'your call is important to us' in the American accent will let u sit on the phone for hours without ever connecting you and i remind you again,once you agree to the T/C's you are in fact Giving your very hard earned money away EVEN the p/p is TWICE what it should be go to post office and weigh the package it costs �£2.70 to send these companies charge anything up to �£6.99!!!these companies are grubby, even the package the goods come in is grubby, SO PEOPLE BE WARNED BE VERY CAREFUL WHO YOU DEAL WITH if you want to use supplements and want to use online sources use good established companies like BALDWINS or similar. its a greedy world out there so be very careful.

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Total claims:39
Don't trust this company »11.05.200924/06/20090

I ordered DVDs to the value of £25.97 when they didn't arrive after 14 days I emailed and received a reply saying that they would not investigate until 25 days without receipt of goods. It was a very rude reply telling me to look at their delivery info.

After 25 days I emailed again and was told to ask at the post office in case the postman had tried to deliver but not left a note. I e mailed again to say that the post office did not have them. They said they would dispatch replacements straight away and 14 days later I am still waiting.


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3485astretchlimo [Leicester]
Total claims:2
RIPPED OFF BY LIMO COMPANY »26th June 200927/06/20090


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3501Blu 1 [london]
Total claims:1
dont pay this company - its a con »26th - 29th june 200929/06/20090

After locating Blu1 as an adult model agency, I was foolish enough to take the chanceand pay them the admin fee of £251.25p on the guarntee I had coming work for that weekend. Ofcourse, I did not recieve the call from any company or get the work, whilst trying to get through to Blu 1 on 08717033433,there site is [] (link:, and when i tried to contact hot chilli, low and behold I recieved no answer and the answer phone message stated welcome to beautiful adults!

I have now contacted Blu 1 telling them if the £251.25p paid into the account they gave me, is not refunded back to my account, as they never stated I couldnt redeem my payment or it was non refundable, they also never sent me the log in details up on payment that I was said to recieve, and naturally I did not get the job, surprisingly after my payment they lost their venue! I will be taking further, possible legal action against them to redeem the money they basically fraudalently conned out of myself. I was clever enough to keep all emails and the reciept from the transaction, along side phoning my advisor, Nikki at the company and emailing, who basically acted as if nothing was known and failed to contact me back, I am looking very much so to take this further, at the very least to claim the £251.25p they basically stole from me!

I would also like to add - Blu 1 are now using the bank account with Barclays: Blue Media Limited, account no :73265536 sort code :20 - 53 - 06.

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Total claims:6
Fake Shoes..Fake Company »29 June 200929/06/20090

I purchased a pair of Nike Shox  R4 from [] (link:

Buyer beware..the sad thing is that these web-sites have probably closed down by now & other domains registered.

Buyer beware - in the very least, always confirm contact details before buying on the internet.








more details »
Total claims:6
Fake Shoes & Company »29/06/200929/06/20090

I recently ordered a pair of Nike Shox R4 from [] (link: There have been complaints of a similar nature in respect of these 2 sites as well. Lesson learnt is at the very least when internet shopping to confirm the contact details is that of a legitimate company.



more details » [China]
Total claims:1
Fake Company..Fake Goods »29/06/200929/06/20090 is a fake company. This domain is registered to a Zhuo Liwei address LinJianye Referred, Card Dept, No.136, WuSi Rd, Fuzhou 350003 CN. The following domains are also registered to this individual: and These 'companies'are based in China not UK. If you order from these sites you will be purchasing fakes. Should you wish to return them for a refund you will need to e-mail the company as there are no contact details on web-site - you will never get a reply. This happened to me.

more details »
Total claims:1
Fake Company and Goods »25/06/200929/06/20090 is a fake company. This domain is registered to a Zhuo Liwei address LinJianye Referred, Card Dept, No.136, WuSi Rd, Fuzhou 350003 CN. The following domains are also registered to this individual: and These 'companies'are based in China not UK. If you order from these sites you will be purchasing fakes. Should you wish to return them for a refund you will need to e-mail the company as there are no contact details on web-site - you will never get a reply. This happened to me.

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3534eClick Company Ltd [Ripponden]
Total claims:5
no bed ,no refund #22786 »23/02/0930/06/20090


I ordered a hyder single loft bed on the above date, my payment was taken , for which i still have the statement.Eventually after a few days of being late and after some telephone calls with a lady called rachel, my bed arrived. Upon delivery the matteress to the bed was brought in doubled over in half and bound with parcel tape. At that time i said to please take it back as i believed that the matress would be faulty. I didnt get an invoice  at the time, i was so angry at the company as it had been a complete nightmare from start to finish, that i didnt even think about it. I rang and spoke to rachel again who said not to worry and that she would refund my account within 7 days .

Upon returning from a 3 wek holiday i noticed no refund had been given, and subsiquently found out that the company had dissapeared, i have since had to pay out 219 pounds to argos for another bed, i am deeply annoyed at the company as it has robbed my daughter of bedroom furniture due to having to pay for 2 beds .

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3588MOTOR MARKET UK [Coventry]
Total claims:7
Rip Off Company Con »29/06/200903/07/20090

I was contacted in the morning of this day by the above company offering to sell my car at the value it was advertised at and they had buyers waiting and they would contact me in an hour. They explained that they provided the finance for these people that was there envolvment.However I have heard nothing I cant beleive i fell for the con. The telephone number on the receipt just rings out. Why is selling a car such a nightmare!

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3669green tea xtreme [provo]
Total claims:1
this company and product are a rip off »march 200908/07/20090

i read the advertisment for green tea xtreme on the internet. i should have known better because it sounded too good to be true. against my better judgement, i ordered the free trial which cost $5.95. it stated if i was not satisfied, i could return the unused portion and my charge card would not be billed. i never recieved a response from the company. 1 month later, i recieved a new bottle in the mail and my charge card was billed $74.95. i contacted the company where a representative told me i had to email a wesite called there is no such website. when i called back, the representative told me that that was the only way i could cancel. they will not let anyone speak to a supervisor. since then, i have been billed 3 more times. my credit card company is disputing the charges for me, but cannot block the charges. any suggestions out there on what i can do? i cant afford any more of these charges. i would appreciate any help. thanks.

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Total claims:342
Theft by this Company »03/05/200113/05/20110
As,like many other people, I entered Easyloans website to enquire if I would be eligible for a loan. I was not eligible and that was the end of my search. Unbeliebably I have had 2 withrawals from my bank account of £49.50. One on 3rd May and one on the 10th May, totalling £99. This has made me overdrawn and I have been hit with overdrawn charges on my account.I have contacted the easyloans website to complain, ask for an explanation, and demanded my money be refunded, I have not any response. This is THEFT by no other words. I want my money back NOW. Does anyone else know how to get a response from this site?

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4072EDF Energy
Total claims:13
unfair cost to get out of a contract we have had for severals years following the director of the company my Dad dieing »5/08/0907/08/20090

My Families company H H Brown & Son ltd were not made aware of the fct we were in a so called evergreen contract - which means they keep rolling on the contract and can charge whatever they want.

My Dad knew but he passed away on 21st of December and 4 month later before me and my family understood much of the business the hiked up our electricity bill and now we have to pay 500 pounds to get out of it

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4136Mallorca Farmhouses [Reading]
Total claims:2
Company is a Fraud »July 15, 200911/08/20090

I booked a house for two weeks through the internet.  How stupid was that.  I recommend that everyone use a travel agent.  We spent about $3000 per week on the house (we paid in Euros).

What a disaster.  They sent us no information after charging us all that money up front.  We had a confirmation and then the communication went dead.  I tried to email them and call them a week before our trip.  Finally, this English woman said that there would be someone to meet us at the airport.  Well, there was no one.  We were totally stood up.  We checked in to a hotel up in the hills and finally found someone to take us to our house.  Turns out they had double booked for one of the weeks we were there.

I asked them if they were going to give us a refund for the first week and the company has not replied.

This company is a fraud.  Mallorca is stunning.  Just give your business to someone else and save yourself the grief.

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4525Acai Berry Detox and Life Cleanen [Hollywood,FL 33020]
Total claims:181
trusted this company - BIG MISTAKE!! - NEED HELP! »July 18, 2009, Aug 4, 200927/08/20090

I just received my VISA bill for this month....I also (finally) received my July 18th order of the trial ACAI BERRY detox 442031399027 at the same time!!  I was charged $6.80 Canadian for the shipping and handling charge that the company stated was only going to be $3.95.  (Okay, a little more than I had agreed to, but oh well!)  Then reading my VISA statement further, I see that I was charged another $130.83 Canadian for a product I didn't even order or receive!!  It was called VITALITYCLEAN 442031399067 and came out of my account on August 4. 

I immediately googled the product and all I could come up with was this website with 41 other complaints about the overcharging of a product no one had actually ordered! 

I will contact VISA to see if anything can be done about this company.

Like many of you out there, I ABSOLUTELY cannot afford to be put out by these charges!!  Who knows when it will stop??  I am very worried about this!  How can we stop further charges and recover the losses already concurred??


more details »

4588eClick Company Ltd [Ripponden]
Total claims:5
Amanda Jones »27.02.0930/08/20090

After debiting my account for the full amount (£249) I was informed by Eclick Furniture Ltd that, as the solid oak book case was not available for a few weeks, I could either wait for the item to return into stock or request a refund. I chose to opt for the latter as I was not prepared to wait that length of time and I knew I could purchase a similar item elsewhere.

However, I have not heard anything back from this company for 6 months despite several attempts, on my behalf, via telephone and email. This was over 6 months ago and the £249 still has not been returned to me. 

Furthermore, I am a single parent of a poorly child and I have recently been made redundant, so I am not in position to forget about this or the large sum of money that has been stolen from me.


Please help me; if there is anything that can be done about this then I would very much appreciate it.


Many thanks for your time, A Jones. 

more details »

4695Trading Planet Ltd [west lothian] [West Lothian]
Total claims:141
company scam »july 30,o903/09/20090

i ordered a free bottle of Acai paying only the shipping. I have ordered things like this befor through other companies and they let you know that they will be sending you more in so many days if you do not cancel. I searched the information but could see no suggestion of this. I even checked the invoice when I ecieved the bottle and could see nothing indicating I needed to cancel if I did not want to be charged for more. I could not find the site I had orderd through. They did not send me a conformation e-mail as other companies do. I found nothin sugesting that I would be sent more if I did not cancel. The tole free phone # didn't work. The the other numbe I called put me on hold when I said I wanted to cancel and I think they forgot about me. Since it was long distane I didn't want to wait indefinately not knowing if anybody would return to the line. I found this sitwe and discoered there is no viable e-mail address. I did find a number in Toronto that someone mentioned thathas so far been busy. I will continue to callas the bank wants a confirmation cancelation #. I have so far been charged$ 135.04 on my account 15 days ago and recieved nothing for it.



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Total claims:2
mega29 »4/08/0928/09/20090

We moved in april to myrtle beach from virginia. We moved most of our thing ourselves. We had the moving company do two rooms of large items all new stuff. They came and packed ur up and said they would let us know when our things would be sent. We had next day servise. We didn't see our things for over a week and when they got here not one or two things were messed up everything that was put on the truck was badly damaged. It is now sep.09 and only thanks to our homeowners have we recoverd any thing. we did all the things to file a claim we were told and of yet have we heard from any one. They are on big scam of a moving company PLEASE STAY AWAY. OH yea even filed with bb and that was a joke also

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5234HealthScience? [Bristol]
Total claims:45
Mislead by unscrupulous company »01/10/200902/10/20090

After weeks of seeing the advert for Acai Berry detox and life cleanse I went into the advertising futher and was impressed by what I read and saw so decided to give the 'free' sample a go.  I ordered online and paid £3.95 per product postage and packing.  To be honest they have sat on the side in the kitchen ever since as I could not make my mind up if I was going to use them or not.  Yesterday to my surprise two further bottles arrived with an invoice included for the sum of £79 + p&p of £3.95 for each bottle.  I tried calling the number immediately and just got to listen to music for a very long time - goodness only knows how much that call cost but it appears they only answer during office hours!  I have spoken to them today on 08082389830 and was told they will close my account - I have no recollection of opening an account and asked to return the items and get a refund.  I was told that the terms and conditions were very clear and that I had to return the free sample within 15 days or I was signing up for two months worth of tablets.  Don't get me wrong, I have my moments, but I'm not stupid and if these terms and conditions were made clear I'm really not sure why I am writing this now!  I am extremely unhappy with what this company is up to and from the background noise when I was on the phone they are clearly dealing with many calls like mine.

Since first posting this I have found that they have taken the money from my account twice because the free sample was absolutely not free so they have taken £310 from my account.  That was two payments on 26th and two on 28th September.  I cancelled immediately, was given a cancellation number and guess what today (8th October) they have sent me some more.  I am just hoping I cancelled my credit card fast enough for them not to have taken any more money!

How can these people sleep at night knowing that they are praying on already vulnerable people.  I can't tell you what I would like to do to them!!!

more details »
Total claims:200
Dodgy Ugg company! »25/09/0914/10/20090

I ordered a pair of Cardy Uggs and paid £55.99 and they actually took £59.85 out of my account. Still had no response from the seller despite several emails. No boots have arrived and the tracking number given is not recognised by Parcel force as i have emailed them asking about the tracking number!

Updated 16/10/09

I have now received the boots. They come in an Ugg box and seem to look genuine, but they are completely fake. Really small on me, i am a UK4 and they are a 4.5 in the label, so far thats one way to spot they are fake, also the sole is really cheap and the Ugg logo sewn on the back isn't straight, and the stitching isn't great!! 

Please keep posting your complaints, let's get these Chinese con artists shut down and arrested!!!!!

more details »

5545HealthScience? [Bristol]
Total claims:45
Clever Con Company »9/09/200914/10/20090

Surprised They took me to the cleaners over a supposed Free Trial bottle of Reservatrol for weight loss They only took £1.99 for the postage because all they actually wanted was my credit Card details then they stole £76 on the first week of October then another £76 yesterday I got a cancellation number and took it to my bank and they will stop any further payments but this is a new clever type of scam they con you into ticking some box so that you are giving them permission to deliver a bottle every month and remove the money for the goods from your account which YOU gave them willingly for the supposed Free Trial What fools we are My doctor said I had to lose weight so I thought I will try this offer and see if it works and of course I would have ordered it if it worked but its the stealthy way they did it and believe it there are at least another 4 to 5 companies this same guy has all doin the same. I do believe in the law of karma and sad to say this guy is in for some heavy return stuff. Get to your bank take the print outs of all our claims and get them to move your money or cancel account and reopen elsewhere because I have a friend who was paying for a year before it got stopped by another scammer!!


more details »

5628graceful partners
Total claims:4
paid company £235 but its a SCAM »october 200918/10/20090

Paid £235 to graceful partners to be a member and to advertise on their site with promises of work but first booking conveniently cancelled and no more work since. I have since read on many sites that they have scammed alot of people and they are running under alot of different company names such as delightful stars, glam international and many more.

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5731Trading Planet Ltd [west lothian] [West Lothian]
Total claims:141
company not reachable »Oct/0921/10/20090

I ordered the "free samples" online and iimmediately knew I shouldn't have. I didn't receive an order confirmation or receipt. I received one bottle after 3 weeks and have been trying every possible way of reaching this company with no luck. No phone numbers work, no email contact, no way of cancelling any future charges to my card. So far nothing has been charged that shouldn't have but I want to cancel before that happens. I am not accepting the order at the post office and will send it back but I am very affraid of this scam.

more details »
Total claims:200
Ugg Boots Not received. Unable to contact company. »10.10.0922/10/20090

Ordered Bailey Ugg Boots online with this company on 10th October.  Paid (79.00) via debit card - was charged £82.54 AND a £1.50 debit card charge!

STILL, received no tracking number - infact now appears company have blocked all emails to them so am unabe to even get an email through.

Hold no hope now of seeing UGGS and frankly having read reviews of ones that have been received don't really want to!  Would like to see my money again though.....


more details »

5781exclusive companions [unknown]
Total claims:8
bogus male escort company »22-10-200922/10/20090

asked to pay £295.00 when you get your 1st so called guarenteed booking  which i did .spoke to agency 2 hrs before booking. taxi to pick me up and take me to champagne bar in mayfair to meet fictional kimberly. kimberly supposedto call me 1to 2 hrs before meet. no call no kimberly. they took me to the hilt where i was ready to walk out the door  which i think was particulary callous.i was very sceptical and they were very reausuring. i want to do everything possible to close them down,

more details »

5821wooden drake construction [Seattle]
Total claims:1

My  husband worked for this company and this owner.  They are out of business now and have been sued multiple times.  We have been unable to find him and the company is no longer in business.  We know he is still in the Seattle area and have a judgment against him but we need to find him in order to get paid.

If anyone knows Michael Drake who owned Wooden Drake Construction, please contact us - we desperately need this money!


more details »
Total claims:42
No such company »13.10.0904/11/20090


more details »

Total claims:10
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY »21/10/200905/11/20090

ordered boots havent arrived they use various excuses as to why the delivery has been delayed absolutly gutted as these are for my partners birthday pressie (which was last week) just wish i found this site before ordering from them. Trust me guys spend the £160 its better than giving £73 away to rip off merchants.

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6308GHS Health Store
Total claims:5
money taken from my visa account do not recognise company »2/10/200905/11/20090

Money taken out of my visa account do not recognise this company. Contacted my visa they advise me to contact company to cancel this payment, only problem I have is I do not have address to contact them. My visa will only reinburse me if I show proof that I have contacted the company.

more details »

6539Trading Planet Inc
Total claims:23
Scam Company »11/09/200911/11/20090

I got an Acai Berry from a company called Trading planet, which were giving out these tablets as free trial, a few days later i realised they've gone into my account to take £150, when I phoned them, they told me in their terms and conditions, the account has to be closed within the 15days, if its not, they charge you for the full membership fee. The company its a total rip off, they are really scam, there is nothing like that on their terms and conditions, it actually says if you are not happy with the product you can returmn it within 30days and get a full refund, that is all lies. The company is based in Bristol, their phone number is 08082389830. please name and shame this company.

more details »

6695Help Your Health
Total claims:9
Misleading trial and unauthorised charging from various company names »10 nov 0915/11/20090

more details »

6840Spark Energy [London]
Total claims:5
AWFUL COMPANY »feb 09 18/11/20090

moved into my new property in november 08 and was advised to go with spark by my letting agent lobster lettings so i did. i didnt get transfered over from the previous supplier for 4 months during this time i didnt know i was with eon.. so i got my profiled direct debit in feb 09 and was told id pay average of 40 pounds a month which as a disabled guy with kidney failure and sleep appnea thought was good . they took the payment out of 40 poundsand then told me id used 1000kwh in 1 month at a total of 150 pounds (plus the 40 id paid already) i live in a 1 bed flat and only use the tv and freeview box. i dont have the heating on at all and apart from 2 showers a week and 1 washin load a fortnight thats it. as for cooking i use the microwave 1 min a nite to heat a pie up... i dont leave things on standby, upto date ive been told including the 150 pounds charge ive used 5700kw in less then a year ?? HOW its disgusting and i advise people to stay away from spark. im trying to get switched over. ive bought a electricity plug and the tv uses 4p in 3hours of usage.

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6904Plumbworld Uk [Worcster]
Total claims:6

more details »

6981natureberry [hollywood]
Total claims:23
this company took my money at same time as pureslim without making me aware and again without delivering »13th Aug 200922/11/20090

I have noticed that natureberry has debited me two days after pureslim  for products I never received!... are they partners in crime? .. and other dietary supplements have debited me for the past months, not only without my consent but also without delivering any items/products to me.

I want my money back and I want this to stop!!!!!

Web control's got to stop!

Other names who have done the same to me in recent months

youthHealth smartHealth Dermasolutions AgeHealth NatureBerry PureSlim Fleet CTT

more details »

6986viv3 [Hollywood]
Total claims:10
same company debited me twice in two days »13th and 14th July 200922/11/20090

once again, another company that debited me from £150 in 2 days without me being aware. Products received? don't know as I can't recall - too long ago, however twice £75 this can't right

I have no confirmation and no information of what this is related to and don't believe this is related to any deliveries received

I want my money back and stop them going into my account.. them and the other diet pills companies


more details »

7052Global Well Being [Singapore]
Total claims:23
refund from fraudulent company »30/10/09 x4 dates24/11/20090

ordered for trial offer at £1.99. received them and then looked at bank statement and have been charged £74.64 on the 30/10 twice and again on the 14/11/09 £73.71 twice. company did send out tablets which ii did not ask for.  sent them back recorded delivery which i have proof of posting.  they only advertised them at £1.99 for trial period. they did not say they would still take money out of your bank.

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7276model couples
Total claims:20
companion company »3rd December03/12/20090

I am very disapointed about this company,as well about man stroke woman.It is the same cheat!!!! Is there any fair-play companion company in Uk which does not cheat people???

more details »
Total claims:16
Ugg boots scam company »08/12/0910/12/20090
I ordered some ugg boots from a sale website, after I ordered them, I noticed the site has been shut down and comments were there saying the website was a scam. I then emailed the company and tried to ring them but there was no answer, and they sent me an email back in text language and starting with how are you? Not a usual response by a company. These were a christmas present and am totally dissapointed by this website. However if it were not for your website I would not have seen that it was a fake website so thankyou, if there is anything you can do please let me no.

more details »

Total claims:21
Does anybody know the UK number for this company? »24/12/200925/12/20090
Please help me track down the name and UK phone number for this company. I am really worried that they are going to take more money out of my account. They have already taken £76.13 without my knowledge or consent after signing up for a "free" trial.

more details »

9846Trading Planet Ltd, Ordman Hse, 31 Arden Close, Bradley Stoke, Bristol, BS32 8AX
Total claims:17
Avoid any contact with this company »june, sept, dec 200916/12/20090

I applied for a free trial of Colun cleasne from this company with no obligation to purchase but I had to give them my credit card details to pay for the postage. Then in June they sent me more with an invoice for £79 I promptly returned them asking for a refund, NO REPLY. Then in Sept I recieved another parcel with an invoice for £79 I wrote cancelling and asking for a refund NO REPLY and this morning I have recieved another parcel and another invoice for £79. All the while these thieves have been taking my money. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP?????

more details »
Total claims:200
FAKE UGG BOOTS/COMPANY »28-11-0909/12/20090
Ordered boots in good faith, £59.99 but £60.18 deducted from account. Sent 2 e-mails to them but both ignored. Have since discovered that this is a scam and can get nowhere with trying to contact them to reclaim money.

more details »

21585global visas [london]
Total claims:54
GLOBAL VISAS - SCAM COMPANY DONT TRUST THEM »August 2009 -> April 201119/10/20110
Firstly i am shocked to read some of the comments on this message board from the last couple of years. Some people are a lot worst off than i am and i truly hope that their situations have improved from what i have read today.

Secondly i am appalled to see what are obviously fake accounts making fake stories up about good services that Global Visas have provided. Why would someone post three, four or even five times in one day providing a single or very limited response to a complex situation like a VISA application? It just wouldnt happen. These are people trying to cover up the shocking company that is Global Visas. Why they would want to do this, to try and cover up the appauling service that they quite clearly provide, or in most cases, dont provide to what should be their main priority, their clients.

I am one of many people who have been lead down a long and fustrating path of VISA application by Global Visas.

I am writing this here to warn people about the ridiculously bad service that I received from Global Visas and how they pretty much scammed me, wasted my time and didn’t provide me with anywhere near the service that they "CLAIM" to provide on there website.


I am writing to try warn people considering using their services to stay well clear and avoid the nightmare that I experienced for 18 months of my supposed VISA application.

I spent countless hours phoning, emailing, leaving messages trying to get in touch with case workers and every time my messages were either ignored or covered up with a load of b%$£%$t lies and false information. It was the worse experience of my life and nothing that i would wish on anyone applying for a stressful situation like a VISA.

To cut a long story short, 18 months after I had opened my case with them, after they had said my application would take 4-6 months, they provided me with the excuse that my "application had been lost in the post" and had never actually been submitted to the relevant Government Authority. They offered my to resubmit my application and i would receive 50% of my fees back!?!??!? What a complete joke..... It was only after I threatened them with legal action that they actually refunded the full amount of fees that I had paid for their service.

However they continued to lie right up until the last point of contact saying that "They had sent my cheque in the post". This never arrived so I started legal proceedings and sure enough, the day after I issued them with this information the cheque arrived in the post! The date on the cheque was the day they said they were going to send it out, but the postage stamp was the day I issued legal proceedings!!!! How stupid can they be?

I could write forever on the problems that I encounter during this year and a half of hell but i hope that i have managed to highlight to anyone reading this the seriousness of their shear lack of professionalism and expertise.


I just hope that this message is read by someone considering to use their services, please aviod them at all costs.

more details »
Total claims:2
IS THIS A FAKE COMPANY ? »08/12/200915/12/20090


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98512 is company [chelmsford]
Total claims:3
scammed out of money »2/10/0916/12/20090

i contacted the above company to as they had advertised on the internet. they said that they needed £125 for admin and then they would find me some work. however it has been several weeks and they have not contacted me about work. so i started emailing them every day and then threatend to visit them. they started being very attentive and informed me that they had some work lined up, but of course nothing came of it.

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Total claims:200
Fake Ugg Boots from fraud chinese company »07/01/1014/01/20100
HELP! i recently bought black classic short ugg boots with UK size 6 for my sister's birthday from and on the website they were advertising it for £61.99 so i ordered it as i would order normally online and paid by card. I then went to check my bank account and found out they overcharged me with £64.09 when they stated clearly that it was free delivery!!! it seemed odd that it was taking longer than expected. i then tried to contact them asking for a full refund as you would do, but they have not even replied. i then went on to do some research in the company and to my surprise i found that was in fact a chinese fraud company selling fake non-sheepskinned ugg boots by seeing the numerous amount of complaints on various forum websites! i would greatly appreciate if i were to get a full refund after having to deal with this fraudulant company and i want my sister to get the real thing, not some cheaply made chinese copies. Thank you.

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10865Plumbworld Uk [Worcster]
Total claims:6
My first order from these people was for £6.37 - a relatively small value for which I received an invoice.

However £6.38 was taken from my bank account - a small 1 pence overcharge I know, but it really is the principle.

After contacting their customer service (which you can only do by email) I was told that this was due to a 'rounding error'. However I can't see how this could be the case as I ordered whole quantities at whole prices - it's not mathematically possible to get rounding errors doing this.

To top it off I was informed that they can only issue refunds for values of 2 pence and over!

I most certainly won't be using them again.

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10975Heritage Buildings [Texas]
Total claims:1
BAD STEEL BUILDING COMPANY! »January 201002/02/20100

BEWARE HERITAGE BUILDINGS! unless you want a building with NO possible way to inventory materials because NONE of the pieces are numbered or labeled properly and bolts will be missing, pieces dented and damaged
and the company is run by MISOGYNIST men who will NOT stand behind their product in the least bit!
I bought this building and we struggled to get it put together, it was for a business. 30 x 50 and almost 20 feet tall in the center.
We were told to inventory it as quickly as we got it off the truck but
it was IMPOSSIBLE due to confusing numbers, missing numbers, paperwork
that was impossible to decipher as were the installation manual and
the schemetics. We had to just guess on most things. We could not
sit on the phone with the company day and night to get it done.
They were told we had damage to panels and the paint job was scratching by being barely touched, many panels were scratched and dented to pieces upon receipt. They dented and scratched panels at
the factory and sent them to us anyway, I have NEVER dealt with a more horrible company to deal with. Mike Turner was rude, offensive
refused to try to rectify the matter in a civil manner and wanted to
only speak to my husband who had NOTHING to do with the matter, I bought the building and I handled the whole thing from start to finish.
They obviously hate strong females in the business world!

Please beware buying a building from these people are you will
have a subpar scratched and dented building to explain to your
customers when you are done.

Many Blessings
Kimberly Zemke

more details »

10982auto cargo delivery company [London]
Total claims:3
ripped off »1/02/201003/02/20100

They are supposed to deliver tv to me, and sent me a link to send a money via western union , since i sent the money to their agent there is nothing , when you call the number there is nothing

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11331Hunted Cow Studios [Elgin,Moray]
Total claims:3
rip off company »may-sept 0917/02/20100
In May,a cousin got me started in an online game called Fallensword,run by hunted Cow Studios.He had used the game to help him rehab his thinking processes after several strokes,and thought it would help me,after I had had a bad car wreck.I joined and found out to get more out of the game,you had to upgrade your game character,which cost game points.You either did surveys for game points thru the game,which didnt pay out most of the time as they were supposed to,or you bought game points outright,for real money.After playing for several months,Hunted Cow Studios shut down my game account because my cousin was helping me to get better gear thru the game,I would send him gold I made playing,and when he got enough,he would trade the game gold in for game points.He would also sell me enhancements for my character,called buffs,and let me pay him out of the gold I made playing,after I played.Then in Sept,Hunted Cow studios shut down my account,as well as my cousins and his wifes claiming because I came over to his house and played on my laptop off his wireless connection,we were all the same person,even tho him and his wife had verified who they were by sending copies of their disability papers,which I could have done as well.I had spent well over 300.oo dollars real money on this game,besides the value of the points I did get doing their surveys,which caused me no end of spam.As a disabled person,I dont get a lot each month to live on,but had spent the money on the game thinking I would be able to play it for a long time,instead,I didnt get to play but about 6 months.They need to either re-instate my game character and pay me for the time I lost because of their foolishness,or pay me for the money I spent and the game points I had earned.They didnt even ask me to verify who I was,just shut me down,even tho I played at the rehab center I was living at as much as I played at cousin Daves.Hunted Cows,pay me for what you took,or give me back my character,firefreddy,and give dave his skunkdaddy character as well !

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11150NUSKIN 866-484-6361 [Singapore]
Total claims:34
i did not purchase anything from this company »8/2/1009/02/20100

more details »

11183Natureberry 416-900-1137 CY and CTT Singapore [Miami Beach]
Total claims:1
They started it then passed my details onto the CTT Singapore Company »August 200910/02/20100

I did not order any free trial and did not receive any product. I did not authorise anyone from any of these companies to take money from my bank account but they did. Natureberry took two payments of around £4-5 to start with. I didn't even notice it. Then 1 month later CTT Singapore Company took £77 from my account and a few days later a related Singapore company took two amounts of £78.78. All in all they took £244. I am a hard working single mother. I didn't give them my details, I didn't order a sample - they've just passed my details around their other companies so they could all help themselves to my hard earned money. I want it back.

Dr Esther Hunter

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11227No company
Total claims:1
Acai berry product »11/2/201012/02/20100

Demetris C
I ordered a free sample of Acai Berry product from the web and 10 days later i was charged 87.76 for a product that sappose to be free from "Smile kit Singapore". I have cancelled my credit card for safety reasons. Is it possible to a get a refund?

more details »

11578Smilekit 866-407-5. singapore SG [singapore]
Total claims:2
This company are thief »23/01/201009/03/20100

I signed up for this product which i saw the link on facebook and i was told to enter a promotion code "SMILE" which i did and when i checked out the total amount was £1.99 and when i checked my account 2 days after this date i realised they have removed all the money in my account which is £155 and i never receive any product since then.

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28011Interior home design of rossendale [Rossendale lancs]
Total claims:22
Last year I bought a special offer kitchen from this company and wanted to leave some positive feedback of my experience. On doing this I have seen that a couple of people haven't been as lucky as myself which is sad to see, but I wouldn't and won't be put off by this if I am to deal with them again in the future.

The website is detailed with prices of each individual product which was good to see, but I was more drawn to the on-line deals that were shown. I had an idea of what I was in search of and had a rough budget to abide by. I saw a few bargains which I made a note of and booked a home design with a rep.

He helped me decide which offer would be most suitable for my layout and gave me an option of worktop colours and handles from his brochure. I was thrilled with the final balance and handed over a small deposit which he told me would secure my order.

The kitchen was delivered the following week and before my kitchen was taken off the van the driver showed me on the paper work that the handles would be slightly different due to low stock, but if I'm quite honest I prefer them to the ones I had originally chosen so I didn't make a big deal out of it and handed over the money.

This company are GREAT. Don't be put off by the comments as with all companies there are bound to be the odd issue unfortunately.

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11944QS Supplies [Leicester]
Total claims:25
Amazing Company!!!!!!!!! »23/03/201003/04/20100

I dont have a question, just a comment. Having been let down by another Large online retailer, I needed a shower enclosure and tray quickly. I phoned QS SUPPLIES and placed an order at approx 16.26 pm on Thursday and my shower enclosure & tray were delivered at 08.50 Friday morning. What a fantastic service i mean i was gobb smacked.

This is what i call QUALITY SERIVCE

I had my kidd screaming and crying in the back the poor lad on the phone kept very calm and said "SETTLE THE LITTLE ONE ITS MORE IMPORTANT" I mean this is Excellent customer service i have a brother, sister 3 kids who will all want to do there bathroom in the future and i tell you something i will definately be advising them to use QS Supplies


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11947RCI [Deland]
Total claims:1 is a great company!! »2/25/1003/04/20100
Your program was very successful. I rented my unit quickly. Keep me posted on all updates. I will use you again next year.

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28591AK Management UK Ltd [AK Management UK Ltd]
Total claims:4
This loan company took my money without my consent »25/02/201306/03/20130
Please help! A loan company called AK Management UK Ltd, took money from my bank account without my consent I don't know what they are charging for, I have not use their service, I called them an a woman called Terry said that I used their service I did not use any of their service or authorize a payment for £79.00 pounds. I want my money back!! Please help me and other people to get our money back from this scammers!!! I read some complains from other people who have been ripped of by the same company.

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28600Brighter Image Dental Lab/Press-On Veneer [Texas]
Total claims:4
Do not trust this company »1/1/201307/03/20130
Read the terms and conditions very carefully before and everyday after you make your purchase. They are constantly updating them and changing them. These people are scam artists. Most of the so called after photos on their website have been photoshopped and are not real or they are employees. On page 2 of the shopping cart there is a photo of a lady with short hair named Beth, but that is not her real name. That photo is Laurie Hall herself! They are very nice in the begining but once they have your money they no longer care about you. If you even receive your order it will take months and month for you to get it. It will be stuck on the model made from your impressions and they will claim it fits and is covered under the terms and conditions. Did you know that Bill Watson does not have any dental experience? This man is not qualified to make veneers. The "Lab Manager" worked in a Photo Booth before working for this company. Bill Watsons former business experience is window tinting! He doesn't know anything about teeth. He is a charlatan and a fraud. Report this man to every organizatioin that you can including going to your local news. This company needs to be stopped! They are crooks!

more details » [Burgas, Sofia]
Total claims:2
Company Lies and Scams Buyers. STAY AWAY »February 201012/04/20100

Back in March 2009, we signed up for an apartment with this company. The development is offplan and all of the photos are computer animation. The agreements was for us to pay in installments, while the company completes different stages of the development. We were shown photos that were fake i.e. of a different development. (scam) Towards the end of the agreement, when we went to receive our property, however it turns out that Nedyalko Nedelchev and his partner Ivan Kemanov do not own the property and have never ever owned it. Nedyalko Nedelchev an Ivan Kemanov collect money from clients by falsifying the purchase agreements and presenting themselves as developers. They then collect your money installments and when it is time for you to get your property, they cannot be found. Interpol and the police is investigating their scams, frauds and deceits.I only wish I knew about this earlier. these are some of the other sites that Nedyalko Nedelchev and Ivan Kemanov Own SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM they above mentioned thieves have a number of sites (used to be much more before) that are still operating. The websites look flashy and professionally done to lure in potential buyers. the buyer is then pampered until convinced that it is all fine and they start paying their installments. towards the end however, the scam company that have signed cannot give them the property, BECAUSE they never owned it. Company gets sued but it does not have any assets, so buyer looses his/her money. Nedyalko N and Ivan K then open a new company using the same property web site.

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12044Gambit (KickFlip Inc.) [San Francisco]
Total claims:1
Wronged consumer seeks refund for purchases from company »3 occuring on 09/13/09, 09/20/09, and 09/22/0913/04/20100

The company named above, somehow in September of 2009, charged me for three purchases that I don't remember making. PayPal looked at it and said, with what they had, it looked like the transactions originated from my laptop, even though I don't recall making them. I have no prior knowledge of this company, nor do I have any prior relationships of any kind with this company. 3 charges were made for virtual currency from this company, but I don't recall making any purchases from them. 2 were for $4.99 and 1 was for $9.99. The first and third were the $4.99 ones and the second was at $9.99. I only found out about what happened on March 23rd when I was checking for refunds from another company that deals in the same thing. Something told me to look deeper and that's when I found these charges that I don't remember authorizing. They took money straight out of my checking account through PayPal. This compnay is another shady company, as far as I'm concerned, because they refuse to return what they took, even though I had no knowledge of said purchases. Please help me.  If this isn't taken care of, I'm going to sue the company.  I'll sue them not just for the money they took but the mental anguish and that they caused me by doing this, and for the fact that they caused me emotional distress by not even bothering to get back to me after the initial e-mail.  I already have someone that would be on my side in the case if I need to take the company to court.  I have tried to contact one of the co-owners, who happens to have a webpage online.  Some of his responses were basically that he is not associated with the company and that he is not the one who owns the company.  He has even started to say that I am harrassing him, even though on his page and other pages he has, that the company is listed under his most recent projects, continuing to the present.  The co-owner that I found the info on is Noah Kagan.  The guy was lying through his teeth about being associated with the company, because the e-mail address I used to contact him was on the page mentioned above.  [] (link:  If I was harassing him, I would be sending 10 or 20 e-mails and messages per day, not just a few, maybe one post on a blog site.  He's trying to scare me off so that he can 1:  keep my money without me further trying to get in contact with him to get it back, 2:  protect his crooked buddies from getting any e-mails from me.

more details »

Total claims:24
Fraudulent company »November 200921/04/20100
I contacted back in October 09 via a web site. I was called back the next day by a seemingly nice and helpful woman called Kirsty. She spent quite a while on the phone to me talking me through the process of becoming a 'companion'. She was very convincing throughout the whole conversation. I told her I would think about it and she promised to call me the next day. She did this but due to personal cercumstances , I told her I could not accept any bookings for at least 4 weeks. She asked me to send a photo of myself regardless, then we agreed a date when she would ring me back. On the agreed date Kirsty called back (making the whole experience very effecient) claiming to have a gentleman who had picked me as his first choice and wanted a Friday date which hopefully could lead to a Saturday date too. I would be earning £600 for each evening. Then the bombshell........I would have to fork out £385.25 for my profile pic to go onto the website.....before my date. I asked if it was not possible to pay this after and was basically told I couldn't. Kirsty claimed that she wouldn't get paid her comission until I had been on my second date, so it was 'in HER interest' to find me the dates and you had to speculate to accumulate! Sounded fair enough, I thought. What a mug.....I paid cash into their account under the name of Anvil Media I think. I was then called back to say my date had been passed my details and would be calling me to arrange. I kept my phone with me the whole day and it never rang once. 2 hours before my 'so called' date I received an email from Partneryou stating that their client had tried to call me on several occasions that day and as he had been unable to contact me then he wanted to cancel and go with his second choice girl in stead. I tried to contact Kirsty, who was always busy but was told by some girl in the 'Booking Office' that they would try to get me a date for the next day.........that was 5 months ago and I have heard nothing since.

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12197Wentworth Direct FINANCE [gravesend london]
Total claims:180

more details »

12275Wentworth Direct FINANCE [gravesend london]
Total claims:180
£118 to be refunded asap claiming to be a loan company »23/04/1010/05/20100

i too have been scammed by Wentworth Direct Finance..I received a call on 23/4/10 advising me my loan was succesfull & need to pay a fee of £59...and loan would take up to 5-10 working days. i then recieved a call from a lady called Beverly on 24/04/10 saying my payment had not gone through, so i paid the £59 again over the phone. When i checked my bank account a few hours later two paymnts of £59 were taken out by Wentworth one on 23/04/10 and one on 24/04/10. i called Beverly back straight away and told her and she told me she would refund the second payment of £59 straight away but i have not recieved it. i also cancelled the loan within the 14 days as realised from this mistake that soething wasnt quite right i have also asked for my fee to be refunded but still nothing. i have sent two letters and i have spent every day on the phone to Beverly sinse 24/04/10 and everyday she tells me the same that my payment has been sent everyone else tried to call the through three times to be told it was in the post. I want my money back £118 . Please help...

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12277international companion service
Total claims:3
looking for £395 refund on company claiming to offer compaion services »23/4/1011/05/20100

I filled in the from on the I.C.S website with my information.

Was contacted soon after by a Stephanie who told me all about what they do.

Was given a date with a client on a fri evening and was told to register with either of 2 fees. £395 including transport and £295 without transport. I went for the £395 and thought that would be more convenient. On paying this i was promised of the said date with client and conformation on money tranfer to international companion services of which i stil have receipt and bank detalis

However the night came and went with no call from client or contact from I.C.S and despite numerous call i have had no luck speaking to anyone.After looking at various other posts and complaints it is obvious they are stealing peoples money and getting away with it.

Obviously I am dissapointed and angry that i have lost nearly £400 and would very much like to know if there is anything I or anyone can do to help me try to get the money back.Would very much appreciate he help.


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12312Post Net Ltd Bournemouth [Bournemouth]
Total claims:30
this company make a direct debit on my account »14/05/201014/05/20100

hi, all i could remember was that i applied for a payday loan online asking for just £200. i got declined. but to my surprise, thanks God i am a regular account checker. i check my account and realised that this company called POST NET LTD has placed a direct debit on my account. i quickly cancelled it. i dont remember doing any application through them. this people must be a rogue, scammer. i think they need to be investigated.


more details » [SHENZHEN]
Total claims:1
FRAUDULANT COMPANY »13/06/1118/06/20110
This is a fraudulant company based in china selling knock of replica UGG boots as the real thing, I bought a pair for £54.09, after alarm bells started going off in my head due to the funny looking reciept I got and numerous emails from this company asking for my address again and then my phone number, I googled if they were a reputable company, up pops people warning about the company and some saying they got no boots, or they were siezed at customs ect, I contacted company asked them to forget /cancel my order and refund me, have heard nothing, contacted barclay card , they couldnt see a transaction for that amount, cancelled my card, sent a new one, turns out they took the money befor the card was cancelled and not only that but they illegally took £62.51, which they were not authorised to take, barclaycard are sending me papers to fill and return so they can investigate, I've also contacted Watchdog.

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Total claims:33
RIP OFF COMPANY DON'T CARE. »May 2008-present09/06/20100


more details » [glasgow]
Total claims:16
do not use this company »24may201005/06/20100
order 2xcelnoxrush on 24may at 8am at£59.98 from cheapdiscount supplements .payed for the goods but never got a order number to confirm this? have e.mailed them but never got e.mail back? have rang them but noone answers the phone? i have now asked my card company to get my money back.i would ask that no one orders anything from this company? save your money and shop somewhere they answer the phone and send e.mails to confirm your order?

more details »

12740Nivel Parts & Mfg Company, LLC. [Jacksonville]
Total claims:1
Refused business pre paid account »November 20, 200922/06/20100
Powell's Equipment Service, Inc. which is where I use to work and my father-in-law owned this business and due to economy he went out of business, but owed Nivel Parts some monies, because he had a credit account with them, and he just didn't have it financially, but I recently opened my own golf car business, because I knew the industry well and I tried to set up a pre-paid account with Nivel Parts, which is one of the largest manufacturers of golf car parts & accessories to golf car dealers
Nivel refused to set me up, because of my father-in-laws debt, and because I am a woman! I tried and tried to speak with Tina in accounting at Nivel Parts, but she said she couldn't because of my father in law's debt to them, but I did not accumulate this debt, why should I pay for this and feel so discriminated against, like I'm nobody and I was willing to pay up front with credit card! This has hurt my business alot, because they sell to golf car dealers wholesale and now I'm having to get some parts retail and I'm just trying to make a wrong right and get some help with this! They really made me feel so low! Thanks! Emma Powell

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12706Kerobo Claims Ltd
Total claims:7
Rip-off credit management company »Oct 2009 - ongoing18/06/20100
In October 2009 I contacted Kerobo after hearing their radio adverts stating that they could overturn credit card debt and loans which were taken out pre-2006. They were very positive, stating that there was a 97% chance that the companies I am in debt to had breached financial regulations and that these debts were likely to be written off. They told me that this would take 9 weeks for the process to be carried out, but they had to take my fees up front, which would be repaid if they did not win my case. I paid this - BIG MISTAKE!!!

They told me in March/April this year that my loan with Egg Finance was unenforceable and I should stop paying it, however Egg maintain this is not the case. I contacted the Ministry of Justice who confirm that Egg are correct and that Kerobo have been suspended from operating.

I cannot get to speak to anyone in authority at Kerobo to get my money back, and if they do not respond following a recorded delivery letter requesting this, I will have to go through the Small Claims Court - I am not hopeful, as I suspect they will go out of business soon, and where does that leave me and others like me?

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Total claims:4
Illegal company »2nd July 201008/07/20100
As written before this company takes your money with the promise of a date then cancels etc etc when you complain they send you an email stating that its not their fault nobody wants to date you and your not entitled to refund. Thats nasty and very harsh

HOWEVER, EUROPEAN ESCORTS is a subsidiary of 'BLUE MEDIA LTD' BLUE MEDIA LTD was DISSOLVED ON THE 1ST JUNE 2010 (information available from companies house). In short you are not allowed to continue trading as a dissolved company or a subsidiary of a dissolved company THEREFORE they should not be trading and certainly shouldn't be taking any body's money. funny enough they don't have a standard email to send to answer that.

Company reported to companies house & trading standards. I shall also be taking them to court and notifying the police

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12949Anatolian Sky
Total claims:2
Fraudulent dealings with this company »July 514/07/20100
Anatolian Sky are a disgrace to the travel industry.
We had booked an apartment with them, through our normal travel agents Aspen Travel, for the last two weeks of August, in Kalkan, Turkey.
They sent a letter on June 18 asking us to sign acceptance of roadworks at the apartment block which had shut off the main access road and closed the car park. The apartment is at the top of a hill. We have two children, one in a buggy. We said we didn't want to accept this and asked to be booked elsewhere.
First they said there was nothing available in Kalkan. Then they said they had no availabilty to fly on August 14, even though we had booked and confirmed flights to Dalaman on August 14. Then they went quiet for almost two weeks. They refused to speak with us, they stonewalled Aspen Travel. Day after day after day they made excuses and didn't answer calls or emails.
Finally on July 5 they claimed to have taken advice from ABTA and said they would not refurn our deposit should we cancel and would not book us elsewhere. That was £500. We had no choice but to cancel. We have taken the case to ABTA to get a proper ruling from them but I would seriously WARN EVERYBODY never to deal with Anatolian Sky. Our agent said she'd never seen anything like them.
They refused to take calls, answer questions, do anything to help, and then claimed to have ABTA on their side.
It's outfits like Anatolian Sky that give the travel industry a bad name. We now have no summer holiday for the kids and they have stolen our £500.

more details » [Sheffield]
Total claims:2
Terrible quality and terrible customer service. Not a reputable company. Do not buy from them! »10/07/1016/07/20100
I bought a dress online (for the 1st and last time). It looked lovely in the online catalogue, a paisley hankie hem dress mainly black with lemon and silver. As soon as I opened up the package I realised it was the wrong colour and there must have been some mistake. So I phoned Oli customer services to inform then and also to check that if I broke the seal on the 2nd set of clear packaging to try it on whether I could still return it. I was told I could, no apology about the fact that it was a completely different colour (black, yellow and lilac!) I tried it on and the stitching was unfinished, bits of cotton hanging out everywhere, it looked like a seconds item. I phone Oli customer service again and asked to arrange for a courier to pick it up. I arranged for the dress to be picked up on Tuesday 6/07/10, I was in all day but no show. I then phoned on the Wednesday and arranged another pick up on Monday 12/07/10 no show again. There number is an 0844 and I'm fed up with wasting money phoning them. My advice is don't waste your time buying from them.

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13048Local Events Calendar [Hove]
Total claims:18
Ripped off by company »14/05/201021/07/20100
I like most do not easily fall for scams but this one is beyond me and I cancelled within the period. initially I was told that an e-mail was not acceptable as cancellation, and therefore had missed the deadline for it to be received by post. I referred them to their terms and conditions that stated that an e-mail was acceptable. Also when I had spoken with Simone who had spoken to me about the 21 day free trial she also had told me that this was acceptable and that by me authorising the initial art work fee of around £5 that I was not committed past the 21 days. That said it was me that had to provide the art work in the end as they said they could not do it !!! Anyway despite e-mails backwards and forwards between the accounts department speaking to a lady called Pauline Simmons I still have not got know where with the £468.82 fraudulently removed from my bank account without authorisation, sorry theft!!! I have issued a small courts summons and they responded with a load of rubbish, anyway the long and short of it is that the courts feel that Local Events Calendar have a case to answer to and I have a date of the 26th October in Weymouth Dorset when we will see what happens. Anyone who would like to attend at this hearing are more than welcome to attend and hopefully Mr Khan will appear however I am not holding out much hope. I would be grateful of any other information or sworn signed statements that you would like to forward to me. I can be contacted at or Tel 07 999 21 68 21.
Thanks for reading and please spread the word and inform Trading Standards and the police as well as Watch dog, the more that complain the more chance that this company is closed down.

more details » company!) [London]
Total claims:1
Fake Escort(non sexual) Site »24/07/201025/07/20100

I contacted a Lady called Lisa at (02033725040). This internet business advertise work for socialising. I was told to send an email to attaching pictures of myself and giving a short description about me. Lisa called me back complimenting my pictures and said she wouldn't have a problem finding me work. I was told not to pay the registration/advertising fee until a confirmed booking had been made and paid for by the client. Lisa called me back to say advising me that I had two bookings for the weekend. I was told to pay the fee into a NatWest account. name: RB WALKER AC/N:23589914 S/C: 601904. On doing this I would be released the details of my meeting. I was also advised to get another contact no, so my clients could call me. My meeting was arranged for meeting took place! 18.45 I became suspicious as my client had rang. I called and emailed the office no answer. I began researching this company I found this site...www.whocallsme/phone-number.aspx/08712180811..please visit this site and see how many people this 'company' have scammed. They trade under several different business names committing the same crime. also this company use the telephone no listed at the end of the web address as a business contact.

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13124mandate promotions [Brentwood]
Total claims:5
Mis led and company is fraudualant »? Jan-March 200928/07/20100
I applied on there website, I was phoned. They asked a number of details and were sentphotographs. They agreed we pay them i think £215.00. My bank statements do not go back far enough to double check. When I paid i paid the money into this account:

Who you're paying Mandate Promotions

Their account details 60-03-25 77115007

I was told i would be excorting a make over on buisness but would be meeting for lunch prior to attending a buisness event with him. Later that evening i was given an excuse that it he wasnt going to be able to make it. The woman dealing with me on the phone was called harry and i never attempted to contact them again until now due to working away etc. On attempting to log into the account it states the account has been supsended thats when i googled to find it was a fraudualant company.

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Total claims:3
LOAN COMPANY »28/6/201005/08/20100


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132602 is company [chelmsford]
Total claims:3
Membership »19/7/201008/08/20100

Unfortunately I had reached such a low point financially, my husband had left me and the business we ran was affected. After applying for numerous jobs and only getting the odd interview (after which i was told I had been out of the profession I used to work in for too long) I became desperate. Whilst looking on a job site I saw Events and looked inot it. The vacancy was advertised as Event companion. After submitting my details I received a call and was provided with some of the companies background information. It sounded professional and plausible and I looked at their website which looked professional. I was asked to supply some recent photographs of myself before they accepted me which I did.

I recieved and email to say I had been approved as a member and that threee months membership would be £250 which would include management of my profile, marketing and for transportation to and from events. I would be paid £75.00 per hr cash in hand. I considered it would be the answer to get me out of the financial mess I was in and provide me with some financail support until I could get a regular job. I accepted but they said my profile would not be shown until I paid the membership by Paypal. They also informed me they were desperate for me to get my photos up as they were busy especially for the next two weeks. I looked to see what event was on 'Cowes week' and again it seemed plausible. I should have heard alarm bells when I was pressurised to pay the money to get the sight up and running but what do you do when you can see an answer to your problems?

I had been speaking to a girl called Emma and we had communication via the telephone and email. Once I paid the money, I have not been able to speak to her since. It would also appear that the busy period never existed and never has as I have not received one booking to date. Forgive me if I sound conceited, but I am very surprised by not getting at least one booking because I am a very attractive person; so I am told!.

I eventualy received my log in to see my details and they had put one of my family photographs on the site and mentioned what I did for a living which I asked them to remove immediately. They complied but, when I have contacted them about a booking they will only say that it is up to the choice of a client and the terms and conditions do not promise work as it is down to clients choice. If I was an absolute unattractive female then I could understand no work coming my way but as mentioned earlier, I would be the ideal escort.

This is a scam so beware! I have lost my money to cruel, dishonest shameful people who obviously take advantage of people who are in desperate financial strife to start with. I used what was remaining on my credit card to pay the membership fee and now I not only have the intial debt on the card but this additional one. I feel stupid, duped and angry and most of all ashamed that I could be conned into this in the first place.

If there is anyone else out there contemplating doing something like this and it sounds too good to be true, then it is!!!

2 is Company is a Scam, Scam Scam BEWARE

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13174posh limousines stoke on trent [stoke on trent]
Total claims:1
limo company , lost our booking »28/7/201001/08/20100

we booked a hummer limousine in april 2010, we paid a deposit and sent back the contract, we contacted the company 10 days before our wedding to pay the balance, to be told they couldnt find our booking, and could we phone back the next day .
we started phoning at 9 am , the phone was not answered untill we blocked our number at 2pm. we were then informed that they had no record of our booking , and all of their cars are now busy for the day we booked and there is nothing they can do .

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Total claims:21
Company took all my money »2.12.201021/01/20110
i ordered some accai berry tablets as they said i get a months supply and only pay the delivery which was £2.79 but over a period of time they emptied my bank account, altogether taking £552.39. I was absoloutely devastated i had a young child to feed and literally no money at all

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13210global social entertainment
Total claims:8
Scam company »31/07/201003/08/20100
We found an advert on Fish4jobs and as it was on this website we thought it was genuine..My partner and I rang the social escourting agency who claimed that they did social escourting for wealthy people, eg accompanying them shopping and to restaurants and so on. But no sexual business. As it was on the genuine website of fish4jobs we immediately thought it would be a genuine job application.
We very much fell for this as they claimed that the minimum wage was £1000 a week, attending 2-6 clients, they said that there was a registration fee of £350 each to pay to send out our profile to the nearest 2000 clients in the area. We paid over the phone by direct debit.
After paying this fee, they said we needed to send a fax saying that we agrred to them taking the £350 out of our accounts with our signature, this is when alarm bells rang to us as when we asked why they needed it they said it was incase the banks got on their backs, after talking amongst the two of us and the bank, we decided to ask for a refund they said that this was not possible due to the cost of setting up our profile and sending it out was more than £800 per person meaning that as we only paid £350pp it was a loss to them, they advised us to send the fax and try atleast one client job as then atleast if we didn't like it we would have claimed our £350 back.
We decided that just one of us would send off the fax and see what happened, after doing so they gave us a log in for the internet website which gave a brief page about myself, basic tick boxes as to whether we had piercings and gender etc.
When we applied for the job they claimed that there was only two jobs left in the southern area which me and my partner took, I have since then phoned and with-held my number and asked for as job in the the southern area and they explained that there was two available if i was interested, i then hung up the phone as i needed no more information!
We have also rung a genuine escorting agency found in the same area as GSE claims to be located and they explained that they have never heard of them and that if we paid them money that they are a scam as genuine agencies don't need a registration fee due to making their money through a percentage of what the employees earn.
We are still receiving calls for the other fax to be sent (about 4 calls a day) they sound very desperate! My partner is still awaiting work but the answer he gets when ringing and asking is that there are clients interested but they need to find out dates and times!
We have currently read up about lots of scamming agencies and think that something needs to be done about it as we are a young and very hardworking couple, i am a community carer for the elderly and disabled and work 55 hours a week to earn enough money to live, the £700 that GSE have robbed us of was a lot to us and we are struggling without it and i know that there a lot of other people out there in the same position.
Please take take your time to read this and let us know your thoughts and actions.
Many Thanks

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Total claims:62
Company does not respond to cancellation requests via their contact form. »01/03/201115/01/20110
According to my records I did sign up for this company's trial period. I was sent no e-mails confirming my membership or including any log-in information. There seems to be no way to log-in on their website. I used their "contact us" form to ask them to cancel my account on or around 01/06/2011 with no response from the company. I will try the old fashioned snail mail route and hope for the best.

more details » [UK& INTERNATIONAL]
Total claims:2
Bogus join up fee with company »10th August 201012/08/20100

I have recently been contacted by a woman called CJ who works as a Companion Work Agency advising me to work as a non-sexual companion for business functions and dinner parties.

CJ promised me on Monday 9th August that the first booking has been made with a client on Tuesday 10th August for a business dinner party from 8pm t0 12am somewhere in Camden Town. In order for the booking to be offered to me, CJ said she had to go through some document work with me to be fully registered as a member, which means I have to pay the membership fee at least 24 hours in advance before I could be offered for that appointment. She also promised that I could get paid from the client a certain amount of money which will certainly cover the membership fee paid in advance.

She sounded so honest and she urged me to pay the £260 cash into their business account called Advertising Live Ltd. in order for me to get the work she has already found for me on 10th August 2010.

However, the problem is that after I have paid the fees, someone else phoned me the next day morning and said that the client was ill and the booking was cancelled. They told me they would try to find another one for me as soon as there is one suitable for me. But now, 3 days past and I tried to phone them everyday but nothing has been offered.

It seems strange to me that the lady called CJ has always been not in the office when I called and she could never called me or emailed me back ever since I have paid the bogus fee. There are always some other people speaking on behalf of her and told me just wait until a proper client has been matched for me. I feel that they just dishonestly hooked me in and made me paid the fee but no real work could be offered.

As I became disappointed about this, I started to checked some Internet website today and I found some comment from other people who have had similar experience with the same company and the same agency. CJ might be good as an individual, but I've realy felt being cheated by this company. That is why I want to make a complain and hopefully I could get help to get my money back.

Please advise me as soon as you can.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Lily Chen

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13438Nutrimax Labs Inc. [Maling Adress.Hollywood Blvd, Suite 321]
Total claims:9
Unable to cancel product or contact Company »30/7/1025/08/20100
After being sucked in to order the trial offer, I was billed the full price before I had even received the product so I am at a loss at how I was to trial the product before paying for it. Once I realised, I tried to contact the Company but to no avail - the email & phone number is bogus, you are unable to contact them. I have resorted to writing a letter. Have no idea how to stop them from charging my credit card other than cancelling my card altogether!!!! Does anyone have a solution??

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Total claims:11
Fake company selling ipods »05/11/201012/11/20100

I searched for an ipod 5th Generation for my sister for christmas, google took me to this site
I saw the pink 8gb 5TH generation for £69.99 and thought it was a good price. I paid for the item and it the money came out the next day. Even though the amount I though was paying was £69.99 an extra £1.76 came out, so in total £71.75. Also, it came up as :-

INT'L 0052473944

I tried to get onto that website, but it wouldnt load, and i googled shenzhen and it came up with something to do with chinese.

After check my emailing, one came through in chinese so I thought perhaps its from China, as they are made there, and due to the exchange rate, it may of been a few pounds out. A few days later checking the status of the order, it still keeps processing.

With it being close to christmas, I thought i better go back to see if i can see if theres anywhere I can email them to see how long delivery will take and theres no way of contacting them.
Im really upset about the fact theres no ipod as its for my younger sister. Contacted apple and its not there site, so its a scam :(

Hope I can get a refund.


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13634Xiamen Mincheng Imp & Exp Co., Ltd. [ Xiamen, Fujian,]
Total claims:1
non compliance with health certificate from export company ,,they refused to resolve the problems,,goods destroyed be port health authority uk »14.8.201011/09/20100

hello and BEWARE !!,

this company XIAMEN MINCHENG IMP&EXP CO., LTD has just cost me £18,000 !!

i started looking for a fish food supplier and came across the company XIAMEN MINCHENG IMP&EXP CO., LTD , i enquired about there products and there export to the eu , they said they were expierienced exporters to europe and had done this many times before.

after about a month of communication with this company an order was placed and paid for and was due for arrival in the uk around the 15/6/2010 this date however got moved forward to the 15/8/2010 by XIAMEN MINCHENG IMP&EXP CO., LTD ,i was not to pleased about this as there was also a lot of koi carp food in the shipment and the koi season would be drawing to an end by the time i recieved it.

there were also a number of errors in the paperwork from XIAMEN MINCHENG IMP&EXP CO., LTD when my customs clearence agent recieved it ahead of the shipment arriving ,these errors absorbed most of my customs clearence agents and my time for around 10 days to rectify these errors with port health in felixstowe.

then the food arrived in the uk on the 14/8/2010 this was cleared by customs and was just waiting for the completion of a CVED form from the port health authority ,this time the errors from XIAMEN MINCHENG IMP&EXP CO., LTD were out of our control XIAMEN MINCHENG IMP&EXP CO., LTD had not included all the food ingredients in the health certificate ,when my customs man contacted XIAMEN MINCHENG IMP&EXP CO., LTD about this they responded with a company letter stating this was just an error from the company clerke and that the ingredients where actualy correct on the health certificate and sent relivent paperwork to back this up THESE WERE FALSE DOCUMENTS supplied by XIAMEN MINCHENG IMP&EXP CO., LTD.

port health then ordered an examination of samples of the food from there testing labs ,this took 12 days for these results to come back (all the time this is going on i am having to pay £40 per day storage for the container in felixstowe port).

port health then found that XIAMEN MINCHENG IMP&EXP CO., LTD had NOT complied with the actual health certificate conditions that all the packs of fish food should bare a label "not fit for human consumption " on them.(PLEASE SEE ATTACHED HEALTH CERTIFICATE)

port health then issued a 2nd notice of rejection into the uk order on the container,,,there were now only two options available 1/ to re export the container outside an eu country or 2/ to have the food destroyed by port health at my expence (i dont know the cost of this as yet).

XIAMEN MINCHENG IMP&EXP CO., LTD were contacted yet again to see what they were going to do about this problem due to there list of errors in the export/import of these goods,,there answer was it was not there fault !! and for me to try harder to get the container allowed into the uk.

i them spent the last few days contacting various bodies to try and find help including lawyers,,the lawyers have contacted XIAMEN MINCHENG IMP&EXP CO., LTD to point out that this shipment was not allowed into the uk purely down to the errors made by XIAMEN MINCHENG IMP&EXP CO., LTD

there reply to the lawyer was ,as you are a lawyer we will not reply to any of your emails regarding this matter.

i spoke to my lawyer this morning and he said it would cost around £17,000 to fight this case in china under chinese law and even though i would very possibly win the case it would be very unlikely i would ever get my money back from XIAMEN MINCHENG IMP&EXP CO., LTD and was not realy worth the risk of running up a large legal bill to not get anything at the end of it all.

so had to make the decision this morning to have the food destroyed by port health .

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13689Smart loan company
Total claims:3
SCAMMED FOR EVERYTHING »14/09/1015/09/20100
Having Been looking for a loan for a few months now this seemed perfect a loan offer of 3000 which could be increased upto 5000. As a 20yr old single mum struggling with rent and normal day to day expenses i needed a miracle.
Recieving this phone call from john from smart loan company he offerd the loan of 5000 But initially asked for 105pounds to be put into a bank account under mr leslie carter this 105 turned out to be 550 in total his words very believeable and knew exactly what to say When i argued my point of worry , But i Continued to agree to his terms and he put his point across as i was high risk for a loan as im under 24 not working and had no guarentor and this money was for my deposit and transfer fees also first months payment . Come Half 5 He Had All The Money i scraped together said i would get a call back to notify me off there services. By 7pm last night it sank in i had been scammed and left with nothing and now i have no money to provide anything for me and my child.. i stupidly fell for this scam as i was desperate for the loan to correct my finacial state. I Kept ringing the number i had they kept telling me JOHN would ring me Back By 10 Last night it had been disconnected. Left Devistated ,No Cash And Very ashamed of my self to have fallen for this Scam!!!

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Total claims:6
broke the lew/scam company »10/09/201015/09/20100

i brough of this site in may this year and then on the 10th of september i cheak my bank account and thay have taken £19.95 out my account.So i email them and ask and thay say my 1 month free trail is up ??? so why are thay taking money out my account nearly 4 months after thay wont answere my question,Its not a directed debiut is come out as if i have payed for goods.thay broke the lew as thay did not imfor me a month after that i hade to pay thay kepted my bank detail but not my contacted details.just a massive con.

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20532nethostfee/net consulting company [Arozona]
Total claims:2
Steal your money »07/27/201109/08/20110
Back on 07/18/2011 I saw the add on facebook. Make money at home for $1.95. Thinking that with being a one income family for that it would be great. I had read threw everything they gave me & never seen that after a week they will charge you $29.95 a month to keep up the web host. On the 27th they call leaving a message that they took $29.95 out of my account. I call and say no cancel it. I don't want it. If I have to pay that a month I can't afford that. After weeding threw my monthly bank statement I never got refunded for the $29.95. Called and talked to a rep & was informed it's non refundable. Really? It was canceled the day you took it. After finding other reports that the company is still taking money out of others accounts after they called canceled & what not. I have closed out the credit card & have had to request a new one. Don't trust them. I was so dumb in falling for it.

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14166cornwall collections
Total claims:48
loan company »15/10/1018/10/20100

i had my employment support allowance paid into my bank on 15/10/10,i withdrew money to pay my bills,i had £50.06 left in my account,went on 16/10/10 to my bank to withdraw money and they said my balance was £ bank said they could not tell me what this was for,to go back down on monday 18/10/10 so i did and they told me a company called cornwall collections have taken £47.50 and they could not do anything,i had to contact them and i can't seem to get anyone.

more details » [SHENZHEN]
Total claims:60
Fraudulent ipod company »13th October '1018/10/20100
I check this website out with my partner before proceeding with a purchase. It seemed legitimate, as it had the copy right Apple symbols all over it, it was sponsored by ‘Google’ and it was ‘VeriSign secured’.
I then bought 2 IPod Nano’s costing me £138. When I realised the next day that I still hadn’t received any sort of confirmation, alarm bells were ringing. I then found ‘’ and started to read all the comments about this website. I tried to cancel the payment through my bank, however I was too late. I then emailed the company, just asking for an ETA on the delivery, hoping that if I was polite about it that I would still receive something. I have then tried to log back onto the website and now my log in details are not recognised.
I do honestly believe that I will not be receiving anything and £138 down.
This is not fare on anybody who has been a victim of this website, and ‘Google’ should definitely NOT be sponsoring them!!
A Very disappointed and unhappy,

more details »
Total claims:200
I enclose every email received/ and sent to these cheating people, for your information, I just hope that the amount when I see my credit card bill is not higher or my card cloned. I have tried to use every forceful threat that l can think of, then I found your site, I am gutted, on pair is for a youngster with special needs. I hope you can show these people up for the foul sellers that they are.
-------Original Message-------

From: Jan
Date: 29/11/2010 11:55:28
Subject: Re: Order 099528









-------Original Message-------

From: order information
Date: 29/11/2010 03:00:50
To: Jan
Subject: Re: Order 099528

Dear customer,

Thank you for your letter.Sorry for what happened.

.After discussion,we decided to give you 30%refund as compensation,and you can keep the products. this is our last concession, hope you can understand us, please re-consider this.

If you can be of assistance,please feel free to let us know.We are happy to serve you.

Wish you have a nice day,

Cs 7

2010/11/28 Jan









-------Original Message-------

From: order information
Date: 28/11/2010 06:04:44
To: Jan
Subject: Re: Order 099528

dear customer.

thanks for your letter

we are very sorry for what happened, we have report this to our manager and he asked to give you 30% refund for compensation, this is our last concession, hope you can understand us, please re-consider this.

thanks and best regards


2010/11/27 Jan










-------Original Message-------

From: order information
Date: 27/11/2010 03:00:21
To: Jan
Subject: Re: Order 099528

Dear customer,

Thank you for your letter.Sorry for what happened.

After discussion,we decided to give you25%refund as compensation,and you can keep the products .This is our limitation.hope you can understand.

If you can be of assistance,please feel free to let us know.We are happy to serve you.

Wish you have a nice day,

Cs 7

2010/11/26 Jan










-------Original Message-------

From: order information
Date: 26/11/2010 07:16:36
To: Jan
Subject: Re: Order 099528

Dear customer,

Thank you for your letter.Sorry for what happened.

sincerely sorry for what happened.

we still want you to keep the boots.

for the return postage is very expensive which you should charge if you want to return the product back.

we really don't want a loss of both sides.

we can give you 20% as the compensate. we hope you can accept.

please think it over and tell us your answer asap.
If you can be of assistance,please feel free to let us know.We are happy to serve you.

Wish you have a nice day,

Cs 7

2010/11/25 Jan

Let us get this quite clear. You in your own words have admitted that the goods may not be of the best quality due to your sale. Note that this means they are not as advertised, genuine UGG boots. Therefore you break your own conditions of sale.
You are cheating decent buyers, I am now getting together evidence of my sale, if I do not receive my 100% refund, I will pass my information to UK Trading Standards and UK Customs and Excise. I have had verified the boots are fake, I have done a comparison of identical boots being sold in a leading UK supermarket for £10.

Your offer of 15% refund insults me. I am making hard copies of emails between us, I am ready to hand everything to both Trading Standards and Customs and Excise, who will intervine in any orders sent by you to the UK.
I await my 100% refund.
Thank you
Janet OReilly

-------Original Message-------

From: order information
Date: 25/11/2010 06:49:47
To: Jan
Subject: Re: Order 099528

Dear customer,

Thank you for your letter.

We are sincere with you to solve this problem as your question,according to our company 's requirement,we can not accept your request. 15%refund as compensation , for the return postage is very expensive which you should charge if you want to return the product back.

we really don't want a loss of both sides. hope you can understand us, please re-consider this.

With happy every day.

best wishes.

Cs 7

2010/11/24 Jan

No, this is not acceptable to me, I require a FULL REFUND!!!! I bought the boots in ""100%"" good faith trusting you, you are insulting me by offering me a 10% refund. The boots are TOTALLY FAKE, you admit that some of your products may not be of the best quality, there is NO QUALITY in the boots!!!!!! Why would you try to cheat people by claimimg your goods are 100% authentic when they clearly are NOT!!!!!!!!! Then in this email admit they're not!!!!!!
I await my refund. I will happily write a NEGATIVE report online so others will not buy from you in future, if I do not get my refund!!!!
Thank you

Janet OReilly

-------Original Message-------

From: order information
Date: 24/11/2010 06:06:02
To: Jan
Subject: Re: Order 099528

Dear customer,

Thanks for your letter!

Sincerely sorry for what happened. Sorry...

we are doing a sale,so some of the products may not of best quality. Sorry...According to our policy, we would give you 10% refund for compensation.

and hope you can keep the boots.

If you accept, we can refund to you soon.

Best regards


2010/11/23 Jan

Order Date Total price Payment Status Invoice
#099528 2010-11-04 £121.98 Payease Shipping PDF details

Dear Sir / Madam

I am very disappointed with my received order. Everything about the boots is totally fake and are not acceptable to me.
I bought them in good faith, you accepted my money, now I require that you send me a full refund.
You didn't even care enough about my order to send the correct size, the black pair were 4.5Uk, you sent size 6Uk.
The smell of the glue used is worrying, and unhealthy.

I await your reply

Thank you
Janet O'Reilly

more details »
Total claims:6
Fraud company »03/11/1004/11/20100

Bought ipod nano at a bargain price of £69.00. As soon as I rceived the confirmation email (a day later), I realised something was wrong. No delivery details no contact address. After further research I now know this is a scam. Please beware!

more details »

14815Smart loan company
Total claims:3
money fraud »25/11/201027/11/20100

i was promised a loan of £5000 by smart loans from manchester if i paid £105 up-front. after i done that they asked for £299 more and i said no i havent got it so we agreed i would pay a further £85 then they said they would have the money in my bank by friday. i phoned them today at 09:54 and they called me back 09:55. i asked them where the loan was and how it was taking so long and the said i still have to pay £299 or i wont get the loan. i then said i dont want the lone and asked for my money back. the told me it will take upto 2 month to get my £190 back. then they said i wont be getting my money back because they cant do that because i dont have proof i sent it to them. they told me to send it to there main office in india by a money gram form from the post office. it has left me with no food or electricity in the house and its not good for my health, its to cold and i have to sit in the house in the dark at night with candels lit to try and keep warm. when i phoned them a guy called gary answerd the phone and i was told to ask for john, when i didi that he said john would call me back in 5 mins, NEVER HAPPEND after i payd the money to them.

more details »

23420Your money [worksop]
Total claims:2
Unscrupolous company »1st of February03/02/20120
Hi. On the 1st of february I received a text message telling me that www.yourmoneytv had taken my membership fee from my bank account. I was totally shocked as I was unaware of this company until this text message.
I would NEVER knowingly agree to pay anyone �£69.95 and I am generally very careful when using the internet.
Knowing nothing about this fee I called your money on their number.I was told that in September I had joined their membership scheme whilst viewing loan sites. (all be it unknowingly.)
I checked my bank and found �£69.95 had been taken.(They use your debit card to claim the payment.So cancel your card immediately if you fear ANY company reapplying for these type of fees.)
I contacted my bank, the payment could not be cancelled.
So I called Action Fraud and they told me to contact Consumer Direct.I spoke to a lovely,very knowledgeable man who talked me through the "what to do next" stages.
They will tell you the best thing to do to get your money back and you CAN get your money back as you are covered by two consumer laws.However be prepared to lose a �£5 admin fee.
Don't delay,contact them as soon as possible and follow their instructions. As each case is different my details may not be right for someone else.
Also by contacting them,they set up your case number AND pass on the information to Trading Standards and the CAB.
This in turn helps others.
Good luck.

more details »

Total claims:38
FAKE UGG COMPANY »09.11.1025/11/20100

I ordered a pair of Uggs from this Company under the name of ugg boots xmas as they seemed a bargain
The money came out of my bank the same day, after 2 weeks i emailed them and did not get a reply - i received them yesterday and they are most definately NOT uggs but my bigger concern is that on the invoice it has (Total amount 434) I am so worried that they are going to take more money from my bank, i wrang my bank yesterday and explained the situation and asked if they can put a block on this company but they said they cant! they said that i have to wait for them to take money out of my account in order for them (the bank) to be able to help me...... i really dont understand why it has to be done this way and am now constantly checking my bank on line to see if any more money has come out as well as having to let my wonderful daughter down about the boots ....GUTTED

more details »

14857Smart loan company
Total claims:3
Hazel Rynjah »27oct 201030/11/20100

applied for loan they said i had to pay a fee by western union to a Hazel Rynjah in New Delhi India for £204-99 then they asked for another payment of £408-99 and said the money would be paid into my bank at 5 that night when i checked the next day nothing had been deposited and i think theyhave changed there phone no

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148642 is company [chelmsford]
Total claims:3
Escort Agency Scam »18/10/201030/11/20100
I answered an ad on totaljobs for part time events representatives. I am looking to earn extra cash and this seemed like a good idea. As a result of my application I was contacted by Helen who discussed my look, hobbies and career in depth, we were on the phone for over an hour and i felt comfortable that she sounded professional. She informed me that there was a membership fee of £250 but they would get me several events jobs within the month. I paid through paypal details below;

13 Sep 2010 07:09:40 PDT

Hello Nicola Macfarlane,

2 is Company would like to be paid through PayPal.

2 is Company
Note from merchant
Contribution towards advertising and marketing cost for 3 months.

Description Amount
Service £250.00 GBP
Total £250.00 GBP

Pay with PayPal
2 is Company would like you to use PayPal - the safer, easier way to pay and get paid online. Click Pay Now to continue

I paid this on the 18th October via paypal to 2 is company.
I didn't hear anything after my profile had been set up for 2 weeks, I called and emailed. Helen rang me back. She said she was surprised I had not had any work yet and promised to call me the following day with an up date and details of what opportunities were available. I heard nothing the next day, so rang again, no reply so left a message on their answer machine. I didn't get a call the following day either, so left another message. Nothing. I emailed again and my email bounced as the 'server was unavailable'. I have since left several more messages and obviously heard nothing.
I dont know how far I can take this but I am struggling with the fact that dont do any kind of checks on these business before accepting their business. I have also found an advert on 2 other websites; with contact details for Miss Rachel Ellis of 2nd Floor, 43 Broomfield Road, Chelmsford and with the same details.
What can I do to get my money back?

more details » [SHENZHEN]
Total claims:60
False Company »13/1/201002/12/20100

I placed an order through the above website for a ipod nano 8g for £59.00, I did not received order confimation via emails as would be normal with an online purchase, However i assumed the email would be sent upon dispatch of the item, this email never arrived, I made several attempts to access the website to track the order and was told the website could not be found, I became concerned as the funds had been taken from my account for the value of £60.20 by a company named, diginshop. After I had established the funds had been taken i attempted to contact someone from apple for advice during this live web chat i was informed that they had received many complaints and that this was a fraudulent company and i would not receive my purchase, I am now out of pocket an have no item and this company needs to be stopped

more details »

Total claims:38
Ordered UGG boots. Have not received them. Thought company was in Australia »11/26/1008/12/20100

I thought I was on the actual Australia UGG boot site on 11/23/10 and ordered some Bailey Button boots for 88.38. I have not received them. The site looked authentic but when I saw the charge on my acct., the above name was who charged me. I feel this is a bogus company.

more details »
Total claims:1
fake company »1/12/201008/12/20100

I bought 2 pairs of ugg boots from and now cannot get any emails to them, or contact information as seemingly they do not exist. the site looks totally legit and alarm bells will only start ringning after you have given your details and made the payment, and you cannot contact them or trace your order, its just as though you are trapped on a site you cannot get out of, but your money has been takem from the bank, by beware they are a firm of low life crooks, i cannot get any information and believed i was on a ugg site selling sale uggs that were not there latest style. it has made me scared to go into different sites i am even worried that this site is bogus as i cannot trust anyone now.

more details » [SHENZHEN]
Total claims:60
paid for goods not received company now siezed »8/12/1209/12/20100

did a search in November for ipod nanos, this site came up guaranteed to price beat any seller, so paid for 2 ipods nanos in November, free postage, never reply to emails, ask about delivery service, now been on there main page to see they have been siezed.....

more details »
Total claims:10
No shipping info or contact from company. »12/5/201009/12/20100

Ordered Ugg boots totaling 179.76 charged my account but have received no correspondence from company even after numerous emails. No phone or contact other than email. Just want items ordered or complete refund. Account was charged 185.67 then again for a service fee of 1.86. The website will no longer open for further information.

more details »

Total claims:2
Just lost $100 -- fake Ugg Boot company online »12/1/201013/12/20100

Like a fool, I ordered Ugg boots on as a gift for my daughter for Christmas. I could not afford the full price, and these were less. Unfortunately, this is a FAKE COMPANY that took my hard-earned money and ran. I feel so stupid, and I worked really hard for that money. There's no more to buy a real pair. Stupid me. Please do not buy from this company or any other advertising cheap Uggs. Buy only from name-brand stores and sites.

more details »

Total claims:38
fake ugg boot company »13/12/201013/12/20100

I ordered some ugg boots from this website thinking i was getting a bargin but then realises i hadnt received a confirmation e mail of my order , also realised they had tok more out off my account than was stated at time of purchase,i paid by debit card so i typed the site in to google and it came up wih his i am soooo angry right now .......what should i do ? will i get a refund ?

more details »
Total claims:17
Money taken but no boots, no response from company »12-06-1016/12/20100

Bought two pair of Ugg boots for $187.29 and never recieved a conformation. The money was taken out of my account under the name of I went to this companys website and it is a handbag site with no boots. I have contacted both companies and have recieved no response.

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28539 Green Leaf Finance Ltd [ Green Leaf Finance Ltd]
Total claims:123
Never heard of Company »1/3/201301/03/20130
Never heard of this company and although I have been searching for a loan I have not authorised payments for anything from my account???

more details »

15497 [dont know]
Total claims:3
paid for ipod from a fraudulent site and have not received goods and no contact from company despite numerous emails »17/12/201022/12/20100
when looking to buy an ipod nano 8gb 5th generation for my 14 year old son i came across the ipodnanosite selling them for 69.00. i ordered one in grey and waited for a confirmation email. i received no contact from the company whatsoever. i kept checking the site to see the status of my order, only to continuously see 'payment processing'. i then contacted them again, via email, asking them if they had received my order and when i could expect to receive the goods. Again, i received no reply. i then decided to google the web site, only to find numerous comments and feedbacks on the site from other disgruntled customers, all claiming the same. They had paid for goods, some in November, and received no goods, no contact and all had had the same 'payment processing' on the account on the site. On the 20th December, a payment was taken out of my account from "Debit Card - Pinghuang Business 72.19" for the said amount, underneath stating "Basingstoke". I have now cancelled my card, and not sure where else now to go in getting my money back.

more details » [unknown]
Total claims:3
RIPPED OFF FAKE COMPANY FRAUD »15/12/1022/12/20100

I ordered some ugg boots from this site for my mum for christmas it all looked genuine was a bit concerned when i didnt receive a confirmation email but had order and tracking number and amount was taken from my bank account. Should have know as they said sale price they cost £64 so now im stuck with nothing for my mum for christmas and £64 down no boots a fake company website need to be removed as they are ripping people off so disappointed as its unfair to honest people.

more details »

19840AM2PM Limos Ltd 34 Bertram Road London NW4 3PN [NW4 London]
Total claims:1
Ripoff Limo Company »18/6/1119/06/20110
We booked a 10 seater limo for Ascot and when it turned up the limo and driver were very scruffy and was only an 8 seater. Very tatty car, bald tyres, cheap pink lady champagne?? Driver was clueless, arrived at Ascot late, and the suspension collapsed on the car! the driver was useless, we called the owner who was aggressive and rude, they turned up and left us stranded at Ascot! then tried to take £300 off our debit card! Avoid at all costs! AM2PM Limos Ltd 34 Bertram Road London NW4 3PN

more details »
Total claims:10
bogus company-ripped off »13/13/1030/12/20100

Ordered two pair of ugg boots on Dec 13th from Money withdrawn by on Dec 15th. Never received confirmation, never received any answers to inquiries from ugg boots or rose bags. Never received boots. Do not order from this website. Besides losing your money, someone will be disappointed when they don't receive a gift from you.

more details »

15710online clock company
Total claims:2
Online Clock Company »15/10/201003/01/20110

I placed my order on 15/10/2010 & it was not despatched until 15/11/2010, a wait of a month. When the clock eventually arrived it was not working. I phoned the company & they arranged that DHL would collect the clock from me which they did on 17/11/2010, I tracked this delivery & it was received back at the company on 18/11/2010. I have since heard nothing & not received a replacement clock as requested. They are now uncontactable by phone or e mail - a ridiculous situation. I want an immediate refund of my money but cannot get in touch with them

more details »

Total claims:25
no recollection of dealing with this company »02/01/201105/01/20110
I was applying for a loan and was passed from broker to broker and was unindated with e mails and texts and phone calls. i do not recall ever dealing with this company...PLEASE HELP

more details » Shanghai
Total claims:4
Not bone fide company »8.12.1005/01/20110

I bought a pair of Ugg boots for my daughter from a company which advertised on an ebay sponsored link, unsure of company name because no email or paper confirmation was given at the point of sale. Nothing arrived. Payment was taken by a company called Shanghi. Unable to trace them can anyone help?

more details »

Total claims:29
company now "out of business" »1st September 201007/01/20110

With reference to my previous posts regarding this rip-off company has anybody been on their website recently? I had been sending them e-mails on a regular basis seeking a refund and my e-mails started to be returned. I logged onto their website and went into "contact us". It states on there that they are now "out of business". I then went into their online store and they seem to still be taking orders. I cannot believe this company. I have no doubt that they will now open up under another name and continue to rip people off. I will not be signing their refunds form as I will be seeking legal advice and will continue to write bad reviews about them and they want signatures saying you won't do this. If anybody is reading this please take a bit of advice and do a review enquiry about a company online before you purchase from them. Make sure the company has lots of positive reviews. This is the mistake I made but will never make the same mistake again.

more details »

15961Ford escorts [unknown]
Total claims:11
Fradulant Company »August 200913/01/20110
I saw an advert in the daily star asking for escorts, I rang them and was informed that for one payment of 249 pound I would be registered for the year and would be guarenteed work. I received a phonecall of a woman claiming she required an escort but then I was informed that I had missed a subsequent call so another escort had been arranged.

I have rang them on numerous occasions and was told it was a quiet period but I would get work, but nothing came. I have since tried to ring and the number is no longer in use. The woman who was supposedly in charge of getting me work was called kim.

more details »

16238Marksun Boots Company [Australia]
Total claims:1
Support Ugg Boots »24th December 201025/01/20110
Ordered these ugg boots for my daughter for Christmas from Marksun Boots Company. They took my money on the same day and where received about 1 week later. I signed fro these boots with parcel force which delivered from Birmingham. On opening the bag their was no box I had no returns labels at all incase they did not fir. Well they did not fir and I finally contacted my bank to get the details of who had taken my boots for these items as I had no address either. Following that I went back on the web and found Marksunboots and got in touch with support as this is the only way to contact them. Have explained that the boots are to small and would like to return them however they have said I should sell them to a relative or sell them other ways. They have offered me a 10% discount and I am still dealing with this dodgy retailer. Listen good people do not go any where near Marksunboots company they are a real scam and should not be able to sell products to us good people. They really should stop trading!

more details »

16242indian people claiming to be a company called easy loan uk [london and manchester]
Total claims:1
loan payment »25/01/201125/01/20110
i applied for a loan on the internet a company calling themselves easy loan uk contacted me went through all the legal stuff.
they said i had to pay the first repayment then i would receive the loan in my accoyunt within 20 minutes.
not thing and being a fool i went to the post office and paid it it turned out the money went to india, 1hour later i contacted the company again to see why they havent paid the money into my account they said i had to pay another £98 for the tax on this money. told them i wasnt paying anymore money and told them i wanted my money back they said no.
the phone number is 020719338506
the manchester address they give is 53 founder street
m2 2an
they also claim they have a office in london

more details »

30275clickamotorpart [dewsbury west yorkshire]
Total claims:1
why cant this company be bothered to help ?????? »06/10/201422/10/20140
ok folks,

i was on ebay looking for new rear brake discs for my peugoet 308 sw when i came across ebay seller " clickamotorpart " to whome was offering all i needed for £93.99 including postage.

the company behind ebay user id " clickamotorpart" is :

popular trading company
moz sid
bradford rd
west yorkshire
wf13 2ud
tel:01924 461091
email: .

anyway i decided to telephone the company direct & placed my order as i dont use paypal. the order was placed & payment was taken from my card but i was not provided with an order number or invoice.

now i needed my order as quick as possible as my mot was due on 9th oct & so on the 8th i sent an email via ebay to clickamotorpart to whome then told me that according to the records held by their courier, my parcel was showing as delivered & signed for by t jackson.

i then replied and told the seller that there is no t jackson and that i have not had my parcel and the only thing that had been left at my house was a fedex calling card left hanging out of my letterbox but from here on, clickamotorpart seems to have lost all interest & instead tells me to refer all queries to fedex uk.

it sounds as though clickamotorpart couldnt care less because their courier has provided tracking details confirming delivery.

anyway i go on to learn that the company despatched all or part of my order via their chosen couriers " fedex uk " and the parcel was assigned tracking details of 05031512555 to which states the parcel as delivered on 6th oct 2014.

i then file a complaint with fedex uk to whome made a brief investigation. fedex responds to my complaint & tells me that their driver signed for my parcel himself and then puts it in the bin & leaves a calling card hanging out of my letterbox stating where the parcel was left.

fedex assures me that the driver concerned will be disciplined & will be re trained.

fedex also apologises for their driver falsifying the signature on their pod system but they will not be able to compensate myself because no money had exchanged hands between myself or fedex for the shipping of the parcel and so only the sender of the parcel can file a claim etc.

in total i have exchanged many messages / emils between both fedex and clickamotorpart but im not getting anywhere. it appears that both clickamotorpart and fedex are each blaming each other and im just stuck in the middle.

therfeore and until such time, either company gets off their arse and sorts this out. i will be posting my complaint on as many sites as possible and will stay on such sites until i have my money back.

this is not just going to go away and i have just about had enough of both companies giving me excuses.

now its only fair that fedex gets their own complaint on this fantastic site and so i have taken the liberty of adding fedex aswell to which can be viewed here:

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23326Company-marketing manager Ali [Brentford]
Total claims:1
SOLD ME A CAR WHICH BROKE DOWN SAME DAY »24/01/201231/01/20120
The dealership in Brenford as they call themselves 5 star , whatever this stands for.On the 21 of January I had looked at the car which was Vauxhall Vectra.The car was supposed to be prepared for the 24/01/2012 for pick up.Left a deposit and pick it up yesterday.The car had no winshield wipers as the dealer told me to take them off another car,the engine light was on which the dealer had assured me that they don't have a program to cancel the light.They just replaced a lightbulb.The car broke down on a way home , same day.The intake manifold was gone as well as the gasket.377 �£ for parts and 300 �£ for labor.Called the dealer , he said that I have the warranty , I need to wait 3 weeks and make the claim.How good is that? Another things, there are 2 faulty sensors,and whatever else will show up.Dealer says not to worry, you have a warranty.How good is this? These cars were supposed to be checked out by proffesionals before they go out on the road.

more details »
Total claims:17
This company have taken £74.75 from my bank account without my consent and refuse to refund or acknowledge my emails »19.04.201123/04/20110
Went onto net looking for a loan filled out sum details .. No loans were taken out and now I've notices this company have taken £74.75 from me. I'm a single parent with two kids and this was my child tax credits theve stolen from me and I'm now left out of pocket

more details »

23128NutraScience [Sheffield]
Total claims:83
Nutrascience/ProClean Company deducted £37.50 and £75 from my account even after cancelling in the trial period. »17/01/201220/01/20120

I ordered ProCleanse and Nutraslim Maxtrim trial offers on 3rd Jan and after that heard/read stories about the company's fraud with other people. I contacted them on their customer care and cancelled my subscription (I have never subscribed itself and don't know how they automatically subscribing people when the trial order is placed) on 16/17 Jan. Today on 20th Jan I got the mail that they have deducted amount from my account while they sent the cancellation mail on 17th itself. I want my precious money back which I am making after a lot of hard work.

more details »

Total claims:13

more details »

16749Yes Loans
Total claims:112
Ripp Off Loan Company »201017/02/20110
This loan company leads you to believe that you have an approved loan agreed before asking you for a payment of £69. Then you discover that there is no agreed loan and they attempt to get you a loan, which they failed to do. They point blank refuse to return the payment of £65.

more details »

26791activity superstore [saffron walden]
Total claims:16
Absolutely Disgraceful Company! »20th september 201221/09/20120
I am shocked by how this company is still around with the way ive been treated as a customer. My girlfriend bought me an activity day out for sphering because ive always wanted to do it. However because of alot of factors, my back, the time, the lack of choice of venues, and even the weather has not allowed it.

So i went to the retailer who sold the product who in turn refused me a refund and sent me to this company. I told this company that i would no longer need the voucher due to the reasons stated, they told me i was not going to get a refund as they do now hold the funds.

A moneyless very modern. So i kept sending emails, each one getting frustrated and they sent the same rely and hid behind some terms and conditions. I for one will warn all who remotely think of getting involved with this company.

It has developed a cunning theft by stealth system which is morally and ethically wrong. And in these dark financial times i cant see it lasting long if it carries on, as you have lost the one main principle in buisness...customers must come back.

So thank you very much activity superstore for extremely hard work in keeping my hard earned money whilst i sit at home with some worthless paper in a silver envelope.

Thanks very much.

Andy Elson

more details »

16764Choice White / Select White Teeth / Alpine White [FL 33912]
Total claims:10
2nd Taking Of Funds but Disguised as Different Card Payment Company Name »12/2/1117/02/20110
Thank you to this web site. The above incident had initially happened on 22/1 Jan where this so called company debited £81.71 out of my account AFTER i'd unsubscribed but of course I couldn't trace this as you go through the relevant link on an email. I had logged my complaint on 'canyoutrustthem', as they couldn't be traced on the links on web address provided, neither could you call the phone numbers (unobtainable). Anyway thankfully due to my 'name and shame' my money was duly returned on 27/1 of £79.65. Incidently the first card payment debit was under DSB, THEN on the 12/2 February, so not even a month apart, I'd spotted on my account yet again a bell ringing sum of £81.19 (this time under the name MYCATALOG973),I have absolutely no idea who this is. Plus why would I spend £81.19 in my bills account taking me well over my o/d limit!!!! This is disgraceful. Again money that belongs to me and then through GREED and darn right THEFT taking me INTO DEBT!!!! I want this money like the first incident returned. They have very craftily changed the name and also the date. I watch my account strictly to check all my bills have been paid even though set up on direct debits ...... it's a good job at this rate!!!!!

more details »

16914Handbagseek Beijing China [China]
Total claims:7
Air Jordans Spizikes - Never Received Fake Company »02/15/201124/02/20110
To Whom it may concern:

My name is Corvington Domond and I recently purchased Air Jordans off a site by the title of : I wanted a pair or Air Jordan Spikes . I originally tried ordering them off regular shoe stores such as foot and Finish but they only had size 18's . I went to Google and put the SKU number of the shoes and bang , here pops up the Nike store depot so I figured it was legit due to the fact it had all the pictures/logos of Paypal secured site etc . Also the price was almost the same instead of paying 100 dollars for the shoes I wanted It was 80 dollars plus 20.00 for S&H . When I put my credit card information , the site said it would send me a confirmation of my oder . Then after that , everything became fishy. Usually you would receive a confirmation within seconds of the transaction . Within that I never received one at all. Then a day later I see on my Debit card statement that a store by the name of : Handbagseek Beijing CN has charged me . At First I Was unfamiliar with this company then I typed it in google and found all these fradulatnt claims against them. Thus I knew I was duped. It has been well over 2 weeks and still not even fake shoes have been shipped to me . This company basically took my money and ran with it. Someone please help!

more details » [Putain]
Total claims:1
If you don't read chinese you can't contact the company »12/10/201001/03/20110
My husband ordered me a pair of UGG boots from When they arrived, there was no paperwork in the box and all writing on the address label is in Chinese except my address. We have contacted the company four or five times on the customer service part of the web site with NO response. The boots don't fit and I seem to have no recourse. I can't exchange them nor can I wear them. Our credit card company to date has not been much help either. I would never recommend this website to anyone. Order from somebody else.

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2126724 Hour Finance Company [LONDON]
Total claims:4
payment towards a loan »30/9/1130/09/20110
I was called by this company saying I had been approved for a loan of 2,500 which I had been trying to get. I was asked to pay a fee of 124.00 by a ukash voucher which I stupidly did. When they contacted me later that day they told me that i needed to pay a further 299.00 for some kind of tax again by ukash voucher. I explained that I didn't have that amount left and they said they would consult with there tax council to see if I was able to pay less, they agreed to 200.00 pound saying it would be refunded when the loan was placed into my account and I would receive a total of 2,700 within a hour and a half. I phoned 2 hours later only to find the numbersthey has supplied me were dead and 2 of the numbers were mail box numbers that were full so unable to leave a message

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Total claims:1
FRAUDULENT COMPANY »4th Feb 201215/02/20120
Ordered UGG boots found out later not a genuine site and boots not received. Asked for a refund got no reply.

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17251Defence Security Systems Ltd [Birmingham]
Total claims:1
Alarm company fails to monitor »2006 - 201011/03/20110
Mr Peter Swain
Managing Director
Defence Security Systems Ltd
Robecc House
Kelvin Way
West Bromwich
B70 7LB
RE: Notice of Intended Legal Action.
Dear Mr Swain,
In December 2006, I had an alarm installed at my address; ***************.
I am disappointed because the service you provided, was unsatisfactory, because you a) failed to find the fault on numerous visits, b) repair the existing issues (Smoke alarm, control panel), c) accuse me of tampering with goods even though your own engineers left me the batteries to install and have done since the contract started, d) The only monitoring of the system was supplied by myself, my wife, e) failed to install the required PIR and Door sensor on the said Annexe when requested. We were told initially that the engineer had set the system to call our mobiles and then it would be put through to the monitoring station in a few weeks. Your company failed to do this and for the term of the initial agreement all calls from the Alarms came through to our phones and at no time did any monitoring service contact us. After this was put right earlier in 2010 we did receive a number of calls from the monitoring station.
I can also state that the issue with the non-monitoring of system was also apparent on my other system at *********. Again the engineer went out earlier this year (2010) to set up the connection with the Monitoring Station, none was present as it was still going to my parents mobiles.
This is in breach of our contract as laid down by the law.
To resolve the problem I require you to refund the costs of a replacement system, whilst reserving my right to claim against you..
I look forward to hearing from you and to a resolution of this problem. As I have waited for 21 days since my initial contact with you, and as you have previously refused, I have lost all faith in your company to resolve the issues I am experiencing, therefore I have arranged for the matter to be corrected by a third party at a cost of £386 to replace the faulty system and also seeking help from my solicitor and the County Courts. Please contact me at the above address or by phone ***********. I request that if no payment or acceptable offer is received within 14 days, I shall pursue the matter with the County Court for the full amount plus costs
Yours sincerely

I had given him a number of chances to rectify the situation which they failed to do. He put all the blame at my door even though his own engineer said that a) I wasn't connected to a monitoring station, and b) The handset or control panel were faulty.

I have received further information and I have mediation on Tuesday 15th March. Unfortunately I want to change the amount of monies claimed as I now have prrof that there was Breach of Contract.

We'll just see how Tuesday goes. But beware of this company

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23164Sports Direct [Derbyshire]
Total claims:10
Biggest lying company - out to get your money! »9/1/201222/01/20120
Found a great deal for a pair of Brashers walking boots on the internet sold by Field and Trek (owned by Sports Direct)for £30. This was an amazing deal and I quickly snapped it up. The shoes arrived within 2 days but it was the wrong size (not sure if this was done deliberately as the day after I placed that order, this offer was re-priced at £55). Emailed customer services to get a Freepost address for an exchange and only got a reply after 6 working days. 6 days after I sent the shoes for the exchange of the correct sized shoes (UK7), I received an email telling me that I have been refunded for the shoes as the size requested was not available. I went to the website to check this out, low and behold, the exact model and colour of the shoes I had requested for the exchange was on sale for exactly the size I requested. So they have them on sale for £55 but not for my exchange because I only paid £30 for them.
Emailed Customer services with my complaint and the proof of the availability of the shoes from their website during the exchange period. The reply I got was, 'Sorry for the inconvenience caused but the item is not available. What a load of rubbish and lies. The exact same shoes with UK size 7 is still on sale on their website now !!
Definitely not an honest company, who resorts to unscrupulous practices to boost their earnings. I guess with so many people staying away from them, that's why they are losing money every year. Stay away from them. I'm not the first to be stung by them, so don't be the next. It's not worth the stress and hassle to deal with this company.

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17670Overhead Door Company of Winchester (VA) [Winchester]
Total claims:1
Overhead Door Company botches installation »August 201027/03/20110
In August 2010, a $1,000+ garage door was installed by Overhead Door Company of Winchester, VA. By November it had sagged in the middle to the point that the metal brace and actual metal of the door is bent.

In December 2010 we addressed the problem with Jessica Webber (the "General Manager" of Overhead Door Company of Winchester). When I initially contacted her by phone to
explain we had a problem, it was clear that she had no intention of assessing the complaint with an open mind. For example, she immediately asked if the door had hit anything and I replied “no” (believing that to be the case.) She responded “M-huh” in a sarcastic, knowing tone. She asked if we had experienced strong winds and I told her (countering her sarcasm) that we had the same winds anyone else in the county had which I assume did not result in everyone’s doors being damaged. She sarcastically replied that “in fact, we have had a lot of wind damage calls.” She said she would send someone out. When I hung up, I knew not to expect that customer service was a component of Winchester’s Overhead Door Company.

"Tim" that came out was very courteous. At that point, I had learned from my husband that the door had at one time closed on the bumper of his stationary pickup and we shared this information with Tim. Tim merely said perhaps the door needed more reinforcement and that he would talk with the General Manager who would likely work with us. I told him that it was not my impression that she would, based on her earlier attitude.

Many days later, Jessica called and said they would replace the top section of the door for a bargain $350. I was not interested in paying more for a $1,000 door that we had for 4-5 months. I contacted Overhead Door Corporation's corporate office in Texas. Mr. Sendar there explained that Overhead Door Company of Winchester was an independently owned and operated distributor, over which the corporate office had no authority concerning repair of the door. He said he would call the distributor in Winchester and urge them to work something out for everyone's benefit. He called back confirming he had spoken with them and I should hear from them. I never did.

The Corporate office sent a CYA letter to the BBB supporting the Winchester distributor's position that the door was damaged when it closed on the truck bumper, that office of course never having examined the door. In my 63 years of owning many garage doors, I maintain that the door should have made contact with the bumper and gone back up and that the damage was due to improper installation/adjustment. To avoid harm to my 2 year grandson, my 72 year old husband is attempting repair with the help of a more reputable and professional company. That company agrees a properly adjusted door would go back up and contact would not be the cause of the damage to the door.

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23203NutraScience [Sheffield]
Total claims:83
Scam company »January 201224/01/20120
Web banner offering free trial of Nutrascience, for just the postage of £2.49 They send you a 30 day trial but you can only have the trial for 14 days.(it's in the very small print) if you don't cancel in those 14 days they charge you £75 for what you have had. 60 tablets and 30 patches. You will also see on the banner 'congratulations you are the 1000th visitor' this happened every time i clicked the banner but unfortunately for me I had already given them my card details. When you do this it's harder to get your money back. They won't give the money back

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17692Youth Nutrition 8776192649 cy
Total claims:130
scam do not use this company »13/03/201128/03/20110
i placed an order for a free trial of the new super Acai Berry Capsules with just the postage to pay i payed on my credit card and when my bill come in i have been charged 128,60 under the ref 8776192646 cy and also been charged 2.98 under the same ref number anybody would knows how to get this money back it would be a big help

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Total claims:26

more details »
Total claims:16
an unknow company have deducted funds from my account »O1/04/201102/04/20110

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Total claims:12
unauthorised payments taken »26/1/2012 + 30/1/201213/02/20120
Ordered sample of skincare and eye cream online. No mention of a trial of 18 days until product arrived with a letter. gave a telephone number to ring is not satisfied with product, still no mention of money being taken. on trying to ring number a voice said i was not authorised to use the number.
i sent two emails to but have not received any replies.
i have reported to my credit card supplier who asked for the email copies and terms + conditions. unable as yet to find any terms + conditions online.

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18032BETTER HEALTH , 8884700383 CY [Los Angeles]
Total claims:15
same company as No Pain Pro »31/03/1106/04/20110
I ahve also made a claim against No Pain Pro as these are the same companies and I ordered the goods through them to a value of £7.80 for 3 items and have instead been charged 599.85USD. I now cant pay my car insurance, put petrol in my car in oredr to go to work, let alone feed an water myself as these charges have put me over my overdraft limit

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18174The LGV Training Company
Total claims:1
NOT SO LOCAL!!!!!! »7th April 201108/04/20110

I joined this company as they promised to use a "LOCAL" Test Center. Once I had paid them the money(2500.00) and waited for my license to come back from the DVLA they booked me a local theory test. This was about 7 miles from my home. When I returned from the test and called them to book the driving course they told me that the nearest center is now in Purfleet, some 35 miles away (70 mile round trip for 10 days. When I asked why is it so far after telling me it would be local they told me that they had stopped using the Gillingham center. SO MUCH FOR LOCAL!!!!!!! I asked them to pay for the extra fuel that it would cost me and they said NO, take Purfleet or a refund that will take up to 21 days. BEFORE YOU BOOK CHECK WHERE THEY MEAN BY LOCAL!!!!!!

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18289ezeloans [london]
Total claims:19
Fraud- this company has not refunded my money »march 201112/04/20110
This company has not refunded my money that they took out of my account,with out my direct consent.The websitre is misleading I thought I was just having a look at loan firms instead when you press enter, they take it out in seconds.
They have no contact number and the address is just a postal address of an old office they "used" to work in. I have sent about 50-65 emails and 2 sets of cancelation documents, they said they have recieved my cancelation docs and will refund me and then they havent and then they say i have to re-send it as they havent recieved it.

Be advised that a copy of ALL letters and a CD which included ALL emails as well as History Backup of the browser where forwarded to the Financial Ombudsman, the OFT, The Financial Services Authority, The Office of Fair Trading, as well as to the Wimbledon Police for suspected Fraud by other people that have been frauded too.

I am sorry but I am not in a position to lose this kind of money and I am so stressed about this I cant focus at work and as a result am being repremanded by management. How do they get away with this?

Please help me.

Thank you,

Niki keeley 07805916947

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Total claims:1
Con Artists »11/04/201112/04/20110
Was contacted numerous times buy this company buy people who could barley speak english at best garonteing me a same day loan of £500 repayable over 6 months. However they take there 1st payment 1st of £30 and deduct another £20 from the loan (supposably) half an hour later when the loan is in your account, over 24 hours later and still no loan, no phone call and the phone number supplied to me buy my banks fraud team leads to a car repair shop? Hence why this is a con or fraud as they wont even speak to you after theyve taken your hard earnd money.

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18305the knee company
Total claims:2
fraud? »4/4/1112/04/20110
I'd never heard of the knee company until I saw a payment on my bank statement for £128.01. Then I searched the net and here was this site telling me the knee company had been giving free offers and then charging silly amounts of money. I then remembered receiving a carton of acacia berry which I hadn't remembered ordering and didn't want. having read other people's comments here I realise I've been had. How do these companies get away with this? If they make a free offer then it's free! I read how some of you sent for something for the price of postage only - which is what the price should be....Anyway, hope my bank can help

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18336wenthworth direct finance [kent]
Total claims:49
scam company »9/4/1113/04/20110
i recently recieved a phone call off a guy from wentworth direct finance saying my loan had been accepted of £3000,they took a broker fee of £69.00,and never heard anything back,i have been trying to call them for days now and all i get is it just ringing on the other end then get cut off,i havent managed to get through to speak to anyone,as if i have that kind of money to throw away,i was asking for a loan to start my own buisness in the first place,i have since read reviews on the internet and they all say this is a scam company please help me

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18344the knee company
Total claims:2
£129.95 »march 201113/04/20110
I am a uk resident who unfortunatley fell for the trial slimmimg pills, i didnt mind paying £2.95 for the trial pack, and if they had worked i would have borght more!
On the 3rd of April 2011 I had not Aurthorised a payment which this company took out of my BANK ACCOUNT FOR £129.95! to which this then took me over drawn! so i now have bank charges, my bank is looking into this and so is the fraud squad! what gives a company the right to take this unaurthorised payment!!
I did not subscribe to this.
I have tried ringing them to be met with a long call and an answer machine! and so has my bank, i have emailed them and as yet no products and no reply!!

more details » [stockport]
Total claims:2
refund for processing fee for loan »04/04/11 21/04/20110
Dear Sirs, I applied to on 4th April 2011, and paid them up front for processing fee for them to find me a loan, but they came back to me saying that they can find me one but only with a garantor which i cannot do anyhow.I then told them on the phone I did not want to go ahead with the application.Under their terms and conditions on their website section 13,FSR 2004- I have a right to cancel within 14 days if I write to them. So in which I wrote to them on the 8th April, to Customer Services head office Dale House Stockport asking for the £49.80 processing fee,in which I did not get a loan ,then decided that I did not want to go ahead with the application any longer.
They acknoleged my letter, and was then told in their internal website correspondence I could not get it.
So please you obtain my refund back.

Alison McArdle

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18728Daniel Sanchez Loan Company [London]
Total claims:1
unfair fees »April 0927/04/20110
I applied for a loan with Daniel Sanchez on the internet after finding him on Gumtree and I stupidly applied and after completing the necessary paperwork on the interney and was informed that I had been accepted after a few days I went and paid a fee for the privilege of getting the loan after speaking to the man in Spain he said was okay and that i could have the money sent that day so I went to the post office and sent it by western union and after returning home I rang the man in Spain to inform me that the funds had been sent, only then to be informed that they wanted £700-00 sent for the insurance for the bank to send me the funds. At this point I realised that I had been conned. Sadly the person I spoke to in Spain was lovely (he must have seen me coming!). I asked for the money back that I had sent but I was informed that they could not do this. I was at that particular time so desperate that I fell for it thinking that if a company in England could not help me I would try elsewhere, how sad is that. I lesson well learnt hey!

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18787easyloans c- [BERKSHIRE]
Total claims:2
49.95 was taken out of my bank with out my permission ,i adise u strongly 2 get my money bank in my bank or send me a chegue if u dnt i will b going 2 the police, and watch dog ,,if i dnt recieve my money back i will visited ur company with my trave »22/4/201129/04/20110
kelly docherty
85 dorney adelaide rd london nw3 3pn 07946469120

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18788easyloans c- [BERKSHIRE]
Total claims:2
49.95 was taken out of my bank with out my permission ,i adise u strongly 2 get my money bank in my bank or send me a chegue if u dnt i will b going 2 the police, and watch dog ,,if i dnt recieve my money back i will visited ur company with my trave »22/4/201129/04/20110
kelly docherty
85 dorney adelaide rd london nw3 3pn 07946469120

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18792Birla Sun Life Insurance [Kolkata]
Total claims:1
How company forfited My Premium Amount:Rs.11.448.00 »29-11-201029/04/20110
Indian Consumer Complain Birla Sunlife
27th October 2010,Wednesday,07.56

I am policy holder of Birla Sunlife.My Policy No:001391507, Date of Issue:07-01-2008, 1st Premium Amount: Rs.11.448.00.
After receiving certificate I donot able to contiinue my policies for my financial problem. I donot pay any further premium.
In 29-11-2010 I surrender my policies with bond for get surrender value regarding my 1st premium deposite Rs.11.448.00. in DumDum Branch.
In 2-12-2010 Company send me a reply company ceased my policy amount Rs.11.448.00 due to my non payment of renewal. I am surprised. How it possible.
Company how forfired my hole policies amount Rs.11.448.00
So. I search your site through internet. PLs try to jusice this matter. my email

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Total claims:21
unknown company »26th april 201102/05/20110
i have never had any dealing with this company and they have taken 2 payments of 74.79 from my account on the 26th april. this has caused massive problems as the money they took out was for a deposit on a house. i have now lost the property and i want this company to pay for their actions. i still havent had the money returned for my bank so i am very angry, as you

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19020Class & Whisper [London]
Total claims:17
Fake company »24/02/201107/05/20110

I paid to be register and they asked me everytime more..Not paid the other amounts and they did not get me any clients..When I asked my money back they were too rude and they took my registration ignored my emails phone calls and no money refund..

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191171and1 bad company [UK]
Total claims:1
Putting me in the hands of a debt collector when the invoice had been paid »March- JULY 2010 + this year March to present10/05/20110

I am now desperate for help on this problem with 1and1; they seem to have locked me into to their operation in someway. Please let me explain.

I transferred two domains of my own without problem to 1and1 in March 2010, and paying by my credit card. As my son was about to open his own business I though it a good idea for website presence with his own domain name, as a marketing tool for him. So I purchased a .com domain and two domain names with a basic web hosting package.

I noticed that it was possible to made payments through PayPal, my preferred method of making payments over the internet. I did not like following the link for payment that 1and 1 provided to PayPal because I never follow links to make Internet payments. So I opened up my PayPal account and authorised the full payment for the invoice account for my son’s domains and basic hosting package.

PayPal paid the amount to the full invoice total required by 1and1. Acknowledgement of this was never mentioned by 1and1; instead we were being threatened with the bad debt collection agency. I have a 2gb USB Pen almost full of the letters and emails 1and1 ignored, or never really read my complaint, I became so frustrated that I believed, my emails where only being read by robots and well my posted letters never got answered at all, I even recorded a couple of letters but even they where ignored.

Now for the first time in our lives we where landed with the bad debt collection agency, for double the amount, this we paid instantly because we are aware of the trouble these organisations can cause you. I contacted all departments of 1and1 to explain that in fact this account had been paid out of my PayPal account and that I did have a receipt. They still kept sending me noreply emails explaining how to change my payment details, I had to kept sending letters and emails back explaining that the control panel would not let me change the payment details from PayPal to credit card, but the robots took no notice.

I am puzzled as to how they have my hotmail address when I have never registered this with them? They must have picked it up from their link to my PayPal account. Without informing me two months later they put back into my PayPal account the amount that I had authorised for payment I also have this copy on my USB Pen.

To date we still have not been able to upload our website best part of the time passwords are not accepted and you have to go into, only to find I was not inputting the wrong password anyway.

And the problems start again this year, our .com account was due on 19th March I have been trying since then to sort the payment method out again would you believe they are still trying to access my PayPal account , and again I have been trying to change the method of payment from PayPal to credit card but still the control panel reports error.

So I sent them a cheque for the full amount and today an email received says payment of the cheque has been refused, this has not been done from my end.

I need to find out what a billing agreement B-38P55702VX867264K means???

I’m now just waiting again for the bad debt collector letter to drop through my door. They say I am on automatic payment, I do not want to be on this I like to pay as I go, yet I cannot find out how to make these changes.

The Control Panel does let me change address, phone numbers, email address but not the method of payment.

When reading the small print it seems when you pay by PayPal you have to have £350 each month in your PayPal account so that they can help themselves.

I do not have that kind of account and PayPal would not allow anyone just to go into my account and make deduction like a direct debit. I am really feeling too ill to cope with all this again this year can you please advise me just what I can do.

I have tried looking at others who have had problems with 1and 1 but nobody seems to have got a solution what-so-ever. I have explained to 1and1 numerous times that I am deaf and cannot use the telephone to sort this problem out but no response. I now want to transfer all my Domains somewhere else but I will have to be careful after such a bad experience with 1and1. Please advise, Thank You

Update I have finally found the Companys General Rules and Conditions and searched for the B-38P55702VX867264K, but there is no such mention.

I have also sent an email to to tell them I do not want hosting this year and that I intend to register my domain with another company. Since then today I find they have blocked

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Total claims:1
one-year anniversary for our company »5/20/201120/05/20110
This May marks me one-year anniversary since was born,it's hard to express my now felling,maybe excited,or a little more sadness.From last year on,we work hard ,day by day,do our best to enlarge our company benefit.Efficiency comes from the public, Leans sentiment service all living,that's our aim all the time.Never be changed,because i really want to make it as a facilities.

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19452perfect company [n/a]
Total claims:9
Sent money to them »26/05/1126/05/20110
Sent £200 to perfect company after they contacted me through my application through an online advertisement on a job site. They rang me and give me a supervisor 'Lilly', I sent my money through internet banking to their account and it has now been three weeks and not recieved a booking. When i ring up, 'Lilly' is never in or busy on the line, then throughout the weeks I have been told that I am not priority booking as of yet but will 'Lilly' is trying to push me to the front.
Cancelattions department rang me the yesterday asking if I would be interested in working in her department, which would gaurantee £800 minimum per booking and that i would recieve more work more often. She then asked for £1200 for marketing in which I said I do not have, so she then said well we can lower it to £600 and 'Lilly's' department can make up the rest, for which I said once i get regular work from 'Lilly's' department I will consider it.

Stupidly I didn't research the company and once looking into it, there are various complaints about the company being a SCAM. Very unhappy as I am now in debt as a student and need to make £1500 in the next month in which I was relying on this job for.

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19536DONT KNOW [Dont know]
Total claims:4
fraud company - diet pills »05/04/1101/06/20110

Like everyone I went online and agreed to pay 2.95 for free postage for two different diet tablets that worked in conjunction with each other. I then notice on my bank statement that one payment was taken out from joint reliefcy for 128.53 GBP and another from Knee shopcy for 128.53 GBP. I have spoken to my bank and the advised there was small print subscribing to a 12 month membership. Which I am sure no one could read??? My bank are not prepared to help me which I am disgusted about and trading standards advised I need more contact details but I never even received an email confirmation. PLEASE can anybody help how I can get my money back from these cheap disgusting pigs that just want to rip off vunerable people that just want to lose weight. The directors and staff all need to be shot for basically clearing my account and leaving me with pennies to buy essential house hold items. I am currently off with depression due to my weight and to think a company can pray on victims/people like me is disgusting. PLEASE CAN ANYBODY HELP!!!!!!! This company needs shutting down right away. IN ADDITION IF THE RATS OF THIS COMPANY HAVE ANY REMORSE PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME AT to refund my acct immediatley.

more details » [maidenhead]
Total claims:11
I want my money back. Please nobody else use this company. SCAM. »11/05/201131/05/20110
I recieved a phone call from Leads Valley after applying for a loan online. I was told I had been accepted for a loanof 1500 and could get it in 3 working days. I was then told to hand over £50 for a processing fee. I did this and was told I would be sent some loan documents to sign. The said documents never arrived and I was unable to get a response to numerous emails wich I sent them. I then became suspicous and researched the company online and found numerous complaints against them. I called them and told them that I did not want the loan and that I wanted a refund of my £50 they are now claiming not to know what I am talking about. I have reported them to trading standards. Also if you search the company adress in Maidenshead on google earth you get an image of a carpark.

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19806Toomey Citroen [Basildon Essex]
Total claims:2
Take care with this company »19th April 2011 (Date Purchased)17/06/20110
I received a reply on 31st May 2011, together with a copy of the PDI Report, where the vehicle was supposedly before handing over.
Part of the "checks" show the tyres being checked for abnormal wear and tyre pressures. There was NO provision to say what the actual CONDITION of the tyres were.
This company obviously have no regard for the safety of their customers!

42 Gardner Avenue
Essex SS177SD
Mobile: 07954 371418

16th May 2011

Toomey Citroen
West Mayne
Essex SS156RW
For the Attention of the Managing Director

Dear Sir
Firstly, please accept my apologies for the length of this letter, but I hope you can find time to read and digest my comments.
I write in the hope of getting an issue resolved regarding a car I recently purchased from Toomey Citroen, Orsett, as I am totally unhappy with the way I have been treated by the sales people there.
The car in question is a 2008 Citroen C4 5-seater Exclusive Model Reg No CK08EBG, purchase price £11495.00.
I would add that this is only the second Citroen I have owned and I have been very happy with both. I do hope this can continue, with a satisfactory outcome with my issues.

My wife and I saw the vehicle originally at Toomey Basildon on Tuesday 12th April 2011, and she fell in love with it. We agreed with Sales Executive Phill Ashdown to purchase, and a deposit was paid.
I suggested a few things that needed to be done, and these were pointed out to Mr. Ashdown at the time. These included some (not all) scratches and small digs, (some of which were shown to him by my wife) and also more to my concern the front N/S tyre, which was underinflated. This was also pointed out to Mr. Ashdown not once, but twice. I also asked if the car would be serviced and given a full MOT Certificate.
Mr. Ashdown commented that “the vehicle would be gone over in our workshop and that anything found that needed doing would be done”
He continued that only when the vehicle checks were satisfactory would he contact me to collect the vehicle.
We collected the car on Tuesday 19th April and were quite pleased, it was a nice car. The MOT was not for a full 12 months, the car had not had a service (8000 miles till next service according to car computer) the paintwork digs and scratches had also not been touched. I pointed these out to Mr. Ashdown, who promptly went into the showroom and came back with a paint stick, and proceeded to paint over some marks. He was making a right poor job of what should have been done “in our workshop” as promised, before the car was collected, and I asked him to stop doing it. I would correct this myself later.
I accept that, being a used 3 year old car there would be some defects, but if the sales person said something would be done, should I not have expected it to be done?
My main concern at the time we first viewed the car was with the front N/S tyre. It had obviously been pumped up when we collected the vehicle, so it appeared that all was OK.
We took Mr. Ashdown at his word that the car had been thoroughly checked over, and that everything was fine.
I told Mr. Ashdown that we now felt quite confident as we were going to Cornwall for a break.
His last words to my wife and I as we got into the car to take it home were “if there was anything at all you need, just call me”
He did not take any responsibility regarding our safety on the road!
I checked all the tyre pressures a few days later but the instructions in the manual were in BAR, which I didn’t quite understand, so I rang Toomey Orsett to check what the pressures should be in lbs PSI,
I found all the tyres needed some inflating to the pressure I was told they should be, 36PSI all round, which I corrected with my portable electric pump.
I had no need to look at the tyres further, assuming all was well, as they had been checked by professionals in a professional workshop.
A few days later I went to the Parts Dept to order some touch-up kit so that I could do the paint defects. f. Whilst there, I called in to see Mr. Ashdown regarding the contents of the plastic case in the boot that contained the tyre inflation kit, and other small bits. I had checked the car instruction manual and couldn’t make out what some bits were, and Mr. Ashdown explained them to me. There was one large compartment in the tray that was empty.
The empty part of the tray should have contained a compressor, without which the kit would obviously have been completely useless in a puncture situation!
Mr Ashdown merely brushed this aside saying it was probably an oversight, but it certainly is not good enough for a company dealing in the supply and maintenance of cars, and supposedly checking them, every day of the week. It should be second nature to “professionals”, I would suggest.
Mr. Ashdown continued by saying we could look at a kit in another C4, which we did. The car had a compressor in the kit, which he handed to me with the words “here, have that one”. (I thought at the time that another poor sop will buy that car and have the same problem!)
This, and the other bits not done, led me to question the validity of the so-called thorough pre-delivery checks that Mr. Ashdown had stated were carried out in the workshop. After all, we didn’t collect the car until a full week after first agreeing to purchase, leaving plenty of time and opportunity to carry out these checks, hence there was no excuse for missing anything.
Evidently my vehicle could have been a “Friday night” car as the so-called checks were bypassed by the experts in your workshop, or, probably not carried out at all, as is my belief.
I would suggest that anyone worth their salt would have at least seen the nail and splits in the tyres IF they checked them as thoroughly as stated by your sales executive, Mr. Ashdown.
I would further suggest a quality system would be helpful at Orsett, if there is not already one in place, in which case it needs a thorough overhaul, because it’s obviously not working!

Anyway, on arrival in Cornwall, (some 300 miles travelled) the front N/S tyre had deflated to about 16PSI! After this, all through our 5-day stay, I continually inflated this tyre. I assumed it was a slow puncture or a faulty valve, and I intended to get this fixed as soon as I found a suitable garage (there were none locally where we were staying), but certainly get it done before travelling back home.
On the afternoon of Tuesday 3rd May I finally found a tyre fitting centre, Terry Andrews Tyre Services in St Austell. When the tyre was inspected, I was informed that it had a nail through the tread and a separate small “incision” split which went through to the steel casing, approx. 5” away from where the nail had penetrated. The fitter said that repairing the nail hole was not a problem, but the incision cut was not repairable and that it was dangerous to continue to drive on the tyre.
It was my intention to eventually change all the tyres to Michelin within the next year or so, and wanted one as a start for the set, but unfortunately they did not have a suitable tyre in stock. They said they could get one in by the morning. But this was not acceptable as we were leaving for home early the next day, 4th May.
The fitter then told me that there was a KwikFit Tyre Centre about 2 miles into St Austell Town. He rang them for me and they had suitable tryes in stock. Good customer service, I thought.
We finally arrived around 4pm. Whilst there I asked that ALL the tyres be checked, just to be on the safe side. They found that the OFFSIDE front tyre was also defective, having a deep split on the inside sidewall approx. ½” long. It was recommended that this also be changed as it, and the N/S one, could possibly explode on a run! I accept this could have been an over-reaction, but they are the experts, and the tyre didn’t look too good to me either.
Therefore we had driven to Cornwall, at motorway speeds, putting our and others lives at risk, in a car only just purchased, supplied with TWO faulty, unfit for purpose, tyres,!
I obviously did not want to take the chance on a blowout, and my wife certainly would not get back in the car with those tyres, so we agreed to have both fronts changed immediately.
The manager of KwikFit told me that they currently had a deal on with Michelin tyres (the tyres recommended by Citroen) and that if four were purchased the discount basically made the fourth tyre free.
It was then we decided to have all four tyres changed, which would have been needed in around a year or so anyway. I was told the tyres were £170 each approx. and the discounted cost was £576 for all four, fitted etc.
I kept the N/S tyre, with the nail and incision to show Mr. Ashdown upon our return. I also kept the O/S rear, an odd, but good condition, Bridgestone, which will be put on a rim I intend to purchase, so that I would have a spare wheel instead of the stupid reflation kit supplied with the car.
With two tyres already in the boot, and our luggage, there was no room to put the other (O/S front) damaged tyre in the car to show Mr. Ashdown.
We arrived home on Wednesday 4th May.
On Thursday, 5th May, (am), I went to Citroen Orsett but was told by the receptionist that Mr. Ashdown was out in a car with a customer, and there was no-one else available at the time. I waited a further 10 minutes or so, after which I said I would have to come back later, as I was going away until the following Monday, 9th May. (We have a static caravan, and are away quite a bit April to October, as Mr. Ashdown knows from our conversations)
The receptionist said she would get Mr. Ashdown to ring me when he was available. Although he has my home and mobile contact numbers, I gave her my mobile number again, just to be sure.
By Monday 9th May (pm) I had still not received a call from Mr. Ashdown! On Tuesday 10th May I again went to Orsett, and this time actually spoke to Mr. Ashdown. I explained the situation and showed him the tyre with the nail still in, and the incision, and also said that the car was sold with tyres that were not fit for purpose (ref. Sale of Goods Act 1979)
I also showed him the tyre bill from KwikFit, St Austell, Cornwall, for which he asked to take a copy. I said to Mr. Ashdown that I know their (his boss’s) reaction will be that I have travelled in the car and the damage to the tyres could have happened anywhere. I also said to him that he (Mr. Ashdown) knows differently.
He asked if he could keep the tyre to show his boss, with the copy of the receipt for the new tyres. He said he would get his boss to ring me on Wednesday (11th May) Again this did not happen!
Mr. Ashdown gave me the meek excuse that he had rung my home and mobile numbers but got no responses. I said there were no messages or notification of missed calls on either of my phones. I deducted from this that he was being economical with the truth, and did not wish to speak to me.
At 10:15am on Monday 16th May I rang Mr. Ashdown at Orsett, and told him that again nobody had rung me. This time he said that his boss had been off sick (original!) for two days last week, that’s why he didn’t ring. I asked him how long it took for a one minute phone call.
He then told me his boss was busy at the moment and he would get him to ring me “in a few minutes” This was at approx. 10:20am. Again this did not happen!
By 12:30 I had still not received the call, and decided at 12:50pm to again go to Orsett to see Mr. Ashdown, and his boss, if at all possible to try to get some answers.
Success! I saw Mr. Ashdown, who called his boss, Mr. Levine Wayman.
I tried to explain my side of the story whilst Mr. Wayman explained his.

Mr. Wayman asked first to see the new tyres, which he saw on the car.
Then he asked me to show him the faulty tyre. I said that Mr. Ashdown “had had it since 10th May and that I would have thought he would have shown it to you by now” Mr. Wayman had obviously not been informed of any problem by Mr. Ashdown.
I will repeat what I have already said; Mr. Ashdown knew there was a problem with this tyre from the outset. When I confronted him with this, on TWO occasions, in the presence of Mr. Wayman,, he acted like a scolded schoolchild looking at the floor and frightened to say anything in front of the headmaster (Mr. Wayman) in case he said something that might have got himself into trouble, and flatly denied any knowledge whatsoever of the faulty tyre. Again, Mr. Ashdown was being economical with the truth.
His actual words, still with Mr. Wayman present, when I said that he knew there was a problem were, on TWO occasions, “My memory is bad and I can’t remember anything about that”
What a pathetic thing for a supposedly professional sales executive to say to a customer in front of his boss! I couldn’t believe he stood there and point blank denied it!
His memory seemed fine to me whilst he was selling me the vehicle and telling me about the different instruments etc. during his general sales pitch!

On viewing the tyre, true to form, and as I had previously predicted to Mr. Ashdown, his boss, Mr. Wayman, stated that the nail and damage could have been done anytime from the time I took possession of the car.
How could I argue, as his statement was correct, it was my word against his? Mr. Ashdown, however, if he were honest, could have admitted that he DID know of the faulty tyre, but then that was expecting too much, as it transpires.
My faith has now been restored in car salesmen as still being devious and somewhat economical with the truth, a fact I thought had long ago changed. Obviously not after this experience.
In conclusion, Mr. Wayman categorically refused to compensate me for the tyres, but offered me “a full tank of fuel, as a gesture of goodwill”
I refused his offer.
My requirement is that I want recompense for the two faulty front tyres, sold with the car but not fit for purpose. (Ref. Sale of Goods Act 1979) as previously explained to Mr. Ashdown.
Mr. Wayman stated categorically that he would NOT pay for the two tyres especially at £170 each, as he (Toomeys) could get them at £60 each.
I am not asking for £170 each. My request is for £280 it cost me to replace two faulty tyres that needed replacing (half of the £560 cost of the four tyres replaced) that should never have been on a car professionally sold at a dealership. If it was a private sale I would have to accept it.
As previously stated, we paid £11495 for the car, which my wife and I are perfectly happy with, only to be spoilt by the sales people’s indifference to our safety.
If the car was correctly checked there would be no problem whatsoever.
The way the car was handed over suggests that the checks, if any, were virtually nonexistent anyway, as proved by this fiasco.
Isit a case of the workshop expert checking cars just ticking the boxes just because they have to be ticked? I did not receive a copy of the checklist from Orsett either, which I would have expected.
Mr. Wayman said that all tyres on all cars are checked by elevating the car and spinning the wheels to check and that the treads of all the tyres on my car were within legal limits.
I again tried to tell him that the issues were not with the treads, but it was obvious he had not listened, and did not want to listen, to a word I had said.

Thanks for your time.

Yours sincerely

John Cogan

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19621perfect company [n/a]
Total claims:9
Scam scam scam »Currently ongoing06/06/20110
I ve been dealing with this company for about a week... Sound very professional, have business registration number etc. I am being promised 1-2 bookings a week already(never asked for my photo)... I explained that I will not register unless I am reassured this is not a scam!.. Many different managers called me to say exactly the same thing- they are a serious company... I asked for a contract, was told as I would be self employed, there are no contracts involved. I then told them I will research them to make sure I avoid scams that are happening now!... I was still being called back to. Incredible!... Never ever I will pay a penny to these people! No address, no real people to meet, no contracts- NO REASSURANCE WHAT'S SO EVER!!! never fall for this! In fact, this is not the only company. Don't get involved with NIGHTS OUT, THE PERFECT MATCH and many others... Never send your money via WESTERN UNION, never pay anything without both parties signing Terms of business.

Please read and keep posting here- the more of us with bad experiences do this, the less they will be able to scam!!!

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19764Essence Store [not known]
Total claims:20
Perfume Company create a mighty stink »June 201114/06/20110

Beware of Essence Store

A good looking website promises good but not tooo good to be true savings. I placed an order after two failed attempts. i was not suspicious as this does happen. I emailed to report the two failed attempts and instruct them to only place one order. One order was acknowledged and duly appeared in my customer account. I was notified that it had despatched after a few days. My credit card was then charged three times but no Dior Fahrenheit EDT has arrived. By the sound of it that last part is no great loss as my subsequent investigations inform me that they appear to deal in fake goods anyway. Their London phone numbers do not work. Emails are acknowledged only on auto response. My credit card company is investigating and will no doubt end up taking the hit. I still smell bad however, but not as bad as Essence Store.

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23694guava talent management [london]
Total claims:1
scam company »29/03/201014/02/20120
I was looking for a job and I sent my picture to modeling company GUAVA. They call me back and thy say that they like my picture and they have a job oportunity for me. They send me to do a profesional picture they set they need them to put me on them webside. They make me pay 495£ I payd half and other half i souppostu pay later when i get job. After i left I never hire from them again. I chech the webside and they not even put my picture on. They just steel my money. After 2 mounts they send me bill to pay from cort to pay the rest.

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23695Manyang Shi []
Total claims:1
Ripped off by company »January 5 /201214/02/20120
On Jan.5, 2012, I purchase 3 hockey jerseys from # YC 3785). I received them on Jan. 13, 2012 and the next day I emailed the company to tell them that I wasn't happy with the order. All 3 jerseys had issues, the Neely jersey had a hole in it, the blue arm and waist of the Kane jersey was stitched over with white stitching and the red Montreal Canadians Beliveau jersey ran onto the white collar and white laces.

On Jan. 19th I received this response,
"I am so sorry to hear this problem.
Would you please help me take pictures of the jersey problem?
We are on CHINESE NEW YEAR holiday. I will show the pictures to staff from warehouse when they come back to see what happened".

I took picture of all three jersey and waited until the Chinese New Year was over then I sent an email asking if they had a chance to look at the pictures and I got this reply back on Feb. 4, "
I am so sorry reply you so late.
I ask our staff check the same jersey from our warehouse.
All of the jerseys keep the same collar color.
Sorry we forgot to mention this problem before shipping.
Shall we reduce cost USD5 from your next new order?

About the other jersey,pls try to help us sew the little hole from the backside.
It is too expensive to send it back to sew it. Hope you can help us".

I replied that a $5 discount on my next order was Not satisfactory as the Beliveau jersey is ruined, with the white collar and white tie up laces on the front of the jersey stained pink. I never got Any response. I attempted at least ten more emails stating that this was not satisfactory. I then went onto their Website to the Beliveau jersey and completed a Customer Review so that other did not get the same jerseys and in my review I asked for someone to contact me, again with no results. Thinking that the company would read the reviews before they would post them I waited acouple of days and checked to see if my review was there, it was not. I posted 2 more reviews, both of which did Not go up and again knowone contacted me to try and rectify the situation.

I don't feel that I should have to make another purchase from them in order to get a $5 discount. I paid with my Visa, they can put the refund back onto the Visa. Also the company knew that their was a problem with the red jersey running onto the white collar. I would like some help dealing with this claim as the company will not respond to any of my emails, Thank you.

I still have the pictures and all of the emails if you need more information or if you have any questions please let me know.

more details » [maidenhead]
Total claims:11
FAKE LOAN COMPANY »18.6.201105/07/20110




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20068wwwunsecuredloan [stockport]
Total claims:1
payed 59.95 never recieved payement »28th june 201107/07/20110
i payed 59.95 to this company they said i had a loan with them, when all they actually done was plaster my details all over the internet with no intentions of giving me a loan, i wrote a letter cancelling there services within the 14 day time scale i then recieved a email stating i didnt fit the criteria and would not recieve a refund help what can i do.

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20071perfect company [n/a]
Total claims:9
Pay in advance »May/June 201107/07/20110
Paid £5,000 on promise of a three month contract with an American businesswoman setting up a new factory in Harrogate. This montey would be refunded if I completed the contract which I had no chance to do because she had to go back to America, I was told. They said if I transferred to their cancellations department I could earn thousands of pounds - hundreds in one night alone. There have been no bookings, no work whatsover, inspite of being told I had 22 matches in my area of North Yorkshire. Now I am told the £5,000 is to cover advertising and administration and is NOT refundable. This company has no trading address on their website and theyr wanted the cash by money transfer. You have to ask youself why.

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2090624 Hour Finance Company [LONDON]
Total claims:4
Payments towards a loan »30/07/201108/09/20110
I Benjamin Jacobs applied with this company for a loan and they told I was approved and will get the loan.I applied for £20 000.00 for a wedding and personal use.Ever since they just keep charging me a lot of charges and keep saying the loan won't complete until you make this payment.I was being stupid to go ahead with them and still haven't receive any loan from them.

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20121City Financial UK t/a North Financial Services UK [Stockport]
Total claims:8






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20150justBBguns [Feltham]
Total claims:2
Replacement item was not received with no reply from the company »18th June 201112/07/20110

I returned a faulty bb gun back to justbbguns after the item I purchsed for my step-sons birthday was received faulty in an un-working order. This was 4 days after we originally received the item by post. I was informed by justbbguns that an item we sent back for replacement had been received. The company sent this email: We thought you would like to know that we have sent you a replacement for your item and you should received it within the next 3 - 5 working days. I notified justbbguns that we had not received the item after the time period had elapsed via the company's contact form. The original email they sent to me was on 18th June 2011, it is now 12th July 2011. Despite numerous attempts at contacting justbbguns via their contact form I have not received any email response as to what is going on with the replacement item. I have tried to contact them on the support line 0208 8904 678 to no avail, as it is constantly engaged. I have been trying for 7 days now. I have demanded a response before I take action and still no response from justbbguns. I would never use their website to make an order from again. I do not want a replacement item anymore as they have shown they are totally untrustworthy, I just want to be returned the money they owe me.

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2019124 Hour Finance Company [LONDON]
Total claims:4
Loan Scam »25/06/201117/07/20110
Told to make 1st Instalment Payment of £135 for loan of £9000 via Western Union and sent to Mr. Amit Vohra in India. Told I would get my loan in half an hour by wiring to my bank account. Half an hour later received saying the UK Government had blocked loan of £9000 saying they would need a tax of £199 which was refundable and would make my loan to £9220. Wouldn't pay because they will think of something else.

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20195perfect company [n/a]
Total claims:9
Scam »Jan 2011 - Date18/07/20110
I applied for a job over the internet. I used job centre. This is where the ad for the job was. I sent my CV and applied. I was contacted by the company and had a phone interview. I was perfect for the job!!! I had to pay £290 for advertising and admin and I had a match of 15 clients. I was emailed bank details and I paid the money. In the next week I was contacted and ask to join the executive division but I would have to pay 3000 pound more. I told them I haven't had any work yet and have not got that sort of money. The lady called Lilly then told me that the client only wanted me as we shared a lot in common and I lived nearby. I said no I can’t. I didn’t have that money. I was later contacted by the company were they offered me a deal were I would only pay 300 pound and the client would pay the rest as he really wanted to be my client. I paid the money. I was then told that I would be contacted by the bookings team to arrange details. The earnings in this division I was told would be 200 pound an hour. I never heard anything back from them. I uploaded photos to the website as requested. I phoned so many times which I was also charged. I was told that the client is away on business and they have contacted him. I was told they couldn't understand why I’m not being picked. All in all I am embarrassed I gave money away like that. I wish that this will help someone to stop them. 590 pound might not be also but I saved that money for a long time and for it to be taken from me through false promises I feel is morally wrong. I hope some good can come out of all this.

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Total claims:7
fee »30/06/201120/07/20110
i applied for a loan from ulc and paid £45 fee. they told me that a few loan companys could help then after a few days informed me that only loans from companys who would need a guarantor. i decided not to go ahead and asked for a refund of £45. and as yet i havn't had any reply

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20292Kitchen uber [manchester]
Total claims:14
Kitchens Uber Fraud and Raciest Company »29/04/1125/07/20110
RE: Order No CW16

I am formally writing this letter of complaint to seek remedy for the cost and expense I have incurred through your failure to adhere to the contractual agreement. The details are:

1. 26/04/11, following my enquiry, a Kitchensuber designer, Chris, visited by home and gave me a quote for £978 for supply and fitting;
2. 29/04/11, I accepted the quote based on supply and fitting and paid £100 deposit, thereby validating the contract;
3. I have written confirmation from agent, Chris (email dated 9th May 2011), that ‘I made a call to the head office and was told that the offer (free kitchen fitting) as seen on the website was correct’;
4. However on calling Kitchens Uber office on 06/05/11 to confirm the arrangements, I was told no one could speak to me at the moment but I would get a call back from a customer service assistant. After waiting all day without a call, I phoned again at 7.30pm and spoke to someone called ‘Lee’ who was not prepared to assist in any way but instead was rude and aggressive; He was laughing and making fun of me.
5. I have a print of their website page which clearly states that free fitting is available. Yet clearly this is not the case as I was told fitting was another £1,000 in addition to the cost of the cabinets;
6. In pursuing my compliant on the phone, I was told by a member of your staff who refused to give his name, that I should stop calling Kitchensuber and that if I called again my call would not be pick up but blocked; All I wanted was to speak to some Manager but Michelle who answered phone first, gave me answer that "she doesnt know any Manager, She doesnt know their Email, She doesnt know fax number!". I asked her how could she not know? is she not working for the company? Meanwhile a man took phone from her and was not ready to give me his name and kept shouting to stop calling here or I will block your call!
They treated to me like this as I got Indian accent and I am not they are raciest as they would not speak to anyone in that tone!
7.Following confirmation from Chris that the fitting was booked in for the 11/05/11, he advised me to dispose of the gas cooker that I had only bought new on the 17/04/11, as the plan included a new built-in oven and hob. I duly sold my cooker for a big loss of £250 (against the new purchase price paid less than 4 weeks previously).
8. Because Kitchensuber has so far failed to reimburse by deposit of £100 and find myself out of pocket by £350. As I have since sourced another supplier to supply and fit my kitchen, I am seeking a refund of -
a. My deposit of £100 (attaching the Notice to cancel)
b. £250 loss of the sale of my cooker
c. £5 for money spent on recorded delivery complaint sent by Reference number ZW729086069GB that was received by Kitchens Uber on 31/05/11, but I never got any response.
d. £1645 for all stress you caused to me.

I would appreciate it if this could be resolved quickly.

Yours faithfully

Mr. D. Dabhi

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20354nethostfee/net consulting company [Arozona]
Total claims:2
Fraud »28 july 201128/07/20110
on the 18th April I saw an advert on Facebook which said how you could earn money at home and I had to pay $1.99 (which they took as £2.48) to read an article on how to do so, when I payed it gave me an article which I read, it said to proceed I must pay a further £20 I decided not to and closed the webpage, I had just recently checked my online bank and was shocked to find out a company I had not even heard of called nethostfee was continually taking money out of my bank account when I called they refused any refund and was very rude. They said I had suscribed to them and there was information about how I gave them authorization to take as much money as they wanted every month they gave me their webpage which I never saw before it had all the information however I had never suscribed to them.

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20361Enhance Financial Services [Cheshire]
Total claims:45
Took Money from my bank account - no reason given, bank refuse to stop/reclaim payment because this company are (allegedly) a Financial Sevices Institution »29/07/1129/07/20110
I remember applying for a £1000 unsecured loan back in February or March 2011 - but I cannot remember exactly whom with.I am vaguely aware that I was told there would be a brokerage fee "once the loan has been agreed". All I received was a "list" of companies who "may" have given me a loan provided I would give a suitable guarantor. I did not proceed as I did not have a guarantor. I was bombarded with junk email and texts saying that I should ask my landlord, or even my neighbours to sign as guarantor!
I checked my bank for scheduled payments, and seen a payment was to come out in April 2011. I cancelled the payment instruction through my bank and thought no more of it until today - £69.99 taken from my Debit Card, leaving me with no money in my account.
My bank - Barclays - say they can do nothing because Enhance are a Financial Services provider, and so any recourse must be with them.
The only listed tel no for them is an 0871 number - I only have a mobile so I am calling it.
I have looked up advice on reclaiming, and it would seem that I need details like an account reference, original referral company etc which I do not have.

I want my money back, but I need advice on how to go about this under these circumstances.

more details » [Stockport]
Total claims:3
unsecured loan co »March 201129/07/20110
applied for a loan with this company, was given the spiel, gave them the cash, was then told to keep looking at website. Only got offered a flm loan, then the credit check and a payday loan. Contacted them told them i wanted a refund. They told me i had forfeited my right to a refund because i was untruthful in my application. Am now going to contact the financial ombudsman becuase that route worked for me in a previous situation.

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22246Andie Sutton [Lutterworth]
Total claims:1
Fake company, more money taken than expected. »24/11/1128/11/20110
I ordered 2 pairs of boots on Thursday evening (24/11/11), I thought it odd that I didn't receive a confirmation e-mail so I e-mailed them to check all was ok with my order. I had an e-mail back saying that it was all fine and confirming the details and saying that they would be shipping the items asap. I had a strange feeling and searched the company and found the above comment and now now I am not going to get my boots for my 2 daughter's for christmas and I'm gutted. I always check websites if I've never used them before but for some reason didn't with this one, I thought it was too good to be true and it looks like it was. I e-mailed them back asking them to cancel the order and payment and got a reply 3 days later saying that they had been shipped and giving me a tracking number which is obviously fake.
They should've taken just over £115 but I've just checked and they've taken £126.79 so they've ripped me off in 2 ways.

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20571THE FACTORY SOURCE [Brooklyn Ny 11234]
Total claims:1
FAKE PRODUCT/FAKE COMPANY »05/25/1112/08/20110


more details » [stockport]
Total claims:7
ripped off bad! »24/07/1112/08/20110
these people took my money from me and did absolutly nothing for me iv been asking for it back but they wont reply please help as im a single mum on benifits

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20577loan company [london]
Total claims:1
money taken from bank »8/7/201112/08/20110
i was looking for a loan on the website .filled in all details .after i had cicked agree to terms &conditions i noticed they wanted a payment ,i tried to retract terms ,but with no luck .so unfortunately they took the money from my bank ,i havent had any loan or any response from them ,i did manage to get an adress as 88 wood street london , i did write to them ,and as yet no reply ,and therfore £68.75 down .i applied for loan as im on benefits and so i can ill afford to loose this amount ,

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Total claims:1
rip off company »11/08/201112/08/20110
i only realised something was wrong when i had a number of unpaid direct debit charges from my bank and i looked deeper into my account. as far as i was aware i had enough money in my account to cover my direct debits. it turned out a company showing up as PMONLINE on my statements had been taking money from me for 3 months!!! it totalled £200 not to mention the bank charges i've incurred plus the state my credit rating is in now!! i'm determined to get back the money they took from me, the money to cover my charges and some compensation! i'm disgusted and so angry this has happened to me

more details » [stockport]
Total claims:7
loan »24/07/1113/08/20110
this company took my money from my account giving me fulse information please help im a single mum on benifits.

more details » [stockport]
Total claims:7
advanced ffee »approx 3/8/1102/09/20110
i have applied twice for a loan with unsecured and each time i was told that they had a loan company that will willingly lend me the amount required. they even gave gave me a monthly repayment plan based on 5 years but i had to pay the advance fee of £59.00. once this was paid i was told that the lender had withdrawn the loan offer. i received countless offers of payday loans and other such rubbish including guarantor loans, to which i had already emphasised i didnt want anything to do with. on the first occasion i applied, i was informed i was not entitled to my money back and to stop bothering them. on the second occasion in asked for my money back by phone, computer and written letter and they have again told me that i am not entitled to any money back as they have fulfilled their agreement because i have been provisionally offered a loan with a guarantor, to which i informed them yet again that i do not want a guarantor loan. But they are claiming its my fault i am not getting my money back as i will not accept the provisional guarantor loan. i know its once bitten twice shy but i needed the money and i didnt realise it was the same company .

more details » [stockport]
Total claims:7
refund »11/10/201114/10/20110

i was told my application was successfull and i would get my loan in 3 to 5 days all i had to do was pay £49 administration fee i payed and now the underwriter is contacting me with all these unrealistic loan offers i have to have a home owner garantor it is a scam to get u to pay the fee there is no suitable loan offers from them then they offer to claim any payment protection u did not want or need which is just another one of there tactics to stall u further

more details »

21012Enhance Financial Services [Cheshire]
Total claims:45
Is this company a scammer. »07/09/1114/09/20110
Earlier this month I contacted the above company about acquiring a small loan to help finance my acquisition of a motability car as I am disabled. They took my details informed me that this was possible. they said that a holding fee of £69.99 was required and this was returnable so I paid the £69.99 fee. I found that they couldn't produce this loan for me so I asked for my holding fee of £69.99 to be returned. They said I had to fill out and return a form by post to the above address. I did this and sent it back by recorded delivery . I contacted them again today by phone(0871 7050201). They informed me they had received my letter but could not return the fee until I contacted them after the 19th October. I would then have to wait another 30 days until the refund is issued. I was initially told that the fee would be returned up to 5-10 days after receiving my request. I feel that this is much to long to wait and that they are purposely employing delaying tactics. I also think that a scam is in the making and I will find it hard to get my money back. Can you advise me please.


Keith Singer

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21017perfect company [n/a]
Total claims:9
Obtaining funds via deception »july 201114/09/20110
Company convinced me and pressured me into commiting myself to a membership that would guarantee potential of a large income on my investment if i subscribed to their membership.
Initially there was an outlay of £300 with the promise of work which eventually £1200 then finally totalling the full amount of £2000.
Numerous telephone communications and complaints were addressed with the company but still failed to uphold their quarantees of potential work establishment.

I am now in a extremely difficult financial position and feel completely cheated and deceived.

Your help in this matter would be appreciated

Mark Reynolds

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2114024 Hour Finance Company [LONDON]
Total claims:4
loan »19/09/201121/09/20110
first i recieved a call from this so called company offering a loan for £2000 and had to pay £50 for the application of the loan on 19/09/2011 and was told the funds will be transfered into my account within 1hr.the next day i recieved another call saying i had to pay an additional £150 for the taxes (all money was paid using UKASH VOUCHER)then i was told the funds will be available in 1 1/2 hrs. 2hrs went by so i called them and they told me there systems were down and full payment will be made at 11am the next morning. i then checked my account at 11:30 the next morning and still no money.i then called the company and then was told i had to pay another £175 for the insurance which i refused then they became very pushy saying 'if you do not pay then you will loose your money and be charged an extra £199 for the cancellation'. this is still ongoing and now have no money to support my family. i now realize i have been mis-sold a loan and because i would not take the insurance i had to cancel the loan and also i was told i had mis-sold to them. i am now left with the feeling i can no longer trust any company.

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21086U& [Stckport]
Total claims:6
Money back under terms and conditions and Consumer acts »September 201119/09/20110
On 9 September 2011 I supidly filled in an e.mail appliation form for a loan. I was then contacted by phone and after asking a few questions was told that my laon appliations had been accepted and was told that I neaded to pay £59 for a so called portal, which I supidly did and was given a reference number 1292630 and was told I would be contacted about my loan. I was contacted by Luke through their website and was told that he will be looking for a loan for me. I told him that I have already been accepted for a loan and he told me that was not the case.

I decided that as I was lied to I wanted my money back so under the terms and conditions I wrote to ask for my money back. Luke contacted me and said that they had recieved my letter but no mention of me getting my money back, burt was told that he is trying to find a loan for me and that I was to ring the Customer Services Department which I did and was told that I will not be getting my money back.

Luke still kept contacting me and I had told him three times not to get in touch with me again.

I conntacted my Trading Standards Office and they told me to write to them again quoting the Consumer Acts,which i did.

I also told them to stop contacting regarding a loan, but they still keep contacting me.

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21108Shanghai Zhouxi Trading Company [Putian]
Total claims:1
No refund/inferior soccer cleats »08/04/1120/09/20110
Ordered cleats on this website:

Thought cleats were coming from United Kingdom
Cleats arrived from CHINA and were awful
Attempted to return them
Email responder, Tracy, told us to keep them and resell
Declined her suggestion; reiterated desire to return
Tracy told us to send to above address via EMS or DHL mail with tracking number
Spent $44.20 to return shoes
Shoes returned to me with reason given: INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS

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21126Prima Machinery
Total claims:3
Illegal / Fake Company »01/09/201121/09/20110
I have warned this company and talked with this person over the phone. However he wasn't able to speak in English properly and he didn't take me seriously. This is not a legit company because company register is linked to a Hostel in North London. Their website contains illegal copyrighted images, stolen from our organisation, our images are secured by intellectual and copyright property and it is a serious offense to use it without authorisation. I kindly asked them to remove the photos from their website, but unfortunately they haven't done it since then. I have no other option but to take legal action against them. Please go onto their website and have a look whether they are using one of your photos too, and look for your rights.
All the relative bodies have been informed and warned about this company's illegal structure. Please be aware of them. Do not try to contact them because they can not speak word of English.

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21127Prima Machinery
Total claims:3
fake company, »2/09/201121/09/20110
We have already contacted BBC Watchdog, and Intellectual Property Office regarding misuse of unauthorized images. They have informed me that legal action is going to take place. We have been informed that some letters were sent to warn the company but hadn't receive any response in given time.
Complaints have been ascended to Magistrates court level for misuse of copyrighted photos. The person I talked over the phoned sounded like an illegal immigrant, so please be aware of this company since they are under investigation by different aspects.

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Total claims:8
this company was take my money with out my permition »13/09/201122/09/20110
i dont no who is epm power loan they tack my monny with out my permition im in deep troubeal i need my money back

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21222The Shampoo Shop [Maidenhead]
Total claims:32
RIP OFF COMPANY »25.08.201127/09/20110
Ordered some Lanza hair products on 25 August. Money was taken from my account the next day but I have not received any products. I have sent four e-mails to The Shampoo Shop and I have not had an acknowledgement. I have tried phoning them but my call is never answered.

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21293masquerade escorts
Total claims:6
Scammed by this company »september 201103/10/20110
I found this in the back of the south london press newspaper
spoke to a woman named zoe or lucy was given an online user name and password to a page you can not do anything

i paid a sign up fee of £261.00 sept 2011 since then received no replys or calls. i emailed the company several times and called untold amount of times i kept getting a voice mail and getting cut off this is disgusting and i want my money back


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21327ugg boot sale uk
Total claims:5
true or false company »2909201104/10/20110

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21434enchance finance [macclesfield]
Total claims:24
Fraulant Loan Company »10/10/1110/10/20110
This Company is a Fraud. Never give them any bank details to withdraw your hard earned cash. You need this money, they are crooks and I am disgusted that the Government or Financial Authorities has not reined in on such fraudsters. Money for my kids has been thrown away because of this company. I am distraught, not angry but disappointed with myself for being weak. Take strength from this email and find another route to get help. You will not receive any help here!

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21458unsecured loan company [Stockport]
Total claims:2
REF 278 1791140000 »7/10/1111/10/20110
admin fee paid for secured loan, put through to lenders no such loan.

Not taken out a loan so refund please.

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21546Kitchen Restoration Company [Birmingham]
Total claims:1
Refusing to Refund Deposit »24/8/201117/10/20110
I signed up with The Kitchen Restoration Company on the 24 Aug 11,
I cancelled the following day and returned by cancellation notice as I was told I had a 7 day cooling off period. They had however already taken my deposit of £3250 by Visa.
I asked if they could refund by deposit back on to my card and they stated that was not possible, and I would have to wait 30 days to get my refund by Cheque as that was Company Policy. After 30 days I still had not received my refund, so I sent them a threatening letter to take them to court. They then took another 15 days to send me a Cheque.
So beware DON'T expect your money back in a hurry if you cancel your contract with this company. We went to a local company in the end which could provide the same kitchen doors for £1500 cheaper so I would NOT recommenddue to their bad customer service.

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21683unsecured loan company [Stockport]
Total claims:2
Admin Fee »Sept 201125/10/20110
I needed a loan and contacted Unsecured Loan Company to help me they took £50-00 for an admin fee and as soon as I realised I could not afford the repayments contacted them to cancel it , I was told to write into their head office which I did and never heard back from them, I then called them to be told I wasnt inside their 14 day cooling off period, I cant afford to loose £50 nor can I afford their loan.Their customer service is awful they wont help and they wont let you speak to anyone other than the operator.

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21687unsecured loan [stockport]
Total claims:2
loan admin fee »june 201025/10/20110
Sent 3 letters to claim back fee but have received nothing. no number to contact now

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Total claims:21
They are a scam company! »29/10/201131/10/20110
I signed up for a free credit report by Unknowingly, they gave my details to Rewardsnow. On 29/10/2011, both companies took £19.95 each from my account. I wouldn't of minded the one from the credit score company, but i never even received my report! And i had never even heard of the other company! They claim to have sent me a welcome email, with my log in details, but they have done nothing of the sort. I just checked on the internet, and it seems i'm not the only one. All the information i can find about this company is complaints of fraud and scams. How can they be allowed to take this money without permission? And some of the threads i read about this were from years ago! Why is this still going on? Why has it not been stopped? And what about the credit report companies? Every complaint i read was about being ripped off by rewardsnow after signing up to varies credit report companies. I'm so angry about this. I have emailed both companies twice so far but i'm still waiting for a response from them both. I clearly stated i want both "memberships" cancelled. And if they don't do this and take MORE money without consent, i'm going to be extremely p****d off!!

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22012House of Anderson Ltd [Morecambe]
Total claims:1
Company in Receivership - no warranty on conservatory »01/10/201113/11/20110
6 years ago I signed a contract for a conservatory. It was paid for in full in 2 stage payments but there was a huge snagging list which took years to get through. It was only earlier this year the company actually made the conservatory watertight. I kept being promised that they wouldn't make the same mistakes and it would be sorted. Eventually I asked a builder to take a look at it and he said just ask for a refund as this could go on until the warranty expires. I wrote and did this but not unusually they ignored my request. I asked a solicitor to send a letter and they ignored that. Eventually she spoke to a director who denied all knowledge of any problems. It was the following week I discovered they had gone into receivership. I have contacted FENSA, the Receivers and the GGF who have all said it is not their problem. I am now left with a conservatory that is not fit for purposes and my warranty is not worth the paper it is written on.

It is very important for anyone to check this point before embarking on such a large purchase.

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22104U& [Stckport]
Total claims:6
subscibtion fee »17/11/201119/11/20110
I receive a telephone call after aplying on line, I was told during the conversation I had been approved for the amount one thousand pound over 3 years,paying each month £33ish,I was then told a one of payment of 59.99 had to be made before they could go ahead with the loan, so the following day I paid this money into my bank for unsec loans to take out, Since payment was taken everything has changed with the procedure, completely changed everything they had told me and I am now just waiting and being told something completly different. I would like my 59.99 refunded please

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22195Highwaylgv [London]
Total claims:1
scam company DO NOT USE »02/11/1124/11/20110
i paid my money and then nothing and now no contact... DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND GIVE YOU NO TRAINNING.....

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22201loans plus more
Total claims:36
Rip off company »18/11/1124/11/20110
I am a carer in a nursing home,and only get paid minimum hourly rate.I had a sum of £59:99 set aside in my Bank Account?.I had no idea what this debit was for and my bank could not tell me who the payment was for.I got a bank statement with the name (LOANSPLUS MORE).
I have never applied or recieved any loan off this company,I am now livid that any company can take monies out of my bank account.this company should be named and shamed on national TV.
and brought to account as to their methods of theiving money out of my account,as I think this amounts to (FRAUD).
As a result of this I find myself,struggling with my finances.
Please can someone help me.I would like that money back in my account.
My bank is Lloyds TSB.

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22210CentrePAD EMPLOYMENT [london]
Total claims:10
Pure Fraud DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY »12 07 1125/11/20110
I had a bad experience with CentrePAD. I applied for a job as a private teacher with them.

Waited 3-4 weeks for my log in information and yet in the meantime they had already taken payment of £175.

Contacted them complaining again that I had not yet received my log in information. Was told that I it had been sent by email and will be sent again. £50 was then debited from my account without my consent.
In August, I told them I only received 2 receipts from paypal and I want a refund.
Emailed a week later (as no refund had been received) and was told they had received my emails and were processing my refund for £225 and I should expect it in 5-10 working days.

Now at the end of November and I still have not received my refund and they have stopped replying to any emails!


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Total claims:12
A COMPANY »24/11/201126/11/20110
This energy provider organised for me to have a new meter installed to save me money on my bill. originally on november 8th 2011. the person who should have come out to replace the meter never turned up. a second date was scheduled, again didnt turn up claiming they had but couldnt gain access. a note was left on the door as to where the spare key was with my neighbour in the case of me being out. upon my return, the note hadnt been moved, and my neighbour had not been called upon. a new date has been arranged.........3rd time unlucky i suspect!........but not until 22nd december!!. i am still paying over the odds for my electricity, and we are all electric where i live, due to this company's inefficiency and poor service. i would never recommend npower to anyone. they are totally incompetent and above all, tell lies!. i wonder how many other people have been sucked in by them........i wish i had never signed over to them and my bills are still going up!

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22236U& [Stckport]
Total claims:6
Payment for subscription »24.11.1127/11/20110
I applied for An escort company who garenteed appointments within a few days of registering. I didn't hear anything for about 3 weeks and then recieved an email from a lady called Sally asking me to contact her, which I did.
We talked about potentially becoming an escort and how it was a good income etc...she then asked me to send in 2 pictures, a head shot and body shot. Within a few days I had a response saying my pictures had been approved and they wanted to take my application to the next stage. Sally and I again spoke on the phone about my registration, which would cost me £300 for the year. She said she understood that was alot of money so said I could make my first payment of £150

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22250cash one finance
Total claims:7
I had a phone call from a woman apparently from cash one finance. she said they had accepted my loan for £3000 all i needed to do was make a one off payment for £120 via western union and the money would be in my account within 10 minutes. I was in desperate needs but thought it was to good to be true. I transfared the money, i got a phone call wanting another £500 from me. Despite my stupidity, this is how desperate i was, i sent all in all 1200 to this company, i can not believe how stupid and desperate i was. i was unwilling to send any more, now i have to wait 6 months. this company is a JOKE.
The mans name is MARK KENEDY.,

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22256Proaction Acai
Total claims:3
Ruthless company »November 201128/11/20110
I read an advert advertising a free trial for an acai berry diet. [In fact there was a nomonal fee for postage of the delivery of the trial product]. I ordered on 6th and the small parcel arrived shortly thereafter. I did not read the conditions as the advert was very clear and there was no mention of liability to consequent purchases. On 26th I noticed a debit of £75 to my credit card. I emailed the company and was told by return that the conditions specified that there was a 14 day period for the trial after which they would send another parcel and I would be charged £75. I emailed saying that circumstances had prevented me from trialling the product and requested a refund. The parcel had not arrived by 28th and I offered to pay the return postage when it did. I was met with the same intransigence. Clearly, I am technically at fault and should have paid less attention to the advert and more to the conditions. But equally, this company is RUTHLESS and is only concerned with grabbing clients money rather than in its clients. MY ADVICE - KEEP CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY AND ANY OTHER BEARING A SIMILAR NAME - THERE ARE DOZENS OF COMPLAINTS ON THIS WEBSITE ABOUT THEIR PRACTICES.

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Total claims:1
ripped off fake company »11/11/201102/12/20110
ordered hair straighteners on sons behalf for xmas present for girlfriend, looked like a very good site, got a bit suspious when goods not arrived, emailed company loads of times got no reply, had a tracking number sent through checked to see where parcel was but couldnt find out on DHL website so i phoned DHL she advised me the tracking number wasn't a number they would use i paid for goods through so i thought that would protect me but i am not sure if that is even a real payment site. I dont even want the goods as from what i have read they are fake and dont work i just want a refund for my son and to warn others not to fall in to this trap.

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22420unsecured loan [stockport]
Total claims:2
KAREN BAINES »23/11/201107/12/20110
I was telephoned by on 23/11/2011. They were 'extremely happy' to tell me that they had secured a loan for £3500.00 over 5 years with repayments of £77.00. But, I had to pay a brokerage fee of £45.00, of which I was very, very hesitant. I informed the woman at this company that I had a very, very poor credit history and 2 CCJ's - no problem, she assured me 100% that the lender was aware of this and the loan was definately approved and once I paid the £45.00 the £3500.00 would be in my account within 3 - 5 working days. I have used the 'client portal' on this website almost on a daily basis. I am just fobbed off - Andrew (via portal), just keeps saying that I have a bad credit history and therefore they cannot secure a loan. I have told him to check the companies telephonic recordings, so that it can be proved, that I informed his colleague of my credit history and her 100% assurance that the loan had been 100% approved.

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22430NutraScience [Sheffield]
Total claims:83
please warn any to be careful when buying from this company »october 14th 201107/12/20110
the company advertise a trial period but do not tell you if you do not reply in 14 days you would have to pay not the �£2.49 bit �£70.00
plus another �£30 for the cleanse tablets. I did not realise this and got quite a shock when I received my credit card statement. I did phone the co. bad was told it was to late to do anything about it and they would not refund any money back. Yours Wilma Ballantyne

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22474one stop market
Total claims:18
I never applied for any loans or this company »01/12/201109/12/20110
I went to take money out of my account and couldn't because there was no money in my account so when i went to the bank they said that a company called one stop market had took £74.75 and it was my children's child tax money they had took. I have phoned them 3 times in tree days and have been told that i will receive a phone call within an hour from a manager and have still not received any calls from them. They are fraudsters because i did not give them any of my details so the only way they could have got my details is from hacking into my halifax online account. I had the same problem with another company just like this one and they are called easy loans. This needs to be stopped as it is happening to others just like it has happened to me.

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22520U& [Stckport]
Total claims:6
fee taken service not provided »1.9.201113/12/20110
o whom it may concern,
following an application for a loan from yourselves on the 1.9.2011 you took £59.99 from my bank account as a broker fee, i emailed my personal broker, to say that the service was not what was explained to me and that you were not able to offer the service that was required, and all you were doing was giving me a list of companies that may or may not have been able to help me at the time. i asked for a full refund of my fee, which i was told would be possible if i changed my mind. i have not as yet recieved that refund, and also have not heard from yourselves in a couple of months. i have misplaced my reference number, but am sure you will be able to find my account details from my email address. i expect a full refund by the end of the week, or i will be going to trading standards, and also will be name and shaming the company on the bbc websites such as watchdog and rip off britain.

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25752Bupa [Craig Mccoy]
Total claims:3
Racist Company »22/06/201227/06/20120
Dear Bupa,

I had my 'assessment' at your Salford Quays Headquarters Friday 22nd June 2012 (turned up at 9.00 am in Gale Force Weather).

I expected, as no doubt many others before me, to have passed the interview stage(which under normal circumstances I am sure I would have). With over 20 years customer service experience working for major Blue Chip Organisations and having past two previous telephone interviews with flying colours.

I spent three and a half unpaid hours in a so called assessment under the scrutiny of various objective and fair minded individuals most of whom I have no issue.

But unfortunately for me in the interview itself which lasted a mere 30 mins (out of the three and a half hours) my interviewer was a guy with blonde highlights in his hair (he may have been called Rob Cardiac Team Leader or Manager) and a personality to match his highlights. And it seems I failed to impress him.

Apparently I was marvelous...but...there's always a but with people like him.

If I had known (after all the pre-assessment hype) that the 'interview' itself was going to be such an amateuristic and subjective process conducted by an obvious racial bigot instead of one conducted by a real manager I would not have wasted Bupas`s time and more importantly mine.

Why is it that a company with a reputation such as Bupa allows interviews to be conducted without any HR involvement whatsoever. Surely this is needed in order to ensure equity of treatment.

Is it simply assumed that because you a have a few doubtless low rank non-white employees dotted around your Headquarters as window dressing and lip service to equality, that you don't then need to monitor the activities of individual managers carrying out bias interviews based on their prejudice rather that Bupa`s professed values? Or is it all part of Bupas institutionalised Racism.

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226481car1 car rental / Compass [Cardiff]
Total claims:1
DO NOT USE - did not pay other insurance company for an at fault claim »21/11/201221/12/20110
I recently hired a car from 1car1 in sydney and was unfortunate to have an per normal you pay your excess and think that would be the last of it! Well was I wrong!!! After 6 months we recieve a statement of claim saying that we need to pay $1800 to the defendant, we contacted 1car1 and faxed them the letter and we were advised that they would pay it. Then again another letter in the mail from a lawyer this time we have been issued a judgment notice ( this has effected our credit rating ) we then again contact 1car1 and again they advised that they will settle the issue. Then the other day, we recieve another letter from a lawyer this time wanting all our bank details so they could start taking money from our wages, we have made hundreds of phone calls to them and still nothing is being done. We have now had no choice but to hire a lawyer to act on our behalf to resolve this issue. This is costing lots of money, still today, we are waiting for 1car1 to come back to us. These people are liars and I would never ever rent a car with them. Very quick to offer you a free car, but wash there hands if anything happens to go wrong after they recieve the excess that is. The first amount was $1800 and now we have reached $3000 with all the intrest added.

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Total claims:12
deposit »30/12/1130/12/20110
was given false info about the company checked websites etc found very bad reviews tried load of different ways to make contact was ignored for ages asked for a refund was told nothing can be done before the 3rd jan thats even if they'll make the refund

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22777Scott smith [Chester]
Total claims:1
Found Scott's new company »01/01/201201/01/20120

I had problems with Scott smith a while ago ripping me of for just under £7000 when he was at blackwidow internet

Now blackwidow Internet has closed I always said I will keep an eye on Scott and let every one know of he starts doing websites design or seo again

Here is his new site

All the same details in the article about scott smith ad Richard short so

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22823Emily Worthington and Company [Macclesfield]
Total claims:1
Took nearly £600 from my account!!! »5/12/201104/01/20120
I was looking online for a quick weekend loan to see me through the weekend, only needed around £50 and came accross I put my bank details in the system, and was told I had to pay a fee of £69.99 if I took the loan. So I clicked accept to see the quote, but instead the page re-directed me to another company's website. Assuming I had not applied for the loan I closed my laptop and forgot about it. Then, after the weekend my salary came into my account. I went to buy some lunch on the Monday but my card was refused, when I phoned the bank I realised that had taken close to £600 out of my bank account and left me with no money!! I had direct debits reversed, and this was 3 weeks before Christmas!! When I phoned them they blamed it on their systems crashing .. It took 4 days to get some of the money back and I am still waiting for the final £60. I have been speaking to a lady called EMILY WORTHINGTON, she was helpful at first, but turned arrogant and rude when I questioned their methods. I also spoke to another guy who had a terrible stutter, he was even more ignorant than Emily. In total I received up to £50 in charges from my bank, which MyLoan have paid for me, but I have now had my phone bill through, with £32 worth of phone calls to their number!!! They are refusing to contribute and said they have said sorry by paying 2 charges of £25 for me ..THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! If they wouldn't have taken all that money from my account this would never have happened!! Does anyone know if there is any legal action I can take against them? I didn't even take out a loan with them in the first place I just typed my bank details in. This has caused me an unbelievable amount of stress, I feel like driving to Macclesfield and marching into their offices!!

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Total claims:12
Never even heard of the company?!?! But they took £50 »29 December 201104/01/20120
Well i was looking at my online statement and i saw that £50 was missing, so i waited a few days to see where it had went, and today it says that these guys withdrew it :/

I done even have any clue who they are, but they just took it!! pfft

i relise its not alot, but its still money i worked for, and they could do it again so now i have to go cancel my card

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Total claims:12
loangogo »02/12/1105/01/20120
on 2 dec 2011 i needed aloan and this company sound really good and i needed the money for xmas and they just ripped me off at xmas of all times they took 69.95 which i could have spent on my kids

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22982Agogue consultancy services, pune [Pune]
Total claims:1
fraud company »30/10/201111/01/20120
This company is a kind of knowledge center + job agency. They gave good training but when it came to providing job calls they didn't give any calls and are not even giving our money back i.e 66000.

We are more than 20 students here, out of which they have given job to 3 of them in their own company which is not acceptable as they are not even paying them good. And when it comes to me i had left my earlier job by trusting these pays.They said that after 7 months they will be providing with the calls but its 4 months past 7 and they have still not provided any calls. And when i asked to return my half amount, the director says that he will test my capability and take me in his own company which is not at all acceptable, as per what they promised, after charging 66000k they need to place us with good companies.

In one line........Agogue consultacy services had taken 66000k from us saying that after 6 months training they will place us, neither thay have places ur nor they gave our money back.

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22987unsecured credit [Stockport]
Total claims:2
home improvement »22.08.201111/01/20120
these people took a fee of £59.99 from my bank account before i even agreed to the terms and conditions. after sending many emails and a recorded letter they still did not give me a refund.this
coursed me a great deal of financial hardship as i am unemployed.
they just totally ignored me.i never took out a loan

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22995Simpsons Removal company [Swanscome]
Total claims:2
Dishonest bullies »dec 201112/01/20120
This company ripped off my eldery vulnerable. father for 700 pounds.My sister has a written quote signed my Barry Simpson The owner for 2100 .2 days later Whilst my sister went abroad on business Mr simpson went round to my fathers and says he agreed to pay more money .When i went round there on the sat , to find my dad amongst a pile of boxes , he thought that he he had paid for an unpacking service aswell . Where in 2 days did the extra 700 pounds from . When my sister complained to the company barry simpson went round to her house whilst she was alone and when questioned on this became aggressive and started shouting .She was very shaken up by his behavior .Whilst searching around on various different internet review sites i realize that we are not the only ones to have had a bad experience with this company .

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23793leads valley [maidenhead berkshire]
Total claims:26
fake company »21/02/198821/02/20120
I have been refused credit by my bank as my credit rating is not brilliant so i decided to look at other options as i wanted to make it better, so a loan to consolodate everything into one seemed the best option. i filled in a few forms online for a few different companies that deal with bad credit ratings, i had a phone call this morning from a guy claiming to be acting on behalf of leads valley loans and that i had been guarenteed for a loan of 7500, but first i needed to pay 100 broker fee and some one would contact me in 48 with details of my loan. i asked many questions as to why this money was being paid, how could he gaurentee that i would have the money etc etc and he sounded very genuine. i had to send an email confirming my bank details (stupidly did this) as i was convinced he was a from a reptuable company. after some reasearch into this i have found 100s of people in the same situation realising they had made a mistake as this company is impossible to get hold of and is basically a front for a call centre in india. i have asked for a refund with no success, and would like my 100 pounds back.

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23888Simpsons Removal company [Swanscome]
Total claims:2
Simpsons do not pay their bills »06/02/1227/02/20120
I employed Simpsons removals to ship the contents of our home to Australia. I was quoted 8-12 weeks for delivery in Australia. The ship with my container on docked in Perth on 6th February (3 weeks ago) 13 weeks from pick up. I have made numerous calls sent dozens of emails to try to find out why the container is still sat at the port. Finally 2 weeks of chasing I found out that Simpsons have not paid the bill to the shipping company and so the shipping company are holding my possessions. Since the manager at Simpsons told me this Simpsons have stopped answering my calls, they will not reply to my emails and I am stuck in Australia paying rent on a house that we are unable to live in as it is empty. I have now had to employ a solicitor to try and contact Simpsons to give me some answers. I would strongly discourage anyone from using this disgraceful company that are quick to take your money but cannot deliver the service that has been paid for or honour the financial obligations to their creditors.

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23955U& [Stckport]
Total claims:6
fee refund »23/02/201202/03/20120
i was accepted by unsecured loan they said that they had a lender for my loan of £3000 all i had t do was pay the broker fee so i paid it and after a few days i asked when would i recieve my money they told 3-5 working days so i waited and waited still no loan gemma (application manager) came back and told me that the loan had been declined and that they cannnot find me another one i told them on numerous occasions that i am not working and cannot get a guarntor for a loan so they keep sending me to companys that need both for a loan with them.
i read through the t&c with regards to a refund and it says i am entitled to a refund so i followed the correct procedure and i still have no loan all they keep saying is phone a 0844 number

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24015kitchenbase [STOCKPORT]
Total claims:2
kitchen company-over promise & under deliver »16/11/201107/03/20120
After Kitchen was delivered on 16/11/2011.had missing kitchen items, called them twice a week asking when they will deliver the kitchen items, they keep promising that they will be delivered, sent them emails and a rec letter, and dont get no responce. still waiting and its now march. its always a different excuse every time i call them. The missing kitchen items are the inside frame for the larder . 3xdraw fronts and sides so I cant assemble the draw units. I cant assemble the sink unit as I dont have the worktops. They did send worktops 3weeks ago, but they are damaged. waiting for them to replace them now. My units are ontop of each other in the corner of my kichen for 4 months, and I cant assemble them, I rang them today, they said yes I have your parts hear but we are not working today as a machine has broken. what has the machine got to do with not posting my parts to me.?

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Total claims:12
money taken out of my accou »6/03/201219/03/20120
i checked my bank balance on line and found that he your money tv had taken out nearly 60.00 . i did not authorise this and did not know they were going to be aking the money out

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24276rga uk ltd [rga uk ltd]
Total claims:1
rga uk ltd and rga uk WARNING DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY »12/01/201222/03/20120
I am writing about a company called RGA UK or RGA UK Ltd who sell business marketing databases. I purchased a list of MICE and Events people from them and the database is out of date and most of the database is duplicates or out of date. Some of the contacts are blank and have no details in them. The Director is rude and snobby when you complain and making out that you are stupid claiming that she knows best as she has 20 years in events.

Do not buy from this company please save yourself the humiliation!

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24454Whites Of Worcestershire [Worcestershire]
Total claims:1
Cowboy Removal Company »5/4/1205/04/20120
Sadly, I was unfortunate enough to encounter Martin from Whites of Worcestershire when I needed some business equipment picking up within the local area.

After a short conversation, Martin convinced me that they would be able to pick up, store and then deliver the items and provide a friendly 'no hassle' service. How wrong he was.

We agreed a price to pick up the items, and this was based on one van load. I received a text message (as I was abroad) saying that the items were two van loads, he already has one van loaded and is on the way to his depot. It was too late, he was charging me DOUBLE. I took his word for this as I hadn't at that stage inspected the load personally. However, I have since received notice from the previous owner of the items confirming that the items were 'nowhere near two van loads'.

I'd agreed to store the items with Martin on a weekly rate, only to be informed that the storage space was 'no longer available' and I had to pay a daily 'fine' or excess charge unless I arranged alternative storage facilities. This message was received knowing full well I was overseas. However, I did manage to arrange alternative storage facilities. And instructed Martin to deliver the items accordingly. This was then followed by a highly abusive phone call, where I was told under ce