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1903lanes assistance services lte [manchester]
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STORM DAMAGE made worse by insurance co. »JAN 200921/04/20091

22nd jan reported.

26th jan equity red star phoned told to get builder to do patch job.

28th jan managed to get one only able to put some plastic up, urgently needed doing properly

29th lanes survoyer failed to turn up

few days later city link builders phoned to tell me one was coming fri 6th feb. didnt know about the one who didnt show

feb 6 surevor came raining while there he saw water coming in ceiling, took photos etc.

sun feb 8th 30 hours continuous rain and gales

a few days later city link builders sending some one else to look at it mon 16th feb. didnt arrive

more phone calls from them someone coming mon 19th feb. didnt arrive.

next its thurs 19th feb. they were to go over the garden from next door with their laders. the man next door told me they said they didnt need to and he saw them looking up the back of house at window. he knew the leak wasnt that part of the proberty they told him they had come from bristol.

about half hour after he told me this. phone call from city link builders to say they couldnt get in, told them they had been and seen all they needed to. they couldnt understand and were to phone back. next a man phoned to say they didnt work for city link builders but had been asked to come and look.

arranged for tuesday 24 they came and looked well past retirement age. they came over the wall and managed to dislodge my neighbours fence

mail arrived from lanes assistance dated 4th march, tell me claim rejected as it was not one off storm damage, which obviously they allowed around storms and gales for a further 6 weeks before they got these 2 rather elderly men to get up there , awful amount of this in the area which can be confirmed by any weather search, records are kept. plus they said the roof was coming to end of life. a tiled roof is good for between 50 and 70 years. this may be 20.

them man who did the patch job told me it was where wind had m9oved tiles, and they had slipped, leaving hole. alsio the builder who has done the job said the same.

i had already informed equity red star about the 28th jan i would be holding them completely responible for any further damage to my property. they allowed weeks of bad weather and incompetence from their builders to cause further damage.

this job should have been done and completely once i had notified i should have been able, like others in area get a builder to do it. not all this rubbish from equity red star, and their assistance.

i reported it to age concern in my area, their insurance person said if the insurance had been bought through them i would have been told to get someone to do it, and gave me ddetails of how to claim etc.

i asked lanes for copy of their builders report, was told it should come from equity red star, as usual they did not reply.

somewhere along the line some one was trying to make a big job of what started off, before the neglet of their builders would have been a reasonable priced small job.

i wasted money insureing insure 4 retirement

wasted on getting patch job.

and have had to pay out for the neglet of this to be put right.

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