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CITROEN BSI BOX WENT ON FIRE – CAN THEY GET ANY WORSE? …. »28th January 201209/02/20120

Between Nov and Dec 2011 I started to have a problem with my car and the boot popping open whilst driving. (my car is a Citroen C4 VTRI + 55 reg) This happened on two separate occasions. Eventually I contacted Citroen who advised me that the car needed to be re-called back to them as this was fault of the manufactures and something to do with the wiring loom on the tailgate. So i sent the car into local Citroen dealer and the car was returned the same day repaired (or so they say).

On the 28th January 2012 i was driving my car with my children in there car seats and my sister in the car also. Again I heard a pop on the car and my children started to scream as i turned round there was smoke all in the back of my car and my children were coughing and the boot was open then my windscreen wipers, and indicators were going off ... I climbed out my car and noticed that the front foot wells were now filling up with smoke and both my children were stuck in the back of the car (3 door car). A man across the road ran over and got my children out of the car and lifted my bonnet to disconnect the battery. He was a mechanic and informed me that if it had been a few moments later the car would have gone on fire and even worse could have exploded on my drive with me, my 2 young children and my sister in the car or by the car! He had a look around and he could see ash falling on the footwells and had to keep banging the floor carpets to ensure that it wouldn't catch fire. Eventually with the boot and all doors open the car empty of smoke (but now smells like it was burnt out). The mechanic advised me my car (or component) on the car had been on fire and that i should contacted my insurance company. I did this and they advised me that it was a manufactures error and to speak with them .I contacted Citroen and they advised me that they couldn't help as the car was out of warranty etc i was best to go through my insurance. With no-one to help me and getting passed from pillar to post without no car i paid for an independent electrician to come out who has stated that the unit had at some caught fire that it is burnt out, not due to driver error in his opinion, however due to the severity of the burnt out unit its almost impossible to tell how the fire started. After contacting Citroen for 2 days they eventually agreed to send someone to look at my car. The Guy informed me that the fault wasn’t down to Driver error and that he was going to advise the car be taking into Citroen and stripped to check why this unit had gone on fire. Citroen took the car into a local dealer. After 24 hours I called and was told they were not going to look into the car as the unit has been disturbed? By this they mean the independent surveyor i called out (because no-one would look into my car) and the person they sent out he ripped out the unit to take photo's and left it hanging under the passenger foot well. My car is now sat in a Citroen dealer and they want me to get it moved. My insurance company have said I’m not covered for electrical faults etc ..i have checked my policy booklet and this confirms it. I am left still owing £2000 on this car (which isn’t a finance plan) it’s a personal load, and no car as it’s a write off. Can anyone help ??? Its really distressing my sister is still poorly from all the smoke she inhaled and its cost me so far £300 in taxi fares in 2 weeks

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