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23650David [Cleveland]
Total claims:2
Navara »02/02/201113/02/20120

I was tld by David on 1st Feb that I have won Navara. Since I paid them £312 so I thought I might loose that so paid the with account transfer £5100 to get vehicle. Unfortunately I didnt get vehicle till 13/02/2012. I informed Police and traders Standards who advised to write to them. I also read these reviews on website that made me quite worried. I contacted David everyday to get my money and now he said that he wrote to account section and money will be transfered this week. The vehicle was not given since I was told the car is not released by insurance company. I think all this is just scam and they play with us.

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24120David [Cleveland]
Total claims:2
£1000 loan »13/3/201213/03/20120
i applied for a loan online and this company came back to me offering the £1000 they asked if i could get a gaurantor and i said NO so they told me i had to pay my 1st payment of £88 i had to send it by westen union, i did this then was told my £1000 was been held by our tax man as this companies main office is in nepal.I asked what was i ment to do they said i had to pay £240 to have it transferred into my bank account, this didnt happen i was then told it was cause they need to do a credit check which would be a further £240 which like an idiot i did it know has been 4 days and £568 down and being a mum of 6 children the youngest being 4months old i needed this money but was told it would be refunded to with the £1000 and im still waiting, every time i ring i told somethink different or they just dont answer. This is disgusting how people can get away with doing this, the company is awfull and they should be ashamed of them selves

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