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30131Pure Leverage [Joel Paterson]
Total claims:1
Refund »12th march 201424/03/20141
I paid the initial fee of 12.36GBP as the invitation said this was the only fee to pay. They then moved on to say I could start making money if i was a resseler and i needed to pay 15.44GBP and I did. I then discovered there was no product on sale within their website! Just recruiting people to get others to join and pay fro membership! So I asked for refund and canceled all my outgoing emails from within the company. However, my emails were sent out even after i had a confirmation of cancellation of my membership. I contacted them again and they said my account was suspended? I then again asked them for a refund, On the 12th of march I finally got an answer from them saying the refund should be in my account in 5 days.It is now 5 days since the last contact with them and my money has not been refunded. So what is the hold up? I said I will be seeking legal advise.

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