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3876Black Widow Internet [Chester]
Total claims:5
Time, Money & Great Effort »March 200827/07/20097

In November 2007 after being awarded a business grant from a local enterprise Business start & Go.I found Black Widow Internet, who I found off approved and I contacted them about building my digital publishing web site and was given a quote and a brief of what they could do for me.

I decided to go ahead with this company, and they was paid £2000 to start. The project was going to be in total £3080 in all and would take around 90 days to complete according to the brief. The design stage took longer than expected as I was not happy with some of the designs done, but it was finally completed and the development stage was started. It was said that the website would be complete in March 2008 which in that time I was awarded a business loan from the princes trust. The conditions of this loan were when the website was complete that the first tranch of money whatever was outstanding would be released to me to pay. In March, they wrote a letter stating that it would be finished at a specific date.

There was apparently some issues and this caused the website to not be ready in march. In April when the website was said to have been finished. I was asked to sign off and make final payment, it was then I refused as I hadn't been able to access the website. They then gave me log in details in order to access the website which I was still unable to see the site fully. However, I discovered that the subscription feature was totally missing, I told them about this, and they said I did not include this in my brief and I would have to pay extra to have this feature added. Even though I had it written in my brief and showed them, still they refused to add this feature, unless I paid more so I agreed to pay extra for this feature as I had waited long enough.

It then took months for this feature to be added in this time I had constantly been emailing and calling Black widow to find out why it was taking so long, I also had gotten my Princes Trust mentor to speak to them at this point to find out what was the delay as they started to ignore me. In this time, I also made the first complaint to the director of the company this complaint was ignored.

Around July-August they said they had finished the site, and again I should sign off the project and pay the final outstanding balance, again I refused because I had not seen the website fully to say all features was added and I was pleased with it. This is then when I received the invoices asking for final payment and the email about taking court proceedings against me. I paid the final amount but was still not given the website as I had not signed it off due to the fact that I could not see how it functioned. Furthermore, as I had seen it was still not complete. I sent several emails stating the changes I wanted done and to date this has still not been done. 

I was passed around to 3 different account managers who I had to explain what it was I wanted the site to do as they hadnt bothred to check my brief to see what my requirements was. I was told that I didnt ask for these features and after demanding and persisting that I did and had it in the briefs they sent over they said that they had included it and that I didn't know how to use the site correctly and that could have been the cause.

In the end after waiting for so long I decided I wanted to just get another company to finish the site which is when I discovered the site had been poorly built and was unusable.

It has been now nearly 2 years and after giving up, I asked for them to just give me the site as it  so I could complete the changes eslewhere. I was sent this on a disk and I was asked to sign off to say I was happy before I could recieve this. I have been to various different web developers asking if they would be able to apply the changes I wanted done to the site and to have it at a decent state in which I could use it. However. I was told the site was poorly built, and I would be better to start again due to the amount of work it would take to fix this.

Due to the time BlackWidow took to get to this stage the Prince's trust is no longer willing to give me the rest of the money I was awarded. I have no website, lost all the money that I made such a great effort to gain and absolutely in pieces after the battle, I went through with this company. All though all this they had a "I don't care" attitude.


more details » [Knaphill]
Total claims:1
Dont deal with »September 201126/06/20124
We are very upset with a web desighn company called gave them a lot of work to develop several sites for our business,and where promised by its Iranain owner Salar Golestanian that all will be ready for december 2011.
He asked for the money up front and we gave it to him as he needed to pay other employees and service providers,all seemed seemed OK until he showed us some of the work he had done and it was BADnd I mean BAD.It was full of spelling mistakes,bad presentation and the quality of the graphics was so bad my 5 year old could have done better.
The owner Salar Golestanian blamed the poor work on to his staff in India.Time went on and by Feb 2012 we had had enough,as we where not getting any satisfaction from SalarO because he kept on telling lies to us and delaying us we requested a refund.To this day we have no sites and no refund from this terrible company

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1800Webworks Internet [Darlington]
Total claims:2
Debiting credit card without authorisation »March 200914/04/20092

<!-- /* Style Definitions */ p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal {mso-style-parent:""; margin:0cm; margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:12.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman";} @page Section1 {size:595.3pt 841.9pt; margin:72.0pt 90.0pt 72.0pt 90.0pt; mso-header-margin:35.4pt; mso-footer-margin:35.4pt; mso-paper-source:0;} div.Section1 {page:Section1;} -->

This company contacted me in March 2008 offering a design service for a website for my holiday cottage.


I agreed but told them that this would be a trial for one year as my business does very well without a website.


They then contacted me asking for more money to get the cottage website live on the net, assuring me that it would be well-used.  I had assumed that I had already paid for this service and was surprised to be asked for more money.  However I paid up, hoping for the good service and regular contact that they had promised.


When I was not able to access the website with any key words and could only access it by typing in the full url, I complained.  The company ignored my complaints for several weeks and, only after great persistence on my part, fixed it for the website to appear when I typed in several key words.  However, after one week again I typed in the key words and could no longer bring up the website.  I complained again by telephone but the company ignored me.


I decided that I was wasting my time and put the whole thing down to experience.


However, on return from my holidays in March 2009, I found that they had sent me a renewal letter for the domain and had, completely without authority, removed £113 from my account via my credit card.


I immediately contacted them, but they have sent me a letter to say that they will not refund the money.


I consider this to be theft and I hope to pursue the recovery of my money through the small claims court

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11161Black Widow Internet [Chester]
Total claims:5
NOT VOMPLETE »04/01/200809/02/20102

Mine is a total horror story - my case is still building.
Blackwidowinternet has charged me for things i havnt got ,
website is not finished - they said it was !
full of holes security wise !
Total money lost is £9632 !
i have all the emails from me to scot to prove i tried sorting this out in a nice mannor, failed !
it started on 04/01/2008 and now i have got a new company in the usa sorting out the mess,
i have evidence of other companys data inside the php files they sent me when i signed the final payment...YES im a shipping company now and some north camp site INSIDE THE FINISHED WEBSITE ! i feel so sick in the heart what they have done to me.
so i knew i had to leave them and get a new company to finish it because i knew i had nochance with blackwidow
WHAT ELSE CAN I DO TO GET MY MONEY BACK ???? i have all the documents and emails to and from blackwidow to prove everything

more details » R. Morris [Shrewsbury]
Total claims:1
Quoted to provide website. Failed to complete »2011/1212/03/20122
Ian Morris of e-commerce contacted me and convinced me that he was the best person to design and construct the web site I needed to get my idea (business) off the ground. Due to my age and my personal circumstances he agreed to "hold my hand" and oversee the complete operation until it was live and available to use on the internet. I agreed to pay by two installments of £4,500 each. As soon as the second payment was made he avoided all my telephone calls and emails went unanswered. The site, as he had prepared it, was in some ways amateurish and in some ways simply would not work. All my efforts to get him to do the job properly were unsuccessful. On the rare occasions I spoke to him he would promise everything and do nothing.
I even sent a letter by recorded delivery which he would not accept at the door and it was returned to me. I have made a claim in the County Court and he now has a CCJ against his company name.

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30205Kd Web [KD WEB]
Total claims:1
Kd Web SCAMMERS! »28/06/201428/06/20142
I will be very brief - the report below by experts says it all. I was scammed nearly £28,000 for a job which just cost me less than £3000 ( that's 3000, three!)


Kd Web also missed my deadline by 6 weeks and still was not ready when I missed my 3rd launch meeting.

I went to another company and they went though their quote and basically told be I had been absolutely robbed blind.

They did the whole job ( the new company that is) for £2550 in 6 days. Kd Web estimated 3-6 months for the same job.


• Logo design (done)
• Homepage concepts (x6 version) (done)
• Inner page designs (x5 different pages) (done)
o Channels (done)
o Music (done)
o Music-login (done)
o Profile (done)
o Charity (done)

Original beme functionality: (done)
• Design slicing HTML/Dynamic content (done)
• Editable content, celebrities (done)
• Celebrity specific feed page (done)
• Content opening in pop-under (done)
o Removing borders on images (done)
o How logos look – resizing of logos and placement according to what page it’s on (done)
o Change to listing page layout (all items uniform – same size) (done)
• Editable categories, celebrities, charities (through back end content management) (done)
• Homepage video instead of static image (done)
• Functional Homepage Categories instead of dummy content (sport, fim, music buttons) (done)
• Celebrity Section Filter (sport, film, music) (done)
• Icons for post types (video, image, article) (done)
• Icons for social media interaction (done)
• Icons for Like functionality (near completion)
• Charities circle (popup) (done)
• Popup posts (done)
• Responsive format for mobile and tablets (near completion)


Quote analyse

The above quote is very unfair and should be divided by sections with break down costs.
There is no clue how the amount of £10 868 has been calculated.
Each task should include amount of work (hours/days) which could give an idea for the client what is difficult to do and what is simple (what is more expensive and what is fairly cheap). At the moment the quote is very general. The tasks are very random and different from each other. There is no info for the client about complexity and amount of work needed to finish them. The company is clearly trying to hide the real amount of work which would bring the quote much lower if they were honest.
The quote looks very messy, looks like been done in a hurry and just to make something up.

• Homepage concepts (x6 version) (done)
Have they presented completely 6 different designs or just 1 design with slight changes but based on the same branding and general look. If yes, than it is not much work just to change few things around and claim it as another design version.
It is usually very common that first version of the design is not always final and needs some alterations.

• Inner page designs (x5 different pages) (done)
o Channels (done)
o Music (done)
o Music-login (done)
o Profile (done)
o Charity (done)

Inner pages are usually already based on the homepage/general design/concept of the website. There is no need to design each page separately because they are part of the website. For example, charity page wasn’t really a new and complex design. It was just a bit of texts and some images. I wouldn’t call it ‘page design’. It was actually filling the page with content which is max 1 hour work.

Some of the tasks are under ‘Original beme functionality’ but they are not functionality.
For example:
• Design slicing HTML/Dynamic content (done) (it is not functionality! It is part of the web developing process)
• Removing borders on images (done)
• How logos look – resizing of logos and placement according to what page it’s on (done)
• Homepage video instead of static image (done) (content change)
• Icons for post types (video, image, article) (done)
• Icons for social media interaction (done)
• Responsive format for mobile and tablets (near completion)
These are not ‘functionality’ of the website. They are part of the design tasks.

They duplicated the same task twice:
• Editable content, celebrities (done)
• Editable categories, celebrities, charities (through back end content management) (done)
They are clearly trying to make the list look longer.
Also, they didn’t specify what back end content management they use. Are they use open source free CMS (Content Management System) or they use custom made CMS. It is important to know on which system the website is based.

Some of the tasks they listed are very simple and take between 5min – 1hour:
• Celebrity specific feed page (done) (this is 10 min work)
• Removing borders on images (done) (this is 5 min work)
• How logos look – resizing of logos and placement according to what page it’s on (done) (this is 20 min work)
• Change to listing page layout (all items uniform – same size) (done) (10min – 1h)
• Homepage video instead of static image (done) (this is 10 min work)
• Icons for post types (video, image, article) (done)
• Icons for social media interaction (done) (this is 10 min work)
• Icons for Like functionality (near completion) (this is 10 min work)
• Charities circle (popup) (done) (this is 10 min work)
• Popup posts (done) (this is 10 min work)

All the above tasks shouldn’t take longer than few hours. They shouldn’t be listed like that. They should summarise them together and list as a 1 task. They shouldn’t put them together with other major works which take few days. It is misleading and unfair.

Based on amount of work and complexity their fair quote should look like this.
Design work (1 week)
1. Logo Design
2. Website layout design for the homepage and inner pages
3. Creating icons for: sections filters, post types, social media interaction (as long as they are creating them from scratch and not copying from other sites)
4. Additional work on pop-ups, format of displaying content and small changes in the design. (they could list each detail of work if they want to but not within the main quote)
5. Responsive website for mobiles and tablets.
Functionality (2 weeks)
1. Implementing a CMS system (CMS system platform is: ) with all standard functionality which will enable to edit dynamic content on the website (main pages, celebrities profiles, categories, charity pages).
2. Adding celebrity section with categories, listings and searching facility
3. Adding charity pages for each celebrity profile

It would have been very difficult to quote the above for £10K so they come up with the idea of listing all possible small things including tasks which should be done anyway.

They listed in the quote:
• Design slicing HTML/Dynamic content (done)
This shouldn’t be in the quote. This is part of their job. Without this task the website can’t be done. This task is always part of the process in building any website. The client doesn’t have to know how the technical process of building the site looks like.
For example:
We wouldn’t expect from a car manufacturer to list in the car sale quote:
- Inserting engine to the car (done)

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72NMR Web Design
Total claims:1
Shockingly terrrible web design! »27/04/0807/08/20081
Has anybody ever heard or had dealings with Mark B of NMR Web Design in Monmouth?

We recently paid him to produce a website for our company as he claims to be an experience developer, but when we saw the work he had produced we were quite frankly stunned!!

He has a website showing examples of previous work, so we took it that he had designed these himself. i have a feeling we were wrong.

the website he produced looked so bad my 3 year old daughter could have done better! Half of the buttons don't work and the email function doesn't send emails!

After doing a bit of research in the local area i found out that the examples of work on his website were not done by him. Have now been told by others that they may have all been done by a former employee - but in my personal opinion he is passing them off as his own work! surely this isn't allowed! I feel we've been conned by him.

So i would like to know if i have any way of getting my money back? He gave examples of work and this is the reason we chose him. And then he took nearly £3000 for a truly terrible website that I am really not happy with.

Do i have any options available to me to get my money back?

Thanks, Simon

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2232Yerasoft [Kalamazoo]
Total claims:1
website not delivered, will not refund »April 200904/05/20091

Interviewed several website design companies over the phone.  I had a deadline to get website up prior to contracted direct mail campaign.  Yerasoft said they would get it done within 6 weeks if I paid in full.  I saw several websites they supposedly had completed.  I hired them.   I promptly provided information for them to get started.  I called at 4 weeks to ask why no one had contacted me to start the website layout.  They said that it takes time.  I called at 6 weeks, and they said they were taking 6-8 weeks, be patient.  I called the 9th week and they said they were running 8-10 weeks.  I told them no one had contacted me, I keep calling them, and when was I going to see the custom template for the site.  I was told someone would call me.  I called at 10 weeks, now 4 weeks past due, and was told it was almost finished.  I asked how could it be even started when no one had contacted me, gotten any approval for design, or any content?  I was told I would be contacted. I told them it had to be finished in 4 weeks.  I called at 13 weeks and told them they only had 2 weeks to finish it, I demanded to see what work had been supposedly done that they said was done three weeks earlier.  I gave them an extra week, and still no one had called, nor had they produced any work.  I told them they had broken the contract, they were now 10 weeks overdue, and I was going to dispute the credit card charge.  They then told me that it wouldn't do any good.  The contract doesn't say anywhere when it would be done, and I won't be able to get a refund.  Sure enough, they reported to the credit card company they had worked for hours and hours, and produced some pages copying our old website content and dropping it into a generic template.  They didn't even have our company logo!!! proof that they weren't trying to do anything for us, but trying to keep a full payment for NOTHING.  and the contract specifically says it is building our website which we hired another company to do, and got it done in 4 weeks.  What a rip off.  There are lots of reports on the internet, and on the Better Business Bureau of many who have suffered the same deception. 

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2501make google cash
Total claims:1
make google cash »5/5/0909/05/20091

I was contacted online by this company that said i could make a stream of money by haveing a store online that i would only pay $75 for the start up fee and $75 per month for the member ship fee. I was suppose to recieve a welcome letter which was never recieved with 24 hours. so naturally i tried getting ahold of them online and even attempted to get a phone number to call and cancel atleast but that never happened. I followed the instructions to cancel, but a month later they billed my account again which the money was needed at home for food for my kids. the sight i was suppose to cancel was at [] (link: but there was no such websight. I just hope i can get some type of help.

Click Here to read Small Claims Reply »»

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3373Saphie Number 1 [St Helier Jersey]
Total claims:2
Credit Card Charge »13th May 200920/06/20091

The above charge appeared on my Statement The first I knew of this company or their workings.

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3702Saphie Number 1 [St Helier Jersey]
Total claims:2
Got ripped off »6th July 200911/07/20091

Hello, on the 6th july 2009, i purchased something from saphie number one limited, which was supposed to be dvd burn, rip music ect ect. which was £29.94. The amount was taken from my bank account but not heard anything by email from saphie number one, which said it will take aprox 24 hours before i recieve anything, which is now 5 days gone and still nothing. I tried to send saphie an email, but came back to me saying... failed. please help... thanks


more details » [Taunton]
Total claims:1
Unpatriotic »15.03.201018/03/20101

The owner of this company states that he would rather employ paedophiles rather than ex military, and service men or women should not be known as heroes. I feel it would unpatriotic of myself to do business with his company.
He is also trading as www.easycms.c

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20586Rebecca Ellis Greene .com
Total claims:2
Watch out for lucy burton-browne spam »14/08/201114/08/20111
I have had about 600 emails from these spammers offering a link exchange. I have replied 'stop' many times but this annoying woman carries on emailing regardless. it's high time she was named and shamed:

lucy.burton-browne @ rebecca ellis greene .com

If they have to spam for their business they obviously can't be any good. Avoid, avoid avoid!!!!

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23201Click Marketing [Bournemouth]
Total claims:1
Unauthorised money taken from bank »14/04/201124/01/20121
On 14th April 2011, I was provided with a website from your click marketing that I had not agreed to. There was never a consultation period to discuss this website and a contract has never been signed. The only payment that I agreed to was the initial deposit of £118.80. Since then they have taken out multiple payments that have never been authorised by myself or even match what payments are written down on the purchase order they sent me that has never been signed.

Payments taken out to date.

18th April 2011 Deposit £118.80
4th May 2011 £95.91
10th May 2011 £95.91
16th May 2011 £95.91
16th May 2011 £191.52
8th June 2011 £100.00
8th June 2011 £200.00

Total £898.05

These payments have never been agreed to and therefore have been unlawfully taken.
They are also in breach as laid down by law according to the supply of goods and services Act 1982 and of there own terms and conditions as they did not follow the payment plan and the values within the purchase order do not replicate the payments taken. These payments were still taken even though nothing had ever been signed to agree to any of this.
I am disappointed because the service they have provided was unsatisfactory, and not fit for purpose. This is because the website had errors in it and content I never agreed to. Some examples of this are, my mobile telephone number is wrong, I cannot access my email account and the address details should never have been put on the website.

To resolve the problem I require click marketing to pay me a refund of £729.25 this is minus the agreed deposit of £118.80.

I feel that this is fair as I did agree to the initial deposit.
I have since searched this company on the internet only to find many others with the exact same issue. These inocent people have been scammed out of thousands of pounds. This company needs to be stopped. I have tried to call this company and just recieved verbal abuse and over talked not allowed to get a word in edgeways. The person I spoke with was called Lee Turner who is an assistant design manager. The website they have created is a template based website that would have taken twenty minutes to create. I have spoken with a technical consultant who has confirmed this. the website is

Many thanks for any assistance in this matter

Martin Britton

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27011SalarO [Woking]
Total claims:1
Iranian owners of SalarO scams customers »Sep 201111/10/20121
We are disgusted with this Iranian web desighn company SalarO and its crooked owner Salar Golestanian.
A lot of effort went into supplying all the content to this company to get our many new web sites ready for the Christmas of 2011/12.
SalarO promised us the work would be completed within a month,the months went by and in early December 2011 SalarO showed us some of the work.
It was the worst homepages you could ever see,lots of spelling mistakes,graphic errors and the content was wrong.
The Iranian owner Salar Go;estanian promise he would rectify all the sites and blamed his staff in India and Iran for the cock ups.
Christmas came and went and by March 2012 we had had enough and demanded our money back.
We where told by this Salar Golestanian owner of SalarO there would be no refund and slammed the phone down on several dates.He was vile and nasty when we told him we would take action against him.
We have since discovered that SalarO and its crooked owner has had many run ins with irate customers over the years.
So people beware of this web desighn company SalarO,go elswhere and dont deal with SalarO or its owner Salar Golestanian.

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530Haven Rich Designs/Enchanted Web Style
Total claims:1
Web Designer won't refund money »12/18/200801/01/20090

The initial complaint: The web designer was hired, but did not proceed dealings in a professional or timely manner. Failed to keep me abreast of design, disappeared in the middle of design session, claimed to have been 100 hours coding a web design I did not grant full approval on--which, calculating 100 hours compared to the date of first contact means designer only worked approximately 4 days out of three months. When dissatisfaction was lodged, designer took that as a termination of business relationship and didn't respond to emails except to express regret that money could not be returned. "Good faith" was the excuse. Highly unprofessional and does not know how to work with clients who are not acquaintances. Would not recommend. Refund demanded. Designer ignores this.

The designer and a few satisfied clients responded to refute my complaint, and the designer continues to ignore her part in the situation, so I must elaborate: The designer and a few clients have spoken up--which doesn't negate MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with Haven Rich. It is not a common business practice in any sector for the owner to keep money when they did not deliver on the service they were hired to do. Particularly when there was NO CONTRACT drawn up NOR did the designer explain her "good faith" concept of payment during initial contact or when she asked for half of the total payment. That omission is why I am justified for a refund.

The designer is NOT professional: a look at any major web design business (Swank Web Style, Jaxadora Designs, Croco Designs, etc) can tell you that a PROFESSIONAL web/graphic designer has all information a client requires up front, and when they and the client reach an agreement, the designer CLEARLY outlines their business practices and payment practices.

This designer gave me her payment requirements, which were pretty cheap, but did not tell me anything about her business proceedings (her frequent disappearances are proof of that) or her terms on which she was entitled to retain my money.

This is a situation of FRAUD because the designer obviously felt did not need to appraise me of her rights to my money if the business association was to be terminated.

Haven Rich clearly ignores her role in this situation. Regardless of the end of the business association, I CLEARLY outlined my lack of trust in her abilities and her business acumen: her lack of communication. Days would go by with nary a peep from her, and as I said, on an early disappearance, her response to my email was that she was on vacation!! I've never heard of a business that didn't let their clients know they would be on a vacation and would get back to work when they returned!

The designer and her happy clients can refute my complaint all they want, but the proof is in the pudding: Haven Rich cheated me out of money and doesn't have the grace to admit she made a mistake. My mistake was in not terminating the association when she disappeared the first time--though even then she probably would have claimed a stake in the money I sent.



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Total claims:1
Service not delivered »16/02/200902/03/20090

16/02/2009 I have ordered Elite Logo Package and paid £35. Logos should be delivered withion 3 days. It was not delivered and after a few conversation via a live chat 23/02/2009 I have received samples which was not acceptable because my requirements was just ignoored and the quality of work was very bad. I have rejected this work and ask for guaranteed full refund. 24/02/2009 I have received an e-mail from customers service where they promise to fix the problem in next 2 days. I agreed on condition that this will be 2 days, not 3 or 8. Customer service confirmed this. unfortunately after that they are not answering on my e-mails at all and I cannot get refund.

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13922Webworks Internet [Darlington]
Total claims:2
unknown »30.9.1030/09/20100

more details »

1886starr gaming web development
Total claims:1
i want to be allowed to use your site as i did nothing wrong »march19/04/20090

i signed up to a web bassed browser game ....i then ask for some help in one of the chats and was very rudely spoken too by one of there admins/secritairys so i defended myself ...the next day/night ...i log onto the site and the "owner" was on and she started to abuse me ... i tryed to apologise ...even when i had done nothing wrong and i was called very rude names and banned from the site for 300 days...... i did nothing wrong and i have tried to get back on the site and been refused was a totaly unfair ban ....and aparently i have been told by some players of the site that the "owners" cheat for thier friends giving them levels or money/items .... its hardly fair is it?...i cant beleve people that are so rude can make money off theese sites that they totaly abuse there power on.

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2675Clever Concepts [Templeton]
Total claims:1
Web site rip off »2008-200916/05/20090

Dennis Clevenger of Clever Concepts agreed to build a web site for my company. After paying him a total in excess of $12000. he abandoned the project. However, he wouln't return any of the money I had paid him.

A small claims judge sided with Clevenger indicating that the Clever Concepts contract that Clevenger had me sign allowed such behavior.

That's small comfort. At the end of the day, I've spent a lot of money and have nothing to show for it.

Clever Concepts did offer to complete the work for an additional $9000. I think I'd be nuts to trust him again.

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