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394Nationwide Building Society [swindon]
Total claims:6
wrongful suspension of current account »26/11/200828/11/20080

I have a current account with Nationwide Building Society which I have held for 10 years +, this account has both mine and my husbands wages going into it and all direct debits relating to the household come out of it - i dont hold any other accounts.  I also have a credit card with the Society and have had unforseen difficulties in repaying this card and others so have entered onto a Debt Management plan to get myself back on my feet. 

Nationwide have decided that they will not cooperate with the debt management company and without notice have suspended my current account so i have no access to any money whatsoever and have had to send 2 out of my 3 children to school without dinner money, i have no milk in the house and barely any food.  I found out that the account was suspended when i visited asda to do my weekly shop 2 days ago and my debit card was declined even though the account is in credit.

I now have no means of paying my mortgage, gas, electric, council tax, car finance etc so i authorised them by telephone to take the £440 from the account on 27/11 so it could be re-activated but to date this still has not been done and so my kids have gone to school once more without any money and i have no means of feeding them when they return from school. 

The company is well aware of my predicament and have offered no empathy whatsoever and i am now facing further charges for non payment of direct debits ie. mortgage not paid - £35 which in turn is plunging me further into debt.

What do i do???




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1247Nationwide Building Society [swindon]
Total claims:6
No Idea Of What Customer Loyalty Is »December 200810/03/20090
I have been a Nationwide current account customer for 10 years +. I have always worked & have always paid wages into my account & I thought run my account well. After all these years my loyality hasnt got me anywhere as all what they will give me is a cash-card. I recentley got engaged & applied for a joint account with my other half and Nationwide said no. My other half works & has no credit problems just like me. I am now closing down my account as I feel
that they don't appreciate my custom. X

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13467Nationwide Building Society [swindon]
Total claims:6
Charges »25/08/200728/08/20100
I had a direct debit go out my account and nationwide charged because lack of funds. I refused to pay the charge and the charge grew over the years. I wrote a number of letters and had no joy so at the moment I am still paying £5 a week all because I did not have £5 in my bank.

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20934Nationwide Building Society [swindon]
Total claims:6
poor service »10/09/201110/09/20110
I paid a cheque into the ATM in Wimborne last Sunday, (04/09/2011) and it's STIL NOT AVAILABLE TODAY WHICH IS SIX DAYS LATER.

It's appalling and it's time this lot and all the other banks etc got their act together. if you try to use your card with no money then it doesn't go through, so the tecnology is there.

It's just an excuse for them to maske money out of CHAPS etc which in this day and age shouldn't be needed.

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25905Nationwide Building Society [swindon]
Total claims:6
Cistomer servie »005/07/201205/07/20120
My 89 year old father was charged £10-00 for a duplicate statement he did not ask for!! He lives in France,when the statement arrived it was for a Mrs R Hussein who live in London.

I rang to ask them to help him with this problem that made all sorts of excuses and then hung up on me whilst i was trying to explain

Moral of this story is do not use the Nationwide Building society if you value customer service. It is non existent with them.

They also have not credited my credit card balancw with a payment I made a week ago


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28580Nationwide Building Society [swindon]
Total claims:6
ppi insurance »september 201205/03/20130
got in contact with nationwide about my mis selling of ppi i have had four morgages with them so i tried to get my money back but when there looked into it there came up with some excuse as to why we would be intitled to it and all the points why we couldn remeber any of this and i think there were just fobbing me off so i think i should ge my money back as me and my husband were both in employment andf we would get paid if we had time off work .

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699Abbey National [london]
Total claims:3
possible missleadment »august22/01/20090

i had taken a loan from the building society of 15k i have been paying the amount off for 3 and a half years without missing a payment.  I reacently went to see if i could borrow some more money i required an extra 5k the advisor said that it would be impossible to do so she advised that the only possible means was to take out 20k to repay the 15k i had already borrowed which would leave me with 5k for my purporses. unfortunately i did so without realising at the time what i had gotten myself into i now have a 20k loan which i am struggling to pay off- do i have a claim?

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1071Abbey National [london]
Total claims:3
cash machine »10/2/0928/02/20090

i went to a cash machine in launceston drew £50 out of the machine but it gave me 10 i calle abbey and then had to wait 2 weeks and a few phone calls just to get a letter stating that the cash machine was working , and that i will not be getting my money back, this money was child benefit and i have 4 children 2 of which are babys .

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19757Abbey National [london]
Total claims:3
Payment value was not the same as quoted »02/04/1113/06/20110
Placed order 02/04/11 for Acai Berry advertising only pay for delivery �£2.60 and receive a months supply.
Payment that went through my account was �£125.45.
Attempted to contact the company to no avail.

Still fighting my bank as the information/service from them has been substandard.

I immediately cancelled my bank card. My bank, Santandar have been extremely unhelpful in trying to resolve. I immediately contacted the bank to advise what had happened however as I had provided my details they would register as a dispute only.
I have logged a complaint and issued 2 claim forms which they deny all receipt of. Now about to take complaint to financial Ombudsman

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30516santander [london]
Total claims:3
Fraud Investigation rejected »25/07/201610/08/20160
Been a victim of fraud for the second time with Santander noticed transactions since June appearing on my account that I didn't do and again had no warning about it didn't receive any calls or communication from then asking me to confirm whether I made the transactions and I only noticed when I was checking my statements. Really don't feel safe or trust Santander anymore as the transactions are near enough a whole months wages which I need to live on and I am considering changing banks because of it all.I have also be contacted the ombudsman and police about this matter given crime reference : NFRC160801513372 but santander are still refusing to refund my money .

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19919santander [london]
Total claims:3
lordship of land »31/03/199925/06/20110
why was I not told of my inheritance from my parents when I was purchasing my house in 1999........
the police has confirmed I have lost millions from my land rights title .using my asset management contract s.i.b to embezzle my funds i have had since 04/04/1986.........along with the identity fraud of a royal sovereign by birth.the sentence for this is 25 years in prison.............
along with companies house used my position and funds held in Germany mining rights and mineral diplomatic status is being used to steal my money in trust I never knew I mothers funds has been transferred with her will being administered.
abbey mislead me to belive that santander was a bank but it is a plc practical law

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25514santander [london]
Total claims:3
totally unhelpful »10/6/1210/06/20120
i checkeed mt bank account on the 31/5/12 with telephone banking and spoke to scott in the call centre he advised that 2 loan companies had taken money out of my account 49.99 and 69.99 he gave me the company names and advised me if i cancel my debit card then the payments may not go through. i then recieved a letter from santander fraud department asking me to verify some transcation i spoke to a women who advised me the money will be put back into my acocunt within 48hrs. i have then spoken to kevin on the phone today and he has advised me the fraud team have closed the dispute as they do not believe this is a fruad transaction this is not what i was told previous;y i was told i would recieve the funds back and then a dispute would be made and if it failed i would them have to repay ther amount when i asked kevin to listen to my phone call i had to ask him 5 times to do this and when eventually he got his managerto lisgten he advised he coundle find my call how convenient. i waws then advised i will have to go through to the companies to get my money back i have emailed the companies and not heard back from them. i raised this with the bank as soon as i found out there was money missing then days later i recieved a letter from there fruad department i cannot see how they cannot see that this is fraud i have had numerous problems with santander in the past from me and my partner bith being fraud and again santander did nothing to help me, they look a none payment of direct debit £25 from my account when there was money in the account to pay the dirct debit i again had to wait to get my money back and when previosly having been a victim of fraud and cancelling my debit card they then forgot to send me a new one.I advise anyone who banks with them to change the account to a different bank as i will be doing i found them to be very unhelpful and basically useless.

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