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Total claims:2
$40-15 »20/11/200913/12/20091
I signed up to do paid online surveys and was required to open a CLKBANK account for the funds of these surveys to be transferred into my private bank account. In no time have I received any payment for surveys completed but CLKBANK has drawn $40-15 from my account without authorization on 20/11/2009. Also, SUP*MAXFORCE has drawn $98-11 for a free trial of ACAIBURN supplements on the 3/12/2009 and another $13-73 for the same product under the name of vibrantbeauty on the 4/11/2009. The s/h was suppose to be $1-95 only with no mention of anything being ongoing. I have never authorized any of these transactions and have now had to also close my account. CHECK YOUR BANK STATEMENTS VERY CAREFULLY FOR MORE THAN ONE UNAUTHORIZED TRANSACTIONS FROM THIS MOB.... MAJOR SCAMS

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Total claims:2
Order no. P8PDBPCE »11.10.201128/10/20110
Order no. P8PDBPCE
Reference no. 284 1017606320 bcc

Entered the name I wished to research and vendor,, said the name was available, so I paid the full amount £35.94. But the site froze up or locked me out. I tried several times to re-enter the site, there was no username or password available. and the site kept asking me to pay another £35.94 to access the site.
Tried again today, several times. Can you help me get my full money back, thanks.

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2889Area\'s II Car service [staten island]
Total claims:1
Cursed out and Left at the Bus »May 20 200920/05/20090

I was waiting for the bus going to the hospital to see my mother. The bus was taking forever, and it was 11:30 at night. I decided to call Area's II car service to come pick me up. The dispatcher on the other end asked where i was i told him , hes like ok ..well take the bus then. And he hung up on me. I called him back and said someone just. hung up on me  , can i have a cab?..hes like why are you at the bus stop?, im like excuse me how is that any of your business , i need a cab...hes like well take the bus you nasty little B*tch. And hung up again. Needless to say , i was stuck waiting for the bus till 12 that never came. I ended up walking back home. I think that , that person should be fired..

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Total claims:1
none »10 Sept 200916/10/20090

No Pick-up from Hotel to Airport in Palma. After waiting 30 minutes, longer than the set time with a 20 minute delay added on. Calling the given telephone number and having received no call back(ever), where forced to take a Taxi to catch the Flight. Even after having sent several e-mails, Resorthoppa will only reply with there standart e-mail and no more.

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21933limo broker ltd [Cardiff]
Total claims:5
Take care when dealing with Limo Brokers »09-11-1109/11/20110
This is just a warning for anyone looking at Booking a Limo with

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21934limo broker ltd [Cardiff]
Total claims:5
Take care when dealing with Limo Broker ltd »09-11-1109/11/20110
I'm currently orgainising a Stag doo in the New Year.
I typed limo hire into google and they were high up on the list.
Got a Fantastic quote for £770 return trip.

I was able to pay a holding deposit of £60 with the other £60 due at the end of novemeber.

I said great Limo is held and i can get the rest of the deposit from the guys.

Their actual deposit is £120 but i was agreed i could pay in two halves.

The next day after booking the Hummer Limo, I found out that they had taken £120 which wasnt agreed.

Called up and spoke to a gentlemen who said he was a manager, said they could refund me £60 it would take 3 days.

I said to them i could'nt afford to pay £120 as i had a direct debit coming out of the bank the following day.

They informed me that if they refunded me the money i would loose the discount they offered me originally and i would need to pay more at the end of the month £105 i think he said.

i did get fed up and asked what the cancellation proceedure was if i cancelled they would keep £60.

This is a warning if you book with them make sure you can afford to pay £120 upfront they will not keep to their word if your offered a deal.

I only wish i had read the complaints on them before booking.

When I asked them about these copmplaints they say they are posted by other companies trying to loose business.

I am going ahead as i dont want to loose my £60. very dissapointed in the service, lets hope the Limo arrives as agreed. And that i dont get any more nasty surprises!

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19999limo broker ltd [Cardiff]
Total claims:5
limo did not turn up!! »28/05/201101/07/20110
i booked and paid a deposit £84 on 06/05/2011 for a 16 seater party bus. This party bus was for a hen night. ref - 039-690. The party bus did not turn up at 7pm as stated on confirmaion e-mail. we waited til half past 8stil no limo. i rang limo brocker who the party bus was organised by, as it was bank holiday weekend the call went on to answer message i left a message to be contacted back. they did not contact me i then went on holiday 6/06/2011 for 2 weeks hoping tat when i returned they would have contacted still nothing. I then contacted limo broker via there service on-line where it conects you to an advisor i was conected with an advisor called mark on tue 21st june at around 10.30ish who advised me the situation had been passed to a customer service manager , still nothing no apology no explanation no customer service!!! i then tried to conect again yesterday 30/06/2011 but nobody was available i have since tried again today 01/07/2011 again nobody available i feel this has gone on too long and basically feel the least the company could do was refund the deposit that they was quick enough to take, as we had to get taxi's to our destination liverpool and back i feel this should be refunded too. this was meant to be an enjoyable evening for the bride to be and was ruined as our plans was so rudely ruined....

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21030limo broker ltd [Cardiff]
Total claims:5
AVOID! RUINED WEDDING CAR! »5/8/201115/09/20110

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20425limo broker ltd [Cardiff]
Total claims:5
Full service not provided »31/07/201101/08/20110

Hi, we booked a car via limobroker website. I called their number and spoke to a sales rep advising them of the times and dates of the pick up and drips off's. At first I got a qoute from A to B and B to A. I got a price of £300.....and then I managed to bring it down to £275. As this was a present from me to my brother I wanted it to be a hassle free day and also asked how much it would cost to drop him to the airport in the evening. Initally they wanted another £100 but I managed to haggle and get it all for £315. I then provided the details of time adresses and dates to the sales rep and each time making sure that they have included the airport trip and the sales rep confirmed it was on there. I then got passed to another person who took my card details and then charged £90 pounds to my card and said that I had to pay the rest £250 to the driver on the day. I asked him and said that makes £340 in total and not £315 as agreed and said there is a charge for this and .... So I said ok. Then i got my mail confirmation and the details were wrong so I called back, gave my booking number and they advised that all the pick dates, time and addresses are ok and it included the airport drop off.   I then contacted the actual company ( Arnage Exec Hire ) who they subbed this out too and they advised that this alway happens that the information is not always correct.  I then gave the times and pickups including the airport drop off that was missed by limo brokers. As I had and issue initially  I called them again to confirm everything and this time I was told that the airport drop off is not on there, I spoke to the same person  and was told that I would have to pay extra, I advised that I had paid extra for it and then they confirmed that limo brokers always do this but he said that he would do the airport drop off for no extra cost. Then on the day the driver arrived and I paid the £250 that I had to pay and started confirming everything and he turned around and said that they would not do the airport drop off as  they have not been told. I was not happy and was getting a little stressed cause the day before their boss said that they would do it . Then he said that it could be done if I paid them another £100  but I explained to the driver that I had already paid extra for the airport drop off. But I said forget it and my brother can just get a cab. The driver then at the end if the day said he will  go back and speak to the boss and  see what he says and would call me back. But i never heard from him. I will not be using either limo broker or Arnage Exec Hire ever again. I hope you can help recover this money, if not all atleast the extra I paid for the airport trip. I also sent limo broker a few mails today including their managing director but gave not had a reply and am not surprised cause if they a willing to rip people off they don't know the meaning of customer service.

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23194barclays bank Plc [WOODEND]
Total claims:1
Transfer »01/24/201224/01/20120
You will need to inform the seller the proved us the shipment tracking number to verify the transfer.

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25591ukashtrader []
Total claims:1
my ukashvoucher »09/06/1215/06/20120
i sent £20 ukasvoucher to that trader to transfer to my liberty reserve account u4500592 from 09/06/12 but untill now my liberty reserve account still not credit.i tried to contact them but nobody reply to my request untill today 15/06/12

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