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11978nn iecps technology ltshenzhen [London]
Total claims:2
credit card fraud »16/03/201006/04/20101

looked at my statement and do not know company who this was paid to so no online actions taken by me on that date.

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5856Nettprofile LTD [London]
Total claims:2
Unpaid Invoices for translation fees »20th August 200925/10/20090

During this past summer, I worked as a Freelance Translator. All went well until I was contacted by Nettprofile LTD, a Translation Services Agency based in London. I got in touch with them through, one of the many online jobs sites for Freelancers.The company had posted a job for a certain translation they needed completing. I was awarded the job and because the company was happy with the work I completed for them, they started giving me more projects.

This ran smoothly until my first invoice was due. Its due date came and went but I had not received payment. This particular invoice is now 20 days overdue and I have still not received any payment.

I have contacted the company on numerous occasions. Most of my emails are ignored. I have received one or two replies from a Miss Angela Sabiketi, the head of the Accounts Department, who basically had the cheek to tell me that if I continued my behavior, (aiming at my constant chasing up of the payment) they would not process any of my invoices at all. Considering my first invoice is now 20 days overdue, I am not expecting them to process my invoices at all.

I have since found out, through various websites and forums that there are a lot of freelancers who never received payment for their invoices from Nettprofile LTD. And I find it absolutely disgusting that this company can continue to work this way.

Granted, 137.21 pounds may not seem a lot but it's the principle of it all. I put time into completing the work, Nettprofile was more then happy to accept it and therefore I expect payment.

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6765Nettprofile LTD [London]
Total claims:2
unpayed services »16/11/200916/11/20090

Having received an urgent translation request I responded, I won the bid:

english marriage certificate to transalte into german

and delivered within 90 minutes. A few minor adjustments have been done upon request, the full project was delivered within 2 hours. 

After finalizing,nothing, but rough responses like- you need to contact billing ... e.t.c followed. No more responses from the company, advertising / naming on Skype: as Nettprofile_Human Resources.

GAF is not a billing service.


Kind regards

 .... and be aware. On GAF several freealancers complaining about not paid fees



see some details  of the work progress



[13/11/2009 19:07:50] nettprofile_human.resources: hello!
[13/11/2009 19:08:05] Olaf Schutze: Olaf Schutze has shared contact details with Nettprofile_Human Resources.
[13/11/2009 19:08:11] Olaf Schutze: Hello :)
[13/11/2009 19:08:25] Nettprofile_Human Resources: i just saw your message
[13/11/2009 19:08:36] Nettprofile_Human Resources: it is only one certificated scnned in two parts
[13/11/2009 19:08:42] Nettprofile_Human Resources: not 2 different certificates
[13/11/2009 19:08:54] Olaf Schutze: is fine, a few more minutes in this case
[13/11/2009 19:09:15] Olaf Schutze: i will send it by email, when I am finish ?
[13/11/2009 19:09:55] Nettprofile_Human Resources: you can send it here on skipe in word format,ok.
[13/11/2009 19:09:57] Nettprofile_Human Resources: ?
[13/11/2009 19:10:09] Olaf Schutze: is fine
[13/11/2009 19:10:17] Nettprofile_Human Resources: thanks
[13/11/2009 19:10:27] Olaf Schutze: you are welcome
[13/11/2009 19:51:15] Nettprofile_Human Resources: sorry to make pressure, but it is qite urgent...
[13/11/2009 19:51:25] Olaf Schutze: ok, I am finished- it just does not look as good as the original
Olaf Schutze
[13/11/2009 19:57:01] Nettprofile_Human Resources: thanks ill fix it
[13/11/2009 19:57:24] Olaf Schutze: i have the green formular print in red
[13/11/2009 21:12:58] Nettprofile_Human Resources: hi
[13/11/2009 21:13:03] Nettprofile_Human Resources: are you still there?
[13/11/2009 21:13:17] Olaf Schutze: Oh yes
[13/11/2009 21:13:23] Olaf Schutze: I am always here
[13/11/2009 21:13:29] Nettprofile_Human Resources: not very happy
[13/11/2009 21:13:33] Nettprofile_Human Resources: npt very accurate
[13/11/2009 21:13:40] Nettprofile_Human Resources: some things were left in enlgih
[13/11/2009 21:13:43] Olaf Schutze: what is not accurate?
[13/11/2009 21:13:44] Nettprofile_Human Resources: or not trnslated
[13/11/2009 21:13:55] Olaf Schutze: or not translated?
[13/11/2009 21:14:00] Nettprofile_Human Resources: engineer
[13/11/2009 21:14:06] Nettprofile_Human Resources: borough
[13/11/2009 21:15:02] Olaf Schutze: i only can translate is aa like city district
[13/11/2009 21:15:11] Olaf Schutze: in German bezirk
[13/11/2009 21:15:36] Nettprofile_Human Resources: what about engineer
[13/11/2009 21:16:06] Olaf Schutze: is in eEnglish and German the same word
[13/11/2009 21:16:43] Olaf Schutze: in Austria it can be actually become a titel to, like a Dr.
[13/11/2009 21:17:10] Nettprofile_Human Resources: ok
[13/11/2009 21:17:29] Nettprofile_Human Resources: can you please translate what's in the margin of the certifi cate
[13/11/2009 21:17:34] Nettprofile_Human Resources: on the right
[13/11/2009 21:17:44] Olaf Schutze: ok
[13/11/2009 21:18:36] Olaf Schutze: ok, sorry, that I did skip, was my mistake
[13/11/2009 21:18:42] Olaf Schutze: i do it right now
[13/11/2009 21:18:52] Nettprofile_Human Resources: thanks
[13/11/2009 21:22:57] Nettprofile_Human Resources: also, in the bottom you did not translate "by license or after by me".
[13/11/2009 21:25:04] Olaf Schutze: is done now
Olaf Schutze
[13/11/2009 21:32:10] Nettprofile_Human Resources: how do you say marriage certificate in german_
[13/11/2009 21:32:13] Nettprofile_Human Resources: ?
[13/11/2009 21:32:30] Olaf Schutze: Heiratsurkunde
[13/11/2009 21:32:47] Olaf Schutze: or Familienbuch
[13/11/2009 21:42:23] Nettprofile_Human Resources: could you translate also "by licence or after - by me" (above the signatures)?
[13/11/2009 21:43:49] Nettprofile_Human Resources: and "in the presence of us"
[13/11/2009 21:45:59] Olaf Schutze: Ok, is done
Olaf Schutze
[13/11/2009 21:46:56] Nettprofile_Human Resources: thanks
[13/11/2009 21:47:04] Olaf Schutze: you are welcome



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13190nn iecps technology ltshenzhen [London]
Total claims:2
ghd hair straightners »18th march 201002/08/20100

I bought a pair of ghd hair straightners from this company on 18th March 2010. After 3 weeks they blew up.I returned them to ghd an they sent me a letter to say they are counterfeit. I now have no ghd's and have lost £56.86

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