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19638FreshStart Living Ltd [Salford]
Total claims:2
Bmv offplan investment property »06/06/1106/06/201116
Has anyone had any dealings with this company?

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26575Global Wine Investments Ltd [London]
Total claims:2
wine Investment Fraud »17 August 201201/09/20127
Global Wine advertised on an investment e-mailing list published by Agora, a reputable company that is sister to Money Week magazine. The brochure promised reasonable investments over time on fine wines, stating that purchases would be stored in the bonded Vinotheque warehouse in Burton on Trent. Following initial contact with a 'Senior Portfolio Advisor", Charles Cox, I invested a total of GBP 7750 in two tranches of GBP 2900 and GBP 4850. In July, I instructed Cox to sell the more expensive investment, which I was told would be completed in early August. On calling back and getting engaged phones in Aug, I was concerned and checked the Vinotheque warehouse, where no wine was stored under my name (as advertised) or under Global Wine's. On Aug 17, phones were disconnected and the website disappeared. On Aug 21, I made contact with one other and subsequently a total of 6 other investors who had lost sums varying between GBP 2000 to GBP 40 000. All 7 of us have reported Global Wine to the police. Global Wine was clearly a scam - the bank accounts had been cleared, Directors (Michael Wilson - who has a string of dodgy companies to his name - Lorna Bita, and James Edward Hamilton) resigned, and website and phones disconnected. Wilson and Cox may be working for a carbon trading company called Burlington Energy Markets. DO NOT INVEST ANY MONEY IN COMPANIES OWNED OR MANAGED BY WILSON, BITA, or HAMILTON. In addition if anyone out there has been ripped off by Global Wine please contact through this site

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26658FreshStart Living Ltd [Salford]
Total claims:2
Freshstart Living Complaint »2011-1208/09/20125
I need advice!!

In October 2011 I agreed to buy two properties put to me by Property Secrets that were part of what they called their North West Portfolio. They were part of the portfolio mentioned at the start of this thread. I paid over £8, 400 to Property Secrets to reserve them: £2, 400 covered the finders fees for the two properties and £3, 000 was for their developer which turned out to be Fresh Start Living.
Several completion dates promised came and went and then Fresh Start reported that the deal on the portfolio had fallen apart and therefore we weren't going to complete on the properties despite exchanging contracts some months earlier.

I paid the whole £8, 400 to Property Secrets and they will have passed £6, 000 to Fresh Start in order for them to talk to my solicitor. Neither are willing to give any money back. Fresh Start now say I should go through Property Secrets, although one of their staff wrote a letter at the end of March promising a transfer of £3, 000 on 4th June which never materialised. Incidentally, that staff member apparently got up from her desk one day and was never seen again!

Property Secrets have offered to allow the £2, 400 to be used for another deal, but are unwilling to refund the money. That position was after saying that they would and then stringing me along for several weeks once I asked for it.

What should I do?
Do I take Property Secrets to court for the full amount?
Do I make a claim against both of them?
Who is liable?
And how is it that Fresh Start can exchange contracts on the properties and then not complete? I see now that they must have had an option to purchase or something, but how can they exchange without being the owners?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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404House Direct Uk [Harrow]
Total claims:1
Calllous Liars »29th Novemer 200829/11/20081

Four months ago this company said they would buy my 80 year old fathers house quickly so that he could afford to move to this area and we could all live together. He could therefore avoid going in a home as he has Alzhiemers. The case was urgent as I, his only daughter, am heavily pregnant and his care needs have increased so that he could no longer live alone. We only had so much savings to pay for care while his house was sold. We were standing to lose nearly £100,000 on the sale, as they buy below market value. We understood and accepted this, thinking that having us all live together was much more important than profit.

From the start the company lied to us. They said the transaction would take six weeks. Throughout the last four months we have been told that the money for the house was secured, that although the property lending climate was poor they have a large pool of investors so it wouldnt affect us, go ahead and put in an offer for another house with the money but be prepared to move quickly etc. In good faith we did this and put in an offer for another house, paying for surveys and solicitors and searches. That sale has now fallen through because we still had no completion date from House Direct UK. I wasted £1200 on that alone. Starting to panic I began to ring them nearly every other day asking for updates.Four months on, today, I have just been informed it is unlikely that House Direct UK will be able to buy the house as they cannot raise the money and cannot find other lenders. "I suggest you try a different route". No apology, no admittance of responsibility. The manager even had the cheek to suggest that i should sympathise with him because he "couldnt take the pressure of this situation"!

 Dad has spent all his savings on a care package which was supposed to last six weeks. We have no other options because we have run out of time and money. All our decisions were based on the reassurance this company gave us that everything was fine, running smoothly, around the corner, on the last stretch. We've been misled and duped throughout. I asked for honesty which I have now recieved, now that it is too late. So many people lives have been affected by this, not to mention the money lost.

 This company should be made responsible for thier actions. Ive tried to find a regulatory body, but apparantly there is none. So I cant even find out if we have any rights. Please beware of this company, they are liars and do not care who they hurt.

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12938Michael Becker of Trusmadi at Ziraat Bankasi A.S.
Total claims:1
Michael Becker is a CROOK, do not trust him! »March 200813/07/20101

PLEASE PLEASE BE WARNED MICHAEL BECKER AUSTRIAN IS A CROOK!! Passport No. C0858582. In March 2008, he sweet talked himself to stay at my house for a month in the UK. He conned me into his scam life, he said he had a friend of his who was a banker in Ziraat Bankasi who had a lot of his money and he had the only access to it. Michael asked me to borrow £35,000, £25,000 of it for release money to get his banker friend out of jail in Bulgaia. Michael said to me he would give double the amount back to me as he would then have acess to his funds. I didn't have that sort of cash lying around so I asked a solicitor friend of mine to help, he said he would only lend to me if I put both of my houses up as security. At the time I believed Michael he is so convincing, so i got the loan for Michael and I went with him to Bulgaria, a couple of days later he got his friend out of jail and i wanted to speak to his friend about paying me back, Michael went through the roof cause i asked his friend about money, I realised Michael said to him it was his money. A week later still in Bulgaria, Michael is getting very tetchy as his friend the banker hasn't called him etc, where's my money I asked Michael many times, one morning he checked out of the hotel and left me with his hotel bill and mine, so i had to pay 2 weeks of hotel bills on top, i paid and left the hotel immediatley back to London. He sent me a text to say 'I won't turn my back on you, i will pay my debt', to this day he has not contacted me and hey guess what i lost both of my houses! Not a nice guy, if you are dealing with him in anything, banking, finance, restaurants, loans anything, walk away trust me, he is a scammer, crook, fraud!! Everyone is looking for him. You know who I am Michael. PH

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Total claims:1
Etrade Sold My Stocks »1/12/200912/01/20090

Etrade sold all of my stocks without notification!!!  Apparently there was a quarterly fee that I was unaware of (also was not notified).  To make up the negative balance on my account, Etrade sold all of my stocks that could potentially be worth a significant amount of money some day.  You would think that before they decided to sell all of my stocks that I would have been notified by email or phone.  This is a very poor way to do business.

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Total claims:2
CANCEL »10/ 201013/10/20100

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Total claims:2
refund »10/201027/10/20100

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2804north east residentials [newcastle]
Total claims:1
house purchase »1/6/0819/05/20090

I invested through NE residentials in order to boost my pension, as i had returned to work late, having looked after my children for many years.  I chose them as they offered the chance to buy low-priced housing (in the south, where I live , this is impossible to find) so that i could rent it out, then sell when i retired, gaining capital, or continue to let out, gaining an income.  As i wanted this to be as trouble free as possible, i went to NE Residential as they offered 'buy and rent backs'.  effectively, this was a scheme whereby homeowners sold their property, but continued to live in it, ussally aking to stay 5-10 years.  This scenario fitted my requirements perfectly.  However, on this particular property,the tenants were not wanting to stay, a fact of which I was unaware.  Not only that, before buying the property, i had asked what would happen in the event of tenants leaving or dying.  i was told that as the house in question was in Durham, i would have no difficulty in re-letting it, as it is a university town, and has a lot of industry.  I was also ttold that it was in a good area.  i now discover that none of this is true, as my letting agent has been unable to let it.  they have approached the university, the council and private tenants, to no avail.  i am now in the position of having an unlettable house, having to pay the mortgage myself for the forseeable future.  this also means that it is unlikely that I will be able to buy a home for myself, so i am forced to 'camp out ' in friends' houses.  NE Residential are refusing to repay my deposit, or cover the mortgage until a tenant is found.  i feel that they should be doing thi, as I feel that i was misinformed, and that the property was mis-sold to me, not fulfilling my specifications.

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10524bankcard empire [phoenix]
Total claims:2
ripped off »8/1/2008-present14/01/20100
they said i would make money by using call blasts. it cost me $4300.00 plus $516.00 enrollment fee. To this date i have made nothing and they will not refund my money because they have a no refund policy which they said they told me when i enrolled. This was a lie. They have the transaction recorded so when i requested a refund they said they would play back the tape and if there was no mention of the no refund policy they would refund my money. There was no mention and they refused to give me a refund. They also said that after 12 months if i didn't make any money i would get a refund. This also was a lie. And there were no call blasts done because i contacted some of the companies on my website and their response was that they never heard of bankcard empire. There was also misrepresentation because they said they are affiliated with Visa and Mastercard. This was not true because i called both and they stated they also never heard of bankcard empire.

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13226bankcard empire [phoenix]
Total claims:2
Bankcard Empire Fraud »9/200804/08/20100
This company convinced me that this was the ideal home based business and the initial start up fee was $499. Then they came back and told me the way to make this business work was to advertise and convinced me that they had several campaigns that could bring me leads. So I paid an additional $3000 for 1500 call blast and 1500 email blasts. They told me to be patient and that the campaign lasts 8 months. So after 8 months I called and said I never received any leads, what was the deal. If they weren't going to provide me leads then I wanted all my money back. They said they couldn't give me my money back because I agreed on tape not to receive a refund. I agrued that they said that if I didn't make my money back within 12 months, I would get my money back. Then they just hung up on me. I want my money back as they did no hold up to their end of the deal.

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Total claims:1
Fraud Investment Scheme »January 201106/06/20110

I have been victim of a high return investment fraud & I want to inform this to general public for future prevention of such fraud in London. I have the following detail of the Person & the company:

Name: Alamgir Mohammed - Chairman (Other Name use: Mahmoud Hussein) Origin : Bangladeshi

Name & Registered Office: WELCOME MITTAL GROUP UK LTD SUITE B, 29 HARLEY STREET LONDON W1G 9QR; Company No. 07312965

Corporate Head Office: No-1, Canada Square, Canada House, 37th Floor, ABBC, Canary Warf, London E14 5AA

Phones: 07944209997, 07960687302, 07771110325, 07771110326 Phones: 0044 2077180105

Email: []

Other Trade names used: Welcome Airways UK Ltd, Welcome Properties UK Ltd, Welcome Investments Co. UK Ltd, Welcome International Trade & Remitance UK Ltd, Welcome Oil & Natural Gas UK Ltd, Welcome Alamgir Foundation UK Ltd

Bank Use: Barclays Bank Plc , Canary Warf, London

Other Association involved: The Bengali Institute, 85 York Street, LONDON W1H 4QA

Besides Bengali Institute, you can find this man in Edgware Road, Marylebone, Baker Street, Oxford Steer area. He talks about big investment schemes & changed his company name to Welcome Mittal adding the word ‘Mittal' from Indian tycoon Laxmi Mittal.

As far as I know he is a fraud Bangladeshi & has no relation with big Mittal group & their investment. He mainly deals within Bengali community & dupe them of their hard earned money by luring into high return pyramid type investment fraud by using Welcome Mittal name. 

If anybody knows his further detail including home address please send email to: [] (link: AND pass this to metropolitan police, Hertfordshire Police local council & fraud alert authority. The fraud case is being investigated by Hertfordshire police at:

PC 211 Carol JEPSON
Financial Investigator
Economic Crime Unit
Police Headquarters
Stanborough Road
Welwyn Garden City


Tel:       01707 355374
Mob:     07889 703633

Fax:     01707 638472

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22595VIP FOREX NETWORK [Decatur]
Total claims:1
REFUND MY AT LEAST INVESTMENT MONEY »3rd January,201117/12/20110
$110 in timely received my 1st withdrawal,so that they are mack a confidence to me .After that on the I asked for Withdrawal $600 on 24 Jan 2011 ,$110 on 26 Jan 2011 & $1650 on 27 Feb 2011 to my L.R.account.Total=$2360(Encl.Interest).But till now my requested money has not been sent to my liberty reserve account by VIP FOREX NETWORK.
I had sent email in several times to know deposit status. But I got no reply from them. I had also sent message using the ‘support’ link of the website I did not get any reply. My hard earned "money" has been grabbed by VIP FOREX NETWORK.
I would be more than happy to coopeate for any further investigations.

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Total claims:1
cheated and fraud »20th December,201020/12/20110
Sir/Madam, The above online Investment Company have cheated and fraud with us. I and my wife have hard earned investments blocked. We on seeing its good returns had invested a good amount of sum in it so as to improve the conditions of our family and children's better higher education. But have ended in being trapped by such business.Initially, the company gave us some returns but after that stopped. They are also not responding to our e-mails of withdrawal requests. They are not returning our investment amount to us even. Kindly thus help us to "RECOVER" at-least our investment amount from them and take action against such frauders so that other people are saved of being trapped in their fake return schemes. Below are the dates of transaction pertaining to our accounts:-ID names/Date/Amount/ of investment(USD) Royal-4232 25/9/2010 1020 Royal-4233 26/9/2010 1180 Royal-4623 20/11/2010 2000 Royal-4250 1/10/2010 1020 Royal-4445 16/10/2010 1180 Royal-4519 21/11/2010 2000 Looking forward to your cooperation.

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22653Unipay2u Marketing Pvt. Ltd. [Kuala Lumpur]
Total claims:1
Fraud /Cheated with Investors »30th November,201021/12/20110
Unipay2u Marketing Pvt.Ltd.(,Visarev LLC,Unipay2u International
Corporate Identity Number:U74999TN2009PTCO71782, Incorporate under the Companies Act 1956(No.1 of 1956),PAN NO:AABCU0844L,in India.
Origin of Malaysia Company.
I Sushil Kumar Goel & my wife have hard “saving money” invested in following sister companies around Rs.331500/-plus Membership cost from February.2010 onwards in Unipay2u Marketing Pvt.Ltd.& all profits re-invested in Unipay2U’s,Visarev LLC,Unipay2u International “Gold Purchase for Non-Retention Bonanza” Scheme . Till today we are not yet received our Balance principal Amount of Rs.325200/-in Unipay2u ,Rs.140500/- in Visarev LLC,& Rs.10000/- in Unipay2u International .As promise by
Mr. James, CEO of Company's principal amount have return back to Investors after 30th April,2011. I have many times e-mails send to the companies but no response. From four month back, I notice that the Unipay2u's all Web-Site is not opening. That means “IT IS A BIG SCAM” Grape our hard earning money. The concerned Indian Governmental Finance Departments should take appropriate actions on the Unipay2U's management.
I requesting to you also please settle our account at an earliest.
Warm regards.

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26029Michael Becker Walter
Total claims:1
The crook who pretend to be your friend. »10 April 201214/07/20120

I meet Michael Becker Walter thru internet as he was recomended as rich person who would like to purchase the Hotel. Later he become as friend and asked me to pay for his Trip to Thailand because his wife Elena Becker took all his credit cards and he doesn't have money. Later Michael Becker Walter promised to pay back for it but never did. He stay at my hotel 2 weeks and all bills was paid by me. After 1 year Michael Becker appear again and he offered me deal that if i can collect 8,800EUR and give it to him for a 1 month he will return more than 100,000 eur and all the time we will be together even i can keep his passport until he will pay back. Happen that i had no like this money but one friend of mine she put her Condo on the loan with very high interest rate and we gave this money to Michael Becker Walter. After receiving money Michael Becker Walter started to act strange, he gave this Money to TIM BOZARSLAN German Swiss guy (maybe from his gang) and seems this TIM dissapeared. I must leave Thailand for some reason. Michael Becker promised to return money as in Contract 10th of July 2012. After contacting Michael Becker on 14 July 2012 he just dissapered. The old woman who believe him has courts now and will lose her condo worth of more than 120,000EUR because she doesn't have any income and can't return this ammount. Everyone who ever been cheated by this person Please contact me by email

His, Michael Becker Walter Personal Details:

Birthday is 30.01.1974

Passport Number (Maybe changed already) P 3460716


Please see attached files to recognise him in the future!

EDITED August 2013


Michael Becker changed his passport and name after this claim to new name: Markus Scheidbach German Nationality.

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28257Global Wine Investments Ltd [London]
Total claims:2
Fraudulent Fine Wine Brokers »11th May 201203/02/20130
Made contact with Global Wine Investments Ltd at the time a registered company with a website and contactable phone numbers with the view to discussing investment options.
Given sales talk from someone claiming to be Toby Halloran, a wine broker of some experience. Furnished with company details and investment options.
After giving this some thought opted to invest in Cos D'Estournel wine by BACS payment to company bank account and received a receipt of payment and confirmation of my title deed for the wine I believed I had invested in.
Recently thought to check up on investment and phone numbers not recognised, land line or mobile and company website not operating.
Further search revealed all web stories pertaining to Global Wine Investments Ltd reveal a fraudulent operation with a couple of gentlemen with similar criminal business operating practices in the past.

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29892Charlie Cunningham, Andrew Camilleri, Freshstart Living [Manchester]
Total claims:1
Dodgy Property Investments »201328/09/20130

All you all you need to know about what you will get when dealing with these: Charles (Charlie) Cunningham, Alan Pierce, Phillip Wright, Andrew Camilleri

Fresh Start Living: Investors and tenants hit by dodgy flats deals

Can they really be serious about trying to float this operation on the stock market?

By Andrew Penman

When it comes to serious investments, you'd be sure to trust an Eton contemporary of Prince William, wouldn't you? Wouldn't you?
Charles Alexander Clunie Cunningham is the chief executive of Fresh Start Living which insists that it is "One of the only safe investments available".

The company used to be fronted by fellow "entrepreneur" Andrew Camilleri but he went bankrupt in 2011. Now old Etonian Cunningham is at the helm.

The idea behind Fresh Start, or one of its many similarly named offshoots, is that it renovates run-down properties and finds tenants.

Investors choose which properties to buy into and then supposedly earn income from the rent.
It claims average annual returns of 9%, "phenomenal growth" and is apparently on course to become a public company.
But judging by the investors I have spoken to, it's on course for a public disaster.

In August last year Paul Cumming invested just under £30,000 in a Fresh Start flat in Bradford.
He's received £2,000 in rent, but in May the payments stopped without warning and he can't get hold of Fresh Start.

Pete Skinner paid a £15,000 reservation fee for flats in Nottingham, only to find that Fresh Start didn't even own the properties.

After polite requests for the return of his money got nowhere, Pete sued. He still didn't get his money back and so called in bailiffs, "but they told me there were no assets of value at their headquarters to sell".

In the end Pete felt he had no alternative but to accept an offer from Cunningham of just £2,000 over and above his legal expenses.

George Mackey says he's out of pocket by £40,000 after investing in three flats in Manchester through Fresh Start Living Trafford Press, saying the properties were sub-standard and didn't include promised facilities such as car parking spaces.
Fresh Start was slapped by the Advertising Standards Authority earlier this year for claiming a £4million annual profit and when asked by the watchdog to substantiate the boast, it didn't even reply.

That was in March and by now we should know the true profit figure because Fresh Start accounts were due to be filed with Companies House in July - but there's no sign of them.
This is the second time the firm has been slated by the advertising watchdog, having previously failed to provide evidence for the claim "We are currently selling an average of one property every two hours, 24 hours per day, seven days per week".

It's not just investors having a nightmare.

One Fresh Start tenant in Greenock, Inverclyde, told me: "I had no lighting when I moved in, it took a month to get my heater working, rooms have serious mould, there are leaks, and all the locks are the same, so anyone with a key can get into anybody's room.

"This has been passed on to management many times, yet nothing useful has been done.
"And now we've received a letter from Scottish Power saying our electricity has not been paid and they are shutting us off."
In an interview he gave last spring, Cunningham admitted some of his clients were unhappy.

He said then: "I don't know if it is possible to get our complaints down to zero, but that is certainly the aim."
Looking to the future stock market flotation, he insisted: "I can see the company having a market capitalisation of £200million to £300million within a few years."

Which I assume was a joke, judging by the fact that the phone number on its website is now unobtainable and its offices in Swinton, Greater Manchester, are empty.

The latest trading update on its website is 14 months old.
And if you click on the "corporate information" icon you get the message "Sadly the page you are looking for cannot be found".
For the record, Cunningham is the sole director and the shares are owned by another company, Empirical Property Group Ltd.

One of the directors of this lot is 55-year-old Phillip Wright, whose Wrightchoice Developments was liquidated in 2011 owing £4.2million. A former company secretary of Fresh Start is Alan Pierce, 50, who was a co-director at Wrightchoice and whose Pierce Properties was put into compulsory liquidation earlier this year. Fresh Start has four outstanding county court judgments. The largest is for more than £18,000 and dates back to November while the most recent, for £5,100, is from just last month. One creditor, Roger Walters, says he paid a £20,000 reservation fee for a flat in Nottingham.

But more than two years later "there is no evidence that the company has purchased the building or has acquired any interest in premises forming part of the building".

Furious at being refused a refund he submitted a petition to the High Court to have Fresh Start wound up - the hearing has yet to take place.

Can they really be serious about trying to float this operation on the stock market?


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30529New Horizon Energy/Lannister Knight
Total claims:1
New Horizon Energy (NHE) & Lannister Knight Oil Scam!! »August 201419/09/20160
New Horizon Energy (NHE) & Lannister Knight Oil Scam!!

I was looking to invest some of my savings as I wasn’t getting much of a return from my saving(s) accounts. I looked online and saw an advert to invest in oil. Think that with oil you couldn’t lose your money I emailed for further information. I was contacted back by a rep from a company called Lannister knight. ( This company was a master marketing sales company to the product company New Horizon Energy. They advertised the fractions you could purchase from NHE where the minimum payment costs were £14,000.

I looked through all the information sent to me and since the payment was to be made to an NHE GCEN account I assumed that GCEN would had done a thorough check on the NHE Company (BIG MISTAKE!) so I didn’t do too much googling on this matter. So after several weeks of liaising with Mr Jack O’Connor from Lannister Knight I decided to invest in a fraction lease of an oil well in Kentucky. I was told I would receive my first returns within 3 months. I pay by a credit card payment to GCEN £200 and that was forwarded onto the NHE GCEN account. So all was set and great I thought...!Hmmm.

After 3 months I noticed NOTHING. No calls from anyone. I then contacted Lannister knight to get an update on matters and I felt they were not being honest with me. Instead Mr Jack O’Connor tried to calm my fears down and actually passed me onto the owner of the company a Mr Achike Chuka who went on to try to sell me MORE oil fractions in another oil well!?! And THIS time the cost was £40,000. Instead of dealing with my initial problem (failure of returns with my first investment) they wanted to flog me more oil investments but at a much higher cost. Needless to say I told them NO and I wanted to see returns from my initial investment and for them to look into matters into what has gone wrong.

By Dec 2014/Jan 2015 I got an email with an attachment stating that the FCA have been investigating the company structure of NHE and have been since the summer of 2014. I was extremely angry to hear this news and emailed Lannister knight to find out WHY they were selling oil well leases with a company under investigation from the FCA? I was given more tosh and told not to worry and your money is safe and this is all standard practice bla bla bla. Soon afterwards Mr Jack O’Connor left the company and he was then replaced by a Mr Michael Brister. I was told some other guff that Jack O’Connor had left to go on a sabbatical, but it’s clear he had been sacked and later that year I was told the truth that he was sacked by Mr Chuka.

Over the Easter months it became clear that this investment was turning out to be a “pyramid Ponzi scheme”, so while contacting Lannister Knight I was also contacting NHE directly too in order to see if I could push for a refund. I did hear back from them stating I could but only once their reconstruction was complete that summer of 2015. Over the months leading up to August 2015 I kept on at both Lannister Knight and NHE for answers until the dreaded day finally came and that was the letter from administrators stating the investment company had collapsed! I contacted my credit card company under section 75 I hoped I had a claim as I used my card to make that initial £200 payment for my contract. After making my claim it was thrown out as I paid a payment vehicle company (GCEN) and NOT the NHE directly. I learnt a lesson there! I took my claim to the Ombudsman and they agreed with my card provider that paying GCEN and not the company directly broke the debtor credit agreement chain! I did make a complaint to GCEN for their poor due diligence procedures to allow a company like NHE and Adam Skeet (The owner) to set up accounts with them. I did Google Adam Skeet and he had done all this before! There was stuff online dating back to early 2014. If I had googled myself I would had found all about his history and would not had went near the investment, but I TRUSTED GCEN to have had done all the proper and thorough checks so I didn’t bother doing it. THAT single error and assumption on my part cost me £14,000! Needless to say GCEN batted away my complaint and along with posting this blog I will be contacting trading standards as it’s clear since dealing with NHE and Mr Adam Skeet they have changed their vetting procedures which is great, but no good to me and hundreds of other investors that have lost money due to this scam. I also saw online a report (picture posted here) that it was indeed a several million pound scam.

Mr Chuka from Lannister Knight did offer to try and allow me to invest again via his company to make up for my losses, but even to this day trying to pin him down to take him up on his initial offer to invest to claw back my funds has proved impossible, which leads me into believing that his company and NHE could possibly be in all this together?? I am NOT making any accusations here, so let me make that clear. All I am saying is I bought via his company and on his companies due diligence and advice and his company has done Jack @hit to help resolve this matter for me and many other investors that bought through his company too!

My conclusion is very simple and that is this. If you get a call from ANYONE from Lannister Knight then do yourself a favour and put the phone down!! Like true sales people they are great at all the pitter patter and have a very impressive and professional website, but when it comes down to it from MY personal experience they have NO and I repeat NO SUBSTANCE to back up what they are selling you. If you really are brave and want to continue talking with them and actually braver still by investing via their advice and products they are selling then unlike me, make sure you USE YOUR CREDIT CARD AND PAY THE COMPANY DIRECTLY! Don’t pay via Paypal, GCEN, Money Corp, Escrow.... PAY THE INVESTMENT COMPANY YOU ARE BUYING INTO DIRECTLY, as that way if it IS a scam you are covered via your credit card under section 75 if the purchase is over £100 and below £30,000 and you are covered up to a £60,000 purchase with the new section 75a clause too! For me it’s now the waiting game as the best I can hope for is the liquidators can seize assets, sell them to give us investors back some money (Which isn’t going to happen!) OR for me later down the line sell one of my assets and/or shares in stocks and write off this loss against my capital gains tax bill. So I will probably have to wait until my pensionable age to do all that!

I hope this write up helps other to avoid such boiler room pyramid ponzi schemes scams. Good luck everyone and stay safe when investing your hard earned cash. If I can give you any advice that is to USED YOUR CREDIT CARD and PAY THE COMPANIES YOU ARE BUYING FROM DIRECTLY INTO THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS (Can’t be Escrow!!!). So if a company doesn’t accept a credit card payment, my advice is to walk away! ANY legitimate company WILL take a credit card payment for at least a deposit and WILL allow you to pay directly into their business account via a chip and pin style payment structure like buying in the high street. If not... DON’T GO THERE!!!

On a final note over the last several months I have been contacted by 2 separate companies (but the same voice/person on both occasions) where they stated they can get me my money back by selling my shares. I know on both occasions this was a “recovery scam”, as at first they talk and talk and all sounds plausible, but after speaking with them several times they then start mentioning that you need to pay funds upfront to get your initial oil investment funds back!! PLEASE I am not THAT stupid, so if you are reading this and this has happened to you too then again, put the phone down. The 2 companies that contacted me were Financial Services Ltd AND London Commodity Exchange/ICE Management Service.

NHE - 10th FLoor, One Ropemaker Street, London EC2Y 9HT, UK - 020 7153 1096
Lannister Knight - PO Box 340521, Unit 3801, JBC 1, G Cluster, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, UAE - +971 4 420 4903

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