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Total claims:1
Blockbuster they promised 350 gems »11-11-200809/05/20090

I signed up for their web page and clicked on their offer that if I signed up for Blockbusters free trial that they would give me 350 gems. (Gems on Pogo can be used to buy badge albums and Mix N Match badge challenges or mini items) The value of the gems is 39.99 that Pogo charges. Well I signed up for Blockbuster and used the free trial and even went further and paid for a month of Blockbusters on a plan that was not what I needed because there is not a Blockbuster store in my home town. I have been sending emails for months trying to get my gems and finally they started blocking my emails.

I also signed up for the US Magazine on 3-14-2009. They said I would get it free for a month but I didn't. Two days after I signed up for their free trial the US Magazine charged my checking account for a whole year for $90.00+. This wiped out my money in my checking account. I did what they asked me to do which was forward the verification email that showed where I signed up for the offer. Still have not got a response from them. I was supposed to get 550 gems and that was to be doubled for signing up on weekedn which I was due on this offer 1100 gems which the value would be like 120.00 approximately or more.

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6030LoveFilm [London]
Total claims:1
No refund of £80 for DVD's returned »6/01/200730/10/20090

I was a LoveFilm member.  When I decided to cancel my account I sent all my DVD's back to them.  6 months later I got a letter from their debt collection agency stating I still owed them the DVD's and that if I didn't pay up within 1 week they would take me to court and damage my credit rating. 

I called up the debt collection agency, all their attitude was that I had to pay the £80 there and then and sort out the dispute with LoveFilm.  I was also told that I was responsible if the discs got lost in the post, not LoveFilm. 

At first I refused to pay but the woman on the phone warned me that if I didn't pay they would add more money to the account as an administration charge, I was also re-assured by this company that if LoveFilm do find the discs they would re-imburse me the money.

I paid the £80 to save any further charges and then contacted LoveFilm regarding the amount.  LoveFilm confirmed they had received 2 of the 3 films that had gone missing in the post back months ago, they also told me that they were liable for them going missing in the post, and that they'd re-imburse me the £80.

This promise to re-imburse me was made in 2007, it is now currently 2009 and I am still awaiting payment from LoveFilm for the £80.

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