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6147Companions Massage & Dating Services [ESSEX]
Total claims:4
Fraudulent Registration Fee »31/10/200903/11/20096


On 30/10/09, I came across a website advertising under the name Companions Massage and Dating, basically chaperoning clients on dates. I applied to them as I was in desperate need of money and sexual relations was not a 'must'. I filled out the registration form online and then recieved a txt that same day, informing me that my details were received and I should give them a call. I did so. Anyways to cut a long story short....         I was told that I had a booking for Saturday and all I needed to do was pay the registration fee of £295. I was dubious and skeptical, but yet I paid the money into a Barclays account, under the name GJ Promotions. I was told to expect a phonecall from the client, and never did. I was told by Companions that the client had cancelled as he was ill and would rebook. I registered on a Friday and over the weekend I decided to run a check on them and found they were a scam company. I called them to ask for my registration fee back and I've been told,'no refunds!' They need to be stopped! I'm so angry as that was literally my last bit of savings and it has only been 3 days since I made the payment. I went into my bank and I'm trying to have the payment disputed, whether I'll be successful is yet to be seen!

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6579Companions Massage & Dating Services [ESSEX]
Total claims:4
scamming escorts »1/11/0912/11/20093

I joined this company saying they had work for me.the usual story is that they have lied about that,i have paid my regestration fee and recieved no work off them as they propably dont even exsist properley.scam.

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10140Companions Massage & Dating Services [ESSEX]
Total claims:4
Fraudulent Registration fee »17th November 200926/12/20090

On the night of 16th November 2009, i came across the website>>><<< and registered my name and phone number.

Around 9am,the next day, i was called by a lady who identified herself as Abi, and she told me that they had alot of work for me as an escort to accompany gentlemen to parties,especially since it was the christmas season.

Abi told me that i must pay a registration fee of GBP295 which would cover: transport(that this company would organise for me to be picked-up and dropped home for each engagement especially the far away locations) and dinner dresses(for me, for the times when a particular engagement required a certain dress code,especially those i wouldn't afford).

At 9:56am, Abi sent me an email thanking me for registering with them and requesting me to send in my pictures, which i did.She seemed very professional that i thought their company was for real.At 10:49 she thanked me for my lovely pictures in a text sms and followed it later at 10:50 with another instructing me to make my payment at any Barclays bank,Account name:GJ Promotions, Sort code:20-12-21, Account number:53201783, fee GBP295, my ref: A935Y.

I've never believed in paying someone to give me a job/paying booking, but this Abi lady(i suspect it's not even her real name)kept calling me every 2minute intervals asking whether i'd finished paying.Her frequent calls didn't leave me room to invetigate their authenticity. I asked her that how come they are not intereviewing me in person like how most highclass agencies seem to do to ensure that the person they'll send to the bookings is the same gorgeous person in the sent pictures, to which she replied that that was not a necessary procedure for them.
I also asked her where their company offices were, but she said that was not important as they handled most of the business on phone and that my going to their offices was not required as all i needed to do was prepare myself for each booking 24hours in advance.

She told me that normally they don't tell a person to pay the registration fee unless they have a booking for them, for which one would get ready 24hours in advance, and that they had bookings awaiting me as soon as i completed paying the registration fee.
Abi told me that i'd be making a minimum of GBP500 per booking, so i saw that i'd be getting my money back within 24hours,plus some profit.

I paid the first GBP200 instalment on the 17th November 2009, and the next final GBP95 on the 20th November 2009.I still have the stamped receipts for this payment at the bank.

Before i made the first payment instalment, i told Abi that i had GBP200 currently, and she encouraged me to make that payment that their company will accept it, and still process my booking. After paying that GBP200, i called her and asked her that since the client is going to pay me GBP500,why can't i pay the company the remaining GBP95 immediately after the booking from what i'll be paid since i didn't have that money.Abi, then replied that it was essential that i completed the full payment as the system could not process my booking when there is no proof of completed payment.

As soon as i'd completed the final instalment of GBP95, i informed them, but all they could do was act indifferent and pretend like they hadn't received my payment til i assured them how i had proof of payment with the bank receipts.

Since then,i've been calling every week to let them know that i am very available as all i want is to recover my money.Most times, Abi, who described herself as my consultant, is never in, and lately, she doesn't return my calls.

I feel i have been greatly swindled out of GBP295, as i've never had a booking,not even during the chrismas season(which has now ended), a period in which Abi assured me i'd be going to multiple company-party bookings per week accompanying gentlemen.

I paid this big GBP295 fee after having been convinced by Abi and her team that i'd be recovering it within 24hours(of completing to pay it)as she had arranged several booking for me that week.She lied,mis-guided me, and basically stole from me by selling me an idea that doesn't exist.

I once called Consumer services(an organisation that helps disgruntled consumers sue fraudulent companies, and it is them that gave me the insight that this Companions company might be scamming me, and that all i need was to find out their company address and trade registration for Consumer lawyers to help me get back my money.
I later called Companions and tried to ask them their company details and if they were taking me for a ride, but they were simply skirting the questions, and telling me that everything is going in the right direction and that i am a valued member and that since i've never gone on any booking, that i've been placed on the priority list in the bookings department, but there is practically no proof that i'll be going to any booking any time soon to recover my money.

I want to sue Companions, so i can get back atleast my GBP295 which i paid them as registration for a service they clearly never provided me(which is a booking within 24hours, as if i had known that the booking would come in a timeframe longer than 24hours,i'd never have paid this money).

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10898Companions Massage & Dating Services [ESSEX]
Total claims:4
registration fee »06/11/0931/01/20100

Hi.I lost my job end of september.I tried to find job online.
I payed £295 for''Donna''.From this time nothing happened.
I wrote letter,i tried to phone result.
I w'like to get back my money.
I have an accountnumber-where i was send it
the money.
May i get back my money?

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10577companions and massage dating services [ESSEX]
Total claims:1
fraud claim registration »18/jan 200918/01/20100

they took registration fees and cancelled date

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