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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails
6218World Club Fitness [New York]
Total claims:4
Unauthorized Charges on my account »11/04/200904/11/20096

I ordered Acai Burn online, I sent the product back canceled with them. I asked the operater "What online offers did I sign up for" He gave me the number to one of them I can't remember what it was I called it and canceled it. now 1 month later I have a charge of $17.32 on my account I called Acaiburn partly because I didn't recieve my refund yet (it's been 12 BUSINESS day since my refund has processed and I still don't have my $87.62 , and partly to figure out how to contact the jerks who charged my account from  ACCESS MEMBER. it is World Club Fitness I never used thier site. I had no Idea I had signed up for it and the operator said "I'm sorry but that is non-refundable" I hope this World Club fitness gets Shut down for FRAUD! And If anybody from World Club fitness replys to this I want them to tell me how to get my "non-refundable" money back. or just screw it I'll just report this charge to the federal government's internet Fraud site.

more details » [glasgow]
Total claims:16
supplements scam »29/04/201030/04/20104

I ordered some health and fitness supplements from a website called However as soon as i clicked "pay now" on their website my pc screen went blank and i did not receive any error or indeed any confirmation of the transaction. In fact their website claimed i had no orders outstanding and still had the items in the shopping trolley. Foolishly i repeated the order (i thought there was some technical error or a time out had occured) and guess what, the same thing happened, the screen went blank.

Immediately i tried to contact them by phone but only got a recorded message claiming all customer advisers were busy. I tried twenty or thirty times that day. I also sent a message through their website explaining i had mistakenly ordered twice and enquired if there was a problem with their website.
No reply was forthcoming.

I checked my bank balance transactions and the money had been debited twice. No sales invoice or confirmation was received.

I did some digging on google and my suspicions were confirmed. Numerous stories of orders not being fulfilled and scam and rip-off claims. Please do not use this company as you will lose your money.

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28338mizulean/puracleanse [GALASHIELS UK]
Total claims:4
fraud »11/02/201311/02/20133
I purchased 1 trial bottle of muzulean and 1 trial bottle of puracleanse,for which i thought i was paying just postal costs.
When i checked my bank i could see that £139.90 had been taken from my bank.
Tried contacting them,but unable to.
I am a dissabled person and dont have that kind of money to lose... like everyone else !
Does anyone know how these con artists can be contacted... other than the information they give you ... as it is all invalid ??
Any help would be greatly appreciated,many thanks !!

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Total claims:3
i have ordered free trials only like many others »23/12/09-29/12/09-07/01/1007/01/20102

i have ordered free trials of some pills (acai, resveratrol extrat, and colon cleanse. i live in DK and i only had to pay for the import. wich was about 4 GBP
but in 3 three weeks 5 x 119,02 USD has been taken from my account. and thats alot of money in DKK. i have never accept the big tranfers :(

i really want my money back plz help

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29952Westhill Insurance Consulting [Indonesia]
Total claims:1
NO to Westhill Consulting Insurance »october 18, 201325/10/20132
I didn’t know why in the first place I was encouraged to avail an insurance policy at Westhill Consulting Insurance; it was the worst insurance carrier ever! it is a shame being a part of this organization. It is as if their motto, or their vision and mission is delay and don’t pay! And I do not understand why people are still writing good reviews about them. They still have customers and why they continue to get away with everything. Here is an example of how worse they are, it has been nine years since my accident and what do I get from Westhill Consulting Insurance, no car, no "admitting of liability", no reimbursement, yes nothing! This is going to be a long battle but I refuse to be a victim of an insurance scam. I am definitely fighting for my right here and I will start by telling people to stay away from them. Well deserving of zero stars right? But that doesn’t end there. This is the biggest piece of Westhill consulting Insurance in general, it is a big piece of SH*T. It is definitely worth calling a scam. There is absolutely NO customer service. If you will try calling them to talk to a live representative to take your call they will most likely hang up on you if it has anything to do with canceling their policy or demanding a refund that you are very much entitled to. I tried cancelling my policy many times but they always refuse telling me oh so many reasons that doesn’t make any sense. One of my reasons is because they never notified me of a dramatic increase in my policy upon renewal. What they did was, they just took it out of my bank thinking I would be fine with over $100 a month increase. When I called Westhill Consulting Insurance to seek my refund and finally reached someone to ask for my refund, what do I get, I got hung up on as expected. The first time you sign on with them they lure you in with a sweet quote and then there is it a scam. I don’t understand why they were even categorized as legitimate; it seems to me that they operates illegally. Please... Stay away from this company. Don't be fooled. They are a nightmare. I can only imagine what it would be like to have to work with them during a claim. If you avail their services, you will be having a hard time I tell you.

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10172SUPBODYPURE 866-873-4071 OH [Miami]
Total claims:1
JUN PURECLEANSE »12/ 5/ 200928/12/20091
Ordered a .99 product with free shipping. Did not receive products and was charged 86.52 on 12/23/2009........Never received the .99 charge for the original order, or the order. I had no satisfaction from Customer Service ...........they will not refund my money and claim the package will arrive. Basically they are not refunding anything whether you return the product or not ''''they just want to keep our money...everyone stay-away..........they are bandits and the local authorities need to shut them down.

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6210World Club Fitness [New York]
Total claims:4

I was one of those poor fools who was drawn into the ACAI Berry and was surprised to see that I had received a 60 day supply verses a 14 day supply (which is advertised as a FREE TRIAL but you really pay shipping and handling charges). Upon receipt of my 60 day supply, I immediately contacted the vendor to tell them that I wished to cancel my ACAI Berry - return the unused portion and not be charged additional charges. After several attempts to get my money back I WAS REFUNDED.  Now - one week later I am being charged $24.82 for some membership that you are apparently automatically enrolled when you purchase the ACAI Berry Product. This membership is to some World Club Fitness program that I know NOTHING about but according to the rude supervisor (KEN) and equally unprofessional customer service rep (CHATRINA) - we agree to said membership when we obtain our FREE 14 day trial.  This is deceitful and I NEVER agreed to whatever pop-up disclaimer that these advertisers claim appears.  I want my money refunded and I want Congress, Law Makers, Better Business Bureau to go after these SCAM artists and put in regulations that makes it UNLAWFUL to connect one product to another - especially when the consumer is not aware!!!  Now these SCAM artists have my credit card information that I DID NOT SHARE to them - I shared it with WellBHealth - not World Club Fitness!!!

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6971World Club Fitness [New York]
Total claims:4
Fraudulent Charge »11/09/200921/11/20091

I had ordered DazzleSmile on Sept. 30, 2009 and had downloaded the terms and conditions.  Per the terms and conditions, I was charged for shipping and handling.  I cancelled within the 14-day free trial period (even though it says 30 days but then you'll get charged the monthly renewal charge of almost $90.00) and returned the unused portion via UPS at my expense.  Per their terms and conditions, DazzleSmile did not ship any more of their product nor bill me.  On Nov. 9th, a charge of $24.82 for ELITEPACK appeared on my charge card.  I called the 866-396-2729 number on November 21st and found out it was for membership in World Club Fitness.  I never heard of them before and the customer service representative said she would cancel my membership but that I had received an id and password via email when I got my DazzleSmile confirmation.  I checked my email and there was no DazzleSmile confirmation email.  Thus I had not idea that I had ever signed up for membership and, of course, this membership had nothing to do with the tooth whitening product I had ordered.  The customer service rep claimed I had to pay the current charge because it was in the terms and agreements but I checked the terms and agreement pdf I had downloaded at the time of the purchase and no where is World Club Fitness mentioned.  At no time during my so-called 40 day free trial of their service did I get an email asking me how I liked their site or why I had not yet logged in.  I have reported both DazzleSmile and World Fitness Club to BBB and contacted my credit card to dispute the World Fitness Club charge.  BBB states they have received over 450 complains against tooth whitening products sold over the internet for their billing practices and the fact you will NOT get a free trial and you may be billed for additional services.  So beware.

Use a special charge card to order online.  Never use your bank account on online sites.  Notify your charge card to dispute the charges if the vendor will not reverse the charges and cancel the card as soon as you find out there are automated monthly renewal charges for your "free trial" product to avoid more in the future.


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10207World Club Fitness [New York]
Total claims:4
2.27 »12/30/200930/12/20091

Mulitple charges for the last 6 months including 2.27 on several dozen occasions. HELP?

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9547Farend Services [aurora, co]
Total claims:2
fraudulent charge »12/8/200909/12/20091

I was never enrolled in "club world fitness," yet I recieved a charge on my card.

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10791Farend Services [aurora, co]
Total claims:2
79.99 »01-22-200927/01/20101

I signed up for the cash for profit kit. I forgot to date to end my free trial. As a matter of fact I didnt even  use the free trial. That next weeks money was deducted from my accout that I noticed I didnt make the transaction. So I called the bank, they gave me information about the company that did it. So I called, it was farend company. I told them that I wanted my money back he told me that I missed the date to get my money back. He asked me if I wanted to cancel? I told him yes If i can get my money back. We went back and forth finally the phone hung up.I called backand asked for an supervisor, the supervisor wasnt any help. I asked for someone else, the supervisor said that he makes the decisions. He asked me if I wanted my cancellation number, I told him that I didnt cancel because, it didnt make any since to cancel if I already paid. He didnt want to refund or give me the cashkit. I told the opearator the same thing, I no that the conversation was recorded. I want my money back.

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Total claims:3
119.20x2 »25 /27 dec 200915/01/20101

This company has charged this amount for 2 tiny bottles of supplements. I see from forum I am not the only one who has been ripped off here -As I am in Ireland I do not know where to go to have this stopped.

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Total claims:3
Credit card debit without authority »7 & 20 December18/01/20101
I have been sent and my credit card was debited for products I never ordered. Details as follows:
Date: 7 December 2009
2 Sup Cleansecoln @ NZ$171.66 each
2 Sup Redwinewonder @ NZ$ 171.66 each
1 Sup Exclusiveberry

Date: 20 December 2009
2 Sup Cleansecolon at NZ$171.66 each
2 Sup Redwinewonder at NZ$171.66 each

The total amount debited from my credit card adds to $1544.94

I only ordered free trial samples and extra bottle offer at the value of Euro2.99.

I was sent Free trial samples and extra bottle charged as well. Details as follows:
Date: 19 December 2009
Feelwell US$8.36 = NZ$11.68
StrongHealth 1.41Euro = NZ$2.93
LiveLong US$1.41 = NZ$1.97
LiveLong US$8.36 = NZ$11.68

more details » [glasgow]
Total claims:16
Website Scam »26th April 201018/05/20101
I placed an order more than 3 weeks ago with cheap discount supplements. I have tried to contact them on 0844 740 1235, to see where my order is but have never had an answer at the other end. I have sent them 2 messages via their contact CDS page. They have not replied. This is the email they sent me a week after i placed the order (04 May);

An order you recently placed on our website has had its status changed.

The status of order #67285 is now Awaiting Shipment

Order Details
Order Total: £61.97 GBP
Date Placed: 26th Apr 2010
Payment Method: Pay with Debit or Credit Card

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12944Syndex Panama [Panama]
Total claims:1
Syndex Fraud »12th July 201013/07/20101
My story is very similar to the other people who have been the victims of Syndex Industry. I ordered a free trial muscle builder (Musclemax) and called the number half an hour later to cancel. The number is the same number used for many scams and is a dud number. How am I suppose to cancel my free subscription within 10 days if there is NO means at all of contacting them and now they are going to take $85.00 from my bank account every month for something I do not want and I am well within my 10 day trial period and still have 10 days to cancel.
I am very concerned about this now as other people have already lost their money due to this and I would like the matter dealt with before it gets to that stage.

What do I do? What can I do? Who do I speak to (bank/police)??

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1496724 Supplements
Total claims:15
I never received my order or a refund »5 September 201005/12/20101
I first placed my order on 05 September 2010 and made immediate payment via paypal to 24 supplement for Alli supplements. I waited the suggested postage time however when I had not received my order via post I sent my first email requesting information on 20 September. I received a reply from a Sales & Support Team Manager stating that they were having problems with supplies. I have since sent seven emails and following each one I have received an automated response followed by an email from a Team Manager giving another excuses. The excuses range from supply problems to changes within the company to postage issues. They are clever in respect that you feel safe/protected paying through Paypal however the time scale of excuses goes past the 45 days where Paypal can intervene. By the time you realise you have been scammed you are unable to persue a claim through Paypal. My last three emails have requested a full refund but I have only been given further excuses with no acknkowledgement of reinbursement. Their website gives no other means of communication other than via email. To date I have not received any order or refund.

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1557024 Supplements
Total claims:15
Goods not received »22 September 201024/12/20101
I placed my order on 22nd September 2010 and money was taken from my account by Paypal.The goods were not received after 18 working days, the maximum stated by 24 supplements.Following E mails 24 Supplements said they were having problems with their stocks but delivery was imminent.Goods still did not arrive More E Mails ,Told goods had been shipped Order Number 130581 Ticket no XNT-107753 November 19 th 2010 .Following further E mails I was told goods would be with me in days.Goods still not received and by this time Paypal said I could not claim because claim exceeded their 45 day claim period.It is now 3 months since I placed and paid for order.I am a pensioner and the amount of this order is 1 weeks pension.Please help me. Best Regards Mike Lange

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30355Isa Liu massage [Thornhill]
Total claims:1
Careless employee by the name of Isa Liu who is a fraud. »02/21/201521/02/20151
There is an UNLICENSED masseuse who works at this location by the name of Isa Liu and is very careless of her work.

Not only is Isa Liu UNLICENSED, but she is cheating the Canada Revenue Agency by LAUNDERING HER MONEY by accepting ONLY CASH PAYMENTS from her clients.

Isa Liu is a Chinese immigrant to Canada that is about 5 feet and 2 inches high with black hair.

She is in her late 40's or early 50's.

She is, first of all, verbally abusive to all female members as I constantly see her mocking and making fun of the female members over there who are trying to lose weight. Maybe Isa is jealous of their looks, I don't know.
Isa Liu even swears carelessly for no reason, whatsoever, when I hear her go to her office.

Isa Liu is a very seductive woman as she constantly tries hitting on and sucking up to me by rubbing my shoulder and saying "Good job" with her thick Chinese accent. She is also bipolar, as most of the days I see her smiling at me and some days she is just plain rude with me and the other members.

But the most fraudulent thing Isa Liu is doing is that she would scam me by saying if I were to pay her $1000, she could get me a disability certificate and disability pay from the government.
Do not go to this GoodLife location as Isa Liu will not only use and abuse you, but could get you into trouble. So please beware when visiting this location and avoid Isa when you see her, she's working near the side entrance.

more details » a.k.a. ReCharge Energy [Keller, TX]
Total claims:2
Order Cancellation #2009041510000233 (4/152009) still charging my credit card »4-16-2009, 5-18-220916/05/20090

I sent numerous emails, and received confirmation and assurance of cancelled account, and yet my credit card keeps getting billed.Cancellation #2009041510000233 was sent and confirmed 04-15-2009



more details » a.k.a. ReCharge Energy [Keller, TX]
Total claims:2
fraud »08/09/09 & 9/19/0916/09/20090

have been charged a second time for 83.17 and still havent received first shipment

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