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7032London borough of waltham forest council [london north east]
Total claims:1
unfair dismissal for exposing to the independent audit commission »2007/2008 and 2009 respectively23/11/20090

I was sack for exposing the housing directorate of the council to the independent audit commission.This is because the managemet team and select staff were manipulating the empty property grant fund given to the council by the central government from the tax payers to council contractor namely Theori Investment.This is fraudulent and i have taken them to court as a result.Importantly this fund was meant to be used only by private landlords that have empty property or properties for over six months within the borouhg of which i was a coordinator/empty property officer.This is of public interest and please someone help me.This case is on-going as i have taken to the employment tribunal.

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21322DFB Housing Solutions [County Durhm]
Total claims:1
Sale and Rent back mismanagement - conning »8th November 201004/10/20110
After going through all their procedures they couldn't raise the money to buy our property and they do not have a complaints department as demanded by the fsa.

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