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Total claims:29
Really not worth the hassle! »01/200806/08/20084
I had double glazing fitted by Weatherseal after a demo and quote for 6 windows and patio doors in dec 2005 they turned up on time and immediately asked me to sign a note of satisfaction which I didn't sign then they didn't have the right glass for the bathroom then they damaged seals and trims fitting them then they hadn't measured the patio doors correctly. This took 3 weeks to get the doors right then when they were fitted there's a 5mm gap from the seal
They have been back several times swapping glass fitting new seals and trims and trying to decide how to solve the gap in the patio doors . Only to make things worse by breaking frames fitting the trims it has now been 10 months since installation and there still not right
The only time I have had a phone call off Weather seal is from a call centre asking if I would recommend their company to to my friends and they seem as stupid as there fitters because they keep phoning just for me to verbally abuse them every month
When I ring customer services they have no empathy they give you appointments with zero flexibility even if you ring to cancel an appointment they still turn up
I have had dealings with safe style in the past which was terrible but Weatherseal just take the pee

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Total claims:29
Weatherseal Double Glazing »12/02/201022/03/20102
I got my whole house double glazed by Weatherseal a few months ago - it was brilliant!

They were always prompt and tidy and made me feel really happy with what was going on.

And the end result is just great!

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Total claims:29
Untrustworthy Salesman/Poor Product »09/200824/03/20091

Salesman convinced us that a Barclays Finance deal would result in a better price and that no interest would be payable if you threw extra money into the account.

A price was agreed at £3500 verbally with a £150 cashback payable as soon as the installation was complete.

Three windows were fitted to our Flat but the design did not allow any space in the upper casing of the Bay windows to fit a curtain or Blind Track. Despite Weatherseal professing their standards of workmanship plus inspection following completion, no one has inspected the product.

There is also no sign of the promised cashback and you cannot contact the salesman. Customer services are also not interested. and didn't even reply to my first letter.  Had to resend by Registered Post.

Threw £400 extra into the Finance Account and 5 months later settled in full to the tune of £3415 !! In total the windows has cost me £4207

You also get an annoying number of calls asking if you would recommend Weatherseal, you can imagine what my wife says !!

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Total claims:29
Causing death of dog »16/12/0810/06/20091

Weatherseal killed my dog.

A WS plasterer visited after installation (of which more later) to plaster the interior wall. When he arrived, our dogs were shut in the kitchem - to get to the road, they would have to gey through kitchen door, conservatory door, and side gate - all closed and latched when he arrived. After he had gone, we realised one of the dogs was missing, and we subsequently found had been run over and killed.

We know he opened the kitchen and conservatory doors as there is plaster spattered inside the frames. We know he opened the side gate, as we did not use it that day. The sum response from Weatherseal has been that it is our duty to ensure our dogs were safe - but to be 3 closed doors away from the road we thought WAS safe.

We have not even had an apology from them, and they are ignoring all reference to it in my letters about their shoddy service.  I have now written twice (recorded delivery) to Ian Blackhurst but have had no response.

There are, and have been, numerous additional problems, of which the main one is the misleading salesman.  During sales visit, salesman stressed WS would handle all Buidling/Planning regs, & would remove old kitchen door and turn into archway into new con. We asked particularly about building & planning regs and were always told "no problem, we will sort it out". 

Despite all this, on the plans the two items were put down as OUR responsibility - foolishly, we assumed that everything the salesman had said over and over would apply, & signed plans (which were scrawled and poorly copied). Now we are left with work that we thought was agreed not being done. (Incidentally, salesman repeatedly told us "I will be with you all through the process" - but we haven't seen or heard from him since we signed.)

The claim anount is to cover distress from the death of our dog, and to cover costs of installation of interior doors so that house meets building regs.

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Total claims:29
Wages »04.110905/11/20091

My story is i worked for Weatherseal for 7 months as a sales rep. I was never ever correctly paid or paid on time. I did however amount up a large amount of sales commision and they just woundnt pay me it at all. Therefore i had to leave the company. I have writen to Weatherseal Head office demanding my money within the 28 day period and still no reply, i have even tried to contact there newly appointed directed Tony Rhiley to discuss this matter but no body in the company cares!

All i want is my money they owe me it is not fair after all the hours i worked hard for the comany and this is how they tret me!

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47B & Q [Warrington]
Total claims:6
Complete shambles »06/200606/08/20080
B&Q Online is a complete and utter shambles. They are very happy to take your money and then forget about you! Their aftersales service sucks.

I purchased an air cooler last year. I tried to use it this year, in the first spate of sultry weather in early July, and the damn thing didn't work anymore!

After phoning the eight pence per minute 0870 number I was promised a replacement.

That was over a month ago!

Numerous emails and phone calls to their head office I am still waiting.!

B&Q have NO record of my orginal phone call and promise of a replacement item. They cannot even find the operative named Stacey who pledged her undying service to me!

Customer Service have passed on my complaint to Online Sales four times. On each of these occasions I was promised action within company guidelines of 72 hours!

Sorry about the use of too many exclamation marks.

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48B & Q [Warrington]
Total claims:6
Possibly the worst DIY company »200706/08/20080
Having read some of the archived comments about the B&Q service received by other customers, I was keen to add my own comments regarding the ongoing saga of my bathroom installation.

The story so far....
February 2007 - visit local B&Q store to arrange a home design consultation. Agree date for consultant to visit. 5 minutes before due to arrive, receive call from store saying consultant has phoned in sick - arrange another date for a visit. No show from the consultant, storm down to the store where I am told "oh yes, he's let someone else down today as well". Arrange another date with a different consultant. Consultant arrives!!! Happy with design, place order, fitting will be within 12 weeks (in retrospect I should have seen the warning signs at this point). Agree finance - details will follow in the post.

March - no information received in the post. Visit store to ensure finance is OK and order has been placed. Everything OK, expect a call from the Installation Centre.
Wait a couple of weeks, no call from installation centre, call 0845 number - order is OK, expect a call from the fitter for prefit survey
Delivery company want to arrange delivery - how can I without an installation date?

April - no call from fitter, phone 0845 number - don't worry fitter will be in touch. Still no call, phone installation centre - fitter has decided he doesn't want job, new fitter assigned. No news from new fitter, call installation centre - he's lost the paper work, this is resent and he will be in touch.

May - further calls to installation centre to chase up fitter. Finally have prefit survey, installation will be 24th July (16 weeks after initial order). Installation centre will be in touch to confirm delivery.

June - store want to arrange delivery, arrange suitable date

July - call to installation centre to confirm delivery, waiting on paperwork, but someone will phone me back. Follow up call to installation centre, bath hasn't been sent off for jetting and won't be back in time for installation, fitting will now be 16th October.

Having not received the promised phone call from a team leader today, to discuss extending my finance agreement (I refuse to pay before it is fitted and current agreement runs out in August) and to make a formal complaint, I called the installation centre again. No-one available to talk to me, will call back tomorrow.......

One way or another the saga will end - either I will get the service I require, or the order will be cancelled and I'll try again with another company. Never again!!

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87B & Q [Warrington]
Total claims:6
Dont buy from B&Q »12/12/0512/08/20080

I did and it was the biggest mistake I have every made I purchased a kitchen in December 05 and as of today the 20/09/06 I am still letter writing,Speaking to head office,and dealing with mangers at local stores.The after sales service is a complete waste of time,The delivery company,even before the fire excuse,was useless. If you would like a more detailed description of how I have been treated and how bad the kitchen is please post and I will reply.

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1272B & Q [Warrington]
Total claims:6
B B and Q February sale (so called 50% off original price!) »February 200911/03/20090

Bought a shower bath and glass door with side panels in the so called sales - supposedly had 50% off the original price - well that was written on the price ticket at the time.  Had lots of problems with delivery (too many to mention).  On one of our many revisits to the shop concerning these problems we noticed that the bath and glass door had (only a few days after the end of the sale) gone unbelievably down to a price lower than we paid in the sales (when we had a so called 50% off).  Has this happened to anyone else? I am sure it has, but whether or not they noticed I don't know!  We paid around £350 and were led to believe this was half price!!! In fact we consider ourselves conned and now realise we paid higher than the actual price!!!!!!  There were loads of these particular shower baths in the sale and there still loads now.  Can't believe B and Q would do this.  NOt only this, but the bath was delivered damaged and all the parts missing!

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14590B & Q [Warrington]
Total claims:6
Disgusting Customer Service »15/11/201015/11/20100
I was shocked by the disgusting level of customer service that is offered by people who work for b&q at the Cricklewood Branch in London. I was in looking at hinges and door handles, where I saw a member of staff and as I gently requested if "I could have a little help", I responded by "What" while the member of staff was playing with his mobile phone whilst on the shop floor. I then continued looking at the products in that area, and I noticed the same member of staff talking on his mobile phone loudly. A customer kept saying, "excuse me, excuse me" whilst the member of staff continued talking on the phone ignoring the customer. Five minutes later, another customer passed by the hinges and handles section, and saw the staff members back facing them. As they approached the member staff, they realised he was on the phone. So, they said, "oh your on the phone". He turned around and said, "What is it".

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19604B & Q [Warrington]
Total claims:6
B&Q - Why You Should Not Buy From Them - Illegal Trading Practices »5th June 201105/06/20110

On the 5th June 2011, I bought a HomeLite Hedge Trimmer, petrol, took it home, set it up, and having experience in the motor industry, was careful not to flood the carburettor.
It would not start.

I took it back to B&Q one hour later and asked for full refund, to which they stated it has to go back to the manufacturer.

I am Tony of Small Claims, who assists and administrates on this site and told them as it was not fit for purpose, I was entitled to a full refund under The Sale of Goods Act and the Supply of Goods and Services Act.

They still refused.

I looked at the reviews of this product onthe  B&Q and it is rated very poor with people also having difficulties to get it started. Take a look:

If that is the case, B&Q are selling a product knowing it is not fit for purpose

I am issuing a writ at my local county court on 6th June 2011

Never never give back goods on the basis they will be sent back to the manufacturer to check over or even a repair. - You lose all rights as a consumer, as you consented to it.

The retailer has a contract with you, irrespective of what arrangements they have with manufacturers.

Buy from B&Q at your peril

My advice - never buy from B&Q - ever !!!

Small Claims Ltd
07956 486555


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Total claims:29
Conservatory »31ST aUGUST, 2007.21/11/20080

Employed the above Company, to install a Conservatory, on/near that date, then waited, and waited, constant telephone calls to their new junior architect, who by then was just back from his holiday, and explained there was noone to oversee things whils away, and later said oh, I think someone else is starting soon?, and so it went on, and on.  Eventually new chap, called Kenny, had obviously begun, and had to catch up? to my knowledge. Lots and lots of calls later said he had the said drawings, and after more calls, then said oh there is a postal strike on? which I knew, so I told him to get in his car and deliber them to Eastkilbride personally, to which found later took him to his local council offices, to forward them to EK Building Control.  Really nice chap called Desmond Mcgee, who, later, when looked at the said drawings, recognised them,and who had done them, but not for us?  It was mentioned by him, verbally, to me!! they had been photocopied to save money?  But the builders, arrived at our home, without notice at all, and without a skip, wait for it, no building warrant had even been applied for? and (a) they said to us retirees, where do I start building, to which, I told them youre the builder. Well they did not start from the fence, to well forward from kitchen window?, and the so called firewall has been built at all to even the Building Control Standards, (even the Builder, Mr Owen Buchanan, of Fife, Scotland, said he had not built as required, so I had to halt there, otherwise they,Weatherseal, would have threw it all up, and as advised, we would haqve been issued with a writ, being the householders, and would have to have the whole thing down, and They, andf GE, WOULD BE OK?  We thought, also, being old, they were filling in a quotation, for all of this, and asked to sign, then to our horror, we were duped into an agreement with GE, Money!! and they have been charging us for arrears? of £4,214.59, to date as at 08th November, 08, even though we had to consult a Solicitor, Mr Ian Buchanan, of Buchanan and Burton,East, Kilbride.  Even he has had grreat difficulty in receiving any information from them, so he has been (using) GE, asd they have already made payment to them well before last September, as seemingly, when the, said foundations have been laid they, Weatherseal come up, and the so called "New Conservatory salesesman Paul), who had know knowledge on the job!! "WAS TOLD TO COME TO OUR ADDRESS AT 9.30pm, and ask my hubby, who is 70yrs to sign something? the foundations had not even been completed?, so he could fax the signature through to GE, to release their moneys!! I nearly blew his head up, on his mobile, he said a so called John Thompson, was the so called Conservatory Regional Manager? but would never speak to me, or tele3phone me back,even when I asked them to email, to ring me at home. Now Mr Buchanan has advised us to resile from the said contract, as Weatherseal, are clearly, not cabable of anything, and sent a letter to GE, who wrote saying an independent Remeadial Contractor, for them would contact us to make an appt to our address, also a Customer Complaints Manager, would do same, and guess what, nnoone has telephoned, or sent a letter. Since being on the Website today, I noticed all the complaints, also telephoned our solicitor, so very angry, as I am 68yrs, worried as our Solicitor knows, My husband, 70yrs has been ill with worry, crying, not eating now losing weight etc. Solicitor just wants them both to reinstate our property back to its original state?, as we have to climb down to foundation level, back up, to let our pets out/washing out etc etc. Just one Big Nightmare.  WANT TO WARN PEOPLE THAT THEY ARE FRAUDULENT PEOPLE, WHO ALL COME WITH PIN STREPED SUITS, THE CAR,M THE MOBILE PHONE HEARING IN THE EAR!! and certainly no experience!! So sorry its mega lenghy, but I will be intending to call in the Newspapers, to be named and shamed for good!! thank you Fran, Kyle

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Total claims:29
faulty window »200615/01/20090

Windows were installed in 2001. Everything seemed okay, untill 2005, when rain was getting in through the TOP of our bedroom window.

Weatherseal came out finnally to look at window and for some reason made the drainage holes in the bottom of the window bigger. Next time it rained, same again rain water comes in through the top of the unit. Weatherseal been contacted and been out 4 -5 times,but window still faulty.

Looking for a replacement window, but surprise,surprise no reply from wetaherseal.Looking to take this matter further.

Would recommend you look elsewhere for double glazing.

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Total claims:29
weather no seals »199716/01/20090

in our old flat, the living room window was misting up, got a guy from weatherseal out who reckoned we needed sealed units for this and one bedroom, this was due to the seals being away. the windows were from another company the previous owner had used who were oot the windy (pardon the pun). so this tradesman (haha salesman) quoted us a price after some absolute bulls##t and several cups of tea £900 for the two units, ok, we said as it needed done. anyway fitting days came and went, no fitters available, glass was smashed, scratched, missing etc etc , three month later and no sign, sod it i said these people obviously have bigger jobs on, so okay i would lose £50 but i'm not waiting any longer. phoned them up and lo and behold "oh we can do them next week" no i said stick them up yer hole. got a phone number for a small local company, guy came out and did the window for £90 all in, did a good job and we only waited a week, guy had worked for weatherseal and had some amusing stories about them. we moved a year or so ago and the window was fine...although we never got the bedroom one fixed.

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Total claims:29
Will Not Repair Windows »August 200816/03/20090

In 2001 Weatherseal came and put in my double glazed Georgian Windows, over a period of time many of the handles have broken off and they kindly sent me replacements, however, in August 2008 I noticed that 2 more handles had broken and all the beading was coming away from all the windows, I contacted Weatherseal and asked them to come out to look at the damaged windows, they made an appointment for November 5th (3 Months!!!) anyway, I took the day off work and a nice man came round and spent an hour looking at my windows and writing down all the damage, he had a nice cup of coffe and told me he would put through my claim and he will be out to attend the repairs, in January 2009 I still had not had a letter or a call to advise me when they would be out to do the repairs, I called Weatherseal and they advised me that they had lost all my paperwork and would have to send out another nice man to look at the damage, in February the same nice man came round took another hour writing down all the work that needed doing and had another cup of coffee, he told me that he would be back in a few weeks to do the work.  It is now March 2009, I have called Weatherseal on various occassions they even gave me a date when the man would be round to do the work but guess what, he never turned up, now when I call I get put through directly to Mr Weatherseal!, who can never seem to find my paperwork!! he also keeps promising me that he will call me back but he never does.  I now have double glazed georgian windows where all the beading is coming away and two windows are sealed shut because the handles have broken off and all the other handles are wobbly ready to fall off.  Advise to anyone reading this Never Never get Weatherseal to do your double glazing, they are a shabby company, their customer service is non existent and their 10 year guarantee isnt worth the paper its written on.

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Total claims:29
NA »20 May 200921/05/20090

In May 2009 I arranged for a Weatherseal rep to visit our home to quote for at least 2 replacement windows and bring samples. After two aborted attempts a rep did eventually arrive late and without any clear definition of his task and minus the requested samples. His initial calculation of costs after taking all measurements was £12.000 for just 2 windows. Amazingly high. I was then passed his mobile tel to speak to ‘his director' who said the correct figure was £1.200 (twelve hundred pounds). This was then repeated to the rep by his boss. I was very pleased with such a good price. However, when I called the next day (not having heard anything from Weatherseal since then) I was told the figure of £1.200 was ‘misleading' and they could not do anything for (and plucking a figure out of thin air) under £6.000. All in all a thoroughly unprofessional, misleading and otherwise appalling service and it's no surprise Weatherseal are no longer so I hear, members of the glazier's federation.



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Total claims:29
Weatherseal Succeeded »29/11/0904/11/20090

I've heard some negative things in the past about Weatherseal but for some reason still went with them to get my kitchen done, i went for the modern range kitchen and they did such a good job at a really reasonable price.

I felt that the visitors who came to my house were really friendly and the designer really seemed to no what i want and made the kitchen fit all my needs. Its just sad that there are some bad comments and i wanted to express my good experience with weatherseal!

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Total claims:29
Good job »June 2007 / April 200905/11/20090

I got my windows fitted by weatherseal in 2007 and they did such a good job, they fitted 7windows - 2 of which were big bay windows at such a cheap value. They did a great job and it took them much shorted time than i expected (i think it even took them less time than they expected because they predicted to be there a few days longer.) Anyway, i was so happy with this that earlier this year i got my kitchen fitted and so i got weatherseal back to do it - they did such a good job. I actually can't get over how good it looks...being the first house i've owned im so scared and cautious of wanting it to be perfect that i think it says something that 2 years (and 4months since the kitchen!) on im so happy still. I felt that the service they provided me was up to a great standard with the designers and fitters being so polite and friendly it was a joy to have work done by weatherseal.

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Total claims:29
Weatherseal Do Great Kitchens! »July 200916/11/20090

About 4 months ago i made the big decision to get my bedroom fitted, i've not long been a home owner and so to spend money getting things fitted and looking nice is very important to me but also quite scary! I chose the Ascot Oyster design after having a consultation with the guys from Weatherseal, they came round to chat to me about what i wanted to get out of it and what would suit me best - then they measured up and within a week it was done. I couldn't believe how fast it all happened and great it looks. As i say, having very little experience with things like this made me really worried I would think I was doing the wrong thing but i really am happy i made the leap and it looks so good!

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Total claims:29
Weatherseal Roofing »October 200919/11/20090

I never really thought about guttering in association with Weatherseal thinking that they just do windows but when i found out they did guttering i thought I'd have a chat with them about it. When i spoke to an advisor at Weatherseal i felt really confident to get them to come and do the guttering around the whole house and was proved right. They did a great job to the point that even some of my friends are now looking into Weatherseal - even for fitting kitchens!

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