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1504Wedding Day Videos / Diabolo Productions [Solihull]
Total claims:1
Refund for non-existent video »On going25/03/20096

Booked Wedding Day Videos / Diabolo Products to film our wedding on 16th Aug 2008. Paid a total of £805.

The videographer turned up and filmed the wedding but no edited video of the day was supplied as per the contract. Left numerous messages etc and finally had message left in Nov advising that the editor had left and they were behind in editing/providing finished video and hoped to have completed by end Dec.

Nothing arrived by end of December, so started to send letters under the Supply Of Services Act demanding action.

Finally had a response early March 09 claiming that original footage lost and would we like a refund.................

Reply sent (again recorded delivery) confirming that I would accept the refund although very disappointed that the footage of our special day was lost.

Another request for the refund sent out 17th March but still no reply.

I have given this person JENNIFER SOMMERFIELD every opportunity to resolve this - I've provided 2 mobile numbers, email address etc etc but no refund forthcoming nor any contact / messages.

I am starting County Court Recovery Action on Friday 27th March 09.















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441A Solid Gold Sound [Atlanta]
Total claims:3
A Solid Gold Sound Complaint »12-18-0818/12/20082

I contracted "A Solid Gold Sound's" services to videotape my wedding on July 12, 2008. Everything went well on that day and the videographer was wonderful. Immediately after my honeymoon, I called the company and they told me that it would be ready in four to five weeks. Approximately 6 weeks after my wedding, I called "A Solid Gold Sound" and asked when my wedding video would be ready. They told me that the national average is 12 weeks but it usually never takes that long. Also, they told me that the computer system showed that my video was currently being edited. I felt that the 12 week time frame was extremely long but decided to be patient. At 10 weeks I still had not received a call from them so I called and they stated that my video was still being edited and it should only take them a couple more weeks (which would have been the 12 week mark). At 12 weeks I received a call from the contracted videographer that taped my wedding stating that he still had my video because "A Solid Gold Sound" had never paid him. I couldn't believe it since I had been told for 6 weeks that my tape was currently being edited. When I called the company to confront them about this matter, John, the President of the company, stated that the video was being edited until I brought it to his attention that they didn't even have my tape to edit. John then apologized and told me that my tape would immediately be edited and assured me that it would not take another month to get it to me. Also, John told me that he doesn't give out his last name. Now on October 8, 2008, the month mark that I was assured would never come, is a couple of days away. I talked to John today and my video still isn't ready. Today, October 28, marks the beginning of a patient customer standing up and saying enough is enough. This company is not professional at all which is evident through their consistent lies, inability to pay their contracted videographers, and nonchalant attitude about this situation.

I finally received the edited DVD of my wedding ceremony and reception 19 weeks after my event date and it was very disheartening to view the video in such poor quality. There were numerous errors throughout the video including sound echoing, screen jumping, etc. I contacted the company for the now countless time and requested that the errors be resubmitted to the editor, corrected, and returned to me expeditiously. After two weeks with no response, my lawyer contacted him. John told the lawyer his last name and promised to either fix the problem in 10-14 days or refund the money. Today, 12-18-08, John left a message on my phone and stated that he would not do either. John said that the video tape was beautiful and he was flabbergasted that I would want to sue him. I regret ever using this company and hope that this review will help you make a decision about which video company to use.

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595A Solid Gold Sound [Atlanta]
Total claims:3
Run and Avoid the Nightmare! »9/27/0809/01/20090

John Kruer runs the scam. If you hire this company for your wedding videography, you'll never see your video or your money! I promise you, you'll regret it if you send A Solid Gold Sound 1 penny! Please learn from hundreds, maybe thousands of other people's mistakes. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true!

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9985A Solid Gold Sound [Atlanta]
Total claims:3
disc jockey services »9/26,10/11,10/31,11/620/12/20090
~ I provided disc jockey entertainment for wedding ceremonies
and wedding receptions on the 4 aforementioned dates. I am owed
$700 for these services at this writing in Dec. 2009.After doing
much research including the BBB and Kentucky law enforcement, it's very clear to me that this is a Major SCAM along the lines
of a ' Bernie Madoff' scheme. These young criminals use'glitsy,
flashy internet' sites to lure people into trusting and believing them;they get ALL THEIR MONEY upfront and the scramble
to find dj's to do their work. In my case I was called 24 hrs.
before a scheduled wedding and instead of gratitude, I WAS then
treated badly because the Wedding couple thought I was part of
the ' Solid Gold Sound' scammers. I've never been paid for my
services.I can't believe these criminals continue to operate!
Just like ' Bernie Madoff's Ponzi Scam' though their time is
coming ! Email your complaints to a Kentucky based officer who
has local jurisdiction : Jim Ryan at the Edgewood police Dept.
His Email is: He is overlooking a task force
that will include Local /State Police and the IRS and the FCC.
These guys have scammed hundreds of people out of thousands of
dollars and they still operate !! For them ( Just like Madoff)
it's quick, easy money at the expense of every fool ( like me)
who believes that people are TRUSTWORTHY anf HONEST. THESE guys
ARE NOT !! Help me put ' A Solid Gold Sound ' where they belong
...Out of Business and hopefully in court on their way to jail !

~~ If you need any more information from me, feel free to
contact me here in Pittsburgh : 724.986.3152. !!

~~~~Think the ' Grinch who stole Christmas' is bad ??? NOTHING
compared to the group of Criminals who operate this company !!

Merry Christmas ! Bill Lemon / Pittsburgh

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21810YouTube [San Bruno]
Total claims:1
Abuse of Trust »October 201102/11/20110
About 10 months ago I uploaded a video onto the video sharing website YouTube. The video had my personal significance and involvement and it was necessary that I should share the content with the public. The video does not have my copyright or anybody else.

I have now noticed that 'my' video has been uploaded by another user on YouTube and is being displayed as their own. There is a total of 150 videos in this user's channel and all of them have been originally uploaded by someone else.

After a great deal of thought on the matter it appears to me that YouTube are allowing access of user's videos or may even be trading with other users for revenue. A complaint to YouTube about the issue soon becomes stuck because without a legitimate copyright the complaint has no grounds. This is an abuse of trust on the part of YouTube.

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