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2303Laface records
Total claims:3
CIARA/FANTASY RIDE SUCKS! »5/5/0905/05/20091

False advertising!I bought this cd due to the song go girl with T-pain.I bought the deluxe Cd & all nothing.So I looked up the regular Ciara album Fantasy ride-nothing.I've put up with waiting 5 extra months for them to release this album.First December Then April.What & then I don't get my song I'm pissed of & will sue for every dime!!!!!!!!!!!!!By the way I have proof of the video stateing the song was going to be on this album So why isn't it?????????????This is uncalled for

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2790Laface records
Total claims:3
500 »present19/05/20091

This Ciara Cd sucks!They falsely advertised go girl was going to be on this cd.I bought it & opened it now I can not get my money back!That was the reason I bought the cd!

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Total claims:1
Scam Download Company »18th December 200820/12/20080

I recently joined this company to receive unlimited music and film downloads.  The software contained Trojans and all downloaded files were corrupted or a fiction.


I declared my unhappiness with the package within 12 hours of my membership and requested a full refund.


The company requested that I download more software at an extra cost, I was not prepared to do this and requested an immediate refund.


I have been recieving the same emails since with no sign of my refund.



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Total claims:1
Registration Fee »01 March 200901/03/20090

I registered and put in $40.00 to download movies.  I went back into website a few days later to download movies and found the $40.00 was not showing in my account.  This amount was shown on my account after registration. 

I contacted the website 'live help' about the missing $40.00 and was told they can only transfer $40.00 into my account but are not TF.ORG as they are only LIQ PAY.  I waited for a while the $40.00 to appear into my accout but could not log back into my account.  I have since tried to login since Friday 26 February (the first day I contacted TF.ORG for repayment).  I logged back into the website today Sunday 1 March 2009 and still cannot log back in.  I have checked my e-mail box for a reply but no replies has been sent since my last 'live help' converation with TF.ORG. 

I believe that this website has stolen from me $40.00 and will do the same again to another.  Therefore everyone should know what they are doing and not to subscribe or try to download any movies from this website.  In addition to this while I was on 'live help' they kept moving my webpage to an agreement page to subscribe and download movies of 'sexual' nature ie porn.  Please let everyone be aware of this site.

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Total claims:1
Return of subscription payment »17 December to present daya07/01/20090

I signed on to download music from the web site.  I was immediately dissatisfied with the quality of service.  Since then, I have requested the return in full of my subscription as the company states under the heading "Tell me more about your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee If you're ever unsatisfied with your membership, you can simply cancel with no further obligations." Despite 6 requests to repay my subscription, I have been fobbed with instructions on how to improve downloading and offers of alternative seervice (e.g., downloading eBooks), neither of which I am remotely interested in




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1396Raw Downloads
Total claims:1
Web scam »1/3/0918/03/20090

Promised free music and dvd downloads for life on payment of £19.95. Once signed up and member cannot progress past before we get started page. Have sent four emails to their customer support and heard nothing back. Final email requested refund as do not believe I have had value for money and what was promised. Can find no address or telephone number for this company. I feel I have been ripped off!

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3368Laface records
Total claims:3
CIARA/FANTASY RIDE SUCKS! »05/0920/06/20090

Where is T-pains song go girl?

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Total claims:2
refund »9/04/200912/05/20090

I went on a web site call which promised me a one off payment and i could get all the free downloads of games, movies and music i wanted with my platinum membership. before i joined they said i could get my money back within 60 days f i was not happy but when i realised i had to buy a game to get the download to work i realised it was a big scam so i asked for my money back. i contacted [] (link: but never got a reply.

i can upload you emails they have sent to me if it help. they say they will call and they dont. the site needs closing down.


Daniel Mellors

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Total claims:2
refund »9-27-0910/11/20090

i made a account in mywiidownloads and i paid 49.95 but then i realized it was a ripoff so i email the company about a refund and  for 2 weeks they didnt reply anyone knows how to get a refund??? becuase im tired of the company they dont want to give my money back.

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