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460Norton Mechanical [Snodland]
Total claims:1
Naming and Shaming »January 200721/12/20080

Commioned him to fit a new boiler.  I was let without heating over Christmas 2006.  He sent someone else to fit the boiler.  It was not done properly.  The flu was put through the wall and the wall repaired. You could see daylight around the flu where it went through the wall.  Countless calls to put it right ignored.  Had to call Corgi.  They invited him to my house for an inspection her failed to turn up.  He failed to register my installation with Corgi, which is a legal requirement.  This company needs avoiding at all times.

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1590Coverheat [Shoreham By Sea]
Total claims:1
Call Out for heating problem »09 march '0929/03/20090

Placed a call 3 weeks ago for a central heating problem. Chased after one week and was told nothing had been done because it was not an emergency! Call now made an emergency. Chased again for the past 2 weeks - unable to get through on any phone number.

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11328Warm Sure/ Ideal Boilers [Kingston Upon Hull East Yorkshire ]
Total claims:7
Left in the cold! »14/01/201017/02/20100
Warm Sure/ Ideal Boilers are an incompetent company who have no regard for the satisfaction of the customer. I've had a broken boiler now since mid January and they still have not managed to fix it. Initially they sent a outsourced 'boiler engineer' by the name of Robert from a company called Arian who spent the whole time on the phone to an Ideal engineer asking what to do. He not only made the problem worse, but decided to go home as he had had a long day and was tired. Meanwhile leaving us in the cold. I made a complaint and stressed we did not want that 'boiler engineer' to come out again and we wanted a REAL engineer! They sent him another 5 times!!!!!! Each time we complained and each time it was like they didn't care. An engineer didn't even turn up a further 2 times!! We finally had a REAL engineer come in on February 5th to fix the boiler - they identified the problem and had to order the part. February 12th came and they replaced pretty much the whole boiler and were here from 2:30pm - 6:45pm with no luck of any heating or hot water. They had to order another part (PCB circuit board or something).............still no news and still no hot water or heating. It's getting a little annoying bathing in a bowl of boiling water, or washing dishes with cold water and being cold.

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11566Warm Sure/ Ideal Boilers [Kingston Upon Hull East Yorkshire ]
Total claims:7
useless »08 march 201008/03/20100

4 weeks we have had no hot water and no heating ,our lettings agent payed for warm sure to mend the boiler to no avail . 1st they sent a van with no parts excuse was the technicians van was in for service ? 2nd they should of come out on Monday the 1st of march made an excuse they couldn't come out until Tuesday the 2nd of march . should of turned up today Monday the 8th of march phoned to say they hadn't got the parts ,but they had already told me they had on the Friday ,they then said the parts are on the wrong van two phone calls later and still waiting for a reply which doesn't seem to be coming we are stuck without heating and hot water . my wife is a poorly lady and due to diabetes suffers with ulcers on legs she should get in bath at least once a day i have tried explaining this but we feel they don't care ,there doesnt seem to be a priority scheme for the ill and elderly . we normally use around 15 to 20 quid a week electric we are now using 10 to 12 quid a day work that out over 4 weeks if they carry on we could of bought a new boiler, we have electric heaters all over house but we are still freezing and the house is getting damp ..........still waiting for phone to ring will update progress if any ............FINALLY we have a working boiler today thursday 11th march 2010 engineer came fitted new neon warning swith new pcb ignition board and a new gas solenoid valve its only took 4 weeks 6 days ......

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11677Warm Sure/ Ideal Boilers [Kingston Upon Hull East Yorkshire ]
Total claims:7
Work on boiler under guarantee »10th March 201017/03/20100
My boiler supplied by Ideal Boilers broke after 5 months. Called Warmsure who said they could sent an engineer the next day (saturday) to fix it. I have a disabled child and explained that i hot water and heating were essential for me. The engineer came on saturday but said he did not have the part requited and had no idea when he could get it (maybe a few days) He left me quite distressed. I called customer service to see if they could find an engineer in the area who may have the required part but they said no they were unable to do this and i would have to wait until monday. on monday i called warmsure i had to wait on average 15 minutes to get through to an operator. he said he would call me back with news of the part. he never called back. i called later on only to be told that the part was on order and to call tomorrow. i called back on tuesday again holding on for 15 minutes. i was told that the part was on order but it had to be dispatched to the engineer from the warehouse in yorkshire but they could not tell me when. they would call back later to let me know. nobody called back. i called again in the afternoon again holding on for 15 minutes to get through. i spoke to somebody who said the engineer was now on long term sick leave and the part would have to be re ordered to go to another engineer and may take 3 - 5 days. i explained that i was in a desperate situation because of my disabled daughter. i was then told that the part was not in the warehouse and they did not know when they could get one. the kind girl managed to find an engineer in the london area with the part and said that he could come on wednesday to fit the part. they could not give a time, it may be between 8 and 6. I am waiting patiently............

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11744Warm Sure/ Ideal Boilers [Kingston Upon Hull East Yorkshire ]
Total claims:7
Boiler cover »21/03/201021/03/20100
Having bought Ideal boiler three years ago, after the one year guaranty,I bought a cover which am paying about £15 per month. Just before Christmax, my heater stopped working, I reported it to Ideal, the promised to send someone repair it. I did not see nor had from anyone for about a week, I called the, I was told by a member of their staff, that their engenner had a a family issue and could not come, but that they will send someone after four days. My wife was eight months pregnant, we were left in a cold house with no heater nor hot water throuhout the January winter week. Till date been 21/03/10 my wife gave birth last sunday, after many calles and promise from IDEAL/WARMSURE we are still waiting for a solution to the service that we are paying for. They kept ordering parts for weeks and weeks. I was told that their engeneer will be coming to work on my boiler to day, still didn't see nor hear from anyone. The keep passing me from Ideal to warmsure to homeserve. So I don't know who I should believe. My DAUGHTER is a week old, have been staying in cold house with us. Please can someone help us.....

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13719Warm Sure/ Ideal Boilers [Kingston Upon Hull East Yorkshire ]
Total claims:7
Incompetent »11/03/0917/09/20100
Internal timers stops working on my boiler and i call Ideal Boilers and take out a contract for a year to cover parts and labour. Please read the list, unbelievable, this is what happens when Ideal Boilers sub out to a company called Warmsure.

Synopsis: 4 months......5 engineers....... 10 visits.......! Oh and the boilers not working properly again.

Engineer 1
First Visit: 11th March
Internal Timer/Programmer Faulty

Engineer 2
Second Visit: 25th March
Wire’s hanging out internally
Internal Timer/Programmer Replaced
Working on wiring
After 2.5hrs calls it a day and will remove wiring done
today and do re-wire 27th
Engineer 2 advises Engineer 1 has left wiring in a mess.

Engineer 2
Third Visit: 27th March
Rewires new putting some elements externally

27th March
Boiler overheats and turns itself off

Engineer 3
Fourth Visit: 30th March
Loose wire on PCB
Engineer 3 advises Engineer 2 shouldn’t have rewired

30th March
Timer off on both Water & Heating,
boiler fires up. I turn off boiler from on/off switch

Engineer 3
Fifth Visit: 1st April
Engineer reluctant to touch boiler.
Engineer advises electrician to attend site.

Engineer 4
Sixth Visit: 17th April
Wife was at home when engineer inspected boiler
Believes it to be Mid Position value.
Pressure dropping,
Told he was “The Fixer” and call his mobile not Homeserve

Engineer 4
24th April
Didn’t turn up, waited at home, then found out he was ill

Engineer 4
Seventh Visit: 1st May
Changed Mid Position Valve to Honeywell
Hot water gone off again, Pressure dropping

Engineer 4
Eigth Visit: 3rd May
Re-Wire’s again although Engineer 2 from Third Visit
Heating not working, boiler inconsistent to fire up
but have hot water

Engineer 4
10th May - 7th June
Called 3 times, last call 7th June would again arrange a
and apologised no one had contacted me to arrange new visit

Call 0800 number
7/8th June
Told by someone at Ideal/Home Serve engineer
had been sacked and had no knowledge of visits
7/8 and he had told them job was fixed.

Engineer 5
Ninth Visit:9th June
Called at 15:15pm Explained that he’d not been given the
correct instruction by HOffice and wanted to confirm costs
with HOffice before committing to job.
Called at 15:20 to confirm 15th June repair date.

Engineer 5
Tenth Visit: 15th June
Repair made, not enough wires installed on previous rewires.
Rewires again for 3rd time.

10th Sept: Started using heating again from June visit, water
leaking from overflow..... call Ideal again!

Engineer 6
Eleventh Visit: 17th Sept
A real Ideal engineer and he can see the problem has the right
equipment to test , new part on it's way. Will be back next week.

...... I'll keep you posted.

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14362Warm Sure/ Ideal Boilers [Kingston Upon Hull East Yorkshire ]
Total claims:7
boiler breakdown »26/10/201029/10/20100

I had new boiler put in 9/1/2008 by warmfront. I paid an extra £300 odd for the work as apparently my "funding" wouldn't cover the total costs. When i turned it on for the first time this year it failed to work - so i have hot water but no heating. When we rang them they said i have £800 odd left in my "funding bank" so we asked them to use this to send an engineer out to rectify the boiler. They told me i would have to "re-claim" this funding and it would take up to 9 months to be dealt with, but this money is not used for "repairs" just for installations.
I have leukemia and am also on warferin i feel the cold desperately but this didn't change the situation at all. I have been told it could be that i need a new boiler and would need to pay for this out of my own funding.
What a Total waste of time and money having a boiler put in at great expense just to find that it requires repair or replacement after only being used for two winters.
I have had to buy a few hallogen heaters to try to keep the place warm goodness knows what the electric bill will be by Spring, and i am not entitled to the heating allowance either. :o{

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15525Warm Sure/ Ideal Boilers [Kingston Upon Hull East Yorkshire ]
Total claims:7
new ideal boiler broken down »16.12.201022/12/20100

The new ideal boiler was fitted mid november 2010 last month and broken down last thursday 16.12.2010. I reported this to warm sure and Ega and have been promised various dates and times when an engineer will attend but nobody ever does. I am a pensioner who has now become ill as i have no hot water heating since last thursday and am left literally freezing to death in my home.In such adverse weather conditions how am i expect to survive. THese people are clearly rip off merchants. This warm front grant is such a poorly managed scheme which i would have expected to be better as the governemnet intially designed this scheme. But as they say "There is nothing as a free lunch" I regret ever having this boiler installed as customer service is disgusting nobody is interested or wants to help. Having reading about this on the internet appears to be a commen problem. Please Please Please could you help im DESPERATE. Thanks
My Mobile is 07737093702

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20273Fuel Economy Products [Glasgow]
Total claims:1
Boiler Repair » 2010 and 201122/07/20110
Fuel Economy Products (FEP) installed a central heating system offering a ‘free’ 5year service and repair contract. However, during the last 2 years in adverse cold weather, the system has broken down several times and we have been left without heating for prolonged periods. Engineers have either failed to appear or been unable to execute viable and lasting repairs. It is a true saying that you get what you pay for. Hence if you offer, as FEP do, ‘free’ extended service contracts, it is likely that service will be minimal. If you value your time and do not want unnecessary inconvenience, you will be well-advised to look elsewhere when installing central heating.

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23423The Warm Front Team/Eaga [East Yorkshire]
Total claims:1
bad customer service, breakdown unable to contact in emergency »1/2/2012 and various03/02/20120
damage going up all the time got water coming through living room ceiling been trying to get them on phone for three days this time (there has been other incidents of not being ab le to contact them). The heating is stuck on to my expense. My phone bills dont allow for the numbers they give you so my expense again. They have put a new system in my house, which was a back boiler and they replaced it with a new boiler in my bedroom, condemed my downstairs fire and disconnected it, went through the roof with a chimney yet I already have a chimney. They are a disgrace they have totally ripped me off and are costing me mega money the government should not give grants unless the company is good and can cope with the work they have taken on. You can never get through to them I have been trying for days. I am now going to go to a solicitor and get the gas board to come in an fix my problem and they will get the bill. I am a disabled person on very little income from the state living alone in bad health and totally fed up.

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Total claims:1
Two broken appointments »9th & 10th October 201310/10/20130
This company made an appointment to carry out a survey for a replacement central heating boiler under a government sponsored scheme. The appointment was for 9 October 2013 and one hour before they were due to be here they telephoned cancelling the appointment because they were attending one which they said was for a repair at a local hospital. How a surveyor comes to be repairing equipment at a local hospital I do not know. They made a new appointment to see me on 10 October 2013 and one hour and twenty minutes after they were due here a woman rang and cancelled it. She said that was because the man who was due here was attending another appointment which she said was also at a local hospital. When I complained about this she was impertinent and pointed out that my appointment related to a free boiler whilst the one they were dealing with related to the NHS. She claimed that the company have been in business for over thirty years and I commented that I found that most surprising if it employed people like her.

I informed her that the company has a lot of bad publicity on the internet and I said that I could confirm that, based on my limited experience of Logic, I could well understand why.

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