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22507Beauty Hair Tool Inc
Total claims:2
GHD hair Straighteners »December 7 201112/12/20115
I ordered a pair of GHd precious gift set styler Christmas Xmas Hair Straighteners Green - ghd06 Order Number #100000545 from the website All looked official as they had online support which I spoke to live before I placed my order claiming they were genuine GHD straighteners and were so cheap as they were warehouse prices. I placed the order, received an email with confirmation, then a day later received an email saying they had received my payment and my order had been shipped with the tracking number #100000194.

I then received and email on 10 December 2011 saying:

'Hi Friend,
thank you for your order in our stock, we are sorry as there are something wrong with our website's domain and we need fix the website now.
if you have anything confused.please feel free to connect with us.
thank you and best regards!
have a nice day!'

This is highly unprofessional and with no further information. I have tried to connect to the website which has now been shut down. I have alos emailed both email addresses with no response. I have received no GHD straighteners but the company has taken the payment.

What can I do to get the money back, I paid using pay pal?


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18387Empower London [Manchester]
Total claims:2
Destroyed Hair -goods never received »Jan 0914/04/20114
In jan 08 i moved from Mark Glenn to Whitecliffs Manchester as living in Sheffield caring for 90 yr old mum meant i could no longer travel down to London. What followed is replicated in the many stories of whitecliffs/em,power.Despite paying 3000 plus expenses for trains hotels etc i never received two systems just one so illfitting it kept falling off and had to be glud on so much Empower operative destroyed my hair especially the hairline. For nearly 3 yrs i rarely left the house socially and any personal relationship was out of the question. Andy Pollard made many promises to get the right thing for me - special wigs etc - until i met Whitecliffs i didnt need a wig - This year ive had very nasty pushy salesmen ringing me up one at 9pm on a sunday saying he would come to my house fit me with £100 wig etc - to give a woman a wig as a result after a full head of hair takes away any femininity she ever had. Late last year i went back to Mark Glenn- hes reconstructed and done an amazing job i can start living my life again. Yes its a long journey but the salon is lovely - the people amazing and hes a genius. The KC system doesnt cause hair loss - well worth the journey and the charges are much cheaper than White/Emp. Calls for compensation are ignored i did get some from my credit card for the system but had to produce a specialist report to MBNA - this i paid for from a member of the HSBA. The effect on my health is devastating. These crooks need stopping.

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22565Beauty Hair Tool Inc
Total claims:2
mrs susan mcwilliams »02/dec/201115/12/20114
i ordered straightners from this site and paid have tried contacting them by email an phone and can not find them there site cant get on no more i was sent 3 emails with delievery numbers tracking numbers and telephone numbers.

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23930Hair Wholesales.Com [Hair Wholesales.Com Pablo Ebuga]
Total claims:2
Outstanding Refund »05/01/201201/03/20122
On the 05/01/12 I ordered some Brazilian and Peruvian hair extensions for a company called Hair Wholesales.Com I received the hair on the 07/01/12 through royal mail. When I opened the parcel the hair did not appear to be virgin hair as the company had stated. Instead the hair smelled like it had been chemical processed for texture and colour not to mention each bundle had the exact wave pattern and colour. I informed the company I would be returning the hair to them and requested a full refund as the hair was clearly not virgin hair. Pablo Ebuga the manager at Hair Wholesales.Com advice me that I would receive a refund within 3days of them receiving the goods. On the 10/01/12 I returned the goods to Hair Wholesale.Com to a UK address which Pablo had provided. The package was received by them on the 14/01/12 at 10.25am. We are now in March and I have still not received a refund from this company despite calling and emailing them on many occasions. As the company has failed to cooperate with me I have had to refer the matter to the County Court to try and recover the funds owed to me. Please be advice do not order from this company they are a fake and do not trade from Brazil. They are based in the UK in the Dartford area hence the reason they are able to grantee delivery within 48hours. They also trade under another name Hair Merchant, this web site is identical to their site Hair Wholesales.Com

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25174Hair Wholesales.Com [Hair Wholesales.Com Pablo Ebuga]
Total claims:2
failure to refund »03-29-1221/05/20121
Hair wholesales sent my merchandise as requested but failed to put insurance on the package and also did not properly fillout the UPS delivery form. UPS then delivered to the wrong address. They have continued to lie about sending what was supposed to be replaced as soon as the package went missing and have yet to refund my money. They are refusing to refund me until UPS refunds them the full amount. So now I am suffering from the mistakes of Hair Wholesales and UPS.

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Total claims:1
Not received »02-December-200921/12/20090

I ordered 4 pairs of GHD hair straightners from this company, they took out more than they should have and have not received these. I ordered for friends and I will now have to refund them the money and will have no money for Christmas :-(.

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14530White Cliffs Hair Studio Manchester [Manchester]
Total claims:1
Disgusting Service and False Promises »June 201012/11/20100
I was first introduced to them and David Lewis (so called Consultant) in June. They were full of promises and would work around my commitments. I was promised consultations in Bristol as this is where I work. I gave the requested £250 deposit as requested and was told that they would contact me in a few weeks to arrange the next meeting.
Subsequently after not hearing from them in almost 6 weeks, and after constant trying and speaking to their so called receptionist whom promised me she would get someone to call me, nothing happened. I eventually got hold of one of Lewis's oppo's who said that Bristol was out of the question and I would have to come up to Manchester. This was not what I agreed, I complained and asked for my money back. I was told flat that I couldn't.
I have been trying to contact them for nearly 4 months without success, I have had 2 emails from Lewis trying to palm me off.
This company is a SHAM and a DISGRACE. Do not contact or get sucked in to their lies.

I am a single parent and work very hard for what little money I get, they have robbed me.

I am no closer to getting my money back and they will not return my calls.

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Total claims:1
purple indulgence ghd straighneners »08/12/201018/01/20110

I bought a set of ghd purple indulgence straighteners from ([] (link: on 8/12/2010 as an xmas gift, i paid via (csreason-4 95epay) ( Order details: Credit card:411636******0301 Merchant Order No: 220 95epay Order No.: 14462010120804371670359 Trade Date&Time:2010-12-08 04:37:16.0 Amount : 114.41 USD ) I received a confirmation email from (creason-4 95epay) the next day but nothing from a couple of days later i emailed ( to ask would the product be here before xmas but got no reply a sent several other mails to them with now reply so i mailed (creason-4 95epay) and explained the story to them and the mailed me back telling me the instructed ( to add shipping details which the did on the 23/12/2010 saying in sorting office and the details are still the same to date its now the 18/1/2011 i have been sending emails now every second day since xmas to both ( and (creason-4 95epay) and have not got a single reply. Was this a total scam as thats how it looks to me? is there anything i can do about it as its all about principal now like how can these 2 companies who are obviously working together get away with this... advice needed please!

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Total claims:1
goods paid for and never recieved. intercepted by customs »11th march 201012/08/20110
I purchased 2 pairs of ghd hair straighteners for me and my daughter and i never recieved them as customs seized them.
The website stated it was a uk company.
I made contact with the company but they just asked for more money to be sent.

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20864Empower London [Manchester]
Total claims:2
49.50 »3/9/201106/09/20110
money taken unlawfully by emp powerfunding lloyds bank refuse to refund even though the admit sending bank card to wrong adress

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Total claims:1
IMITATION GHD STYLERS »12/07/1027/07/20110
I bought stylers which were advertised as GHD brand, when i registered the ghd codes, i was told the stylers were fake and that the code had been falsely registered approx 4000 times before mine

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Total claims:1
GHD hair straighteners FAKE!!! »ovember 201001/11/20110
Ordered these for my 13yrs old niece ghd-iv-salon-styler-perfect-for-longer-thicker-hair...

2 months latr they melted and fell to bits - burning her head, legs and carpet...very dangerous indeed, disgusting how these people get away with it.

I emailed csreasons blah blah to no avail.

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Total claims:1
fake ghd hair straightners »29/11/1101/12/20110
i order some ghd hair straightners at 96.90 it had like offical everything about it , when made payment it was in a name to jinfu tradind which will show up on my bank statement i found out then it was a fake website selling fake goods i tried contacting them and got no response, i asked for a full refund before item gets sent out but got nothing, this was ment to be like from the uk and so on . i am very disapointed big time as i worked hard to buy this as a treat for my wife for x-mas

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22669Beauty Hair Tools
Total claims:1
Instyler »01/12/201122/12/20110
I purchased some Insyters from this company. when they arrived they did not work. Contacted them via Live Support and they kept ending my conversation refusing a refund or replacment. As per their website it stated they will collect and repair/replace or refund a faulty item as the item is sent to GHD based in UK. This was not the case, as I contacted GHD direct who advised me that Beauty Hair Tools was not an auhorised dealer to sell this product and the product is not a GHD item for a start.
I then contacted Beauty Hair Tools back who offered a part refund from 35% to 50% as they refuse to collect due to the postage being to high for the product to go back to China. For a full refund I was told to send the item back to China (would have cost me approx £77.00 with Royal Mail) and they will refund my £55.00 for the Instyer. I refused this and the best they could do was offer me a 50% refund. I contacted Trading Standards who have advised this item is more likely to be counterfit, as the majority of items from China are countierfit. I even contacted the transport company as per my delivery note, who could not help as they could not trace the address for me. If you need to purchase a product please be careful as companies like Beauty Hair Tools are using UK based addresses to sell these fake items and innocent people are been ripped off. It is easy for these companies to shut their webiste down and open up a new one in a similar name. If any doubt please do not buy, especially from China. (its a shame as it is giving China a bad name)!

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22727steve [Manchester]
Total claims:1
beware scam artists. »01/201128/12/20110
Beware of this business. They are based outside manchester but operate under the same pretence as whitecliffs which had a notorious reputation.
They cant bond the systems well . They only last an hour on your scalp. Also the owner is very rude , low class , speaks though you and claims his systems are the best . I wanted to tell him it looks like a wig but i didnt dare . He claims he can order a custom made wig in a day special delivery when in fact it does take two mnths for the lace to be hand made. what planet does he think we are from. ALso he doesnt guarentee your appointments.
please be aware and go to the reputable company

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24006Zulvera hair product [delhi]
Total claims:1
Best hair loss control shampoo »6/3/201206/03/20120 Hair Is the most part of body. now days hair problem seem in all age person. use zulvera Hair Loss Shampoo. it is a herb product, It is safe and secure .

more details » [Shenzhen, CHINA]
Total claims:1
Faulty Hair Straightener »15th February 201219/03/20120
Order No.: 3317

Payment Date&Time: 2012-02-15 00:00:00

Amount: 100.0 AUD

Payment No.: PL1202151219180703

I bought a hair straightener GHD New Black as per the above transaction and I have had 3 uses of it and now it does not turn on and heat up.

I need to have my money refunded as part of their money back guarantee or a replacement one sent to me as part of their 2 year warranty.

I have been sending requests through their "CONTACT US" on their website for more than two weeks now and have not had a reply. THEY ARE IGNORING ME.

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Total claims:1
Broken hair straightners »21/04/201224/10/20120
I purchased a pair of limited edition GHD straighners as a present for my 15 year old daughter. I recieved a confimation emal to say the payments had been taken, eventually i did recieve the straightners but after using them twice they would not turn on. I sent countless emails to all the contact details envolved with the company including the 3rd partie occupants. Ive had no response atall from them. My daughters heartbroken, you dont expect to pay an amount of money and expect them to break. I am discusted i saved up along time to be able to give my daughter what she wanted for her bithday i feel violated and disgusted that no one has gotten back to me. All i want is a replacement or my money back. I have found a few websites with reports that the company is a scam i am very frustrated with the situation.

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27197David Lewis [Manchester]
Total claims:1
Beware - accomplished rip-off merchants »July 201031/10/20120
I fully endorse the bad press receieved by Whitecliffs Hair (under their various guises). Basically, they operate on the principle of declaring serial bankruptcy to prevent claims about their dreadful, overpriced products and contemptuous service. Over a period of 9 months (currently Castlefield) they moved offices 3 times and changed staff repatedly - this alone should have sounded warning bells. The lead villain is the unctuous and prevaricating David Lewis. This reprehensible specimen is one of the most accomplished con men I have ever had the misfortune to meet. Do not even think about using this outfit: they are waiting for you!!

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28515Empower hair
Total claims:1
Customer service and fauls advertisment »26/08/1227/02/20130
Empower hair does not offer you ther service that has been advertised on their web sites in fact steven is one off those who was nice at first because he wanted to trap customers which evry company does n once in it they know there is no way out of it!! I have once again been waiting for my system for over 12 weeks every time i ask him he will jus say yes dont worry it will be hear!!!
I have had a few systems but out of them all the only 1 that was made to fit the way i wanted n quality of the system was good was my 1st ever which was in sep 2010 after that was sent off for repair never seen that same system i never get the right colour/ length and quality of hair is absolutly poor after 2 weeks it looks worse than a rats backside!! Iean at the end of the day i pay him for these systems and brousing the net they dont even cost as much as all these hair places charge the customers but yet we still dont get what we see.
He makes excuses saying the system got lost in the post/ i cant track it down systems are down!! He also use to take the money out of my account wich outy consent there for he kept my account details on hos record after i paid him on card once which is not right!! I now waiting on my system again since 23/11/12 i have a very important function next week which will b going on for a while n again he cant meet my customer needs on time az this temp system is in poor conditions i go through souch depression where as this hair thing is suppose to be less stressful which it supposedly claims on the website i have even called the london brance spoke to andy he said he can not do anything as the manchseter company is a franchise!!!

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