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462Merlin Dry Cleaners
Total claims:1
Damaged jacket »18/12/0821/12/20080

I took a jacket in to be cleaned and it came back damaged, i was then told that the shop owner would not do anything to sort out the problem and that i should take the problem to the manufacturer of the jacket even though the jacket went into be cleaned in perfect condition and then came out damaged.

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1876Kwik Kleen [London]
Total claims:1
Extremely Terrible Customer Service! »15/04/0918/04/20090

I took my £75 suede shoes into this shop to get a simple heel repair before the Easter Holiday weekend (9th April). I then went to go pick them up on the 14th April. The man who gave me the shoes didn't remove them from the bag for me to inspect and I didn't remove them either as I am (stupidly) quite trusting. The shoes were not removed from the bag until I got home. When removed the shoes from the bag at home they were covered with a strange hard staining substance.

There were no holes in the bag or substances in the bag (also there were no stains of any kind in my flat - I had nothing at home that could have caused this stain) ruling out the possibility that this had happened after I picked it up from the shop.

The next day I went back to the shop showed them the stains on the shoes to the three men present and asked for a refund. Immediately to my surprise they refused to listened to me saying.

' This did not happen in this shop'

'You are a liar' this was said repeatedly.

'We don't deal with your type of customer here'

'It's your problem'

'We always show our customers the shoes to inspect so it is impossible we did it'

They did not listen to any of my explanations, dismissed me and looked as if they expected me to leave the shop. I then asked one of the men directly why the shoes were not shown to me when I picked them up due to the statement above that they always show the customers the finished shoes. I stood there waiting for an explanation and The man said to me 'I don't want to hear you'. When I didn't leave immediately to my complete shock and disbelief the men threatened to call the police if I didn't leave! ??? (This has NEVER happened to me ever - I was amazed!)

Note: I was only in the shop a matter of minutes and was not yelling or acting innapropriately. I am a female teacher in her twenties and these three men would have no reason to feel threatened by me. I didn't have any reason to lie and was amazed at their complete refusal to listen to any of my explanations. I have never experienced this kind of intimidation before and this is the first time in my life I have made a formal complaint.

I left the shop feeling extremely dissapointed and shocked at the treatment I had received and would not wish this upon anyone else (hence the complaint). I hope that people will read this and unless the service at Kwik Kleen improves I would definitely not recommend this business to anyone!

The next day I took the shoes to Timpson, a shoe repair shop in Hammersmith Broadway Shopping and they were very friendly and cleaned the shoes for me with no charge :) Timpson staff know the meaning of GREAT customer service and made me feel there was some hope after all:)

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2399Angelo Dry Cleaners [Ithaca]
Total claims:1
ruined jacket »5/4/0907/05/20090

Dry cleaner spilled a chemical on my jacket ruining it. they claimed it was normal wear and tear so no restitution offered. owner was defensive, rude ands insulting.

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20672Cleanitizing Dry Cleaners [Edmonton]
Total claims:1
Hostile Customer Service and Terrible Cleaning!! »08-16-1120/08/20110
Hostile Customer Service and Terrible Cleaning!!!
The WORST dry-cleaning experience and service I have ever received!!!
I took my shirts in to Cleanitizing Dry Cleaners (10823-23 Avenue, Edmonton, AB). When I dropped off my shirts, I pointed out some spots, stains, etc., special attention to the cuffs/ collars and for the shirts to be rinsed twice. I agreed to pay double the price for the extra rinse, no problem. When I picked them up, I checked every shirt as I've had problems with poor cleaning and stains missed before and there was indeed one spot missed that I had mentioned. A second shirt had a HUGE YELLOW WATERMARK on it. When I pointed this out to the customer service girl, Sonja, she looked blankly at me as if to say "SO WHAT?". I asked for the shirts to be re-cleaned properly. (Again, this is not my first time having to send clothes back but I was willing to give them yet another chance.) Sonja called the owner-manager of the location, Satwinder K. Dhillon, who proceeded to YELL AT ME, exclaiming how she cannot redo them, they take too much time, etc. Then Satwinder, still yelling, then had the nerve to REFUSE ANY FUTURE SERVICE. I was stunned! Not only did they FAILTO DO THEIR JOBS and launder the stains as requested, but SATWINDER HAD THE AUDACITY TO YELL AT ME, the customer, for calmly asking it to be remedied! NEVER have I encountered such HOSTILE CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Do not take your clothes to this location, they do poor quality cleaning, don't follow instructions and will be hostile toward you if you expect a standard level of service!!! I recommend BUYER BEWARE!!!!

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