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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails
1493Just Peugeot Citroen Parts Limited [Blackburn]
Total claims:17
Sent poor quality parts, ignored complaints. »04/03/200925/03/200910

Despite sending a colour picture of the vehicle I was repairing in order to avoid a mistake, I checked one of their packages to see the colour and found they had sent the parts in a different colour.

After failing to find another supplier who had the parts in the correct colour, I told them that I would keep the parts and get them re-sprayed. I opened up the rest of the packages and found that the bumper they send was badly damaged, after sending pictures of the damage, they agreed to send out a replacement bumper.

The replacement bumper arrived and was found to be in a much worse condition than the first one.

Despite several messages, they have failed to reply. 

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3617Just Peugeot Citroen Parts Limited [Blackburn]
Total claims:17
liars and cheats »3rd June 200906/07/20093

I bought an engine to fit a citroen dispatch from Peugeot and Citroen ltd on the 3rd june 2009 form Dom. When he sold me the engine he reasured    me it was from thier own parts van and the mileage was only 62k. The first engine that arrived was not for that vehicle at all.  Another one was sent and again was not the one Dom had promised, it would of fit but we would of had to strip down to a bare engine. lee was really rude and said there was nothing wrong with it and i won't get a replacment. We paid extra for the fact it would go straight in with no messing. We were told we would get a refund within 48 hours from collection The engine was eventually picked up and sent to france to another customer. we had to fight every day with joe to get a refund but he said within 28 days and that was company policy. eventually we had a refund sent through our paypal account with £60.00 less than we paid. I done nothing wrong but trust them and they wan't to charge me for it. i Just want my money back.

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28121st Choice Car Spares UK Ltd [Poringland/Norfolk]
Total claims:2
Compressor Unit for Mercedes Benz V Class »31:03:0919/05/20093

1st Choice Spares UK Ltd run a find a used Car/Van part on the internet www.1st  ,and claim to have over 250 Car Breakers as members.

In March I was looking for a used Air Compressor Unit for my Mercedes Benz V Class,and used the internet to try and locate such a part.1st Choice responded & advised that one of their members AGT Cars Ltd would make an offer for the Compressor unit I was looking for.

I received an email from AGT Cars Ltd offering me the part at £170.00 incl delivery with a 30 day warranty.(subsequently increased to 60 days after discussion with Gerry Price)

I purchased the Compressor by telephone from AGT Cars Ltd /Gerry Price on the 31:03:09 using a Debit Card & the "Rusty" Unit was delivered promptly by TNT.

My local garage fitted the Air Compressor to the vehicle,but it would not function,the integral release valve was diagnosed as faulty,and the unit taken off,and the original replaced.

The car was then taken to an Independent Mercedes Benz repair shop,with all the expensive Soft Wear,the Compressor was again fitted,however it would not function and the diagnostic check illustrated that the integral release valve was not functioning and consequently the Compressor was USELESS!

I subsequently had to purchase a New Compressor Unit From Mercedes Benz,and this has been fitted,the car now back on the road & the Air Suspension is functioning correctly.

The Compressor Unit supplied by AGT Cars Ltd was in exactly the same condition as the Compressor Unit it was to replace ,ie the integral "Release Valve had Failed",in other words useless.This is a common fault with the Mercedes Benz V Class!

I contacted Gerry Price of AGT Cars Ltd by phone within the warranty period,to advise that the Compressor was faulty,indicating the fault,however he was very adamant that the compressor worked as it was taken from a "Working Vehicle".He told me to send it back at my cost,AGT Cars Ltd would attempt to resell it,and if and when this happened,I would only then get a refund less adminstration and shipping costs!

The Rusty Compressor was clearly not Fit for Purpose,and According to Distance selling practice I have requested AGT Cars Ltd to collect the Compressor and have it returned to their address for any inspection that they wish to carry out,and to refund the £170.00 paid.

1st Choice Spares UK Ltd ,David Clarke expressed doubt about the Validity of my claim,but advised that nothing would be done until I sent the Compressor back at my cost to AGT Cars Ltd for inspection.

Having spent well over £200.00 on this Rusty piece of Junk I have absolutely no intention of paying for it to be sent back to AGT Cars Ltd!

Additionally 1st Choice Spares UK Ltd suggest in their Customer Care section that they take "ALL THE HASSLE OUT OF BUYING USED PARTS" What a Joke!

Come on DAVID PRICE  of 1st Choice Car Spares UK Ltd get your member Gerry Price of AGT Cars Ltd to collect this Rusty Compressor Unit if he really wants it and refund the £170.00 I Paid.

 I have phoned,Faxed,emailed ,sent Recorded Delivery Letter,however I have had no written Acknowledgement from either AGT Cars Ltd & 1st Choice Car Spares UK Ltd,or indication that they will refund the £170.00 or collect the Compressor.

If I don't get the required refund of £170.00 very soon,I intend to make a claim all additional costs incurred plus interest from the date of purchase

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10051Just Peugeot Citroen Parts Limited [Blackburn]
Total claims:17
Just Peugeot Citroen Parts are liars, cheats and conmen »11/11/0922/12/20092

Just Peugeot Citroen Parts Ltd have ripped me of, they have taken nearley £500.00 for parts, and sent me a load of scrap which i didnt even order, Lee Cairns (the Boss as he likes to call himself) is the most stupid person i have ever met, he doesnt even know the difference between passenger and drivers side, and expects you to ridiculous administration charges even though his terms and conditions say you dont, crazy man, crazy company and even more crazy experience, have filed a ccj against the company, they dont seem to care as they didnt even turn up but never ever buy from them you would be mad!

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3119Accumulus Parts Ltd [Blackburn]
Total claims:6
non delivery of goods »4/200901/06/20092

Ordered a transit engine never arrived. When we did get hold of someone told us the bloke in charge had a heart attack so they would refund money never came and now unable to contact them.

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9839King Spares [Manchester]
Total claims:3
half parts recieved »7th sept 200916/12/20092

i got a phone call from these people after posting an advert on part search for mercedes parts i paid them by card then had to phone them everyday for three weeks and got only half the parts then spent the next 4 weeks phoning them everyday and still the parts didnt arrive they said they would give me money back and never did they are total liers and theifs and dont diserve to be still trading taking peoples money they should be stopped

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Total claims:1
NON RECEIPT OF GOODS »8th JANUARY 2009 11/02/20091


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999a and c auto salvage [bolton]
Total claims:1
A & C Auto SALVAGE RIP OFF not as described/refused to refund »13 feb 200923/02/20091

asked for ka collection bumper sent me standard heavy plastic bumper very old and tatty on contacting company told me to spray it hung up x2  these bumpers were not made for my car as my car is colour coded which all ka collections are this one he sent was not .After contacting again told told me to send it back at my expense so he expected me to pay in total £50 transport to be refunded £40 He also took more money from my card then agreed SO HE STOLE money from me DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY IF HE TOOK A £1 FROM EVERYONE he would be a rich man Also this company were given from   1ST CHOICE SPARES who when you ring them say they no nothing about cars so do not use this website as a and c give quotes through them

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4855Just Peugeot Citroen Parts Limited [Blackburn]
Total claims:17
Wrong Parts »14/9/0914/09/20091

Despite my husband sending photos and part numbers, they sent wrong item. Claimed they had then sent correct item and gave us a 2 day timeframe when they would arrive. Despite waiting in nothing turned up. Still have the incorrect part. My husband has been ringing them every day for weeks almost and all they say is they are dealing with it and will call him back. They never do. I am now putting this into dispute with credit card company. Stuck with an incorrect spare part that I have paid for. I wouldn't do business with these people. Jokers.

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10672Just Peugeot Citroen Parts Limited [Blackburn]
Total claims:17
Ripped off / bad service »20/01/1022/01/20101
I rang this company up on 28th Dec to order a part from them, and spoke to a John.

They sent the wrong part which was totally useless to me, and not relevant to the part I clearly ordered.

On calling to complain they said they would send another part, and continued telling me this for 4 weeks before I asked for my money back.

John at the company was not only illiterate, but also told many lies, and made countless false promises. All my conversations with the company were recorded luckily, so this is an unbiased account.

Eventually I had the unpleasant experience of speaking to the bosses wife Carol. As well as being abusive and unbecoming of a a lady, say no more, she was trying to weasle out of refunding my money. I did eventually get it back after many phone calls and a tremendous amount of stress.

I also received a abusive call from John on my mobile after making a complaint about him. It would surprise me if Carol has just come out of some womens prison too.


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13271Just Peugeot Citroen Parts Limited [Blackburn]
Total claims:17
Good service »31/07/1009/08/20101

I did a lot of background checking before using this company and although there are several complaints on this site the overall feedback was positive so i used them to purchase a rear axle for my Citroen Saxo VTR. I was told that their part had low mileage and was at a competitive price.
I received the axle within two days of ordering and the part has been absolutely fine. Although i do not dispute that people have had bad experiences with this company i think that the majority of people would rather comment on the negatives and not always the positives so i would like to do that now.
The sales staff were quick and effective and the part came well packaged on a pallet so no damage could have been caused whilst being delivered to me. I hope that people who have had positive experiences with this company will follow my example as we need a bit of trust in the world!!

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1645kirkby carbreakers [Liverpool]
Total claims:2
refund »21.03.0901/04/20091

Used above search engine to locate an engine for my car, was contacted by kirkby carbreakers by text message, rang them up and ordered engine, payed with debit card, engine never arrived, after contacting them was told by dispatch that the engine was still in a car and that i could have a refund, still waiting for refund,i have made numerous phones calls to them but suprisingly they now do not answer any of their 3 different phone lines, emails are now bouncing straight back. It seems that the person registered at is also with kirkby carbreakers( or kirby carbreakers as they also are known).

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3005Accumulus Parts Ltd [Blackburn]
Total claims:6
PP-697-226-575 »25/04/200925/05/20091

I advertised for a car part and received a phone call from accumulus parts asking for payment. I paid through PayPal thinking this was a safeguard but have subsequently found out that PayPal can not follow up a claim with a repayment if the relevant company have not got funds deposited with them!!.In this case why do they (PayPal) continue to pay these fraudsters our cash when they have received previous complaints about this company cheating people out of their cash, in the knowledge that Paypal are aiding this scam??


John D Rossi

p.s. accumulus are also using an e-mail address which they gave me over the phone but from which I have not been able to extract a reply "neatgizmos@"

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2604Grafton Honda [Milton Keynes]
Total claims:1
Can't get my money back or the part ordered »13 March 200912/05/20091

Ordered a new lock set for my motorbike, chased 4 weeks later, when they still hadn't sent it to me or called me to pick up. They then said that they couldn't supply it and I'd have to bring my card back in for a refund. 

The dealership is 30+ miles away and I was unhappy about making an uneccessary trip. I asked them to send me a cheque instead.  Two months on and 4 chase calls the cheque has not arrived. I am now working overseas and don't have the option to just drop by to get the matter sorted. This outfit are dreadful, take your business elsewhere.


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5277just Citroen Peugeot parts ltd [Blackburn]
Total claims:2
car part »27/02/200904/10/20091

i bout some parts from the above named  dealer, visited him on his place paid him upfront in cash, and was promised delivery next day which never happend, after calling many times he delivered wrong parts and refused to pick them up and replace with correct parts, i took them to blackburn from leeds and even he did not give me the part and said he does not have part, i asked for my mony for the part and he refused to give money instead he gave me credit note for the parts, till to date neither i was refunded or contected. infact i was threatened when i visited him on his premises for money, i reported to police.

i will recomend not to buy any parts form the business, this was register as a similar name  previously.

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13384Motion Power (International CAr Spares) [Old Ham, Lancashire]
Total claims:2
Waiting for refund »15/05/201018/08/20101
On May 15th 2010 I bought a Hyundai Tuscan engine and turbo charger from Motion Power Ltd at a total cost of £1395, incl delivery and VAT.
On receipt the engine was not what I ordered. I phoned them immediately and they said they would collect this and refund my money.
No refund was forthcoming despite numerous phone calls.
They then offered me another engine and reluctantly I agreed to this. They gave assurances that this engine was 100% correct.
This second engine was delivered early June but on delivery I discovered that it had been in a fire and was totally useless.
Again I called them and they again collected the engine promising a full refund.
I contacted Trading Standards on July 1st and they advised me to write a letter giving Motion Power 14 days to reply or refund my money.
Needless to say neither happened.
I then contacted a solicitor on July 12th who wrote to Motion Power threatening court proceedings if no refund had been received within 7 days.
Again we had no response and no refund.
During all this time my car has been off the road as I cannot afford to have it repaired until I receive my refund and I have had to hire cars which has cost me £1500 to date, hence my claim for £2895.
Please help!!

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27057lee caims [blackburn]
Total claims:1
non reciept of goods »7-9-201217/10/20121
Paid on 7-9-2012 for secondhand car part, sent me wrong part eventually after ringing every week for the next 3 weeks after they took my money, sent wrong one so got them to pick it back up which they did the next day!!!!! had to keep asking for refund KEPT getting fobbed off in meeting, not in ect !! then told would get refund and to date 17-10-2012 NOTHING keep ringing and told it is being processed !!!!! Now going to take them to claims court.

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468A1 Renault, Citroen & Peaugoet Spares [Dartford]
Total claims:1
Faulty Parts/No refund/communication received »28 October 200822/12/20080

I ordered a Servo for a Peugoet on 28 October 2008.

Was received and payment taken quickly enough.

However the part was declared faulty by local garage fitting the part.

Returned on 25 November 2008 to the garage by parcelforce (costing £10.99 + packaging) with letter explaining and asking for a refund as partds had to be quickly sourced elsewhere.

The telephone number provided was no incoming calls!!! and letters sent never replied to and still no refund received as at 22 December 2008.

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11429Just Peugeot Citroen Parts Limited [Blackburn]
Total claims:17
Gearbox - continual lies over delivery, incorrect part supplied »23/2/201023/02/20100

Was quoted £300 for reconditioning of my gearbox, said they could have it back with my garage within 48 hours of collecting my gearbox. Went on and on with lots of broken promises for 2 weeks until I received a gearbox. The gearbox I received however was not the one I had sent them and was in fact for a completely different car. Garage are charging me £30 per day for storage of my car now, which has so far amounted to £360. Have today instructed garage to get a new gearbox which will cost me £650, can't get any one else to recon my gearbox as Lee at Just Peugeot insists it's the right gearbox. So they've basically stolen my gearbox and £300. I am therefore claiming under the Supply of Goods and Services act 1982 (as amended) £360 in storage charges and the difference between amount I paid them and amount I've had to pay out to get a new one, £350. In total claim is £710.

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12159Just Peugeot Citroen Parts Limited [Blackburn]
Total claims:17
what a rip off »26/04/201027/04/20100
Over two weeks ago I ordered a gearbox for my peugeot 406 petrol manual. They sent a diesel one. We asked them to issue a replacement, which they have promised us they had done. we are still waiting. They blamed TNT, however, after much arguments, and speaking to the so called sales manager John (who does know his ar*e from his elbow), we found out that he has lied to us on numerous occassions. They had not even sent the part. We want the old gearbox picked up, order cancelled and a full refund. Have reported them to Trading Standards. And am claiming under the distant selling regulation 2000 for our money and FULL cost of resending back the item to them. They are a bunch of crooks, who constantly lie, THEY NEED CLOSING DOWN. I will do my upmost to ensure this happens. DO NOT GO WITH THEM.

I Will be writing to Watchdog and anyone else I can think of.

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