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2124Direct TV/ aka Mountain Satellite
Total claims:3
Direct TV Rips Off Subscribers »05/01/200901/05/20093

My Direct TV reception has never functioned correctly at all. I called today to complain because I am fed up with the video pixelating and blanking out. The Agent wanted to charge me $49.00 for them to come out to my house and work on their equipment or they suggested I pay a monthly fee as insurance of $5.95 in case any service calls were required. This is crazy to me. It is all their equipment that they should be responsible for and I pay monthly a huge amount already.

They do not tell you up front they are going to treat you this way. They won't tell you that they consider your"SERVICE" to be on an 18 Month contract and if you do cancel their "service" they will charge the prorate of $360.00 for that cancellation. In order to be open an honest about it all they would have to reveal is that they are just the biggest money-grubbers in the Business and that they do not care one iota about customers they have already trapped.

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3168Southern Skies Satellite [Phoenix]
Total claims:1
False advertising »April 7, 200903/06/20091

A salesman approached us at our home claiming to be a representative of Dish Network/Direct TV (these companies are direct competitors and are not affiliated in anyway with each other. He never once mentioned Southern Skies Satellite and could not provide a business card (he claimed that he was new to the company and did not have cards printed yet). He was wearing a shirt with the Direct TV and Dish Network logos prominently displayed.

He proposed an offer of Direct TV service bundled with Qwest High Speed Internet and phone service. We would receive a discounted rate on Direct TV service for a period of one year, free satellite installation, free phone and internet installation. To sweeten the deal, he also promised us a $100 American Express Gift Card, just for signing up.

We probed him for more information to make sure his offer was legitimate. We told him that Qwest has informed us that high speed internet service was not yet available in our area. He then got on the phone to "his contact at Qwest" and confirmed that service was now available. When we asked him about connectivity speed, he was unable to answer and nervously began calling his "Qwest contact" trying to get an answer. He said that the Qwest signal was far superior to Cox because it was not filtered through a repeater system and it came directly from Qwest. He seemed to have provided the answer we were looking for.

The next day, installers from Southern Skies Satellite arrived to install our satellite equipment. They told us that Qwest would contact us in no more than five business days to set up our internet and phone lines. A week later, we still had not heard from Qwest. We contacted Southern Skies and were met with disappointment. They apologized that we were misinformed by there contacts at Qwest, but service was indeed not available as previously promised. We asked them if the $100 American Express gift card was still going to be sent to us, they promised we would receive it after 30 days of service. 30 days came and went, no gift card. When we contacted Direct TV, they told us that they had no record of such an offer and suggested we call Southern Skies. Southern Skies denied they ever had such an offer and said we were misinformed or that we misunderstood. They apologized for the misunderstanding and said they would provide a check or a gift card for $100 and we would receive either in two weeks time. Well… two weeks past and no check/gift card. After several attempts to contact, we filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of AZ. In our dialog with the BBB, Southern Skies denied any wrong doing and refused to resolve the matter.

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4761st Rate Digital Services [Wellingborough]
Total claims:1
1st Rate Cowboys! Beware »June 200822/12/20080

I booked 1st Rate Digital Services to reposition Sky & Bt wires/sockets, fit a large TV bracket and attach the TV.  Tune Home Cinema hide wires.  They were difficult to arrange an appointment with, when they eventually arrived they spent whole time on their phones talking and rushed the job.  The left telling me everything was done I tried to check but they were rushing me so I trusted them and paid them in full in cash.  Upon checking properly I found they had completely bodged up. The TV was not fixed properly but jammed into an unmovable position.  The wires were not hidden adequately and they did not supply or fit the correct conduit.  the home cinema had only a basic set up (exactly what I could have done myself-nothing professional!) the BT line is now unusable as too crackily.  I tried to contact them to finnish the job or to refund me so I could pay someone else to do it properly, but they have since ignored my calls and letters.  I have threatened legal action but they have ignored this too.  Their website claims they have happy customers so I am listing my experience here to redress the balance as this is one very very unhappy customer.  I do not recommend this company to anyone.

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2088Direct TV/ aka Mountain Satellite
Total claims:3
Early cancellation fee???? »04/03/200930/04/20090

Direct TV installed 04/01/2009.  Not satisfied.  Canceled on 04/03/2009.  Charged my account $416.29 for early cancel fee.  In all the many calls to Direct TV did they say there would be this huge charge.  Causing my bank acct. to overdraw.  Filed a fraud claim, ordered a new atm/debit card, sent registered letter to direct tv.  Found out direct tv can charge $500 if you move your service with them or customer dies. !!!!!! Don't buy Direct TV service unless you can be "joined at the hip" for a 2 yr. commitment.


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2176Direct TV/ aka Mountain Satellite
Total claims:3
REfund »May2,200903/05/20090

Called Direct T.V to ask about getting the patriot and red sox channel they told me if I got there  sports package I would get those channels but they didn't inform me it was just for baseball channels till Oct 09 and that if I wanted the Patriot channels I would have to pay an additional $270. when I called to cancel the nexts moarning they told me that they couldn't cancel it cause I all ready ordered the channel for over Two hundred dollors I feel that I was leid to from Direct T,V inorder to get my money under false repensation of there service

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3448satellite diect
Total claims:2
Direct Debit Fraud »19/06/200925/06/20090

It has only be bought to my attention when checking my back details on line that SAT COVER or Satellite Direct have suddenly decided to take by Direct Debit £31.00 out of my bank Account.This is an amount which even though is small i cannot afford and is something i did not expect to suddenly be taken unauthorised out of my Bank Account. I want to know is a) how did they get my bank details, b) by law i should have been notified at least 14 days in advance of any monies coming out of my account c) where is the bank Mandate form that i should have signed with my signature on it.

I rang my bank last night to ask what the description was  i did suspect who it might be just by the name , also the bank did say they have had a lot of queries/complaints about satellite Direct taking unauthorised monies from peoples accounts

I have tried ringing all day today and its either engaged or just ringing out - convenientley. I have also notice that the Satellite Direct are now trading under another name called Multivision-uk.

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12998satellite diect
Total claims:2
ms rhonda barker »16 may 201017/07/20100

This service advertised heaps of channels with heaps of popular t.v shows all we got were cannels with t.v shows never heard of and unwatchable shows mainly old commedy stand up stuff. after a few days we couldnt even access the satelite direct we paid for and couldnt contact the service help we were promised we have sent a few emails and have got no reply.

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